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I booked my ticket Doha-Mumbai on Qatar Airways 27/09/2012 for my family with seating arrangements 20J, K & G travel date 01/12/2012. When we reported at the airport counter 4 hours before flight time, we were informed that the seating arrangement is not as per ticket and that one ticket is 5 rows behind. I was surprised to know that our seating arrangement is not sure in the airline. Since we had no option, we accepted the row 39 seats. How can we change our seats and write a complaint letter for the problems we have had on Qatar Airways. Booking References are : 77MHLG, 77MSK7. Please look into the matter.


Qatar Airways flight QR901 Perth to Doha and Flight No QR45 Doha to Manchester

My husband suffers with a bladder problem so, with a delay in take off, he required to use the washroom as soon as the seat belt signs were switched off. When this time came he got up but when he went to go in the washroom a tall blonde flight attendant (name of Anncunna or similar spelling) snapped that he couldn't use it as the seat belt signs hadn't been switched off. He politely pointed out that they had been as he had diligently waited until that happened to which she didn't reply. I had a later experience with this same member of staff when I was stretching my legs, as you are advised to do on aircraft, and she was in the corridor. I squeezed passed and she gave me a look as if to say I was in the way. All the other staff were very pleasant, as they have always been on any airlines we have travelled with in the past. We are pensioners who come from a small Island, the Isle of Man, and who had saved up for a very long time to experience the holiday of a lifetime. A flight like this costs a lot of money and you do not expect to be treated this way by a flight attendant.

Much more serious though was that a jam I was served for breakfast was covered in thick mould. I immediately showed it to the flight attendant (not the one mentioned above as she was serving the other side of the 'plane). She took it away and said her manager would come and see me about it. It was lucky that I noticed as I was watching a film anc could easily have put a knife in the jam and spread it inside the roll without looking at it and that could have had serious consequences if I had eaten it. In the event nobody came to see me about the incident and eventually the flight attendant just came back with a form for me to fill in which I thought was extremely bad customer service when I had been served up covered in mould.
It will be a couple of years away until we save up again but we hope to visit our family again who emigrated to Perth last year so hopefully Qatar can help to redress the balance of a very unpleasant experience by providing a voucher towards some of the cost of a flight in the future. I would be grateful that this is taken as an official complaint and feel it is serious enough to be dealt with by a Manager. Certainly the foods standards agency would be appalled to think a customer was served with jam which was covered in thick mould. I await your reply as soon as practicable.


Hi, personnel staff manager ; As aug 27/13 6:00pm we went through the check in at Khartoum Air Port we have been faced by computer sys failure we stood in line for more than 2:30 with my wife & all my kids waiting to get boarding passes for sure caused flight delays , the special meal for my son Muneeb whom is suffering from severe allergies reaction to nuts, eggs & milk wasn't provided becaused of the computer failure even though services on the plane was great. Arriving in Doha again iwas business class passenger 45 mins waiting at the transfer desk helpless trying to reunite with my family which I've lost for more than 2 hours asking some info to the ground staff without any answers most of the times and getting help from passengers unfortunately . Finally we ended up at the arrival terminal sitting & waiting more than an hour to get in & go to a hotel , 5:00 am we've checked into our rooms & also ireally had to be fair for all the staff in Safir Hotel they re indeed took care of us & we really thanks full to all of them again.

Boarding to flight 927 to Montreal again the mystery started my children they had to line up I've asked one the staff they have the priority to board first totally ignored me as well as my self to be gone through the long line as business class passenger which is really made upset again after we've arrived in Montreal we missed our flight to Ottawa one bag made to ottawa one carry on lost the rest 4 totally been damaged they couldn't get us in any flight to Ottawa & after long argument & hot disscussion funny decision was made to be taken by bus to Ottawa & reached home 1:00 am next day, &again we give the best credit to all qatar flight 927 staff for their excellent services. As a lot of passengers know that Qatar airways is one of best airlines & we hope u keep your reputation by reaching top in rank. Best regards.


Firstly, I booked 2 return tickets to Capetown ( South Africa) from Riyadh ( Saudi Arabia) 5X8UW6, 5X8UW6. Initially the flight was delayed in Riyadh. Upon arriving in Doha. The consultants told us incorrect times of departure. Hence, we almost missed our flights. Returning to Riyadh, one of our bags which weighed 29 kg's went missing. We discovered it was in Doha. I had to go back to Riyadh airport and fetch it last night at 10pm. They refused to deliver it. They condition of my bag and goods are terrible. The bag was wrapped in plastic and had a fragile sticker on it. The wrapper was torn. It was mishandled. The souvenirs were damaged along with other expensive items purchased in South Africa. I have pics of the condition in which the bag was returned to me. Kindly explain how I can be compensated for my loss or I will be forced to take this matter further?


Dear sir, This is the third email I am sending regarding wheelchair fiasco at bangalore airport(BLR). I would like to let you know about the inconvenience I was subjected to at BLR on Feb2,2015 while traveling to Minneapolis(MSP). I am an eighty five year old woman. I had requested a wheelchair services during my travel. When I arrived at BLR I expected you to provide a wheelchair to go to Qatar Airways counter. After several misdirections I was directed to Global Indian counter outside the airport which was suppose to take care of wheelchair requirement for Qatar Airways.When I reached there nobody came even after half an hour wait. I had to enter the airport with my ailing knee.

After confrontation and complaining with the personnel one of them brought the baggages and checked them and provided me with a wheelchair. Meanwhile the taxi which brought me to the airport, the porter who carried my baggage and my maid who had accompanied me were waiting outside to be paid. I could not go out of the air port to pay them. I feel extremely guilty for not paying the poor people their due. I have complained this to supervisors in the aircraft at Bangalore and Chicago.I would appreciate your response to the above complaint as early as possible.


