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On 13 March 2019 at 10.46 pm I had gone to your bank to deposit cash RM250.00 . My Account Number is : 1010 6808 1906. However, I entered the RM250.00 into the wrong account which is : 1010 6808 1096. When the machine showed a Malay man’s name, I quickly pressed “Cancel” but my money was sucked into the machine. I immediately made a call to the Customer Line and the officer told me to go to Maybank the next day to inform the bank.
2. In Maybank, Kluang Johor a lady officer at the Reception attended to me. She told me t she would arrange for the RM250.00 to be deposited into my account (1010 6808 1906). After waiting gor 2 weeks I went back to Maybank Kluang, Joohor and was told that my RM250.00 was deposited to a Malay man's account !!
4. May I know how my RM250.00 went into the Malay man’s account ? When I went to see the Lady officer, my RM250.00 was still not deposited into the Malay man’s account. Who credited my RM250.00 into the Malay man’s account ?
5. I have waited for more than 2 months and have been to your bank 4 times but nothing has been done. I wrote to Kluang Maybank Manager via Pos Laju but till today I have not heard from them either by letter or by phone. I want my RM250.00 back . I will wait for your reply.

Thank you.

Hoe Tong Huat
IC No: 610210-07-5337


called many times since few days ago for fixed deposit department, current account department. But no one picked up the calls.
have been highlighted to customer feedback department, Mr Rueben. But when tried to contact customer feedback department again, the telephonist does not pick up the calls.

It is very difficult to contact Maybank.


I have been calling 4th-5th time regarding my refund amounted RM 23.8 and RM156.90 both transaction happened on 25th Nov. My report number: 01G2MUX8I. No closure, no status no response at all on the outcome. I feel really frustrated when Ive been going on and on and on with the same issues. First call, the customer service PROMISED that it will take only 1 week to do the refund. Ive been submitting dispute form just to ensure Ive done my part. But where's Maybank's part in solving this?? This is not fair for me, it doesn't matter how much is the amount. The matter is now.


I already pay back the sum of the money. Almost 1 month still haven't unblock my account. Maybank request i to settle the problem and bank in 1300 to my account. Then Maybank will help me to give back to the complainer that from kuala lumpur. I already bank in 1300 and waiting Maybank deduct the 1300 and unblock my account. Until today it already 1 month. It is still blocking my account.


On 2nd of feb 2016 around 11:00am-11:35am I call maybank customer service but they keep telling me thy are busy. The answer doesn't make any sense. Please check this for me, I think they mingle around not doing the job they were hired to do. I'm sorry but the Maybank CEO really needs to hear this one.


Experienced a very long line at the Maybank ATM. Someone needs to fix this asap!

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