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Orbitz is a subsidiary of Expedia, Inc. as of February 2015 and is a worldwide company that provides secure internet sources needed for planning travel. Reports for revenues in 2011 were US 767 million and employees in 2010 were reported as 1,400.

It you need to contact Orbitz regarding your travel arrangements call customer service at 1-888-656-4546 or log onto their website. Founded in 2001 the pre-Expedia CEO was Barney Hartford. Expedia purchased Orbitz for 1.3 billion in February, 2015. Orbitz still maintains social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Some of the more popular Orbitz complaints are about rude customer service, long wait times, poor travel experience, and technical support. Because the website is completely online, customer service is key.

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I purchased a rental car for my trip to Romania at a cost of $104.18 and was told that I would pay the fee when I picked up the car at the airport. I picked up the car and was advised that because it was for 30 days, I would need to pay an insurance deposit of $2,154.57 that would be fully returned to me if I returned the car without any issues. I confirmed this before signing and paying and also via telephone call with the car rental company. The deposit was never returned to me, and now the company is stating that the Expedia fine print says that they don't have to return it to me. $104.18 for 30 days is very enticing - a great deal. $2,154.57 is absurd - almost $75.00 per DAY! I have gone back and forth with the company and have been unable to get a refund so I am now reaching out to you in hopes that you can help me be reimbursed. Listing a car for $104.18 but charging $2,154.57 is misleading, fine print or not. I know that Expedia is a reputable company and that you will do everything in your power to have Teamnet Asig Sr Otopeni Ro reimburse me the funds. I have used Expedia for many years because it has always been a trustworthy company that has never let me down until now. Please take steps to have the company reimburse me and please correct this issue/false advertising or stop listing this company completely from your website so that other customers do not have to go through the same trouble that I have encountered.


I am writing this complaint in reference to my recent vacation to Lisbon, Portugal. I traveled to Lisbon along with my wife and 2 friends. Our flight landed on 7/3/2019. Our plan was to rent a car in Lisbon and drive to Porto, Portugal. However, due to the late arrival of our flight, through no fault of our own, we were not able to make it to the rental agency before they closed. I paid extra (to Orbitz) for each hotel room for just such a contingency.
We were to stay in Porto for 2 nights, followed 1 night in Sintra and then 3 nights in Lisbon. I contacted support to accomplish a very simple switch. We wanted to stay 2 nights in Lisbon, 1 night in Sintra, 2 nights in Porto followed by 1 night in Lisbon. So, we simply wanted to cancel both Porto and Lisbon reservations and reverse the dates. That simple switch took well over an hour (close to two hours) to explain to the nice but useless customer service representative I spoke with. I tried explaining multiple times that I needed 2 rooms as we were 4 people.
Even with the amount of time spent on the phone to make a simple switch, she still booked our trip incorrectly. She left out one of the rooms in Porto. We got lucky that the hotel had a couple of extra rooms or 2 of us would have been left with no place to stay. That is simply unacceptable!
We were also charged for the first night of our stay in Porto because we canceled after 7PM. We only canceled after 7PM because of how long it took the customer service agent to comprehend my simple request.
I hope my phone conversation is recorded and someone is able to listen to the call and learn from it.


This complaint is regarding itinerary # 7426500646023 booking id KWTNQV. my husband and I flew from Tel Aviv to Dublin on June 12th. we were supposed to fly back on June 16th but for some reason we were bumped off the flights back. we got no notification that something was wrong the only indication we had was when we wanted to check in on line and were not able to do so. in Dublin we straight away called your office and spoke for 20 minutes on the phone with your representative who refused to take responsibility for the mess and said that we would get an email in 5 hours time. when our flight home was earlier. so instead of sleeping we took ourselves to the airport to argue with the ground crew there who also claimed that they were not responsible since we paid you and not them. when we finally came home- late, tired and upset- we phoned your offices again to complain and even spoke with one of you supervisors there- it took us aprox. 2 hours of phone call to receive from him a 200$ coupon for our next trip even though he still refused to take responsibility for the mistake!
Little did I know that I would receive today a huge phone bill of 616.90 shekel for the first phone call and then a phone bill of 498.22 shekel for the second phone call equivalent to 310 US$
please compensate me for this sum immediately- not in a coupon form but in real money. There is no reason for me to be penalized for doing nothing wrong! my contact phone # +972523377817 Yael Shechter


I booked flight and hotel to Jamaica for a vacation. I booked through Orbitz. I opted for Montego Bay airport since Kingston is much farther away. Somehow the site changed my reservations to Kingston and shortened my stay by a day. At the time I did not immediately check the email. I had booked through Orbitz and not had any problems. When I went to book transportation from the airport to the hotel, I noticed the errors. I had purchased travel protection just in case. They then gave me a bunch if excuses and they knew there were no glitches on the site so I must have booked it incorrectly. So I asked her to explain to me why using Kingston airport, their site would not even find Jewel Paradise Cove as a hotel option. She could not answer that and said she did not have a way to tell me why. They finally decided they could refund the entire amount if the reservation minus the almost $90 for insurance. Then I could rebook my reservations with the correct airport and pay an extra $800 for airline tickets. So due to an error on their side, which of course they take zero blame for, I now will have to pay more for the same vacation. Plus wasting over 3 hours of my time dealing with these incompetent people!


We want to register a complaint about the rental car we picked up on April 8,2019. When we first got there we were told we needed a $2000.00 deposit - NOT AWARE OF THIS WE WERE TOLD IT WAS IN THE FINE PRINT SO I READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE THEY MADE US SIGN IT AND ON THIS PAPER IT SAID $1000.00 DEPOSIT NOT SURE WHAT THEY WERE TRYING TO DO . They also told us we had the wrong insurance card - we called our insurance company and were told all we needed was the coupon that we keep in our car - NO THEY WANTED THE DECLARATION PAGE - needless to say we did not have this, and at this time we were VERY UPSET - AND THEY FORCED US TO PURCHASE THEIR INSURANCE WHICH AMOUNTED TO $95.98 THAT WE REALLY DID NOT HAVE.- WE HAD NO CHOICE BECAUSE WE WERE NOT AT THE AIRPORT ANYMORE AND HAD TO TAKE THE CAR - when we got in the car it said MAINTENANCE REQUIRED - AND IT WAS NOT FULL OF FUEL - AND VERY DIRTY - ALSO NO WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID TO CLEAN THE DIRTY WINDSHIELD - THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT VERY FRIENDLY AND SPOKE VERY BAD ENGLISH AND WERE HARD TO UNDERSTAND - WE DID NOT PURCHASE THE SUNPASS BUT AT ONE OF THE TOLLS IT SHOWED THAT IT TOOK THE PASS - WE DID NOT USE THE SUNPASS - WE PAID THE TOLL AND WE HAVE THE RECEIPT TO PROVE THIS. this company is ZEZGO 3835 McCoy rd Orlando, FL . We went thru Orbitz because had the best deal and in the end it cost us MORE - AND DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE USING ORBIIZ AGAIN