I bought a ticket online to New Delhi India. I normally fly Qatar airways business class and I do this trip to india at least once a year. I aknowledge that I bought my ticket on a promotional price as well as that it was refundable. The ticket number is 157-2311620187. Unfortunately it has happened this time that I could not make it due to serious personal reasons but not healthy ones. I found out this quite early and I contacted your Greek Office (almost 3 weeks prior my trip) as I am based in Greece to inform them and ask them to change my dates as I would travel to the same destination either in February 2014 or October 2014.

Even though as I already informed you I am flying Qatar frequently and always business class the way they have treated me can be considered as below average. They told me that there is nothing they can do as it is very clear that the ticket was not refundable. If you check the my history within your company I have neither changed nor cancelled flights so far and of cource I was expecting a kind of flexibility from your side especially because I haven’t requested any refund but just a change in the dates.

I asked to speak with a supervisor but the customer service employee told me that there is no point as nothing will change. She suggested me instead to call 3 days prior my trip and submit a fake medical certificate to show that I am ill and I cannot travel so in this case they can reconsider about giving me the opportunity to change my dates. Is this your way to pay back someone’s honesty? By the time I called (3 weeks before) the same lady confirmed that my ticket was cancelled which gave you the possibility to resell it and I am certain that you did so.

I have also contacted your headquarters (in Doha) at the end of January to discuss with a manager but nobody came back to me. I have already missed the second chance to travell in India this February because all this is still pending. I feel that the least I deserve is to speak with a manager and I am expecting prior handing over this issue to my lawyers somebody to give me a call. Unfortunately I don’t want to speak with the greek office any longer and to be in the difficult position to face their ironic attitude as well as kiddy suggestions of providing fake documents etc.

For your information I have placed my complain to the greek office in written on January 16 (it is in Greek and says the above) and I recieved a reply from Mrs. Paleologou on Febrouary 3d which was just repeating the content of our communication and that there is nothing they can do. Even though this communication is all in Greek I can forward it to you upon your request.


i have booked an online ticket with qatar airways ref no 38GKIF but after 3days i have got a phone call from qatar airways saying that my booking is cancelled because there was some technical error on their system and in return they offer me a 50% discount on fresh booking i agree to them and now they email me with new booking price which is 951£ as offer but the same fare is showing on their current site (qatar airways) SO where is your promise gone ,this is like playing hide &seeek with the clients ,how can a an award winning airline do this types of things with their clients .also they tried to break the law by cancelling the ticket without my consent ,but now our law in u.k is geeting weaker and weaker day by day like cancer


Am the above mentioned person who traveled with Qatar airline on the night of 23rd March from Dubai to Doha to connect for my flight to Nairobi.
On that fateful day,i lost my small white paper bag that contained my personal clothings which were lapped with a black plastic paperbag which was rapped well with a masking tape,
I would like to request if it can be traced in any of your safe lost and found warehouses stores,and i will appreciate.
Am looking forward to get a positive response from your desputable air carrier the soonest.
Kind regards,
James Thagana.
+181 7601 4275.


Myself Shivpreet Warraich(36 years) and my son Anmol Baidwan(7 Years) going to narrate you about our stressful and extra tiring journey from India to Ottawa through Qatar Airways. On April 2 at 4:00 am we boarded on Plane from Amritsar to Doha Flight No: QR 299. Then we took Plane from Doha to Washington Flight No: QR 51 which took off late from the scheduled time and then landed late in Washington. Due to this we missed our connecting flight for Ottawa (Flight No: UA 6101) and got boarding passes for Washington to Toronto (Flight No: UA 5926Y) and then for Toronto to Ottawa (FlightNo: AC 472Y). The time for boarding was 8:10 pm but boarding started at 8:50 pm. Then plane took off at 9:30 pm instead of 8:40 pm but due to some problem in plane it could not fly and came back to Gate No C24R. Arrangement was made for a new plane which then took off at 10:50 pm so Flight was late for 2 hrs. Due to this delayed flight I missed my next connecting flight from Toronto to Ottawa (Flight No: AC 472Y). I talked to one of the Air Canada’s Agent (as no other agent was present)and he said my plane was missed due to United Airlines so its not Air Canada’s responsibility and I should talk to United Airlines Agent and he told me I have to wait till 5:00 am as all agents were gone. Then as I and my 7 yrs old son were too much tired and can’t wait for another 7 hrs as the next flight for Ottawa was at 7:00 am and as I was not sure whether we will get seat in this flight or not, I decided to hire some Taxi for Ottawa and pay 450 dollar fare to taxi driver. So please I need refund from airlines.
Thankyou very much
Shivpreet kaur warraich


I want to refund my balance of one way trip out of my round trip from delhi rome delhi. While check-in at igi, delhi airport i request for assistance services at stopover and destination airports due to my eye sight is too poor but nobody can come to assist me at Doha as well as Rome. More over my flight QR233 is delayed and onward journey provided thru QR79 instead of QR87 and my stopover time was 5-6 hours at doha. Nobody can help us for food, assistance or beverages. So, i really disappointed, and wants to refund my return ticket as i can not want to face these type of service further anymore.


