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I booked a flight for myself and my wife Brenda from Amsterdam to Norwich on 12th May, for KLM flight 1523 Booking code SHQOEI on 17th March 2020.

I Did not realise when I booked that 20 kg luggage was included in the price and booked extra luggage that I never needed. Our flight was the continuation of our journey from New York on Norwegian airlines.

I realised my mistake on 15th May when my daughter checked our tickets and sought a refund. However I was told this was not possible as 24 hours had passed. I have to say we are two old age pensioners who just about found enough money for our trip of a life time and do not find internet booking easy. If we had changed our minds I could understand if you stuck to your terms and conditions, but I just made a mistake.

I ask you please to reconsider this as we will only have one suitcase each with us and therefore I realise now we do not need extra luggage capacity.

Thank you.

Best wishes .

Martin Wanger.


Booking code KKWDI Toronto to Inverness, U.K. and return
This is my first experience flying with KLM. I fly to Europe 1-2 times per year. I was looking forward to my KLM experience. Let me outline what I did experience

First of all, I paid an economy comfort seat, and did NOT get it. I assume KLM used a different plane so the pre-assigned seat was not in that area. Different plane, different configuration.
There was a 5hr30 min. connection wait in Amsterdam (o.k. I expected that) but when I got to the gate for the second lap of the journey, when it was time to board, we were told there was no cabin crew, the said 'stuck in traffic'. And so we waited for over half an hour before beginning to board, and that flight was approx. an hour late getting in to Inverness. My family checked when they arrived at the airport and were told the delay was due to weather - not so! Also, the delay was not shown on computer, so they had to wait at the airport, which was costly with regard to parking.

On the return flight, I asked for assistance, and got it, which was good, as at 80 years old the distance from the arrival gate to the departure gate in Amsterdam was very long. All went well until we boarded, and then we found there was a problem with the air pressure equipment and it would take 45 mins. to an hour to repair. It did in fact take an hour, during which time we were given water and an icecream cone.

So, all in all, a most disappointing first encounter with KLM. I understand that the delay with regard to the air pressure repair, was unavoidable and therefore necessary, but sitting on a plane on the tarmac for an hour ahead of a 7 hr flight, is not enjoyable, especially for an elderly person.

On the positive side, the staff were courteous and helpful, the ride was smooth, and the food really quite good.

How do I rate KLM? Will I fly with you on my next flights to Inverness from Toronto? Hard to say.
Dora MacCallum Sadler

PS I tried to file a complaint when in Inverness, but it was not completed. I was asked on line for banking information which I did not have with me. Also I am not entirely happy about putting that information on line.
I will be leaving for Florida within the next 3 weeks or so, so hope to hear from you. This email address will stay the same, while there (all winter)
Thanks for your attention to this matter.


well i sent lot of mail
my bag was tempered with travel from JHB to Panama on the 10th Aug ,and did discover on the 11th that my bag was broken into and stuff removed so on the 14th when i got to site i sent a mail and picture of bag broken into and materials that was removed from my bag along my travel
i did ask in the mail to check where this incident happend but like now 20 days late still no reply

waiting for a urgent reply
Errol Ellis


A member since 2009 884617900, currently a sliver card holder with over 90 flights around the world. Today I am writing to tell you that I will not use KLM again due the lack of care and attention that cost me a day’s business, but more importantly I witnessed and experienced appalling levels of communication and service that horrified me and other passengers from the Air France team.

• 27th July Dubai to Paris AF655 was delayed 2 hours
• 27th July Paris AF474 delayed and then cancelled
o Flight due to leave at 13:40, delayed to 4pm, then cancelled at 7pm
o Not allowed to access baggage, assured that baggage would be secure and make the following flight, which it subsequently was left behind.
o No provision for families, children were left discarded to sleep on an airport floor, no dedicated cue to exit of plan (see images).
o No provision for people without visa or ESTA
o No cash compensation
• No communication for next flight, I was told to wait, I set my alarm for midnight to track flights
• 27th July Night in Paris
• 28th July flight AF1340 to Amsterdam 08:20
o At no stage did I get a mail to inform me that my luggage was in Paris
• 28th July flight KL757 to Panama
• 28th arrival in Panama
o On arrival was informed that luggage was still in Paris
• 29th July Luggage arrive 22:00 due to incompetent airport staff wrote “Dobleu Hotel” and not “W hotel” the driver was not able to find the hotel.
o The Panama luggage team did not answer 39 calls (see attached)
• 1st Aug apology from AF
I was in contact with your social media Facebook, Twitter and Message none of which were able to offer me any news on the location of my luggage, nor did they offer to talk to me.

Fortunately there are many alternatives to KLM or AF, my trip and for others was an end to end disaster, in the digital age your communication was appalling, no care for Silver members on this case a business class ticket.


I filed a complaint re a cancelled flight from Bergen to Amsterdam. I have not received a response.

Note unless I do receive a response within 48 hours I shall institute litigation against KLM.

Edward Horn, Esq.


I came to United States on 12th December, 2015 to return 15th of January, 2016. I however called to cancel my return date to July 11, 2016. I was surprised when i recently called to effect the returning date and i was told i need to pay as high as $250 with some additional fees for staying above three months. I was not told of any restriction and i never new KLM tickets are not valid for a year like others. Hope to hear from you soon.


On 5/23/2016 I was on flight KL 1386 from Kiev to Amsterdam. My booking code was 36L480. The flight was delayed, resulting in my missing the connecting flight to Atlanta in the USA. I received a very nice courteous email, apologizing for the missed connection. In the email it was stated that KLM would arrange transportation and a room for my forced stay of the night in Amsterdam. On the flight we were told that the Atlanta flight had been missed and that we needed to go to a transfer desk.

