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Bought a 2018 Jeep Cherokee in November ! It has been in the shop for oil changes and now it is having to have a motor put in the vehicle. This process has been a nightmare and the service department and dealership has not been helpful at all....


I have a 2010 Jeep Liberty with a Sky Slider that does not work. I have tried multiple times to have someone fix this issue, and I continue to be rejected because no one is able to fix a Sky Slider due to lack of parts manufactured through Chrysler. I cannot trade in my jeep at a reasonable trade-in value due to this issue. My Jeep is in excellent condition, with very low mileage, and I refuse to trade it in and get little to nothing for it. I have taken the jeep to different dealerships within my area, and am told that I am out of luck with fixing it. It would cost me $5000 just to take it a part to see where the actual problem resides. I am not able to utilize my jeep to capacity. I drive it 5 to 10 miles a day because I am afraid the Sky Slider will blow off. This is a safety concern for myself and many others who own Jeeps with Sky Sliders. Something needs to be done, and quickly.


2012 Jeep Patriot Transmission failed with only 38k miles, warranty 36k.... called Jeep they said yes then called back and said no! Jeep mechanic & private transmission shop , said they’ve never seen a trans fail with so little mileage! 2000 off warranty of course! Both guys said Jeep should at least pay labor to fix it. Jeep est. 7500, more than the car is worth! Many electrical issues since we had the car. Daughter barely escaped injury pushing the car off the interstate!


WE purchased a gas cannister from Jeep in Checotah, ok We picked it up FRiday and paid over $400 by credit card! Yesterday I found the same thing on line for $169 so today my husband went back to the Jeep dealer to return the unopened cannister! They said he could not return it !


My daughter bought a 2015 renegade limited on 05/29/2017 from West Herr. She has had numerous electronic problems from her key fob not being recognized to every alarm in the car going off and not allowing her to drive her car. She has had problems with the transmission changing gears without her input. She has had into the dealer several times but they find 30-35 codes but have not been able to fix the car.. They have had the car for several days with no resolution of the problems. We have thought of taking it to a different dealer in the area but feel we would get the same out come.

On the internet we have found several of the same complaints which was caused by the master command module. What is the manufactures warranty on that module? Could you suggest a Dealer in this area that may be able to fix the problem?

Thank you in advance for your help.



My name is marie. I purchased a Jeep Wrangler in 2017 from Jeep of cherry hill nj. U helped me the last time I had a problem. When I bought my Jeep I also purchased insurance for my tires in case they were damaged., as I live in the city. I called the finance dept of cherry hill that I could not remember the company’s name as I has to have my tire replaced. I called about 9 times, emailed cherry hill, and left 9 messages. . Not one reply. Al I want is the name if the company so I could get reimbursed. Jthey grabbed my money so fast when I originally purchased it. Now they don’t me tell them to stop making a dam fool of me. They have given me trouble since day one. My next Jeep sure won’t come from them


My wife just leased a 2019 Jeep Wrangler sport unlimited. The first dealership she went to was Dutchess Dodge in Poughkeepsie, NY. After agreeing upon a price she went to pick up her Jeep and the dealership had trouble with the registration, so they asked her to go to DMV for them. DMV told her that there was no reason she had to go for them and she called the dealership back. They insisted she had to. SO she filed the paperwork for them. When she arrived to Jeep, they weren't ready for her, mind you, they called her at 1pm to help them out. The finance associate, John, said it wasn't his fault, he works there alone and there were 4 people ahead of her, even though she had an appointment. When they finally sat down with her at 5pm, they changed the price. She told them she no longer wanted the car. After going to a few more dealerships, she went to Newburgh Jeep and they gave her the price she wanted and she leased the Jeep. She traded in her 2016 Jeep Renegade, it had an extended warranty from Mopar. They said she had to go to Dutchess Jeep where she purchased the warranty to cancel. After 4 visits to Dutchess Jeep and they assured us it would be canceled, we got a late notice in the mail. It was finally canceled 1 month after going in person to cancel it. Fast forward to now, 1st payment is due, the price is more than what she signed for because the bank said the dealership left out a fee.


In February bought a Jeep Cherakee (2015) from Auto Lenders in Turnersville NJ. At first a few minor problems fixed. Then realized there was a problem with the back door. Talked to manager who said to take it and get it looked at at body shops and was told by 4 different body shops that the car had been in an accident. The carfax stated no accident and so did the agency. We asked to have this taken care of and have emailed with no result. How can we take care of this problem?


We own a jeep patriot along with the bank. This 2016 vehicle on 5-22-2019 had to have the throttle body assembly replaced. The cost $885.18. Brakes plus, INV#1334201026, GM: Rick Pisonero, 303-307-1727. Base on my research I have found that this a frequent problem in this model. I am seeking reimbursement. I am sending a copy to my law firm.


आपके jeep के बिहार के डीलर रुकमणि ग्रूप से मैं 20/05/019 को jeep कॉंपस limeted लिया ! वहाँ मेरे साथ धोखा किया गया ! मुझसे ज्यादा पैसा लेकर कम का बिल दीया गया जिसकी शिकायत मैं कंपनी को कर रहा हुँ ! कंपनी से आग्र्ह है की इस को गंभीरता से ले वरना ये लोग jeep कंपनी को अपने स्वार्थ के लिये बदनाम करते रहेंगे ! 103357/-लेकर 67098/-का इन्सुरेंस किया गया ! मुझसे पुरा पैसा लिया गया !


Monday 5-13-19 called local dealership (Sakelaris in Camdenton, MO) to have my car picked up and towed to dealership for grinding noise coming from rear driver's tire. They gave me Jeep's phone # to call for pick-up and I gave them name & contact #. Tow company that day called me back 3 times before arriving at my house to tow car. Gave tow truck driver my key fob with name written on it. Dealership said they wouldn't be able to look at it until Wednesday the 15th, which was understandable. I finally had to call dealership on Friday to find out why I didn't receive a phone call regarding status of my car. I was told they didn't have any info on who the car belonged to or call back phone #. Gave info to Hunter. Had to call back a third time to get status on car, Hunter told me it wasn't even looked at due to not knowing who it belonged to and call back # and he asked me if the car was drivable into service area. I told him not to drive car in, it would have to be towed in due to grinding noise he informed me that the car wouldn't be looked at till Monday the 20th. Dealership called my contact # (my neighbor Darrel's phone #) around 4:00 pm on Monday 5-20-19 that car was done and ready for pick-up. Went to service dept., area, was sent to cashier's office for signatures on paperwork. Had Hunter called to cashier's office to explain what was found wrong with car & what was done to fix problem. Cashier told me to go to service counter, Hunter said he was going to get me the keys. He came back with the key fob. I then informed him that I was very disappointed with the service received there, that they could have found out by the VIN who the car belonged to and contact phone number from the towing company on Monday the 13th. He didn't even bother to inform me where my car was parked outside !!!!!! I was out searching in their back parking lot when a mechanic who was outside came over to me, we went back into the service area again, informed Hunter that he failed to even tell me where they parked my car after service done (2 other customers waiting in service dept) There is NO EXCUSE !!!! for all the excuses I was given @ this dealership. I asked Hunter, when they couldn't supposedly contact me by phone, why didn't they send me letter in the mail.!!!!! He didn't have an answer for that. Earlier in the day I called the dealership to talk with the owner/manager of the dealership, was sent to Mr. Sakelaris's voice mail requesting a call back to inform of problems with getting my car done. I will not be going back to this dealership for maintenance (4 free oil changes within 2 years) or if further service is needed on my vehicle. I need to have my maintenance agreement transferred to the next closest dealership so I can get oil changed in my car soon. I also feel I should be compensated for my time spent trying to get my car serviced, all the phone calls I had to initiate. It would have been nice that my car be brought into the small drive-thru for me, since this was a warranty issue. I await your reply be either e-mail: or mail address: Catherine Kuntz 1368 State Rd C, Richland, MO 65556. Thank you, and have a good day


bought a 2015 jeep cherokee, its been a great suv for my family however we have bought the extended warranty and thankfully so. Here are my thoughts

pros: v6 is powerful, comfortable to sit in and drive, extended warranty covers everything so you have peace of mind, excellent gas millage, excellent service from the dealership in timmins ontario.

cons: ac is always problematic, headlights are dangerous they are so dim should be a recall for sure


bought a 2014 jeep unlimited have had nothing but trouble out of it engine light keeps coming on. was told small evap leak have had it in to be fixed 5 times.drove it 2 times .27 miles light is on again. tired of not been able to drive it more.


First the radio quit working then the horn, then the air bag light came on,still on. Next thing to happen was the powertrain moduel and throttle body went out, they paid for the powertrain, we had to pay for the throttle body,now they say our clock spring is bad, Jeep corp. did say on the phone they would reimemberse us for a rental car while it was being fixed, but today 4/2/2019 they call and tell us we did not quallify for that either. Jeeps are a big rip off nowdays and i let everyone i see driving one know what has happened to ours and how jeep corp. treated us.


Frame rusted out and completely broke.....could've be killed !! about 140,000 miles on it, ran good and looked good. Is there any recall on this or anything you can do. We bought from a private party not a dealer. thank you


I owned a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from 2016 to 2019. I traded it (with the Title) in for a 2019 Grand Cherokee Altitude. I had the Roof Racks, Mud Guards, and Side (Steps) Runners installed on the 2014 right after I purchased the 2014 SUV. I was told these (3) Accessories had to stay with the 2014 Vehicle during the Trade. Ok. I tried to purchase these same Items for the 2019 but was told Jeep does not offer the Side Runners?!? Really?? Not to happy with the Accessory Dept.!! Can someone tell me why??


I got a jeep from red river dodge in heber springs At, I was told they would match the price that another jeep place in Arkansas ...they did not..they over charge me 4 to 5 grand...they are very dishonest...


I have had this new vehicle into service 4 times because the heater malfunctions. I am now taking it for the 5th time. I have never been offered a loaner and have provided my own transportation to and from. I would like to return this vehicle and be rid of the payment and have my corvette I traded in back, but I realize this isn't possible. Now I am told I have to wait. It will very soon be over 20,000 miles and out of warranty. I will never buy another vehicle from Jeep or patriot jeep dealership in Mcalester Oklahoma again and I fully intend to obtain a lawyer if not fixed to my satisfaction. I also think if goes over warranty the corporation should be responsible for heater repairs until fixed! Vickie Klink, 118 country aire avenue, mcalester, Oklahoma, 74501. 918-318-0898


july out of state saleman sold me 2016 jeep compass sport for 19.999.00 promised me I could come back in 10 months to refinance because the payment was to large gave me a check for 2,250.00 to make the first 10 payments went for so called free oil change service dept had no knowledge of it did it anyway then told me the should had a 20point check up in case there was something wrong before they sold it to me they did not arrange any of it. sold me a extended warranty which I did not want never gave me a copy of the contract had to get one from the bank so I could cancel it still waiting for the funds to be applied to the loan from januiary 18,2019. freindws convinced me not to wait 10months go back and talk with them which I did first week of January they came and said we can not help you car is only worth 10,000.00 after 5 months of the purchase. after leaving the service manager Mike landry called me ask me if all this happened I verified to him that it did promised to investigate and call me following Monday he never did so I called twice left messages never returned my calls. ask th e bank how on earth could they do such a large loan on a vehicile that after 5 months was not worth the paper it is written on. She said let me check your files came back and said it was worth that 5 months ago suggested since my credit was so good maybe I should refinance my house. Dealer gray Chrysler Dodge Stroudsburg pa 18360 570-517-5600 went on line found a demonstration on car when it was new only sold for 18895.00. How can people get away with all this. there is more to this but not enough space gave you the major stuff


I have attached some of the recent emails back and forth with Jeep Kanata palladium drive .

