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Travelocity is an online travel agency for personal and business use. It is a subsidiary of Expedia as of January 2015. Revenues for 2014 were reported as US 94 billion.

If you have a problem with your travel arrangements through Travelocity, you may call 1-855-201-7800.  You may contact corporate headquarters at 3150 Sabre Drive. Southlake, Texas 76092. The corporate office phone number is 682-605-1000. You may look online for the best customer support.

Travelocity was founded by Terry Jones and originally owned by Sabre Corporation, Inc. The Roaming Gnome continues to be a popular trademark of Travelocity. Social media presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instragram.

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My in ear headphones wont hold a charge


The only reason the rating is 1 star is because I can’t make the rating go to zero. Booked a room then had an emergency called to cancel the room and was assured it would be taken care of. Turns out NONE OF THE CSRs did anything they promised and I am stuck NEVER USE TRAVELOCITY; TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!!!!!


Hours trying to contact them. Called tons of numbers. Replied to text message. Emailed hotel and even hotel does not have a number for them. Book direct, changing plans will be a lot easier.


I tried to purchase the hotel insurance for $18. I was unable to do this on line or with a customer service representative. I justed booked the hotel and was given the option for hotel insurance. When I tried to access this, I received a prompt telling me it timed out .... I just booked it! Very disappointed and will never use your site again.


I work out of town for a living. I booked a flight to go home for the weekend and see my family. I had to work instead, called Travelocity and changed my flight to Father’s Day weekend, I thought I paid the 280.00 for the change of ticketing,received confirmation email for changes from Travelocity. jump forward to Father’s Day weekend arrive at airport and United tells me I have no ticket. I call Travelocity they find all my information but say United did not confirm, I have been on a call for over an hour trying to sort this out, does not look good , so I am looking to be out my original ticket cost plus not sure if they have already charged me the change fee or not and will not get to see my children or father on Father’s Day, Thanks and they just hung up after all this time on the phone


I rented a car at Fox Rental Car at the Parlermo Airport on your site. I brought the printed price contract from Travelocity to the desk at the Palermo Airport, but the woman at the desk at Palermo did not honor the price, she charged me $30 a day for insurance when I'd contracted through the site to pay $11 a day. When I expressed that it was a violation of the agreement and disrespectful, she essentially told me to go away, and that she wouldn't rent me a car at all... I'd been enroute about 24 hours and had my son with me and needed to get on the road, and wanted the car so acceded to her coercion, but I'm hoping you can refund me the difference she charged, or at the very least, not allow that site sell to your clients ever again. Please advise. You can reach me by text while on my trip at 1(323)202-5645 Thank you. Stephanie Hubbard


Had to cancel trip in January, had paid for trip insurance, so took credit from Travelocity for American Airlines. Understood they'd rebook me in the future and refund me the $200 rebooking free per seat. I have been trying to rebook for four days and get different responses but none complete. Now they tell me their system is down. I truly believe they are trying to not have to reimburse me for the insurance (total of $400). I need to rebook this now or I'll lose my lodging and can't get anyone to help. Was told they needed to do this themselves. And although I've asked for where I could send my receipt (if I do the rebooking thru their site), they literally (three different reps) ignore the question. I need something done.
If I lose my money, I will file legal action (there are many lawyers in my family so will be worth the time). The arrogance is ridiculous.


My girlfriend and I planned a trip from Birmingham AL to Myrtle Beach, SC to utilize a time share for a reunion. Our proposed date was July 26--Aug.26. So we booked flights through Travelosity. I asked to have her same itinerary. Then we were informed, due to no fault of our own, that it would not be available for that period, but would be available from Aug 2 to August 9.

Despite the fact that they decided to set up an account for me, they set it up in the wrong name and the incorrect email address. Called them to change that first. Said it would be done in 36-48 hours. It was not. No email confirmation because they set up the account wrong. I didn't want a refund, I just wanted to move the trip back a week. Travelocity informed me that Delta could do that but they could not. Called Delta and they said they had plenty of seats available for the revised date and Travelocity could make the change; totally contradicting Travelocity. The custormer service rep failed to tell me on the phone that I couldn't alter the flight date. You don't get that until you see the fine print on the itinerary, and by that time, you are screwed. Then they say in a policy statement that they understand that changes happen in life and they understand it and a fee may be charged by the airline and passed on to me. Delta said they would not charge a fee in this case.

It's not that Travelocity couldn't make the change; they just didn't want to do it. The only response they had was for me to rebook an additional flight at $488,. When asked if they could apply the $466 that I already paid to this rebooking, they flatly just said no. They had no explanation why they couldn't do it, other than they just wanted to keep the $466 and piss me off.


I am writing this letter with respect to my recent travel from 29 May – 1 June 2019, booked with Homewood Suites Dolphin Mall through Travelocity.

I must state that I am totally disappointed upon reaching Homewood Suites at 2:50 pm after a long day of travel, to hear that my booking was cancelled, although I took the option to pay prior my the hotel stay.

The receptionist informed me that I should call Travelocity directly which I did and was also informed that my booking was cancelled. I spoke to four persons namely Lisa( cannot remember the other names) and had to be holding on for more than 15 minutes on each call. I waited for at least 5 hours sitting in a lobby area with my family of 3 to be checked into my hotel room which I would have already paid for and unable to so.

I was charged $100.00 US dollars on my phone for Roaming as Travelocity called my phone about 6 times and I had to be adding credit to receive these calls, to confirm my booking and payment information.

Please investigate this matter as I did not cancel booking and Homewood Suites said they won’t cancel unless informed by you. I would like to be reimbursed for my PHONE CHARGES and for my FRIST NIGHT STAY, as I was deprived of 5 hours from entering the hotel room that was previously paid for as Travelocity only confirmed this payment at around 8:pm and by that time I had to let my family sleep on the chair awaiting your confirmation call and missing out on all evening activities I had previously planned with my family.

This was a horrible experience for my family and I and I am not willing to pay for an evening that I was deprived off.

I await your response.


Booked a flight to Denver 6 months before flight. Tried 4 times to get a seat assignment or pay to get assignment because I needed to make sure I got there on this flight. Checked in exactly 24hour prior to the flight and got the second worse seat on the plane. You get to check in 5th position once everyone has boarded. Same thing happened on the return, except I got the worse seat on the plane. The last row, no recliner and was bumped 47 times by the line of passengers going to the bathroom and the United Staff. When you book Travelocity expect the worse seat possible. First and last time to book a discounted fare on the Airline. Weill never ever use them again!


I made roundtrip reservations for me and four of my sisters to fly from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Detroit, MI on May 31, 2019. As I consulted with my sisters to verify "exact" names that would be used as ID, there was a popup indicating that time was expiring. After hurriedly submitting the required information and payment, I realized that there was a mistake. Therefore, I called the number listed for assistance. I was transferred several times to people that spoke little English. After more than 15 minutes trying to explain, I decided to cancel those reservations and start a new one. This time I submitted the information accurately. Shortly afterward, I received a confirmation number, itinerary number and ticket numbers for the five of us. At 2:00 am, I was troubled about whether the first set of reservations had been canceled. I logged on to my account at Travelocity and discovered that I had been assigned TWO different confirmation numbers (one for the first set that should have been canceled) and TWO different sets of tickets. Not only was I confirmed for both sets, but was charged for both sets of reservations. Therefore, I canceled the first set of reservations again. The screen indicated that the cancellation had been processed because I was still within the 24 hour block. The screen indicated that the second set of reservations had been processed and confirmed. I was relieved. Later that day, on May 2nd I logged onto the website again to verify that all information was still accurate. It was.
Today, is Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Here I sit looking at my bank statement in disbelief! Not only was I charged for 10 tickets (only 5 passengers), but all 10 tickets had been refunded (20 line items on my bank statement)! That's when I realized that ALL of my reservations had been canceled!!!! When I called for clarification, I was transferred from one non-English speaker to another. I decided to call Delta directly. When I called Delta, I was told that the fare had almost doubled and there was no recourse. I would have to pay today's fare or cancel the trip...
Travelocity, I have used your service many times before, however, from this unpleasant experience onward, I will handle business directly with the airlines or businesses. (Yes, I realize that quality service requires quality pay.)
Thank you and so long, Travelocity!


I was charged $172.53 for car rental Hertz at EWR airport 5/17/19-5/19/19 on 4/30/19. The reservation was made on 4/28/19 and cancelled on 5/11/19. I was only refunded $122.53, a difference of $50. Please refund the remaining $50 asap and advise.


Booked a room with Travelocity and upgraded my package $70 more for 4 adult free breakfast as stated on itenuary to find out at hotel that I only get $40 dollars towards 2 adult breakfast. Travelocity will not correct it and will not refund my $70. I spoke to a travel agency rep and requested it be escalated to upper management who in turn told me they were the highest management level which I know is false. Do not book with Travelocity because it is full of mis leading promises.


