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Hawaiian Airlines www.hawaiianairlines.com is owned by Hawaiian Holding, Inc. and is the largest passenger airline in Hawaii. It is the 8th largest airlines in the United States. Their 28 destinations include mainland US and Asia. With a fleet of over 52 aircraft the airlines employs over 5,000. Revenues in 2014 were reported as over US 2.3 billion.

If you have a problem with your Hawaiian Airlines experience, call 1-877-426-4537. For baggage tracking call 1-866-389-6654. You will also find helpful Customer Help here. Find extensive Contact Us help here. If you would like to send a postal correspondence to CEO, Mark Dunkerley, you should address your envelope with 3375 Koapaka Street, Suite, G350, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819.

Founded in1929 as an island hopper airlines, Inter-Island Airways had two 8-seaters. The airlines entered the jet age in 1960. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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I put all my info in Name miles no. etc. and it would not let me push the done button. it turns out you raised the the price from 154.97 already way to high to 198.00. I wasted one hour and 15 minutes of my time trying to book a 45 min. flight. the clerk did not want to honor the 154.97 even though I was looking at it on my screen. The whole thing was just ugly. I finally got to a supervisior that I had to talk him into giving me the price of 154.97. He also wanted me to screen shot go to my email and send it to him. I cant do that so, punish me. What is wrong withj your system????????? If someone is trying to book the price should not go up. Your prices are unbelieveable. That's not the way you should treat Kaianana. Locals. Thet don't even get a break. What a exhausting experience. Very unhappy.


we had round trip non stop tickets April 22nd. We had to hurry threw air port but getting out of Maui is very slow. My husband had to have his bags gone threw and we were the last passengers to load the plain at 2.50 pm from Maui to Seattle. well there was 2 seats open so we sat down. The flight attendant first said that other people were still loading the plain and they may be someone else's seats so we couldn't sit there.when i new we were the last to load the plain. so my husband and i were spit up. So then they go threw the speech on safety and at the end she said if your separated from family or friends to let them know and they would try and seat them together. So when i got the first chance the attendant came over and i said my husband and i were separated and i suffer from anxiety can we sit in those seats we originally sat at when we first got on the plain . The attendant was so rudely not helpful and down right didn't care what i requested. She wouldn't listen about my anxiety that i take medication for. I'm sure she was head at tenet on the flight. its like she was taunting me trying to get me to freak out on her, she had short blond hair older and fake nice. None of them wore name tag's so i couldn't take names.. i was trembling 5 hours and 15 minutes later when i was getting off that flight. i have never been treated so disrespectfully. when i asked about the seats she said we dont use them seats anymore. So she wasn't honest with me from the beginning when i new we were the last to load the plane.. know one sat in the seats and i mean what a horrible way to end your vacation. just give me more anxiety on vacation.The flight on the way there was enjoyable but im sorry i wont fly Hawaiian again after being targeted by that attendant. She represents you as a company and I'm sure I'm not the first person to complain about her..Their was no way to identify her
and i was so frustrated and anxiety ed out of my mind.
She was know were to be found when i was leaving the plain. So i told the other attendant to tell her the next time she lies. she should make sure and get her stories straight! Because i was totally.totally offended by her. i started crying i was so frustrated and anxiety was out of control. I think you should look into this attendant and maybe go over things with her again starting with customer service. because i take medication for this and she was in the wrong so wrong i just wanted you to know how my vacation was completely shattered by her.
sincerely. and very unhappy,
Mr.and Mrs Glenn Ammons


Me and my wife was on a flight from Hawaii to Seattle flight 22 on April 17, 2019 leaving Hawaii at 1:20 PM. It was a special day for my wife because it was her birthday. I asked a flight attendant, which I wrote my wife name on a piece of paper to wish my wife happy birthday. I was very sad because it never happened. My wife name is Diosa Dizon.

Kenneth Watts


My complaint is my family of 11 of 16 had reservations in June 2018 while the other 5 in our family were n the process of making reservations to fly to our vacation home in the Volcano Golf Course subdivision. This was the time of the constant earthquakes and volcanic eruption and one of our grandchildren who has asthma and could not take the vog. We canceled the trip and changed the reservations as the earthquakes were constantly shaking our home day and night. I realize Hawaiian Airlines has a change fee and I just changed the reservations of 8 of my family members and it cost me $330.00 in change fees. I am asking if these fees could be refunded or some kind of credit given as traveling to the Big Island to the Volcano Community was not a safe time to do so. I am a Pulani Gold member along with my wife (182963726) and I had paid for the tickets and also used my mileage to make the reservations for our family. I understand your change fees ( although your new competition Southwest has no change or baggage fees) but feel that due to mother nature it made it difficult and unsafe for us to be taking 9 of our grandchildren (ages 19,12, 10, 7, 7, 6, 6 4 & 4) to our home in Volcano. I am looking forward to hearing from you with some kind of loyal customer refund.

