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My reservation was confirmed. Ten minutes later I received an email saying the property was not available. This put me in a bad situation since I have an upcoming meeting I am scheduled for so I hurried around and secured another location. The owner of the first location will not allow a refund and is blaming me; I spoke with Customer Service and they were not helpful at all. They said it was my fault so I am out the money due to an error they caused by sending me an email telling me the property was not available.
Very deceptive and fraudulent.


We’re staying in Paws Welcome at Carolina Beach. We complained to the owner that the air conditioning isn’t working. He sent a guy this morning that said he needs a new unit or to insulate the house, and there is nothing more he can do. The temperature outside is 88 degrees, inside it’s 86. He also advertises cable, which is actually Roku, which will only work on one tv. The back yard is covered in debris. This house is not as advertised. We’ve rented many houses through vrbo and really question if we ever will again.


We rented a house on Aukai Ave, Honolulu, HI for the month of June #7181055 we did not receive our $1,500.00 security deposit as of July 17th Please followup for us we have contacted the owner as of July 15th with no response so far.The house was left as we found it! ThnakYou Rob Murphy 1666 Stony Brook Drive,Salinas,CA 93906


RE: Property # 7116582ha
I used vrbo several times for my vacations and we are very respectful of the neighborhood. I live next to a vrbo vacation rental (Property # 7116582ha) who is NOT a good landlord at all, giving your company a bad name!
Excessive partying at times. His Rentees canvasing the neighborhood by way of fliers in people's mailboxes. Tacking fliers on beach walkways and poles with their rental address. Renting to college students and in one case the renters ran around naked!
John Burnfield is not a responsible vacation rental owner. Is there anything you can do to mitigate this issue?
I am in contact with my County Commissioner about VRBO and vacation rentals as such, ordinances are being penned.


I made a reservation for Property # 1699120. I received an email saying that my reservation had been confirmed.
Then I received an email from the owner Edie Raether, saying the property wasn't available.
What an inconvenience for me!


You have a VRBO listing who offers to make cash deals outside of VRBO, then once agreed upon, will rent to others if they offer more money. We have used VRBO many times and never experienced this. Horrible reflection of your company and this person should not be aloud to list on VRBO for this extremely shady behavior.


Rental house in Galveston,Texas was in complete disrepair, dirty, and ridden with dead and live roaches and spiders. We called at least 4 different times and were promised someone would be out to repair a shower, and storm shudders . We wasted a full day of our vacation and no one came. The shower poured ( not just dripped). We could not access the deck to because the storm shudder was broken. We could not access the beach because the bridge only extended halfway and the rest of the path was under water. The furniture was tired and falling apart. Linens and bedspreads filthy and stained. We had to wash everything. We demand at least a partial refund. $4000 wasted!!


We stayed in New Braunfels, TX June 16-June 19, 2019 at Hilltop Acres.
Address: 461 Naked Indian Trails New Braunfels, TX 78132

While we were there the air conditioning upstairs did not work. Both the bedrooms were upstairs so it was impossible to sleep. I contacted vacasa through the app but they didn't use the app. The next day I got an email asking if it was still broken. Of course it was still broken, they hadn't sent anyone to fix it. The next day I got a text that they had someone on call but I had been on the water all day and hadn't taken my phone with me. I thought they should have just fixed it instead of back and forth with me. We left the next day and it never was fixed.


went to vrbo website to book listing#1528637. On the website the calendar indicated that the dates I needed were available. I needed to book for friends coming to Shediac, NB, Cda from Sweden. The dates needed were from Sept 3 to 10. The website indicated that the listing had an average per night fee of $138/nt cdn$. I was given a price total estimate. Minutes later when I tried to finalize and book the listing the price was changed to @$178/nt cdn$. I did not understand why and thought perhaps the website was wrong or experiencing issues. I sent an enquiry to the Owner, 'Steve' on the form and that was on June 6,2019. He replied that he did not know what was wrong and that he had never listed the place for the $138 ever and 'so sorry'. He did not offer to help me with any explanation or to continue to resolve and book. I then tried to book at the higher price even though I had not been given any reason for the increase and all of a sudden every month of the calendar was unavailable for booking. I sent another enquiry to him. Waited a day.........sent a 3rd enquiry to him. Waited another day...........each time, I rec'd a confirmation that my email had been sent to him through the website. Finally, 3 days later, I gave up and went to Air B&B and booked a place with absolutely no issues and paid several hundred$ more for a booking. My point is tha tthis owner should be taken to task....he wasted several valuable days of my time by his failure to communicate and I can truthfully say that I have no confidence in VRBO in future and will be sure to tell anyone I can that I was treated with a total lack of professionalism. Then when I tried to lodge a complaint. The phone number was not readily available. I had no way to reach a Customer Service Person....after much frustration I found a number online that was perported to be for VRBO complaints and it was a Senior Care Facility in Co. the number lwas 1 303 680 9280 and the poor lady who answered said that they get calls from irate and upset customers trying to find a live person to complain to about VRBO all the time!! I don't care if you acknowledge this complaint but if you are trying to run a reputable service and compete with other Vacation Rental Businesses then I would suggest barring the owner of listing#1528637 because he is surely ruining Business with his calous treatment of potential customers.
Sylvia Crothers