They can't solve my problem so they keep transferring me around and to expedia I've been on the phone for the past 5 hours.


I will NEVER book through Travelocity again. I had what turned out to be the absolute worst experience. The customer service dept seems like that are very helpful and easy to work with but if you have any issues with your room or charges it all changes into something worse than a nightmare.. I got charged from the hotel and travelocity and my account went into the negative and had so many charges on charges it was a mess. I spent a total of almost 6 hrs on hold and arguing with several customer service agents of which i could not understand and they sure didnt understand what i was explaining. Tomorrow will be 1 week and i still have not been refunded what i am owed. The only part i will add any positive to is when i finally was transferred to corp. Headquarters and spoke to a manager named Ariana. Speaking with her was the only good thing i will say about that company. However i have to call them again as i have to call again because i have have a deposit to my acct from travelocity for a fraction of what i am to be refunded. NOT HAPPY. WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE


I was informed my flight from Jackson to Hilton Head has been cancelled
and I have been on the phone for an hour trying to get this resolved...and now it is over an hour
also, on looking at the flight you charged me coming back from Hilton Head to Jackson
your charge was $891.00 and Delta would have charged only $434.oo on their website
your charge for a round trip was $1900.00
delta would have charged $900.00 round trip.., I thought the purpose of your agency was to get the CHEAPEST bookings for your clients
not the most expensive
I have learned not to use Travelocity in the future
Sarah Hamilton


1. Travelocity did not provide the taped conversations of September 20, 2018, despite many requests.
2. Travelocity has not refunded the ticket monies spent up to September 20, 2018, despite their promise to do so.
3. Travelocity misspelled my name on the ticket to fly overseas with Emirates Airline and forced me to buy a new ticket promising a full refund on all monies spent previously. Travelocity misspelled my name on the ticket.
4. I was forced to purchase a new ticket to travel and Travelocity charged me a separate fee for a name change on the old ticket despite their claim that the misspelled name in the old ticket could not be corrected.
5. Travelocity alleges they are not responsible for any refunds; Emirate Airline is responsible. Emirates allege Travelocity is responsible. As a third party, they process all tickets with Emirates, a foreign based airline.
3. Travelocity, on three separate transactions, gave the personal information of three accounts to a foreign corporation without my knowledge and authorization.
The taped conversation on September 20, 2018, will prove each claim I make above.
The attached complaint has been filed with the BBB.
In August of 2018, I purchased a ticket through Travelocity to fly to Greece on October of 2018 for $640.01.
In the middle of September, I changed my ticket to fly earlier due to a family emergency. Travelocity charged me an additional $ 761.70 for the change of the ticket. That brought my ticket price to total of $ 1,401.71.
The day before my travel on September 20, 2018, I printed a copy of a ticket to put it in my passport. My flight with Emirates was for September 21, 2018 before midnight.
I discovered that my name was misspelled on the ticket (more than 24 hours from the departure of my flight).
I called Emirates airline to find out if I could fly with a misspelled name in my ticket by presenting my passport, driver’s license, credit card, etc.
Emirates airline advised me that I could not fly overseas with an incorrectly spelled ticket that did not match my passport. I was told to call Travelocity and instruct them to correct my ticket.
I then called Travelocity and asked Travelocity to correct my ticket per Emirates advice.
I was told by Travelocity that a correction cannot be made to my ticket; I needed to buy a new ticket.
For a number of hours we kept arguing about the price of the new ticket in addition to the monies I already had spent.
My point was that I did not misspell the name in the ticket; Travelocity misspelled my name in their system and Travelocity should correct the name at no expense to me.
Travelocity promised to refund all the monies I had already spent but I had to travel the following day with a new ticket at a much higher price than the original ticket. I pointed to them that the going price with other airlines at that time was under $700.
At the end I had to pay the price I was asked and flew out of the US the following night before midnight.
The entire telephone conversation was taped. I have asked Travelocity repeatedly for a copy of the taped conversations the months that followed.
When I returned to the US, I made a number of calls to Travelocity: (1) I found out that Travelocity did not keep its promise, and no money was refunded into my account; (2) When I received my credit card bill, I saw that Travelocity had charged my credit card a fee for a name correction on the original ticket; (3) In addition, Travelocity had charged me for the new ticket.
A chain of events followed that ended up with this complaint filed with BBB.
I dealt with Travelocity at all times: when I purchased my ticket, when I changed the ticket and when I was forced to buy a new ticket, when it was not my fault.
My personal information and bank/credit card information was provided only to Travelocity. My ticket was purchased with Travelocity.
Travelocity did not inform me at any time that they are only a calling service that my information was going to be sent to Emirates, a foreign government airline. I never authorized Travelocity to share or sent my personal and confidential information with Emirates. Had I trusted a foreign government airline with my personal and confidential information, I could have called them directly to book a flight.
Travelocity has not answered any key points I have made in my complaint so far.
Some of the points Travelocity makes on their behalf follow:
1. “At no time was the spelling of her name changed from the original ticket Stauroula Pappasoulis).
But Travelocity overlooked the new ticket which is charged in Papassoulis credit card and the name in the new ticket is spelled: Stavroula Papassoulis, the correct way.
2. “… on September 21, 2018, Papassoulis contacted … for assistance correcting her name…)
However, when you look in the credit card statement you already have in the file it shows that the new ticket had already been purchased the day before,
And the change of the name fee in the old misspelled ticket shows as “Stauroula Pappasoulis”
3. “… name corrections are not allowed on same day travel …
But that was not a same day travel, a fee to change the misspelled name was already charged to Papassoulis credit card the day before the travel and the new ticket was purchased the day before the travel.
4. Who is responsible for the misspelled name…? Travelocity gives no answer to that.
Emirates has already told Papassoulis that Emirates is not responsible for what Travelocity did or did not do, but Travelocity alleges there are not the party responsible and despite Emirates email Travelocity continuous to blame Emirates,
While Papassoulis alleges I only dealt with Travelocity not Emirates.
Once more, if Travelocity has given my personal and confidential information to Emirates, they did it without my knowledge and without my permission, that is wrong and punishable by the law. I need to know, what did they do and why? I also need a copy of our telephone conversations on September 20, 2018, the day before the travel.


I purchased a "bundle" package through Travelocity for a flight from Toronto ON Canada to Indianapolis Indiana with a hotel room at the Extended Stay America Castleton, Indiana on N Shadeland Ave. which was located right beside the building where the course was being held.

I left Toronto via Air Canada at 2:00 on January 2nd, and booked into the Extended Stay America when I arrived.

I did NOT sleep at all the evenings of January 2nd and 3rd because of extreme noise in the unit above and in the halls.

I called down to the front desk, went down in person in the middle of the night explaining I would like to move rooms.


They said "because this was booked through travelocity we are unable to change the room".

I was unable to sleep at all for two evenings. This led to exhaustion when I tried to concentrate on my osteopathic course.

When I discussed my situation with other guests in the lobby, one remarked "of course you can't sleep, there is a crack/cocaine user and dealer who operates out of the room above you. He has unsavory people coming and going constantly day and night. I'm surprised they gave you the room underneath him."

Immediately, upon hearing this, I felt very unsafe and took an uber to the Marriott Hotel in Carmel, an area I am more familiar with and know is safe.

I am asking for an immediate refund of 5 days of hotel stay at the Extended Stay America Castleton for

1. no sleep in my room because of constant coming and going and loud noise above my room - front desk refused to ask that the noise be calmed and also refused to relocate me to another room.

2. having to relocate to the Marriott to get a quiet room which caused extra expense to me since I would have to Uber from the Marriott to my class which was taking place in a building beside the Extended Stay America Castleton.

3. Having to miss part of my class to attempt to get a resolution from Travelocity when I phoned them on January 4th. The people at Travelocity did NOT come up with a resolution.

I DO NOT WANT TO post my very bad experience on my company website (I own a Pilates Studio), Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or business blog accounts with large followings. I do not want to post on sites that accept complaints about companies not responding to customer complaints.

I expect a full refund for the hotel stay portion of this trip as soon as possible.