My wife was booked business class on a flight from JFK to Mumbai on 2 January, 2013. The airline cancelled her flight due to mechanical problems, and booked her business class on Qatar Flight# 84, JFK to Doha, connecting to Qatar flight 200 to Mumbai. When we arrived at the Qatar business class check in at JFK at 1700 hrs. on 2 January, we were treated in the most hostile, rudest and unprofessional manner I have ever experienced in my 40 years of flying. Even though my wife had documents with Qatar Airways logo, showing she was confirmed on the flight and even had a seat assigned in business class, she was denied boarding. Instead, it seemed the Qatar agents where more concerned that we were holding up the check in line, even though no one was behind us. Someone named “Aio” ( or something like that. Short, heavy and aesthetically challenged), started yelling that, “you are not our passenger. We are only concerned with our passengers” She then threatened to call the police, claiming that we were “harassing” her. She and her colleagues at JFK are a disgrace as the representatives of Qatar Airways in New York. Qatar Airways should never allow this to happen to another customer again. Ever. Thank you, Dr. Marc Sommer


1. I purchased a ticket travelling from Barcelona to Melbourne (23/12/2012 via Doha)with Qatar airways because of their supposedly good reputation. I bought it at a considerablely higher cost than normal solely because of the 1 hour transfer waiting time at Doha.
2. The flight left Barcelona one hour late (16.30) which resulted in me missing the transfer at Doha. Knowing that the flight was arriving late, I asked the flight attendents for advice. They showed no interest in helping me and reluctantly told me to ask for advice once we landed.
3. Once landed ( at 23.30, 90 minutes late), I ran straight to the departure gate for the Doha- Melbourne leg only to see the gate had closed 10 minutes previously. An airport security guard directed me to the Qatar Airways transfer desk, where I waited 4 hours until I was allocated a hotel room where subsequently there were major construction works going on right outside my room. Needless to say I didn´t sleep.
4. When I purchased my ticket I reserved an emergency exit seat for the Doha-Melbourne leg because of the 13 hour flight duration. But when I was allocated a seat the following day for the replacement flight (23.55, 24/12/2012) I was given a normal seat without extra leg room. What´s more I was seated along side a man who was drunk even before the plane had taken off. It was visibly clear the man was drunk but the flight attendents continued to serve him alcohol whenever he requested it.. After seven hours he was so drunk he laid down on the floor between the rows literally beneath my feet for the remaining five hours. When I directed this to the attention of the flight attendents they did absolutely nothing.
Not only was this the worst flight I have ever experienced it also resulted in me missing xmas day with my family, which was terribly upsetting.
I hope to receive an immediate response from Qatar Airways informing me on how I am to be compensated for this maltreatment and totally unprofessional service. If I don´t recieve an immediate response with suitable compensation Iwill leave the manner in the hands of my lawyers.


I sent an email via your website back on 22 Nov 2012. More than 6 weeks later I have still not had any response to my issue.

Back in August my partner and I made a booking through Flight Centre to fly Melbourne/Heathrow on 6th September 2012, returning 30th October 2012. An issue arose whereby his expired passport read his name as ***** *****, the name in which we booked the tickets. When renewing his passport, the Department of Immigration would only issue in the name of ********** *****, as per his birth certificate. We do not understand how this problem occurred, however, after several discussions on the phone to Qatar, and a visit into the City to Head Office, we were advised your company could only change up to 3 letters and not 5. Our travel agent also tried to no avail.

I find this policy absolutely ludicrous as it was totally out of our control. I don’t see how 2 extra letters would have been such a hard thing to change. We were even prepared to pay a nominal fee for this to happen.

Due to travel rules and regulations of having to match a booking to your passport name, we were advised we could risk travelling but possibly be denied travel by Qatar staff at the airport. In the end we were forced to cancel our tickets and forego the cancellation fee of $400 per person. This is absolutely outrageous as we had done the correct thing according to our passports.

Please review this case and refund the $800 that we are out of pocket for this dilemma.


I wanted to go back home for my vacation and I choosed Qatar Airways , since I was very happy with they services last year. I went online and went thru all the necessary steps as choosing the flight by the date, the time, complete the fields with my name, e-mail , phone number, last step was to give my card number and go on with the payment.

I’ve done everything as it was written, choosed the mode of payment debit card (because they have this option). I received a message on my mobile as I made a purchase with Qatar Airways and the money were no longer in my account. The only thing is that I did not receive any message on the screen with the ticket number or any confirmation on the e-mail.

So next day I start calling the Reservations and I spoke with 2 of their representatives plus I called twice in Qatar also, non of them could not give me a clear version of what really happend, but all of them just wanted to reverse my money back.

Guess what? I don’t need my money back, I no longer have them, they are blocked by Qatar. They can just go on with the payment and take it. Even if they will reverse my money, actually my bank assured me I can use them only after one month…so conclusion I have no money, no ticket, but i got so frustrated talking with so manu people that just adviced me to call here and there, that found only one solutin…and that was not what I expected…

I wanted my ticket, my plans of my vacation are totally ruinned now, thanks to who?? Probably me that I choosed this airline, all my friends and my parents choosed other options and bought the tickets online also and they had no issue….shame…

I will never fly with Qatar, I no longer want to hear about them, I already adviced all my friends to make other choices instead of Qatar…is not only about what happend but also their staff and the solution they found for me….that was no solution….my vacation is in one month and I don’t have a ticket and I don’t have my money either.

Thank you Qatar for believing that you are professional and my journey could be safe with you…..


Having booked return flights to Goa India in April 2011 for flights for my Husband and myself leaving on January 5th 2012 and returning on March 31st 2012 I feel I have to express my dissapointment with both the check in staff at Manchester international UK and the cabin crew on both legs of the journey to Goa.

Firstly I requested seats as near to the front as possible as I am not comfortable at the rear of any aircraft. I know these are request only but I have been flying to Goa with Qatar since they started this route and have never had a complaint before. The check in staff was very rude and not at all helpful when I explained my problem and we were given seats Row 45 at the back.

I had the most uncomfortable journey to Doha. Whilst serving the breakfast I was offered a choice and as I am vegetarian (which was on my booking form) I chose the cherry pancakes, I was given sausage, I asked the cabin crew to change my breakfast and was told they would get to me shortly…after twice asking for this change I never did get the breakfast.