This complaint is not against Orbitz but, one of your vendors: Europcar. I had a very poor experience with one of the attendants at their Chania Airport office. I have sent a letter ( see below) to them requesting reimbursement but as of yet have not received any acknowledgement that they have received my correspondence. I am requesting your assistance with this matter. I hope to receive a reply from your company very soon and that you can assist me in this matter. As mentioned earlier below is a copy of the letter send to Europcar.
Best Regards,

James Bolton
Orbitz.com Booking Number PP2YYW

Here is a copy of the letter send to Europcar:

This is a complaint and request for reimbursement for the poor service received and the charge for tire damage that was not of my doing. I was met and driven to the rental car lot where I completed the paperwork for the rental. So far all is well. Minutes after departing the lot a tire warning lights comes on, I tell my wife that I have to turn around and go back to the office. She says to me that we don’t have time to go back that we have to meet our Airbnb host at 1900, that we should bring the car back in the morning. The next day around 9 or 10AM, I return to the Europcar office, a different lady is at the counter. I explained to her that I rented the cat last night as I drove away the tire warning light came on, she went out to the car and reset the light and told me, “It is Ok, and you will not have any problems with it.” I then asked her if it was okay to drive she said,” Yes, you can drive it I promise it is okay, just stop at a station and check the tires.” Upon driving away from the office, I stopped and checked all the tires and for air. My wife and I then went to the Old Harbor for breakfast and sightseeing. When we returned to the car, the right front tire was completely flat. I changed the tire and went directly back to the rental car office and was told that I had to pay for the damage to the tire. I tried to explain to the lady that the problem with the tire was before I rented it and that I had talked to her earlier and she reset the light and promised that I would have no problem. She than told me that when I rent a car that I am responsible for any damages to the car. Again, I tried to explain to her that I was only minutes from the lot when the light came on last night and that I would have returned the car then if I did not have an appointment that I had to keep. She said,” I do not want to hear about the light, the tire is damaged and you must pay for it”. Because, I had made plans and I did not have a lot of time to debate with this lady and my vacation time was running out, I said to her that I was not going to argue but, I would contact my credit card. I feel that I should have not been charged for the tire as there was some wrong with it prior to me renting the car, consideration for my time driving twice before the situation was corrected, and the time I spent changing the tire when this could have been corrected on my first revisit to the office. At a minimum, I should be reimbursed for the cost of the tire damage, my time wasted traveling to and from the Europcar Office twice, and the time wasted changing the tire. I am requesting someone contact me with the decision made by your company.

James Bolton


Few days back; I bought an airline ticket via orbitz and got an email confirmation. Next day I got another email saying booking is cancelled and money will be credited back 3 to 7 days.

I checked your website and it still shows “booking is confirmed”. Yesterday I even got charged 8.44$ booking fees Phoned your help desk only to sort this only to be told booking is cancelled and money will be credited back 8 weeks.

Very bad experience and totally unacceptable.

Itinerary 7392116187809

Sort out this and credited back my account fast as I need to purchase a ticket


Good morning,

I have received emails informing me there is an issue with my booking and to contact Orbitz although I was sent confirmation itinerary.

This is the third email I have received stating that my airline booking has not been authorised through the airline.

I have rung Orbitz (Chicago) as directed by the email and spent over 35 minutes just on the first call. On the second call I was informed everything was Ok and the booking had been ticketed. Three hours later I receive another email to contact Orbitz. Third call Balwant informed me our booking was cancelled and he would get back to me. Still waiting 14 hours later

The last thing I want is my daughter and grandchildren not making it home for Christmas.

I am getting frustrated and I would like someone to sort this out please?



Car reservation Itinerary #7363334658606
in Florida-July 12-July 16 2018 pick up and drop off at PBI Airport. I was told more than once to take the shuttle to Budget car rental and pay the total amount of $ 125.83.Nothing that Orbitz did for us on the up and up. 1. We took the shuttle, to find out that our reservation was 5 miles away and that we were on our own to get there I called to confirm the shuttle and the rep said he checked with Budget and that that info was correct?. 2. Orbitz never told us that proof or car rental insurance was necessary so the process was further delayed. 3) Budge3t would not accept the price from Orbitz and w had to pay about $50 more! We got a car-about 2 hours later!
I tried calling customer service twice at Budget only to be disconnected twice despite the repeated phrase of “No worries” I finally called back at 10 PM and finally someone said we can get a refund for the difference and the cost of car service but just when I was going to speak to a “supervisor” I was once again discounted two hours later at midnight! I thought they had all the info but at 1 am I got a call back from the Philippines where it was 1pm-I questioned the timing of the call but all I got is we need to resolve this now or I would have to start all over the next day! They kept saying that they were doing US a favor by giving a one-time courtesy to reimbursement! Really the booking is boarding on FRAUD and the customer service was VERY unhelpful, to say the least. I expect to hear from them to explain why I got the service(or lack of) during booking and customer services.


I have bought a raund trip são Paulo to Belem from July 20 to 28, i want to change it from São Paulo to Samntarém instead
but i have spend a lot of time on the phone with a agent over there and all they tell me is to genge i will have to pay $200
and my flight was $163, it doesnt make sence, so i will give you the chance to refound me at least half of my money or i will
file a cmplain agans Orbitz in cort , i was just reading about this guy who did and won, so i am willing to fight agans you too
and maybe you will stop trying to take vantagen of people and do a better job for us, we all work to hard to save a little and take a vacation
to just lose money like that.
This is my itinerary number 7351386255473
Please do something about.


Until the recent incident, I was happy with Orbitz. However, I bought a ticket to S. Africa via SAA very recently, and wasn't told about SA's requirement that passports have two blank pages. That information is very available for purchasers of I tickets through SAA. As a result, when I handed my ticket information and passport to the ticket agent at Dulles Airport I was turned away because I only had the back page (non-visas) blank.

This was a very stressful experience. At age 83, I had to go to the US Passport Agency this morning to find out what was still needed - I had a new photo and the ticket that I couldn't use, as well as the itinerary for my journey through Orbitz. Unfortunately. SAA neglected to send me an e-mail confirming that I had paid for the replacement ticket at the same rate for Sunday, February 11. I had made an appointment for tomorrow. I had difficulty persuading SAA to email me a confirmation - they first sent me to you, as the travel agent. The customer service person politely told me that although she could confirm that a replacement ticket had been made out to me, she coouldn't confirm it to me via email, since it wasn't Orbitz's transaction - which I do understand.

PLEASE be sure that everyone flying to/from SA from the US or other countries where the two blank pages of their passports are required know about this!
Moya Atkinson
3419 Fiddlers Green
Falls Church, VA 22044, a long-time customer of Orbitz.


I have never made a flight reservation on Orbitz without having to call an Indian representative to confirm that the reservation was valid and paid. The problem lies in the fact that orbitz does not immediately indicate: 1. That you have paid; 2. That you have a confirmed trip, 3. Your trip shows up on your Calendar, 4. That you have a record number, e.g., not an Orbitz itinerary number. I suspect it's the app.