Please contact me immediately at 416-704-4511 or

Dimitra Jessica Lebessis


On December 28th 2018 I had a reservation at the Hotel Pierre located at 216 43rd St in Miami, Florida. This hotel reservation was made along with 2 airfares to Miami, Florida. The hotel was the worst hotel I have ever been in. Below is a list of things I found unacceptable:

Key Card: Plastic card with room number written in sharpie on the front
Concrete stairwell crowded with cleaning supplies, mops, etc.
I was not offered help carrying luggage to 2nd floor
Room had a dead bolt but no security lock
No blanket
No drinking glasses
Toilet did not flush/no toilet tank
Stained tub with no plug
Pedestal sink with no area to place toiletries
Cheap curtains
Bare floors/no area rug
No bath rug
Cheap rough towels

The person at the front desk, if you can call it a desk, (more like a table set up in a tiny lobby) was rude and made me wait 15 minutes while he carried on a conversation with his friend (not a hotel guest) at 11:00 pm. I asked for a copy of the receipt and he told me to take a picture of it with my phone. All in all it was the worst hotel experience I have ever had.

Lawrence Shall
757 478 2258


Travelocity sells Flight protection plan and when the trip gets canceled, they DONT refund you that cost!

They state that it is a "different and separate" company who takes care of the Insurance. However, when purchasing a ticket, Travelocity makes it very easy for us to purchase the insurance--- and asks several times: Are you sure you won't want to endure this flight????

Very deceiving!

Hope this prevents someone else from incurring in this expense. Always cancel the policy at the same time you cancel your flight.


Rented a car with Fox Rentals in Las Vegas. 12/3-12/6. Travelocity quote was $46.00 for rental. Ayer waiting for over an hour, was told that total rental was $132.00 with a $400.00 deposit. No prior notice was given. Staff at Fox was rude and didn’t care much for customer’s concerns. Will never use Travelocity again as a result of this experience.


Regarding Booking Numbers #38261240 and #38261444
A Family of 5 made reservations to Miami Florida leaving Friday 3, 2018 to explore Norwegiian Sky Cruise
Rosio Valenzuela, Kaitlin Valenzuela, Kayla Valenzuela, Carlos Jr. Valenzuela, Carlos Sr. Valenzuela and Martha Guzman
We took off work had our fights paid for and were very excited towards our vacation. Travelocity made a mistake and booked our trip on two different days. We have until Monday August 6, to return back to work. I have everything packed my two younger girls crying and my entire family upset. I cancelled my flight with a different agency and Travelocity refunded my money. Travelocity made no effort in trying to book something else for my family. All they said was I'm sorry but at least we refunded your money. My husband and I have limited time off at work and Travelocity made a mistake not us. I'm so upset will ask for more then a refund! I am waiting to see if my fight ticket money will be refunded. All I want is to book a vacation for my family the remaining of this week and come back by Monday.


I booked two separate rooms in the same Hotel. A total of $1450.00 in costs. Tried to Cancel reservations 2 weeks in advance. No refund. I called my credit card they refunded the money.
90 days later travelocity was paid by my credit card company on the dispute. I cannot contact a human by phone on behalf of travelocity. Worst company I ever did business with. There should be Laws against this type of business. Travelocity should be ashamed for taking the money. Travelocity is a Scam. Stay clear of this travel Company. No customer Support. All automated phone services a joke


I attempted to book a hotel and fight to New YOur on Dec 15 - 17th online and got an error message. I called to book this reservation online I advised the reperesenatie that I wanted the $40.00 insurance package PRIOR TO BEING BOOKED. After the representative took my credit card information and AFTER she booked the hotel she stated that she could not give me the insurance and told me to stay on the line and she transferred me to someone else who she told me would add the insurance to my reservation.

Please listen to the recorded conversation.

I have talked to several people who and tried to cancel the reservation so I could redo everything so my trip would be covered by insurance. I have to work a lot and just wanted reassurance that my trip could be rescheduled if needed. I have called the hotel and they stated its not up to them for the cancellation, its up to 3rd party booking company which would be your company.

My itinerary # is 7367549063026




Your advertised two day free after my trip date and flight was set for eight days. the reps insisted the free days were included in the package I stated no the way it was showing is false advdertisement. I also had a three hundred dollar difference within three minutes of each other and different reps I was informed prices change as you talk to the reps where is you price guarantee I asked. so much more but I will also contact bbb and try to find out who regulates the travel agencys obviously I nor any of my group will use any of these sites


To: whom it may concern


I have booked through Travelocity for several years and I have never had any problems with any bookings. I always been very happy in all my bookings and everything has been really smooth. This time is a different story, I had a bad experience with a transportation booking in Zurich, Switzerland.

Below is an email and documentation that I have sent to the transportation company. I would really appreciate if someone from Travelocity follow up with this unfortunate situation. Partnering with 7X7 Shuttle/taxi service is not a good company for Travelocity

Thank you very much.

Edgar Toruno

To: whom it may concern

On February 10/2018, I made a round trip reservation for my friend and I in Zurich, Switzerland through Travelocity. After my reservation was charged/Billed for $200.00 dollars, the reservation was confirmed immediately and I was provided with a voucher number. On 05/04/18, I came to Zürich and the shuttle/Taxi 7X7 was not there as expected according to the information that it was mailed to me. Since nobody was at the airport I had to called the shuttle service to see what happened. They told me to tell one of the 7X7 taxi to take me to the hotel that I was going. When I saw a 7X7 taxi, I showed them my confirmation voucher that I had and they said that I have to pay. I said no, this reservation has been paid. I asked a third driver and he took me to the hotel. When my friend and I got to the hotel he wanted me to pay again and I said No, it has been already paid. So he called the company and it was ok.

On Tuesday 05/08/18, someone from 7X7 shuttle/taxi service came to picked us up as according to the reservation. When we got to the airport he wanted me to pay for the service that it was already paid. Once again, I said we already paid a round trip shuttle service and he said, very angry and rude “no I need to make money ,I need to get pay” He was angry, rude and slamming doors. I told him please call the shuttle service and let them know about my reservation and he did. According to him, Whoever answer the phone said, that it was not paid. This is the first time something like this happened to me. I was scared with his attitude. This is an experience that I would never forget and I hope doesn’t happen to someone else. He has no customer service skills and very unprofessional at his job. To conclude, I didn’t have any choice and I had to pay again. Below, is my reservation documentation and the copy of the receipt when I paid again in Zurich. By been forced to paid again and resolved this bad situation myself, I feel that I should be reimburse my money. I booked this reservation in advance to avoid any situation like this and make my vacation more pleasant. I feel that The agreement was not met.


I was booking several flights from out of state for my children to fly in for a family reunion. Dates were flying in on Jan 17 and 18 2018 and flying out on Jan 29 2018. Reunion is scheduled Jan 26 to 28 2018, so older family like grandparents are flying in on Jan 26th. I have 5 children from age 18 years to 27 years. They have not all been together or seen one sister in 17 years. When booking flight for daughter in Washington the return date was accidently entered for Jan 25th. I booked this flight on Jan 15th at 8 pm when received confirmation email 3 minutes later we realized return date was wrong. I 8:13 pm called Travelocity customer service and explained the mistake and asked them to please correct return date. I was told because it was a bargain fare they could not change it. I explained that it was an error and that I was not trying to cancelling the flight but just fix the return date. This error would have her flying home the day before the reunion. I told them I would even pay a fee if necessary. I was told per policy there was nothing they could do. I asked for a supervisor. After 1 hr 45 min on hold a lady named Helen Lagos came on the line. I again explained the urgency to fix return date and how I was booking several flights through them and did not catch the mistake in dates. She asked me if I could hold while she looked into what she could do for me. She came back on line and said there was nothing she could do. This woman's only advice to me was that I call my bank and dispute the transaction to get my money back and then rebook with correct dates. I have tried to contact corporate in Texas but when asking the gentleman who I talk to to file a complaint in the USA, he asked me if it was for Travelocity before I even state their name and then told me that they are no longer affiliated with this company and directed me to Expidia. Number he gives me for them just continuously rings.


I hit reserve for a one night getaway hotel! Had already picked the room. As I started filling out form seconds later price changed to $259. I checked on a different device to be sure I had not made a mistake, that device still said $239. But when I clicked on it it changed to $259. I wanted this room and felt I could clear this up. After putting in my credit card info I noticed that the price was now $269 plus tax! I have been on the phone now with Travelocity for 95 minutes and they first claimed I had to have a screen shot of the change. Then that they are not responsible for price changes. Now that they can change it any point during the booking. I know it's $30.00 but this is absolutely ridiculous! Theft


Had trouble with my ticket-my fault-tried to call and was put on call back list-never got call for 25 hours
meanwhi8le found another number-did get through to the least sensitive least patient and hardest to understand agent.
The call back after 25 hours at least at a gentleman that was polite and helpful
Have tried some of the listed phone numbers some don't respond. Very unhappy with travelocity


I booked two rooms for 9/2/17 - 9/4/17 at the Grand Prix Motel in Daytona Beach (Reservation #7292157836284 ); upon arriving the appearance was nothing like what was shown. We got to our rooms and the smell of mold and humid air amongst other disgusting smells was unbearable. We went back to the front lobby and we were changed to two other room in a different floor; however when we went in the smell of fecal waste was overwhelming. It smelled like someone had not use the actual bathroom but done it in the middle of the floor. We once again went down to the front desk and told them that we were not going to stay there but was told by the front desk attendant that nothing could be done for us so we had to either stay in that disgusting place or leave and loose our money; we obviously decided to leave. The place was so horrible that we were traumatized by the experience. My daughter in law started coughing and my granddaughter who is asthmatic had to use her medications due to the horrible smell. In the second room that we were given, you couldn't even pass through the door to the smell of human waste.