Michael Ishii


Upon boarding my flight at gate 19 Honolulu flight 106, I asked the question to gate agent Claude about preboardind of handicap. I never got an answer from him . Another passenger approached him an asked him a question,he happily answered her. So I approached him an asked why I wasn’t given an answer and he happily answered the previous woman. His remarks were I told you here. He did not say that to me,on top of him having a sarcastic reply back at me in saying I told you not my fault you never hear me. I said why are you talking to me in this manner. I had requested to speak to a supervisor. He said no more any around. I told him he should speak to his customers in a better manner. He said that’s what everyone tells him. For an agent with that many years,25years, he needs to learn how to handle passengers in a better way. I made mention of myself being a Platinum member and he just shrugged his shoulders as if it was nothing. What a way to start a day,my day,and possibly other passengers day. I feel his attitude is unacceptable and I’m counting on management to have corrective measures upon this individual. I didn’t get his female partners name but I think his negative energy is possibly rubbing off on her. I also asked if I could ask her a question,and her remarks were,I can’t hold up the line. There was no line,and all I wanted was if I could be directed to a supervisor which I was never able to ask due to her slamming the door on me. Please get to the bottom of this matter and let me know your stance on this situation. I am on my flight now,totally upset and having to try and have a better day. Thank you,Leighton N Kapana


We had to change our flights and were charged $200.00 each, which I had no problem with, but then we were charged the difference of when we purchased our tickets and what the rate was at the time. I don't understand why we were charged the $200.00 for each ticket when we also had to pay the price difference. I feel this is taking advantage of the situation. Our reservation number was URJCQZ. Two members of our original party never made it and their flight were cancelled the day before we were scheduled to leave on 12/29/18 (one ended up in the hospital and the other one was diagnosed with breast cancer two days before and the doctor advised her to stay home and take care of herself). You sold their seats again so you profited from their misfortune.
I have no complaints about our flights and the way everything else went. I would fly with Hawaiian airlines again but am hoping you are an ethical company and will credit the $400.00 back to our card. We paid an additional $871.48 per ticket a total of $1,742.96. I would prefer to only pay the $400.00 but that is up to your discretion.
Thank you for your time. Marianne Von Tersch


Yvonne of Hilo, HI Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 24, 2018
My husband and I caught a flight from Kona Airport to Haneda, Tokyo on 7/11/18. Due to road repair traffic, we were under the mandatory hour check in for our international flight. We understand that however, after explaining reason for our late arrival, the supervisor said, "Oh well not my fault, No you cannot make the flight baggage already loaded. The best I can do is have you come back Fri. 7/13, or Sun 7/15 and see if you can fly out then, No available flight already from here or Honolulu, but not sure if you have to buy whole new ticket for Fri. or Sun. may not honor this ticket ."
My husband is wheelchair dependent but is able to stand and pivot. She said, "Look your husband humbug, he able to walk up ramp?" I was desperate at this point and said yes, he cannot knowing how steep the ramp is. Proceeds to say, "If you go on flight can you just take a carry on?" I said, "Yes please! Anything to catch the flight, I will buy all new clothes in Japan." There were 2 others there, one a Hawaiian air employee and the other a porter who was so helpful and said, "We will help you pack your carry on," they proceeded to take all what I had in my large suitcase and manage to fit it all in to my carry on suitcase and 2 bags.
Also said, "Look at the security line so long. You not going to make it!" I got my tickets after all that and the porter went in the front of the line to get us checked through TSA. We made it and there were passengers not boarded the plane yet, and we were not the last as well, others were behind us. I gave my suitcase to the porter, I was so thankful to the supervisor and the employee at the desk for allowing us to catch the flight. Boarded the flight in adequate time to sit and settle comfortably.
In flight I was making sure I had my necessary belongings and medications etc... the stewardess asked what I was doing, I told her what happened. She suggested I write to this e-mail and gave me the card with information of Consumer Affairs Office. She encouraged me to write this up because of the explanations said to my husband and myself. Who says to the customer, "Look your husband in wheelchair humbug, Oh well. Not my fault you late, security line too long, you not going to make it, humbug, you can only take carry on" when in fact the airline was still loading. I hope no one has to hear what I heard about your love one(s). Thank You.

I have remitted this report however, I have not heard from Hawaiian Air since.


I am STILL waiting for the report of my lost baggage of 8/4/18. They say then are done with the investigation then send me a measly check that doesn't cover 1/3 of the cost of the contents. I have emailed several times and have sent certified letters to the CEO Peter Ingram, I am still waiting for the "investigation report" that says where they traced my bag.