After using Orbitz for six years, I'm exhausted. I have to find another service


have not received refund for flight from Houston to Las Vegas on Oct. 29 to Oct.31. I bought ins. when I made the reservations thru Orbitz, they sent me to Houston Hobby airport and should have been Bush airport in Houston. We didnt have enough time to get there so we missed everything.


Booked a hotel with Orbitz, when I got to the hotel I gave the receptionist a copy of my reservation made though Orbitz. When the credit card invoice arrived I was double charged , once by Orbitz for $201 and once by Holiday Inn for $164. I called Orbitz to see why the hotel was charging me , and why they charged me less then Orbitz, which states they have the lowest prices available. The Orbitz rep called the hotel and got them to drop the extra charge but they would not match the lower price that the hotel had offered. Why use Orbitz if a lower price can be gotten by going directly to the hotel? The Orbitz rep. went on and on how they get the best possible price yet could not respond to why Holiday Inn charged less.


I cancelled within the 24 hour period my card was not put on hold but charged. My Itinerary number is 7216410001646. I was told by a customer service agent based in Philippines not to worry as my card had not been charged but when I checked my account it was not on hold but charged. Obviously workers are based in Philippines and is totally a scam. After reading other complaints from other users I will not be using this service again. I will also file a complaint with Consumer Affairs in US.


Orbitz employees are rude and are flat out liars. The customer service rep lied to me and said they had cancelled my reservation and the money would be refunded to my account between 8 and 5 hotel time. I never received my refund, I called them to ask about the matter I was told the hotel would not allow a refund.

When I called the hotel and asked them why they would not allow the refund they said they never received a cancellation call from Orbitz asking them to cancel my reservation. So they entered me as a no show. So I was out my 113 bucks because a Orbitz employee lied to me and said they had cancelled my reservation when they had not cancelled it. So they are liars and have the worst customer service of all time hands down.


I bought my flight tickets with Orbitz to fly with TAP from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to Madrid (Spain). On my way back home, TAP changed the date and time of the flight, but Orbitz didn´t inform me and I just heard about it when doing check in at airport. So I had to go to a hotel to spend the night once the flight was 12 hours later than the planned. I called the airline direct and they said they couldn't help me because I had to deal direct with Orbitz. Then I call then and spent more than 3 hours (on 4 separate occasions) and most part of time I was waiting and at the end, they told me they have nothing to do. I want Orbitz refund me on the hotel and dinner.


I have booked a hotel in Thailand, Phuket - called Ramada Phuket Deevana Patong. I am sure there it said I can cancel up to 24 hr from booking. I booked the rooms for 3 of us - 2 adults one child. According to Orbitz website - it says "One child 12 years old or younger stays free when occupying the parent or guardian's room, using existing bedding". I was charged 51.45 USD for the extra child. I am trying to cancel the reservation (less than 24 hr after booking) and all orbitz can say is that it's up to the hotel to decide whether they can cancel and give refund.

Of course, the hotel is "closed" with no manager at 22:00. So I'm stuck without a cancellation option. When I asked about the child charge - they said that hotel has different policy and they do charge on another child. I am still on the phone with them - it has been 4 hours - they're moving me from one supervisor to the other - all lame and useless. Worst customer service I ever seen.


I booked a flight that I was unable to take last October 2015 (PBORB-306-356-8974). The cost was about $421 (total cost was $598.92 but that was because I also booked a car). I cancelled the car rental part of the cost with no problems. This July, I booked another trip (no car with this one) and was told I could use the old ticket with a $200 change fee and perhaps other costs since it wasn't the same exact RT flight and also because of general cost increases from almost a year ago.

When I rebooked (I think you used same PBORB number for the new trip) I was told the cost would be $471.00. I was a little disappointed that it was so much but booked it. I received an email from Orbitz with the details but didn't see the cost on there, only the itinerary. When I went out to UA to print my itinerary, it said the cost was $689.20! I was floored and absolutely do not understand what has happened here and feel that I am being taken advantage of. I would appreciate your immediately attention to this matter because it makes absolutely no sense to me.

My email address is noted with their headquarters, however, I will give you my cell number as well. Thank you for your prompt attention to my concern. I am truly flabbergasted over this.


Booked a hotel room for family reunion. Called hotel to cancel, said I had to go back through Orbitz/Expedia. However, hotel would cancel no problem and not charge. Called Expedia and they are charging me the full amount of $285 to cancel...why go through this crazy company. The prices were the same if I called the hotel direct. I got nothing from this except charged....I will never use them again.


Called Orbitz to move my flight up by one day, took one and a half hours! Called to confirm flight the day before the flight; the reservation was found but never ticketed. Called Orbitz again spoke to another east Indian person, told me he had to speak to his ticketing dept, waited another 45 minutes and he said he was getting close; another 45 minutes and still no ticket. This is wrong. Goodbye Orbitz forever!


I booked airfare from Richmond Virginia to Fort Lauderdale Florida for a cruise. I booked since April March for a July 2016 vacation. On or about May 20th 2016, Orbitz changed my flight from Richmond from 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM. Getting me to Florida at 11:50 instead of of my original arrival of 9:29 AM. Our ship is due to leave at 3:00 PM, with all the TSA delays, we are afraid of any unseen delay would cause us to miss our ship. I called Orbitz to no avail. I spoke to a supervisor, which was a waste of time. They want to charge me in excess of over $200.00 to change my flight, in which they screwed up. This is not what I paid for. I will never ever use or recommend anyone to ever use them. I never confirmed this change. Feeling frustrated.


We were victims of a scam involving transfers between Liberia airport and Tamarindo, Costa Rica on May 13. We had paid Orbitz a total of $172 (Itinerary #7172452322544) for two round trips, but upon arrival, there was no Grayline of Costa Rica van or representative. There were hardly any people left, and no taxis, it was ten o'clock at night, and a guy approached, saying he could take us to Tamarindo. He supposedly texted Grayline, (at ten o'clock at night?) and they supposedly replied that they had our names and arrival information, but that Orbitz had not paid them, so they sent nobody. This was obviously bogus, so I paid his fee of $110, got his name and phone number so I could cancel the return.

We booked the return with a local company for $20 each (2 of us) and the owner said that she had had trouble with this guy in the past--that he even represented himself as her manager! Knowing that we were scheduled for 9:00 am, he sent a van at 8:30, hoping we would get on by mistake. I am out the $172 I paid you, the $110 I paid him, and the $40 we had to pay for the reliable local outfit. This is going to be a problem for you, Grayline of Costa Rica, and for travelers in the future. Will write details in full if you wish. I think you will want to deal with this problem before it goes viral on the Internet. I seek a full refund for services NOT provided. This guy has hacked the websites of all the local transfer providers, Grayline (and possibly, Orbitz). He is highly intelligent, speaks unaccented English, and is a real threat to your reputation. We have used you in the past with good results, always, so this was a surprise.