I had booked a trip that I thought was in Canadian dollars, I realized 10 minutes later that it was in US dollars, so I called to cancel it. They cancelled it but instead of voiding my Visa, they did a refund ( apparently they know about this), I lost $154.00 in this transaction because I was refunded a different exchange rate ( much lower) even though I cancelled 10 minutes after I booked it.

I would like to know if there is a better business bureau that I could report this too.


I booked a last minute flight because of a family emergency with every penny i had. My ride to the airport bailed an hour before leaving. I spent 6 hours, 6 phone calls, and on hold for over an hour with travelocity trying to get a later flight to get to my husband in Texas. Travelocity did nothing but apologize and basically told me sorry but we are taking your money and you have no flight and you're out $242. I will never book another flight, hotel, or anything again with this travel agency. I will also make sure that i blog, post, file complaints everyday until something is done about this. This situation was out of my hands and they did nothing to help me. Way to go travelocity, you rate number one in really shitty customer service.


Our children decided to give us a trip of a lifetime to a place where their mother has always wanted to go. We were very surprised to receive such a beautiful trip to Peru from our children for our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary! They took care of all the travel, hotel, shuttle flights for us. Little did we know all the problems that would develop once we started this great vacation.

Our problems started when we arrived in Dallas/Fort worth and had our flight to Lima, Peru canceled and rescheduled until Saturday morning. Getting back to the airport on Saturday we now find out that our flight again has been delayed another two hours! Now the fun begins as hotels, flights, and tour plans all need to be changed! Finally we are off to Peru and land and get to our hotel where we get another surprise and our reservations for our stay never got changed. The people at the hotel are very understanding, but our stay costs us an extra night stay.

We now arrive back in Lima, Peru and things get more complicated with our luggage not arriving on the same plane as we did. Our luggage will follow on the next plane and be sent to or hotel later. Again getting to our hotel we again find out that our reservations never got changed and the hotel doesn't have room for us to stay the nights which we are suppose to stay. We find us another hotel which has room for the extra nights that we will be staying in Lima. This is now another added expense for to pay! As you can tell we aren't very happy people because of all the trouble we've had to go through.

Here are the original dates of our stays and hotels at which they were originally booked. October8, 2016 to October11, 2016 confirmation number 720838648919. Should have been changed to October9, 2016 to October 12,2016 at the Hotel Antigua Casona San Blas in Cusco. Our second hotel was originally booked for October11, 2016 to October14, 2016. Confirmation number 7208392611187. This should have been changed to October13, 2016 to October15, 2016.

The hotel we were to stay at for this section of our trip was the Casa Andina Classic in Miraflores, Peru. I don't know how you will resolve this matter, but I know that somehow our daughter needs to be credited back for the two nights which we didn't stay at the hotel she had booked! The hotel was the Casa Andina Classic in Miraflores! I don't care how this gets taken care of but this must happen.


I booked 2 round trip tickets to Hawaii and a hotel. I also paid 300 dollars for upgrade in seat on plane. When I get to airport no upgrade and we are not sitting together (loss 300.00) . Then I get to hotel and it's filthy dirty, sheets are dirty, air conditioner doesn't work and I look down and there are two roaches walking up my suitcase. All of a sudden my sister in law screams I look she has a roach in her hair. She is flinging her arm around and tears her rotator cuff. So I go down stairs to tell them I want my money back and I'll go someplace else, they tell me to call Travelocity oh Travelocity is great when they are taking you money but horrible if you need their help) I sit on hold for over an hour just for them to tell me even tho I've only been in the room 2 mins.

I have to pay for one night still I say fine(!they say I'll be refunded 477 but of course I only got 421 and 5 days later) so I ask the guy if he could help me find a room that night. He says he can't help me. Here I am in a state I don't know it's pouring down rain, I brought 1000 cash with me and one credit card with 300 dollars on it because I thought my trip was paid for. So I ask the hotel if I could get a ride back to airport, only if I pay 30 dollars, so I do. Get to airport I can't change my flight without a huge penalty.

So I use my 300 dollar credit card and rent a car. First night we sleep in the car...the next day the only hotel that had any rooms left that was under 500 dollars a night was 260 a night. I use every penny I have to get the room. So now I have a car I can't afford to drive or put gas in and a hotel I can't afford and no food money. I've never in my life had the worst trip of my life. I will never ever use Travelocity again, I put in a complaint with BBB and I'm willing to talk to the media for them. Travelocity should not be able to take your money then leave you stranded. I get 7 days a year to take a vacation and it is ruined. I want all my money back and I want the money back I put out on top of what I spent.


I really hate writing negative things about any one or any service because I tend to focus on the positive, however, sometimes something happens that is so egregious that I am forced to let others know. I implore others to not use Travelocity or purchase their recommended “insurance” from Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company.

Briefly, I purchased tickets on Travelocity in July 2016 to visit a dear friend of mine in October of 2016. My friend happened to be over 100 years old, and although in good health, not knowing if October would still be good timing for her I purchased the insurance as part of the Travelocity recommended “travel protection”. I purchased this insurance based not only on their partnership with Travelocity but that plan that states: “Pre-Departure Trip Cancellation Benefits - We will reimburse you, up to the amount in the Schedule, for the amount of prepaid, non-refundable and unused Payments or Deposits that you paid for your Flight.”

As it turns out my friend fell ill in August and passed in early September. I promptly called Travelocity (one month in advance of my purchased ticket) and told them that I would like to move my trip to coincide with the funeral and was told that I could not do this. I then asked if I could use the ticket for another time/destination as my dear friend has passed. Mind you, I was not asking for a refund only to be able to use the ticket for another date. Travelocity told me that they could not move or change my ticket.

I then said that I had purchased travel insurance and was told by Travelocity that I had to contact the insurance company: Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company. I reached out to Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company and was told that because I was not blood related to the diseased that I was not eligible for a refund. Mind you, my dear friend was like a mother to me for the past 15 years and had no living blood relatives. I explained my situation and they told me again that “I was ineligible for a refund” and unless I was a blood relative and could produce a copy of the death certificate that I would not be reimbursed.

I called Travelocity back and asked to speak to a manager about my situation. After quite some time I was told by the manager that “there was nothing that they could do”. Sadly, I am not in a financial position to lose $ 350.00 for a flight and I imagine others who use the services of a discounted travel site are in a similar situation. This is not to mention that news of my dear friend passing is in itself extremely distressing and being told that I don’t qualify for reimbursement because I am not blood related and then asked to produce a death certificate was extremely traumatic.

I hope that this information will help others that might be considering using Travelocity and their recommended insurance: Transamerica Casualty Insurance Company; I would urge you to try another discounted service.


I tried to get an issue resolved since March 2015. Every time I call Travelocity I am on hold for between 45 minutes to an hour each time. I have had numerous emails with them and my issue was never resolved. They advertised a room with free parking on my email pop up and once I actually booked the room through them they did not grant the free parking and I had to pay $100 for parking. When I called them and told them about this after being on hold for 45 minutes they said that they would take care of it and to attach my parking receipt in an email that they sent to me. I did that and they never reimbursed my money. We went back and forth for several months and they never reimbursed me and said they wouldn't. Their customer service is terrible and they do not stand behind what they say they will do. I will never use them again. I will Just book direct or through another company.


Travelocity quoted roundtrip fare more than doubled when I hit select and went to the trip detail page $149.10-$284.20. I understand prices change frequently so I signed into the sight again and it still showed a roundtrip fare of $149.10 again when I selected this flight the trip detail page showed $284.20. I called and the person I spoke to said she wasn't seeing that price so I refreshed the page and still was quoted the $149.10 price and again the detail page said $284.20.

I asked to speak with a manager and after a 20minute wait "Susan" answered and was extremely rude telling me "that is just the way it is" and that it was my fault for choosing the complete trip that they put together, huh? waiting for her supervisor now.(holding for another 15 mins so far) ready to give up and never even think about using Travelocity again.


I booked a flight for 2 adults and a car rental Went to a website that offered 10 percent off prices of 300 dollars which of course I spent- it directed me to Travelocity and said it would be applied at checkout but never was. On the phone with Travelocity over an hour- talked to 3 different people whom all of them very unhelpful including a supervisor. Very unprofessional and rude. I still want my account credited the 10 percent which is approximately 120 dollars.