Upon arrival, I went to a transfer desk, but was informed that I specifically needed transfer desk number 4. Big place, but after a long walk I found the desired desk. Kiosks outside, with a helpful lady to put in my information. Result: printout telling me to see an agent. So I got in line with 24 people ahead of me. A clue was that a number of them were sitting on the floor. It was a slow process, taking almost 2 hours to get to the front of the line. A sympathetic employee did give us each a bottle of water after an hour of waiting in line.

While waiting in line we were graciously provided with a nice printed form. It informed us that no room or transportation would be provided, since there was a shortage of rooms in Amsterdam. They suggested two web sites that might be helpful, and said we could apply for reimbursement should we by some miracle find a room (they can't help us as residents but perhaps we as strangers in the city might?). That quickly proved to be a dead end! Result: I had a rather uncomfortable night sleeping (a little) on a bench in a noisy airport. That is a really big difference from what was promised!! To the credit of KLM there was an elderly couple behind me with the lady not feeling well, and they did find a room for them.

I was booked on flights to my desired destination for the next day. Of course the available seat to Detroit was in the last row, immediately in front of the galley (lots of chatter from flight crew) and immediately behind a family with 4 children ranging from infant to age 9. The children were well-behaved, but at those ages they are noisy. The sound system for my seat did not work, so no option of entertainment, either. Not exactly a relaxing situation. The flight from Detroit to Indianapolis was fine, with no complaints. My baggage did arrive on my plane, which is great considering the changes involved. Added direct costs: $50 for an extra night of boarding dogs and $9 parking fee at the Indianapolis airport. Indirect cost: lots of aggravation of the uncomfortable night and bad seat location. So what say you?


Had 4 drinks on long haul flight from durham teesvalley to jnb asked to wait another hour before having another one. On the way back no alcoholic drinks were offered on flight departed on the 24/03/2016 and returned on the 10/04/2015 to durham teesvalley. Food was not fit to give to my dog,and working with in the NHS will be advising doctors. Nurses not to use KLM. I have flown with you on numerous times but never again.


Here is my complaint about the KLM corporate office. I purchased a ticket on the 27th Feb for Bangkok between the 7th April - 17th April on the website of Supersavers for 700EUR. When I checked the confirmation, I realized that I made a mistake with the date and I should have booked it on the 8th of April. At the time I realized it was 5 min after I purchased the ticket. Then I wanted to call the customer Service of Super savers who was actually closed at the weekend. I spoke with one of KLM agents Cisco on Saturday and he told me that there is a 24h cancellation policy and he put a note on the reservation that I called within 24h.

Today I called again Supersavers and they told me that they need KLM authorization to change the date (I don’t even want to cancel it, I just want to change the date) and they will be in touch with you for this. Later on they send me an email and told me that their request was rejected by KLM because the 24h cancellation policy has expired. Now I am in a situation where I lost 700 EUR and I was going to Thailand for personal reason- my mum lives there and she is unwell. I cant never buy myself a ticket again this year because I was saving for this. Can you please tell me how things can be so inflexible? Can you tell me why exactly you refused to change the date when I tried to contact you within 24h? Is my only mistake the fact that I booked via another website?

I will really appreciate if you could assist me and maybe find a solution, even if I have to pay some cancellation/amendment fee?


On my outbound flight I was charged £38.30 at Glasgow airport for the excess baggage. My case weighed 9kg. It was very early in the morning and I was unwell so did not want to create a fuss, there was also a large queue behind me. I assumed I had not read the terms and agreements correctly. When I arrived in Madrid my luggage had been lost and was not returned to me until the Sunday afternoon.

24 hours without my personal belongings meant I had to buy new underwear, top and jeans totaling 40 euros. On my return flight I checked the weight of my suitcase and it was 9kg. I asked the KLM assistant at check in my baggage allowance to be advised it was up to 23kg! Also on both inbound and outbound flights there were a number of passengers with much larger and heavier bags than me! In summary I am seeking a full refund of my baggage cost and refund of the cost of the new clothes until my luggage arrived. I look forward to a speedy response.


On the 7th of September, I was due to travel from Entebbe. I arrived at the airport an hour before take - off, there was no staff to talk to. I.was unable to travel on that day. I was referred to the office in the airport building, which was not manned at the time., where I waited for more than an hour without service. Eventually, a staff member appeared saying I was late. The staff were very unprofessional in dealing with the situation. there were other passengers due on the same flight. who were treated in a similar manner to mine. The staff advised that I attend the office in Kampala the following morning. I was informed that I had cancelled my flight. this was not the case as I had checked in on line earlier that day. This resulted in me having to by another ticket costing me over $680. I strongly believe this was an unjust expense. I want to take this matter further and get my money refunded as there was absolutely no reason for me to pay for another ticket.


Had an email received cancelling flights from UK to JFK airport. difficult to contact customer services to rearrange flights. Once rearranged and a day of our holiday lost, we recieved another email telling us original flights were not cancelled after all. We're unable to reinstate original flights. Luggage then vanished. A day into holidays it was difficult to even discover when luggage was going to be delivered, aside from within the next eight hours. Refused to call our mobile to arrange delivery as this was an international number, effectively meaning that we've now lost two days of our holidays and still no luggage.


I was travelling to Dubai and opted for KLM to be my choice of flight. I had the best journey. The crew were attentive, the meal service was high quality and very good. There were frequent rounds of water and juices between meals. The legroom was spacious, seating was appropriate. Everything about KLM went well from check-in to arrival. I would definelty fly KLM again and would highly recommend people to use their services.

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