I cancelled a flight in Feb. 2016. Got a credit of 503.00. 200.00 taken because of cancelled flight. Called on May 5th to use 300.00 credit for a flight in June 2016. Credit card information was taken to pay the offset. I was told that everything was okay. I've been trying for 3 days to use this credit and no one is trying to assist me. I was put on hold for over 2 hours at a time. I have spoken with supervisors and agents. Why would you give a credit if you are not allowed to use it!


I canceled a hotel reservation 24 hrs prior to arriving because my daughter-in-law went into labor, and my son, her husband, was supposed to stay at this hotel but flew home to be there for the birth of their first child. 3 rooms were booked, and all 3 people, 2 of them family, flew home immediately. I told the operator we'd like a refund, and he told me he'd have to call the hotel, which he proceeded to do, then told me we'd have to call back on monday. I said fine, but cancel the 3 rooms. He did not cancel. I called back on Monday and have been fighting for a refund. I was on the phone Monday, for a total of 5 hours with Orbitz trying to get this handled for my son and daughter-in-law. I sent in the discharge summary proving her medical emergency.

They said they'd call me back; then proceeded to send me an email telling me that they could not accept the documentation because it was from a different email then they had on record. Prior to sending the info, the supervisor, Donna, who was supposed to helping me, told me she could have two emails on file. I am now on hold again right now, Tuesday, for 3 1/2 hours trying to take care of this, and they keep doing the same thing; telling me it wasn't canceled, calling the hotel, not finding my emails. I've sent the same email 10 times to two different email addresses. I've told every operator, at least 5 different ones, the same exact story, that we canceled 24 hrs prior, but their operator did not do it so we are paying the price for his stupidity. I am frustrated beyond belief and will never use Orbitz again and will share my experience with all those I know who travel.


Trouble booking online due to website problem, had to call. Applied to the orbitz rewards card, got temporary card number and info, didn't work while booking. Called to see why, that rep was extremely rude, was no help, didn't care at all when I decided to cancel card. Horrible all around. 74 minute call to do something I could have done myself in a tenth of the time had their website worked.


Yesterday around 5pm I called Orbitz to make a name correction on my reservation. Since then I have been on hold 5 times,while a rep looks into my problem.However nobody ever comes back on the line. I have a total of 200 minutes on hold. I am presently on hold with a Customer Service Rep Diana, for 30 minutes,while she tries to get a supervisor to address my situation. It is a simple matter of them submitting the name change to West Jet?


I booked a round trip with Orbitz between TLH and LAX. I needed to change the return flight. I called Orbitz, after 40+ minutes wait, I finally got an agent, who could not speak clear English. I explained what I needed - simply change the return flight to be a later time same day flight. I was put on hold by the agent for at least 30 minutes and got hung up. Over 1 hour spent, but no result! I called again, after 30+ minutes wait, I got another agent, who still could not speak clear English. I explained again what I needed help with and I clearly stated which flight # I needed to change to.

The agent put me on hold again. 20+ minutes later, he came back and told me that I need to pay $398 for the price difference and airline charges. I gave him my credit card # and made the payment. Just when I thought I got the problem fixed.

I saw my outbound flight was messed up!! Originally, I had 1-stop flight from TLH - CLT - LAX (8-hour total travel time). After the change, my outbound changed to be TLH - CLT - SFO - LAX (11-hour total travel time). I never asked to change my outbound flight! I immediately told the agent that he made a mistake. I only wanted to change my return flight to be a later time and no change should happen to my outbound flight!! The agent put me on hold again for 30+ minutes and came back told me that he would fix it. And I was put on hold again for 2+ hours and finally he reversed the change on the outbound flight.

Unfortunately, I lost my preferred seating choices, which I paid for previously, in addition to hours of time spent on the phone! I didn't get any accommodation from Orbitz for my loss. They still charged everything for changing the flights. This is the worst experience I had and I will never ever book again at Orbitz!!!!


I made an reservation on Friday at Quality Inn Suites 3/25/2016 my phone died. I called back to customer service at Orbitz to see if the reservation was confirmed but it was not showing in the system I spike to two age to to obtain this information. I booked a reservation at holiday Inn Express and in which we resided. I called Orbitz after seeing the charge from Quality Inn on my bank account. I called to advise them of it and get a refund. I was given the run around.

I waited on line for a long time while the agent was to return and when she did she stated I needed to wait until Monday for a manager to confirm my reservation however I'm trying to understand if I've made two reservations on your site in one weekend and the agent at quality Inn confirmed we did not stay there why is this needed. I was extremely upset. So I called back to speak to Sam a manager at Orbitz who told me the same thing after waiting for him on line 10 minutes. I'm sorely disappointed in Orbitz and will not be using this site ever. I also called the Quality Inn and spoke to the agent on duty who told me Orbitz is a gimmick basically and when you cancel reservations they try to find ways not to refund your money. I believe this is the case.

Do Not I Repeat Do Not use this crooked web site.


First, no confirmation of my purchased itinerary ever came, so after I went to looking for it (email & Orbitz account), and didn't find it, I contacted them. The customer service representative said it didn't exist, and I politely explained how unlikely that should be, but I purchased a new itinerary at a higher cost (since rates had gone up) anyway, just to make sure I had a seat for my boss on those flights. Then she finally asked if I had given a method of payment, and I said yes (that's half the online purchase process), and she looked somewhere else on her computer, and there she found my original itinerary. So she sent it through and sent me a confirmation, ad cancelled my new itinerary, and all seemed good (I was relieved).

Until I saw that the wrong departure day was indicated, so I called back, but no note of my call was there for the next customer service representative to see, and I was only repeatedly told that the policy was that I was to pay $200 change fee plus increase in fare, which is NOT FAIR. A manager even said it is impossible for the system to make a mistake, and said it was my fault, and that the airline required the raised fees. I called the airline, and that customer service representative said that they collected no additional fees from Orbitz, just the increased fare, and (predictably) said my problem was with Orbitz.

So I paid the extra cost for the change (as a nonprofit we cannot afford that), and then didn't receive the updated confirmation, so I called Orbitz back, and when they sent me one it still said the wrong date. The customer service representative insisted I just ignore that, because the actual flight reservation was for the newly corrected date. This is all completely unacceptable on a few different levels, but all I want is my original fare.


I was the victim of ID theft in October of 2015. They stole out of my account $34,000 dollars. My debit card was stolen my home mailbox. Some unknown person on 11/18/16 charged 2 tickets from Orbitz for a total of $ 918.76. I called Orbitz to inform them of this fraud. The agent kept asking me for a confirmation number. I told him if I didn't make the reservations, how would I know.

I just want to know whose names are on the tickets so that I can give it to the police. I have filled out the police report and spoken with the B of A. The card's last 4 numbers were 1117, other numbers were on the statement. I am a retired senior and this hurts.


My wife Maryann Ennis tried to book a flight for the two of us to Cebu Philippines using Orbitz. All went well until she tried to complete the purchase of the tickets, then everything went to hell in a hand basket. She used her debit card and then she got a notice that there is a problem with her card and it said try again. Same thing, try again. Orbitz deducted from our bank account and we got no confirmation, no itinerary. She then tried to contact customer service and was put on hold forever. Finally she got to speak to someone and the pushed her off to another rep, put on hold again.