Booked a flight for two people on 9/8 and rental car to Burlington NY on 10/21-10/25/16, needed to cancel my flight due to having my vacation rescinded. Had someone to take over my seat, was willing to pay a transfer fee. They stated that they would cancel my flight, but would still be charged to the credit card.

I would get a voucher for $357 (cost of flight) but that would be charged $200 booking fee to use it and would be good until 9/2017. Seriously? The card would still be charged same amount, said it was airline policy. Even said they would call airline, put me on hold for 10 mins and didn't get to hear the conversation with the supposed airline agent. Said once again nothing they could do, non-transferable/or refundable.

There also was $132 charge for taxes the agent could not explain to me. Kept saying "it's taxes, you have to pay taxes" What he couldn't answer was for what. The bill was $819 for two tickets and taxes and that wasn't part of the original price quoted. Pretty steep tax. Would not work with me, agent even said he was sorry and agreed with me but said nothing he could do. Rip off! The flight is more than a month away and you can't provide any resolution besides charging me even more.

What I want is to be able to change the flight, remove me and add another person. There best recommendation was to book another flight for the other person under new itinerary and then hope they can get seats together when they get to the airport. Or could dispute with the credit card company. Seriously? I just want customer service. Won't use Travelocity again!


I am a first time user for Travelocity and booked a round trip flight from Islip NY to West Palm Beach FL in May....our initial flight was on a "prop plane" and upon entering the plane I found myself having what turned out to be a "panic attack" and claustrophobia due to confined conditions...Once we finally landed in Florida my significant other and myself began to contact Travelocity to change our flight to a direct return flight to avoid the same issues. We requested to cancel our flight and book on a direct flight and detailed the medical issues that resulted in being put on this type of plane and was never told in advance what type of airplane we would be flying! I am sure I am not the only person who has experienced an adverse effect from being on these little planes!

I am a senior citizen and find it despicable to be treated in this manner. The amount that was going to be charged was astronomical!!! A fee of $200 each to cancel...even though we wanted to rebook and then a charge of $800-900 for "short notice" which would have been avoided if they had better customer service as we tried days in advance to rebook but was kept on hold for over an hour each time, hung up on, etc with no resolution.Customer service was non-existent in this case and we wound up canceling our tickets and rebooking on southwest, however, we received no consideration from refund, no credit, etc. I find this extremely upsetting to think that this is how our senior citizens are being treated by these online companies and am hopeful that you will be able to get a resolution of this horrific affair.


I purchased a Travelocity corporate package that includes airfare, hotel and car rental for Rome in Italy for four people. I reached the campground. I was offered a shabby room not suitable for human habitation. According to the director in place, the price paid was very cheap and this is what you get. But if you add 50 euros a night, you get a better room. There are extra payment for towels, toilet paper, and linen. We paid the extra amount for lack of choice. This is a clear deception. I thing i deserve a refund of 200 euro. And you need to make sure that crooks will not appear in your site.


I booked a series of flights through a Travelocity agent departing Toronto on May 28th. When I went to the airport I found that my flight was not due to leave until the evening of May 29th. While my connecting flight was booked prior to my departing flight on the 29th as well. I returned home and called travelocity the next morning the 29th prior to the flight that was booked and the above case number was opened. I was told that the investigation would take 72 hours. I called on Friday 5 days later and spoke to a supervisor who gave me the run around and left me on hold for 2 hours. She promised to call me back with a manger. After all of the waiting she still had no understanding of my complaint. No call was returned by any manager. Having been in customer service for 30 years this was clearly a deflecting tactic.

The flights had been booked so I could attend a French immersion course $3900 Euro's, who have since refused to allow me to start late. I have a letter verifying this. I also have a second part of my trip to the Canary Islands to attend a conference. I need a new flight to the Canary Islands. I also need some help as the supervisor on my case is not doing a very good job. What I want is a refund for the flight, and course and hotel?


I sent time reserving with Travelocity corporate, when I tried to reach the airline, American, The Conf # you gave me didn't appear in their system. I tried to contact you, the waiting time on calls is excessive. I spent 27 minutes before they hang the call, without helping me. The call center in India is a disaster. It is very difficult to understand their English, if is English. Between them they call in other language, the person helping me was trying to know how to handle the seat requests. After 32 minutes There is no resolution of the request.


I bought tickets to Bradil and back with a leg inside the country. After several changes and hours of phone conversation (most of the time in a broken English which was completely absurd to understand) I set the changes and on the day of my trip I got to Tampa airport to check in and there was no flight for me. United resolved some of it but I had to get to Houston to find out that my final destination was completely wrong. That after having confirmation through email. After that, I finally made to Rio de Janeiro, even though my destination was Ilheus.

Then, I had to spend 24 hours in Rio and finally next day to Ilheus. During my stay in Ilheus, I received an email from Travelocity that they tried to contact me(I was in the middle of nowhere and no use of phone since I was in a foreign country) and since they didn't get hold of me, they CANCELED my flights... I got to return to Rio and at Ilheus airport they wanted me to buy all tickets again because travelocity canceled then. After hours with supervisor of azul airlines, it got resolved. On my return home, to Tampa from Rio de Janeiro, again was told my flight was canceled. After talking to supervisor of Copa airlines they tell me my flight was ok but not until next day. This was a business trip and I lost a lot of money on this. My lawyer is happy to take care of it. Totally absurd.


I’m am writing this letter on April 27, 2016 about my trip on April 22,2016 Myself along with two friends with a 16 month child drove from Kaufman, Texas to New Orleans, LA a trip that covered 477 miles in over eight hours. We didn't leave until 4:30 PM. We arrived around 12:45 AM again that was over an eight hour of driving. Upon arriving at “Family Inn of America 6303 Chef Menteur Hwy, New Orleans, LA, 70126” I was greeted with the news that they had no rooms. It was also brought to my attention by the hotel staff that this had been made known to Travelocity as early as 12:00 PM. Other guest had been showing up calling Travelocity stating this issue to which a Travelocity agent would call the hotel to verify this to be true. Once again this had been happening since 12:00 PM a full 12 hours before I arrived to the hotel. On my literary it stated there was no need to call and verify the reservations so I took your company’s word.

I spent another hour and half going back and forth with your agent about this problem. To which her only concern was about me making it in time to “Best Way Inn & Suites” a second Hotel to which she had called on my behalf. As a public servant I could lose my job if I treated a client in such manner. It’s not professional nor is it a good business practice to retain current customers or attract new ones. Your agent went on to state that the second hotel was an upgrade in cost and accommodations for all of my troubles to which I highly doubt that. In all I am thoroughly shocked at your company’s practice and feel as if you dropped the ball severally on my first and most defiantly last experience with your company. How you do plan on making this right with me because at this moment I still feel very dissatisfied in spending over $300 with your company as a whole.


I trusted Travelocity to book a reputable room during a recent trip. I checked into America's Best Value Inn located at Willis Road, Richmond, VA. Here is what I encountered at this location: Check-in - My wife booked my accommodations on line. I was given a smoking King bed room. Upon check in I was told there were no such rooms and that the booking agent just wanted to make a sale. I didn't need to know that just have my reservation honored as booked.

Second incident - I was given a room and was told I'd have to do some maneuvering to get the door to room 124 open. That didn't sound like a positive attribute of your facility but, I was exhausted and agreed. Upon going to the room I tried over and over again to "Manuver the door" to no success. I went back to the room to check out and told the clerk that I could not get into the room and wanted a refund. I told him I would be calling my credit card company as I spoke to him should he continue his refusal of refund.

Third incident - With that the clerk continued to shake his head with disgust at his client (me.) I told him not to shake his head and it was I that had been imposed upon. Fourth incident - A man sitting next to clerk behind the desk at this time. stood abruptly, flexed in an aggressive manner, no doubt in an attempt to intimidate me. He was told to sit down. Being in a strange town I was not going to confront what I only assume was the night security guard.....but, felt that I'd best be aware of his actions for my own protection. This security guard was no doubt attempting to intimidate me. THIS SIR is totally unacceptable to any customer and could have escalated to a bad situation. I luckily am able to provided you with other security concerns at this location; that concern is within the third hyperlink below.

Fifth - I was solicited outside the door. Once home I looked at the reviews from several sites. This place should not be rented out for health concerns....and, I was very disappointed that Travelocity did not look out for me or my interests in booking my opinion.


