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Qantas Airways Limited is an airline carrier of Australia. It is privately held. With a fleet of 131 and destinations of over 85, revenues in 2015 were reported as over A$15 billion. Qantas employed over 28,000 in 2015.

If you have a problem with any Qantas flight, call 1-800-227-4500. You may also write Customer Care, Qantas Airways Limited, 10 Bourke Rd.,Mascot NSW 2020. You will find Contact Us information here. If you would like to send a postal correspondence to CEO, Alan Joyce, address you letter with Qantas Center, City of Botany Bay, Sydney, New South Wales.

Qantas started business in 1921 and international flights were added in 1935. Airbus non-stop flights between Sydney and Dallas Fort Worth Airport began in September of 2014. The ‘Flying Kangaroo’ is part of the corporate slogan, ‘Spirit of Australia’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram.

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Spoke with ANGEL from customer service regarding my membership. I rang as I believed I had not received my new membership card which expired in May 2019. I though I had renewed it. I was informed by ANGEL that my membership had lapsed and that I would have to pay along with renewal fee a joining fee. Angel was unable to inform me what the joining fee was. When I said after 20 YEARS of loyal membership due to an oversight/error I am being asked to pay a joining fee again. When I asked to speak with ANGELS supervisor she refused. I said after 20 years of membership is this how QANTAS treat people. She repeated that my membership lapsed hence I have to pay joining fee again I said I may as well be communicating with a robot. I said I was going to lodge a complaint she proceeded to give me the email address to lodge the complaint.
Is this what QANTAS has become??


I booked a return business fare to Santiago. We couldn't get a connecting flight to Bariloche so I rang and requested two changes to the booking:
1. Bring the Sydney departure date forward to the 16th Dec from the 22 Dec 19 and
2. book the flight through on a local carrier to Buenos Aires from Santiago. ( to get a quicker flight to Bariloche)
I was told that it was not possible to book the flight through, I would have to do that myself with Latham airlines as there were no business class seats. I told the man I didn't need business class for that leg but he said he could not do it and I would have to book privately. This meant collecting luggage and going through customs to check in for BA at Santiago.
The charge was an extra $400 per person ($800 for 2) to just change the booking.
The next day my husband said he would try to book the flight through to BA. This time the customer service person said it was possible and arranged the change - this cost us another $400 per person to do something that should have been done with the previous change and previous charge.
We have also booked a business class trip for two to Kenya and have spent close to $27000 on fares for two trips in the next 6 months.
I have always supported Qantas but unless we receive a refund of $800 for the second charge I will seriously think about using another airline in the future.
Gwenyth Leigh Tuck
Booking No: RRFDJL


My almost new case was badly ripped and damaged on my flight from Manila/Sydney/ Christchurch on June 19 arriving Christchurch June 20
Frances Munro Collins
QF020 Manila - Sydney
Sydney/ Manila - I missed my connecting flight EK 412 due to the lateness of the Qantas flight andI was transferred later on to Air New Zealand
Having already been inconvenienced I was far from happy to see the condition of my case on arrival at the Christchurch airport


I was over charged by ZAR 25730 (by Qantas South Africa reservations office) on 9th April 2019. My booking reference was NAHUAP. I made numerous complaints and eventually visited Qantas office in Sydney. A message was sent to my bank to do the reversal but that was done apparently because it was not the right procedure. I am still waiting for justice. Please see correspondence below:

Good afternoon sir
Kindly find below response sir
Please note that if the Merchant have punched the wrong amount, they should do a reversal of the incorrect amount to refund their client.
If they have a challenge with reversing they can should send us a letter detailing what happened and why the Bank should release the funds instead of them reversing the

Sent: Saturday, April 27, 2019 1:39 PM
Subject: FW: Auth Reversal Request ATTN Mr Odirile Forex

Hi Mr Forex,

We have been in contact with Mr Isaac and are aware there is still a pending authority that needs to be released back to the customer

Dupe AUTH 913825
Date: 09/04/19
Amount being held ZAR25730

Could you please have these released back to the customer’s account

VI 444562XXXXXXX7397

If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to reply


Qantas Airways Limited


Qantas agent in Qantas reservations office in Cape Town, South Africa, overcharged by debit card by about US$2000 (ZAR25,730) on 9th April 2019. I was supposed to have bee charged ZAR1910 for changes to my booking, Ref: NAHUAP. I was assured that the overcharge would be returned into my bank account within 7 days. Upto now, 25th April I have not been refunded. My flight is tomorrow and I have o other money for trip and the family except what Qantas robbed me.
See email below from Qantas:

Good day Mr I.Ndungu

Thank you for calling Qantas

Hoe this email finds you well.

I Have tried calling you back but was unsuccessful.