I want an explanation of where it went-or confession of employee theft.


I have been a Hawaiian Airline member for decades (#18331393) - and in recent years with the expansion of Hawaiian's service have travelled frequently both domestically and internationally. As a Program Director at the EWC, I also approved a great deal of travel on Hawaiian. I am also a loyal customer, using my FOB Hawaiian Airlines card as my primary credit card.

On 9/2 I put a "price hold" on 2 tickets RT HNL-Oakland for myself and my husband, Michael Herb so that we could attend his brother's Celebration of Life. Two minutes after I did that (according to the e-mail traffic) - one ticket was purchased (I definitely did not purchase it) - for my husband Michael Herb - confirm # MSJRBE - I only learned of this when I called to cancel the price hold on both our reservations as our plans had changed ....I have had multiple conversations with HAL Customer Service - one on that assured me that we would receive a refund in early Sept - another on 9/17 (reference 180917-000-476) that did not acknowledge the first call and indicated that it was being forwarded to the Customer Service Board - I called again today and they indicated that I was being refunded $170 (for a ticket charged at $636.70 - which I never authorized) . They suggested that I contact yet another Customer Service Agency - but could not provide me with the information for doing that.

I want to resolve this situation - and I want to speak with someone at HAL (hopefully in HI) so we can move the issue forward - I identified the fact that I had not purchased the ticket within a few days of the event and have consistently followed up on this - I am really personally disappointed with this situation - I think Hawaiian Airlines has done a fantastic job in Hi and connecting Hi to the global community - but the level of customer service that I have received is really disappointing -and not what I expected.



Nancy D. Lewis
Professor Emeritus, Univ Hawaii, former Director, Research, East-West Center


Delay of flight, in Seattle WA, due to luggage loading equipment failure. Also the landing in Honolulu indicate the plane front landing gear (tire assembly) needs to be reviewed and aligned - the plane should NOT pull as hard to the right as it did. Confirmation # GBGBQO
Request to be compensation for my flight delay.


This incident occurred in Courtyard by Marriott in South San Francisco at 10:10pm on 26JUL2018. A Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant named Keoni verbally threatened me after I checked in at the front desk. I am now scared to leave my room in the hotel. I have informed the hotel management and they fortunately moved me to another floor since we were actually in the same floor.

Here is how the event occurred: I was checking in and the front desk person was making my keys. She was taking longer than as usual. Then the entire Hawaiian airlines crew came in. Keoni went to the counter I was standing by waiting for my keys. He pushed my bags, started putting stuff on the counter and then started conversing with the front desk staff. I thought his action of pushing my bag was rude so I looked at his name tag and said his name quietly - since it was unique. I walked away looking for the elevator. When I had to back tracked to the lobby to asked where the elevator is, Keoni came to me and started raising his voice. He said I whispered profanity to him. I DID NOT! Then he came really close to me as if he was ready to punch me. He is twice my size!!! I told him I did not say anything except his name. I asked him what did he think I said and he did not offer a respond. He then said I should have moved to the side while I was waiting for my keys. Are you kidding me? I was being helped and he was behind me. He should have waited for his turn like any normal person. How entitled can he be?! Then he started raising his voice (in front of everyone in the lobby) that I said something underneath my breath. I walked away while he was causing a scene. When I found the elevator, I saw him walking with his fellow flight attendants towards the elevator. He was still glaring at me and came in the elevator with me. I was fearful that this guy would hurt me at that point. Luckily there were other folks in the elevator. When we both got out on the same floor, I purposely walked the opposite direction as him. When I found my room, I called the front desk and asked for another room in a different floor because I was fearful that this guy may hurt me. I am ready to call the cops at this point.

This is not an acceptable behavior for any human being and a Hawaiian Airline Flight Attendant (yes he was still wearing his uniform). I hope you guys have a policy on how your employees behave even when they are not on board on a plane. I am about to contact my lawyer and discuss my options. This is not acceptable! You need to reprimand Keoni as well as provide a policy on how your flight crew should behave while they are on the clock.

I am definitely not flying Hawaiian Airlines again!!!


my wife and I flew from Hawaii to Sydney on the 17 may 2018, at 12.50 arriving in Sydney on the 18 may 2018 at 19; 45 we were given lunch. about 2.30. which was okay' then we did not get anything to eat for eight hours we were given a disgusting sandwich and we had paid for a dinner,the cabin grew were not very nice. and to go eight hours with nothing to eat, is a very long time.so we are very disappointed. susan and George owen


I am a 100% service connected veteran with a double below knee amputee. I am writing in regards to my experience with flight HA 20 Honolulu/Sacramento on January 25, 2018. During the check in process I informed a HA employee that I am an amputee & need wheelchair assistance. I was told that I should just walk to gate 26 & would not have any problem. Since they saw me walking, they assumed that I can walk to the gate without any difficulty. They were busy at that time & a lot of people checking in, however, there is no excuse in treating people with special needs in this manner. Education & training is needed, & should comply with ADA.