Not only have I been pushed aside and given 0 customer service at this dealership , I have now been tied into speaking with a lawyer about customer service and the liability jeep should have when working on my 2011 Jeep patriot. I have filed complaints , I have spoken to all the staff at this dealership , and to say it nicely its a very unethical building . I had mechanics look at my car and tell me what was wrong with the vehicle ( because I have no idea when it comes to cars) I had those mechanics who work at Myers Volkswagen come over with me to explain to Jeep that my sub Frame is rotted , and needs to be replace . They said okay , took the car in for the day called me to come pick it up saying it was ready gave me the keys I drove down the road , swerved off the highway onto the shoulder of the road scared for my life , call jeep to see what's going on with my vehicle , They tell me that none in and that they are closing and to call back tomorrow . I call back the very next day , express my concern , they tell me that there is no time to look at it until the following week . I bring it in and they tell me that the Sub frame is rotted and it will be 1400 for the parts and 8 hours of labor so around 2500 to 3000 dollars , I say why wasn't this told to me when I was in last and why didn't you quote me this when my mechanics told you that the sub frame was rotten , they said it was a mistake . Well this mistake on top of not knowing that the sub frame is warrantied wasted and put my life in danger . The dealership tells me that they are sorry they will do everything for free and give me summer tires for the inconvenience . Then I receive texts that show I am being charged 400 dollars because parts are not warrantied ( so I was lied to again ) then I come to pick up the vehicle and the amount I have to pay is over 700 dollars . No summer tires no nothing . When I bring this matter up the next day to the GM Sean he acts as if we've never discussed any of these issues he tells me to PROVE that he said any of this . So this is why I only am willing to speak to this dealership through email , and they have been relentless on not speaking over email but only in person , then they send the lawyer to me to speak about customer service .. This whole experience is a nightmare and I would sincerely like some help from JEEP to rectify all of this for me .

Also all of what the employee's are saying in the lawyers email are fabricated , all after the fact to cover up any liability but as you can see in the emails they avoid any type of ownership or any time of problem resolution through email they only will speak to me through face to face and if not they respond one sentence to my page of concerns . My lawyer has advised me to take this to social media , and to jeep Canada , also to onvic prior to taking legal action . my hopes are that this can be worked out without creating a social media blast and a law suit . This dealership wants to have 0 accountability for sending me off in a car that they deem save when it wasn't the case at all , they ignored requests from other mechanics, ignored the warranty the first time and let me leave thinking everything was good to go . not anywhere was it documented that it was unsafe to drive.

This is some of our emails :
ME speaking :

Not frustrated at all , These were all drawn up after my car had left the dealership so you have a couple liars in that building but my main question is and since you are a lawyer your client is GUY PARKER correct? Not Capital Dodge Chrysler Jeep ? because I have been in touch with Jeep Canada and they said that this is ridiculous for Jeep to miss replacing a rusted sub frame the first time I was in the building . So no not frustrated just not okay incompetency. I have copies of all the bills and all comments that were made the date the car was looked at , So all your showing me is a couple kids who got together and came up with some creative writing . Does not prove anything , The negligence I can prove , the terrible customer service I can prove . I have yet to hear from anyone WHO THE OWNER OF THE BUILDING IS , I’ve asked directly and have yet to have an answer . You gentlemen are taking my emails in frustrated manner , I’m shocked at the lack of accountability a car dealership thinks it has , My vehicle was looked at on Feb the first . Where does it say that it’s not safe to drive ? Where does it say that my Sub Frame is fixed ? It doesn’t because JEEP ignored my request and ignored the responsibility to their customers of honoring a warranty . I will say very happy to speak to a Lawyer but I need answers to my questions Who’s lawyer are because if your speaking on behalf of JEEP , Well JEEP Canada your boss in this case has told me that this should have never happened and to contact the owner and get this rectified . Any help with these question would be just super! And I hope you aren’t as tarty as the people you work for 15 days to read a statement after the fact by employee’s who lie , I have 5 statements from mechanics that came in and will be on camera coming in , also have mechanics that will say they told your dealership what to do and that the SUB FRAME was rotted , why is my ROTTED SUBFRAME not done on FEB 1st like I told them to do . My story is going to be heard it’s just a matter of getting in front of an actual person with some substance because this is just high school efforts . Anyways if you can tell me The person you work for and the owner of that building so I can confirm that would be top notch my man , Thanks for reaching out look forward to your reply

Ryan W Taylor | Financial Advisor , RBC Royal Bank | Royal Bank of Canada | 2121 Carling Avenue, (Carlingwood Shopping Centre) Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 1H2b , 613-725-5448

From: JF Lalonde []
Sent: 2019, February, 21 5:15 PM
To: Taylor, Ryan W <>
Cc: Hayley Sloanes <>
Subject: FW: 15 days with requesting resolution , Said you would email me yesterday ( which I have a copy of the email of course )

Mr. Taylor,

I am the lawyer for Capital Dodge Chrysler Jeep. Your emails have been forwarded to me and I have spoken with Mr. Parker. I have also reviewed my client's file notes, a copy of which I am providing at the bottom of my email. Moving forward, please direct all communications to me as I will be handling this matter on behalf of Capital Dodge Chrysler Jeep.

From my review of the notes and emails, your Jeep Patriot 2011 was looked after for repairs between February 1 and February 7, 2019. Whatever issue that you had Jeep Patriot has been fixed. If the purpose of your emails is to vent your frustrations, I believe that these have been duly noted by Capital Dodge.

Here are the notes from your file:

Feb 1st, 2019
• Vehicle checked in with Service Advisor Mark Stuart with two concerns reference work order 335095 by an employee from Kanata Volkswagen on behalf of Emily Papps-Ingran.
A. “Replace customer supplied wheel bearing for the right rear.”
B. “Inspect vehicle for what would be required to able to do an alignment”
• Vehicle was dispatched to a technician to install supplied parts reference line ‘A’. The technician was unable to start the vehicle as the battery was low on charge. Vehicle was boosted and brought into the repair facility.
• The Customer supplied parts were installed on the right rear of vehicle as requested and the inspection was completed on the vehicles suspension.
• Technician’s notes on work order 335095 line B and read “Check all suspension, found rear struts leaking. Need Battery to start car, load test failed.”
• Mark Stuart contacted Emily by phone and supplied an estimate for rear struts that required replacement due to leaking fluid as well as the battery that had failed the load test.
• Emily declined the suspension work but approved the battery replacement.
• Emily asked if the wheel alignment was completed yet and Mark explained that it still had to be inspected by a different technician for the wheel alignment but may not be completed until struts are replaced.
• The alignment technician completed his preliminary road test of the vehicle and inspected the alignment of the vehicle’s suspension. (As mentioned in the email from Ryan the odometer was not updated in the computer but was had written by the technician. All suspension repairs and wheel alignments are road tested before and after repairs are completed. )
• The technician was only able to make adjustments to the front suspension of the vehicle due to the condition of the rear suspension as noted by the first technician.
• The Alignment technician stated that he was “Unable to do alignment due to the parts that were installed not here. The tabs that the rear toe link cam adjusters ride on are damaged or missing. Suggest replacing the rear cradle that’s the only wat to be able to set the rear toe and finish the alignment properly”
• Emily was contacted again by Mark who shared the additional findings. No further repairs were authorized by Emily at this time.
• The vehicle was picked up by Emily at 6:02 PM (as shown on her MasterCard receipt) an hour after our service department was closed. As a result I suspect there was no staff available to answer any questions Emily may have had in person.

Feb 5th 2019
• Emily met with our General Manger, Sean Russett, and myself Kyle McColl (Service Manager) to discuss her recent service experience.
• Emily shared that she was disappointed in the service she received from Mark and thought that we could have better communicated to her what repairs her vehicle required.
• Emily Explained that she was more concerned with a “tracking issue” that she was experiencing while driving the vehicle and that this was not addressed.
• Emily said that in a recent snow storm she had “spun-out” and suspected it was due to the alignment of the vehicle.
• I asked Emily if there was any event, such as an impact or pot hole, that caused her vehicle to be out of alignment. She explained that she did not recall any such event.
• Having not been involved in her recent repair personally, I invited her to bring the vehicle back in so that I could personally inspect it with our shop foreman and confirm the findings on work order 335095.
• I suggested to Emily that future correspondence be done via text message between her and Mark Stuart to ensure better communication between them.
• Emily explained that recently both Barrhaven Chrysler and Kanata Volkswagen had completed an inspection and some suspension repairs to the vehicle. We have not received any further details as to what repairs they had completed or what they were asked to inspect.
• I informed Emily that although I had not personally seen her vehicle, a portion of the repair may be covered under an extended warranty released from FCA Canada for her vehicle (ref X69 FRONT/REAR CROSSMEMBERS covered for 120 Months or Unlimited kilometers expiring November 17, 2021. )
• Emily explained that she was unaware of this extended warranty as she had not received a letter from FCA Canada nor had she been informed by Barrhaven Chrysler that it applied to her vehicle.
• I explained that she would be responsible for other parts mentioned such as the rear struts and/or any other parts required with the replacement of the rear cross member but she would be provided a quote prior to any repairs being completed.
• Emily agreed and arranged to have the vehicle dropped off for service the next day.

Feb 6th, 2019
• Service advisor Mark Stuart created work order 335263 for Emily’s Jeep Patriot with complaint of “ Inspect vehicle for rear cross member due to vehicle not tracking properly while driving”
• The vehicle was inspected by the assigned technician, our supervising Shop Foreman.
• The inspecting technician noted “ Upon inspection of rear cross member noticed frame has holes in it and that the alignment tabs are rusted off/ missing and unable to align properly Also noticed rear struts are leaking and should be replaced at the same time.
• Mark texted Emily and asked her to call him to explain in detail what the vehicle would require. Emily did not authorize any repairs at this time again.
• John from the parts department of Volkswagen called mark and asked for a list of parts required for Emily’s Jeep. No repairs were authorized at this time.
• Emily authorized repairs by phone to Mark Stewart. Parts were ordered and Emily was notified that the vehicle would have to be kept overnight.
• A Loaner vehicle was offered to Emily at no cost to her, she did not accept it.
• Additional sub frame bolts were required to complete the repair at no additional cost to client as they are also covered by the X69 extended warranty.

Feb 7th, 2019
• Upon removal of the frame, the technician noticed one rear tow link was required at an additional cost. Mark made the decision to use his employee discount to reduce the cost to employee price. Mark later reviewed this with his supervisor and the additional cost was completely covered by the dealership as a sign of good faith.
• Emily was notified at by text message that her vehicle was repaired and ready for pick up.
• Emily later contacted the dealership by phone and asked to speak with the Service manager. I Took Emily’s call and reviewed her invoice with her. Emily was not satisfied with the repair or my explanation but it was unclear to me what more we could do.
• Emily asked to be transferred to the General Manger.
• The vehicle was picked up later that night after the service department was closed.

If there is anything else that you wish to discuss, please feel free to contact me.


