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Acer Corporation is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics manufacturer is publicly traded on the Taiwan Stock Market. It recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with revenues in 2015 reported as NTD263.8 billion (New Taiwanese Dollar) and employees numbering over 7000.

To initiate customer service, call 866-695-2237. You may also mail Chairman/President Stan Shih at Acer American Corporation, 333 W. San Carlos Street, San Jose, CA 95110. The corporate phone number is 408-533-7700. Other support is available here.

Their successful line includes: Acer Veriton, Acer Travelmate, Acer Chromebook as well as virtual reality devices, laptops, smart monitors and iCloud solutions for home business and government. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

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I recently bought an acer aspire from Argos it’s the worst laptop we have ever owned, it is so slow and turns itself off it cost £249-99 waste of money. It’s not our internet connection before you ask our other laptop was fine and very fast loading it would be quicker to watch paint dry. I’ve contacted Argos and they said I need a manufacturer complaint reference number? Can you help please ? Thanks Mrs Karen power


While I was keying an email, the computer suddenly started making a high-pitched screaming sound, much like the sound a smoke detector makes, and the screen showed the message that all files are corrupt, giving me 3 seconds to save them. Jumping into panic mode, I realized I smelled smoke and the horrible smell of burning metal, plastic and "hot electricity" with a sizzling sound emanating from the computer body. Smoke started coming from the left side of the computer and it was hot to the touch. At that time, I slammed down the cover, grabbed the dog and fled the room. I wonder what would have happened if I had stayed around. This was a very frightening experience.

I really don't know what else to say. It's a shame this happened. The computer is dated July 2016. I have already replaced this computer with a lovely HP, thinking I will forever avoid Acer.


I bought an Acer laptop in Dec 2016 and used it for 4 months. I then took it back to Canada and did not use it until Dec 2017 at which time it didn't work. I bought it at Best Buy in Bonita Springs, FL and paid $599.00 US. I rang Acer and was told at that time that my warranty had run out 2 weeks before. I think this is absolutely disgusting. I paid good money and could not afford another laptop and have had to buy a secondhand one. SURELY your laptops are meant to last more than 4 months. I find this absolutely unbelievable. I just cannot comprehend how I bought such an inferior laptop. It beggars belief. My friends have different makes of laptops and have never had this happen. Their laptops have last quite a few years. I am so, so disappointed as the one I bought from you wasn't cheap.

Mavis Murphy


Absolutely disgusted with Acer service support.On Mothers day I was happily playing games and all of a sudden my screen went completely blank,power light was still on as was the fan so this got me stumped .I am a pensioner and am not able to understand how these things work. I left Over night and the next day rang your 1300 service number ,Well not only could I not understand these people but they were downright rude and very intimidating .I told them to get someone out here pronto as I only purchased this laptop in Febuary and was only 3 months old.they kept me waiting on the phone for near on an hour then told me someone would pick it up 2 days later.NOT GOOD ENOUGH .I PURCHASED THIS IN AustrALIA so I want to speak to someone in this country and to someone I can understand.This is my main complaint I do not want to deal with people ,in the phillipines,or any Asian .I suffered terribly after this experience and was extremely upset ,these people have no right to be dealing with the public ,plenty of people here in Aussie wanting jobs.After 3 days for some strange reason my computer came good and I talked to the people I purchased it from and they said I should not have had to go through this and in future any problems I will go through them.


To access my laptop for the first time I was requested to sign a terms and conditions. I am more than happy to read terms and conditions, that isn't the issue. The issue is I feel the terms and conditions are deliberately written in a long winded fashion to deter people reading them. This makes it time consuming for those of us that wish to read the terms and conditions. I believe this practice is unethical and therefore shall not be purchasing acer products in future. This is a shame as I find acer products easy to use and have always purchased acer laptops. Thank you for your time


I own a Acer Swift 3, and have for little over 6 months with no issue. During normal operation, the screen was lifted by a corner, and caused some sort of internal damage to the screen - I shipped it in for repair, as was told on the phone this was covered under warranty. To my surprise, when I received a call back, I was told that it would be $250. After speaking with your agent for a while, we came to an agreement to schedule a callback where I could be told my options. This morning, 12/27/17, I was called at 7AM with a "courtesy call" to tell me if the issue was not resolved by tomorrow, they would have to send the computer back. During the same phone call, I was informed that there is now "water damage to the keyboard" that was not present when the laptop arrived.

I have tried to be very civil with this issue, but this is out of control. Hopefully something can be resolved here and I can continue to be a happy Acer customer.

I would like the cost of repair to be covered in whole. If one of your agents caused "further water damage", I would like whatever that entails to be fixed as well. I believe this is a reasonable request, please get back to be as soon as possible, or we will have to pursue other avenues to make this right.


I bought an Acer laptop in June 2017. For the second time it has quit working correctly. It takes an hour to get some one ( usually with very poor English) to get it working correctly. I want a computer that works! I asked for the computer to be replaced since your "fix" only last a month or so and you won't replace this defective computer I was told I can sent it back But you won't give me a computer to use while I wait for this one to be fixed. The computer is not even six months old, Poor product and very poor service.


