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Qatar Airways is a state owned flag air carrier of Qatar. This small country is located on the Qatar peninsula of Saudi Arabia. The airline employs over 24,000 and has a fleet of 173. With reported (Reuters) revenues in 2013 reported as over US 10 billion destinations number 51.

If you have a problem with your luxury airline experience you may call the customer service number for Qatar Airlines at 1-877-777-2827. If you would like to send a postal correspondence to the CEO, Akbar Al Baker, you may address your letter to him with, Qatar Airways, Towers 1, Manna Building, Airport Road, Doha 22550 Qatar. The local phone number is 974-4423-7937 or 974-4022-5336.

Qatar gained independence from Britain in 1971 and the airlines began operating in 1997. You may find social presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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We have contacted Indigo to discuss this issue for compensation purposes and after a process speaking with their helpline and Customer Services are advised “QATAR AIRWAYS ARE THE MARKETING COMPANY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS EVENT” We request you resolve this issue asap
Thomas Carr & Kym Carr - Airline Reference V37WWD
E-TKT 15731097506744/ 15731097506724

Flight Delay 24 February 2024, time 21:50 from Mumbai to Doha (QR 4791 (IndiGo 6E1341)) - Flight delayed for 3 hours which led to missed connecting flight to London Heathrow scheduled for 25 February 2024 at 01:50 QR11 DOH to London Heathrow which I turn led to flying to LHR via Istanbul with waiting time at Doha and Istanbul, we finally arrived at London Heathrow 10 hours after original schedule return to London!!

Further information which is also not acceptable
On arrival at Doha airport we were met by staff from IndiGo (Green Jackets) who informed us that our transfer to QR11 was cancelled due to the aircraft having departed Doha airport to London Heathrow
- We were placed in a waiting area to await further instruction of alternative flight arrangements. Our original boarding cards were eventually taken from us and informed new passes would be delivered with new flight details to take us to London Heathrow airport.
- We waited for approximately 2 hours with no information on alternative flights.
My wife and I decided to search for a Qatar Airlines representative (we had already( received notification from Qatar Airlines on our alternative flights via the airlines app)
We were eventually (3 hours after arrival) allowed to visit the Qatar Airlines (Red Jackets) desk where we explained what had happened. After another 20 minutes we were provided with alternative flight tickets which would transfer us from Doha to Istanbul and then onto London Heathrow Terminal 5. The representative suddenly became aware of the tight timeline to receive boarding passes and make the check in in time.
We were never offered or provided with any refreshments, neither water or meal !!


1. Misbehaviour of crew
2. Misconduct of Qatar Airways staff at Doha airport
Azhar Ilyas khan
(return trip by Qatar airways was from Lahore to Guinea-Bissau from July 26 to August 7, 2022. Ticket number 1573599822197 .)


My wife and I traveled with Qatar airways on 11th December flight QR 909 Sydney to Doha onto London Heathrow. We had one extra Large suitcase. We contacted Qatar Airways on October to purchase this extra luggage, but was told that it was arranged by BA, so we would have to go back to them. We did. They told us the flight was a Qatar flight and we should go back to them. Qatar website would not allow us to do the purchase and save us the 70%. We left it until we got closer to our flight from Sydney. We tried again online, but still the same responses. As we were due to check in 24hours before 10th December, we phoned Qatar airways Sydney and spoke to customer reservations a person called Rohit Raj. We explained we wanted to pay for 1 extra hold luggage. He informed us we could do this online via Qatar airways website. I explained that we had tried this several times, it informed us to go back to BA and then vice versa. So can we do it on the phone with you now. He put us on hold to speak to an adviser. After 5 minutes he came back on the phone to inform us he could Not!! But we could purchase this at the check in desk at the international airport in Sydney. I explained that I would not get my 70% discount. He said we should!!!! On arrival at check in at the airport, we enquired about the extra luggage. The young girl was very very sympathetic, but said he should have helped us purchase this extra luggage on the phone. We would now have to pay the full price of AUD 163:00. We had NO CHOICE!!! She suggested we make a complaint, because we did all the right things and got treated badly by Customer Reservations. They should have let us pay. Our flight details Mr Stanley L Tryner Mrs Julie V Tryner Sydney to Doha Flt No QR909 11/12/2023 and Flt QR 0003 12/12/2023 Doha to London Heathrow. We feel deeply let down that Qatar Customer Reservations should have let us make the 70% saving by purchasing it on the phone that day. Especially after being banded from one website Qatar and BA. Neither one allowing us to make the purchase.
Mr S L & Mrs J V Tryner


When paying for lounge upgrade on their Web page ,I received up grade on flight which Doha to Jeddah is merely premium economy standard ....they won't budge I have explained that due to same issue in January this year , I most certainly knew I didn't want up graded to premium economy , I wanted lounge access which is what I paid for .AI Brenda is now their line of defence ,she is incapable of looking at the evidence with screen shots ,only able to comment on whats written so confirming Brenda is AI agent of Qatar


Subject: Urgent Complaint Regarding Denied Travel

Dear Qatar Airways Customer Service,

I am writing to express my frustration regarding an incident that occurred during my recent attempt to travel with Qatar Airways.
On November 1st, I had a confirmed reservation for flight (Flight Number) departing from Hamad International Airport to Cairo, Egypt, and I had applied for and received an e-visa for Egypt well in advance, which was valid for six months from the date of issue. However, upon arriving at the check-in desk, I was informed by your staff that the Egyptian government had changed its visa policy and would only allow travelers with sticker visas on their passports.
I would like to emphasize that my e-visa was issued in full compliance with the requirements and regulations set by the Egyptian government and Qatar Airways. I took all necessary steps and made preparations for my trip based on the information available to me at the time of application. There was no communication from Qatar Airways regarding any changes in visa policies for Egypt.
The denial of my travel was not only extremely inconvenient but also financially burdensome, as it resulted in a considerable loss. Moreover, it caused me great distress and inconvenience, and I had to alter my travel plans, incurring additional expenses in the process, in addition to the problems I faced with taking a leave from work.
I kindly request Qatar Airways to investigate this matter and take appropriate actions as it is essential for the airline to communicate any changes in visa policies promptly to its customers. I trust that Qatar Airways will take this matter seriously and respond promptly with a resolution to address my concerns. I would appreciate a formal response and resolution to this issue as soon as possible.
Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to your prompt response.

Mohammed Ali


Flew QR0274/26 September 2023 from Amsterdam to Doha en route to Cape Town QR1369/27 September 2023. Checked in 3 bags. 2 arrived in CPT but not the 3rd. Missing bag report was lodged with details of contents, pics of identical bag, copies of boarding passes and luggage tags, etc. Since then it has been a nightmare with contradictory reports coming from their WhatsApp customer line and the baggage handlers in CPT.

Received the report acknowledging the missing bag and that it was being traced. Claim reference CPT3420730.

After numerous enquiries with the local handlers and the WhatsApp line, with the help of someone in Qatar, was told the bag had been found and would be sent to CPT. Finally on 28 September after soem 48 hours of chasing whoever I could find, as most of it is electronic so hard to find a human, was told bag would be loaded on QR0274 for Doha/29 September and QR1369/30 September to Cape Town. According to handlers in CPT nothing was received but they never thought to let me know until I enquired. Then there was a lot of to'ing and fro'ing with aid of my contact in Doha to establish what was happening with Doha and CPT contradicting each other.

Then I was assured by Qatar in Doha that my bag indeed was placed on the flights mentioned with rush tag XH128306 and that it must be in CPT. They told me they had sent detailed messages to their office in CPT and to the handlers in CPT to assist location. NOTHING, NADA!!!

Each one is pointing the finger at the other. Someone is lying. Been difficult to get responses except when I call or send an urgent email for clarification. Nearly one week later we are still at an impasse. Shocking and disappointing as had always been a faithful supporter of Qatar Airways, but there you have it.


I requested basic isle wheelchair to transfer my father from door wheelchair to his seat and after many back and forth with useless customer service who did not help between million calls they finally at very last minute said they can offer that . Either reschaduale like we have no life or plans or if u wanna take care of ur own dad to chair since it’s last minute and we can’t do anything . They do t wanna accept their customer service pushes everything to last minute . And I’m talking about $8000 per person for bisness class. And treat u like that. Never , ever flying with this airline


It has been 2 days trying reach Qatar airways office in casablanca ,Morocco. No reply in my calls.
I have to change my flight due to valid reasons. I had to call Doha qatar airways tower for that.
Today morning, I have been calling many times .Still no reply.
I need change once more my flight.
Please assist me with this

Thank you

Thank you


They have not refunded my money after cancelation of a booking. It has been 3 months and everytime (6 times) they come up with a different story. They owe my wife and I $3008. Next step for us is to seek legal help


I was traveling from Peshawar Airport Pakistan to Jakarta Indonesia on August 25, 2021, by QR 601. I'm launching a formal complaint against your employees. they have been an obnoxious employee at your firm. I was never treated as clients by them. Instead, they were behaving in unprofessional way and walked away and summoned a coworker to help me, which was quite dis respectful one of them name was Younas ticketing employee his colleagues at Peshawar airport.
When I asked for help checking my ticket and allowing me to approach immigration through the gates because it was unknown territory for me, these employees were really nasty. Instead, they checked my credentials, didn't listen to me, and forced me stand there for an hour, telling me that I didn't follow the laws and requirements for traveling to Indonesia. They told me that they had submitted an email to Indonesian officials to confirm your status for returning at 1 am rather they should check on the Indonesian immigration website to see who is allowed to travel and who is not, and that they were treating other customers the same way. I am a frequent passenger with Emirates Air and Qatar air for this time I had to change my flight to Qatar Airways due to a scheduling conflict, and no one treated me as well as the crew staff did. That crooks must be held responsible for breaking your customer. They are not loyal to your firm. I worked as a PhD scholar at Binus University Jakarta, and I'm quite concerned about what these scammers have done to me. They are not a suitable role model for your business. I'd like you to take stern action against them. If you can't do anything, you should probably give them customer service training. Instead of those old fire birds, you may hire some young and respectable employees for your organization.


I returned on Sunday to Manchester airport 14 hours late (should have landed at 6 am in the morning and landed at 8pm) after an horrendous journey on Qatar flights from Bangkok to Doha and then Doha to Manchester, The flight from Bangkok was cancelled and with unqualified staff who were quite rude told us to 'go up there' which turned out to be a 20 minute walk to a security area where we were then told by a young inexperienced member of staff to follow him which turned out to be back 20 minutes from where we had just come from. We were then met by two further members of staff who again said follow me, with no explanation, and we walked for a further 15 minutes to passport control and shunted through and told to collect our suitcases and wait outside gate 9 and queue up to get on coaches, taken for 15minute drive to a hotel, where there was no Qatar staff at all to tell us what was going on and being 76 years old it was very tiring and stressful.
We were then invited to have a cold substandard meal and had to pay for a very overpriced beer. At this point I had no idea what was going on and not being a user of an iPhone was trying to get information from other passenger because there was no staff from Qatar in the hotel. After an hour in my room one of my fellow passengers knocked on my door and said we are leaving for the airport.
Back to passport control officers wanted to know why I didn't have an entry card and after trying to explain they let me through so then back to check-in to check in baggage again and obtain new boarding cards.
On arrival at Doha I realised there was a 6 hour wait for the flight to Manchester so I asked for entry to the business lounge so that I could have a sit down and a drink but was refused entry. From there I decided to go to a café where a coffee was an unbelievable £7 so I declined and had to wait 6 hours without a drink. We then eventually boarded the flight to Manchester arriving 14 hours later than we should have done.
I find the treatment we received appalling and not what is expected from an airline that calls itself the best.
I wait to hear your comments and your offer of compensation.


I traveled from JFK to Ahmedabad on 10 Dec. 2019 in evening flight. When I reached Ahmedabad on 12 Dec. 2019. I did not get my two bags. i have all clothes in these two bags so I have perched new clothes. Please reimburse money

Pallav Desai
12 Dec. 2019


I submitted a complaint about Qatar Air firstly resulting in our having to buy an expensive ticket to get our minor daughter home form Budapest.
Secondly for a contradiction in your standards telling us her papers for a minor were not to your liking despite your check-in desk telling us such papers were not necessary, then allowing her to leave the country, but then telling here in Budapest that you were not applying the same rule. This all caused confusion and frankly mental torment to our daughter and her grand-mother in Hungary and then you admitted afterwards that you would have allowed her to depart on her South African passport. One look at her Hungarian passport would have shown that she did not have a visa to get in.
So, either you allowed a minor to leave the country illegally in which case I shall take up this matter with the department of Home Affairs here in South Africa and with IATA or your actions were completely contradictory
If you plead that you exercised your good discretion in allowing here out, you did not do so in allowing her to return to the country.
We are entirely sure of our facts and have documentary evidence at each stage.
We therefore want a refund of the unplanned delayed ticket to return that cost us R22.000 or at the very least a credit for any possible further use of QA.

We have now 3 times sent this complaint to the given email address and the first time you acknowledged it and promised to respond within 3 days but that was 10 days ago - a third point of complaint.

I refer to your acknowledged complaint reference CAS1102749-D2Z5B9).

As we lived and worked in Qatar for 8 years and travelled with QA on very many occasions I expect better so pleae take this complaint seriously now.
Should I not get a response within 3 days this time I am firced to take up this matter with
1. South African Department of Internal Affairs
2. Airport Company of SA
4. BA whose dessk you were using for departure.
5. Social media

I wih to avoid any unpleasantness however and restore our loyalty back to QA who we expect to do better than this.

I attach a copy of the required extra ticket.

I am saving this email for any future reference.

Howard Cooke (+2721 8552836; +2784 4361066;


My daughter, Paavani Kaul, a student studying at Lisbon, Portugal, traveled Lisbon-Doha-Delhi on 25.6.19 (Flgt, an hour and twenty plus minutes late on the Lisbon-Doha leg), carried a back slung Laptop bag and separate hand baggage through both sectors, without issue.