Jean-François Lalonde
Partner | Vice & Hunter LLP |
T 613 232 5773 | F 613 232 3509
E-mail to:
85 Plymouth Street, Suite 101, Ottawa ON, K1S 3E2

Begin forwarded message:
From: "Taylor, Ryan W" <>
Date: February 21, 2019 at 4:26:02 PM EST
To: Guy Parker <>
Subject: RE: 15 days with requesting resolution , Said you would email me yesterday ( which I have a copy of the email of course )
Mr. Parker you have yet to answer the questions I’ve asked are you the owner of 1200-2500 Palladium Dr, Kanata ON K2V 1E2 .
How do you not see what your team has done wrong? Why was my jeep brought in twice ? I had 2 mechanics and a service manager from Volkswagen call and speak to your service manager and tell them that my SUBFRAM was rotted and needed replacing. Why didn’t they fix everything that day and give me a bill for 1100 ? Why did I leave your building being told its all fixed and go onto the highway and loose complete control had to drive 10km an hour back to your dealership , with service telling me its closed and I would have to booked an appointment. So on the Saturday when I called ( which is documented in my phone ) I was told that no booking can be done on the Saturday and no management was in to speak to. So I had to wait again until the next week for you guys to tell me it’s the SUBFRAME and that it can cost up to 4000 dollars , Then I had to go online to find out its actually warrantied DEMANDED it be fixed for free , TOLD by your staff that it would be completely covered and that they are sorry they missed it the first time. THEN I come in and there is a 700 and change bill for me . ALL OF THIS has been sent to you 15 days ago . I want everything covered for my Inconvenience , and your negligence to send me out of your dealership in a car that’s unfit and unsafe for the road . And not knowing your own warranty’s . So if you and your “team” can’t see where you’ve went wrong I want confirmation you are the owner and I want details in who your lawyer is and contact information and you can “ Close” this file in your mind and I will take it from here . And as for your comment at the end “And like the many many times we are sorry that we have not met your expectations” My expectations are that your true to what you say or does this only go for your Southbank dealership . 15 days to tell me that you see nothing wrong with my vehicle having to go back twice for a problem your techs and mechanics are supposed to be trained in JEEP products one might even say EXPERTS . HOW do they miss a rusted sub frame that warrantied, after being told “ Not asked told to fix it by other mechanics that clearly knew more than your experts . And you can see that my jeep was in twice in 2 weeks . so I want to make sure I understand this , your standing by your staff and saying as a dealership that’s an okay way to deal with your customers .

Welcome to Southbank Dodge Chrysler Jeep
I would first like to thank you for visiting our website.
Southbank Dodge was founded in August 1974. Since then, our loyal customers have enabled us to expand our operation to become the largest volume Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealer in the Ottawa region. The pride held within myself and the entire Southbank staff is what has allowed us to succeed and continues to motivate us to exceed our customer’s expectations.
I am proud to say that not only is Southbank Dodge the number one Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership in Ottawa, but we are Five Star Certified by our customers. Customer satisfaction has always and continues to be our number one priority.
I am proud to offer you not only an exceptional line up of vehicles to choose from, but an incomparable service and parts department that will ensure that your vehicle is impeccably maintained.
On behalf of the entire Southbank staff, I would like to say thank you to our clients; whether you are a long-time customer, or new to the Southbank family, I promise that we will continually strive to earn your business.
Guy Parker, CA
Dealer Principal

Ryan W Taylor | Financial Advisor , RBC Royal Bank | Royal Bank of Canada | 2121 Carling Avenue, (Carlingwood Shopping Centre) Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 1H2b , 613-725-5448

From: Guy Parker []
Sent: 2019, February, 21 3:48 PM
To: Taylor, Ryan W <>
Cc:; Kyle McColl <>
Subject: Re: 15 days with requesting resolution , Said you would email me yesterday ( which I have a copy of the email of course )

If you want me to do anything for you i will have to undefstand what we have done wrong after revising the whole file with our General Manager and service manager i cant see where we have made a mistake. You have been talking to us with your lawyer revision and advise so i have asked my legal team to advise me on it. I tought it would be nice to meet and try to resolve this matter but with all your respect you dont want. So until you tell me what you want i consider this file closed. And like the many many times we are sorry that we have not met your expectation .

On Feb 21, 2019, at 2:59 PM, Taylor, Ryan W <> wrote:
We are past 15 days with this problem resolution , on top of yesterday you told me by day end I would receive an email from you prompting me on what your sales managers opinion is . And its past 2pm going on 3 the very next day and I have received nothing . This Is a wonderful way to treat a customer with complaints , I have told you in prior emails This business is full of lies and empty promises this is why you guys cannot conduct any type of formal email that explains all your negligence and care free attitudes. I brought this issue to the owner being you in hopes that if I clime high enough I can receive some service and answers in 15 days I haven’t received anything of how or what you’re willing to do to rectify this issue . I have asked you kindly to email me what you’re willing to do from day one . all I have received from you is that you want to meet me in person. If you’re the owner of this business and think I will allow this to continue , you are very wrong I have been respectful of your business by speaking to you before going to social media with everything . This is my last time reminding you to email me back ( which this is the 3rd time ). If I do not have a resolution that I am satisfied with I am going to move forward with what my lawyer has advised me to do . I will not be going anywhere until everything is rectified . Your business guarantee’s 5 star service Mr. Parker it doesn’t say sometimes we give 5 star service . You’re going to be held accountable for the negligence and to say it kindly TERRIBLE customer service , let me know how you would like to proceed . ( I will not be meeting in person , if that’s to happen it will be because of a law suit against your building ) I already have 5 signed testimonies from Mechanics at Myers Volkswagen that looked into the issue came to your dealership and explained to your staff what needed to be done and it was all ignored and told me that the car was fixed and safe to drive . I have written paragraphs in these 15 days and have received back from Yourself and Associates after constant reminders, answers back that are two sentances long . This is a disgusting way to do buisness and I have kept everything as ive said in prior emails , Mr Parker this is the last time I will remind you and your staff to email me back , I would also like in your email you to confirm that you are infact the owner of this Jeep dealership 1200-2500 Palladium Dr, Kanata ON K2V 1E2 . And that you will only accomadate further conversation in person.

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Si vous recevez ce courriel par erreur, veuillez en aviser l'expéditeur immédiatement, par retour de courriel ou par un autre moyen. Vous avez accepté de recevoir le(s) document(s) ci-joint(s) par voie électronique à l'adresse courriel indiquée ci-dessus; veuillez conserver une copie de cette confirmation pour les fins de reference future. Vous pouvez vous désinscrire de la liste d’envoi de courriels promotionnels.


$803 repair bill for a $67 thermostat on a 2015 (we are original owners) with 41,000 miles. Called customer service because we were out of warranty and they said to submit bill for reimbursement. We know of 2 other people who have had the same problem and there are hundreds more online. So it is definitely an issue on JEEPS end. After 45 days they call and say they will do nothing because we are out of warranty, I TOLD THEM THAT ORIGINALLY. We've always bought Hondas and never had any issues with them. We have gone over 100,000 on everyone. Live and learn. Jeep is junk and customer service is terrible.


On November 19th, 2018 I took my Jeep into Rhinelander Chrylser, Dodge, Jeep's Service Department because the rear camera was blurry. The Service Department replaced the camera. Again, on February 13th, I took the vehicle back to the Service Department as the camera is STILL blurry. The Service Manager told me this was as good as these camera gets and I should write Jeep in regards to this matter. I paid $143.94 for a camera that is still blurry. I would like a refund for the camera.


Unfortunately on June 2018 I received my new car Jeep Cherokee 2019 from dealership in New Jersey Rout 18 - USA, in August 2018 I had critical problem in my car, when you go left or right or push the car breaks, the car switched off totally, I dropped my car to the dealership and they said to me this is the firewall cable and we changed it, and they give me the car, after 2 month the same problem return again, and the car stoped in the high way suddenly ,and it was very dangers to take right and start the car again, I dropped the car again in the dealership on January 2019, and they said the engine is failed, we have to replace the engine, I was very frustrated, they changed the engine. From 10 days ago I received alarm in the car with high voice in the new engine and the car very weak, from one week ago I dropped the car again and really, with alarm and high voice and weak engine and the auto start stop, and they said this is something in transmission, I called the customer service to change this car because I can't believe this is Jeep 2019 and also I don't file save for my kids and my family whenI drive this car, and they not care about me.


I bought my 07 jeep compass 3 years ago an the transmission went out I still owe money on it


Customer Service:

I need a supervisor to call me at 773–383–9898 to resolve an issue I am currently in the middle of. I would really hate to have to go to the Better Business Bureau, the Illinois states attorney, and notify JD Powers customer service with this problem so hopefully, a supervisor can make a quick fix to this, as your service people have not been able to do so far.

I purchased two cars, not exactly an every day occurrence I’m sure, even for your company, to have two vehicles go to one person, from one of your dealers a few years ago. The battery wore out on my 2014 Jeep patriot and I had to have it replaced. After that expense, my radio stopped working when the new battery was installed. I am told there is a code that is needed to be put in at one of your dealerships. As inconvenient as that is, I have now called three of your dealerships to be told that they want $75 labor to take out the radio just to look at the code and then place it back in. One even suggested I just go buy a new radio somewhere rather than help me.

It is not my fault that someone at YOUR company made the decision to stamp YOUR codes on the back of MY radio. There is no way in the interest of customer service that I should be forced to pay a dime for this inconvenience. Not only do I have to take off work, losing more money due to your company’s problematic decision, but your Elmhurst location is an hour away from me, so I will lose two hours of travel time coming and going not to mention the length of time it will take to make this fix. I should be able to go to one of the local shops and have this matter taken care of quickly and at no charge.

You would think that the code for my radio that I purchased from you would be in your records somewhere in your computer system and it should be easily fixable but not only do they want me to travel there, they want to gouge me out of money for something that is your fault. I understand a battery can go out but as soon as the new one is put in the radio should work, only needing to re-program stations, not be dead until this task is performed.

I need a supervisor to call me as soon as possible as I am leaving town in 72 hours and this needs to be rectified quickly or I will be forced to call all three of the organizations I mentioned and let them mediate the outcome.

If anyone expects me to buy future vehicles from your corporation, you will get back to me very soon.

Rhonda Griffin
10324 S Keating
Oak Lawn, Illinois


My 2018 Jeep compass with 17000 miles uses over a quart of oil every 1000 miles. if i don't check it and refill the car stops running. This is totally unacceptable for a 1 year old car with 17000 miles. I want a resolution to this problem or i will escalate this issue.


I took my Jeep to Five Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Macon (478)287-1907. They kept it for over a month due to my carpet would get soaked and wet, they did not even work on my jeep, they wanted to charge me a car rental fee because they did not have a loaner for me. I went and asked for my jeep back last night, my jeep has the low fuel light on, the engine light on, the door was not put on properly and does not close right ( driver side door). I can hear wind blowing from my bar light to inside the jeep, General manager David Miller never returns my calls, I get ignored from the front staff all the way to the service department. Wait time every time I called the service dep was 25 min on average. My jeep is under warranty and can not move it because it would not turn on this morning.I have many pictures.



I write to express my disappointment and embarrassed with Chrysler/Jeep's oil change contract. I spent nearly two hours at the Millsboro, Delaware Jeep Dealership getting an oil change. To further explain, I was issued an "8 oil change contract" through Chrysler which does not expire until June 27, 2020. Furthermore, this contract resulted from an extremely stressful inconvenience last year while downloading a purchased upgrade for the Jeep map program for my 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited.

To take advantage of this service, I was instructed to take my jeep to any dealership and they will honor this contract by merely entering my vehicle’s VIN (1C4PJMDS4EW258962). An appointment was made with Millsboro Auto Mart (local Jeep dealership close to where we just moved) for January 21, 2018. During the oil change, I was informed the contract was "not valid!"

How embarrassing. I rifled through my phone’s e-mails to find the e-mail sent me as reminder not to forget to use this oil change service. It was shown the attendant than forwarded to his e-mail.

How uncomfortable is this. Coming in for an "inconvenience induced" and promised oil change only to have the computer show I do not have such a contract. In company with this Dealership's Warranty person, Danielle, and with a phone number provided by Van Owens, the dealership's service advisor, we contacted Chrysler by dialing 800-427-9753. Danielle ended up speaking with two individuals who stated the computer on their end showed I was in fact entitled to these 8 oil changes; yet no matter how many times Danielle refreshed and re-started her computer, the Chrysler based program's screen continued to show my vehicle's history with no valid contract or any other information. When changing screens and going further into the Chrysler program, using the Contract number (44573087) then the option code (ECSR28N), readouts showed one of two items - - 1. no contract. 2. contract expired.

