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Lenovo is one of the world's largest electronics companies. With revenues of $46 billion they are a global technology company with 55,000 employees and customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. They are ranked 231 on the Fortune 500 list.

Though they are a large company, customer service complaints are reported on our website often. Common issues with Lenovo include their support hotline, where customers call with problems related to Laptops and Tablets mostly. Other issues include hardware defects and software bugs.

Their corporate headquarters are located at 1009 Think Place, Morrisville, NC 27560. You can also phone Lenovo support at 1-855-253-6686, select option 2 for customer service. Call between the hours of Monday-Friday 9am-9pm (EST).

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I bought a Motorola one zoom phone 10 weeks ago. They advertised, before buying, that if for any reason you didn't like you the phone you could return it within 14 days. I decided to return the phone for a refund. more than 8 weeks later and a 30+ email chain of non-communication with Lenovo/Motorola service/sales/aftersales team nothing has happened. Is there anyone alive in this black hole? Is there anyone with a brain reading emails and answering questions? Here's the story. Within 14 day period I decided to return it. First agent said fine, explained process of return and refund, and then stated that TNT would contact me within 5-8 working days to arrange pick up. Nothing happened and no contact from TNT. Contacted Lenovo again, 2nd agent didn't answer any of my questions and simply 'cut and pasted' exactly the same message as before. Same time passes, no TNT contact, nothing happens. 8 agents later, all I get is a promise to fix the problem. I've had 2 'restarted' the order process, nothing happened. 2 more agents have said they would start an internal investigation and get back with a response. NOTHING has happened, nor any responses. At one point I said I'd settle for a 100eu refund and sell the phone at a loss privately. No response. This has been total IGNORANCE at its worst. I've owned 6 top end Lenovo Thinkpads and bought a Motorola thinking maybe Lenovo was capable of producing similar professonal cell phone service along the lines I've had with my Thinkpad experience. It seems a culturally endemic problem with Lenovo now. Is there a high level COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT contact that will guarantee Lenovo/Motorola honors its contractual agreement to return and refund as continually promised?


To Whom It May Concern,

On December 27, 2019 I purchased a ThinkPad UltraSlim USB DVD Burner, order # 4294395440. Bottom line, the product stopped working because it is no longer being recognized my computer which is a Lenovo IdeaPad Flex (LENOVO 81SS Lenovo IdeaPad FLEX-14API System Serial Number: MP1NL2AJ).

The reason I’m writing this correspondence is because Lenovo so-called Customer Service is extremely difficult to reach.

I was given an incident number (40BMCG9) and told to email that number to Atlanta Customer Service and that a new DVD Burner would be sent to me. After several attempts to contact the Atlanta email address failed (returned by Outlook), I have given up!!!!!!!

I will no longer purchase a Lenovo product due to extremely POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s not the money, It’s the lack of Customer Service!


Repair for broken laptop screen took ages to organize.Lenovo customer service is very poor and unhelpful and very disorganise especially when I wanted to pay the repair for broken screen. I dropped the lap early Jan 2020, still haven't heard anything from Lenovo. Overall Lenovo customer service is terrible, unhelpful and I would never buy Lenovo product in future. I will spread out the word on this.


1. why my laptop charger always breaking down a circuit break every time i plug it in to my home electricity?
2. mine is Lenovo E10-30, for the first about 8 month using, a 'Shift' button broke was broke, and i have a couple friends had a same and other problems for they early view month use of lenovo like broke a motherboard, charger, keyboard, suddenly got slowing down. why this product is "badProduct ever"? we all bought lenovo in indonesia. a seler said there's no waranty anymore for those after a view month. we said SHIT LENOVO WAS BAD IDE, BAD PRODUCT!


Worst customer service ever. There is never a supervisor available. It's been 2 months not that they were supposed to get back to me and no one has. I call back they say someone will get back to me and they never do. Just brushing me off.

Garbage, just garbage. Will never buy, resell or recommenced there products ever again.


I bought a Lenovo laptop ideapad 330S-151KB on 2/25/2019 and after using it for almost two months(Normal using- net, e-mail, typing) it suddenly not powering on. This only proves how incompetent and sub-standard the products of Lenovo is. I brought the item to the service center and they asked me to leave it there for repair and when they texted me that it's ready for pick up because they said that it's now ok, low and behold, everything that I've installed like the IMPORTANT FILES, PHOTOS and DOCUMENTS were gone. No one informed me that they're gonna erase everything. No text nor email. they just decided on their own. In two months of normal using, the repair center said that the problem is the motherboard. My gosh, this is so unacceptable, because we just recently bought it. This only proves how poor the Lenovo products are.