She returned Delhi-Doha-Lisbon on 6.7.19 carrying EXACTLY the same hand baggage (back slung laptop bag and hand baggage) but was forced to check-in the hand baggage and thereby compelled to pay Rs 14,000/- for supposedly carrying 7 kg's excess, since the Airline counter at the IGI Intl Aport insisted that both bags were to be within the stipulated hand baggage weight. No amount of explanation of the SAME having been carried just 9 days previously on the inward journey, mattered to the Counter staff who were insistent that she pay excess baggage charges. They had no explanation as to how and why she had been allowed the same hand baggage on the inward journey, without issue.

We have traveled both domestically and internationally often and it is the FIRST time that we've experienced an Airline applying this. Our experience has always been of a laptop bag being allowed in addition to a separate piece of hand baggage. One would have expected the Airline to be understanding given the inward journey encountered no issue on the number of hand baggage carried but the Airline obviously chose to be insensitive to it. Some earning of additional revenue was all that mattered and profit was the key driver to adopting this stance.

All in all, an extremely unsavory and bitter experience of displaying no sensitivity, understanding or imparting a gesture of goodwill, by an Airline whose stance appeared to be solely driven by making some additional income, regardless of consumer experience. Goodbye Qatar Airways - its the first and last time one will be using you.


My wife and I booked a flight from Perth to Doha in September 2018 for flight qr901 and requested a window seat for me as I am claustrophobic and my wife likes to be seated on the aisle. We were allocated seats 68a and 68c We did not mind having some one sitting between us. When we arrived at the check in counter your staff member informed us she reassigned my seat (68a) to another passenger and I was given seat 68b. I queried the problem with her and she said the plane was full/ This was not the truth as I observed there was a number of seats vacant. The passenger sitting in my seat could have been seated in any other of these seats so my point is why was I relocated ? I gave your company nine months notice so it is incomprehensible as to why I was inconvenienced !I must add the service on board was very high class but I would be in two minds whether to choose Qatar again .


I had a very horrible experience with Qatar Airlines as on arrival to Paris my baggage was not delivered by your airlines on 10.06.2019 and was delivered to me on 20.06.2019 at Amritsar(India) on my return after a span of 10 days. I had gone abroad with my family for our Holidays trip. A huge amount was involved for such tour. But your airline spoiled our all holidays moments by retaining our baggage. We remained highly unsecured and in great mental stress in abroad as we stayed in abroad without our asset for entire tour. Our all happy moments were ruthlessly crushed by your airlines. I have sent a mail with all relavant documents to this effect on mail address on 22.06.2019 for my legitimate claim of Euro 7500 or INR Rs.6,00,000/ (cost involved for holidays trip) as compensation for spoiling our holidays tour by its totally irresponsibe act. But so far Qatar airlines has done nothing except making promises. Kindly look into the matter urgently as per your reputation of the Airlines. Name- Sanjeev Kumar Pathak, Rekha Pathak, Daughter-Neha and my son Aditya


I booked a flight to Tehran/Iran for May 01, 2019, leaving at 8:25 pm from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). I got there at 5 PM to make sure everything goes smooth. However, when I went to the Qatar customer service desk to check in, an African American lady in her 50's or 60's asked me to give her my both American passport and Iranian passport. She noticed my name on my Iranian passport is different from my American passport. I explained that should not be a problem since Iranian government doesn't care about my name on my American passport, since name change is easy in US, but not in Iran. Nevertheless, I always travel as an American with my American passport. She asked her supervisor who was a Hispanic person in his late 40s or early 50's for advice, and the supervisor was more ignorant than her and told me that I need to get a visa for Iran and they cannot check me in. I explained that I have dual citizenship with US/Iran and don't need visa. He couldn't understand this and refuse to check me in. I contacted Qatar customer service with many difficulties and after 30 minutes another incompetent person said the same thing, and tried to sell me another ticket for $1300. I also contacted "Cheapoair" to get help and they referred me to Qatar airline customer service. Now it's 25 minutes to my flight and I'm sitting at the airport with my two luggage's. I went to the Qatar check in desk one more time and asked another employee to check me in. She got my passports and checked me in quickly with no questions. I had to run all the way to catch my plain. I was the last person who checked in at the gate. Considering my age at 66 and my heath condition with one stint in my artery, I almost had a heart attack by the time I got to the airplane and my seat. This was a horrifying experience with Qatar customer service at Washington Dulles International Airport which could have caused me hearth attack or death. As a minimum compensation, I request a full refund of $754.39 for my ticket and suggest you to provide training to your support staff to understand the meaning of dual citizenship to prevent such horrible sufferings for customers in the future. Thanks

My Name: Robert Kiani
My cell phone: 202-520-9018
Qatar confirmation #: MPEI6C


I booked an air ticket on Qatar airways for 05/02/2019 (May 2nd) from Houston-Kochi. Booking ref. No.N3KTT8, Flight No. QR714 and QR 516. The flight was delayed three hours from Houston and I missed my connection flight to Kochi and had to stay in a hotel alone in Qatar for 24 hrs. I had to attend my sister’s wedding on the next day, missing the only purpose of my visit.
Now the real story is that Qatar airways staff in Houston and in Qatar lied about it. They deliberately delayed the flight just to accommodate one passenger (a patient air lifted from hospital in Houston) on the flight. The ground hostess went on announcing every 5 mts, saying due to “cleaning of the aircraft” there is delay in departure. About 30-35 times she went on lying to the passengers, repeating the same story. At the end of it, we all saw the patient being lifted on to the aircraft, soon after which the “cleaning” was “done” and passengers allowed to board the plane, 3hours later.
The flight reached Qatar three hours late and the connection flight left 15 minutes earlier. Even in Qatar they lied to us saying there were no more flight to Kochi till next day evening at 1800hrs (after 24 hrs). I found out there were 3 more flights were going to Kochi where they could have accommodated me. All through this journey the Qatar staff was least helpful to me and my co-passengers, in accommodating us in the hotel overnight and in the connection flight.
This is a 22 hour long flight and plans made months in advance. Therefore, any amount of excuses or apology the airlines might want to offer will not suffice. This is my second experience with Qatar airways, which will certainly make me think twice before booking a flight on this airline in future. After all there are other options available to the passengers. I therefore, demand that I be adequately compensated for the loss of time and the many hardships caused to me, by this irresponsible act on the part of the airline.
Lincy Zacharia.

Attachments: 1. Boarding passes; 2.Doha Hub STPC Voucher


Although Qater airline has a good reputation.unfortunately our experience to travel from Delhi to Chicago was horrible. We had booked wheelchair facility in advance for our journey.we are senior citizens79 & 80yrs. My wife is a patient of bronchial asthma not able to walk for long distanc and my self a heart patient needed wheel chairs.
On Delhi airpo wheel chairs were not able and could get after repeated request after30-40min waiting.
At Doha air port no wheel chair was provided were asked to wait. After40min only one chair provided on our repeated request since my wife could not walk.the wheel chair boy was very rude in behavior. I had to walk long distance at the risk of my life.
Would request Qater air line to look into the matter
We demand adequate compensation for our physical and mental torture
Dr Vinod bhargava


I find the extra steps you require for credit card verification infuriating. You're asking me to send information over an insecure line, and I have no idea what happens to the data once it get to your company. You are the only airline that ever does this to me, and I take every opportunity to tell as many people as I can to avoid your airline if at all possible.


We would like to report to you

one large brown TOSCA suitcase with purple ribbon...
urgently needed...please see photo attached to identify suitcase.

We left Zurich International airport on Sun 5th August with Qatar flight 94 to Doha and checked in 6 pieces of luggage......we were not given label for missing suitcase and when Michelle at Dnata Sydney airport office checked records, there was no record of label for missing bag...

The male ground staff of Qatar who checked in our luggage for the flights did NOT give us bag tag.
This makes it very hard to trace the bag so I am contacting every office that could be related to this matter.
We are very upset with this negligent service.
Please see to this matter immediately.

We have urgently reported it (on Monday 6th August with Michelle at 7pm at Sydney International Airport office)

Bags were labelled wth green long transfer sticker travelling from Zurich to Doha (Qatar flight 94) then Doha to Sydney(Qatar flight 908) arriving 5:45pm Mon 6th August...

Please contact

Michael and Maria Pascalis

Address: 25 Sutherland street ROSEBERY NSW 2018


Your immediate attention is highly important and will be appreciated immensely.

EAL/D Teacher and Refugee Contact Officer
Monday to Thursday
Cnr Eldridge Rd and Antwerp Str
Phone (02) 9707 3288
Fax (02) 9790 4678


I am from India. I travelled in your Qatar airways on 3rd July 2018 from Doha to Dallas by your flight QR 729 along with my wife Latha Nagaraj.After the security check at officer at the ticket verifying place( I remember his last name as Katyal) demanded to leave one of our carry ons to be put along with check in bags.i told him that both bags contained valuables and hence requested him to allow us to proceed with two bags in side the plane.But he demanded us to transfer the valuables to one bag and do as he said.I told him that I am 67 yrs old and could not do it at the last moment under tension.He was joined by one lady officer and the both of them forced me to do what I was told.In the confusion and tension I forgot to take the purse which contained INR 10000.00 and USD 100.00 from the bag which was given to them.When we reached Dallas I was shocked to see that the entire money was removed from the purse in the bag. I did not understand why I was forced to leave a bag with them when there was enough space inside the aircraft.The loft above our seat was half empty.Please give me reasonable reply and make good my loss for which your airline is entirely responsible.


I'm really not sure where to begin. I'm a veteran and I came home on R&R, but it was anything but rest and relaxation. I was scheduled to return to work in Iraq on January 29th. I arrived at the airport and was told there was an issue with my visa. The staff at the airport had no clue of their jobs. I was passed from one worker to another, until finally they spoke with the supervisor who cleared by visa as having no issues at all, because I was returning to Iraq and had a round trip ticket. By this time I had already missed my flight and was instructed to return home and I would be scheduled to leave the next day. So I did as I was told and returned the following day and boarded the flight to Atlanta. Upon arriving in Atlanta, I was informed that American Airlines did not reissue my ticket correctly to board the flight to DOHA. I was directed back and forth from the American side to the International side of the airport and mistreated at each stop. No one offered to assist me and when I asked for assistance I received very rude attitudes. So by the time I walked back and forth attempting to resolve this issue on my own - with no assistance from the airport staff - my flight had left and the customer service counters had closed. I was forced to stay in the airport all night, without showering - my luggage had already been loaded onto the plane, I had to sleep on airport furniture with a bad back and history of total knee replacement. The pain and emotional abuse was horrible to say the least. So the next day I spoke with the Qatar Customer Service and my ticket was reissued, but I still had to remain in the airport all day awaiting the 7pm flight to DOHA. I arrived in DOHA on schedule, but a day late and my luggage had been lost. I contacted customer service for both airlines to try and resolve this issue to prevent this step, but as of now no one has returned any of my calls, texts, or emails. I plan to contact legal assistance, because I want to be totally compensated for this and I demand an apology from all parties involved. So due to American and Qatar Airlines poor customer service/organization. I'm now in Baghdad a day late, missed the flight to Iraq, I have no luggage and no change of clothing, late getting back to my job to support my family, and since flights don't leave on the weekends I'm stuck here until Tuesday. I've used both airlines numerous times traveling back and forth to Iraq for work, but I must say this was the worst experience I've ever encountered with these supposedly respectable companies. If all customers are treated this way, I don't see a very successful business in their future. Please help?


I had injured myself in spain so i had an ankle cast so i needed help from the airport staff with my bags and getting around in a wheel chair. my final destination was New Zealand which meant i had to get two flights. my first flight was great 7 or so hours to Doha. in Doha my wait was 2/3 hours so i went and had a couple of drinks to fight my fear of flying i had about three beers until the airport hand came and grabbed to help with me boarding the aircraft. I was denied being aloud to board the plane because they said that i was intoxicated when i told the staff i'd only had three beers and that i couldn't be drunk because the bar in the airport wouldn't have served me if i was intoxicated. they did not let me fly and i could not board another plane for 24 hours more, so i asked the airport staff if could have a hotel or anything as my leg was already coursing me more problems. which they replied no, so i had to wait 27 hours in the same area without anywhere to sleep. i had no options as the airport staff had taken away my passport away.....


Dear Qatar Airways, I am writing you regarding my complaint about my lost baggage when I traveled to and back from the Netherlands. I have been waiting for a reply from your office for over a month now but in vain. I complained to your office through your Website under 'Tell Us'. I have not received any feedback from you since I wrote. I also wrote to your offices in Abu Dhabi and the Netherlands by email but your offices have not replied in any way.

Although my luggage had been retrieved and delivered to me after three days of my arrival I believe you should have responded to my emails to show sincere customer care to your clients. I truly wish this letter will reach the proper authorities in your office so you could revisit how your customer services could be improved. I have traveled so many times with different airlines. My first and only experience with your airline has been very unpleasant, inconvenient, discouraging, and upsetting.


It is with a lot of concern and frustration that I write to your office requesting for assistance and guidance in regard to a pending monetary compensation from Qatar Airlines following QR162/16th august 2016 which was scheduled to operate from Copenhagen to Doha. The airline through email committed to make a compensation of EUR 600 for each of our 2 tickets. Reference is made to case number CAS-706602-N5Z2W3:000300099519. And the email communication as it took place and the follow-up mails are attached herein.

Payment instructions were to be sent to your office according to the email. Could you let me know why till now I have not received this money in my bank account and how much longer I need to wait. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


On the 19th of July 2016 at 01:40 I supposed to depart from Addis Ababa Airport. I went International Terminal Three hours earlier of my boarding time. After long security lines i as told that Qatar Airways does not use International Terminal I had to go the local one which was a almost Mile a way. I started running and reached there 12:30. I was denied to to board the plane..there is no Customer service on sit. Next day I called the Qatar Airways customer service number and they did not offer any help. I had to purchase a new ticket by $980.00 ticket by another carrier to come back home.


I'm a medical doctor by profession with MBBS & DTCD qualifications & has been practicing medicine since 1991 to date in state owned hospitals.On 17/7/2016 I boarded a flight from Doha to Colombo. It was flight QR 668 and my seat number was 23 J. I was returning from Nairobi after a 9 day safari with my family. As I was having my meal an announcement was made asking for medical help requesting to identify yourself if you are a doctor. I did so spontaneously. I was asked to see a 20 year old girl who had a known history of allergy to nuts & had accidentally had some nuts in her food. She had taken anti histamines that she had with her right then & I was seeing her about 15 minutes later.