Hawaiian Airlines
August 27, 2017
Fight # 145 10:38 am Maui Fight #H 36 G 12:40pm Honolulu
11:38 AM Honolulu 9:45 pm PHX
When we boarded the plane on Maui for Honolulu, the passengers had too much carry-on luggage to fit in the carry-on compartments. Which meant that the crew had to manually put our carry-on luggage in the lower part of the airplane. The crew person marked our carry-on luggage final destination as HNL and did not ask our final destination which was PHX. Normally if they check your carry on they normally give it to us when we depart the plane at the door. There were several passengers to depart from the plane and it took a while for us to get off the plane. We had another plane to catch at 12:40pm.
This resulted in our having to pick up our carry-on luggage at the baggage claim in HNL. In addition, it causes us to leave the previously screened area to pick up the luggage, go through TSA AGAIN and then try to make our flight home to PHX.
I have a difficult time walking a long distance and very fast. We had little time to get to the baggage area and find our way back to the ticket area and TSA.
We did not know are way around the airport. I tried a couple of times to ask a Hawaiian agent for help but they were all so busy helping other passengers. and the lines were so long. I found a kind passenger that helped us out to find the Pre-TSA line. She saw that I was very upset and stressed. The lines were very long and had to wait long time to clear TSA again.
I would like to remind the crew if they have to check in a passenger’s bags that they ask what is your final destination, that way the person would not have to clear TSA Again. The bags would have been transfer to the next flight.
Buy looking at the arrive time and leave time it looks like you would have a lot of time. But not when you have to clear walk along ways, pickup luggage and clear TSA Again catch the Wiki Wiki and then get to the gate.

I am going to look for a nonstop flight to Maui next time we go. I do like flying Hawaiian Airlines, we own a timeshare in Maui.
Thanks for listening.


No response from consumer affairs at Hawaiian airlines over problems with my flight.


I realized when I went (in October 2015) to book my annual Hawaiian flight to Maui that I was not credited miles associated with my last flight. So i pulled all of my info and proceeded to contact you do address the problem, using your on-line service. After waiting a reasonable amount of time , with no response I called to address the problem. I recieved a response from a Thersa that indicated I did not get the miles because I used miles for the flight ! Given that was not the case I then called on 1/5/2016. I was then told that I had waited too long, that it was now 120passed and your system will not accept miles after 120 days, and that I could contact custom affairs.

I traveled 1/13/2015 Flight 23 from Oakland to Maui, returning 2/11/2015 , ticket No.1732148421120, confirmation IKDDAS Purchased September 30, 2014 for 357.60 and 600 to upgrade.My Hawaiian Miles number 161792282. I have flown annually for 15 years to Maui. Please Help. My miles account also shows no upcoming flight I am flying Flight 23 on 2/17 ticket number OWCORJ. I had difficulty booking on line so called in to complete my reservation, not sure Why it is not showing. I realized that I have not gone back to check every year to make sure my miles are credited, but I am a regular Hawaiian flyer, and request that my miles be considered and also corrected for upcoming flight as planned miles!


The ticket agent required me to pay $25 to check my small suitcase as baggage. I believe I may have been discriminated against when I arrived at the gate and looked at all the other passenger’s carry-on bags… Mine was much smaller, and obviously lighter than most of the other bags going as carry-ons with the passengers waiting to board. Additionally, many of the passengers had two carry-ons, which were both larger and likely heavier than the one I was forced to check and pay $25 for. The baggage was also a problem-Late, missing item, no answer so left messages Calls not returned BAD AIRLINE…NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Did you know? Hawaiian Airlines employs people to patrol the internet for unhappy customer posts for damage control? They admitted it on Trip advisor, and then my rebuttal was deleted... I think there may be a business relationship between Trip Advisor and Hawaiian Air...Maybe other airlines as well? There is no place to actually post airline reviews on trip advisor... You actually have to go to the forum to post it. :-(


Hawaiian Airlines is the best one which I had choose for my emergency trip last Monday. Instant customer support, best fares and attractive discounts helped me to make my trip more comfortable with Hawaiian Airlines. The crew members has a pleasing personality and very helpful. Seating was neat and comfortable. Legroom was good enough to relax. Overall journey was a good experience. I suggest you all to go for Hawaiian Airlines if you have any vacations to be spent with best package.

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