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I didn’t even WANT to purchase any credits from Wavee penny auctions, and they took my credit card and charged me $89.00. I have tried to contact them to get my money back, but haven’t seen a penny of it. In my opinion, the stuff up for auction bidding on their site is junk. I’m worried now that they have my credit card number and information on file. Plan to report Wavee auctions to the BBB and also flood them with calls and mail. I guess I have learned a valuable lesson about online penny auction websites.


I won an auction for a Garmin Nuvi on December 30, 2010 and as of today April 10, 2011 I have not received it from Wavee penny auctions. When you could talk to a real live Zombie, I was told that Christmas caused a shipping problem. I suggested that Wavee stop all auctions until they caught up with the shipping, and was assured that they were catchinh up and I should receive my product shortly. Wavee has since taken away the live support and made it hard to submit a complaint. My card has been charged (1-30-2010)b but as of 04-10-2011 I have not received anything but lies and promises. If any questions email is hcraft1949@gmail.com. I have won won some nice items on QUIBIDS and always receive them iwith-in a week with no problem. Harold Craft.


Hi everybody. I signed up for an account over the weekend just to see how this whole penny auction system worked. I never saw any notice that I would be billed as other have reported, and was charged $79.00. After at least a dozen requests for a refund I was told each time that the credits I paid for were non-refundable, no exceptions. Left with no good options I decided to flood their support system and email accounts with requests for refunds. So I finally just got my refund after sending ~300 emails and support tickets to them. Give it a shot. It only took me a couple hours to send all those messages.

Here’s how to do it: go to http://wavee.zendesk.com/anonymous_requests/new and fill out the form and hit the submit button. This will create a support ticket in their system that they will have to deal with, one at a time. Very annoying. Just keep sending them. I then also sent about 300 refund request emails to the following addresses: support@wavee.com, Wavee Sales , info@wavee.com, support@wavee.zendesk.com. You can do this quickly by sending a message. Then go to your sent items, find the message you just sent and hit “reply all”, and hit send. Repeat as much as you want.

It worked for me. It might work for you.

Good luck.


This wavee.com penny auctions website is a piece of crap website. They just scammed me out of 116.00 bucks. I want my money back and I’m canceling those phony ass bids through my bank in the morning. Wavee said I won 2.00/30 bid credits and they charged me 89.00 and then another 22 dollars on top of that later. What kind of crap is this? I should have read about this scam before I gave them my credit card number, it’s all over the place. My bad, I learned my lesson about trusting these fake auction houses. They act like their job is bring you good deals but screw that! Wavee.com is definitely too good to be true.


Wavee.com company is a total scam ripoff boondoggle. They stole $89 from my account for simply signing up to look at the auction. I had absolutely no intention of bidding against wavee.com bots for $.75/bid. Then came the rudeness when trying to get my money back. Curse, threat, accusations of stupidity. Only when I mentioned all the names of the principals of the outfit being named in a suit by the AG’s office did they offer a 50% refund of my money. I wish I lived in Atlanta….I would be banging on their door!


hello i bought a package on wavee penny auction site for 48.00 and i cant get on the website. my emaie is shirlycollins@att.net i talked to someone at wavee and she said she would call me back and she didnt. could you please let me know  i got a letter letting me know they took the money and it was for 130 wavee bids thanks. shirley collins


In testing the wavee.com website service for a client of ours, we signed up with them using the client’s domain name and an email address that we created just for wavee penny auction site. That was about 2 months ago. This email account wasn’t used anywhere else, and it is checked only through a webmail site. We’re now getting 2-3 pieces of spam email to this address a day, not from wavee, but from all sorts of other sites selling mortgages, viagra, and other junk. These emails are to the name we used when signing up. So, either wavee auctions sold their address list, someone inside stole it, or a hacker has compromised the site. I asked wavee about this, without reply.


Buyer beware, although technically legal Wavee makes winning nearly impossible. On an item worth $1, 000 that is auctioned off for say $250, Wavee can make close to $18, 000! It is basically like playing the lottery and should be taken as such. They say you can learn and develop a strategy but when the same item sells for $145 one day and $423 the next your strategy better be spending a lot of money to hopefully save some. There are several times when purchasing so called free credits a user will block me spending close to 18 dollars to win something worth about the same. It would be very, very easy for any penny auction site like Wavee to rig the game.


I was bidding on a tv at a Wavee penny auction. The “fast-paced” auction took 2 days and cost me $123. Then, after the auction. (that I lost because I couldn’t stay up til 3am) the credits would not go toward the purchase price if I wanted to buy it. This was supposed to be the upside of using Wavee as opposed to other penny bid sites. I think this is fraud and I plan on telling anyone that will listen. I can’t believe they actually have people that still visit their site. It is the biggest misrepresentation of a bargain that I have ever come into contact with. How is this supposed to be a good deal???

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