A while back I upgraded my acer desktop to windows 10. Since then I have had several updates that install a lot of programs that I dot not use, such as xbox, music, apps, etc. Every time Microsoft updated my system, everything like how I searched for files etc, was changed. I had contact with a Microsoft technician a couple of weeks ago to be able to get my computer working, and he told me I could not prevent updates from downloading. This weekend my computer will not even boot up, and technician tried to help me with problem, but was unable to solve problem for me, by trying to boot up computer with a windows 10 download.

Then I was told that I may lose all my files in order to get computer back to original system. I feel that Microsoft updates etc has caused the problem, but I now have to go get another computer to replace this one. I am not very pleased with Microsoft . I have an old dell desktop that has windows vista, and it is still running very well for things I do with it. Why can I not get a computer and not have Microsoft decide what I need on it.


Purchased a new computer 4 months ago with a 3 year Warranty and first year onsite service. Acer customer service says they will overnight a replacement part next day and send a technician within 48 hours to repair the machine. After three days, we received a replacement part, but haven't seen a technician. We placed a second call to customer service and they said a technician will be out within 24 hours. After waiting another 48 hours and no show technician, we placed a third call to customer service and once again they apologized and said we will hear from a technician by 5pm next day. It has been a week and we are still waiting for an Acer technician to repair the computer.


Upgraded two laptop computers to receive Win 10. I have two problems. One is with HP notebook no files downloaded for win media player,will these come later. Moving on to the larger Acer laptop I cannot for 4 days access entry to this computer they asked me to enter a pin number which I have never received it has now been altered to something else which I haven't received. Please could you do something about this.


I am choking to death with similar problems on previous complaint from UK? After the 15 days to return to Walmart, Boone, NC I started having so many problems I could not get critical legal work done. It may have cost me thousands od dollars in reduced settlement by fire caused by Lexmark Pr0 715 inkjet which exploded in my mobile leaving me homeless. My brother assisted me to get the Aspire since my MacBook was destroyed. This Acer is like watching a Vita Blender chop up my time. I have asked for refund from Acer ASAP because I muist have a working PC or loose thousands of more $ Acer put me thru a 4-6 hr " resent (like other Lex complaint above. After wasting all of my time it solved zero issues. I paid ITSC remote services, $290 and even they could not fix thios DEFECTIVE Aspire. I am a hurting puppy to have trusted ACER.


Can't do this in less than 100 words. SNID 51200024569, purchased Walmart, Boone, NC approx. 3-4 weeks ago. Walmart return no good after 15 days (that's a crime!). After weeks of aggravation at nearly every level, plus spending some $300 to get remote help from ITSC (used then for several yrs, very competent. They could not fix after over 2 hours remote. Got hold of Acer Tech support 2-3 days ago. They required me to sit back for 3-4 hrs, then it spun around for over another hour resetting my whole machine. Today, Sunday all the wheels are coming off right in the midst of extremely serious negotiations to recover from loss of my home and personal property caused by a Lexmark (2/1/2 yrs old) pro 715 inkjet having exploded (per fire marshal), Lost my MacBook Pro so I went to Walmart yo select either a Pavilion or an Aspire. I bought the aspire...WORST COMPUTER DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE! I am 76, USAF Vet disabled and am falling into a deep hole because of how badly this machine functions. "runaway" contacts files., up, down every which away. Terrible email typing, failure to print on new brother MFCJ6510DW, will not provide any legible font, very much a problem for me.

I intended to be able to return to Walmart but I was a few days over the "15 Days to return", Came home, contacted you and burned an entire day and here I am again, work of critical email outgoing and wham, it disappears. I can not tolerate another mind boggling 4 hours while you shut me down to reset everything again. It did not work the other day and it won';t work again. meanwhile I suffer loss in my Lexmark negotiations. I must have a 100% working correctly computer I can rely on. Aspire is not it. Please issuer a "return voucher" to Walmart, Boone, NC and I will drive 20 miles to return this Aspire. Walmart will not exchange or refund without your verifiable voucher. Please don't hassle me. I need to get a working computer.


One of the leading brands that needs no introduction is Acer. Wanted to gift a laptop to my son as he was entering high school and had projects to be done. Acer was the first choice and I feel its one of the best brands in terms of quality. Purchased Aspire V5 which has a sleek design and the features I was looking for. Best technology and perfect gift. I had really no issues after purchasing Acer and recommend this to anyone purchasing a laptop with specific features.


I use an ACER ASPIRE 6930G Laptop.Microsoft was reguarily sending me appeared requiring a large amount of magabites,-350mb or more,I waited some days before installing.It requested 3 hours or more to install,after 3 hours it informed me it had failed to install,and switched off laptop.On restarting it would only inform me that it ''failed to install service-pack'' and wouldn't operate again. I took it to a service shop,where I was charged £35 for windows-vista-install,inc.updates & drives. They handed it back with no programmes on it and my private files[like my T.V.licence] scrubbed off. I complained bitterly to them,and they retrieved some programmes and files[not my T.V.licence].

I also had an expensive 200 hour C.D.-collection-with many rare albums-ripped to my library, that lost very detailed information and album cover-pictues,with many tracks [30-50%] develoing a fault of a 1-5 second gap,other tracks are garbeled or unclear.Because of a normal message from Microsoft to upgrade whilst using my computer,its been ruined. What can you do about it?I obviosley hold Microsoft Responsible!

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