She told me she was itchy in her mouth & throat but was feeling better after her own medication. She carried an Epipen which had expired in 2014 which I advised not to use. Airline crew informed me they had Epipens on board & I was relieved. She was stable at that time & I advised her of possible signs in which case she needed to have her dose from epipen from airplane & to call me if necessary .About 30 minutes later a crew member came with a form & wanted my credentials & a report. At the beginning too they were only interested in my credentials & the only document I had with me was the passport where my profession is shown as Medical Officer. As I was writing the report a crew member approached me saying that she vomited & asked if I could see her.

I did so without any hesitation immediately. This time when I saw her she was getting a full blown anaphylactic reaction with difficulty in breathing accompanied by coughing and redness of face, mouth & throat .When i examined her, although her Pulse & Blood pressure were stable she had secretions pouring from her buccal mucosa with red & angry looking enlarged tonsils. I realized she will go into shock soon. I asked for the epipen which they said they have on board & to my amazement the answer was a No we don't have.I said the only option is

Adrenaline to save her life for which they said Yes we have it.But when I asked them to get it out soon they were extremely hesitant & was delaying the administering of medication.At this point the girl's father came to my rescue. He ordered the crew to handover the drug without further delay. I called a final year medical student from Britain who was seated in front of me for my assistance as I knew I won't get any help from the crew. I managed to give her the life saving drug adrenaline intramuscularly & managed to prevent her going in to a state of shock (which would have ended up in a disaster as any medical person would know, especially in an airplane where they did not have endotracheal tubes which needs experienced medical personnel for intubation).

Soon after the injection her discomfort was easing off & she said she was beginning to feel better. Next 2 hours or so until 10 minutes before landing I was by the side of her standing & monitoring her vital functions with the help of the medical student every 10 minutes. Of course the crew too was with us right along. I requested them to call for medical help after landing & gave a full written report. What I want to highlight is that crew should not ask for medical help from fellow passengers if the profession shown in passport is not good enough to handle an emergency situation where a fellow passengers life is in danger. I would appreciate a feed back on this issue.


This is with reference to my experience on board with the internationally renowned and reputed, Qatar Airways. I regret to inform you that, unfortunately, this experience has been my personal worst in traveling ever. It comes as an utter shock when an internationally renowned and distinguished airline provides its passengers with service and hospitality of the lowest grade. I am extremely furious considering the fact that besides spending a great sum of money, the quality of service provided to my family and me was obnoxious.

To begin with, my flight was from Barcelona to Delhi via Doha on the 16th of June 2016. (BOARDING ATTACHED). I was traveling in the Business Class section, with my family in the Economy Class. The complaints are as follows. We had been promised a Dreamliner Qatar aircraft in our Doha Delhi transit,but were in turn made to travel by Bus A330. My Business Class recliner wasn’t even functioning effectively during the initial hours of the flight. We had ordered a Hindu meal in the economy class, which was served to my family. But the quality of food was so substandard and deficient that we preferred staying hungry rather than eating it.

My daughter is a pure vegetarian who was looking forward to a nice and fulfilling meal in the aircraft, whereas she was served with poor quality vegetables that were simply boiled, along with undercooked rice. I am a very frequent flyer for the past 20 years of my life and am an esteemed member of the Emirates and Jet Airlines, but I have never encountered this kind of disrespectful, degrading and uncivil behavior on any aircraft, whatsoever. The only positive aspect of the flight was the extremely helpful, sympathetic and hospitable staff that made the journey somewhat easier for us to bear. The staff itself asked us to register any complaints we have as they themselves have been hearing repeatedly from unsatisfied passengers.

It’s my humble request that this matter shall be looked into and the concerned steps should be taken to mitigate any further harassment and exploitation of the passengers on board on this airline. I, personally, would not prefer to travel or recommend others to travel via this aircraft in future, until changes are implemented.


I flew from Birmingham to Qatar and from Qatar to amritsar on Sunday April 10 2016 on Qatar business class. All was fine and very happy. However On return on Monday 03 May 2016 from amritsar to Doha Qatar, the plane had a fault so had to land in Karachi Pakistan. This obviously was very distressing. I had to wait for another flight from Pakistan to Doha Qatar which took 6 hours. Considering this was business class I should have had least had a upper hand for your company to relocate me convenient hotel, which I never did!!

Now the most stressing point was that the flight from Doha Qatar had to go to heathrow airport there was no other flight from there to go to my destination which was Birmingham. Know we're notified by Qatar staff that a coach will take us from heathrow airport to Birmingham airport on arrival to heathrow, basically I got home at 19.30 when arrival time was 6.45 am. This experience has been totally stressing for me and have never had such experience. And most importantly my business appointments had to be cancelled in the uk. I suggest a compensation is entitled ASAP.


We left Colombo on the April 9th by QR 665 to Toblisi to attend our long term friends wedding on the 10th April 2016. As we had 01 hour transit time when we checked in Colombo we requested rapid transfer. Flight landed about 30 minutes late and on arrival we were given new boarding cards for the 10th April leaving Doha at 1405. At that time we informed the officer the importance of our going on the same day as going next day would not help us to attend the wedding.

We were asked to go to the transfer desk and they showed us no interest what so ever for our problem and requested us to wait to give us a hotel and visa to go out and come back following day. We were very upset and all our expenses and well planned trip to Georgia was totally ruined,and they showed no empathy what so ever, 2nd drama started then onwards. I will put done in sequence for your action:

1) Officer took our passports didn't take any action until reminded after 20 minutes.
2) when we reminded we were waiting we observed him going some where to get the visas organized.
3)When we went to the counter about anther 30 minutes we were informed that Immigration captain was at a meeting
4) About another 30 minutes we got the passports and the hotel transfer was given.
5) We had to go through normal immigration and without any Qatar airline help it took another 20 minutes on a long que.
6) We wanted our baggage and we were asked wait by the belt no 1.
7) We waited another 45 minutes and our luck we saw our baggage on the belt and it was not communicated to us clearly.
8) In order to get hotel transfer we had an another long walk and it took 10 mts to the officer to come.
9) All the toilets were under repair and there was no one shoe us the alternative toilets, for my luck I was met by one of my previous employees and I was taken to a another building.
10) We had to wait for further 20 minutes and reach the Oryx Rotana.
11) We were given a room like a prison where you couldn't draw the curtains as it was directly opening to the coffee shop lounge and the restaurant. You should see this room.
12) We were given 250 QR for three meals and Dinner buffet for one person was 160 and with a drink it costs 210 QR and Bfast buffet was 130 QR. We paid 110 QR for lunch per person. So we paid 600 QR for our meals.

Being the best airline in Middle East we never anticipated this kind of poor service. More than anything entire trip to Georgia would not full fill our main purpose and we have missed a life time experience.I wish you will look at this whole horrendous experience of ours and take adequate measures to avoid any this kind of situations to your other customers and do some justice to us. To day you know how powerful and what kind of damages that can be done by an unhappy customer.


On my collect flight from Dammam to Johannesburg on arrival at Doha after first leg i was informed that my flight to Johannesburg QR1363 was overbooked and i had to wait for 7 hours for an available flight to Johannesburg. They booked me in hotel (STP Reference 1064998/1) which was acceptable but i was promise a $250.00 voucher which i was suppose to collect at Doha before my flight and redeem in Johannesburg on arrival. I made an inquiry on 3 different info center before my flight but nobody of Qatar airways assisted me to get the promised voucher. The manager that attended to my problem at flight desk was Mr Usman.


I complained about two business class flights from Manchester U.K to Perth Australia, the complaints were no food choice available, no entertainment package available for myself or my wife and finally a broken seat which would not lay flat, to date I have had no reply, very bad service and very rude nor to reply from customer relations department.


I am working in Qatar. I travel always with Qatar airways.I never faced any problem. This time I went to Pakistan with my family on 2-12-2015 by (QR620) for short trip. My return ticket was on 25-12-2015. I finished my job and want to come little early on 20-12-2015. I faced some problems in changing ticket date. Problem faced as follow. I called Qatar air corporate office Lahore (Davis road) on Phone: 042-111310310 for enqury. No body lifting at all.

When I tell to one staff (duty Female staff). She answered in rude way. We dont have any call centre. Qatar airways office staff is very lazy and incapable.People are sitting and waiting for long time. Only one person is for dealing. Dealing/behavior also worst. Rs 5000 changingon the name of fee for each ticket. They did not display any information in the office. Qatar air ways is very reputable air line.Qatar air ways office lahore is not working as per standard. Need to improve.


I'm traveling in business class. Went to Qatar airways ticketing office in world trade center and they informed this office is directly operated by qatar airways and in Sri Lanka they have only 5 stars out of them one to cater the passengers. For reference see the pictures.


I went to Malaysia via Manchester International Airport on the 25th of January.(Flight No. QR46) I was traveling Business class. I had no complaint on the outward journey. As a matter of fact, I was quite complimentary on the service I received. However, the complaint arises from the return leg of my holiday. I was meant to travel on Flight No.QR 847 flying from KLIA to Manchester, UK via Doha.

At the airport in Kuala Lumpur, your ground staff ask me if I would travel on an alternative flight as your flight had been overbooked. I was reluctant at first and eventually bow down and done you a favour which I was not compensated for. The only reason I decided to help out was that I was told its going to be a ' Double Decker' and thought it would be a different experience but it wasn't to be. The ground staff of the Emirates counter weren't much help either. I asked for a aisle seat and was told bluntly that there wasn't any left which again wasn't true. I found a few empty seats and I did manage to move to the adjacent seat.

I started to have my regrets as I rush through the airport to the gate. Incidentally, the flight was 1 1/2 Hours earlier that my intended flight. By the way, ground staff at Qatar counter mention that they will see what they can do when I asked how I will be gratified for doing them a favor. As soon as I agreed, nothing was said to me or appreciation shown.

On the Emirates flight, the service was bad as compared to the service I received on the Qatar Flight. I paid for a Qatar service and I expected to get that. I can understand it is not your fault and you have no control over the matter. I just think I should be compensated somehow for the poor quality of service I received. I do not need to change my flight but I done it to help out without gratitude. Thank you and please acknowledge receipt of this complaint.


I had flight with Qatar airways tickets No: ETKT 1572497809496 from Tehran at 23 Jan at 4:30 QR491 to Doha and from there to Manchester UK with QR45 at 7:30 local time but airplanes had problems in Tehran and my flight changes to 6:30 and I couldn't get next flight from Doha and they put me to another flight at 13 on Qatar time and I arrived to Manchester at 18:15 on local time. All my family had hard time and my self as well and I believe I can complain for delay and get compensation.


After winning a complementary upgrade for myself I thought it would be a good idea to upgrade my husband as the opportunity would probably never arise again. I had some Q miles so contacted reservations to enquire about the cost of upgrading my husband, at the time there was promotional flights available and was informed that the cost for the upgrade would be £837.40p for the full return ticket but as I was a privilege card holder it would be probably cheaper to purchase Q miles and to get in touch with them.

This I did and was informed that I would need 42500 Q miles for the upgrade meaning that I would need to purchase 21500 Q miles, the lady explained how to complete the transaction I did this which cost £503 I telephoned the privilege club back but was informed I did not have sufficient Q miles to complete the upgrade and in fact it should be 85000. I explained that I had been informed by a colleague of their's it was 42500 the person went to speak to their supervisor about the situation and informed me that they would have to look into what had happened. I was contacted the following day 16th January and was informed they accept the colleague had passed incorrect information to me and they would have to contact head office for a solution.

In the meantime there was only one day left on the promotional flights. I believe that you should honour the upgrade as now I have received a voice mail informing me that you will refund the money and remove the Q miles. I was only acting on the information your colleague gave now myself and my husband will be separated as I have been informed it will cost myself to revert back to economy over £200. If I had received the correct information I would have paid the £837.40p with reservations. I am disappointed with your reaction to solve the problem and still believe that the upgrade for my husband should be honoured as this problem was no fault by myself.


I traveled from Bahrain to Bangkok and back on the following itinerary. On our trip from Bangkok, I left my iPhone on the plane. I have already informed the airline and I have not received any call till today. Kindly let me know how can I reach the right personnel in order for me to get back my phone.


My name is Arjun Eranazhathu Shanmugam and this is the first time I traveled with Qatar airways (Me being a Gold class member with Etihad wanted to try out Qatar since it started operations from LAX from Jan 1st 2016). I normally am not too irritated regarding moderately delayed flights. However, the hassle I experienced that day trying to get home to Chennai from LAX, CA was just unacceptable. I am not oblivious to the plight of airline operations. My flight schedule was as follows: LAX to Doha- 7th Jan 2016 at 15:10 hours. Doha to MAA- 8th Jan 19:00 hours.

The flight from LAX to Doha was delayed on the tarmac for about 50 minutes and this delay cascaded throughout the entire journey causing a delayed arrival at Doha. When I reached Doha, Qatar airways staff informed the Chennai passengers that our Chennai bound flight QR528 has already departed. This was really disappointing as we arrived Doha at about 6.45 pm and we could have made it to the gate by 7:15. Can’t the airlines wait for 15 minutes? I guess not. But this is not the first time I’m dealing with delayed flights but if I can remember right Etihad handled its customers really well and waited for all connection flights to arrive if the delay was 15 to 20 minutes.

To add to the misery, our cases were handled very poorly by your ground staff. I had a serious emergency and had to attend a board meeting the very next day. My absence had caused a cancellation of the meeting and it has now been postponed to the 12th of February which means I will have to spend money for another ticket to get here for the meeting. I had very clearly expressed my concerns but the ground staff at the transfer desk did not help me out all.

Me and few other passengers waited for nearly 4 hours without any help and finally there was a glimmer of hope when the staff told us that we had been rebooked on a Jet Airways flight departing from Doha at 11.30 pm. Things still did not seem to go well, when I arrived Bombay at about 5:15 am, I realized that Qatar airways had misplaced my baggage in Doha and did not transfer one baggage to the Jet airways flight. All I could do was to sit back and ponder as to why I booked my tickets through Qatar, I was thoroughly disappointed. Its been more than 48 hours since I reached Chennai and I have not received my bag yet nor any information about my bag from the airlines. This is a clear case of unprofessional management.