She was on the phone for 2 hours with Orbitz customer support trying to get the problem resolved. She spoke to 12 different people and no one would help her. Orbitz has kept our $3055.00 and has not returned it. We called Chase bank and reported it to them. They are investigating it and they said that if orbitz doesn't return our money that the FBI will be brought into the case. I strongly urge that nobody use Orbitz because they are frauds and thieves.


I called Orbitz to change the dates for my flight. The customer service rep clearly did not know what he was doing. It took 2 hours on the phone with him to finally get my flight changed (same flight, same airline, departing a few days later). Then I received the confirmation email he sent me and he booked me on the wrong flight! I called Orbitz back to try to fix the issue. I have been on hold for 90 minutes now. That's over 3 and a half hours today that I spent on hold. This is ridiculous. I will never book with Orbitz again.


I booked a trip for my son, my boyfriend and myself to go to houston from LAX. My son is over 24months and when I was booking my trip i provided all his information. When i booked my trip I received an email that stated my trip would cost $312.40. When I checked my bank account a few days later I noticed that I was actually billed 468.54, I called orbitz to figure out what happened. Apparently they didn't bill me for my son although he was one of the travelers, I stated to them that it was unfair for me to have to pay more than I had authorized not to mention illegal. I was put on hold for 2 and a half hours. Sohel Shaikh told me he would give me a call back after he had the airline on the line, he transfered me to the airline that told me that it wasn't there mistake and couldn't do anything for me and referred me back to orbitz.

I then called orbitz back and have been on the phone for over 2 and a half hours and they just said they can't do anyting because it's a low fair flight. At the end of the day, $156.00 was withdrawn from my account with out my consent and authorization. I tried to explain to them that i would take a credit as i have orbucks that I can apply to a hotel stay. They put me on hold and have yet to pick up my call. I am amazed at the kind of customer service I have received from your company!!! I want what is owed to me and will keep contacting an emailing you until I find a resolution to this problem!


I booked tickets by Orbitz. It was completed when I finished the booking process and also I can see the transaction on my bank statement. But two days later, I noticed my reservation had been changed and also I can't find any information of my tickets. So I called Orbitz customer services several times, they told me that it is because Delta changed the schedule and I have to call Delta to confirm my tickets information. Once I called Delta airline, they said Orbitz cancelled my flight.

Then I call back to Orbitz, they said I have to make a new reservation based on the current tickets price. The original prices was around $700, but the tickets went up to $950 and Orbitz said I have to take that cost by myself. I don't think it is my fault, so I think Orbitz should take care that cost for me. They didn't treat me very well and it doesn't make any sense that I pay the extra cost.


I recently booked a round trip ticket to Phoenix with my debit card and the "ORBITZ" site said, that the transaction could not be completed. Thinking that maybe I had made a mistake, I tried to enter the card information again. Once again the transaction came back "cannot be completed." This was on Saturday January 23rd, 2016. I went to the bank on Monday to see what the problem could be, why the transaction was incomplete. The bank informed me that my account had been debited twice and Orbitz had tried to debit the account for the third time.

I knew I had sufficient funds in both my banks. So I went to my second bank and Orbitz had tried to debit this bank for the same amount on my card information. My other bank refused it, because I had gone over my $500 dollar limit. I went to my banks and had a printout of the transactions and ORBITZ denied they had my money, while I was looking at the withdraws on my bank statement. Long story short, Orbitz tried to get $1400 out of my banks for a $350 plane ticket. What a scam!


Booked package from SFO to Cancun from 01/16/2016 - 01/23/2016 for two people, Orbitz booking number: PBORB-536-485-5224, paid $3544.00 on Monday 12/14/2015 at 7:00 p. (PST). On Wednesday 12/16/2015 at 10:00 am (PST) noticed that the same package price dropped to $3390.00 ($150.00 less) called Orbitz and talked to the agent and supervisor, who lied to me and told me that Orbits does not have "48 hours best price guarantee" and I can not get the difference refunded to me. I called multiple times back to complain to Orbitz corporate service department, and was always put on hold, finally I was told today Friday 12/18/2015 that's mow it is too late to file for the refund, because 48 hours already passes, even though Orbitz has record of my call on Wednesday 12/16/2015, which was less than 48 hours.


I'm writing to complain about Orbitz's lack of customer service. When I accidently left luggage at the Triadelphia Econo Lodge, Orbitz refused to contact me about the problem even when the hotel called and explained the problem. While I understand that Orbitz was protecting my privacy by not giving my contact information to the hotel, how much effort would it have taken for Orbitz to alert me to the problem by email?? If Orbitz had done so, I could have returned to the hotel to pick up the luggage. Instead I incurred $160 shipping fee and was without my bags for three nights. Orbitz can do better...and it will not earn my loyalty with practices such as this one!


Orbitz Record Locatior- PBORB8032720544. Hi, I am so disappointed with Orbitz customer service. really you made feel sad! why have you changed my flight timing. I suppose to fly from DXB to Manila at 11pm on 17th Dec 2015 but now it has changed to 7:40pm on the same date. I have to rush from my work to home then to the airport! I should be working till 6pm! Its not a joke. I paid a lot of money for this flight then usual. I demand a service recovery for the inconvenience caused to me. Should I contact the Orbitz corporate office with my complaint next?


I had a package reservation to Israel. My hotel confirmation number is L5TFML. They didn't give the room that i reserved and they asked $160 more. I had the obligation to pay the difference since the room that i saw in the reservation wasn't it and it was impossible to stay there! I have all the pictures and documents.i have more complaints about this hotel, please help me about the subject otherwise i will visit a lawyer. Best regards.


My father booked these tickets on my behalf and we were due to fly to Kathmandu on the 30th August how ever after the earthquake we had to revise and cancel our trip. June 19th my father first made contact with Orbits to have the flights refunded how ever you would not honour this request and he was referred onto the travel insurance he had taken out with Allianz, after further discussion it was made clear that the policy did not cover natural disaster. After he was told about this he then got back in communication with an Orbitz agent whom advised he could change the tickets, how ever as it wasn’t booked under his name, I was then to call Orbitz and discuss the options. After hours of online searching and many messages with my father I managed to find a phone number that worked from Australia.

I spoke with an agent about the situation, she was very helpful and said yes I could change the flights for a cost or $201, we had discussed I wanted to change the flights to New Zealand, Queenstown departing June 1st 2016 I was advised that this was all a go how ever I had called out of Malaysian airlines opening hours. I was told to call back again the following time at 9am, I proceeded and called back 9am the following morning I then got a different agent again whom told me I was miss informed and that my father had to give me authorisation to change these flights. I then communicated with my father once more and informed him of the information I was give by this time he was in Thailand.