I would like to apologise for the over charge on you booking, it honestly was a mistake that I take full responsibility for, I have reversed the amount of R25730 back to you account it should reflect within the next 5 to 7 working days.

The correct amount of R1910 has been deducted and your booking is now completed

Charne Langeveldt
Qantas Websupport


As discussed on the phone today my flight was delayed arriving from Mildura to Melbourne on the 17th of March 2019.

I was then given a series of connecting flight to Tianjin, China.

I have received confirmation of my upgrade to premium economy and the point were deducted as normal from my account.

But I never caught this flight or did I receive an upgrade on the Thai Airways TG466 flight or did my bags make it across from domestic.

So first of all I am chasing the missing points, secondly I spent a considerable amount of time and money chasing the bags myself as Qantas did not claim the responsibility of the missing bags as I completed the journey on another carrier and all the Qantas representatives stated that it was no longer their problem.

But so did China and Thai airways as I had originally booked through Qantas and they wouldn’t even let me fill out a lost baggage claim.

I am a big fan of Qantas and I able will go out of my way to fly Qantas, but this was very frustrating as a frequent flyer.

In retrospect I should have refused the Thai flight and flown direct with Qantas on the next available flight with an upgrade to premium or business.

Not sure what you have to offer in compensation, but I am flying regularly in 2019 both domestic and international and would prefer if I did not use another carrier.


Our flight QF12 from NY JFK to SYD on 24 February was cancelled. After arriving at the Qantas desk in JFK, we were taken care of by Kumar, an affable gate agent who provided us with overnight accommodations at the Crowne Plaza and three meal vouchers. Since we had requested and PAID EXTRA for aisle seats across from one another, he gave us seats in the middle configuration on the first leg of the trip to LAX with the middle seat blocked off.

He did NOT do the same for the LAX-SYD portion, a 16 1/2 hour flight. My husband had the aisle seat in the last row of the plane next to the rest rooms. I was squeezed into a middle seat in a 4-seat row that was completely occupied. Further, there was a metal obstruction for either electrical or entertainment mechanisms that took up 1/3 of my leg room. I am VERY disappointed in the consistency of your attention to customer requests since this was the second time our seats were changed. The first time our travel agent changed them back. This time, despite my explaining that I had total knee replacement and needed leg room, the request was not honored. This cost me considerable pain and swelling in a leg with lymphodema..


QANTAS Fequent Flyer Number 4486255

Re: Flight 834 Melbourne to Canberra
We have flown from Alice Springs to Canberra via Melbourne and our bags were taken off the same plane we reboarded and one bag sent to Perth and the other kept in Melbourne. Due to missprovded information from QANTAS we have lost a full day of a 4 day trip to Canberra and My father has also missed his daily medication which was in his checked luggage.

What are our options on the return flight as we go via Sydney from Canberra to Alice Springs on 08/01/19

As noted previously we have lost one day of a 4 day trip due to the delay of our luggage.

I have also been trying to submit the complaint for 3 days and I have not been able to on QANTAS website due to Technical Issues. This does not look good on your company if customer are not able to lodge concerns through your recommended channels, even calling which I thought was the complaints number which showed on the web site 1300 659 161, I was directed to the website to lodge my complaint.

Acknowledgement of my concerns would be appreciated.

Thank you

Travis McLean


My wife and I were on QF93 on 23/10 which had a medical emergency when landing at LAX.
Our connecting flight was around two hours away however the medical issue left us leaving QF93 some 45/50 minutes late. We were instructed to see your representative upon leaving the 'plane to get speedy service to our next flight. We lined up for 5/6 minutes to see the representative who gave us an orange envelope showing our names, YYZ, AA2322 and "Express Connection". We were instructed to "wave" this envelope around and this would give us speedy service through LAX.
At the US customs hall we found the "Express Connection" desk was not manned by customs staff and we joined lines of hundreds of others shuffling along towards US`customs officers. Whereas we prominently displayed the orange envelopes and waived them around we were ignored and nobody came to assist. As a consequence by the time we reached the customs officer our connecting flight was already boarding. We missed the flight.

Our first complaint is that a Qantas representative should have ensured the "Express Connection" counter in the customs hall was manned and operating.

In addition at the ages of 72 & 70 and having been travelling for nearly 20 hours (getting to airport, fight etc) we were very tired. I am sure that Qantas could have arranged some transport for us and other elderly passengers thereby creating the speedy service needed. The fact that Qantas did very little is disappointing to say the least.

I am giving you this feedback in the hope that similar circumstances will result in other future passengers being given more that just token consideration.