I am not writing this to stomp my feet and say I will never fly you again, because I will as everyone needs to be a given a second chance. I kindly request you to take this case seriously and compensate me for the delayed arrival in Chennai and my baggage delay, for all sorts that’s the least you could do. In this email, I have attached my boarding pass and missing baggage report, please do the needful.


I brought 4 tickets from our local travel agent to travel to Bangladesh in the 10th if December. We purchased 2 adult 2 child tickets.The purpose of our travel was to visit a family member who is ill. The travel to Bangladesh was quite pleasant and I have to no issue, however I rerun date was in the 31st of December 2015. We booked to return before the school started so that we do not get penalised.

On Thursday 31st December we leave our village 10 o'clock in the morning as to arrive in Dhaka few hours before our flight at 8 in the evening. We encountered many issues during out travel to Dhaka airport. We arrived at our destination 20 minutes past 7. At the airport we meet with a lady who was closing off the Qatar customer service desk. My husband run up and approached her exhaling that our flight is to depart at 8 and we were extremely sorry but we would like to be assured in boarding the plane.

The Qatar staff member was extremely rude and asked my husband to take a seat, my husband was unsure at the request and explained that we will need to board the plane otherwise we will be stranded. The lady again declined to answer any of our questions and asked us to take our seats as there is nothing she wil be able to do.

I interrupted the conversation and asked her to explain why we need to take seats as we will miss our flight and that is something we cannot afford to do. At this point the lady started yelling at us saying we need to take seats and wait, there were few others who were in the same situation as us also started asking why we needed to sit. I asked why we need to wait and the answer was 'I don't know, just go over there (she pointed to the seats) and sit. I became quite emotional because the conversation wasn't going anywhere and asked to speak to someone senior, she said go to the second floor Qatar office and walked off.

We had no choice but to go to the Qatar office, we reached the office only to find that it was closed, we returned back to the initial desk to find the lady had also gone. We were stranded in Dhaka airport with no explanation and no one to help. We waited outside the office until 8.25 when a gentleman came. My family and few others that where presented explained about the behaviour of the other member of staff and the fact that we couldn't broad the plane.

Again we were told there is nothing he will be able to do and we had to go to the head office when it opened. The head office in Gulshan was closed on Friday and Saturday. We were not given any other assistance and was asked to leave the office. We were really scared at this point not knowing what we were suppose to do and where to go, it was Thursday evening and the offices will be closed for the next two days.

We left the airport and found a hotel, we than contacted our travel agent in London, they told us that there is nothing we can do until the office opened, they couldn't tell us if we will be able to get rebook with Qatar in time for school. We also had issues with funding our hotel stay. We were left with limited options and had no choice but to purchase tickets with Biman to fly back in Sunday in time for children's school. We are very disappointed with lack of information and support we received from Qatar, we spent so much money travelling and to add to our financial burden we had to purchase additional tickets to travel back.

We had no intention of being late for check in, we left 10 hours before our flight, our traveling time would only have taken 5 hours leaving us 5 hours for check, we were stuck in traffic in Dhaka. We were not provided with any assurance at the airport and we feel Qatar staff members should have ensured we knew what the process is in case of delayed check in.

We had children traveling with us, had we been just adults the situation we were left with might have been easier to deal with. We would like this matter to be investigated and we would like to be reimbursed part of our ticket money and additional compensation for our stay in the hotel. The staff members where fully aware of our situation and still choice to be unhelpful. The 2 staff members we met at the airport where rude and unhelpful, we were told we should have left earlier and that it was our fault.

We went to airport 20 minutes pass 7, our flight was due to depart at 8, we should have been able to reach a compromise, we would have been happy to pay any fines in the spot, we were not given the option but instead asked to leave the airport and go to the head office when it opened. In our view we showed up for flight but we're not allowed to check in. We have decided not to travel with Qatar airways in the future, if our complaint is not upheld we will make sure we escalate our complaint further and our voice heard of how Qatar airways treat their customers.

Our flight number QR637 Dhaka to Doha was not missed, we were not informed of our choices and had no option but too buy additional tickets to return to UK in time for our jobs, had we not returned before Monday I might have lost my job and my children might have lost their place in school, the affect would have been detrimental, the stress we had to endure was unbearable. I had few anxiety attacks thinking we are stranded and might not be able to return back to England. We look forward to receiving a satisfactory response from Qatar airways.

For your reference we purchase 4 tickets with Biman BG005 departing from Dhaka to Heathrow at 10 am.


My travel date was 5/1/2016 & time : 20:00 hr. I changed the time & it is 10:40 hr(same date), from Dhaka to Doha. My ticket booking ref. is 3W8OLJ. Before changing time, weight was mentioned 40 kg. After changing time, weight is showing 30 kg only. For changing, I paid extra money to Qatar customer service also. My privilege card no is 410363298. Please help me regarding weight i. e. I changed the time & it is 10:40 hr(same date), from Dhaka to Doha. My ticket booking ref. is 3W8OLJ. Before changing time, weight was mentioned 40 kg. After changing time, weight is showing 30 kg only. For changing, I paid extra money also. Please help me regarding weight i.e. I want to carry 40 kg. I came to Bangladesh on 9/12/2015. Travel agency may be mistake. Please help me. Mobile# +8801716797738, +97455392712


I arrived at Multan airport on 9th dec after waiting 5 hours the flight was cancelled in that time not one person came to tell us what was happening in the end i went in the office and demanded to know why.I was offered a flight to Lahore the following day, after a 7 hour drive to Lahore and an overnight stay at a hotel ,i went to catch my flight only to be told it had left 2 hours before hand. I wondered around the airport for what seemed like hours being sent to different places i managed to get hold of a member of your staff and waited a long time for the person to arrive who could sort the situation.

Eventually i left Lahore on the 12th of december to my own country England. I would also like to add the Qatar staff in Pakistan were of no help to me at all they are ignorant and treated me like 2nd class citizen not one of them could speak English. I found you representatives lacking in manners and a total disgrace to Qatar airlines i have traveled with you quite a lot. I want my air fare refunded and the bills for my hotel stays really upset by your staff and Qatar airways


Vegan food provided in the plane was not of good quality. I expected more from Qatar airways, and will be sending my complaint to the corporate office if I can find a good email address for them. Can anyone help me?


I wish to make a formal complaint to the Qatar Airways corporate office about the poor level of customer service that was provided by your staff on Qatar flight Qr904 from Doha to Melbourne on 31 January 2015. This was a return trip for me and my two sons, one of which was an infant. After having difficulty with seat allocations in the flights traveling to Vienna (flight QR 183 Doha to Vienna on 1 January 2015), where I was not allocated a seat with a bassinet, I ensured that I booked my seats 1 week early on the advice of your staff and got the seats allocated 10K and the neighbor seat. On the preceding Monday, I booked seats online and received an e-ticket which confirmed a seat allocation for my flights with access to a bassinet.

However, unknown to me, when I checked in at Vienna, I was not allocated the correct seat for flight QR 904. My boarding pass was put into an envelope for later use, and I was not advised to check this. When it finally came time to board the flight, and I was told to take a different seat ( row 42 instead of row 10 with bassinet access), I asked for this to be investigated. I spoke with a staff member of Indian (or similar) descent (name unknown) and advised that this was not the seat that my e-ticket stated and there has been a mistake. I requested that he try to obtain me a seat with a bassinet. He then advised me to wait at the door while he looked into the options available. This staff member never returned to speak with me.

So when staff started to lock the doors and prepare for takeoff I began to search for this staff member to find out what had happened. Unable to find him, staff requested I take a seat to which I replied I had the wrong seat and was waiting for this to be looked into. This then escalated to the captain (name) coming out and providing me with the option that I either take a seat or exit the plane to take another flight and he would call the police.

I was quite distressed that I was being threatened with the police when I was not yelling or screaming or swearing or even behaving in a violent manner. I was also very unhappy that this was being spoken about in front of my 11 year child, who was concerned that I was in a lot of trouble. Ultimately it was advised that there were no options to get a seat with a bassinet. Having had a 6.5 hour stopover in Doha previously, limited sleep and a 13 and a half hour flight ahead, with a small child on my lap, you can imagine that the flight home was not as pleasant as it could have been had I been provided with the seat I took the time and energy to book in advance.

During the flight staff were able to continue to speak with me about the issue - and it was quickly discovered that the original staff member who had advised me to wait so he could investigate the issue was ground staff member, not on the plane, who had falsely told the staff that he had resolved the issue and I was seated. The captain ultimately apologized to me after the flight, once he became aware that the ground staff member had lied, and then the captain admitted that he had not meant the police would come but that security would need to escort me across the tarmac. The captain also admitted that he just thought I was complaining about the seat that was allocated to me and was unaware that I had an e-ticket as proof I had deliberately selected an appropriate seat a week earlier.

My complaint is therefore in relation to your staff incorrectly booking me into the wrong seats without any discussion, the unprofessional and dishonest way in which the ground staff member handled the problem initially, and the unnecessary threats given by the captain who did not bother to inform himself of the situation properly. I am a frequent customer of Qatar airlines, and have traveled on numerous occasions to Europe with Qatar being my only choice, and am likely to travel at least once a year to Europe in the future. In light of the recent handling of this issue, I am considering choosing an alternative airline on my next visit to Europe.

I would like someone to provide an explanation as to how this could happen and how you will be addressing my complaint.


I have tried and failed on 2 occasions to contact Qatar Airways corporate office and did not get any response from QR on 2 issues: My daughter's damaged suitcase in April 2015 - photos emails and chase emails sent. My QR FF card number is never accepted in online bookings and has therefore not registered my flights nor as a consequence given me any points.


I traveled with Qatar Flight number QR 574. Was seated fairly near the front (row 9 I think). My chair would not recline & as I suffer from 3 slipped disks this caused me great discomfort! Also suffered food poisoning after this flight, upon arrival in Delhi! Flight number QR 1339: I simply could not believe my "bad luck" when once again; my chair would not recline (row 9 seat A). Also the head phones had a problem with only one speaker working! The flights were full on all sectors, zero leg room, squashed in like sardines, cannot bring your meal tray down if person in front has their chair reclined....hostess had to request the passengers in front to raise their chairs for the meal service. What if that person in front didn't want to eat & was sleeping? The lady sitting next to us in Row 9C was so large, we had to wake her to lift her rather over flowing arms so we could insert the ear phone plug....she was so large she had wheel chair assistance. These larger passengers should be made to buy two seats as totally un fair on fellow passengers! This was the first & last time I will travel with Qatar Airlines. They are really not all they make themselves out to be. I await Qatar's response to my complaint.


I traveled in Qatar air ways because of (one world) I got British air ways points but British air is not going to Islamabad any more. I was very happy to travel in Qatar air but I was very disappointed when I got the treatment by Qatar air staff in Islamabad it was like not treating even animal. my foot was burnt and I could not walk but know one look after on the air port I was standing in the cue and another thing the boarding card person was very rued I requested for a seat where i could be comfort but he was not answering and when I ask again he said I am not deaf I can hear and he gave me the worst seat in the plane I walked and other passengers were asking me if I need help I was in pain so much pain I could not step on the floor. At that time I was very upset and did not wanted to travel in Qatar air but the time was early morning and my foot was hear ting so much I was traveling to Manchester UK. I will not travel again in Qatar air none of my friends and family the world is full of other air lines. I don't know where is my points of Qatar air ways gone and If you can not help me with my points with British air then you tell me urgently.


I am Dr Elian Raphael, I was on my way back from Sofia yesterday date 04/10l2015 to doha, we arrived at 22:00. My ticket number was 1572350900405, and my seat number was 17A. After i took the bus I remembered that I forget my jacket, it is a red jacket brand Ferrari, as soon as I arrived to the ground,I went to the ground employee to ask her if she can request my jacket. Her name was Melanie Joy Darad, she answered that nothing can be done and I have to catch my connection to Abu Dhabi ,and it was at time 23:55 ,she was so rude and she was talking with careless. I told her that there is enough time and at least try to bring it from the airplane,so she said she will call someone,and she went from her desk.

After 10 minutes she came back and she told to wait around 30 minutes, after that I checked again with her and her answer was that she found nothing. I asked to see her manager, name Margaret Omondi, the same answer was that they can do nothing. I asked them at least you can take my contacts number ,may be you will find it,their answer was no need. It cant be found, may be a passenger took it. May be it is true but what is annoying that she didn't do any reaction or at least try to help especially that it is a jacket with a cost of 1000 Dh. I don't know if it is an acceptable behavior from your employee, and I can assure you that it is going to be the last airways I use in my life .

Hope I can have a reply soon.



In flight service was very good. Flights are in excellent with good facilities. The way handled Transit Delay passengers at Doha Airport really unprofessional. On 16th, I arrived from Colombo from QR 657, arrived at Doha 1.00AM, transfer counter staff member informed me that they won't be able to check me in to my next connecting flight to Muscat at 01.15 am due to the first flight delay.

I have request them to send me before 8.00 am to Oman as I have to attend a very very important meeting at 9.00 am. I clearly mentioned staff members about the meeting and impact towards my career, they agreed to give me a seat in Oman Air. They kept me two hours in the bench and told me that their is no enough meals in Oman air and they are not allowing passengers without meals. Since I have to stay more than 5 hours in the airport due to Air line issue, I request them to provide me airport hotel facility which they said all air port Hotels are full.

I am disappointed after finding out from Oman air counter that they don't have any issue with meals and ready to check me in and also regards to airport hotel there were plenty of rooms available as per reception and offer me a lounge room for $ 65. They provide me meal coupon in a restaurant which was closed for dinner its opening at 5.00 am and my checking in time 6.20 am. Last month when my family visit me, they lost their all the luggage and it too two days to arrive, due to above delay I am risking my job.


I had booked a flight from London to Islamabad. My flight from London was on the 1/04/2015 at 15.05, and I had a change from Doha. When I got off at Islamabad my suitcase had not arrived, so I made a complaint. The person had said that he would find out and call me. As I am here in Islamabad with my in-laws, and would like someone to look into this, I would be grateful if someone would look into this. All my very important documents, and other things as well, were in my luggage and I am in need of those documents ASAP!


Qatar Airways has a serious problem, the lack of qualified maintenance engineers plus the unprofessional staff; I had the same problem in two weeks. In Amman Jordan QR 401 on 9 April 2015, they dumped all passengers in the airplane and they knew that there was a problem that took more than three hours. As a result I was late to work.