After nearly 45 minutes of this back and forth on the phone, the last person at Chrysler apologetically stated said the issue must be on Millsboro's end as his screen reflects my vehicle is entitled to 8 oil changes, and there is nothing more he can do. He did say he would contact the Chrysler technicians of this situation. With this, the phone conversation ended and both Danielle and I were left in "limbo!"

Was I to pay the cost for the oil change and try to recover from Chrysler?
Was there something Chrysler could send to the dealership to show what they were seeing on their computer?
What was I to do? After all, Chrysler ended the conversation with me sitting with the dealership's warranty manager and no resolution in sight.

Recognizing this dilemma, Vance came to where we were and said he would not charge me for the oil change but would try to work out payment from Chrysler. I was given my key-fob, paid for the tire rotation (apparently not covered by my 8 oil change contract) and left for home.

With 7 oil changes left, and the problem just encountered, I am left with decisions to make:

1. Do I return to Millsboro for the next oil change, only to find the issue not rectified?
2. Do I go back to my old dealership that sent me the reminder which is far away since we just moved to Ocean View to find the issue not rectified?
3. Do I use the Dealership in Georgetown where all recent work on our jeeps was being done, except it too is now is far away from where we just moved and possibly find the issue not rectified?
4. "IF" I go to any of these other dealerships will I continue to be plagued with the issue of the Chrysler program showing NO VALID OIL CHANGE CONTRACT on the dealership's computers?
5. Should I abandon Jeep dealerships and start taking our Jeeps to local auto shops and quit believing Chrysler will honor its contract for my oil changes?

Finally kindly understand, we are a total Jeep family. We have only owned Jeeps since the early '80's and currently have a Wrangler Sport and a Cherokee Limited. And we do not want to go through the embarrassment of learning the glitch which does not afford the local dealership access to my oil change contract had not been rectified AND I again compelled to spend an excessive amount of time on the phone with Chrysler in an attempt to receive what was promised.

Kindly advise what Chrysler will do to ensure this does not happen to me again.
On that topic, and during this interim, can Chrysler send me a coupon booklet or at least a memo to reflect I have contract # 44573087 and it is to be honored by the dealership, regardless of what the Chrysler program screens show?

In advance, thank you for your time,

Thomas E. Douglas MA
6 Lindsay Lane
Bridal Ridge Estates
Ocean View, Delaware 19970


Re: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit
I've been in touch with a local dealer and FCA (877-426-5337). I had an appointment with my local Jeep dealership on 12/10 for bubbling paint on my aluminum hood. (There are numerous postings on this problem on the Jeeep Blogs. ie..,,https://jeepga...) My Jeep is less than 5 years old, My appointment was of 12/10/18 and the dealership in less than 2 minutes told me..."your car is out of warranty!, don't you know look in your book its only 3 years., take it up with CFA, start a star case." After telling the SA that you need to send in pictures for Jeep to see and authorize they took a few pictures and said they would get back to me in a few days. I thanked him and was on my way. Within half hour of leaving I contacted CFA and opened a case file. They promised to contact me 2 days later, never happened! I called them 3 days and was told they would refer my call back to the agent, again never got a call back, 8 days later called CFA again and the women said to me it was doubtful that an escalation would be accepted. Today I called the dealer since they too had not called me back. What a JERK OFF! I'm fed up with this situation. I may reach out to my local ABC station, they love to put this "crap" on TV and educate the public. I'm not sure that another dealer can help.


I am a Mechanic in Australia, I the misfortune to be contacted by a service manager after I had carried out a service on a JEEP, when I had removed the lower/ under engine cover I notice a couple of oil leaks coming from A/C compressor and rear main seal, I showed the customer and requested that he should book it in to dealer to check and rectify the problem also noticed that oil was getting into air filter box indicating excessive back pressure, when customer contacted dealer about the problem, the service manager rang me and said that small oil leaks are not covered under warranty and with under tones saying that he does not care, this is why JEEP have a BAD reputation for BAD SERVICE, who don't care once they sell a car, you do not count. I would think if you a producing a car of some quality you back it up with service to customer whom without them you don't sell cars, but that aside as a trade person I take pride in what I do and you would expect the same from dealers but it seems NOT and if these so called TECHNICANS that are supposed to be factory trained, there is long way to go but may be you guys can contact the dealers down under how things are done and how the customer should be treated and that any oil leaks are not excepted on any vehicle 3 years old and under 50000kms I just hope that this message goes to the right people to change things around or not but I JUST wanted to get my point across on how bad things are down here.


Tracy McNeal - Johnson purchased a 2012 Jeep vin# last 6- 200628 for approximately 16,000.00 (cash) in Feb., 2018. Since i had this vehicle, its been horrible . Engine light stays on... brought the vehicle back three different times for service and lost of work and earnings from my New York City Fire Department Job. Jeep service experts stated claim that my vehicle was fixed with all new parts and ready for the road. You would think that if Larchmont Jeep dealer would have service ALL vehicles before sale?
Presently as we speak, my Engine Light is back on and there is NO heat, heating system failed ! I conferred with Manger John at said location however, he wants me to bring my vehicle back on Monday, December 10, 2018 once again for service. It's costing me time and money that I don't have and extremely inconveniencing my safety and lifestyle driving this Jeep vehicle. Furthermore, went to Eastchester Chrysler Jeep for service and manger stated that this jeep is a lemon.... Have part on back order regarding Engine light being on..... Tracy McNeal- Johnson


we bought a 2018 dodge ram the wind sheld has chips in it and if it had been any other dealer they would have replaced it not only that the where the fuel and heat and odom is the cover is cracked we told them about this and the dealer just blew us off they also told us that this truck was a demo found out it was a rental I don't know if any thing can be done about it or not this is Lakeland dodge 2875 mall hill rd Lakeland fl33810 if something is not done this will be the last dodge I will ever own we traded in a 2012 dodge charger and a 2004 dodge ran 2500 diesel thank you for your time john &Belinda davis


On 8/16/16 I purchased a 2012 Jeep Wrangler from World Jeep Chrysler in Shrewsbury NJ. At the time of sale I was sold a warranty from Fidelity Warranty Services inc. in the amount of $2894.00. On the front of the warranty it states that the warranty was for 7 years or 100,000 miles. This is what I was under the impression I was paying for. When I took my Jeep for a problem, which turned out to be a bad thermostate. I was told that the warranty had expired. I did not read the small print which stated the warranty was effective on the Manufacturers original in service date which was 9/30/11. This information was not pointed out to me. I am so upset that I paid $2894 for only 2 years of coverage. I am requesting a refund because I feel the coverage period should have been made clear to me. Trust me in the future I will ask more questions & read the fine print. I purchased my Jeep from World Jeep Chrysler because I thought they were a reputable dealership. Please prove me right. Regards, Richard J Mills 35 Washington Ave. Leonardo, NJ 07737.


I am writing this complaint not because I expect or want anything from Jeep but only hope this makes it into a file to be used by your half-ass trained liars in customer service. I am mostly mad at myself for being fooled into buying a Jeep when I was perfectly satisfied with the 3 prior Nissans that I put 250,000 miles on without incident. Unfortunately I also talked my son and my neighbor into buying a Cherokee and now they are stuck with them, but I will give you the information to do as you wish with it. I purchased a Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk from Royal Gate in Columbia ,Illinois, and even from the beginning I was lied to, but that was only $116.00 hit so I let it go . This past August I was headed from St.Louis to Estes Park , CO on vacation as I do each year same time and I had just entered the Kansas Turnpike . It was raining and there were no particular vehicles around me, other than a van behind us. The sun-visor was open but the slidng glass was closed. My wife opened the passenger window about 4 inches and there was what sounded like an explosion. It startled both of us , and we were trying to figure out what happened as I pulled over on the right side of the highway. I had two pillows in trash bags and I took them out and crawled up on the roof with duck tape and two trash bags to cover a large hole in the rear glass. This was difficult considering I am 64 years old, but it was raining on my personal items in the back of the Jeep, not to mention the interior of the vehicle. I was able to temporarily cover the hole until I got to Topeka where I purchased plexiglass and more duck tape to cover the hole. The rest of the day, driving to Hays, Kansas was spent on the phone with Jeep, and different Jeep dealerships. I found it amusing that Jeep Customer Service had not heard of anything like that before , that pressure could cause the glass to explode, but the dealerships I called were aware. This also brought to mind the Safety issue with glass flying back at the vehicle behind us that did pull over for a short period of time. The issue with the dealers was that the Jeep had 37,000 miles on it and was over the warranty , which I said what the hell does that have to do with defective glass. I was on vacation and spent 2 days of it working with my own insurance company to get the Jeep repaired at my expense when I returned home. Like I said , I don't want anything from you. My Jeep dealer has already called for me to purchase a newer model and I informed him Jeep is not interested in it's customer service and I let him know I would not get bit by the same dog twice. I hope when someone else calls with a similar problem you don't just lie to them also. Jeep has an issue.


On Oct.. 22 I had jeep towed to Sandy Sansing Jeep Dealer In Milton, Florida. Problem was flashing Throttle and traction control light with very rough running. History of complete power loss (power returns and every thing normal - happens about every two months), security system locking up (disconnecting and reconnecting battery resets), Check engine light always on, windshield washer blades failure, driver window will sometimes stop being able to lower and door will lock without warningFlashing Throttle and Traction Control Light (happens about every month). My online research points toward AIBM.

Dealer changed spark plugs, coil and wires. Cleaned Fuel System Induction. Cost was $655.66.Picked up jeep but before I got off lot I got flashing hazzard lighting light with very rough running. Tech ran test and received ABS C121C (Torque Request Sigbal Denied), PCM P2173 (High Airflow/Vacuum Leak Detected), PCM P0171 (Fuel System 1/1 Lean) and Pcm P0174 (Fuel System 2/1 Lean). Left jeep with dealer. Oct 23 2018.

Next dealer changed Map Sensor plus Power Module at cost of $746.00. Picked up Jeep that day and drove about one mile and same alarm lights came on. returned to dealer who discovered same trouble codes. Left jeep with dealer Nov 11.

Next dealer found that the module was not reinitialized after repair. He took care of problem and notified me that jeep was ready for me to pick up. As I entered vehicle noticed that alarm had returned.Turned back over to Service Department. No charge. Nov. 6.

As of that day have not been able to contact Service Manager. He is always busy and will not return my call. Due to illness have not been able to contact in person. Am using loner car from friend but this cannot continue. Every time I go to Sandy Sansing Jeep dealer must ask friend for transportation. For her this is a 2 hour round trip. Plus having to remain with me at dealers to have jeep rechecked. This cannot continue.

I need help. Cannot someone contact Sandy Sansing Jeep Dealer and tell them how to take care of problem? I need my jeep.

Freddy Brown
4178 Morristown Road
Jay, Florida 32565


Well they left a wrench on top of the motor under the hood and also left all the lug nut in the cup holder. I have a SRT. what a waste of money. In the shop every 2 weeks.


I have a 2016 grand cherokee limited edition I bought new in july of 2016 at Browns jeep in patchogue ny. The truck did not come with a trailer hitch so I added one my self later. I added the trailer plug which plugs into the factory receptacle only to find out the receptacle had no power and would have to be activated by the dealer using a computer program. I paid 45 k for this vehicle and the dealer wants to charge me $150 to power it up. This
is unfair. Why was it not powered up at the factory? I was in for 2 recalls that involved computer software fixes and both times the service dept. refused to turn on the lights unless I paid him even thought the car was already on the computer. In the past 5 years me or my family members have purchased 5 Jeeps from this dealer and they could have done this out of courtesy. Should this trailer light receptacle have been powered when it left the factory and why not.


I want to buy Jeep Grand Cherokee in UK. They have on their website FAKE offer, because they offer you Grand Cherokee but they don’t sell you!!! I have only one question- WHY DO THEY PUBLISH THIS OFFER? I lost 3 days to deal with Jeep UK retailers and all of them was laying that they have this car and next day I made call them again and they told me we don’t have this car. RIDICULOUS.
JEEP THHINK US WE ARE IDIOTS. You can’t see on the offer “WHILE STOCK LAST”.
Jeep UK knows very very well that they don’t have this car but continue to make us idiots.
Good luck Jeep, you are layers!
Obviously quality of cars is the same.