This computer system is merely trash. I hate, hate, hate this computer and I fail to understand why it is on the market to begin. This system has built in spy-ware and, in FACT THERE is a class action connected to this product. I would NEVER recommend this product to anyone, not even my worst enemy.


received email stating i purchased a system, spent 24 minutes trying to contact someone that cared, finally they opened a fraud issue and said i would be responded to in 24 to 48 hours. simply not acceptable..... all i ask for is the last four digits of the card used. no no no.......cant provide cant help cant provide cant help........


I purchased Lenovo's laptop last year in August. Since then I have been facing problem with MS excel. I tried calling customer care and waited for an hour but no one responded. I am very unsatisfied and what is the point of warranty if I cannot get it fixed, in this particular time period.


computer and support system have been bad from the start. my suggestion Lenovo go into somrthin


My Lenovo computer was malfunctioning. After contacting Lenovo about the problem, I was told that it could not be fixed. Since I was covered by insurance, Lenovo stated they would replace my computer for a new one at no charge. An email was sent to me which stated the new computer no. and id. plus the address that it would be mailed to me. I was told upon receiving the new computer I was to mail back the problem computer to Lenovo. I dealt with Mr. Tyrell Smalls, Customer Case Care Manager, phone. no. 919 874 3080 (email tsmalls@lenovo.com) First problem, I have been unable to contact by phone. Mr. Smalls phone box constantly full and I cant leave any messages. Second problem, his email to me stated the address that the computer was going to be mailed to was in Long Island N.Y., but instead it came to my address in Brooklyn N.Y., but at least it arrived. I also received from Lenovo, an email containing the fed ex mailing label which I was to place on the box of the returned non working computer, which I did. I then delivered it to fed ex with your company tracking no. 795399044550 Shortly after fed ex notified me that the computer was in route to North Carolina, and a few days later I also received a fed ex notification that the computer had arrived on January 2, 2018, at 8.42 am at the Lenovo N.C. Plant and some one by the name R. Coucil signed for it. On January 19, 2018, I received an email from len Returns@lenovo.com subject Lenovo part return reminder -dorr pr 00094902 advising me that this was the second notice that I had not returned the non working computer and that within ten days I would be charged for the new computer??? and that I should contact Mr. Tyrell Smalls costumer care case manger, which I tried with no success since his line states his telephone box is full. I then contacted your costumer service department at 855 253 6686 no. 4 spoke with a woman name Michelle and told her all the above also gave her the fed ex tracking no of the return computer 795399044550. She proceeded to tell me that her records showed that Lenovo received it??? she further stated that the non return email most have been sent In error?? I asked that she send me an email stating to acknowledge that the computer had been received and she stated she could not do that?? How incompetent can your company be not one mistake but 4, I have all the paper work showing that fed ex notified me that they receive the box containing the computer from me on Dec. 28. 2017 and their e mail showing that they had delivered it to Lenovo at your plant in North Carolina on Jan. 2, 2018 AT 8:42 am.. Gerald Donovan


I had ordered a Lenovo laptop on 8th of October. The delivery date was between 13 to 17, but i received a mail saying your order was cancelled on 18th of the same month. I want to know why this happened and you guys have kept my money for 15 days at least with you. Who is going to pay for that?


The office purchased a Lenovo computer in May 2016, in September 2016 it crashed, just 4 months old!. I was told that a tech would be out in 3 to 4 business days to repair the computer, I called every day and was told that "yes it would be repaired" on the day the "tech" was suppose to show up I called and was told that they were "waiting for parts" This was the first time this was mentioned. Since this is a business and we can not wait for months for parts that may not be good (a history of Lenovo) we demanded a full refund.

I was told by Michael Summery (SP) that we would get a refund, that a shipping label would be emailed and that a box was being sent. We have not received either. I have left 5 voice mail message and sent 5 emails, I have not received a response at all. We are now looking in to taking legal action since this computer is under full warranty and was only 4 months old when, according to Lenovo the mother board crashed.


I purchased a Lenovo desktop computer about 5 months ago. It was sent back for an issue and returned to me and supposed to be fixed. Less than week later the same problem is back. Lenovo said that they would have a box shipped to me with in 3 days. Today is the third day and the box might be shipped at the end of the day. I cannot speak to anyone in the USA about my issues all I get is the person in the Philippines who says we are sorry for this inconvenience! They won't give you a phone number for the US at all! any new computers I purchase will NOT be Lenovo.


i ordered white Lenovo vibe k4 note from Snapdeal. When I received that and I open the box it was black and repaired mobile. The seal of mobile was broken and the main thing is the IMEI number of the phone did not match to the box and to the slip pasted on the battery. It is a big fraud case. I am scared and i did complain but they said that first we get the mobile back to us then we give you the new phone or refund your price. I am now thinking of taking this issue to Lenovo corporate, so they know how this company is selling their product. How can i believe them now?