My next flight was on 30 April 2015 to Dhabi QR 1030. They did the same thing but more than two and half hours with no explanation or justification for the delay. They forced us not to leave the airplane as a result I missed the wedding in Dubai that I have travelled for.

I all cases no manager or responsible person, nobody says the truth and unprofessional staff and not implementing the travel regulations. Finally this not or close to a one star airline.


I was in flight from Riyadh to Doha then Algeri on March 22 2015 QR 1167. Unfortunately due to weather problem the flight diverted to Bahrain stayed in the air craft for 5:30 hours then finally left to Doha. In Doha we missed our flight to Algeria and we tried very hard with Qatar air to provide accommodation to flay the next day to Algeria. Qatar air failed to provide such a accommodation, and we had to do it on our own. My question to you can I provide you with full documentation of the expense so I can be reimbursed for it.


Complaint: Booked seat differs from alloted seat at ccu airport

My Airline reservation code is ZKEENQ ( QR ) & Reservation code is IOGHBA . I travelled from CCU, Kolkta to DFW, Tx. On 15th April' 15. Your Kolkata office alloted us perfect seat No 21A & C but our 2nd part of the journey for 16 hrs duration we were separated by wrong allotment of seat no. 24E & 24J instead of 33A & 33C. For which we requested to cabin staff, but they did not help me saying they are helpless. We are senior citizen aged 68 and 60yrs and assisted wheel chairs. So you may feel the amount of difficulties we have suffered during our journey. It's a gross negligence of services which is not expected from a globally reputed Airlines like Qatar. I shall be happy with your clarification for my sufferings during our journey.


Qatar Airways has by far THE WORST customer service I have ever experienced in all my years of travel. To call themselves a 5-Star Airline is a disgrace to all the other mediocre airlines out there doing things right and giving good customer satisfaction. I was on a trip of a lifetime with a month long journey scheduled through SE Asia. They lost my baggage!!!! No courtesy was given, no compensation for the 30-plus days I was without any clothing in 4 different foreign countries, no explanation to where my bag ended up, no word from them for over 3 months...


I started my journey from Dallas (Texas) to India via doha by QR734. I had been issued baggage receipt at Dallas.We boarded QR 564 (continuous flight) at Doha. When reached New Delhi airport on 12.04.2015 at 3.30 AM,I could not find my baggage. I lodged a complaint at new delhi airport about my missing bag.I contacted over telephone several times from my flat at Delhi. I was informed that my baggage was not found scanned at Doha Airport. I feel it might not have been loaded at Dallas airport. Please help me in getting my baggage!


I bought a first class ticket to travel from Doha to Alexandria (Bourg Al-Arab) last year on 1st June 2014, and return from Alexandria (Bourg Al-Arab)to Doha on 15th August 2014. Ticket Number is [157-2341893586] and Booking Reference [54UWTX]. For some reason, that is to attend a conference in Tunisia, I canceled the reservation from Doha on 1st June, and I travelled from Tunisia to Alexandria using another airline. On my journey back to Doha, I approached Qatar Airways in Alexandria ( located at Hilton Green Plaza Hotel- Tel: 00203 4204033). I showed them my ticket no.[157-2341893586] and they booked a seat for me on 15th August 2014 with new Booking Reference[ Y4UG66].

My complaint is this: I went to Qatar Airways Office at (Recreation Center, Qatar Foundation wherefrom I bought the ticket) asking for either reactivating the part of my ticket which I have not used or refunding me of this part. I got a negative reply; You cannot get either one! I contacted the main office in Doha and I got same reply because they say that I travelled out of journey sequence! Now if this is true why they made for me a new booking reference from Alexandria by same ticket? Whey they did not advise me to get a refund of the ticket ( the ticket is good for one year)and pay for a new ticket for the return journey? How this can happen while I followed all normal procedures: Paying a 1st class ticket in cash- Cancelling the outward journey in advance and asking your office in Alexandria before getting the new booking Whether or not my ticket can be used?


I bought a first class ticket to travel from Doha to Alexandria (Bourg Al-Arab) last year on 1st June 2014, and return from Alexandria (Bourg Al-Arab)to Doha on 15th August 2014. Ticket Number is [157-2341893586] and Booking Reference [54UWTX]. For some reason, that is to attend a conference in Tunisia, I canceled the reservation from Doha on 1st June, and I travelled from Tunisia to Alexandria using another airline. On my journey back to Doha, I approached Qatar Airways in Alexandria ( located at Hilton Green Plaza Hotel- Tel: 00203 4204033). I showed them my ticket no.[157-2341893586] and they booked a seat for me on 15th August 2014 with new Booking Reference[ Y4UG66].

My complaint is this: I went to Qatar Airways Office at (Recreation Center, Qatar Foundation wherefrom I bought the ticket) asking for either reactivating the part of my ticket which I have not used or refunding me of this part. I got a negative reply; You cannot get either one! I contacted the main office in Doha and I got same reply because they say that I travelled out of journey sequence! Now if this is true why they made for me a new booking reference from Alexandria by same ticket? Whey they did not advise me to get a refund of the ticket ( the ticket is good for one year)and pay for a new ticket for the return journey? How this can happen while I followed all normal procedures: Paying a 1st class ticket in cash- Cancelling the outward journey in advance and asking your office in Alexandria before getting the new booking Whether or not my ticket can be used?


Dear Sir/Ma, Complaints - Menu Served. The MD of my company travelled on Qatar Airlines from Lagos, Nigeria to Guangzhou, China on Wednesday, 25th February, 2015. She returned from there to Lagos, Nigeria as shown below: On this last trip to Lagos, Nigeria she was served a menu - a menu that looks like spaghetti and this gave her a very long, frustrating problem. She developed rashes on her skin and this disturbed her for days. Please we need to know the type of food served and why it gave her so much health issues. She had to go to the hospital and was given medication before this subsided. We had held Qatar Airways in high esteem and this type of problem is unexpected and this is a source of worry. I hope your Airline will attend to this and reply this message. I look forward to your prompt reply.


It was 23.03.2015 when I Checked in my luggage at DAR Airport to Bengaluru.Unfortunately after arriving at Bengalure I detected that my Mobile Phone was not in my bag,I didn't believe my eyes.The only thing which make me unhappy is that I'm now missing my lines which were in that phone.I'm taking another flight QR 573 tommorow from Bengalure to Doha then DAR.I wish to get more information on this otherwise it is a shame to the company and may Be I will take further action.


I was told that I could stop over in Doha for one night on my way back to London provided I leave within 24 hours and one change is free Now they tell me that They don't have seats in my category to be able to do this being busy period. I have no way of knowing in the absence of transparency if it is true It seems they want to not convert my seat into another category for me to utilize the facilities they dangled in front of me when I bought the ticket
This makes a mockery of the provisions stated a no one can use them s the airlines are always busy.


Based on visa problems my girlfriend could not board her flight to Doha while their own website said it was NOT a problem. The airliner was just afraid of getting a fine. I decided not to leave my girlfriend behind of course and lost 1100 euro!! I send an email, but NO response!!


This is to bring you in notice that there is a person who is working as a (ATS) or a (Flight Parking Executive) on a International airport. Who is only 6th standard pass and he have submitted Graduate fake certificate's. and that also of a fake University, He mean to say that he had bribe 10.000/- Q'Rival to One of a big officer who interviewed him and a senior of officer too, Please look in to this matter. As a well qualified and a needy person are left behind. The accused Name is : IBRAHIM MOHAMMED ALI SARGURUH. (2) OLD Passport no :B2910418. (3) Date of issue: 19/10/2000. (4) Date of expiry : 18/10/2010. (5) Indian


I Am frequent Customer With Qatar Airways and we weekly book more than 1000 ticket Today march31 i booked for me from lagos-doha-islamabad and i confirm from your local office my stay is.long 23 hours so booked for me hotel also they reply me when i reach to doha go transfer desk and they will provide me hotel facility any how i double check on your online servise also you people write there if stay more than 8 hours airway provide hotel but when i reach doha at midnight qatar a/w staff refuse to provide me hotel and when i ask them why staff reply because of i am pakistani thats why they not give me hotel may i ask you why not for pakistani? why why why i am sorry you lost not only me my full staff now not travel with qatar next time.


I booked my flight on internet through Flying Eagle Ltd t/a E-ticket was issues to me and I want to confirm it with Qatar airways on telephone number 08448468380 ( Qatar airways reservation ). I rang this number on 04/02/13 and rang this number three times and hold on to my receiver between 18 to 20 minutes all the time message was coming from the answering machine that all our staff is busy your call be answered shortly. Then I rang on 04/02/13 in the morning 09.45 and was told straightway that this office will not be able to take call for another three hours. So I rang again on 10.15 then I was told that system is down. The way the staff speaks or answer call there is no courstey what so ever and no way you can contact Qatar airways. Not happy at all.


I recently had an extremely upsetting and costly experience with your airline regarding lost luggage. I request compensation from Qatar airways for my losses. On October 10, 2012, I traveled on Flight QR 267 from Kochi to Kuwait. When I reached the baggage claim area, I discovered, after a 40-minute wait, that my luggage was lost. I immediately contacted the baggage claim representative, who assured me that it would be on the next plane. I was told that I would receive compensation within 21 days from the date that you received my complaint. It has been more than 21 days, and I must insist that you reimburse me immediately.

I have been coming to your airport office several times, spent hours filling out claims forms and have made many futile phone calls, but no one can answer my questions or even tell me the status of my claim. I am missing items that cannot be replaced. To add insult to injury, I am faced with obtaining compensation for those items that is far less than they are worth. The reference number of my claim is €œKWIQR19235’’and Tag no. is â€QR 728708”. I am expecting a prompt response and fair amount of compensation considering the poor treatment that I have received. Please call me.


Reference booking: 59PCFC flight number: Qatar Airways (QR 617) yesterday, my partner, myself and my 2 kids were supposed to fly to argentina at 5.10 pm from ho chi Minh. we bought our one way tickets online with opodo. we are french. when we arrived at the airport at 1.30 pm, it was still too early for the luggages check-in. we went for a walk and went back to the open counters at 2.30 pm. the very rude staff took our 4passports and asked us to wait in order to check our flight tickets. 10minutes later, they came back and just told us that we could not get onboard because we did not have a way back or exit ticket from argentina. so we tried to buy 4more tickets from argentina to Uruguay (very upset as it should not be a surprise for the customer when he spends over 3000 euros for a company. for some reason, our credit card did not work, after one hour of trying, we finally got our 4new tickets, the plane was leaving 1hour later but nobody accepted to talk to us, they did not even pay attention to our new tickets (they even dared to tell us that what i was showing them hotel reservation without even looking at my iPad screen.)

They were closing and cleaning their counters and we were all there waiting for somebody to care of us. they were speaking vietnamese and laughing, i felt like a real idiot, giving my money away to those disgusting peoples. i asked to talk to a manager or anybody else able to help us out, but they told me that everybody was busy for the boarding and they won't come to help…. i am still in vietnam, my visa expires today, i called the main agency in ho chi mihn yesterday with a tourist's mobile and they briefly told me that i would have to pay an extra money (more than 1000euros) if i want to fly today because tonights plane would be full in the economic class€¦.. i checked that on your website and they still had more than 6 seats available in economic class. this is a real lack of knowledge and professionalism. this kind of people should not even exist in such a company if you really care for your customer service. what about my extra expenses, taxi, hotel room? is it all? is it the way Qatar airways treat the customers? is it the way a family with 2 young kids should be treated? what is going to happen with my visa? why should i even pay an extra money and leave you guys mistreat my family and my wallet? what are you gonna do to help me? why about, you contact the Qatar agency in ho chi minh?


I took a flight from Tbilisi to Sao Paulo with Qatar airways in August and my baggage was damaged. Up to now Qatar airways has not reimbursed anything to me. I am filing a complaint against Qatar on the following grounds. 1) Deny their responsibility. My baggage was damaged and they knew it was their fault so they put a tag “mishandled â€to my luggage. But when I was in the airlines’ office in Sao Paulo, they did not ask me to file a report and did not give me a reference number. Therefore they tried to deny their responsibility. 1) Irresponsive. Qatar airways (Sao Paulo) did not return my emails for 40 days.

Only after I contacted their headquarters, they began to reply to me again. 1) Lying. Qatar airways did not return my emails for 40 days but in their email they lied that they have contacted me several times during the 40 days. 2) (Possibly) open my luggage. In one email someone incautiously mentioned that inside my baggage are ‘cloths and belongs”. I wonder how did they know what are inside my my baggage. Last time I took a flight with Qatar and some valuables inside my baggage was stolen but the lock seemed to be intact. Now I have an answer to this puzzle and I might look into the old case further.


It has been 7 weeks since I requested a refund from Qatar and still have not heard back from them. I have tried calling the Qatar office and they are extremely ineficient, they either put me on hold for 20 minutes or longer, transfer my calls to 3 other desks or simply hang up. This is the worst airlines I have ever traveled with and it is impossible to to talk to the staff who seem to have no knowledge about anything but booking flights. The staff need INTENSE training to learn how to respond to customer queries effectively. I will never fly with qatar ever again.


Qatar Air customer service are dishonest. In March 2012, I flew from Paris to Entebbe (Uganda) with via Doha. My luggage was lost in Doha and took 12 days to be finally retrieved and delivered to the airline office in Kampala (Uganda) where I reside. When I opened it, it was sheer chaos and destruction, and half of the content was missing. I was told by the Qatar Air rep in Uganda this should be taken care of, and to file a claim ,which I did immediately. Eight months and many unswered calls and emails later, I now got a letter saying the bag was never weighed upon arrival therefore there is nothing they can do. Nice service.


1.I travelled on QR 84 from New York to Doha on Jan.3rd 2013.I wish to bring to your attention the abruptness and unfriendly manner of your ground staff at JFK International Airport.Admittedly there appeared to be a problem with stand-by passengers for this flight,but the ground staff were handling the issue in a very unprofessional manner.Their interpersonal skills would be rated at 0.There was one lady who appeared to be incompetent.