Chris Burke


Disgustingly dirty and run down Cabins in QF 63 and Q64.
Threadbare seats / broken mechanisms and most certainly not a Business Class Seat as applies to any of the other top 30 airlines in the World.
Flight delays on QF 63 announced in thirty minute bites amounting to 3 hours and 3 trips to gate. Last trip to be told Aircraft now needs fuelling - further 1hr5mins.


my husband and i were booked on flight QF8435 We handed our bags in at 5pm were told our flight was delayed till till 9.30pm and given $25 food voucher ,at 10.30 we were told to reclaim our bags and we would be put in a hotel and flight out following day the whole experience was so badly handled
At 1pm we were told no hotel your flight is at 2.35am EK433 and had to check our luggage back in the duty free costing $115 we were told to throw away as we couldn't take it through then told to go to gate with no boarding pass as they didn't have one for us when we got to the gate they found us a seat at opposite ends of the plane 1 was sat in 25E my husband sat in 41J this was totally unprofessional the same happened from Singapore to Dubai we were very distressed to be seated so far appart
When we got to Dubai once again we had no boarding passes and we told to go to the gate we had to run as the plane was already boarding we did eventually get seats toeghter on this flight with a lot of hassle we had to pay again £112 pounds for another pair of train tickets as we had missed our connection and there wasn't a train to grimsby till the following morning so had to pay £217 for a room at Manchester airport so not only had we been delayed by nearly 7 hours it cost us a further £329 for the privaledge and $115 in duty free we learnt allowed to keep


Cancelled flights, was told up to 4 weeks for refund so stupidly added that money into xmas budget given xmas was 5 weeks away. 8 weeks later still no refund & behind in our bills because of again stupidly putiing into my xmas budget


Flying from Johannesburg to Sydney my earphones didn't work. When we flew back to Johannesburg my earphones worked but my screen froze on 2 movies. They also ran out of food.


August 2016 my family flew from Brisbane to Singapore and return Singapore to Sydney. The crew were extremely rude and unhelpful. The meals were disgusting and didn't arrive set out on a tray like other airlines do eg. Emirates, Air New Zealand. The hot meal had your roll and dessert stacked up on top. Breakfast was finger food (Danish pastry) served in a cardboard box.

If one was resting with eyes closed the crew would keep on walking and not leave you any food. M&M confectionery was served as a snack! It was obvious some passengers had had too much to drink making it uncomfortable for other passengers.

The toilets were not maintained in flight. The seats on Qantas recline too far back so it is impossible to read, eat or get out of your seat for the toilet. The crew will not ask the passenger to put the seat up so the person behind can eat. On arriving back in Auckland, New Zealand via Emirates (the Rolls Royce of Airlines and service) our baggage did not turn up as it had been left behind in Sydney. We will never fly Qantas again.


Booked a flight in February 2016 return to Adelaide @ £696 paid by debit card through Traveltrolley. flight was for 6th April. My wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer on 1st March. I contacted Traveltrolly and asked for refund. After several emails to Traveltrolley they said that Qantas would only refund £250 and that it would take 6/8 weeks. I send medical documentation and letter confirming that my wife had terminal cancer and a letter to the CEO of Qantas in Australia.

I still not received either a reply or refund.I telephoned Qantas in London and told them about this, they said they would tel Qantas in Australia to sort this out and someone would phone me back-they never phoned me back. This is a disgraceful state of affairs and Qantas is the worst organisation I have ever dealt with. My wife died on 17th May and was buried on 27th May.


I have traveled all over Asia and had good service except on my trip home from Singapore on QANTAS QF72 on the 13/4/2016 the conditions were cramped the service was below the standard of all the other airlines. The food was cold the stewardess were rude and not very considerate to all the passengers the passenger in front pushed her seat back nearly spilling my wife's coffee over her the stewardess was called and she said the passenger was entitled to do that. When I asked about my entitlement she said I could push my seat back I said the passengers behind were also complaining about the cramped condition we said we did not want to unconvinced them any more.

I went to the toilet and could not get back in my seat because of the seat in front being pushed back so I had to stand at the back of the plane for the rest of the journey approximately 1.5 hours as this was very uncomfortable for me as I am under doctors care for a knee injury, when I asked for a beer I was told they had none I then asked for a whiskey they said they had none so then offered me a KIT KAT not a drink (I had 1 beer on the flight the first for the day) so I was not impressed, so when the sign for to put the seat belts for landing I ask the stewardess called SUE if she would go down and ask the passenger in seat 15E if he could put his seat up she said it should be up anyway but did not go down to check, and the lady in front of my wife seat would not return up properly as she put it back with so much force and the stewardess said that would be fine.

