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Lexmark is an American provider of printing and imaging products as well as software solutions/services. Is it publicly traded on NYSE:LXK and in 2014 reported revenues of US3.7 billions and over 12,000 employees. Lexmark was founded in 1991.

To reach customer support, call 1-800-539-6275. You may also address a letter to CEO, Paul Rooke, with Lexmark International, Inc., 740 W. New Circle Road, Lexington, KY 40550 USA. Corporate office phone number is 859-232-2000 or find more contact information here.

Lexmark products include smaller job copiers such as the CS310 and 410 Series all the way up to the larger prints-per-minute CX825 and MX910 Series. Find social presence at Twitter and YouTube.

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    • United States
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My experience does not even warrant one star. Good Morning: I purchased 2 Brand New Lexmark MS825 Printers for my business. We have always used Lexmark printers to print prescription labels for our pharmacy. This morning one of our older printers stopped working so we replaced it with the Brand New Lexmark MS825 printer. The printer turned on and asked things like - language, country, time zone. Once I selected the correct response it stopped. I couldn't get any further and our Pharmacy Software support stated that the only way we could fix it was to call Lexmark support. I called and a female employee answered the phone. She was very hard to hear and very hard to understand. I explained to her that I was having a very hard time understanding and hearing her. She continued to ask me several times if the printer was printing. I explained that it was not printing and she said that the Red Blinking Light was not an error. She then asked me if the printer was printing and I again said NO. After getting now where with the help. I requested to speak with someone else or a supervisor. She said I was welcome to hang up and call back. That is very unprofessional. Why would you tell a customer to hang up and call back when you haven't resolved their issue or helped in anyway at all. When I stated this she said she could e-mail me tips on how to make it print. I finally was so frustrated and upset that I did just hang up and call back. This time I spoke with a male employee. I started over. I politely gave him the serial number, model number and my name. I then explained to him that I was hooking up a new printer and I could not get it to print. I went step by step in what I was doing on the printer and where it was stopping. He then asked me several times if the printer was printing. I explained no. He then went on to tell me that the Red Blinking Light was an indication that the user was causing an error. I asked how do I fix it and I was placed on hold. He came back and asked me to log into the website that he was giving me. I went to the site where it asked me for a user name and password. He then told me that he could not help me any further because the printer should be printing. I asked to speak with a supervisor and nothing happened. At this point I was 25 prescriptions behind. I had not been able to wait on a single customer in the hour that we had been open so I called my Dad who owns the pharmacy. He came into work on his off day and I handed the phone to him. I was extremely upset and frustrated that neither employee that I had spoken to was willing to help me. I walked away and to allow my Dad to handle the situation from that point forward. I did not hear everything that was said between my Dad and the employee on the other end but I do know that my Dad had more knowledge regarding the printer then the employee did.

To spend over $2,500 on two Brand New Lexmark Printers and to be a repeat customer who has purchased over 75 total printers in the last 14 years: I am very disappointed in the way that this issue was handled. I will not recommend Lexmark to any of my fellow pharmacy owners and I will not be purchasing any additional Lexmark printers from this point forward. My family has owned our business since 1950 and I know that we have made mistakes in the past with some of our customers, however, we are always kind and professional and never let the customer leave without finding a resolution to the issue. I would never tell one of my customers to call back when they were upset and had an issue. I would never continually ask my customer the same question over and over again and then suggest e-mail might be a better option.


Allison Layne


When calling in for service, it takes entirely too long to get some technical support. I work for an organization and I do not have time to wait at my desk all day on the phone to get help. This is the worst company we have ever had to deal with here at Dekalb County School District. You never want to send a technician out to fix the problem, you want us to do it ourselves!! What a mess!! Whoever choose your company as vendors for our printing services absolutely made the worst mistake ever. I have been waiting on the phone for way over an hour. This is ridiculous!!!!! I am going to complain to our company and suggest that we get another provider for our copying services. If anyone ever ask me about this company, I will be sure to tell them to stay away. I will never


I purchased a Lexmark C792DE for my office on 26 March 2018. The local agent in Bahrain (Bahrain Office and Service Co. W.L.L) delivered the printer the second day, and upon installation he found that the three color toners were faulty, and promised to replaced them after he goes back to his office. Two days later I called the office, and I was told they were waiting for response from the regional office in Dubai. another two days later, I was informed that it will take at least two or more weeks to replace the faulty toners! They offered to exchange the machine for another far low quality one, and much slower one but I refused as we need a fast printer. I tried to contact Dubai, but there was an answering machine, on which I left a message, but no response after that.
This is very poor service. A new printer that has a faulty toner, but they don't want to replace it and they are playing games to push another low quality machine.
Can anyone who respects customers help me?


The representative who took my call was very unprofessional. He kept yelling in my ear and was supposed to be transferring me because I was a first time caller, but had me holding on for 35 minutes.


I ordered a black cartridge #28 for a Lexmark printer X5495 on May 1, 2016. Unfortunately, I am just now 8/4/16 removing the old cartridge to be replaced with the one purchased , and I find that I have a faulty cartridge that won't align properly. After four tries, I have been unsuccessful and am now showing a "Low" status for my color ink because of the amount of color produced during the attempted alignments. I realize it was my error for failing to review the 'return' policy. I realize I am much beyond the 30-day return policy, but also feel there should be some recourse for a product that is faulty, even beyond the deadline. I have purchased cartridges from Lexmark in the past and had no difficulty, in fact have previously been very satisfied with the purchase and performance. I understand that I have to have an RMA# for returns. Can you help me?


Crap, I am so rattled and stressed out over this I can't even type in right place....so I quit with these words..."if you own a Lexmark ,product then the ONLY way you can prevent a horrible as did I is...UNPLUG IT when ever you leave your home or office, you may, Go willing, never experience having your life ripped apart by a Lexmark product (HP lost a huge class action over a similar issue). You won't receive faxes or printed mail but at least you will have your home when you return! Your kids may not be burned or inhaling toxic printer ink vapors. Your pet, Fido, and Kitty, will be alive. It ain't over till its over. Lexmark may never settle (outside the exploitative $15k" they did offer) And I may not survive to final judgement. But mark my word, they will know they have been at war with me.


For my office we needed a printer as there was lots of print work to be done. What better option than Lexmark printers. This printer can be expanded to hold up to 1,200 sheets of paper at once. This is suitable for small- to medium-sized office operations. The Lexmark CX310/410 Series of color laser printers gives fast print, copy, and scan speeds. We are totally happy with this for our official purpose.

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