She thought my final destination[ Colombo,Sri Lanka] was Colombia!On the flight itself, the cabin crew were mediocre.They appeared to lack proper leadership.I would contrast their performance with that of the cabin crew of QR 304 out of Doha to Colombo on 4th Jan.Starting with the warm welcome on board,all of them maintained an extremely high,professional and courteous standard of service throughout the flight.

2.My second complaint concerns my outward flight from Colombo on 17th Dec.2012.The incoming flight from Doha was delayed.When we reached Doha,the connecting flight to New York was still on the ground.Security rushed us through,but then one of your supervisors[I don`t know his name,only that he was Pakistani],refused to let us on the flight saying that the gate had already been closed.

There were approximately 10 minutes to go before the flight was scheduled to leave.As a result,we missed our connecting flight to New York,and were put up in a very indifferent hotel,the Grand Hotel,until the next day`s flight.This inconvenienced us greatly.Additionally, it does not make sense to me for Qatar Airways to spend money on hotel accomodation for 24 hours when a slight delay to the N.Y. flight would have meant all connecting passengers could have got on the flight.

Qatar Airways,doing what it did,has bred a lot of ill will amongst the N.Y. connecting passengers from Colombo.I, for one,all things considered,will be highly unlikely to be using Qatar Airways again.


I lived in Qatar for almost 20 years now,I dont know where to complain..a certain philippini employee in Finance department, JoAnn Cuizon. She is selling liquors to friends at high price..being a muslim thats haram. I know she having license for liquors,and her husband selling to one of my friends. I also posted complain in qatar airways website. I know CEO will not like if he found out.


I have been trying to get a responce from Qatar Airways customer services since 20 minutes after the flight landed! No one at the airport would speak to me, even though it was Qatar's main hub in Doha. I was told to write an e-mail to their tell me e-mail address but this was ignored, so I opened a complaints ticket on their web site. I received an e-mail from them saying that the complaint would be dealt with within 5 days but getting no reply within that time I checked my ticket staus and found it was closed the day I made it, saying the problem was solved. I tried then to post new tickets but each was was instantly closed and marked as solved! So I am posting a copy of my last ticket here in the hopes that Qatar Airways might be shamed into taking action.

I submitted a complaint to your tell-us email address on 12th September. So far I have not even had a confirmation of receipt. I then posted a copy of my complaint here and received an e-mail telling me you would answer within 5 days BUT you closed my complaint on the day it was received. I could not re-enter the complaint just make follow ups which were also instantly closed! So I have posting my complaint again! Please explain why you closed my complaint and deal with the original complaint or I will be reporting Qatar Airways to the Civil Aviation Authority here in the UK. My complaint was as follows: "I have just arrived in Qatar from Bangkok on flight QR617, t seat number 46F on the 12th September. I wish to complain about the attitude of one of your stewardesses.

As we were descending into Doha 3 men on a seat near me set fire to something that looked like a large piece of rolled up paper and started waving it around. This produced a lot of fumes and smoke. Each time it went out they lit another. A man sitting in front of them complained to the stewardess. Two stewardesses came to speak to him and as they arrived the men put out the flames and hid the paper they were burning. As the man was trying to explain about the fire one of the stewardesses kept repeating over and over that this was incense and it was "Good for You" I have never heard anything so stupid from airline flight staff before, that waving fire around when landing was "Good for You" I would like her to tell the pilot this because he declared an emergency because of the smoke!

When we landed there were fire engines surrounding the plane. But of course, according to your cabin staff this is "Good for You" I must point out that this was not like small joss sticks that just give out smoke and scent, it was a large flaming object they were waving around. I think you need to seriously look at the training of your staff as to what is safe to do in an aircraft and what is not. This may be a custom in Qatar but I do not appreciate my safety being put at risk in a plane and your staff thinking it's "Good for You!"

Even though the captain thought this was seriouse enough to declare an emergency your cabin staff thought nothing was wrong with it and nothing was done to the three men. You really need to look into the training and conduct of your staff. I am a very frequent flyer with Qater, my number is 404205364 but I am seriously considering not using your airline again. T.C. Heaton" I would appeciate a response to this complaint. I must also say that I feel it is very wrong that even when in your main headquarters at Doha Airport I was told that there was no one who could accept my complaint or even talk to me! That is why I had to resort to using the tell-us e-mail address.


Me and my husband flew out from london heathrow with quatar on 17/11/12 with quatar airways. on arriving at heathrow we were told the flight which should have been 0755 was delayed until 10.30 am. At 10.15 we went to try and find representatives at desk and could not find any. i went down to the quatar lounge and asked member of staff who said flight would be taken off at 10.30. I and a lot of other customers were saying this was not possible as we had not been called and I was only trying to find out as I had medication in my case that I would need if we had missed connecting flight. I was told no mam you wont miss connecting flight. Not long after this we were called to board. I asked again would we be missing connecting flight to be told no it would be fine. On arriving in doha we were told we had missed connecting flight and they would be taking us to a hotel until the following day. By this time I was really worrying so I spoke to a representative and explained I really need one of our cases as it had my medication in it.

She took my details and said it would be sent to hotel. I also no that another ouple on our flight asked for their luggage also for medication reasons. On arrival at hotel I kept going to reception to ask if my case had arrived . The lady on reception kept calling yourselves to be told my luggage was on its way. At 3am the following morning the other couples cases arrived but not mine. By now I was getting stressed and in alot of pain. I tried my hardest to get to sleep but could not. At 8am i went to check for luggage which had still not arrived. At 11am the lady on reception phoned again for me.

She told me if I got my passport I could go to airport . They would send me with there driver. My husband and myself went to collect our passports and when we came back down we were told we could not go to airport to collect cases until 6pm that evening. We were leaving hotel at 6.30 that evening to catch our flight. I have never been so upset and in pain . I can accept flights have delays . What I can not accept is all the false information we were given . When we finally arrived in goa I spent the first 3 days of my holiday in bed recovering . I feel like my holiday was ruined yet I only gave your representatives all the correct details.


This is my complaint about qatar airways regarding Hotel Booking.Today 1st Dec 2012 I am flying From Hyderabad to Juba (South Sudan). My Arival time in Diha is 6:00Am in the morning.My next flight to Nairibi is nextday morning 1:25Am. When I looked for the hotel booking. I was told that I dont have hotel booking. Qatar Staff told me you have booked a cheap flight you cant get the hotel on that booking. (If this kind of cheap flight booking is there,It must be stppped,Travell Agents spoil the Name of Qatar Airways) We people don't know about your booking system. When I got this ticket booked from Travell Agent he gave me ticket like this having transit period more then 10 hours. I have been travelling via Qatar aiarways since Nov 2008. You can check my recrds thru my Burgendy Privellege Club Member no 406230665. My concern is if pasenger is not aware about your system about Transit.It is qatar Airways duty to help the pasenger out not to blame about the buyng the cheap tickets. One more thing about I know about Qatar Airways,If the Transit time is more then 8 hours. They provide the hotel facility. But I was not given that facility too. This is for your kind infornmation to pay attention to facilitate passengers not to blaim. Hope to get positive response from your side.


Dear Sir, Madam, The flight mentioned in this complaint title had A major AC malfunction, putting some passengers in unacceptable flight conditions for 4:45 hours. Once in the air, the crew managed to turn the AC on. Causing a condensation smoke in the middle of the cabin.

The crew finally turned the AC off in the middle of the cabin leaving us - row/seats 20A to 22B (group booking from the agency Migrator Sa, Switzerland) - with NO AC during the entire flight.

A compensation of any kind would be greatly appreciated.


My wife and i had taken qatar airways from johannesburg to delhi on 19th december 2012 and return flight from islamabad on 1st january 2013. I had requested for wheelchair assistance but was only provided with it from johannesburg to doha and at delhi. Our flight from islamabad was delayed for 5 hours due to fog and we were made to to sit on the aircraft for 5 hours. I was not given wheelchair assistance at doha and on arrival at johannesburg. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that i was requested by your cabin staff to assist with a passenger who had taken ill on the flight from doha to delhi on 20th december and i am amazed that i did not even receive a message of thanks from you. We would find it very difficult to fly with you again.


I had a number of problems on a flight from UK to Bangkok by Qatar Airlines. 1. The airport staff in Manchester were rude and unhelpful; I guess they were stressed out but the supervisor was too busy to even speak to us on the telephone when we checked in. 2. My family were 2.5 kg overweight (10kg in total) for which we were charged 433 UK Pounds. 3. I find this charge would have been expected on a budget airline, but not on one so called a 5 Star airline; as an expat I have often travelled with a few kg extra and never had a problem. 4. Fly by EMIRATES they are excellent, and they also offer a much bigger baggage allowance,

5. On the flight from UK to Qatar, the seat was quite dirty, tons of dirt and stuff shoved in the magazine rack, dirty seats. I suspect that UK ground staff are too expensive so they do all the cleaning in Qatar or in cheaper countries. 6. I complained to Qatar Airlines, several times didnt get a reply when I did it was not helpful. 7. Dont fly by Qatar Airlines, there are much better companies out there.


Dear sir/madam, This is Arul Balu, I was travelled on 26th March from Mumbai to Pempa (Mozambique) via. Doha.(QR201,QR532). When I get down Pempa airport I checked my check in baggage not yet arrived. Airport people said make a complaint about your luggage to airlines. I tried to call Qatar airways to doha or Mumbai nobody responding my phone. I made file a complaint.

Up to now I suffered without any clothes because of my lost luggage. Then I purchased some clothes from Pemba for certain amount (which I having dollar in my hand).Still I am suffering in my working place without any converall,and shoes. I would like to draw your attention that I had made this booking on Qatar Airlines due to the known reputation of Qatar Airlines w.r.t the service, being on-time and best airline.

Before I feel very happy because I going to travel no.1 airways as Qatar airways. Because of me lot of my friends travelling in Qatar airways because I recommended them for this airline. Now I fed up and worrying to travel with Qatar airways because of my bad experience with Qatar airways.

Because this is not first time its happened with me. Last time February 15, I travelled from Dar es sallam to doha then doha to Mumbai. In Dar es salaam to doha flight cancelled for due to some mechanical problem. That day I suffered lot. That time who was in charge over there (in Dar es Salaam airport) to take us to hotel. That guy not to help me. When he wants to send me to the hotel in Dar es Salaam the dar-es-salaam airport people asked me to take transit visa. I said its not my mistake the airlines should provide me for transit visa and hotel.

Then I asked the guy that time who was in charge in Qatar airways. He simply said I don’t have any money if u want to stay in hotel you should pay and I will repay money tomorrow otherwise you have to sleep in dar es salaam airport. I am not expect this type of answer from him. And also next day February (16th)my domestic flight also I missed. Then I ask the guy try to rebook me on 17th. He doesn’t pay attention what I said .Finally I paid the amount and stayed in hotel for a while (8 hours) and also I make a call to India to rebook my domestic flight myself. Next day when they called me for the flight. I showed him the voucher of the visa. He is trying to escape from me with this matter.

Now again I affected with my luggage lost. In effect due to delay of my luggage its affected me lot with physical discomfort, mental agony. Now I don’t want to wait for my luggage and I need fair amount of compensation for my luggage and also including compensation amount for how much I spent to purchase a material in Pempa. Pls as soon as to do the needful. My Privileged Membership number is 414911604.


I arrived at JFk early Saturday morning, around 6 am. The plan was to beat out the Hurricane that was soon to hit NYC on Sunday. Now, being that I was coming from Virginia, ensuring a spot on the plane was of great importance. Before I left the Hampton Roads area I placed a call to the customer service center to ensure that everything was in place for take off. I was assured that everything was fine, and that no changes were on the rise. When I get to JFk, several hours later, the airport shuts down and everyone is told they would have to leave.

Fast Forward to Saturday. Now, I call into the company to ask about re-booking my flight. My past flight QR 84 from Jfk-Doha and then Doha- Guangzhou CHina has been canceled, due to the storm. The Operator sets me up automatically for Tuesday, as-what she called it-an "Insurance Policy". She never stated that there was a flight leaving out on Monday at all. After sitting on the phone for at least 45 minutes a pop, due to the high influx of calls, I decided to find out if I could change my flight from the final destination to Shanghai, instead.

I kept being told to call back in two hours to find out what the rate office had to say. 72 hours later and 3 operators too much, I was told that there is no way possible I could change anything. And, that the event wasn't there fault. I pleaded with the operators, informing them that I had been sleeping on the floor in the forth terminal and I would really prefer not leaving on Tuesday, being that I have spent well over three days sprawled on the floor, already.

One operator told me she changed my flight to Shanghai, and that she had sent the itinerary to my email. When I checked, see set me up for the same flight she set me up for from the beginning. As of now, I am still in JFk, awaiting for a flight that does not leave until Tuesday night at 11pm. This was my first time ever flying Qatar airways. I was excited about my flight in. The service was nice and the people were polite. However, due to lack of compassion for customers, I am going to check out Emirates, or some other airlines.

I just couldn't believe that after talking to 4 different operators, all they could tell me is, "It's not combinable! We can't do anything! THe rate office doesn't talk to customers...oh, and the best one.....I will have to charge you to change your booking, because we already rebooked you for Tuesday. I guess that if I was First class or Business class, I would of had more luck. I was in economy. Those in economy class just aren't worth the time!. Thank you Qatar airways for 'Portraying" to be five star, however, lacking 5 star customer service.


I got to fly on QR from London to Doha on flight 012 on Sep. 21, 2012. During the flight whenever my neighber seat asked for bear the crew gave a complete can or bottle and a glass to fill three or more times. For me I requested coke so the crew gave me only a glass filled with less than 100 ml. I asked the crew member whom I doubt she could understand english, which is more expensive a can of coke or bear? And why is the discrimination in treatment of passengers giving or debriving their orders. Surprosingly the crew replied that she has frank instructions to do so! I did not want to make an issue during the flight and I have all the right not to tolerate stupidity.... And i here by questioning QA authorities "are you supporting your cabin crew discrimintivey treat" and why not the reverse happenning although this later has so many reasons to support economically, behaviourwise and with good rational. Thank you toleraing me and my tough upraisal.


I purchased a ticket travelling from Barcelona to Melbourne with Qatar airways because of their supposedly good reputation. I bought it at a considerablely higher cost than normal solely because of the 1 hour transfer waiting time at Doha. The flight left Barcelona one hour late which resulted in me missing the transfer at Doha. Knowing that the flight was arriving late, I asked the flight attendents for advice. They showed no interest in helping me and reluctantly told me to ask for advice once we landed. Once landed, I ran straight to the departure gate for the Doha- Melbourne leg only to see the gate had closed 10 minutes previously.