I, Sophia Josama am currently looking to purchase a vehicle. It was suggested that I go seek out the Jeep car dealership in Garden City, New York on Franklin Ave last Friday, July 27, 2018. The treatment that I received was HORRIBLE. The sales person, Salvatore was prejudice and very unprofessional. After explaining my current situation, he stated that his manager said, "it wasn't worth running it". What that meant I have NO idea.
I felt so berated and belittled which I have never experienced in my life. I was racially profiled and ridiculed, witnessed by other customers in this dealership. I will not encourage anyone to go to that jeep dealership.


Case # 34651737- I'm about to have my 4th radio installed in my 2013 GC Outlander- Cert pre owned and bought extra MOPAR Protection Plan 39859346 exp 3/26/19 or 60,000 mi. I'm at 65,000 mi now. First call to Alexis- awesome. She was concerned and caring- 7/9/18- given to case manager Freddy- phone 877-855-8400 ext 4719606- he called me at 6:35 pm 7/11left message- I called him back immediately several times- no call back. I call corporate number abd get Alexis again- MOST HELPFUL!! - back to Freddy- He calls back at 7:35pm on 7/13- Im out to dinner with my wife- I run out of restaurant and call him back- message machine again - I call again when I get home- I'm now on hold for 27 minutes and 27 seconds and NOBODY!!!- My appointment was made for Monday 7/7/16/18 7:45 am at Atlantic Jeep in West Babylon- I now have to cancel after taking the day off- My radio will be sent back to the factory on 7/24. SOOO Frustrated!!! Freddy, Freddy Freddy -Would you pay $907 plus labor to have your 4th reconditioned radio installed- Really my broken radio works better than YOU!!- Cheaper and less time consuming to just go to small claims court.


I brought my vehicle to Hickman Chrysler, 20 Peet Street, St. John's, NL A1B 3N7 around May 20th, 2018, to report an issue with my vehicle rims deteriorating. The chrome or finish on the rims had deteriorated to a point where it was down to the underlining metal. A representative from the service department took photos of the rims along with some rust around the door hinges. I was told at that time that the information would be forwarded along to the manufacturer and that I would hear back. To date I have not received a response or any feedback.


June 1, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

This is the first time I have taken the time to write a formal complaint to anyone. Before I begin on my complaint, I want to say that the personnel at the Garden City Jeep Dodge Dealership and Service Center in Garden City, New York are courteous, respectful, and professional. Please note that I purchase my first Jeep vehicle in 2006 at my sister recommendation. She recently purchased a Jeep Liberty at Garden City Jeep Chrysler Dodge Dealership and thought that my next vehicle should be a Jeep. I went and fell in love with a 2002 Jeep Liberty. Everyone was great and I kept this car for 10 years My issue began with the purchase of my next vehicle and its repeated issues with the engine.

On April 2, 2016, I purchase the vehicle after having serious complications with my 2002 Jeep Liberty. I had the car towed to the dealership to determine the issue with the car. The cost for repairs at that time was over $2,000. As I had the car for 10 years, I thought it was time to have get a new vehicle. I purchase the vehicle at the dealership because of my previous experience and love of a Jeep. The salesperson was nice and knowledgeable about the vehicle. There was no pressure sales approach, which I appreciated. After being approved for the loan, I met with the Sales Manage to review the details of the vehicle and warranties. There was a strong sale on purchasing additional warranty coverage for the car, which I did not understand at the time, but now I feel it was an indication that there were issues with the car. In addition, the sales person warn me about the warranty sales pitch and advised that no additional warranty was necessary as the following warranties were still in effect on the vehicle.

Basic: Coverage expires 3 months or 3000 miles
Drivetrain: 44 months or 63,722 miles
Emissions: 56 months or 43,722 miles

At the time I purchase the vehicle, the total miles on the car was 36,278. The total purchase price of the vehicle after a down payment of $1,000.00 was $16,933.70. After my first vehicle inspection on February 18, 2017, I begin my journey regarding the engine issue with my vehicle. On March 25, 2017, I took my car to dealership regarding the check engine light and a sluggish crank on the car. At the time of the visit, my total mileage was 43,051.The information and cost for this visit is listed below:
2719 CP: $430.00
6 SPFR6F11G PLUG $29.94
1 5149211AE CABLE-IGNITION $44.81
3 C1652 IGNITION COIL $388.02
SALES TAX $69.52
TOTAL $892.77

The description of the service done to my vehicle during the visit is the following:

After this visit, I thought that this fixed the issue with my engine until the Check Engine light appeared again and my car would not start. I went back to the dealership on September 13, 2017. At the time of the visit, my total mileage on the car was 45947. The information and cost for the visit is listed below:

TOTAL $1,236.13

The description of the service done to my vehicle during the visit is the following:


My next visit was for the yearly car inspection on February 22, 2018. At the time of the visit, I ask to also do an oil change. The car passed the inspection, however; it was recommended to replace the front pads and rotors. The total cost of the visit was $441.85, which was for the replacement of the front pads and rotors. At that time, the total mileage on the car was 49,655.
My next schedule visit was on April 27, 2018. I took my car in due to a safety recall of Occupant Restraint. Before my scheduled visit the Check Engine light came on again. At the time of the visit, a quick check of the Check Engine Light indicated a miss fire on cylinder 5. My mileage on the car at this time was 50,889. The following was done to fix the issue:

The cost for this visit was $180.26, which the normal diagnostic charge. At this point, I thought that everything was fine until approximately two weeks later, the Check Engine light reappeared and the engine was struggling. I took my car back to the dealership on May 19, 2018. While waiting for the dealership the Check Engine light went off. I explained to the service personnel what occur and the continue issues I have been having with the car. At this time, the mileage on the car was 51,228. The cost for this visit is the following:

5773 CP $247.95
1 SPZFR6F11G PLUG $14.60
1 68320417AA COIL/IGN-IGNITION $124.69
SALES TAX $38.52
TOTAL $485.03

The description of the service done to my vehicle is the following:

In addition to the cost of the vehicle, for the past two years, I have paid $2,794.19 in trying to figure out the issue with the engine on my car. At this point, I am expecting to have another issue with my engine in a couple of month because I am not sure that repairs done on May 23, 2018 fixed the issue. Also, I am starting to feel that the car was not up to standard at the time it was sold.

I have spent money and time in servicing this vehicle. During the above visits, there have been several occasions that my car was kept for several days. I have brought the car in scheduled appointment days during the week and on a Saturday, which is a convenient day for me. I have been told that there is a backlog or there are no technicians to fix the car on a Saturday. Garden City, NY is not convenient from my home or work, but I choose to do my business with them because of my past experience.

I have lost confidence in going back to the Garden City dealership to purchase any vehicle as well as purchasing another Jeep vehicle at all. I am feeling that the car was not up to standard at the time of purchase. Thank you for taking the time to read my story

Lisa Guerine
A Former Satisfied Jeep Owner


My Jeep is not even 4 years old, however the front wheel arch cover flew off on the freeway narrowly missing the car behind me.
My car has never been in an accident or this area of the car been knocked in any way, so find it extremely disappointing and very unsafe that this plastic guard would just simply fly off!


I have requested an itemized bill for "premium" work and for "premium products" - none of which did I approve for use in my Jeep. I need an itemized bill. From the bill I can speak authoritatively. Patterson Jeep, Chico CA did the work. Estimate: $1600.00. Actual bill is for $2600.00. Why? Each person of Patterson Jeep said that an itemized bill is unnecessary. Mike Patterson, owner, refused to phone me.

I have been a loyal customer buying tires, all service, everything. Dec 2017, I took my Jeep to Patterson for repairs, $6700.00.

So, all this business does not receive loyalty in return? I want an itemized bill - just like the very detailed itemized bill for the $6700.00 to repair damage from an accident. In other words, because State Farm insurance pays the bill, a very detailed itemized bill is given to State Farm because State Farm has the power and money to sue Patterson Jeep.

By the way, I have been loyal despite all the negativity about Patterson Jeep. I was told never to go there. This incident of an itemized bill indicates to me that Patterson is hiding something in this $2600.00 repair bill.


I have a 2011 Jeep Compass. I have had to make several repairs to this vehicle that is not under warranty anymore. MY 2011 JEEP COMPASS IS NOW SETTING AT THE GARAGE WITH A BLOWN ENGINE at 92,000 miles.


I own a 2014 jeep Cherokee diesel, with only 50k miles on it.took into jeep dealer ship in flagstaff az, for a check engine light problem that was on the 8th of January, dealership said oil cooler is out and they said the part is back ordered so then i contactacted jeep corporation about problem and to find out what they could do to solve the problem they gave me a crappy case manager that didnt no nothing! But yet they told me they would order part and get it to me by the end of work week. It is know the 29th of the month no part.this jeep has been in for warrenty work more than a dozen times .enough is enough this vehicle is a lemon i will never ever by a dodge or anything owned by the corporation


Bought a 2016 jeep patriot not even two years old and the paint is peeling off brought back to dealer ship and they confirmed it was a bad paint job and jeep will not go good for it this show how jeep stand behind there product the dealer ship is standing up for me but jeep is a bunch of crooks


I was sent a survey on how my experience with Jim Cogdill Jeep Dodge-Knoxville,
Tn. I answered with very unsatisfied on many of the questions. I have had no feedback from anyone about my complaints, the first being that I was LIED to by the salesman who isn't employed there anymore, first name "Brown". I don't have the features I was promised. I am deeply disappointed that my Jeep does NOT have the BLINDSPOT ALERTS. They are very needed as there are SO MANY IT IS DANGEROUS! Also, because of my height, I could NOT buy the Jeep I WANTED. That is DISCRIMINATION.


I sold my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee to West Covina Chrysler Dodge Jeep in May of 2017. About a month later I started to receive from the Metro Express Lanes that I was driving in the toll lane without valid Fas Trak transponder. I contacted the dealership and they told me to text them the bills and they would take care of them. Here we are now in Sep and I am receiving 7 notice of Delinquent Evasion notices.

I just tried to contract the dealership 9/11/17 and they are telling me it is my responsibility since the name on the delinquent notice is mine. What in the hell kind of customer service is this. Why do I have to waste my time to straighten out their problem? I have sent five of seven, I can't upload any more pictures. I would like this issue fixed ASAP


My parents and I decided to lease a Jeep from Holland Michigan not one jeeps but two jeeps from Holland Michigan. The service people were nothing but terrible to me making me wait at least 10 minutes before taking my jeep. They always act busy my opinion is you should help the customer. Every time, they told me they had no loaner cars, and couldn't take me home keep in mind I work third shift but when I went inside one of the service people got me a ride. They have made smirks at me, and ever show favoritism to skinny people even giving them coffee.

I never got offered anything. They have messed up my jeep so much that I know drive to kalamazoo Michigan to get my oil changes Hayes jeep is wonderful takes you in right away, and makes you feel welcoming. I even went out to Crown motors and said they would send us a free oil change and me some free coffee never heard from them. You got two jeep sales I will be getting my next jeep in Kalamazoo Michigan just figured you should know how they treat people.


2015 Jeep Cherokee Latitude 4x4 with tow package, 3.2L engine, cold weather group. No mopar part for brake controller or tow mirrors. Only available for Dodge trucks. Jeep told me if I tow 3,500 pounds my warranty may be voided; if I installed brake controller that too could void warranty if issue could be traced back. Why does say I can tow 4,500 pounds and no one supports this? Ohio law says anything over 2,000 pounds needs the brake controller.


