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New Egg is a privately held global online retail company specializing in computer hard and software and electronics. There are over 10 million products featured on New Egg’s website and in 2015 revenues were reported as 2.7billion USD. There were over 2600 employees reported in 2013.

To reach customer service call 1-800-390-1111. To write to CEO, Fred Chang, address an envelop with New Egg, 17560 Rowland Street, City of Industry, CA 91745, USA.  Also find Customer Help Center here.

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I recently ordered a tablet for my autistic child after his previous one failed, after waiting and waiting for delivery I get a e-mail saying that a RMA for the tablet was approved and the tablet returned to the warehouse. Neither I or my wife requested to return this item. When I tried to call into customer service I was asked to leave a call back number, which was fine, until I received a automated call back and was immediately replaced on hold! After talking with the rep and explaining my situation she said she would have to transfer me to the RMA department, where again I was placed on hold! That made me reach my breaking point, after this experience I am determined to never use nor will I recommend to any of my customers to order equipment from them (I am a manager at the 5th largest ISP/data provider in the US). If you have had any experience in dealing with a child with Autism you would know my poor son is going through stressful times! I am extremely disappointed at the level of service provided!


I bought a HDD and instead of the new drive I expected, I got a DOA drive in an opened mylar bag. When I went to return it I was forced to either take a replacement or get hit with a 15% fee. I thought I should caution other would-be buyers but hit the rules that say “speak no evil of Newegg, nor make comparisons to other manufacturers.” So I dumbed-down my review to just the bare facts, only to have it rejected. But my point is that much as I’ve loved Newegg for over a decade their policies have changed big-time and buyers need to be very careful now.

And the result for me is that I won’t trust them and I’ll think more than twice before I bite on any more “specials” from Newegg. I’m really upset about being shipped a dead previously opened hard drive, forced to pay return shipping, and forced to either get hit with a 15% fee or take the risk all over again with a replacement hard drive. Paypal is now the way to buy online for me!!


So, I have had my first issue with Newegg… I have been a Newegg supporter for over 8 years, every time I build a system I use Newegg. I have always had great customer support, even replacing DOA CPU’s. So, this time I am building a new system and their shipper lost my package… well it actually never made it out of California. I was on the phone with Newegg, on the phone with the shipper, Newegg, shipper, on and on. In fact the shipper called Newegg and wanted to start a trace, Newegg said “No”. Last time I called and asked to talk to a supervisor and was to “He is not available, but I discussed your case with him”. So I have all the pieces to the new system and no case to mount it in, all Newegg can say is “there is nothing we can do for 7 to 10 business days”.

I explained I was a loyal customer and always use them, this is making me think twice about continuing my loyalty. They replayed, “We can’t tell you where to spend your money..” Really, what happened to Newegg? I was never asked if I wanted them to send a second case, never given ANY other options, they seem to forget I’m the customer.


I ordered a telephone system with 5 phones from Newegg. Got them and they were useless even with insulators in my house because they had so much static. I returned them and followed their return policy to a T. They sent me a letter stating that they couldn’t give me refund because an LCD on phone was damaged. This couldn’t be further from truth… all phones returned perfect condition. Newegg said I would have to file a claim with the shipper. Where is my money newegg? $120.00 and nothing!!! Mad in Washington.


I recently ordered some memory for a laptop from Newegg on January 3rd. It is now the 11th and I still don’t have the memory. I contacted customer service via online chat. The first Newegg customer service representative I got could care less and only told me that they downgraded their shipping service a year ago and I would just have to wait. No apology nothing. What?!!! I will dispute it with my credit card company and I will never do business with Newegg again. It continues to amaze me how a Company like this are willing to lose good customers when it would have been so simple to rectify the situation. Shame on you Newegg!


Beware of’s ‘guaranteed 3 day shipping’ …who is guaranteeing this 3 day shipping? It is false advertising, because after a week passed and I did not get my order I contacted newegg to have my complaint fall on deaf ears. All you get is excuses and the passing the blame game. You can’t promise something in writing and then have no way to remedy the default of the guarantee! I contacted my credit card to file a dispute. Beware of Newegg and their corporate lies.



I’ve been shopping at newegg for years now. My mouse goes dead so I order a new one, 1 item, small order what ever you want to call it, I didn’t give it much of a thought because neweggs always been solid, couple of days later I get a package opened it up and I notice a there is a crease every where around the actual mouse box. Further more there was a huge gash opening on the side witch it looked like it was cut by a knife. The braided cord was folded like it has been used already and I opened the weight case and the weight was put back upside down and was all dirty! I literally said out loud ” wow this warehouse person had a bad day and wanted to ruin mine as well”. Needless to say I called newegg customer support like any sane person, but they refused to give my money back. Well there goes my business!

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