An airport security guard directed me to the Qatar Airways transfer desk, where I waited 4 hours until I was allocated a hotel room where subsequently there were major construction works going on right outside my room. Needless to say I did not sleep. When I purshased the ticket I reserved an emergency exit seat for the Doha-Melbourne leg because of the 13 hour flight duration. But when I was allocated a seat the following day for the replacement flight I was given a normal seat without extra leg room.

What´s more I was seated along side a man who was drunk even before the plane had taken off. It was visibly clear the man was drunk but the flight attendents continued to serve him alcohol whenever he requested it.. After seven hours he was so drunk he laid down on the floor between the rows literally beneath my feet for the remaining five hours. When I directed this to the attention of the flight attendents they did absolutely nothing. Not only was this the worst flight I have ever experienced it also resulted in me missing xmas day with my family, which was terribly upsetting. I hope to receive an immediate response from Qatar Airways informing me on how I am to be compensated for this maltreatment and totally unprofessional service. If I don´t recieve an immediate response with suitable compensation I will leave the manner in the hands of my lawyers.


I missed flight QR 582(gate 10) on 1 December 2012 from Doha to Cape Town,because of late departure from Heathrow.They rebooked me for the next day on QR 584 from Doha to Johannesburg. They arranged with South African Airways for me for a flight to Cape Town.South African Airways charged me R250.00 for my extra bag. They tell me to ask you to refund me the R250.00,because there policy differs from Qatar airways and i was only aloud 1 bag.Can you please refund me for the baggage I am also very dissapointed the way the ground staff at Johannesburg airport treat me when i get there. They told me that Qatar airways did not make proper arrangements with them.


My wife was returning to Amman, Jordan from Peshawar through QR 347 on 14 January at Peshawar Airport. My wife has a special multiple entry visa emborsed on her passport from the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Jordan because I have a full diplomatic status in Jordan being the country head of United Nations. She was refused boarding because the staff on the check-in counter could not read Arabic and misread the date of visa being granted (2-8-2011) as the date of expiry of the visa whereas it was clearly written in Arabic that the visa is valid for one year.

My wife had to go through severe mental stress because my children are alone in Amman (I am currently in Baghdad) and we planned as such that the day I leave for Baghdad, my wife will arrive in Amman to take care of my children. Because of this sheer negligence my children have to go through exemplary mental stress and I am planning to sue Qatar Airways through the UN system. My wife will be returning now on 19 Jan (I had to pay the penalty for pushing her date of return to 19 Jan). If you guys dont have somebody who understand Arabic on the check-in counter, whose fault is this?


Dear Qatar Team, I had filed a complaint regarding my lost baggage. I went to the US last week and it was the first time I was travelling by Qatar Airways. It was a Karachi-Doha-NewYork flight and back ( JFK to Doha QR 84, Doha to Karachi QR 318) The experience was very disappointing since when i reached back to Karachi, I could not find one of my suitcases. The officials were not sure whether its at JFK or Doha. This was the first time my luggage was lost so I got really disturbed because my bag had all my important items and all the expensive shopping I had done in the USA in it. I filed my complaint and went home. It was comforting for me to see on your website that the recovery time for the lost luggage is just 24 hours and I filed a complain accordingly. However, not only was there no response from your officials for the next 3 days (72 hours), nobody even picked the numbers they had provided me to inquire at about my luggage. Finally, I got through them after three days and I was told them they have not heard about my luggage yet and will revert.

After 4 days, I was finally informed that my luggage has arrived from Doha and I should come collect it tomorrow. i went to collect it but for further disappointment, the suitcase was NOT mine. It was somebody else's. and they still have no clue about mine. its been 7 days now, my suitcase had a lot of my important stuff in it, and i am very very upset. nobody from Qatar Pakistan is helping and I really need you to look into this matter urgently. Working in a service industry, what matters most is how happy and satisfied a customer feels with your service. Starting from a ride from newyork during which all the televisions on the aircraft were non functional (mind you, an 11 hour journey without a Television is highly frustrating) and ending with no baggage at Karachi, the way the entire matter was handled was pathetic. Thoroughly disappointed in the service, I do not think I would travel by Qatar airways ever again or recommend anyone to do so. Just thought that a global reputed airline like yours would treat customers in a much better way.


We were travelling from Bali to Singapore on 30th of May 2013. We have requsted for vegetarian meals. According to our religion Jainism we cant touch non vegetarian food. We had requsted all the way vegetarian food. They gave us non vegetarian food. on the food it was written veg meals. My wife saw the food and doubted and told me something is fishy. But I told her that how can . This airline is no one in the world can,t make this kind of grave mistake and i eat one spoon of the food. since my wife was insisting we called the aircrew. one punjabi girl came and refused to accept that by mistake they gave us wrong food. still they were telling no it is correct food.

But since my wife did not eat anything we called the supervisor. Mr Gaurav Sharma flight supervisor that day came and told us oh it is a grave mistake. He told us that yes it was non vegetarian food and apologised to us. We told us we take this grave mistake seriously. As i have eaten the food i am feeling guilty of that. It has caused me lot pain and depression. Gaurav told us that he will take this complain to the higher authority and within 2 weeks we will get the reply. He given us surity that the action will be taken

Very sorry say today after 3 months we have not got any reply. We did not expect this kind of behaviour from the airline which is top airline in the world. We want to take this matter to media if we dont receive any reply asap. We need earnest rteply so that we in future take the same airline and appreciate the action. Waiting for an early and urgent reply.


There are things I’d like to share concerning my last 2 trips with Qatar Airways. 1. Priority boarding when you travel with young children is bullshit in Doha As written in this link: passengers travelling with young children or infant get the priority boarding. But what I experienced in Doha is far from that. On June 24 (QR 670), I travelled from Doha to Jakarta with my 1,5 old baby. I didn’t ask for a priority boarding because on 25.09.2011 (Doha-Jakarta trip, QR 81).

I asked for a priority boarding since I was with my sleeping infant, but the crew looked at me as if I was an irritating client who asked for a huge favor. she then asked other passengers if they didn’t mind. Not wanting the same thing to be happened, that time I chose to queue. The female crew which was on duty noticed my presence but didn’t do anything… She, instead gave a priority to an Arabian family (a father, a mother, and 3 kids age around 10, 6 and 3). I looked at her, puzzled. How could she only gave the priority to that family, and ignore a mother (without the husband) travelling alone, carrying a 1,5 yr old baby and a big backpack? (My journey lasted 23 hours in total so I had lots of diapers, baby clothes, baby foods and some toys in my backpack). Is it because I’m not an Arabian?

From my experience being 4 times in Doha, I noticed the Qatar ground crews were nicer and more friendly to Arabian passengers. On August 29 (QR 81), I flew from Doha to Rome, and this time I was with my husband. When it was time for boarding, my baby was crying because he wanted to have some breast milk. My husband asked the crew if we could have the priority boarding so we could get into the plane immediately to breastfeed my baby. Guess what…he didn’t allow us to! Frankly speaking, I really wanted to punch him on the face for his refusal. I ALWAYS got the priority boarding EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD, but in Doha! So there we were…my husband did the queue for about 30 minutes and I did my best to calm my crying baby.

Bassinet seat problem On August 28, we departed from Jakarta to Rome and we had seat issue for Doha-Rome trip (QR 81). The ground crew in Jakarta told me he couldn’t give me the bassinet seat for the Doha-Rome trip using the computer system in Jakarta. But later in Doha, I could ask the ground crew to get my seat changed. Soon after we arrived in Doha, I went to the information center and they told me to get my seat changed on my gate. Since the gate was closed, we waited for about half an hour and when it opened (for another flight, not for ours) we asked them to change our seat but they said they couldn’t do that since the flight was full. However, they said we could go to the transfer desk and ask them to change the seat.

Not wanting to give up, we went to the transfer desk. It was full of people, and after 40 minutes standing in the line, we finally got our turn. The lady who was working on the extreme right desk that night (it was past midnight, and I feel so stupid for not remembering her name) told us there was nothing she could do since the flight was full. It was unbelievable… That lady was a big fat liar, I should write down our conversation to make it clear how bad the Qatar Airways ground crew in Doha. Me: But how come you didn’t give me the bassinet seat though it was requested months before? The big fat liar: because this flight is full, mam Me: full with what? With adults? Or with infants?

The big fat liar: the bassinet seats are full with infants, mam (bullshit #1) Me: ah ok, (I felt somewhat upset) The big fat liar: But the seat you have now is also a bassinet seat, mam (bullshit #2) Me: Really? But my seat is seat #43, the bassinet seats are in #10 The big fat liar: we also have bassinet seats in the back part of the plane…(bullshit #3) and that is yours, mam Me: (overwhelmed) thank you so much. When we got in the plane, we found out the seat #43 is a regular seat. I asked one of the cabin crews if I could move to the bassinet seat. I also told her if the bassinet seats were all occupied with infants then it was not a problem, but if there were adults sitting there, then the seat should be mine. To make the long story short, several cabin crews were involved, trying to convince us to stay where we were, but how could we sit in a regular seat with an infant on our lap? For a 6 hours flight? We could barely move! And what the use of requesting bassinet seat months before??

I was so pissed off! That was the worst flying experience ever! I got fooled by a big-fat-liar-ground-crew after doing a 40 minutes queue, then I got refused for a priority boarding so I had to queue for another 30 minutes with a crying infant, just to find out that there was nothing that the cabin crew could do to help me to get my bassinet seat. So in the end I told them to just fu*k off because I was sick of them. And suprisingly it worked! After seeing me mad, a cabin crew named Mr.Ashroush (I suppose he was the head of the cabin crew) tried to calm me down and asked the passengers who were sitting in the bassinet seats to switch place. They were unhappy, of course, but we thanked them anyway. And surprise…surprise…..all the bassinet seats (there are 4 bassinets in total) were occupied with ADULTS! My baby was the only infant on board, yet they gave the bassinet seats to adults instead. Requesting the seat was useless, asking them to change the seat politely was useless, you have to show them your anger in order to be respected. What a shame!

Burgundy membership inconsistent policy My husband and I have privilege card and last year we collected 80 Qpoints (on September). I know that you have to collect at least 50 Qpoints to be in the Burgundy level, but we forgot to ask for it, and on January 2012, our Qpoints was 0 again. This year (on august) we also collected 80 Qpoints and yesterday (Sept, 26) my husband’s burgundy card arrived at home. I tweeted Qatar Airways, asking why we didn’t get burgundy membership last year, despite the 80 Qpoint that we collected, but they were useless, they just told me it was automatic and I should send email to Qatar. If they had given us the burgundy membership last year, we could have obtained the burgundy facilities on our previous trips this year.


My Mother-in-law, wife and children's were traveled from JFK to Chennai on 02/17/2013. They reached to Chennai around 3.30 AM on 02/19/2013. (Original start location is CMH to jfk Delta connection flight to qatar) We found that we missed 6 items from checked baggage's. We live 3 hours away from Chennai. Missing Items are listed below. 1) Acqua di gio Men's EDT spray costes $70.00 US 2) ck one $35.00 US 3) Ferrari block $35 US 4) Aveeno 2 pack moichrising lotion $14 US 5) Hollister hood i t-shirt for Men $35 US 6)one Arizona hood i t-shirt for Men. $14 US I am not sure where to complaint these. Here are the e-ticket numbers they traveled. Airline Reservation Code 8Q4BMV eTicket Receipt(s) 1577195087020/21 - DONKA/Lavanya 1577195087022/23 - VEERA/V 1577195087024/25 - VEERA/V Can you please help us how to proceed to get refund for these missing Items's? Please feel free to contact me at 1- 614 403 6014(USA) or email me back.


I am a Qatar Gold member who has been extremely loyal to your airline for a few years now. I am currently experiencing a huge problem at guangzhou international airport. I departed south africa with goods to be returned to china. All went well up until landing back home in south africa where my goods has not arrived with me. I am now told that the goods in my boxes are illegal and not allowed on a commercial airline. I would of expected the airline to have told me in guangzhou already that my boxes where being de boarded as I was sitting in the lounge for many hours waiting for the flight. I checked in 3 boxes and 1 bag where by all the boxes and the bag had the exact same goods inside. On my arrival to south africa only 1 box and the 1 bag came off the conveyor belt. I can't understand as to why they allowed those baggages and not the others.

I am in contact with Tracy lee noah from Qatar Airways Baggase Services, who agrees with me that nothing other than 25 cell phone batteries are illegal in my boxes. I am now left with the dilemma of getting people in china to collect my boxes and having to pay my own courier to south africa. Ie: goods inside my boxes are - Surveillance cameras - Window tint - Miniature camcorder - Balast to control lights And please note I left south africa with these goods I am deeply disappointed in the outcome of this matter as Qatar airways are leaving me with the problem and the expense to bring back my goods I left with from guangzhou on the same airline. Tuesday coming 22 November will be two weeks and thus the only way to sort out this problem is for me to pay a courier company too get my boxes home. I am awaiting a reply from somebody to advise on the status of my goods. I have been calling the airport office who's hours are 12h00 - 16h00 however there is still no reply!


I booked my ticket Doha-Mumbai on Qatar Airways 27/09/2012 for my family with seating arrangements 20J, K & G travel date 01/12/2012. When we reported at the airport counter 4 hours before flight time, we were informed that the seating arrangement is not as per ticket and that one ticket is 5 rows behind. I was surprised to know that our seating arrangement is not sure in the airline. Since we had no option, we accepted the row 39 seats. How can we change our seats and write a complaint letter for the problems we have had on Qatar Airways. Booking References are : 77MHLG, 77MSK7. Please look into the matter.