I canceled an itinerary using the trip insurance I had purchased. I was assured by the agent that the trip was canceled and I was getting a full refund minus the cost of the insurance. I even received an email confirming the amount of the refund. However, they refunded me $900 less than the promised amount. I called to check on the problem and was on hold on the phone for 1 hour and 45 minutes before the 3rd agent I spoke with was able to process the $900 refund. I'm glad to get my full refund but it's inexcusable to have to sit for almost 2 hours on the phone for them to get it right.


Based on online advertisement on 3/18/16, made reservation over the phone for package deal including 2 rooms at hotel. This was an hour call to finalize this reservation.. When in receipt of the trip itinerary it was for 1 room, but charged me the price for 2 rooms, $3,871.00 total package price charged to Visa. After calling on 3/21/16 to aprise them error and many times thereafter. They claimed they needed 10 days to review call, but never did anything after 12 days. Tried to charge me another $1,590.00 for another room. I spent a total of 6 hours on hold in a 10 day period. They are keeping $2,149.00. I am forced to make additional reservations somewhere else now. Today, 4/6/16, I am reporting fraud to Visa and a stop payment. I have copies of the online adds as well. I want my $2,149.00 returned as a result of the error made by the booking agent.


Worst customer service- fraudulent practices needs to be reported. We can't check in and on second leg of trip nightmare and we will pursue this.


I have a credit for a trip I cancelled on 1/25/16 (Itinerary #123420126902). I was trying to use the credit for traveler Rafael Rodriguez to a flight from Orlando to Dallas on 3/15. The first agent I spoke with was giving me conflicting information and did not seem like she knew what she was talking about. Seems to be the norm with customer service agents from Travelocity from my experience as I always seem to have to ask to speak with their supervisor. In this case I was transferred to a lady. After 2 hrs on the phone I was assured that the credit had been applied to new flight American Airlines 1618 leaving 3/15 8:10pm and arriving 10:04pm for the traveler Rafael Rodriguez. She gave me the confirmation # and told me I would get a confirmation email. I never received the email and Rafael was at the airport and American Airlines saw a change but nothing went through.

They still had the info from the original Cancun trip in their system. Because your agent was incompetent Rafael almost missed his flight to see his daughter in the hospital before she goes into surgery for a liver transplant. She may die.Your agents are by far the worst I have experienced in customer service and I will never use your services. First of all some of them are so slow that when asking specific questions they are still unclear. They also do not seem to know English too well. For us to get confirmation and then go to the airport and have another ordeal is unacceptable. We are consumers that deserve better treatment. God forbid I had to change a flight and was out of the country. I would never want to go through this type of situation. Your agents should be held accountable for their actions and incompetence.


On 2/28/16 I booked a flight with american airline's for a fight that was suppose to depart at sacrament airport at 1105 am, had one stop in phoenix for a 37 minutes arrive in st. louis, mo that evening at 5:25. I didn't find out until 3/1/16 that what I booked wasn't what I booked. I call spoke to a lady(hazel) about this change would harm me by causing me to get to st. louis later than what I paid for. I want what I booked and paid for!! She told me it would cost what I paid already to change back what I paid for already, a serious scam.


Tried to book a flight twice with the same agent and by the time he got through inputting the information the flights were gone. Asked to speak to a supervisor and couldn't understand him either. Heavy foreign accent! He repeated what the agent said but couldn't help us. We asked for the Travelocity corporate contact information and we were put on hold for 1/2 hours with no excuses or anyone coming back on the phone to apologize for the long wait for THAT information. We were on the phone for over an hour without any satisfaction whatsoever. Rudest customer service I have ever experienced. Hope this company fails real fast. They have no business being in customer service.


On February 13, 2026, I booked three tickets from Leticia Colombia to Bogota for June 21, 2026. I phoned my credit card company tonight and found that not only had I been charged for the 3 tickets but that now, Avianca Airline had added another ticket that is pending. I talked to a couple people at Travelocity who overall insisted they had no information. Perhaps you need to discontinue them as airlines you represent. I misunderstood that you would give them my card information to misuse. Sickening. It should be explained to them that I gave you authority to bill my account an amount certain, not a free rein to have them charge however much they desire.


I called travelocity customer service about my trip. The IVR mentions its a COLLECT CALL. The agent/team leader and manager confirmed that I will not be charge of the call so even if I the wait time is more than 10 minutes and the call duration reach to 1 hour and 40 mins I stayed on the call to book my ticket. I was surprised that when I received my bill I was charge a total of $380. I would like to request for a full refund for complete mislead and lack of proper information provided to me by their agent/team leader and manager.


The expensive, luxurious trip that we have booked to a 4 star resort ended up being our worst vacation in a motel condition type of a resort with 0 quality and 0 customer service level of experience. Every request including room service that was offer as a part of the ALL INCLUSIVE ended with NO!

We ended up spending twice as much money trying to move to another resort and pay for daily passes as no one from Travelocity despite many emails and phone calls was able to reach us and move us to another resort. My complaint will not be resolved until we get a full refund and someone from the corporate office calls us back.


I booked a family Thanksgiving vacation for my family and me to Las Vegas thru Travelocity. I was assured that I had a window seat. I was also told that Delta could change the seating anytime before the flight. The seating never changed only the flight time, and we were notified by Delta. That was fine. As the time only changed by an hour. Sadly, none of the 4 of us had window seats. Instead, we had seats that were not adjustable, and at the exit of the plane both going and coming. After returning from our trip, I contacted a Travelocity supervisor named Cess, who kept stating the airlines can change the seating. Even though I explained that Travelocity corporate office told us the airlines could change seating after our complaint, but never did. The customer service rep gave us incorrect info from the beginning.


I booked a flight myself on Travelocity and I made a mistake while booking I put departure and destination backwards so I called to make a change right away and oh yes we can make the changes for $250.00 dollars. so frustrated I cancelled the flight I got airline credit $437.62 with Travelocity even if airline is United. which I received but I was told when and if I purchased another ticket I will have to pay flight difference and the $250.00 there change fee. in my line of work I deal with a lot off people and most of them repent of there wrong doing. But this I have encountered is a plain rip off to the public, for making the mighty dollar on consumer mistakes. I asked if they could waive the change fee and I was refused over and over again.


I tried booking a flight with you yesterday. When I went to check out, it did not go through because the price had suddenly spiked for the tickets. I did not hit enter. I just thought I would try again later. I did that 3 separate times because the prices kept fluctuating. Again, when I hit enter, the price would spike. I received an alert from my bank, because even though I didn’t not hit enter, they were still charging my card! I called to find out why and they said the charges would drop off after a few days and they were just pending. I don’t have a few days to for 1,200.00 dollars to added back into my account! I am extremely unhappy with how this has been handled from a customer service perspective.


Booked a flight on Oct-3 for flight on Oct-25 returning Oct-28 total $385. Call back three weeks later to change for departure Nov-2 returning Nov-5. Agent charged me $127 send me an e-mail with new flight. Open email while on the phone with agent. Notice a departure of Nov-3. Pointed the mistake agent said would change to Nov-2. Agent talked to supervisor. I knew I was done! Agent came back said he could not change because the fare was no longer available and I needed to book a higher fare. I asked why his mistake was now mine and he hang up. Call took 1h and 35min.

Called back got a different agent, explain again. Went through the explanation agent said my flight on the system was now Oct-28 departure returning Nov-3. First agent really screwed up! I was asked to pay a $180.40 for the new flight. I asked what happened to the $127 and the agent disconnected. Call lasted 55 minutes. Bottom line I am $385 + $127 on the hole. Now I’m working with credit card company to deny the charges. Advice use airline websites, fares might be different. At least you are dealing with the airline directly.


Booked trip to Dominican Republic for Nov 8th thru Nov 15th. Thought everything was good (until) we received e-mail form Travelocity saying they did not book the hotel room for the 8th and to call to take care of it. We have been transferred numeral times, put on hold for long minutes, told they are talking to supervisors and managers about the problem. They sent the e-mail saying they made mistake. They want to charge us for the room for one day. We have a quote in hand and have paid they amount of quote. The quote clearly states Nov. 8th Thru Nov. 15th. Still not clear we were told this morning that it is in Corporate's hands. Give me a break they made the mistake quit giving the run around and fix it. It's not rocket science.


I booked a flight and hotel to Grenada for five day at West Crest Holiday Apartment, I called to verified the dates and was told I did not have a room that Travelocity did not paid for the room but my credit card was charge, I called Travelocity back immediately and they booked me at the Smitty Garden Cottage. I notified them to verified only to be told that the owner does not accepted any reservation from Travelocity! One day before I flew to Grenada I had to book through to get a room and had to paid a extra 75.00 a night. I would never used them again! No one to complain to either!