On the leg of the journey to Doha we were still sitting with trays in front of us when the Captain announced we were making our desent into Goa. it was a complete shambles, people were taking thier own trays back and that is if they could walk down the aisle for trollies and staff. To use the toilet was impossible.

On our return journey on 31st March 2012 we were badly delayed through no fault of Qatar and to give credit where it is due we were treated very very well and the flights were supervised to a standard I would expect from a 5* airline.

I enjoy flying with Qatar and I will be going to Goa again in 2013 but I am now looking at other options which I really do not want to do.
I hope you will take note of this complaint and inform me when it has been dealt with. Thank You


I am seeking assistance and direction for a point of contact that may help me. My name is Gail Valencia Goldman. I am an employee of the United States Navy and doctoral student at Colorado Technical University. I was visiting India from February 9th to February 24th and on the 25th of February, 2012. My purpose for the trip was to provide and assist Shir Ganapati Netralaya (SGN) Eye Hospital in Jalna, India and helped the Gujarat State Network of People Living with HIV/AIDs (GSNP+) NGO with consultation.

I respectfully request a refund of $1,325 air flight and taxi costs and consideration for lost ticket cost on return trip fare previously paid from from New Delhi, India to the United States. This refund is warrant due to the unprofessional Qatar Airways employees’ behavior demonstrated on Saturday, February 25, 2012.

I arrived at the New Delhi airport to board flight QR233 at 04:10. Once I arrived and handed the guard my passport, he asked for my E-Ticket printout. I told him I did not have one and he instructed me to go to the end of the terminal to Special Assistance and request a print out. When I arrived at the Special Assistance counter no one was present, so I went to the Qatar Airways counter again no one was present. Finally, I went to the Visitor Assistance counter at the entrance of the airport terminal. Two workers were unsuccessful looking up my name, and after several attempts they returned my passport and I returned to the Qatar Airways counter.

A young lady was there, and I requested her assistance for a printout. She asked for my passport, which I promptly gave her. I also gave her the E-Ticket number 1578737928997/98. I had called my colleague, Mr. Kenneth Wall, who gave me the E-Ticket number he was able to look up on-line. After providing the E-Ticket number to the Qatar representative, who looked my name up, she returned my passport instructing me to go back to the Visitor Assistance counter to get a print out. I explained to her that I just left the Visitor Assistance counter and they were unable to locate my name. She waived for me to go over to Visitor Assistance.

I returned to Visitor Assistance counter and was told they could not find my name and that I should go to Qatar Airways counter. So I returned to Qatar Airways counter and asked if there was a way she could look my name so that I could get a print-out. She ignored my request eventually walking away and leaving the counter. I followed her and asked her to please help me. She gave me a mean stare and walked away leaving the area.

At this point, at least an hour had passed and no one returned to the Qatar Airways counter for several hours. A different young lady finally arrived, and I approached the counter and requested a print out. She asked for my passport, looked my name up and told me that my flight was cancelled. I was astonished. I asked her to clarify what she was saying to me that my flight was cancelled. She said that it was cancelled and I missed the flight. I explained that I had to return to the United States today and need instructions to rebook my flight. She ignored my request.

Disappointed and feeling defeated, I went to sit down when an Indian gentleman who spoke great English approached me and asked if he could be of assistance. His name was Mr. Harbhajan S. Gill. Mr. Gill also missed his flight and he stated he had been watching and thought that they were very unprofessional to refuse to help me. With his help, I was able to get an E-Ticket printout and additional information from the same Qatar staff member who previously refused to assist me. She instructed him to have me call Washington, DC at 1-202-719-0922 or 1-877-777-2817 for clearance before the airlines would reissue me a ticket; and that I would be required to pay a penalty for “No Show”.

I explained that I did not “No Show” and arrived for the flight but was denied entrance into the airport because I did not have an E-Ticket and could not get assistance from the Qatar staff members to understand I needed an E-Ticket printout to board the plane, and by the time it was understood, I missed my flight. I did not feel that I should be penalized for missing the flight. Mr. Gill informed me that he found this strange because they have access to a passenger printout and my name would appear on the manifest. Yet the Qatar Staff failed to honor my name on a passenger printout as well as assist me so that I could have made my flight in a timely manner.

I immediately did as instructed and called the Washington, DC number to follow up on obtaining a clearance but was informed the office was closed. Next, I was instructed to call the City Office at Kinard Place #43636000 or reservation at #07930616000. I called the reservation number at 07930616000 and was informed that I would have to wait for 7 to 10 days if I wanted to rebook my flight in Economy class or upgrade for ‘change of class’ but in both cases I would need to get a clearance from Washington, DC. According to the Qatar representative, my options were to upgrade for ‘change of class’ and pay a $170.00 penalty, $200 no show cost but that the Washington DC office would tell me exactly how much I would have to pay.

At this point, I started contacting my employer, the United States Navy, to see if I could get assistance to pay for these costs and explain that I would not be arriving to work as expected. This experience placed a financial hardship for these unexpected costs. Mr. Gill recommended that we leave the airport, which I agreed. We found a hotel room to leave our luggage and to continue making phone calls to reservation, and Washington, D.C. if I had to stay over the weekend. We also visit local travel agent offices in the village; and fortunately, were able to get tickets the same day from KAILASH TREKAND EXPEDITION PVT LTD. The cost of my ticket was $1,300 American dollars plus taxi. The travel agent was able to get me on a next day flight, Sunday at 4:10 a.m. Because I had to pay for a new ticket, I lost the monies paid for my return flight on Qatar Airlines and would like these costs considered as well.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration to reimburse my travel costs due to unprofessional customer service I received by the India Airport. Please contact me if you can help me or direct me to the office that can. I greatly appreciate any and all your assistance.