Guest decided to change plans and not use our place. Wasn't notified until I messaged the guest with check in info. On 6/5/19 VRBO rep told me that we would still receive payout. These dates are still listed as reserved and are blocked, preventing us from booking to other guests. Rep on 6/5/19 provided fraudulent information and Rep today was sarcastic and unhelpful


I paid for a stay that I did not receive . I was left stranded in a foreign country charged for 8 nights received 2 . The situation is unconscionable. The people who rented the place stole money , ruined some of my belongings and cost me great anguish and medical,expenses .many of ,y friends have complained about your rip off scams . I consider your organization substandard unethical and in reality to be a scam . Shame on you!
I will make sure to alert as many people , friends, business associates and the like not to do business with you


I am very upset with the Customer Service that I am experiencing with "Evergreen Florida Vacation Homes", On February 22 2019 I booked a Condo for my Florida Vacation for March of 2020. On May 4th, 2019 We received an email from Philip Young <sender@messages.homeaway.com>
Property # 4813893 / Reservation ID HA-CQZD0B This home has been put up for sale by the owner. So we booked another Condo.
This is where I am having problems: I have several questions and I have been unable to talk to Mr. Philip Young or the person who has sent me the new Contract Mr. Daniel Young. Every time I call 1800-406-4140 I get a answering machine, and no one ever calls be back. On May 10th Mr. Daniel Young did call my husbands cell phone but we missed his call. Yesterday I did get in touch with a real person but they wanted me to call back and leave a message, I told him that I did not want to leave another message and that I wanted to talk to a person about my new contract! He asked if this was my home # and that someone would call me back ASAP. Well, I'm still waiting and I am very unhappy with their Customer Service.
My friend suggested that I contact VRBO because they have Company Standards that should be up held.
My second Complaint would be about this website and the # to call is incorrect. When I called the # I received "CHELSEA PLACE" please let someone know that this needs to be corrected.
I hope you can help me get in contact with a Company that I'm not to sure if I should be doing business with them, Thank you for your attention to my frustration, Mrs. Claudette Boyle, Home # 208-687-4962, email: scottdetteboyle@yahoo.com


Ms Lorna Galbraith who owns this property has no idea how to be a good home owner renting to guests. We drove all the way from The Burden (six hours) to Dingle after renting this house on Home Away (VRBO) in February 2019. The pretty pictures of the bedrooms and the house were misrepresented. Ms. Galbraith's aunt Mary Boland did not have the house ready for our arrival.

The house is a 1950's farmhouse that has not been updated. The red flags are 1) bring your own sheets, 2)bring your own towels, 3) NO Wifi, 4) pay for your electricity, 5) the BIGGEST Red Flag on the VRBO website is NO CANCELLATIONS! The house was cold and uninviting. We could not stay there. No hospitality was offered from Ms Mary Bolland. We left immediately and found a very warm and inviting B & B owned by a bright and charming hostess/owner.


Ms Lorna Galbraith lives in the UK and not in Ireland. She is taking advantage of traveler's that want to visit th Wild Atlantic Coast and the incredible Slea Head Drive.

I will be requesting a refund!


Rosemarie Tominello


As the fiancé of Maria Macabalo, with reservation ID HA-TX7GQP and Property ID 4833528 under Roda Agapito, I'm filing this case. The original property was switched to another that has defective water heaters and very weak water supply. We want a refund of our money. Repair s inconvenient and unacceptable in the middle of this night.


Both the owner and rental company lied about the condition of the property. I believe that I am owed money back because I was never informed that my beach view would be closed off all week due to construction being done that week. I contacted the rental company VTRIPs both locally and nationally, along with owner and they are both blaming each other. I was promised a refund of some sort after my trip, but now they are refusing. I need your help in solving this manner ASAP. The owner's name is Jadwiga Mrozinski and the property is rented out by VTRIPS.