The passengers behind said that they would rather travel with SCOOT AIRLINE as they could get business class travel at the same price with less hassle. I traveled with QANTAS 47 years ago and though I give them a second chance but the service has gone from bad to worse the ear phone I was given by the stewardess had no plug and had to wait 15 minuets into the flight before I was given them anyway the screen kept going off and the sound had to turned up all the time as the sound kept fading the service was poor and I will not travel with QANTAS again and I will not be recommend them to any of my friends.


Had a flight booked from Newcastle England to Perth Australia on the 7th of April 2016. Two days before my flight I tried to book in online and then saw that my selected seats 49j and 49k from Newcastle to Dubai had been removed so I phoned the help line three times. They couldn't give me a answer and could only allocate new seats the third time. I rang I was told that the seats were removed for operational reasons ie there need the seats for flight attendants.

The day before my flight I phoned the Emirates desk at Newcastle airport and explained to them and there told me the same thing and then gave me extra leg room seats so I accepted these seats. We boarded the flight sat in our seats and then I noticed some one sitting in our seats 49j 49k so I asked one of the attendant why someone was seating in the seats that were taken from us ,and was told that is was for operational purposes I did eventually get my seats back after making a fuss.

Now my complaint is why was I lie to five times about these seats was is only operational purposes for me and not for other people. I and very disappointed with the way we were treated and I don't like people lying to me I use Emirates when I visit my daughter in Perth every year if I can ,so I want to know what are you going to do about it I know that you will just apologize but to me that is not good enough


Last Friday the 8th of January 2016 my wife and I returned from Hong Kong on Emirates 381 to London/Heathrow via Dubai where we transferred to Qantas 0009 (EK5109). On arrival at Heathrow none of our three bags appeared. Apparently there had been a failure to transfer the bags in Dubai. We naturally complained (with others) to your representatives at Heathrow and were given a file reference AHL LHRQF15298. Our three bag references were EK657538, EK657539 and EK657540. We left the airport without our bags having been told that they would all be delivered on the following day, having been carried on a later flight from Dubai. On the following day only two bags were delivered to our address - EX657538 and EK657540. On further enquiry, we were told that the third bag had not been sent from Dubai with the other two but would arrive that day (Saturday) and be delivered on Sunday (as was the case).

My wife and I are extremely disappointed by this experience particularly as it was the second successive time this has occurred following our return from a visit to Hong Kong with Emirates where the final sector has been operated by your company. This previous occasion was in April of 2015 when only one of two bags was delivered to us on our arrival at Heathrow. This is not the sort of service we had expected, having paid for Business Class.service. We did not complain on the first occasion, firmly believing it was 'a one off' misfortune. Now that it has happened again we consider it essential to bring our disappointment to your notice because it seriously undermines our confidence in your airline and causes us to hesitate in choosing to fly this route again.

We anticipate an early response to this complaint.


Mon 21st Sept in Brussels Belgium I tried to change our return flights from Amsterdam to Perth From 5th Oct15 to 25th Sept 15. QF8150 and QF8424. Two operators , $38US credit on our mobile phones exhausted and 3 hours later I changed our flights. One operator said $280 each the other operator said $1270 for the two of us. I agreed to pay the latter and gave her my Credit card details AE. The same card I booked the initial flights with. I received notification that my card was rejected but I was not able to contact Qantas. My booking number was not recognized. We decided to stop off at Schippol Airport on our train journey to Amsterdam to sort it out. No Qantas desk but we were able to speak to two understanding Emirates employees.

They attempted to contact Qantas and unbelievably had the same waiting conditions that we experienced. 1 1/2 hours later we managed to secure our flight home for $710 extra charge. I have to say the Qantas website does not provide easy access to the average traveler to manage their booking. As a matter of fact it is impossible if it won't recognize your flight booking reference. (All I kept getting was some reference to 8104. what is that?) Where are you supposed to find a contact phone number? I found mine on a Qantas complaint rating site on the internet. By the way the rating was 1 star. Qantas you fail miserably in PR and just caused us unnecessary anxiety and cost. Compassionate grounds to change flights don't even come in to your reasoning. I would expect a reply from Qantas to our complaint.


I bought a Qantas brand suitcase combination locks at Sydney airport. I commenced travel on 27/7/15. Today, both the locks broke (unable to open combination). I had to get the hotel manager to smash them open to get into my case. I have a photo of them if you wish in pieces.


Had a family trip to Sydney and chose Qantas. Oh Wow, the experience was delightful. Excellent crew members, they were attentive all through out the journey. Qantas has clean and neat seats and the air conditioning was kept in the right temperature. The food served was fresh and refreshing. My kids had a wonderful time and we really didn't feel stressed out. It was absolutely worth the money. The leg room space is what makes it comfortable to sit and relax. There was ample space. The seats fully reclined to a bed and we got pajamas, pillows and donnas. The service was without fault. Qantas is going to be my future choice of travel. I would definelty recommend this to all.

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