I took 2010 Jeep Compass to Normandin Chrysler on 8/12/2016 for sensor problems and, and anti lock button turning on. I get a call from service advisor that when I purchased jeep 2011 jeep had wrong battery that caused sensors problems. My warranty ends 2/2017 but doesn't include battery warranty. I feel dealership should reimbursement me 283.00. Because I have been driving with 84 battery instead 86 battery. Should I write a letter to dealership or should I just forget it?


I bought my jeep (used). I loved it at first now it every other month in the garage. First I noticed the tires were wearing funny so when I looked the inside was all belt. So I got new tires, Then went back cause the lower control arm broke this has broke few times now. Needless to say I have been getting new parts for this jeep for a few years now. I dont think that is right. I even went to get new tires again they gave me my money back cause it hasnt been a year yet.

Something is wrong with this 2007 jeep compass and I would hope that someone would do something about it. I have gone a few times and spent 500 bucks at napa or advanced auto for the front end parts. They I take it to go get a front end aliment cause that was way off they would not do it cause something in the front end was broke yet again. So back to the garage I go to get this fixed then its great for a month then I notice that its riding to one side.

I dont know what I have to do for this Jeep but I am all done with it. I really should have never bought it if I knew this was going to happen I would not have bought it. I did look at the reviews online wow 2007 jeep didnt know how to make the compass right. I think you should recall all the 2007 jeep compass and fix them right or buy them back and get rid of them. I would hope to think that someone would get back to me on this issue.


In 2012 I paid approx $44,000 on a 2011 jeep. Sometime back the metal on the wheels began to corrode, when I called jeep I was told that my warranty was 36,000 miles or 3 years when in fact it was 5 years 100,000 miles which they admitted when I corrected them. They said this car had multiple owners? I am the second owner and the warranty was transferable so I'm not sure what was meant by that. I have been told now to check with my Jeep dealer to make sure that the corrosion was not caused by salt? So, driving an SUV in the snow voids the warranty? My dealer told me today that the wheels are not covered as my warranty is now changed back to 3 year 36,000 miles. When you pay this much for a vehicle you should not have to replace the wheels every for years due to a manufacturing defect.


On 2/15/16 Texas Dodge in Amarillo, TX started repair (jeep has lifetime power train warranty) on my 2008 Jeep Patriot (1J8FF28W78D663754). Approximately one month later on 3/14/16, I got the vehicle back. They had replaced the transmission, clutch, and throw out bearing. On 3/18/16 ,while starting to drive the vehicle to Colorado, the vehicle began to slip out of gear into neutral (shifter on it's own popped into neutral). On 3/21/16 I took the vehicle back to Texas Dodge. On 3/28/16, after driving the vehicle several times, Clint - the Service Mgr., and Kyle - the repair technician, told me there definitely was a problem, but they could not fix it (Kyle said he did not have the expertise or the proper tools).

Clint then told me to take my vehicle to All Star Dodge (other dealer in Amarillo), which I did. I talked to Service Mgr. Robert there and he told me he could repair it, but could not do so without authorization for payment. On 4/5/16 I called your Complaint Department and was assigned Case # 29042560. On 4/11/16 I finally got a case manager (Itzel), who immediately sent an e-mail to internal affairs asking for authorization for me to take my car to All Star Dodge for repairs. She called me most recently yesterday (4/20/16) with the same response as always - - she can't do a thing until she hears back from internal affairs. I took my vehicle in for repairs on February 15th, it was repaired incorrectly and the people who did the work say they can't fix it, the other dealer in Amarillo can fix it, and internal affairs has so far not responded to a request for authorization for the needed repair. That's pretty much the story. My vehicle has now been out of service for over two months. I need help/action. I need this car repaired by early May so I can drive it to San Antonio.


We purchased a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland model in 2014 and was sold to us by Vicksburg (MI) dealer. September 2014 the jeep was in a body shop to repair some scratches and the shop showed us where the rear driver side window (in the cargo area) was not seated on to the frame tightly and there is a gap between the frame and the window. The dealer has been delaying repairs to this since we reported it in October 2015. We just want it fixed. We have the new car warranty and we purchased the Chrysler extended new car warranty for life. I'm ready to file a complaint with Jeep corporate if this is not fixed soon.


I purchased this 2014 jeep compass from Hollywood Toyota about 6 weeks ago. I started smelling a slight burning smell about two weeks ago and it got a lot stronger this week. I haven't been driving very much. So I just ignored it. On Thanksgiving I drove a few miles on the freeway to dinner, and parked in a garage and smelled a strong burning smell when I parked but thought it was another car in this big garage. when I left and drove home but smelled something again. I brought the jeep to the Toyota dealer today. They opened the hood and found that the duct part came detached and was melting in the space under my front windshield under the hood.

I had to go to the jeep dealer in Glendale to buy another duct, I paid 112 dollars for this part. Both the Jeep dealer and Toyota said the car could have caught on fire, and the Toyota dealer installed the part and added 2 extra drilled in screws to make sure that it holds in place. The plastic screws that came with this part were not very strong and could get loose over time. I would like to be compensated for this problem and the stress it caused me knowing the car could have caught on fire. I have the melted part.


On June 16, 2015 I took my 2008 Jeep Liberty to the Antwerpen Jeep dealership on Baltimore National Pike to have my Ac/heat serviced, I told the receptionist the heat wasn't hot and the Ac wasn't cold. Later that morning I got a call from the receptionist asking me was there anything else on the Jeep that I might want to get serviced, I told her after the Ac/heat problem has been fixed to give the Jeep a multi-point inspection and advise me of what I 'll possibly need. I received a call that evening stating the Jeep was finished, I ended up paying $2110.21 for a new water pump, six spark plugs, a coolant dye to let me know if there were any leaks and a refrigerant charge to my Ac. I got off my night job and picked the Jeep up at the Jeep dealership and drove home.

On the way home as I drove on I695 I tried testing the climate control only to feel that it still seemed as if it wasn't working properly, I'm not a mechanic so I wasn't too sure. As I drove early that morning to my day job I tried testing it again but still wasn't sure, I work two jobs and I have to take the day off of work to have my Jeep serviced, and I could not take the Jeep back to the dealer at the time. I brought the Jeep back to them as was told that they just noticed the heater core is clogged and it will cost another $1800.00 fix it again. I work two jobs, pay my bills and cant afford to be taken advantage of. Even though I'm a women i still shouldn't feel intimidated going into any auto establishment because of lack of knowledge, I've talked to the service manager "Ben Washington" and explained to him that I've bought my last two Jeeps from that dealership and haven't had a problem until now. I was told again it will cost $1800.00 to fix it again.

I certainly would not have paid a penny more than I had if I had known the work was not performed properly. The only thing else I can think of is to contact the Better Business Bureau I don't know, please help if you can.


I bought a 2012 Jeep grand Cherokee from tupelo auto sales who was an authorized jeep dealer in Tupelo ms. When I purchased the car I was told that it still had power train warranty as well as basic warranty until May 15 2015 or 36,000 mi. The car had 22000 miles at time of purchase and now has 30000 miles which should make it still eligible for warranty. I paid 23.500 for the car. I went to go have 4 recalls fixed yesterday in the car at the same dealership I bought the car from... While i was there I looked at the 2015 models of the grand Cherokee limited's. I decided I wanted to trade up as I only owed 18.000 on my current jeep.

We began the paperwork process with a car fax on my current car and the dealership learned the current car was listed as a manufacturer buy back/ lemon... I was never made aware of this at the time of purchase. I also found out that the warranty on the car was void due to this. I am now seeking legal counseling concerning this matter. I cannot believe this car should have ever been sold to me without revealing it's status as a buy back lemon. Can you please respond or give any information as this matter. I cannot believe such practices could be legal. Further I cannot believe that Jeep would allow it's company to be represented in such a manner.


I bought a 2014 Jeep Latitude in February 2014. Within this year we notice that it jerked when changing gears. This is an automatic transmission. We got a recall notice and took it back to Winter Haven Dodge Jeep where we purchased the SUV. They made some adjustments and now sometimes while we are driving the car will stop and we get lights on the console that tells us to put this vehicle in park and engine lights and other lights light up the console. We took this back to the dealer and they worked on this again.

But it is happening again. We took it in this morning and was told we do not have an appointment so drive the car anyway. We drive the interstate everyday and if this happens going 70mph it could cause a very bad accident. This concerns us very much. We asked to speak with a manager and/or owner and was told there isn't one for us to talk to. We have a picture with our phone that shows exactly what the console looks like when this happens. I don't know what you can do but something really needs to be done. This is a safety hazard to whoever is driving this vehicle.


I recently purchase a 2014 Jeep sport Cherokee with 18,800 miles on it. The jeep was making a noise when I started it (sounded like something loose underneath. Then every time I stepped on the gas to go the Jeep would jerk. I was at a stop light and put the car in park waiting for the light to change (on an incline) and the Jeep moved forward them back. I took the Jeep to the service department and I was informed the transmission was gone. I had to Jeep for 10 days. The service department (Mike) helped me out getting a rental. I have no complaints about him he was wonderful. They got a brand new transmission in 1 day and returned my vehicle in 2 days. So far so good, must admit I called the gentleman that sold me the Jeep and I did not hear SORRY at all. Just if I needed anything to let him know. I was very disappointed that no one could tell me why did the sell me a jeep in that condition.


My mechanic informed me that the catalytic converter needed replacement and since it was still under warranty thru Jeep/Chrysler it would be in my best interest to have Chrysler evaluate the codes that indicated to him it needed replacement. I made an appointment for November 7, 2012, which I kept, arriving at 8:00 a.m. I was informed that the engine had to run for a few hours then tested on the computer, simulating actual driving, then it had to cool off and again be tested on the computer. First, there was a misunderstanding with the codes that my mechanic did not clear from the car's memory/computer just so that the Chrysler mechanical could view the codes. Jeep/Chrysler's mechanic reported to me that because the spark plugs presently in my truck were not manufactured by Chrysler, I would have to replace them with spark plugs suggested by Chrysler. I refused this service because my mechanic had just put the spark plugs in 2 days earlier, as well as replaced the radiator; and the water pump. After I informed your mechnic that the my mechanic had not cleared the Jeep's memory/computer so that he could see exactly what the codes were, as they were all related to the catalytic converter. This process took a total of 8 hours. Your service representative stated he would call when the converter was expected to arrive. I did not receive a call from him, so I proceed to call on two separate occassions and was given two different dates of it's arrival first I was told December 7th; then December 24th. I called again on December 8th to see if it had arrived, and was informed it was on back order and would not arrive until January 8th. I did manage to speak to your representative that waited on me at my initial appointment. I feel it was first his responsibility to give me an expected arrival date while I was there for the intial appointment, if this was not something he could do, he certainly should have called me once finding out the exact date of the catalytic converters arrival. I am honestly dissatisfied with the incompentent customer service I have received. This is the second time, at least the first incident I was offered and received a courtesy oil change. The second time there was no apology. Chrysler is allowing their lack of true customer service to tarnish the American image of their company.


I was driving home at 60-65mph from Baltimore with my cousin, fiancé and aunt when I hit a minor pothole. The entire steering wheel/front section starts to violently shake and I was unable to stop it until I stepped on the breaks and slowed the car down to almost 25 mph ON THE HIGHWAY and almost drove off to the side of the road. This happened 4 other times following that incident in a matter of 2 weeks’ time. Finally I called the dealership where I purchased the car. They told me it was the steering dampener and that I would have to replace it. They also told me that I had to pay for the part, even though I had purchased an extended warranty from them. I was told that this was very common on Jeeps and although there have not been any reported deaths, I am positive this will one day lead to an accident and /or death. This is a very serious defect on Jeep’s part and they need to address the issue before they kill someone. By the way, my car only has 37k miles on it. STILL Fairly new! This is unacceptable.