I booked a cabin back in 2018 for the 2019 summer to Branson, MO, I just got a call from the person I sent money to and he said he sold the property. So he told me to contact the new owner which I did right away. I got a e-mail from him saying he has already rented my cabin for that week. What in the world! I'm very upset about this. I paid for insurance just in case something happened to one of us and couldn't go. But, I don't get my almost $200.00 back from my insurance. He's the one that cancelled on me. I will never ever go through VRBO again!... No customer service. These people are just wrong for doing this to us. They suck!!!!!! Not a way to do business. Never again. I will always go straight to the realty company form now on.


I rented as advertised on your site a waterfront COTTAGE on Bald Head Island for Dec 1 and Dec 2. We arrived a weekend before just to look the island over and discovered that what we had paid for was a studio duplex with just a bed and small kitchen I called owner David Wray and asked for refund got no response property ID713188 reservation HA-7NT2RX I paid $559.00 his phone number 828-773-4967


Booked a shotgun apartment in New Orleans back in October 2017, for 2/11/18-2/15/18. Owner cancelled on January 29, 2018. No explanation and left me and my family with no place to stay! Quite an inconvenience and I have tried to contact him numerous times.


What a horrible experience this was. The home we rented on VRBO was not available on the pick up day and I had to cancel my trip. The insurance that I bought was a rip off according to the customer service agent. It took three days of phone calls to get a refund. Their customer service is a scam, when you ask for a refund they put you on hold and do not come back ever. I had one tell me she issued a refund and even gave me a bogus confirmation number.

I finally got someone who did not put me on hold and sent me a refund receipt to me email address instantly, the others were all just lying to me and hoping I would just give up. I have yet to see the refund, as they told me it could take fifteen days. They took the money two weeks before the trip date instantly but giving you an instant refund is impossible. I recommend you use some other agency for your booking. It should be called VRB-NO.


I used VRBO.com many times, seemed like a great company. I booked another trip through them April 11th. Something came up and I had to cancel it with in 24 hours, which I did. Called them 3 times just to confirm that I am getting the money back. They said YES no problem. They even emailed me the confirmation that refund is being processed. APRIL 11th, we are now in June. Very surprising, I would think a business as big as VRBO would honor their policy. However after 2 months still have not received a penny.


VRBO.com has the worst customer service I have ever had. It takes representatives over 3 hours to book a room. The representatives are rude and disrespectful.


They changed room fees to ungodly amounts. Spoke to 5 different VRBO customer representatives whom all had such heavy accents it was almost impossible to communicate. After hours dealing with each one they were still unable to reach the owners to ask for a late check out at least. They made this experience a nightmare. When I asked to cancel the whole transaction (had made the reservation 2 days ago) I was informed I would be penalized, although it was their ineptitude and lack of assistance. I would never recommend this travel company to anyone!


I booked an Iceland air flight plus home for my family (my husband, son and I) and misspelled my son's last name. When I realized the mistake I called VRBO.com to correct it. The first time the rep said they weren't able to contact Iceland air, after putting me on hold for 32 minutes and asked me to call back. I did, and this time I was put on hold for 1 hr 30 minutes, and the name change apparently happened. The red gave me a new Iceland air confirmation number that had my son's corrected last name, BUT this time he was entered as an adult.

The rep at VRBO assured me that this mistake will be corrected and I should see everything corrected within 6-24 hours. Unfortunately, I really have nothing else to do but to wait to see if this will be corrected. How does a simple name correction take an hour and a half, and why can't the agents/reps call us back when the 'system' is functioning? She said the policy was to not call the customers back! Terrible terrible service, terrible policies. I could give them ZERO stars if I could!


I don't mind using VRBO for booking travel but I have noticed in recent months many of the homes are getting very expensive to rent for just a few nights. Many of them have long minimum stays which make short vacations difficult to budget for. I was looking for places in Florida earlier but every single one of them was a minimum 5-7 night stay.


I booked my vacation on vrbo and am glad I did. Great service and much better than home away or other places like that. Vacation rentals are something my wife and I always use when we travel, it's kind of a perk that we treat ourselves too. Wish more sites like vrbo would have reviews and high quality images, it's why I have a hard time using hotels and motels anymore because you don't know what you will get. Booking.com is also a good thing. We are looking into booking a trip to Spain upcoming soon and whenever I do searches they usually show up at the top.

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