We are writing to make a formal complaint to the way we were treated by Qatar Airways on our journey back from Bangladesh. We had confirmed ticket flying from Dhaka Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport to Manchester Airport via Doha on 16th January 2012 departing at 03.25am as shown on our ticket. We have arrived from Sylhet to catch our flight on time. On our arrival at 12 am in the morning there were no counter open so we waited at the lobby. After an hour we asked some attendant why the counter was not opening, they said they did not know the reason so we kept on waiting.

We enquired again and again but the departure time was already gone so became worried then we were told the flight will now go ahead at 10.40am from Dhaka to Doha so we kept waiting at the lobby. When the counter opened at 8am we went to check in but your check in staff behaved very badly and told us we are not supposed to be on this flight and the fact that this flight was brought forward to 15th January and we have missed our flight.

We told them how can that be possible since we have a confirmed ticket here and we have not been notified of any changes to the flight neither we were asked to re-confirm it ourselves. As a reputable and established airliner we should be told about any changes prior to the flight. They weren’t having any of that and they were insisting on us to go to Gulshan office in Dhaka to re–arrange the flight again. We were totally shocked to hear this and both of us are elderly people with very little knowledge of the city we were faced with unthinkable scenario.

We kept asking them why should we have to do that but our plea was ignored and they carried on checking in other passengers while we kept on pleading to them to sort us out but they said nothing can be done. As we had no other option but to leave the airport, we tried for the final time and they said they will see if there were any seats available at the end. We were left shocked and puzzled then on the last minute one of the check in staff decided to check us in and rushed us through immigration to put us on the same flight they said we did not have any booking all this time.

We failed to understand that we were harassed from 12 am till 9am that our flight was cancelled then how did they eventually find seats for us and told us we are on the right flight. We were appalled by this kind of treatment but at least we were on board to our destination. The flight touched down at Doha at 1pm local time and we were told to wait till following morning to take our transit flight to Manchester. We were kept at the terminal for almost 12 hours and should have been taken to the hotel because the duration exceeded the standard transit period. The flight was eventually took off at 1.40am on 17th January local Doha time and landed at Manchester at 6.35am local time.

This was the most disastrous time of our life and we are extremely unhappy about the way we were treated and we have been let down by a Qatar Airways. We would like register our grievance and distree suffered by us. It may be the last time we used Qatar Airways and we would never recommend anyone again.


Subject: ill treatment by the Qatar airways official at the check in counter in Dhaka airport. I and my family have been traveling with Qatar airways for the past couple of years. And we have also travelled with other airlines as well. I have been travelling to Bangladesh from the past 31 years. On 8th of January 2012 I was travelling from Dhaka to Muscat with my family. Our flight was at 10.40am, although we reached the check in counter of Qatar airways at 10 am due to traffic. However when we reached the airport there was a man at the counter in the Qatar airways uniform, whose name badge was not there in his uniform.

He directly refused to check us in and as well as other two passengers. The other two passengers were there before us. With repeated request and pleading he did not let us in. We were still standing there. After 15 minutes the cabin crew arrived including the pilot. I requested the pilot to help us and the pilot asked the Qatar airways official at the counter to let us in as there is still time for boarding and he would manage it. But the Qatar airways staff directly refused. I also spoke to the aviation police and they said they would let us in before other as it was an emergency only if the airlines staff would check us in.

Everyone was ready to help us except the Qatar airways staff. The Qatar airways official told me to go to the Qatar airways office in gulshan and get new tickets for my family. Then I told him what if I cannot afford for the tickets, he said that’s not his problem. The Qatar airways staff behaved very rudely. He treated my family with disrespect. When I told him that one of the other passenger’s visa was getting expired on the same day he said that it is not his problem. And also before talking to the pilot I had gone to the Qatar airways office situated on the 1st floor of the Dhaka airport but there was only one person name MR.MONI there. MR.MONI also was not wearing a name badge and he was hesitating to tell his name.

And he as unable to tell us the name of the person in the counter. The person in the counter told me that he was the manager but MR.MONI told me that the manager did not report for work that day. So basically all the Qatar airways staff in the airport were playing with us and not helping me at any point. The final option left for me was to go the the Qatar airways office in gulshan. And having no other option in hand I had to purchase ticket of worth 78,000 Bangladeshi taka. When we went to the Qatar airways office they first told us that the manger was not there.The Qatar Airways Country Manager in Dhaka told us that they would take action within 24 hours and contact us. But till now there has been no response from them.

The Qatar airways country manager told me that since we were 20 minutes late on a humanitarian basis they would very well help us check in. I have also reported to the Qatar airways supervisor in Doha international airport and she was extremely sorry about it an asked me to lodge a complain online. My family had to wait on the streets of gulshan for 3 hours. As my wife is a hypertensive patient and has leg problem had to suffer a lot. When my daughter asked the supervisor in Doha whether on an emergency basis they would check in a passenger even 20 minutes before the flight she said YES.

So what does this mean? For what circumstances was my family harassed by the Qatar airways official? Who is to be blamed for this? When I complained to the Qatar airways official in gulshan he told me that he has never received any sort of complain from anybody. Most of the passengers travelling are of the labour class who do not know how to read and write.

Regarding the other two passengers, they reached the airport at 9.20 am, which is on time for check in, but there was no one in the check in counter then. Then at 9.40 am the same official arrived at the counter and refused to check them in. He said they were late. They are totally not in fault then why weren’t they allowed to check in. This is really unfair. And with no other option in hand they are forced to pay another 28,000 Bangladeshi taka each. They are poor people and not in fault, they shouldn’t be paying for this. And one of them couldn’t travel because he couldn’t manage the money.