By this time, I had not boarded my flight and I was marked as a no show. However, my father spoke to a Malaysian airline (30.08.2015) representative whom advised him if I Bridie called and explained and also quoted the ticket locator number they would let me use my return travel to book new flights. I called Malaysian Airlines once more and explained however I was yet again told I needed to sort it with Orbitz as they took the payment. So I again called Orbits and spoke to and Agent by the name of Ronald whom advised me I had been tagged as a no show and my return flight had been cancelled how ever he would call the airline and see what could be done.

From the 31st August to the 4th September I called 16 times each time earlier and earlier in the morning eventually waking up at 12pm Australian time to talk to Orbitz agents, I was being told I could have my tickets changed how ever they needed to be used before 11th Feb. 2016 I was ok with this and had changed the leg of my flight to only Perth to Phuket late Jan. However, the cost was coming under the credit I had I then asked if it was a return flight she was unsure and said she needed to check with the airline however yet again it had taken so long to discuss this when the agent went to check with the airline it was closed, I asked for her to make sure it was on my file as to what was happening and that all I needed to do was call back and verify the flight’s.

I called back the following morning and again got a different agent who informed me I was yet again miss informed I could not get any flights as it was a no show after he spoke with the airline he then came back and told me I could apply to have a refund of the unused taxes. As I have been on the phone for the last few months’ endless hours used I was fed up and agreed to the application. I am appalled in the service of Orbitz and its staff I have never had this much trouble with a booking and wish to pursue this further I have been advised I have the right to take this matter to the Orbitz better business bureau.


My call to extend my stay at Days Inn in Jennings, La where I have stayed the last six weeks through Orbitz was horrendous. The person talking my call could not speak or understand fluent English. I was on the phone with her for almost 40 minutes. If I continue to get this kind of service I will go through a different company for my travel in the future.


I made reservations on Orbitz at travel lodge in Gallup New Mexico on August 3 2015 when I went to check in the female at the counter went crazy when I asked why they did not post that there pool and Jacuzzi was closed and she stated "you tourists with your complaints."

Complaints and told me to get the hell out of the lobby and threatened me saying that she was going to mess me up and started to walk out and act as if she was going to hit me. I told her here I am and spread my arms out and said go ahead as she took her shirt off and stripped to her bra and walked to the side door and she stopped right when she got to me and acted as if she was going to hit me, she walked bake around the counter, I then asked to get my money back and she said to said call Orbitz.

I asked to talk to the manager and she said go off and again to get out. At that point another person who said that he was the manager came out and refused to give his name told me to leave. I told him that I wanted his name which he refused to give and the female started yelling again and and came running at me again saying she was going to kick my ass again and ran around the counted to the side door at which time the so called manager grabbed her and pulled her to back office and closed the door I told them to call the police over and over again at which time the manager said that he did and that he had the right to refuse service and pointed the sign on the wall at which time I told him that's fine but I have reservations and that I had a right to ask for my money back. He said no and and again he refused to give me his name and refused to give the owners name and phone number.

The police showed up and asked questions and they told me that the female said that she did what I said happen and the cameras were not working at the time and said that they could not do anything at that time even though she admitted that she had threatened me and came after me as if she was going to attack me. I asked for a supervisor from the police department and I was told that there was none.

The female at the counter was not arrested for threatening. And I was told to make a complaint. The female worker called her boyfriend who showed up and said some stuff to me only because the police were there to keep me away from him. I was forced to go to another hotel and spend more money for a room. Later a police sergeant showed up and I tried to ask questions but got no where but a police, report number and to make a complaint with the police department the next day with the Gallup police department. Orbitz corporate needs to understand the place they are sending people!


Well when I reserves my rooms for Howard Johnson's Inn here Harrisburg, PA I was given options for smoking rooms & I requested them & was not given them. Second I requested a room accessible for a disabled person & I was not given it at check in. I had to have it changed. Also one of the rooms did not have a phone in it & the toilet did not work properly. The other room the toilet did not flush & only the bathroom light & one other light worked in the room. The knob was missing to turn on the other & there where no other lights. The remote to the tv did not work. Also had problems with the key card not working & had to walk in the rain the the office to get another. For what I paid for these rooms it should have been better! !! If not better then CHEAPER!!!! I was not happy with my stay!!!! Feel I need to be compensated something for my family discomforts. Please let me know what you think & how you are going to accommodate me for this Orbitz stay. If not then I will never use your Orbitz company again. Just 3 weeks ago I stayed in a Howard Johnson's in South Carolina & it only cost me $80 for one night & accommodations were much better.


I feel that Orbitz is willingly part of a scam. Recently, my husband and I booked a hotel room through Orbitz, and it turned out to be a complete disaster. First of all, the picture of the hotel (Days Inn, Livonia Michigan) is not the same as the actual hotel. It is a rundown place that probably started out as a hotel in the 30's. Why wouldn't Orbitz know this? Do you even care how your company is represented? I always associated Orbitz with quality. Now I just don't know anymore. The furniture is rickety along with the building. They need to close and rebuild from the ground. Horrid!!!


I booked a room at Charleston, SC downtown Days Inn for Monday, April 27, 2015. When the confirmation email came back to me, it read May 27, 2015. In fact, I will be out of the country on May 27, 2015. I immediately called Orbit and spoke with a gentleman named Calvin, telling my problem. He had me wait while he said he would speak to the Days Inn manager in Charleston, SC. When he returned to the line he told me to call the manager and speak with him directly. Over the course of four days I have tried to speak with the manager and was told "he is in meetings all day", he's not here today", or "provide your number and I will have him call you". I have yet to speak with the manager. I have since received an email saying my Visa has been charged for the room. It would appear I am caught between Orbit and the Days Inn manager, neither of who are able and/or willing to correct the booking error and credit my Visa account. i many friends who have similar experiences with Orbit. I should have listened. However, I will not be burned twice by either Orbit or Days Inn. My booking number is PBORB 118-479-8744.


I made an airline reservations for 3 and a car reservations. We landed at the airport and our car was at another airport. We had to pay double to get another car at the airport we landed at. Your representative said I should have double checked my reservations. In the future I will not have to because I will not use orbitz again.


I just bought a trip on orbitz under misinformation.they list the hard rock cancun as a five star resort.i am a very well travelled person and this hotel was not even close to a five star.the food was mediocre,the lobby was dated and the beach was Beautifull but not kept lean. Leblanc a clearly five star hotel was far superior to the hard rock in every way but orbitz categor both the same. This false advertisement!


I reserved a vacation package for Houston for the 1st week of May 2015 in February 2015.I realized that we may not be able to make the trip in the last week of February I called Orbitz to cancel the trip. They agreed to cancel , but on refunds will be made. This is something like a highway robbery. I asked for a cancelation 2 months before the scheduled trip and they simply said the airlines won't allow refunds. Yes there are fine prints that says it is nonrefundable is it OK that I should forefiet $3000.00 ?. It is my understanding that airlines have to make a full refund isf the cancellation is done a week before the scheduled trip. I ma exploring the leagal actions that I can take. I request all concerned to call their elected officials and make rules so that these thives won't be allowed to rob people. Anything that you purchase can be returned for a full refund within a month, but not some thing that you buy from orbitz. Buyers Beware !!!


