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My complaint would be there are not more river cruises available. I just booked my third for October 20, this will be two this year and one in 2018. The combination of land tour and cruise is the perfect way to see Europe. So far all the trips have been as advertised from the activity levels, professional tour guide to the hotel accommodations.


My sister and I recently booked the Rhone River Cruise Tour to France. When I called I booked it for the both of us. They messed up the entire
booked information. My sister and I have taken 5 trips with YMT Vacations and each time we had problems with the original reservation.
I gave them all the information that was needed and I asked them to send the reservation information to my sister. They sent her information to my address instead of hers. I sent her the info that came to me by mistake and I told her to call YMT and get it straightened out. She did but the
person on the phone was not helpful at all and told her they had no record of her having used YMT 5 times prior to this trip and refused to give her the Loyalty discount of $124.95. We do not deserve this kind of treatment from your representatives. I looked up the complaints against your co and there are many. Now I know why. She asked to speak to a supervisor but was told there was none available. What kind of business do you run anyway. I want this straighten out immediately or I am going viral with this. Please get my sister, Rosalind Frykberg's information right
and make sure she gets the Loyalty discount and everything offered on this trip. By the way we want separate beds on this cruise. The girl
told her that we had to share a bed on the cruise. That is not acceptable. I expect to hear from you as soon as you get this. Audrey Schrader


YMT Vacations will sell you an insurance policy when you pay for your trip. Then when you have an emergency and can't go because of an emergency operation just before the trip, they only pay you back one quarter of your trip cost even with a doctors letter. This is a total scam IMO.

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