I would like to make complaints for service failures at the Qatar Airlines reservation in BKK and a ground staff at Suvannhabhumi Airport. On January 12, 2012, the whole morning, I made numerous attempts to contact the Qatar Airlines reservation in BKK over the phone to request for a meal request for nuts free and non-beef meals but the line was always busy. For every call, I waited until the line got cutoff by itself. I also called the reservation in Phuket hoping that I could talk to someone but I had the same problem. It was very frustrating for me.

I could not imagine that the line could always be busy for three to four hours consecutively and this kind of situation would have happened at a five-star airline like Qatar Airlines. Finally, I called the sales and marketing office in BKK and, finally, could talk to someone. The staff at the sales said she could not help because she took care only grouped passengers and recommended me to contact the reservation via email. Finally, made a meal request for nuts free and non-beef meals via email at the Qatar Airlines reservation in BKK. The reservation contacted me via email and over the phone.

The problem was the reservation did not give me all important information that I, as a passenger, needed to know. On the phone, the reservation told me to have a doctor fill out the forms and said that this process needed at 48 hours to be done. Then, I told her that it is unlikely that everything would be done within 48 hours, given the time left before the flight. The reservation agreed with what I said but she still hid the most important information to me, that is, the consequence of not having this process done on time. You could refer to the messages I forwarded to you below, the reservation did not inform me that Qatar Airlines would refuse me, if I could not have the process done first.

The result was that I showed up at the airport and had a very unpleasant surprise at the airport. I was refused to get on board. I had planned for this trip for weeks and scheduled my business meetings weeks ahead but everything collapsed and I lost my business because of the uncaring, inconsiderant, and ignorant Qatar reservation in BKK. If the reservation understood, sympathized, and shared needs and feelings of its passengers, this service failure would not have happened.

At the airport, a newly hired staff at the check-in counter asked me to wait for her supervisor. The supervisor was very impolite and (sorry) quite rude to me in informing that I was refused to get on board. She did not clearly explain why I was refused and did not advise what I was supposed to do. She just said that according to the reservation I could be on the plane and I had to contact the reservation. I explained to her that the reservation did not inform me that I could not get on the plane if the process was not done but she responded that it was not her business to know this and it was my own responsibility to fight this with the reservation. LOOK, Customer Relations! If I was informed from the reservation that I would be refused to get on board, would I waste my time and money to show up at the airport?

This supervisor did not show any empathy, understanding, and did not give any advice. I asked her what I was supposed to do. Should I cancel the ticket immediately as the flight would depart soon? Her looks gave me a surprise when I asked her this question. She said that I could cancel the flight now at the other desk with uncaring looks. Ok, Customer Relations, I understand that I am just a passenger who is not important to Qatar Airlines and if I had canceled the ticket, it would not affect the airlines even a bit. Though, I did not think that this would be a way that a five-star airline treated its customers.

When I was talking to other Qatar staff at the airport, there was always a call to that staff and facial expression of the staff would change and the staff would discontinue the conversation with me. I am suspecting that the staff got a call from this supervisor to stop talking to me. These staff agreed with me that it was the reservation’s fault for not informing me all the necessary information. If I was told, this ridiculous would not have happened.

I also much want to complain this supervisor about her impolite and abusive behaviors. This supervisor was 150-155 cm tall, chubby, very tanned skin tone, big eyes, and lots of big teeth. I was responding to her from 1900-2000, approximately.


The following are the facts pertaining to my bad experience with Qatar Airways. I complained immediately but they have refused to offer me any compensation.

1. I purchased a ticket from Expedia for a round trip from Denver to Colombo, based on a United reservation. My departure was Friday Nov.11 and my return Nov. 21.

2. My departure was from Denver through the Continental desk on Nov. 21, and they ticketed my bag straight to Colombo, where I collected it.

3. On my return I checked in at the Qatar desk at Colombo. The desk agent stated that he could not ticket my bag to Denver as his computer only displayed Washington IAD as my destination. I showed him my itinerary and explained to him that my booking was to Denver and that my baggage had been ticketed to Colombo from Denver. But he stated that he could only check my bags to Washington IAD. I was aware that I had to clear customs and immigration at IAD and would have to collect my bag at IAD, but like other airlines wanted Qatar to tag my bag to Denver. Their refusal or inability to tag my bag to Denver, shows either that Qatar does not possess a computer booking system operated by ordinary airlines, or that their gate agents are terribly inefficient.

4. My check in at Colombo on Nov. 21 was completed 2.5 hours before departure. The first leg of my journey was Colombo to Doha, and no reason has been offered as to why my baggage did not make the plane from Colombo to Doha.

5. I connected at Doha for my flight to IAD. At the Qatar desk I explained to the agent that my bag should have been checked to Denver not to IAD and asked her if she could change that tagging. She said she could not and that her computer showed my flying only to IAD. I gave her my itinerary and explained that is not the case, but she said I would need to collect my bag at IAD and re-check it to Denver. At no stage was it ever mentioned to me either at the desk or by way of announcement that my bag was missing or delayed in Colombo.

6. The flight from Doha was delayed by nearly an hour and arrived in IAD only at around 4:00 pm. This was too late for my scheduled connecting flight to Denver, on United 407 at 4:10 pm

7. After standing around the baggage carousel for nearly an hour there was an announcement through the public address system asking me to report to the Qatar desk. I did so and was informed that my bag has not arrive at IAD. The desk agent informed me, along with a number of others, that our baggage was delayed in Colombo and would only arrive the next day. They told me that I was informed of my baggage delay in Doha. I protested and denied any such notification. They were deaf to what I stated, and seemed clueless about my connection to Denver and were very unhelpful.