I purchased a ticket for my son to fly to see me and paid huge price because it was short notice. He suffered a stroke and the doctor forbid him to fly. No matter how much proof we supplied them with, they refused to refund my $635.00. Every time it was a new excuse; it was not legible, it must be on the hospital, doctor’s letterhead, etc, etc. We jumped through all their hoops, spent more money on faxes, getting doctors to provide materials, etc. All we get is people in foreign countries who have been instructed to give the same answer everytime. NO. NEVER AGAIN will I ever buy a travel ticket noble and especially from Orbitz.


I purchased a flight and hotel with orbitz from Bismarck, ND to Sioux City, IA for a meeting on March 29. My departure flight was on March 28 from Bismarck, ND. The flight was delayed and when I finally got to Minneapolis, MN, the connecting flight to ORD had already left. All other flights to ORD then on to Sioux City, IA were all booked and I would have missed the connecting flight in ORD to SUX anyway, from what Delta had told me. I was told I wouldn’t get to SUX until the following day (late afternoon). Well, I needed to get to SUX by the AM of March, 29, which is why I bought the ticket from orbitz. I was sent back to Bismarck and was told that orbitz had cancelled my hotel and credited our card. To get my money back on the flight has been a nightmare. This was not my fault, it was the airlines. I do not have control over the weather but I did purchase a service from your company and you have failed to fullfill your end of the business transaction. Instead of remedying the situation, your company have chosen to keep my money and give me 75 dollars. I feel swindled. I do not think a company of this stature can ethically operate in this manner and do business in the manner that you have treated me. I am left without a recourse and am a victim of your corrupt business practices. Sir, you have taken my money and refused to compensate me. In my book, this company is a theif.


My American Express account shows a charge of $115.68 on 12 April 2013. The charge is to a firm located at 500 West Madison Street, Chicago, Il. The charge states it is for “Internet Travel”. Reference number is 320130720275142171 then 192689422.

I was not in Chicago at that time and have no Idea what this charge is for. I would apreciate it if you could check this out for me. I have used Orbitz for travel in the past with excellent results.


Want a car? Great low prices BUT they don’t tell you that the insurance you buy isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. It isn’t the same insurance you get from the car rental company. Oh, book a hotel — great ! But wait, we’ll tell you the room has A/C — surprise, it doesn’t. We’ll tell you it has complimentary WI FI internet access — ooopps, it doesn’t. Go ahead and call orbitz to make a change — good luck. I was on hold at the rental car pick up location for 1.5 hours and never talked to an agent.

I was on hold for 2 hours at the hotel room that didn’t have A/C — and never talked to a customer service person. I paid over $1500 for a room and car and DID NOT GET WHAT I WAS PROMISED ! Oh, and don’t bother talking to the rental car company — they point the finger at Orbitz and do NOTHING to help. Don’t talk to the hotel operator — they point the finger and ORBITZ and do NOTHING to help ! If you want to get ripped off — do business with Orbitz. If you want to get what you are promised — deal directly with the car company and the hotel operator. I will NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ORBITZ AGAIN !


Intitial booking made through Orbitz in 3/14/2011 for passage from Pittsburgh to Hyderabad, India round trip departing 8/7/11, returning 8/26/11. Flight plan: Pittsburgh to Toronto (Air Canada), Toronto to Frankfurt (Lufthansa), Frankfurt to Hyderabad (Lufthansa). 8/7/2011 @12:31, text message from Orbitz. AC 8041 dept PIT 3:30p on-time. We arrive at PIT airport check in at 2:00 PM. Attempt check in via kiosk. Unsure if bags checked through to HYD. Agents (of note, no Air Canada agents, United agents covering for Air Canada express) unhelpful. Reattempt check in at ~2:20. Told it is too late to check in as AC8041 now changed to 2:55 PM, and we are not in the 1 hour window.

Orbitz contacted at 2:30 PM approximately. Initially agent does not believe flight change. Tries to talk to airport agents on my phone. Agent refuses. First offers to refund money. I say this is unacceptable. Says he will try to get us on alternate flight. Does not call back. Try again after 1 hour. Another agent, gets me to supervisor. Repeat story again. Agent is polite. Says they will try to rebook. Does not call back. Try again after 1 hour. Supervisor “Ronaldo”. Repeat story again. Agent is polite. Says he might be able to rebook on Lufthansa, but I will be liable for change of schedule fee. I say this is unacceptable. Calls back with some options. Says he will try to contact Lufthansa. Does not call back.

Try again after 1 hour. Supervisor “Christian”. Repeat story again. Agent is polite. I am open to any flight to HYD. Says he will look into it. Calls back at about 6:00 PM, says might be able to get us on a 7:03 PM Flight PIT->IAD->FRA->HYD. Does not call back. Try again at 7:00 PM. Supervisor “Mandy”. Agent very polite. Repeat story again. Am again open to any flight to HYD. Calls back with updates. Bottom line, however, unable to get in touch with Lufthansa. I ask to speak to next level supervisor. Tries, but unable to get hold of anyone. Advises me to try again 8/8/11 AM. I express my concern that I will have to start from scratch again, and that this is unacceptable. She expresses regrets, but cannot help.

Leave airport about 7 hours after arriving, along with 2 small children. Contact Lufthansa myself. They have documentation of contacts between Orbitz and Lufthansa. Inform me that Lufthansa informed Orbitz in May of change of flight time for AC8041. Unable to rebook, since booking made through Orbitz. 8/8/2011: 9:00 AM. After 3 tries, get through to supervisor “Daphne”. After being on hold for 1 hour 15 minutes, situation still unresolved, with no time frame for resolution. Try again at 1:00 PM. Supervisor Libby. Polite. Says will rebook from Dulles->Frankfurt->Hyderabad on 8/9/2011. She says I will not be liable for the fare difference/charges. States that she will call me back by 5:00 PM central time (6:00 PM here).

“Libby” calls back, saying that 2:00 PM was too late, and that the flight change was a “minor” time change, and therefore there is nothing she can do. Libby’s supervisor “Eve” ID# 64587, calls me back at about 8:00 PM that a) Orbitz is not responsible, as it is a “minor” time change, b) they will not rebook without me paying the rebooking fee, and c) there will be no refund. It is now 29 hours after my initial contact with Orbitz.

1. I would have liked to get my family and myself to Hyderabad. A refund is the next most acceptable thing. To say that we can rebook at our own expense (at this moment $1700 per person) is not acceptable. Overall, I feel that we have been defrauded.

2. We did everything correctly, including checking in on time based on information provided by Orbitz. The Air Canada website recommends 90 minutes before flight time for US to Canada flights, and mandates 60 minutes. We were well within this when we first tried to check in.

3. We should not be liable for any extra costs incurred as a result of Orbitz’s failure to communicate correct flight times to us, including sending us a misleading text message.