Another complaint against Jeep for a window regulator and yet another excuse contrary to all negative press and consumer complaints. Long story short: I called and requested for the call to be escalated which took approximately 15 minutes as I had not reached the parameters (Apparently a Manufactures fault is not deemed reaching the parameter) . Once the team leader and not supervisor or call center manager was reached he too explained that I had to pay for a diagnostics tes.t. Jeep the only company in the world that makes you pay twice for their cheap parts and labor. The last time I had to pay for a window regulator was April 2012!! Do you read the negative reports about Window Regulators? I think for me the most saddening issue in the conversation was that the rep constantly made remarks about not understanding me because of how converse and the constatnt interuption.

I can honestly say I have never ever been patronized in such way by an individual that supposedly represents a Global organization. I work in the DC Metro region and hold a professional & respectable position and have had the pleasure of conversing with peoples from all cultures from all of the world but never was treated to such disdain and bad manners as Jeep. I request this email be escalated to Customer Service Director or someone at the Corporate Office. I mention this because I don’t have much faith in this issue going past a Team Leader because they are all too aware of how bad manners and poor training effects a consumer. If this letter fails to meet the proper necessary management level as stated above please be assured they will receive it through my own research. Am I expecting a rapid response? I am not even expecting a response. A very Irate and saddened customer.


I am the owner of a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee that has the plastic breaking around the door handle rendering them useless. I have looked on many Jeep forums and this problem seems to be happening on many vehicles yet there has been no recall. It is a safety hazard since you can be stuck inside the vehicle in the case of an emergency. This problem needs to be addressed since the damage is not caused by abuse. Jeep seems aware of the problem. I have been to three different dealers who all know about the issue. Something needs to be done about this problem.


My vehicle has 110000 kms and I have replaced two of the major suspension components. I do not drive this vehicle off road which is why I am not happy with the performance. When the link failed the tires worn severely on the inside of the tread. After I replaced the link I purchased a new set of tires costing me $1300.00. For the first month I diligently checked the wear pattern with my tread depth guage. There was no visible abnormalities showing. I was approached in the drive through lane by someone who informed me my tires where sitting at what he thought was an odd angle. When I arrived home I investigated and found the same inside tread wear pattern as before suspension changes where made. This time I found two more components that are out of spec and showing major wear. Over the last 25 years I have been a faithful Plymouth, Dodge and Chrysler owner. My biggest disappointments to date were the dynasty and minivan. To me this much wear on a vehicle that you clain to have that legendary rugged jeep off road capabilities is nothing but a sham and I expect some kind of satisfaction with this issue. I am an everyday worker who cannot afford this kind of repair on a vehicle that is built to take on more than the usage I give it according to your advertising. Make no mistake I am disappointed to the max and beyond. I am requesting your help with this matter hoping you will see the logic in my request. I am looking forward to your reply in resolving this matter.


Just paid $250.00 on 2-13-13 for labor on my 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee for sunroof drains were clogged and sun roof glass out of adjustment. I would like to be reinsurst for the labor on this matter, since I only have 49,000 miles this should not have happend. I think my jeep had this problem when I purchased it new. The water was draing in my car on a heavy rain day..

The water was leaking all down my front windshiled, down my dashboard and on the rugs and seats. My interier was soaking wet. The dealer fix the problem. On 2-15-13 I went to use my cd player and found it was not working, I am sure the water got into my cd also.. I would like Jeep to pay for my CD to be repaired. In the past I have paid for Labor on many weard breakdowns and I never complained about it, but now with the CD it will cost me for repair and labor that I do not have since it was not the fault of me.


This is my second Jeep. My 2001 Laredo experienced locking or freezing of the suv. Very scary-driving down the interstate when your SUV freezes and you have no power or control, no power steering and you have to pray and glide to the side of the inner side of the HWY. This happened to me 5 times. I traded it, and bought a 2006 Laredo and thought my problems would be gone. Just the start. With 60,000 miles on it I have the transmission light going off and the system goes into a slipping out of gear or a revving.

I have to shake the gear knob to get it "out" of the malfunctioning mode! I have read a lot similar problems! Besides this not so scary problems, are the following; the seat belt light is on with the @!#$% chime on, the air bag light is on, the check gas cap is on, and my low tire light is on. Believe me, my husband has checked all four tires with the gauge, filled them properly and there is nothing wrong with the tires! I will never ever buy or suggest a jeep to anyone! I hate chrysler and believe me they are aware of these problems.

Today I am on my way to shop to see what they can or can't do to the jeep. Last time when I had the trany light problem the shop said well it isn't on now! Well that is murphy's law! It was on all the way down 44 miles to service shop but then when the crap JEEP is being looked at, the light isn't on. This is a nightmare!!!!! I said to them they are keeping this jeep, pronounced HEEP in our family, until they figure out what is wrong.


In September I bought a used 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara from Johnson Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep in Meridian Mississippi. When I bought the Jeep I specifically checked to make sure it had hands free phone service and, sure enough, the radio had the hands free icon. Since you have to sync your phone to the vehicle in order to check the service, it is not feasible to check it when you are in the process of buying the vehicle.

You can imagine my displeasure when I found that Jeep installs radios with “dummy” buttons. There is no phone service on the radio in my Jeep. The sales lady never mentioned that when I was buying the vehicle.

I bought a Liberty when they first came out. I can guarantee you that I probably sent 20 people to your showrooms after I told them how good that vehicle was. I can also guarantee you that, after the catastrophy that happened to the Liberty after I brought it to the Jeep dealer in Decatur Alabama (240,000 perfect miles but I got a tune up at Decatur Jeep and 4 hours later the engine blew) , and after the basically false advertising that sold me on the Wrangler, I now tell people to stay away from Jeep. The vehicles are good but your dealerships suck.

Oh, on top of the other crap, the Jeep I bought in Meridian had pick proof locking wheel lugs on it and the dealer had no wrench to fit it. I had to make a special trip from my working home in New Orleans back to Meridian Mississippi twice before they could get the lugs off. Like I said. No more help from Gene.


The door panels on my 2006 Jeep Commander are self destructing. I've read many complaints about this on several web sites. Chrysler should issue a recall and fix the door panels as it is a major saftey issue trapping passengers in the car in case of an emergency. I have been to my dealer and they want over $600 per door to replace the entire door panel, and they don't know if the issue has been resolved with the replacement.

An after market fix is available for almost $400 for all four doors, this should be a Chrysler/Jeep responsibility. This is the last Chrylser product I will purchase unless some action is taken by them.


On friday (8-30-13) my 2007 Jeep Liberty caught fire and was totally destroyed. Responding fire cheif stated it was a wiring malfunction. The jeep had 100,100 + miles on it and was in excellent condintion (running,interior and exterior). days before the fire the (factory installed) cd/stereo began to skip & stopped playing, the interior lights and hatch back malfunctioned and two days before the fire my low fuel (light) indicator came on and even though i added gas it would not go off. Have there been anyother issues the public has not been made aware of with this make/model? I major concers , other than the total loss of every thing inside is, i had just parked the jeep and was out of it less than 5 minutes! this could have been much worse , im certain. but now i am faed with the task of replacing my ride. missing work to do so and the never ending paper work to have the file claimed with my insurance provider. I am HIGHLY disappointed in the product and will likly NEVER purchace another jeep product!


This vehicle suffered a total transmission failure at slightly over 60,000 miles. It has a 6-speed Mercedes manual transmission, which you would assume would be an excellent transmission. No one will rebuild it due to the cost of parts and availability of tools. This vehicle is supposedly "trail rated" - think I want to take this piece of junk on back roads in the Colorado mountains? Whatever happened to the legendary Jeep that was bullet proof and ran forever? Chrysler Jeep corporate offices basically told me to go away, as the had no desire to help me.


Why is it that no one can directly contact the CEO of Jeep Chrysler? What is Sergio Marchione hiding from? I have invested $23,00 in a 2008 Jeep Cherokee Laredo that has on two ocassions refused to start and had to be towed back to the dealer, ABC Motors in Valley Stream New York. The diagnostic equipment used by the mechanic revealed nothing. I am now apprehensive about putting this dangerous car on the road. I purchased the car thinking that the 4 wheel drive would enable me to drive through snow drifts when I drive to Ohio six times annually.

Since I drive alone I need the security of a safe auto.


I have never owned a new vehicle before. I did research an I heard a lot of good things about Jeep an the people I talked to said they wouldn't own anything else. I made the decision to go with a brand new 2012 Jeep Liberty. The first few months everything was great it rides nice, did well in the snow, it uses some gas not a big deal.

The check engine light came on less then 7,000 I believe an a coil had to be replaced.

Recently the air bag light came on when I brought it in they said it was a airbag censor an they had to order it an bring it back in. Before I could bring it back in the 2wd, 4wd, 4low, and said ESCOFF all came on at once. So when in I took it in to get the airbag censor fixed they told me the 4X4 transfer case is bad on it. They had to order the part an I needed to bring it back. I took it in today an they said that something in the case was damaged an they had to order the part an bring it back again.

I bought a brand new car so I wouldn't have any issues an it would be dependable. I recently had a passing in my family an had to go to Oregon an the Jeep went through a additional tank of gas each way at one point I was getting 160 for a tank of gas where I usually get about 250. I am very disappointed in the jeep brand just over a year an so many issues already. I am scared to know what will happen down the road, unfortunately I am upside down on my loan or I would go trade it in on something else. The only good thing is that everything has been under warranty but that doesn't cover my time, time without my vehicle, an extra 200 dollars in gas I had to spend because of it having issues. Very disappointed


i bought a 2013 jeep wrangler unlimited sport in 03/04/2013 i drove it only 3500 km and when i use it off-road in 29/04/2013 for the first time
with normal and easy off-road i got a clutch smile and smoke,i brought bake to the agent (Dhofar Automotive ) in Muscat-Sultanate of Oman the told me it is not under warranty and it is not with my car only so many customers are facing the same problem and as the came out the reason is WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is that fair??????????


On Friday, 8-30-13 my 2007 jeep liberty caight fire (after being parked less than 5 minutes), fire marshall stated it was a wiring malfunction. This (after i researched it) seems to be an issue with this model but yet there is no recall on it! I'm quite concerned that i was never informed of any such issues with the jeep and now i am stuck with the taskof the whole insurance issue! iIasure you i will never own another jeep again.


I am rural mail carrier & I purchased a 2013 right-hand drive-door Jeep. This is my 3rd Jeep so I thought I would be very satisfied. I have not even had the Jeep a year & the transmission started slipping. I made an appointment for Dec. 2, 2014. They looked at the Jeep & decided it needed a valve body in the transmission. They ordered the part & after a week called me to bring Jeep back there Dec. 9, 2014. I waited at the dealership from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. At that time they said they were finished & handed me the invoice (since it is under warranty), they almost forgot to tell that the Jeep still had the same problem after the replaced the valve body.

The service manager, David Carpenter, told me it would be ok to keep driving the Jeep on the mail route while we waited for some more parts to come in. He said they did not know what the problem was. This was Dec. 9, 2014. On Dec. 20, 2014 the Jeep had to be towed back to the dealership because the transmission stopped working completely. I could not change gears. This happened about 2:30 pm & I had to call someone to come get the mail from me & finish delivering it. Then I had to wait on the tow truck, get someone to pick me up & take me to Conway, a 45 min. drive from my hometown. The dealership offered to pay for a rental car for me to drive on the route until they had the Jeep repaired.

It rained all that week & I had a hard time keeping this Toyota Corrola from getting scratched up by the mailboxes. ON Jan. 5, 2015 at approx. 4:30 pm, I received a call from the dealership to come pick up my Jeep. They said they re-built the transmission & it was ready. I went to the dealership in the rental, & immediately went in to speak to the service manager at the dealership, David Carpenter, about the scratches on the rental. I told him I did not think my insurance should have to pay for that. The reason I bought the right-hand drive for the route was to be able to reach the mailboxes. Mr. Carpenter was very rude as he told me "I am not paying for that!!" I told him he had an attitude problem & he said "No! YOU have the attitude problem!" I then said no YOU DO, then he said NO, YOU do! And back & forth like children until he said if I said he had an attitude one more time he would not go outside & look at the rental. He went outside, saw that I had not washed it, & screamed at me, " You didn't EVEN wash it!!!" I went back inside to tell the front manager Bill, about how rude Mr. Carpenter was to me.