8. I had to participate and speak at a conference in Denver the following morning and needed to have access to my clothes. My bag was delayed entirely due to the fault of Qatar, and the least they should do is to offer me compensation (like other airlines do) to purchase some clothing. They have refused to do so.

9. Moreover, I had missed my scheduled connection that arrived in Denver at 6:07. The next flight to Denver departed after 10:00 pm and arrived in Denver well past midnight. My final destination was Boulder, and there was no bus or Super Shuttle running to Boulder at that time. I had to take a taxi that cost $100.00. It also left me physically shattered and emotionally exhausted following upon nearly 48 hours of flying, and the non arrival of my bag.

10. The desk at IAD, and Consumer Relation to whom I complained , have been totally unhelpful and refused to pay me compensation for the following actions attributable to the fault of Qatar:
a. Cost of dinner on the night of Nov. 21. My connecting flight did not leave till after 10:00 pm.
b. Purchase of clothing. My bag arrived only on the 23rd. Two days after my arrival.
c. Taxi fare to Boulder. There was no public transport because of the late hour.
d. Consumer Relations have denied all my claims to compensation.

I am a GOLD flying club member of Qatar Airways, inspite of this if you complain to them about missing luggage or anything all they do is give you the run around of how they are enquiring etc, and after some time stop emailing you back, so you get frustated and leave them. I travelled on Qatar Airways from Karachi to London, upon reaching London my locks were broken and my laptop was missing, on complaining they said they will enquire etc, on my return flight to Karachi and the same thing happened again , and I am still waiting for their Majesty’s response to my complaint.


I was traveling from New York to Doha on Qatar Airways Flight No.QR 84 ON NOVEMBER 14,2011(Seat No 06K.I accidentally disembarked from the aircraft when it landed in Doha forgetting about my 2 hand phones.The hand phones were kept in the side pockets of any of the four seats that I was sharing with my family members. However while I was going through screening of body and pocket belongings for metal and sharpening objects I remembered that my hand phones have been misplaced which was immediately reported to the Airline officials.It was hardly 5-10 minutes after I have departed from the Aircraft.

Upon subsequent search one of the handset a Nokia model could be traced back but surprisingly the other Hand Phone a Samsung S11 Galaxy which was a relatively brand new of the two could not be found. In view of the above context I should like to request the concerned authority to investigate into the matter and make the person ,who searched and found one of the two sets,explain how it is possible that one of the Hand phone could be traced but the other remains unaccounted for.Logically speaking since both were kept at the same place therefore either either both should have gone missing or be found.

It would be utmost appreciated if a thorough investigation is conducted and the outcome is convoyed to me.


I wanted to compalint about my last travel with Qatar Airways from Dubai to London (Flight # QR 0011 FROM Doha to London) , Where I traveled this time during last Eid Holiday (30/08/2011 and return on 02/09/2011) with my family (Wife and 2 Children) and after a long trip we were surprised that our baggage did not arrive to London and we were informed that it was delayed in Doha and will arrive with the next flight arriving London at 6:00 PM same day (30/09/2011) and they will be delivering the Baggage to us in our Hotel in Central London.

Unfortuanatly that was the only Baggage with us for the whole family as it was only a 3 day trip and the baggage was not delivered to us as promissed by the Qatar Airways representative who filed our complaint in London Heathrow Airport and that caused a lot of inconvience for the whole family specifically i had 2 kids with me (3 years old and 8 years old)who spent 2 nights with the same clothes considering the cold weather in London compared to that of Dubai and i was obliged to buy some additional clothes for them for All of us until the baggage was recieved only one day before our departure date spoiling our short trip becouse of an irresponsible and poor service with such an Air line company that was supposed to be reliable and at least meeting our expectation.

Apprecaite your consideration for the same and to provide me with your feedback.


I was originally booked on the 30th Flight from Bangalore to Houston via Doha, The airlines rescheduled my tickets for 31st May without informing me. When I called Qatar customer service they blamed me for not updating my telephone number when I booked my tickets. I questioned them saying iam a privileged member & they have all my details for which they had no answer. The reason for rescheduling my tickets was that the airlines had scheduled delay of flight & they knew I would miss my flight in Doha & they need to spend lot of money, instead they rescheduled my flight for 24 hours late take off from Bangalore.

when I came to know about this I requested them to route my ticket Via Chennai or Mumbai so that I could still reach USA on schedule for which they asked me to pay extra money & also buy my own tickets from Bangalore. Instead of compensating for my delay they made me feel that I was at fault & the customer service was so rude mentioning I need to keep calling them since they have only inbound calls & no outbound calls. They refused to even connect me to the supervisor or the manager. I have decided not to again travel with Qatar, very bad service


I had been come from Dhaka to Doha by Qatar Airways Flt No-QR-343 on 16 December 2010 and subsequently Come from Doha to DME by Flt No.QR-868 on 17 Dec 2010 (Economy class Seat no 25B). At Doha Air port I rest in quite room. My mobile phone kept in my pocket. Somehow my mob set is fallen in quite room. When I onboard in flight NO QR-868 I touched in my pocket and did not found my mob set. At once I told a cabin crew about my mob set left in quite room. He then told me that instant he announced on line and told me that if mobile set bring to come to helicopter, the flight was become late.

He assured me that mobe phone set sent by the airways authority to my present address in Moscow. But till now I am not yet get my mob phone set. The airways authority is highly appreciated if my mob phone set send at the under mentioned address. Mob set Name: Symphony, Model No A-88, Made in china. Please let me know about my mob phone set.