5. In fact, there should be suitable compensation for this sorry affair, in addition to rebooking us.

6. We are longstanding customers. Between me and my wife (separate account email: ramanikreiss@pol.net), we have used Orbitz for travel abroad for the past several years, with at least 2 international flights per year booked through Orbitz.

As you can see, this has been a frustrating situation. As of now, I am $5,500 poorer, no flight, no chance for my children to see their grandparents this year, and little in the way of redressal other than going to the courts.


I cancelled my husband and my flight in the latter part of June. We were to take a flight to Detroit in August. I also had purchased the Orbitz Travel Insurance Plan, at an additional fee. When I called to cancel I was told that that particular number I had called was for hotels only. They immediately transfered me to another agent. I was told by this agent to call another number. I again called and was told once more that they didn’t handle this type of problem. After 2 hrs of needless phone calls to Orbitz, I went on line to try to cancel my flight. I received notice it had been cancelled and the monies would be refunded within a two week period.

It has been 4 weeks and I haven’t received any info on the status of my refund. When I went on line to ask about the tracking status, the computer continuely stated they had no record of my name or area code?! Why do they allow such companies to function like this? This extra Travel Insurance Plan #2395 that I paid extra for, for my husband and myself is worthless! This is faults advertisement in the fullest! There should be some law that Orbitz has violated! How about it Orbitz, where is my refund?


The price has dropped on my upcoming flight to Athens, Greece. I was hopeful that the ‘Price Assurance’ guarantee would kick in post flight, as stated, if someone booked that (exact same) non stop flight on Orbitz.com. After contacting customer service … I understand that the ‘hotel + flight’ package is exempted from any Price Assurance Guarantee. I wish they had made that at visible as the flashing the ‘Price Assurance Guarantee’ logo on the screen while I was waiting to finalize the package deal! Had I known that guarantee did not apply to ‘hotel + flight’, I would not have bundled them.

I gave the ‘hotel + flight’ deal a try … I guess this is a lesson learned the hard way. Had I done my internet homework and purchased the component pieces separately, (as I have done in the past), I could have done much better than going through Orbitz.com saving a minimum of $250 x 4 tickets !! Even the hotel was better priced on a rival site. I let the ‘Price Assurance guarantee’ lull me into a false confidence … which, in spite of multiple windows showcasing the ‘Price Assurance’ on the site, never applied to me anyway.

I will NOT make that mistake again!


January 2011. Orbitz stranded my young female passenger Whitney (traveling alone) multiple times for a total of 10 days on a simple three week trip from Ft Lauderdale to Maui. 18 hours on the phone to Orbitz including more than 25 separate calls and two 3-6 hour marathon calls. Over $8000 in excess expenses on a $1000 flight and in the end I had to purchase new/duplicate tickets TWICE. Clear errors by Orbitz, documented in writing, but Orbitz supervisors were willing to spend HOURS talking on the phone to avoid taking ANY responsibility.

Repeatedly being bounced back and forth between US Airways and Orbitz. Flights confirmed by BOTH Orbitz and the airlines… but then turned away at the airline check-in, with US Airways repeatedly denying any responsibility “because you booked through Orbitz”. Orbitz is recently embroiled in a bitter dispute with one or more airlines and is passing the pain along to their customers. Orbitz dragged us through three weeks of travel hell on our trip to Maui. I’m a frequent traveller for business and leisure (1 million plus miles on three different airlines). My company and I routinely use Orbitz for its convenient aggregation of flights and hotels. We’ve booked more than 5000 reservations since Orbitz’ inception in 2001 and until recently had very few problems.

This was the worst travel nightmare I’ve experienced in 30 years (and I’ve had quite a few–you can’t travel as much as I do without getting used to a certain amount of frustration and snafus). And my company and friends are also reporting a rash of Orbitz problems starting in December 2010.

My post-mortem analysis? Orbitz is being seriously squeezed by the airlines in ways that are causing serious operational problems and Orbitz simply CAN’T AFFORD to take responsibility. I believe Orbitz charges a fee of only about $6 for booking flights. In the past I think most airlines treated Orbitz like a valued source of millions of dollars of bookings and if there were problems–even if Orbitz or the passenger had some complicity in the origin of the booking problem–the airlines cut Orbitz some slack and took care of Orbitz passengers. But no more.

What happens when Orbitz makes a booking error or misinforms a passenger? What if it’s a $2000 mistake and the airline won’t take a penny less to fix it? That’s more than THREE HUNDRED tickets Orbitz would need to sell just to break even if they stepped up to the plate and paid for their mistake. Now what if there’s a sudden rash of booking errors? (Which appears to be the case.) Orbitz could be bankrupted within a few months by the costs. If I’m even close to a correct guess on this travelers should AVOID BOOKING ON ORBITZ because if anything goes wrong Orbitz isn’t going to take responsibility. They can’t afford to.

If I hadn’t had an extra $8000 lying about to pay the total cost of Orbitz’ endless series of screw-ups I would have had a MAJOR problem on my hands that would have put Whitney at serious risk, alone and thousands of miles from home. Do YOU have an $8000 bankroll to pay for Orbitz mistakes on YOUR next trip? Can you afford to put your loved ones or employees at risk? Think about it. Check google news for “Orbitz dispute American Airlines”. Caveat emptor.


We booked flights through Orbitz for US Airways. Orbitz showed a seating chart, we picked seats and it said it would forward our request to US Airways. We contacted US Airways and found we had been assigned seats that were not together and were mostly middle seats. We booked the flights through Orbitz 6 weeks before the departure date which according to the Orbitz displayed seat selection was plenty of time to get our desired aisle and window seats. By Orbitz inability to give us the selected seats and its failure to tell us our seat selections were not guaranteed we wound up paying additional money for “premium” seats through US Airways so we could sit together! I won’t be using Orbitz again!


I phoned my credit card company and let them know I would be making a large purchase through Orbitz.com. We received confirmations and updates from Orbitz, and had NO WAY of knowing what they were doing until he went to check in for his flight and found that Orbitz had voided his ticket. This was done without the courtesy of a CALL, EMAIL or notification of any kind. Orbitz did not even have the good grace to apologize for what they have put us through, and have yet to give me my money back. I will NEVER deal with this company again, and I have used them many times in the past!


Orbitz not honoring price Assurance Guarantee. To qualify for Price Assurance, customer flight including origin, destination, dates, airline, flight number, booking and other restrictions must match qualifying booking. Maximum refund is $250. Orbitz places the burden of proof of these exact conditions on the Customer when we do not have access to your books to prove if any customer booked the exact booking or if Orbitz slightly changed the itinerary to avoid having to pay $151.08 per ticket, on our high-priced round-trip to Africia.

It is not just that we monitored and found that Orbitz was quoting a $302.18 lower fare on this exact itinerary but that it must be placed on the exact same date, flight, airline, etc. and that is what we consider very deceptive and unfair advertisin on Orbitz part. This is a 100% scam whose purpose is to get potential clients excited about the mere possibility of getting a partial refund at a later date. Then you make them wait for months to even get a refund.

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