Bill proceeded to tell me that he has known Mr. Carpenter for 16 years & never heard him say anything rude to a customer. Bill may as well have just called me a liar. He didn't even apologize for my problems. I let him know that I had purchased 3 vehicles from them but I will NEVER again. So I left with my Jeep, back to Marion, S.C. where I live & work. I drove the Jeep ON THE ROUTE jAN.7, 2015. On Jan. 8, 2015 I drove a short distance on the route & then the transmission stopped working. I had to call someone to come pick up the mail & deliver it for me so I did not get paid for that day. Then the Jeep was towed back to Conway Chrysler Jeep. I had to find someone to give me a ride back to Conway to get another rental car because I Had to work the next day. The service dept. called me that day & said they were going to put a NEW transmission in the Jeep, Just have to wait for it to be shipped to them. This was Friday Jan. 8, 2015.

They called the following Mon. & Tues., leaving me voice mail that they were still waiting to receive the transmission. I have not had a phone call or heard anything from the dealership since then. , & all these TODAY is Jan. 22, 2015. I STILL don't have my Jeep back & all these problems started Dec.2 , 2014. That's about 7 weeks or so that has passed. I have lost 4 days of work, besides having to wait in their lobby for 8 hours. I have made 11 payments on this Jeep. This Jeep is my lively-hood. I have RA. This is one reason I wanted the right-hand drive. It keeps me from having to stretch so far to reach the mailboxes. My body hurts so bad from driving a left-hand drive on the route. This is the 3rd right-hand Jeep I have owned, AND the last. I feel like I have been treated badly in Conway, South Carolina 29528 & would NEVER have been talked to so rudely if I were a man. Thank goodness there are other corporations that make the right-hand drive vehicle.


We bought a 2006 Jeep Commander roughly 2 1/2 yrs ago. We have had transmission problems with it ever since and the check engine light has been on since a week after we bought it. Jeep called the V8 engine model but not the 6 cylinder model. If the bigger engine is going to have the issue, obviously the littler engine is too. It is now broken down and undriveable. We have a 3 year old and an 8 month old to worry about. When we bought it, the Jeep garage said the check engine light was nothing to worry about, and they couldn’t find a transmission problem. This is by far the worst vehicle I have ever owned. We also have a 2001 Cherokee that also broke down earlier this month. The Jeep garage told us there was nothing to worry about with the transmission or the check engine light, now it’s broken down and not moving. We have had 3 Wranglers, 2 Grand Cherokees, this Commander and the Cherokee. We are very disappointed in the Commander model, and the Jeep garage service. We are going to make a YouTube video of everything that went wrong with this Commander. There are websites dedicated to the problems with this model and they should have all been recalled, not just the V8.


I dropped off a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee at a Jeep Dealer located in Lebanon, PA on October 1, 2012. I had requested that the dealership repair a malfunctioning Trans. Over Temp light problem, fix the SmartBeams headlights that were not working, and do an oil change. I got the vehicle back on December 14, 2012, 11 weeks later, still not fixed but charged for parts not needed.

It took the dealership 3 weeks to repair the Over Temp light problem. That was partly because they damaged the transmission in the process. The transmission was removed from the vehicle, repaired, and replaced at no charge.

The SmartBeams repair started on Oct 20, 2012. The first issue was that the dealership did not have any qualified technicians who had worked on SmartBeams. They had 1 person who only worked on SmartBeams only once, several years ago. The second issue was that they did not have the correct tools or equipment to work on the SmartBeams. They had to order the tools.

The dealership had to depended on Chrysler Technical assistance and was told to “get a new SCM(steering Control Module) into the vehicle and test. Swap this SCM into another vehicle if available and test”. This “test” was not performed,as there was not another vehicle available with SmartBeams, and a new SCM was ordered. The new SCM was installed and did absolutely nothing to remedy the problem. A good part was replaced using a “let’s try this” approach. The material and labor charge for this module was $189.20 for 2.2 hrs labor, $694.00 for the module and $52.99 Tax; Total $936.19.

A second attempt was made by the dealership to repair the Smart Beams. Chrysler Tech. Assistance told dealership to replace the FCM (Front Control Module). The new FCM was installed and did absolutely nothing to remedy the problem. A good part was again replaced using a “let’s try this” approach. The material and labor charge for this module was $172.00 for 2.0 hrs labor, $467.00 for the module and $38.34 Tax; Total $677.34.

The dealership could still not get the problem resolved and called in a technician from Chrysler/Jeep. The technician worked on the Smart Beam problem on Dec. 7, 2012 and was able to calibrate the system and declared the problem fixed.

I went to the dealership on December 14, 2011, 11 weeks after I dropped it off, to pick up my Jeep.
Although I disputed the charges for the materials and labor relating to the Smart Beam repair, I was not able to get my Jeep back from the dealership unless I paid the bill. I did not have any other alternative and essentially was being held hostage to the process. I paid the disputed $1,613.53.

I was without my vehicle for a period of eleven (11) weeks while the dealership made trial and error attempts at repairing it. They did provide a loaner vehicle for me to use, which additionally required service (squeaky brakes (Safety?), trunk that did not close, and a brake light that was not working). They damaged the transmission, which they repaired.

I tried using the Smart Beams and found them not working. This was reported back to the dealership on Tuesday, December 18, 2012. I asked what they wanted to do about it. I was told that they would get back to me. The dealership is calling in the Chrysler/Jeep technician again on Jan. 11, 2013 to again attempt to get the problem resolved.

The dealership did confirm that there would not be any additional charges for materials or labor involved with the repair of the SmartBeams. As such, I agreed to drop off my jeep for the repair.

The Technician arrived at the dealership on Jan. 11, 2013 worked on the Jeep. At 3:45 PM, not having heard anything from the dealership, I called and asked the status of my Jeep and stated that I wanted to pick it up. The service manager told me that the Jeep had not yet been fixed and that the technician felt that the rear view mirror (containing the camera and electronics for the SmartBeams required replacement. That had been submitted to Jeep for confirmation and that the dealership was waiting for a response. I picked up my Jeep and asked them to notify me on what and when they were going to take the next repair step.

The Jeep dealership replaced good parts and charged labor and materials for doing so, under the explanation that: “the parts are electrical and cannot be returned”. I do not believe that statement absolves the dealership of responsibility and allows their mistakes to be passed on to the consumer. There was not even a consideration/offer on behalf of the dealership to admit they made a mistake and charge only their cost of the parts. They treated this action, done twice, as a normal transaction with no responsibility on their part.


All 4 doors handles on my Jeep Commander are falling apart. This is a major risk for my family incase they are trapped in an accident. The dealership wants $500 per door to fix, that is $2000 to fix all 4 doors. Can someone tell me if there is a better way? I can not believe they have not recalled this. I have read many complaints about this same issue.


We have been on hold regarding our Jeep Wrangler Tailgate breaking down and issue with spare tire installed by dealer at time of purchase. It has been over a month and it seem by the time our car issue is addressed and scheduled to be fixed the whole back tailgate door will need to be replaced. Very disappointed never thought a new car would have such troubles and would not be fixed in a timely manner to avoid such structural damage to a new car.



I have an exhaust leak in the pipe in front of the converters. Two converters mind you. They are fine. You cannot buy the pipe alone. It is one unit with two converters attached and it costs $1,300.00 dollars. Why? I can’t even recoup any of my money by selling the two converters that are already there because there is a $100.00 core charge on each of the two new ones. (That I don’t even need.)and my mechanic has to return them. I am livid. What a F’d up design by Jeep, and I understand other car manufactures as well have used this same setup.



I bought a used jeep cherokee larado in Sept. of 2010. It was loaded with a 4.7 v-8 motor. Well, the motor blew up and now I have nothing. I contacted many machanics and garages ect. I have learned a lot abouth this jeep. 1199-2000 motors were all junk! I am very disapointed as I paid 5,000. for this and it didn’t last me 6 months. I also put over 4,000 worth of work in it. I am divorced and have no money to buy an engine and have someone do the work of me. It is hard to find a v-8 and they are so expensive. I feel that if you could help me in some way with this I would much appreciate it.

I just get a lot of comments that no one will help threw the company but, I wanted to try. I do not have the money to do much of anything with it now. and can only get like 200.00 for junk. that is awful it is a nice vehicle other than the motor. Is there anything you can do for me?


I have a 2000 model Jeep Grand Cherokee it has been a great ride however at 102000 miles it has developed a miss at highway speeds. I have taken it to two jeep dealers and have been told that they don’t know what it is????? Hello you people are suppose to be able to tell what’s wrong.I just got back today from spending $230 on a problem that still exist. These are the same problems that go on in the world every day, if the computer can’t tell them then they just don’t know how to fix it. What happened to real mechanics who could fix car problems and complaints?


I recently purchased a used 2002 Jeep Liberty. Oh, they were so sweet when I was buying the car–the sleazeman–I mean, salesman–Joe–even came to my house to pick me up!!! (Wow, how nice–just like taking me out on a date before he screwed me) A few weeks after I bought the car–granted it was used–however–no one should have these problems so soon–the rocker arm went up. I called the dealership (Heritage Honda) who told me they would fix it…I was like, great, they should! They come and tow the car–it wouldn’t drive at all–and took it an hour away to the dealership.

Then, I had to find a ride out there to pick it up…when I got there, they drove it out of the garage and it made this loud explosion and just went dead–I was like, ok? What now? Then smoke went everywhere…the mechanic got out of the car and told me “I KNEW THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE SOLD YOU THIS CAR, you are a nice lady with kids and don’t make a lot of money….it doesn’t work right–the engine is bad!!” Then, they promptly made me pay for the repair and when I refused, they threatened to call the police! So, I had to pay and left crying hysterically.

I have since tried to find this man–Terry–and of course, he isn’t available. Since that day, I have broken down on the highways, biways, late at night, in 100 degree heat, and have spent $2000 in various repairs OTHER than normal ones–I have gone back to Heritage–two other dealerships–they refused to help me–and I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and attorney general…now I have a blown head gasket, so I called JEEP themselves…they were rude, arrogant, obnoxious, told me it was my problem and that no one was ever going to help me!

Screw you jeep, chrysler and i curse the a-hole who let me car go off the assembly line!! How do you jerks sleep at night? I am stuck with a $400 car payment for another year and I cant even drive me car!


Have an ongoing complaint with a radio in a Jeep that was supposed to be fixed by the Jeep dealership in Mackay QLD. I have made several phone calls and now trying to get this resolved with them immediately, even after going into the dealership 5 times. nothing is done to fix the radio or address my concerns and complaints with them. the first time they tried to fix it the wrong parts were ordered previously. River City jeep is no better than when they were with north jacklin. what do you have to do to get after sales service in this world today!


That’s basically what my mechanic told me this morning when I called him about an update on my car. I was trying a new mechanic and was hoping to save some money. So much for that! When I called (after 3 days in the shop), he said he didn’t know what was wrong with the car and couldn’t fix it. “okay, I guess I understand,” was my thought..until he replied, “So as soon as you pay me the $88 towing fee, I’ll bring it back.”

Excuse me?! You didn’t fix my car AND you want me to pay you for it?! I was not in the mood…and neither was he apparently…he pulled out all the paperwork I’d signed saying I’d pay…blah blah blah…fine! I don’t have time for this feline mess! I’ll pay you your 88 bucks and take my business elsewhere.

What happened to the decent mechanic?! Where did he go? Remember when people did the gracious and courteous thing…remember customer service? Aaahh…those were the days.

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