Qatar Airways flight QR901 Perth to Doha and Flight No QR45 Doha to Manchester

My husband suffers with a bladder problem so, with a delay in take off, he required to use the washroom as soon as the seat belt signs were switched off. When this time came he got up but when he went to go in the washroom a tall blonde flight attendant (name of Anncunna or similar spelling) snapped that he couldn't use it as the seat belt signs hadn't been switched off. He politely pointed out that they had been as he had diligently waited until that happened to which she didn't reply. I had a later experience with this same member of staff when I was stretching my legs, as you are advised to do on aircraft, and she was in the corridor. I squeezed passed and she gave me a look as if to say I was in the way. All the other staff were very pleasant, as they have always been on any airlines we have travelled with in the past. We are pensioners who come from a small Island, the Isle of Man, and who had saved up for a very long time to experience the holiday of a lifetime. A flight like this costs a lot of money and you do not expect to be treated this way by a flight attendant.

Much more serious though was that a jam I was served for breakfast was covered in thick mould. I immediately showed it to the flight attendant (not the one mentioned above as she was serving the other side of the 'plane). She took it away and said her manager would come and see me about it. It was lucky that I noticed as I was watching a film anc could easily have put a knife in the jam and spread it inside the roll without looking at it and that could have had serious consequences if I had eaten it. In the event nobody came to see me about the incident and eventually the flight attendant just came back with a form for me to fill in which I thought was extremely bad customer service when I had been served up covered in mould.
It will be a couple of years away until we save up again but we hope to visit our family again who emigrated to Perth last year so hopefully Qatar can help to redress the balance of a very unpleasant experience by providing a voucher towards some of the cost of a flight in the future. I would be grateful that this is taken as an official complaint and feel it is serious enough to be dealt with by a Manager. Certainly the foods standards agency would be appalled to think a customer was served with jam which was covered in thick mould. I await your reply as soon as practicable.


Hi, personnel staff manager ; As aug 27/13 6:00pm we went through the check in at Khartoum Air Port we have been faced by computer sys failure we stood in line for more than 2:30 with my wife & all my kids waiting to get boarding passes for sure caused flight delays , the special meal for my son Muneeb whom is suffering from severe allergies reaction to nuts, eggs & milk wasn't provided becaused of the computer failure even though services on the plane was great. Arriving in Doha again iwas business class passenger 45 mins waiting at the transfer desk helpless trying to reunite with my family which I've lost for more than 2 hours asking some info to the ground staff without any answers most of the times and getting help from passengers unfortunately . Finally we ended up at the arrival terminal sitting & waiting more than an hour to get in & go to a hotel , 5:00 am we've checked into our rooms & also ireally had to be fair for all the staff in Safir Hotel they re indeed took care of us & we really thanks full to all of them again.

Boarding to flight 927 to Montreal again the mystery started my children they had to line up I've asked one the staff they have the priority to board first totally ignored me as well as my self to be gone through the long line as business class passenger which is really made upset again after we've arrived in Montreal we missed our flight to Ottawa one bag made to ottawa one carry on lost the rest 4 totally been damaged they couldn't get us in any flight to Ottawa & after long argument & hot disscussion funny decision was made to be taken by bus to Ottawa & reached home 1:00 am next day, &again we give the best credit to all qatar flight 927 staff for their excellent services. As a lot of passengers know that Qatar airways is one of best airlines & we hope u keep your reputation by reaching top in rank. Best regards.


I purchased two business class tickets to travel on 3 March 2013 from Kuwait to Amritsar (India)and come back on 9 March 2013. But at the check-in in Kuwait airport, the officer on the desk informed me that the trip from Doha to Amritsar shall be on economy class since all plane's seats were converted to economy class and I should keep my boardings and ask for refund from Qatar-airways office in Kuwait when I come back. I visited Qatar-airways office in Kuwait on 13 March 2013 presenting to the officer my boarding tickets and telling him what happened. The officer took the boardings and gave me a receipt and informed me that the boardings shall be sent to Doha to calculate the refund and they will contact me as soon as they receive the reply. I thought the office is able to calculate the refund and pay me rightaway, but I was mistaken.

I waited for more than 3 weeks till I received an e-mail dated 4 April 2013 from Qatar-airways headquarters in Doha apologizing for what happened to me and my wife and indicating that as a gesture of goodwill they offer $220 for each passenger in the form of NON-Refundable EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) to be used for Qatar-airways services and valid for one year from the date of issue. Thy did not indicate this is my refund which should be in cash the same way I purchased the tickets, they gave the feeling that this is a compensation due to the flight discomfort to travel on economy class. When I contacted Kuwait office rejecting the EMD copouns and requesting the difference in fare due to the downgrading to be in cash, the officer on phone offered me 50% of the EMD values ($110 for each passenger). This is against the civil aviation laws.

According to the law, I am entitled for a refund of 50% of the tickets price since the trip between Doha and Amritsar is between 1500 and 3000 km (2780 km). If they just offered the fair refund (difference in fare between business class trip and economy class trip for Doha-Amritsar sector, I would accept it). This is my first travel on Qatar-airways. I never expected to have such problem and takes 4 weeks till they respond for my complaint and ignore it is a legal refund case.


Airline booking reference was 8NP284 & E-ticket No. 157 2633291645. I was booked on 22 Jan 2013 from Dammam to Doha (QR 717) and onwards on 23 Jan 2013 from Doha to Colombo (QR 300). I was in transit at Doha and while boarding flight to Colombo, I was redirected to Transfer Desk at Doha and was told that I was offloaded as flight was overbooked. I highly upset and explained to them that I had a business meeting to attend at Colombo and had to thereafter return back to Mumbai as my wife is cancer patient. With great difficulty, they placed me on Doha to Dubai (QR 104) and thereafter from Dubai to Colombo flight (EK 348). I was handed over Flight Interruption Manifest bearing No. 2157 4500 251198 dated 23 Jan 2013. To my dismay, the flight from Doha to Dubai got delayed by 2 hours and therefore, Emirates flight from Dubai to Colombo was closed. I was at a Transfer Lounge the whole day and there was no Qatar Airways staff to address the problem.

After a lot of follow-up, so called ‘dedicated’ staff of Dubai airport authority by name of Ms.Mariam came to Qatar airways counter and on approaching her she did not even bother to hear out the problem and stated that I have to display patience and said they would let me know. There was not even a drop of water offered leave alone any refreshments or food until 3 pm. At 3.30 pm after a lot of arguments, they offered lounge entry to have food. The whole approach in treating me and other passengers who were stuck for different flights was as if we were beggars. After waiting from 7 am till 7 pm (12 hours) in a horrifying experience, I was told that I am being flown back to Doha (from where I had arrived) (QR 109 leaving Dubai on 23 Jan 2013) and thereafter from Doha to Colombo (QR 300) leaving Doha on 24 Jan 2013. In all I wasted more than 24 hours and was not even given any hotel accommodation or provided any facilities. I have incurred heavy losses in my business due to my inability to reach Colombo in time due to such callous attitude. I demand a minimum compensation from the airline of USD 5000 failing which I shall have to move the court of law, which please note.


Please go through the below mail. I request you to immediately take proper action regarding our complaint as the passenger could not go to other destinations as few life saving drugs are also there in the luggage and he may face difficulties coping up with the changing envirnoment. Already 1 day has been lost as they are waiting for their luggage in London which is causing extra cost to them along with not been able to go along with the group. Thanks Please note that on 16th of August my luggage got lost from airport transfer between Bombay and London Quatar Airways flight. Details of the passanger and flight are as below: 1. Passenger Name : Mr. Prabhu Ahuja 2. Flight No : QR 201 3. Date of Travel : 16/08/13 4. Flight From : Mumbai,India 5. Flight Upto : London,U.K via Doha. 6. Ticket No :1574145451082 THE LUGGAGE WAS BOOKED FROM BOMBAY TO LONDON BUT IT HAS GONE TO YAMAN. Is was located yesterday itself around 6 pm (London time) but has not yet come to london. Mr. Prabhu Ahuja is facing lot of difficulties as lot of valuables along with few important documents were in the luggage and also financial loss as well as there furthur schedule has got disturbed. Since it is almost 24 Hrs past after locating the luggage, I request you to please make sure the lugguage reach him on time as soon as possible. Complaint has been launched yesterday itself.


I have booked one way air ticket in Qatar airways office at Qatar, for my wife and infant from Chennai to Doha for the date of 28th December 2012. The amount paid via debit card which is 1820 QAR, when i am checking online the prices showing QAR 1164 QAR. I even double checked with the local Qatar airways travels (AKBAR travels) they confirmed for QAR 1700. I again returned to check with Qatar airways people, they dont ready to give any explanation and just repeatdley telling online prices are different , and i called Qatar airways call center where they are answered based on chennai india prices are cheaper we can not match those prices. What i wonder is how it is possible for the same economy class flight two different rates from same Qatar airways. Why dont they tell us take the ticket from chennai.


I made a booking on your website on Sunday the 14th of October 2012, i have paid with credit card as i want to fly from Dubai to Cape town South Africa on the 6th of nov and return the 16th of nov. the payment went off on my account as i recieved a confermation on my mobile. However i never recieved any ticket on my email. I phoned the booking office in dubai on the 14th of oct 2012. They said that they can see the booking has been made and they will send an email to headoffice to send my ticket via email. I then went to work and only checked my emails today, just to find no ticket. I then phoned dubai office again just to find out that my booking has been cancelled.

They then gave me the number for E.COMME, i spoke to Achmed who said that the money has been returned, but i didnt recieve any confermation on my mobile i told him as i am now unable to make any bookings. I have vacation coming up and this is unexceptable as no one send me any email or follow up. And the worst of all the fares has gone up. I dont think any of your other passangers would be happy if they see what ive been through with qatar if i should place this on twitter or facebook regarding the poor service delivery, i feel really upset and feel what you have done is totally unfair and the world should know about this. All i wanted is to be home with my family even if its just for a short period, but i take it that wont happen.


This is to inform you about my disgust as far as my Qatar Airways flight was concerned.I took my flight QR299 from atq to doha on the 23rd of dec.along with my granddaughter miss.Harnoor Sandhu.I normally travel in British Airways,but i decided to check out this airline as i had heard a lot of praises about Qatar Airways.Unfortunately it did not uphold my expectations.I was disgusted at the amount of alcohal that was being served to the passengers,who were being rowdy after being drunk and were swearing loudely making it akward for the women.

And they were passing rude remarks about the women present there and also about the srewardesses as well, and were swearing at them in their own language which the poor cabin crew did not understand.I fly back to doha from london on the 13th january and to amritsar on the 14th of january on the Qr298 along with my granddaughter.But i am weary and am thinking of upgrading to business class from doha to amritsar.And i do not plan to use Qatar Airways airline again and will recommend others to do the same.

Kindly inform me how much extra it will cost me to do that. I am staying with my son in london.


I had made a booking to travel from Abu Dhabi to Bangalore on 28.11.2012. The flight (QR 131) was enroute via Doha to Bangalore. The scheduled time of departure from Abu Dhabi was at 8.15 pm and I boarded the flight on time and arrived in Doha on time. At Doha Airport, the travel desk Duty Manager – Mr. Clifton-Agent, Airport Service and Mr. Raji informed that the onward flight to Bangalore on 28.11.2012 (flight QR # 226) to Bangalore was delayed and scheduled to depart next day morning (29.11.2012) at 2.00 am. After having a very tedious wait at the general place at the airport, I went to board the flight at the time announced by the Airline. That time Ms. Zsuzaanna- Duty Manager and Ms. Shaimaa-Supervisor informed me and couple of other passengers to keep away from the check-in counter. When I enquired about it, they informed us that, since the destined aircraft to Bangalore is full, I along with 4 other passengers were offloaded, including our luggage.

Further, she asked us to keep away from the main desk and made us to wait at the far end of the check-in counter to ensure that the destined Bangalore flight to travel with ease. Despite our repeated requests as to why we were offloaded, no plausible explanation was provided to us. We had lodged a complaint in writing (complaint form attached) at Doha airport itself. Later on I found (were informed on our persistent insistence) that the idea of off loading was known to the airline staff / Duty staff at Doha airport as soon as we reached from Abu Dhabi.

They concealed this information from us and made us to wait eternally. In fact just before the departure of my flight to Bangalore, there were other flights to various destinations like Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad. The concerned duty staff could have easily accommodated me/us to some of the Airline to the nearest destinations in India and arrange a connecting flight to Bangalore OR they could have checked with co passengers to take a convenient route if possible, to accommodate us. After having heated exchange of words with the Qatar Airline staff, they agreed to take offloaded passengers to Dubai airport in the morning and made onward booking to Bangalore by Emirates Airlines which was scheduled to depart to Bangalore from Dubai on November 29 at about 1.00 pm. At last we reached Bangalore Airport at about 6 pm on 29.11.2012 by Emirates Airlines.

I would like to draw your attention that I had made this booking on Qatar Airlines due to the known reputation of Qatar Airlines w.r.t the service, being on-time and best airline AND further due to my urgent meeting with my Tax consultant, Doctor’s appointment and coupled with some other business meetings in India. In effect, due to the delay I could not attend any of the scheduled meetings in India and was compelled to cancel the whole programme. Besides, due to the day long waiting in the Doha/Dubai Airport made me sick for the subsequent days. This terrible incident affected me lot with physical discomfort, mental agony. Since I was on business tours/vacation, I could not write to you earlier.

Due to all of the above I have incurred a huge monetary loss to the extent of AED 20,000 to 25,000 (loss of business/physical discomfort/mental agony apart from the loss of holidays and sickness. In view of this, I rightfully claim a compensation of a minimum of AED 20,000/= for reasons mentioned above incurred to me due to this wrong off-loading. I look forward to your positive response at the earliest. FYI, my Privileged Membership number is 414395860 and my contact details are given below. I have attached the Boarding passes, Un-used Boarding pass, Complaint Form.


My name is Md Maruf Hassan Siddique. I came back to London from dhaka shahjalal airport bangladesh on 8th april 2013. My flight number was QR 345. At the check in desk the guy was so rude with me as my luggage was over weight. I did apologize but he told me that i dont have any common sense. He also told me that I should throw out my stuff from my lugage. I was so insulted and I never been treated such way in my life. This is my worst experience in my life. It is better to die rather than getting such kind of insult. His customer service was very poor and he is short tempered. At this stage I am very much shocked. I think this kind of staff destroys the reputation of a well known company. Thats why I find better to complain thinking the future of qatar airways. I want to mention that I paid for extra weight. It was 5 kilos extra but he charged me for 9 kilos. I didnt argue, i just paid. I kept quite. Still i cant accept this inslut.

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