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Toll free phone number: 1-888-271-1584

Liberty Travel is a retail travel and cruise company with 170 agencies in 14 states as of 2013. In the same year employees were numbered at 2200.

To reach Client Services call 1-888-271-1584. You may also find ‘chat with’ service at the bottom on the home page. To write to CEO, Emma Jupp address an envelop with Liberty Travel, 5 Paragon Drive, Montvale, NJ 07645. The corporate office phone number is 845-623-8027.

With the belief that brick and mortar travel agents are still valuable, Liberty Travel offers their services backed by and 24/7 Emergency Travel Center at the above phone number. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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We booked and paid in full for a vacation to Jamaica for April 2020. With the CoVid 19 pandemic our trip was canceled. We were promised a full refund when we first contact liberty travel back in March. Now almost 4 months later we still have heard nothing back. I’ve called many times and just keep getting run around. Corporate voice mail is full so you can’t leave a message


We have booked our vacation thru the Mechanicsburg office. We are going on a cruise May 5-12. We booked our vacation in March and it has been an experience. We went to pick up our tickets and it took an hour and half. we just needed to book a hotel overnight before our ship leaves. We are flying from BWI to Ft Lauderdale. But we are now staying in Miami and coming back to Fort Lauderale to get ship. It is also $174 for one night stay. At our trip to pick up tickets I asked if we need to bring anything and this was never answered. Then to find our we need our passport information. Told to email that and that was still not entered in computer. We did ourselves. Emergency contact info was given to agent but never entered in computer. Oh we needed to pay gratuities and we ended up sitting in the office while she talked to Norwegian to enter infomation in computer. This should all have been done beforehand. We entered all info in the computer ourselves. We should not have had to do this since Liberty charged us $600. We still dont know about transfers. Not in computer yet. Called yesterday and spoke to our agent but she said she would have to return call. No return call.


My friends and I entrusted Liberty Travel to handle all of our vacation needs for our yearly girls vacation and we were very disappointed. We were asking for very simple request:Adult only, all inclusive with double beds. We were booked at LaPerla- double beds is a "request" and not standard option. This was never relayed to us we paid $1200 per person just for room (flight not included) to have to skeep on a cot on the floor, room had bugs, the hotel qould not change out rooms without coat for penalty. They said it was Liberty Travels fault for not advis6about the room categories. It was a horrible trip! In the end Liberty Travel left our group in a terrible position and sent us a degrading response- I will soon post to all social media sites. Im trying to reach the CEO's office and just give her all the details...maybe she will listen to us or feel what we have to say is important. We work hard for our money and don't appreciate being taken advantage of.
Vanessa Scott


We were booked for September 3, 2017 to Punta Cana Dominican Republic. We booked our trip through liberty travel with Abbey Winters, Travel Consultant from Liverpool New York. Hurricane Irma was projected to impact Punta Cana, Dominican Republic while we were their vacationing. The Supervisor I spoke to about this totally disregarded my safety concerns. She stated she has handled 26 years of hurricanes. Supervisor stated. "Just go and have fun". My wife & I had to make a decision on Saturday September 2, 2017 to cancel as we feared Hurricane Irma would strongly affect our stay Tuesday September 5 through Friday September 8th. We purchased a Travel Insurance Plan , Plan #: 1417000048377 for $179.56 through Cover-More Insurance Company. The only reimbursement we got was through Jet Blue after paying huge penalties which we accepted. I feel we should of been reimbursed something form Liberty Travel. We have used Liberty Travel for many years for our vacations. We are disheartened that Liberty Travel Supervisor in Liverpool showed no concern but laughed at us. We have been upset and disappointed since this incident has accured. We lost a total of $2,000 which we expected have insurance for. We understand their was no travel band when we were flying out, but most likely would of been a Travel Band placed when we were at resort. We expected Liberty Travel should have reimbursed us or scheduled us at a different time. We even asked for any a partial refund from the resort, or reschedule any different date. We would appreciate Liberty Travel to address our concerns in this matter.
Scott & Vivian Marsden
11349 Rt. 176,
Cato, New York 13033


Booked a Disney Cruise thru Liberty Travel, Delran office. I spent a great deal of money and booked this cruise for Oct 22, 2016 back in June, 2015. Other than the original booking we have received absolutely no assistance with the travel plans form the TA. I have seen repeatedly other Travel Agencies giving On-board credits to their customers, some $250 or more. When asking our TA about on-board credits, we were told we were not entitled to on-board credits.

I continue to see other Agencies providing customers with on-board credits toward their cruise but Liberty Travel will not provide us with any credits, even though we have had this booked since 2015. And we had an awful TA who gave us, first time cruisers, absolutely no assistance with information and planning. I will never, ever use Liberty Travel again and I will be sure to tell everyone I know not to use them.


My complaint is about a customer. She received a penthouse suite full drink package, and shore excursions with wifi valued at $6,300 and paid $3,200. She got onto the ship and still complained about her penthouse and moved cabins again. This woman had made threats and should never come to our store again beware nothing but issues. Will complain until she gets something for free.


The travel agent failed to confirm my flight from Montreal to Toronto and I when I got to the airport I couldn't get on the flight I needed to, thus causing me to miss my connection in Toronto. I spent 12 hours in airports trying to get home. when I spoke to her she said she told me in January that I didn't have a confirmed seat, I don't recall her telling me this. And my tickets and vouchers came in 2 weeks before my trip which was June 25th, She should have told me then that I needed to confirm my seats and she didn't. I will never use Liberty Travel agency for any future travel.


On Feb 24, 2016 we booked a cruise thru Liberty travel in Saugus, MA. We were told that the deposit was due on 3/2/16. On 2/27/16 we paid Liberty travel cash in the amount of $500. As of today we have been notified by Norwegian cruise lines that our trip was cancelled as of 3/3/16 due to no deposit received. I have called Norwegian two times and received the same response. I would like to know why my deposit was not given to the cruise line and who is responsible for this issue. Because of this, my husband and i are not going on the trip we planed on. This was our first experience with Liberty travel and needles to say it will be our last one. Looking forward to your response.


I booked a room at Oasis Cancun in the month of February 2015 with agent Dawn Hoffman from Liberty Travel and planned to stay from 4/24/15 until 4/27/15. I received confirmation thru an itinerary by email and u.s mail. Once I land to the hotel whom I booked with my sister was informed that we cannot stay at the hotel and they were over booked. The hotel was an inclusions stay which includes unlimited food and drinks (the main reason why we chose it).

As of 4/24/15 I had to pay out of pocket expenses for food and taxi service. I went back between 2 hotels as advised by travel agent Dawn and didn’t have a room until after 10pm when I landed at the hotel at 4:30pm. I was afraid while traveling to a different country and worried that I would not have a place to stay. Myself and my sister made outgoing calls to the agent to informed her of issues, we called out family member to help due to the stress. The agent stop taking our calls and the Oasis stated they found a room.

Thru out the process I had to pay out of pocket expenses for food, taxi cab fare for travel and wifi server. My cell phone charges had increased for this month and I informed the travel agency of the out of pocket hardship this has cause. No one cared to help resolve this issue. At this time my out of pocket expenses cause over $450.00 that I would like to have reimbursed.


Had the best honeymoon ever. We went through Liberty travel and had the best view hotel rooms ever. Everything was planned out well by them and we had no issues at all. The representatives from Liberty Travel were very helpful and called up and planned every day of the travel perfectly. It is a once in a while vacation that was perfect. Next time I want to plan any travel or vacation it is definelty going to be Liberty Travel. I would definelty recommend this to my friends who can enjoy like I did.

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