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I have to let everyone know please do not use Vacations to go. They are the worst travel agency I've ever used. I had a week long girls trip just, returned this weekend from Punta Cana. From the original booking it was like pulling teeth to get information. We booked the Excellence hotel based on reviews. While the property was nice it was a boring experience for 4 single ladies. We weren't looking for men just other singles to interact with. I would only recommend this hotel of you're on a couples retreat with your church. Otherwise its a snooze fest.

Elevator music plays in the common areas and no music even at the bar on the beach area. This hotel was the furthest from the airport and no drivers even wanted to go there. Getting off the property was a hassle and expensive. We weren't offered excursions or even transport to and from the airport through the company. When I called to inquire 2 weeks prior to the trip I paid $200 for all of us and needless to say they never got our names in the system so we were out of an additional $70 to get back to the airport to catch our flights home. There were so many issues we spent a good 8 hours combined during the trip to get things cleared up.

Stressful, I came back more tense than when I left. The only good thing was all of us love one another and truly enjoy one another's company so we made the best of it.

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