Purchased two Lenovo keyboards at the advise of a sales associate, based on two needs, back lite and if they were had RF, both needs were covered based on associate. I questioned the associate if I can return them if this is not what my computer Tech. indicates will work. I was advised by the associate yes and I inquired what the return policy was he stated as long as they were not opened or used, I could return them in 30 days.

It was determined that they were not able to be used for my application, I returned them on the 17th day of purchase. they refused to credit our company credit card and issued a gift card instead. I went to this company only because I assumed I could value there expertise in electronics. I will never have a reason to use this gift card for future purchases, we do not use electronics for long periods of time. I'm not a person to complain, until I was lied to or misinformed.

My point is Best Buy associate misinformed not one time but two times causing me to trust his knowledge and make the purchase. The Corp. office refused to credit the amount to our credit card. My company, and myself will no longer use this business, for any future electronics purchase.


I had purchased a Lenovo Vibe X2-AP (Gold) Worth rs 10049 mobile from Snapdeal on 6th April 2016. I got a defective item from snapdeal. I marked a mail to the Snapdeal Customer Care Team on 8th of April 2016. Everyday I am remembering to contact them by call or mail. For the last 15 days they are saying your request is pending.

Today is 22 April they guys are saying you should visit to our Service Center and can repaired your mobile. Please you tell me If i marked a refund mail on the second day of the delivery of the product. Why should I go to their service center. If I have much time for it then why? I purchased this gadget through online. Lenovo is hurting me.

They guys are not caring about their 7 day easy return policy. They are completely greedy. Please help me to refund my money and resolve this issue so that they can never serve me from his pathetic service.


Got the blue screen, called the Lenovo support number I do t know how they where trying to help me and I wasn't sure if it was safe to talk with them. Once it got into a sales pitch, I hung up. The remotely took control and wow, not sure if that was safe. I clearly don't know who they where.


Bought a new Lenovo computer $850 from Costco on line. Received it yesterday. Followed instructions and connected everything. Turns on and lights on machine and on mouse and keyboard light, but nothing on screen. I have a new flat screen monitor and it works fine on old computer but it says there is no signal on the new Lenovo. computer. Also, after it starts, it sounds like the hard drive just turns off. I have tried two working monitors but both show no signal detected.

Anyway, I contacted Lenovo customer service and they said it would be 139 minutes until I would receive a call. That was several hours ago. What do I do? I suspect it has a bad switch going from hard drive to VGA plug in back thus not turning on the screen. Since there are no instructions with the machine, and absent a call from Lenovo, I guess I am ready to return it to you. Where do I return it?


My Lenovo mobile power keeps going off. I have complained to the care staff but they do not seem to care or want to help their customers. I buy electronics often, and I can promise you this review will be shared online and to everyone I can. Very poor quality product.


The windows start button will not work on my Lenovo laptop. This is my only complaint, otherwise it's a great cheap piece of crap. What's the customer service phone number?


Here are my complaints I wish to forward to Lenovo corporate offices. First, they do not honour their warranty. Second, they do not provide a detailed USER MANUALS (DETAILED). Third, they do not maintain a proper office location. It is impossible to contact them with customer service problems, which is why I am forced to submit my feedback online.


I bought my Lenovo laptop to get it fixed at Best Buy's Geek Squad (8923 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11214). My laptop could not boot the night before I downloaded Windows 10. The Geek Squad guy (Andre) said they are going to set it back to Factory Setting. He searched the Best Buy computer trying to find my laptop type/brand. He choose a laptop that loose like mine, but it was 1TB. I told him my laptop was 2TB. He said don't worry, we will install a generic one. Whatever geek squad word that is, I don't understand and I said "OK", because I told him my laptop was 2TB. I am not sure if Geek Squad is required to ask you if you want to Back Up Data first.

But he did not asked me. So I asked him " is my data all gone?" if they reset it to Factory Setting. He said yes. He gave me a Client Copy of the service. In the "Service Information" area of Agent Recommendations, it said "diag and restore to factory and upgrade to Windows 10. Client declines DBU. eta 3-5 days. FP". I don't know what DBU is, but it looks like Data Back UP meaning. If it is, I never declined it. I have bought a 2 year Geek Squad Protection plan in 2014, so it will be done with no expense from me. [ I guest they don't want too much work, with their high paid salaries]. I know IT people get paid a lot.