The worst service! My wife booked flight to Rochester, NY. The flight was changed to an earlier one and thankfully I paid for the protection plan. The customer service rep misquoted the new ticket price by $813. Next, I asked for seat confirmation and she would not give it. I checked the Delta airlines seating webpage and my wife is booked in first class but they did not seat me! So, I'm left in Atlanta to find a seat for the next flight to Rochester. Travelocity will not help and neither will Delta. Absolutely the worst customer service from both companies.


This has happened twice now. I made a car reservation and never received an email confirmation. When I go to the website and look under my reservations, it says I have none. When I call and use the automated system, it says that I have a reservation but it doesn't give me any other information other than the pick up date and return date. You would think that these two systems would talk to each other. I had to wait for over 10 min to talk to a rep who could finally pull up my reservation. He said that I should have received an email, which I didn't. I also looked through my spam and there was nothing there.


NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.. Phone calls are put on hold forever. I booked a cruise with Travelocity. They do not honor their "price guarantee". The price of the cruise dropped considerably and I was told in effect, "too bad". No price guarantee on the cruise even though they offer a price guarantee on their web site. The guarantee is good for nothing. It is just words. I tried to look up my cruise information on their website but my e-mail, itinerary number and sign in information was repeatedly rejected. I called the toll free number several times, and needless to say the prompt system is not going to recognize my phone number or itinerary number if the web site could not recognize me. The prompt system is determined not to allow one to talk to a "human". Each time I called, I was told if I wasn't traveling within 72 hours to call back later. I will NEVER, NEVER book another thing with Travelocity. I don't know why I didn't go through a regular cruise travel agency.


I would like to give them ZERO stars. Oh my gosh, where do I begin? I booked a hotel and flight to Canada from US. 1.) I specifically asked for a falls view room yet when I personally contacted the hotel, I was booked for an interior view. I could not change the room since the reservation was made by a "third party". 2.)They booked my flight to the wrong airport!! This airport was located 2 hours away from the hotel in which we were staying 3.) I was told I could call back anytime to schedule activities - they claimed that since they were contracted with the hotel, they would give better rates. When I did call back to schedule our activities, I was informed that in order for me to have received the discounted price, I needed to schedule the activities at the time of booking! **It should also be mentioned that any time you call, you are placed on hold FOREVER. Each time, I had to wait longer that 30 min to even speak to someone** 4.)They DID NOT inform me that my son and I needed passports!! A travel agency does not know this information?? I found this out after the booking was complete. When I contacted an office concerning passport expedition, I was told it would cost nearly $800 to get out passports in time for our trip!! ** Each time I called to speak to a manager, I was given some sort of shady excuse. Examples include : they're in a meeting now, you must speak to a supervisor first, there is an escalation team that handles these issues. They say they are transferring you but then they place you on hold and on hold you will remain. I ended up having to hang up (this is the way they operate). Needless to say, I lost so much money and cant speak to anyone to resolve this nightmare. It has been seriously horrible.


I called to book over the phone and when I called I was under the impression that I was in contact with Travelocity Canada there was no distinction made between whether I was on the phone with US or Canada side of the business. When the booking was complete the agent did not DISCLOSE that the total amount was in American dollars. I only realized this when I had received an confirmation email stating that the booking was done in USD. I am a resident of Canada and was leaving from Toronto to Punta Cana not only was this not realized by the agent who could have said something but also didn’t disclose the fact that I was booking with or the fact that the booking was in USD.

Now I am paying an extra 800$ for a trip due to exchange rate. This is unfair to me as this is the neglect of Travelocity agents that have put me into this predicament. I tried to call March 25 but due to high call volumes I could not get through and still am on the phone this moment trying to get this issue resolved. I would like to be refunded for this trip so I can re book with Canadian currency please make this happen I am willing to escalate to corporate just because I think this is very unfair. All I want is to book my vacation with Canadian currency for the price that is listed on the website. I think this is more than a fair compromise for the mistake and agony your company has caused.


Dear Travelocity, Last weekend, I booked the Mayhurst Inn in Orange, VA for April 10-12 in the Italian Suite for $524 which was fully refundable. Later that night, my husband mentioned that he had gotten a 15% discount email if we booked the same hotel between March 20-22, which was still well within the timeframe. So I called Travelocity to get the discount and spent 30 minutes on the phone trying to redeem using the 15HOTELTODAY promotional code that was sent to my husband's phone. The customer service agent would not honor it because they couldn't find his email as "registered." This is infuriating, because obviously IT IS registered if he's getting Travelocity emails -- the company can obviously find him but won't honor the "deals" they are offering. I am writing to request that you honor this 15% coupon.


Worst experience of my life!!!! I booked a trip through travelocity for a vacation to Montego Bay jamaica for August 2nd through August 9th. I read reviews on the website that stated the hotel had roaches, granted that was in 2013 but I still did not want to stay there and called to change just the hotel portion of our trip and it would have been about a 1200 dollar difference so they would have been getting even more money from us,well I called and of course their customer service is ALL in India and you can’t understand half of the customer service reps.

I spoke to a Travelocity customer service rep and he changed my hotel portion from the RIU Montego Bay to the Sandals resort in Montego Bay and after an hour on the phone with him holding and waiting and waiting he ran my card through and charged 1795 four times and then stated it didn’t work, you’ll have to call back tomorrow and try again. I said you have got to be kidding me after all that! So I waited and called the next morning and started all over again and this time after 2 more customer service reps and another 2 hours and two more credit cards which they charged each of them three times 1795 & 1995 they told me it didn’t work for them either so they said call back tomorrow.

I called my capital one credit card company and they said that was completely unacceptable and they called travelocity with me on the phone and they had to get them to authorize and take the 6 charges off of my cards and another 2 hours and still no resolution and they said they would try again Monday being a week day and that it would be resolved so my capital one rep called me back the next day at 6:00 pm and we called travelocity again and after speaking to 3 more customer service reps and they charged my two cards 3 times a piece again and still could not just simply change a hotel reservation from one hotel to another and we were on the phone from 6:00 pm until 11:40 pm I finally got angry after 5 and a half hours on the phone and said we are done here, do not charge my account anymore money and do not change anything on my reservation.

I am not going to hold and wait and go through this horror any longer. You people have now kept me on the phone for 4 days for over 9 hours total and still have not resolved a simple hotel reservation change!!!! They were unresponsive and could have cared less. I think they just kept me on hold all that time trying to get me to give up. They had no intentions of ever helping me. So I am now telling every single person I know my story and posting it everywhere to try and help as many people I can to not have to go through the horror I did with travelocity, their terrible. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.


We booked our flights for June 7th 2013 about 10 days after i booked it i received an email stating that my flights had a schedule change. i called to see the alternatives to the flights i had booked turns out that we only had one option to choose from. i payed extra to leave on an early flight and the alternative flight leaves late at night so i spoke to one of there agents and asked if i could please receive a refund for both my flights and hotel i spoke with them about one week ago and still have not received any respond ether form the airline or travelocity them selves. I have traveled many times before with american airlines and other airlines but i have never stubbed upon such an unprofessional airline. i have even tried to get in contact with the airline them selves but no one answers at the other end of the phone i have spent 30 of my life to end up with on one to answer the phone. the airlines name is d.a.e never book with those people.


Date of Travel: March 24, 2013 – March 31, 2013. Airlines : Alaska Airlines Operated by American Airlines. Flight going: American Airlines 162. Flight returning: American Airlines 267 CANCELLED. Two parties booked with two reservations on Travelocity. (One party of 4 and one party of 2. Total 6 Travelers) , (4 adult, 2 children)

Summation of Travel: We planned our trip about a year ago. When our younger daughter’s school planned an excursion to California, we decided we would all go and meet with her to have fun at the California Theme parks together. The final reservations were booked with Travelocity in November 2012 for the party of 4. At that time Travelocity had the flights listed as “Alaska Airlines operated by American Airlines.”

We booked our travel and requested all seats for travel in March 2013. All along believing we had reserved seats going and returning. In January 2013 our oldest daughter decided that she would also like to join us and bring her boyfriend along. At that time we made another reservation with Travelocity almost identical to our own (i.e. flights, hotel, but no car). This reservation was for a party of 2 (our oldest daughter and her boyfriend). This way we could all be together and meet our younger daughter on the same days she would be at the various theme parks in California.

Sometime in January 2013 (I believe), I called Travelocity to cancel just my rental car as the full size car was to small for all of us. All other booking reservations stayed the same. I then reserved a mini van with Dollar rental car.

At this point we all had seats on the plane and we believed everything was all right as we had planned everything early. However, on March 23, 2013 we tried to log in to Alaska Airlines to do online check in. It didn’t allow us to check in. We called Travelocity and they said it was out of their hands and they couldn’t do anything for us. Their answer was to “call the airlines.”