Sincerely Yours

Luthfur Rahman


Mohammad Luthfur Rahman
Bangladesh Embassy
Moscow, Russia
6, Zemledelchesky pereulok
Moscow , 119121


وصلت على الرحله القادمه من دبي رقم111في يوم 14-5-2011الى مطار الدوحه في تمام الساعة20-3مساءآوتم انزالنافي مطارالدوحه بعدانزال الدرجه الاولى وركبناالباص حتى اوصلناالى الصاله في تمام الساعة 35-3وعند وصولناالى باب المغادره اخبرنا الموضف اناباب الطائره قداغلق ولايمكنكم الطلوع عليهامع العلم اخبرتنا موظفة الخطوط القطريه في مطاردبي انا انتضاركم في المطارلمدة 45دقيقة وعندالرجوع الى سوبرفايزرعلى الخطوط القطريه من الجنسية الهنديةلم اطلع على اسمه فطلبت منه اراحتنا واقامتنا في فندق على حساب الخطوط رفض بدون ان يقنعني عن السبب وطلب مني الانتضارفي المطارحتى الرحلةالي بعدها في تمام الساعه00-2بعدمنتصف الليل فضطريت ان استريح في قاعة oryx lounge بمبلغ وقدره 280 ريالآ قطريآرقم الايصال لرجوع والتاكد من كلامي 59375 فواسفاه من هذي المعامله من الخطوط القطريه علمآ طلبت المديرالمناوب في المطارمامن مستجيب للاسف فتمنى ان يحاسب كل من كان متسبب في التاخير وانصافي وارفع بشكاوي دوليآ لاكي تتم مراقبة الخطوط القطريه ومحاسبتها.وشكرآ على اهتمامكم.

Arabic to English translation

Arrived on the next flight from Dubai No. 111 on 14.5.2011 to the airport at 20-3 Madsaautam Anzalnavi Mtaraldoha Baadanzal first class Rkpnaalbas even Aouselnaaly hall at 35-3 and when Solnaaly door Departure Let us know Modv Anabab plane Kdaglq and Can you come up with Alihama science told us employee fonts ‘s Country in Mtardbe I Antdharkm in Almtarlmdp 45 minutes Andalrjua to Soparvaiseraly diagonal lines of nationality Alhendeplm look at his name I asked him Araanna and our stay in a hotel at the expense of fonts rejected without sway me why and asked me Alantdharvi Almtarany Rahlpali then at 00-2 Badmentcef night Vdatrit to relax in Hall oryx lounge in the amount of $ 280 SAR Qatriano. receipt to come back and make sure my words 59 375 Vosvah of these are the treatment of diagonal lines note requested Madiralmnob in Almtarmamn responsive Sorry hoped that hold all of the emitter of the delay and equitable relief and lift the complaints internationally Lucky is monitored Qatar Airways and accountability. and thank you for Your attention.


Qatar Airways a 5-star airline? What a joke!! First, their online booking program rejects my credit card; then I get my credit card company on the line to talk to one of their agents becasue the card should not have been declined. We try a 3-way conference call on their 877-777-2827 customer service number and after 15 minutes of waiting with the recording saying that “your call is important to us” we finaly get through only to get a pre-recorded message from the phone company saying “you need additional digits to complete the call”. A 5-star airline? Somebody should sue Qatar Airways for false advertising! At the very least, they should be less presumptuous in their tacky ads. They are at 3-star airline… at best. Five stars? What a joke!


Dear Qatar Airways, sir, ur crew ID 30372 Diniz Natasha, from Goa-INDIA, had come to Goa on 27th of feb and she was supose to fly back to DOHA on 3rd of march, as she havin a flight to Thailand. But she did not come to Doha on 3rd, she came to Doha on 6th. Sir when i inquired and asked her she told me that from Goa only she gave a call in rosterin deptartment and reported sick. On top of all this she is sayin its easy to fool this airlines n even she say that she care a f*** for dis job at Qatar Airways.


My name is smitha jolly. my mum was traveled in qatar airways on 1st of feb 2010 from cochin to london. as she is 62 yrs old and she is having problems with her legs we have put request for wheel chair and its been granted in the ticket. the flight number is QR 011,QR 265. From cochin the airport staff were very helpful, but when she reached in qatar she didnt get wheelchair. the air crew told her that there is no staff available and t hey have told her to wait 30 minutes.

She have told them that the connection flight will depart in an hr so that she need to reach the gate ASAP. But no one came to help her. she have seek other passengers help to reach the gate. she has suffered a lot there. Qatar air have given her mental and physical stress. the same thing happened in london also. the flight arrived at LHR at 12:49 hrs and she came out at 14;20 hrs. she didnt get a wheelchair their also. with her painful leg she walked all her way that was her first flight journey she suffered a lot and lot. can u give me an explanation why this happen.

we choose qatar airways because we thought her journey will be safe. but….i need an explanation about this. my mum is in too much pain now. shameful on qatar airways…


It amazes me how much Qatar Airways spends on advertising an image of a 5 star airline, yet it doesn’t train or hire trained employees that are of high caliber. Their ground staff are a bunch of incompetent brainless robots! As far as Qatar Airways is concerned, a passenger is a nuisance; Unfortunately, no kind-hearted employee was willing to go beyond their presumed call of duty. Qatar Airways is not even a One star airline, its a worthless airline!


I was very dismayed of Qatar Airways regarding their Customer Service. I came there to clarify something not to be answered back unprofessionally (as what I figure it out) by one of their staffs. Hey, upon hearing your lines – I straight away call one of my friends over my mobile in front of you – the bottom line is, I was not even satisfied of your answer how and why did Qatar Airways double my friends miles unlike mine. It’s how you deal with your customers and FYI regardless of the miles that I earned – I AM STILL YOUR CUSTOMER – bear that in you mind.

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