12/11/2015 Friday, I came to pick up my laptop after work from this Geek Squad lady(I did not asked her name). I checked to see the space in my hard drive. There was only 1TB of space on my hard drive and asked her why...She said they did not change anything and whatever the laptop has, it is there. I have bought my 2TB Lenovo laptop in June or July 2013 on sale, and opening it everyday, I know how many TB there is on my laptop. I kept telling her that my laptop is 2TB, but she kept saying the same thing to me that they did not change anything. [If you format a Hard Drive (Internal or External), you get back the GBs or TBs in your hard drive]. It really did not make ANY sense to me they did not change anything.

I sign the damn service perform by GeekSquad and went home to try to find my receipt for the laptop I bought. But the receipt did not show it was 2TB. It only showed the Brand number and some numbers following it. I was really pissed, so I tried to called Best Buy to see if they have a record in their store to see if they have a record of my purchase on my Lenovo Laptop and how many TBs was in it. They don't understand forward to Geek Squad for me. This lady told me to bring my laptop in to check. I went back to Geek Squad.

This guy came to check my laptop and he came back with some printed papers from amazon.com on my Brand/Type of laptop. He said this kind of laptop only has 1TB. They may have 1TB laptop of my brand now, but mine was a 2TB. I told him, when I bought it, it was a 2TB laptop. I did not bought a 1TB laptop and update it to a 2TB laptop when I bought it. It was already a 2TB when I first bought it. He said he can open it up and show it to me the hard drive that it is a 1TB.

I asked him can Best Buy check to see if they have my record of ordering this laptop, because I pay for it with my credit card at the same Best Buy store. He repeat that this laptop is a 1TB laptop...[At that time I felt like they took out my 2TB hard drive and changed it to a 1TB]. I am no computer or laptop expert, but I know things inside of them and how they function. It is like bringing in a broken down car with expensive engines and parts to a car mechanic and they fixed it, but replace it with some cheap replica.

I also contacted Lenovo customer service to see if they can check my laptop was originally a 2TB by giving them my serial number or any info on my laptop. But this guy said he is unaware of any 2TB from Lenovo. I been using my laptop and checking hard drive space on a daily basis for 2 years. I know how much space I still got. Maybe I bought my laptop in 2013. Maybe they stopped making 2TB, because I see only 1TB laptops at Best Buy. But I am definitely sure my was a 2TB.


I purchased a Lenovo tablet TAB 2 A7-10 from Amazon France on the 23/09/15 the purchase included a 30 Euro refund I have sent all relevant papers including all barcodes and I mean all barcodes that are on the packaging. The is the last e-mail from them. Consumer Service <consommateur@sogec-marketing.fr> November 17 at 10:41 AM. Hello, After checking your purchases of evidence, we confirm that your participation does not have the original copy of the bar code is not accepted. Under the terms of the offer, we regret not being able to bring on your claim. Thank you for your understanding Sincerely, Maria Consumer Service Fax: 01 69 79 10 30


Had to do a system restore and lost some drivers - cannot connect to internet. Their support website has the driver files but they make you download LSB (Lenovo support bridge). I did this using a non-Lenovo computer so I could put on a CD and copy to the Lenovo. LSB recognizes it's not installed on a Lenovo and refuses to allow download. Contacted support, tried live chat, and the only way they will help is if I purchase a $200 service subscription. What a rip-off! Will never buy another Lenovo product.


I purchased the Yoga 2 Pro in December of 2013. My Computer now is a paperweight. It will not turn on. It will not reset and it will not let me get to the BIOS. When I called Lenovo, they let me know my computer was out of warranty and it would cost a nominal fee of $99 to diagnose the problem after I sent the compter to a repair center. After they diagnose the problem a larger fee would be required. Doing some research it is plain to see that the Yoga 2 has had this problem for many other people yet Lenovo refuses to ackonwlede a bad product and stand behind. Horrible customer service.


If you want to buy premium range of computers,laptops,ultrabooks,smartphones,servers then go for Lenovo brand. My friend started a online business company and looked around for the best hardware. He opted Lenovo desktops,servers and few laptops for the staff and the stuff was really awesome. He got the best processor with outmost specifications, one year warranty, 1year accidental damage protection insurance, branded backpack and free Microsoft office subscription for first year. It's an awesome offer and excellent opportunity for any IT professional. I suggest you to go for Lenovo if you want to have excellent performance for a long duration.

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