So we called Alaska Airlines. They said it was their ticket, but because the flight was operated by American Airlines, we had to call American Airlines. We called American Airlines and they informed us that we could not do online check in and that we would have to check in at the airport the morning of our flight. Then we found out that we had no seats (seats unassigned).

So I called Travelocity back again. Travelocity assured me that we had the seats we previously reserved back in November 2012. So we were unable to check in online. We arrived at the airport on March 24, 2013 early to take care of our seating arrangements. However, the American Airlines counter was closed and we had to wait 30 minutes until the kiosk opened. Even at 9:30 am no American Airlines agents where available to help us.

We checked into the kiosk with the assistance of a third party company who I believe was hired by American Airlines just to check baggage. They could not help with the plane seating arrangements. Seating assignments would have to be made at the gate. Finally about 10:00 am (3/24/13) we finally were able to talk to an American Airlines agent. She said we had no seat assignment and that the Travelocity seat reservations where void. So I explained that we where traveling with children.

She then she grouped our party of 6 all the way in the back of the plane, Row 36. We had booked row 14 in November 2012. We then just dealt with the situation and tried to make the best of it and enjoy our trip. We arrived and for the first several days after the airport ordeal we tried to have fun. We did meet up with our younger daughter at various parks a couple of times.

However, we had planned all along to spend our last day (Easter Sunday) with our daughter at Disneyland. As this was our last day of vacation and Easter Sunday. We figured what a great way to end your family vacation. WRONG! The last 36 hours or so of our vacation became a BIG nightmare. All of our plans had been ruined. On March 30, 2013 after spending the day in San Diego, we drove back to Orange County.

We were doing a little more shopping and getting ready to have a snack before heading back to the hotel to rest for the evening, knowing that we would get up early the next day to spend our last day at Disneyland and then fly out in the evening.

However, at approximately 8:10pm (California Time) I received an automated phone call from American Airlines informing me that our return flight home on March 31, 2013 at approx.. 6:20 pm had been cancelled and that I need to call immediately to American Airlines. We scrambled to get back to the hotel to call American Airlines to see what was going on. I called American Airlines once I returned to the hotel.

I spoke with the AA agent who was ok at first. However she said the only flight available to return home was at 9:00 am. I explained that would be too early as it was already late and we still would have to pack, check out, drive back to Los Angles.


I booked a flight and hotel with Travelcoity for a February vacation in Mexico. After we had a snowstrom that left us with over 30 inches of snow I called Travelocity to see what options I had regarding rescheduing my trip. I was told the hotel would credit my account immediately and I would have a credit for my airline expenses that I could use anytime within the next 12 months.

When I went to use my credit of $2,600 I was told that it was part of a discount package and could only be used at specific times for specific destinations. When I asked what times and what destinations I was told that I would have to request a trip and they would tell me whether or not that trip qualified to use my refund. I was on hold for over 3 hours, spoke to 1 employee and 2 supervisors and no one was able to give me a date or destination where I could use my credit.

At this point I am willing to travel anywhere just so that I don’t throw my money away. Howver, no one at Travelocity can even assist me with that. I am so frustrated and will NEVER use them for any travel again. Expedia, Orbitz etc will have all my business going forward, When I called to see what my options were when I cancelled my trip, I should have been told that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to ever use my airline credit. Lesson learned….book directly with the airline, at least they would allow you to use your credit!!!


My mother called and spoke with travelocity about my finances’ and my honeymoon. She was inquiring about the Barcelo Dominican Beach. Brian quoted her $1,977.28 which included a junior suite room all-inclusive with club elite. This did not include transfers, but did include $49.94 each for travel insurance.

We were on a conference call with travelocity and my mother. We were driving so that we couldn’t make payment at that time. Brian agreed to call my fiancé and I back in 30 minutes, which he did. He ended up charging us 62.95 each for travel insurance. Also, he said he had to charge us an extra $90 because he needed to change the seats on the plane.

They were the same seat numbers that he had told my mother. We feel like we have been taken advantage of and are worried about what else will change when we take our honeymoon in October. We are feeling that we are not off to a good start.


I want to register a complaint about false advertising on the part of Travelocity I receive emails from Travelocity with advised prices that do not exist. On 1/1/2013 I received an email advertising a price of $438 from SF to Costa Rica. Our travel dates are flexible. I started trying to book this flight at this price for February.

I repeatedly put in different dates trying to find the advertised price. Over and over I tried dates from the day of the advertisement to the end of May. No Luck. I then called and tried to get a live person from Travelocity to find a flight at the advertised price. Zip. The Travelocity employee was unable to find a flight at the advertised price. Me, not happy with Travelocity! I then asked for the complaint department.

I was told there was no complaint department by phone, and that I would have to register a complaint over the Internet. Complaint. I attempted to book the advertised flight in less than an hours time from having received the email, and it was impossible for me or the Travelocity employee to do. I then looked at the small print at the bottom of the page.

It said ” the rates displayed in this email were valid as of Thursday, October 4, 2012″ The email came to my in box January 1, 2013 10:36 am. I have a photo with both dates visible. I am unable to attach it in this email. I will send it in a following email. You can also contact me for a copy. Sending an advertisement for a flight at the price of $ 438 that had been invalid for nearly three months is false advertising. Plain and Simple.


Because of Travelocity’s unwillingness to work out an amicable resolve to my flight problem I had to pay a 766.80 difference just so I do not have to sit in the Miami airport for 12 hours. The most disturbing issue here is is that while I was speaking with the person at Travelocity I was also on the site and he was quoting me prices 200.00 more then what I saw on the same site. He was belligerent and very rude. I just hope that this resort is all that it is made out to be. I so far have had a terrible experience with everyone involved and you can be sure that I will post this message to as many complaint sited as I can find.

This is no way to treat the consumer. You have chosen a terrible company to do business with. I have found numerous sites that have hundreds of complaints about this company charging more then they should. This company should be shut down! I have called the texas office with no response for over a week. This experience has left a bad taste in my mouth for the credibility of this resort. lets hope Its all its cracked up to be. I just spent $3000.00 for a 2200.00 vacation!!! Just wondering who gets the the $800.00!


I pay the transport from the las vagas airport to vdara hotel for 10-14-11 and i have the confirmation. On 10-14-11 i present this voucher to a lady name cristal on gray line at las vegas airport and she do not accept this voucher and i need to pay again what i already pay. I pay again with the same americanexp card and i have the recipt charge $26.00. if you look the same trip from teh airpot to the hotel and the hotel to the airport was charge 2 times on the same credit card for the sames days. I call travelocity and spoke with mr salomon on 10-22-11 and he explain to me he cant do not do nothing and i need to do the complain by this way.

i want this be resolve the a.s.a.p. i give to mr salomon my cell and my home. I do not have any complain for travelocity service but i do have this complain for gray line airport shuttle and ms cristal service. She was took to the other lady at the gray line place and that way she charge me for somthing that I already paid for 2 months before the trip. i whait some response and send me back my $24.


I purchased a flight + Hotel deal from Travelocity. Granted, I should have looked better, but to tell you the truth, even with round the world experience, this one slipped my me and cost me two extra nights in a hotel and flight tickets home. I booked the deal having chosen my departure and return dates. When asked to click on my return time choice I checked evening. I wanted to return as late as possible on Sunday. Well, the flight was for Saturday night, early Sunday morning, (as in right afte saturday). The catch…. my hotel, also booked as part of the package, included Saturday night with me checking out Sunday.

In other words, even the computer thought that I was leaving midnight, not Saturday. Having realized this, now starts the long process to see if I can get anything back. Trully, this is an error on their part too. The Travelocity booking computer should have known better than to offer a return flight a day sooner than the day I was asking for, and all the while the hotel was automatically booked for leaving the next day.


I booked a car for 1 week in Florida (April) at Hertz, through Travelocity. I had a printed confirmation number. On arrival at Hertz to pick up the car, Hertz wanted almost double the Travelocity ‘confirmed’ rate. Hertz claimed there was never a rate guarantee to Travelocity. I called the Travelocity 24 hour help line (from the Hertz counter) and they advised there is nothing they can do if Hertz won’t honour the ‘confirmed’ rate. NEVER RELY ON TRAVELOCITY AGAIN. NEVER USE HERTZ TO RENT A CAR.


Booked a “secret hotel” deal as a 4-star hotel for a two star price on Travelocity. Got the name after booking. Called the hotel to ask about the room. one bed and a pull out couch. Oh and they confirm they are a three star hotel. Oh and savings – about $10/night.I kid you not – one hour and 15 minutes on the phone with travelocity customer service! They WILL NOT find a 4-star hotel for me. they put me on hold to do that but they say, “they are all too expensive.” Well no kidding! Finally agreed to refund and will never be shopping on Travelocity again. Such a poor experience, I can’t believe they would do that to the customer.

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