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Belkin International is an American manufacturer of electronic connectivity devices such as routers, cables and switches. In 2015 the LA Times reported revenues as over US1billion with over 1000 employees.

To contact Customer Support, call 1-800-223-5546. To reach founder and CEO, Chet Pipkin you may call or write corporate headquarters at Belkin International 12045 E. Waterfront Drive, Playa Vista, CA 90094, or 310-751-5100. You may also find support contact here.

Belkin product line includes: QODE Ultimate Lite Keyboard, WEMO Switch, WeMo Maker, N150 Wireless Router, N Wireless Router, QODE Ultimate Lite Keyboard Case for PadAir2 as well as numerous accessories for iPods and iPhones. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence may provide useful social/technical support.

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I did not receive 1 of the 3 products I ordered (F8J207bt04-blk). A second product (F8W869dsC00-APL) was sold as if it would fit the Apple X. It does not fit the XR. I called customer service. They did not answer. After 27 minutes, I hung up. Simultaneously I tried the customer service chat. After waiting several minutes, I was informed that my chat request had been cancelled, because no agents were available.


I don't need a car charger for my cell phone often but when I do it must be reliable. I have been on lengthy trips, holding my breath as I navigate my way around. I purchased your product from Verizon as recommended to be the best for my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. I have lost power completely while plugged into auto power source. Actually it never has charged. We have been lost on secondary roads late at night on more than one occasion. My smartphone shows me the information I need but without power it will not work. It never has worked right since day one. I have been stranded, used up far more gasoline then I planned, and have lost all confidence in your product. On the other hand, I borrowed my son's auto charger and plugged into the same auto supply and it held a charge like a charm. The difference was like day and night. I need an answer to my complaint and I want my money returned so I can purchase another charger, one that is reliable. I wish I could be compensated for my time, fright, and gasoline. I am thankful that nothing worse took place.


The guy at Belkin customer service on the phone was very rude to me he told me to install my software on my computer so it can register on there end. And he said that it would not work on windows xp then he knew it did not I actually looked at the cd it came with it does work on windows xp pro. And then after that from his end he saw the chat room open by the way and it said chat end. I think the guy was rude to me and he said you can call us to help you setup your adapter by the way i am not calling him on my cell phone because he was very rude and when I setup my computer please do not have him call me cell phone because I know how to setup up my wireless network with all my devices. I'd rather register my device through the Belkin website because the guy is very stupid and does not know anything about computers.


I have been purchasing apple products for years and this is the first time i am so angry, I will never buying an apple product again. I have a Belkin dock charger for my iPhone 5S. I did the IOS update today and as soon as I did it, the charger no longer worked. I was on hold with Apple for close to an hour and a half. The person I spoke to told me that even though Apple’s update caused the dock to no longer work, I still have to go through Belkin to deal with it. This makes absolutely no sense to me. sells the Belkin dock. Apple caused the dock to no longer work with it’s update. Am I to believe that means if I go to the Apple store right now and purchase a Belkin charger from you, once I get home and see that it does not work, you will tell me to deal with Belkin? I don’t think so.

How could you sell a product that a Belkin update causes to not work? I could understand that if the product just didn’t work, as is the case with many non-Apple products, but this was an update that stopped it from working. Why is it I have to call Belkin to deal with that? This is bad business and I can not believe Apple is expecting a loyal customer to accept that. I was going to purchase an Apple watch on pre-order tomorrow, but not only am I no longer doing that, I will never purchase an apple product again. Shame on you Apple. I am very disappointed. You really dropped the ball on this one. Your customers deserve better than that. Truly disgusting behavior.


I needed a cover for my new iPod and purchased it from Belkin. The quality of the product is very good and I am totally happy with what I received. It was for just around $23 and I loved the texture of the cover. Water proof just in case anything gets spilled would protect my iPod. Totally worth the money and indeed good worthy products at Belkins.

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