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Calling my lawyer for fraudulent bill


I wish I had looked at this site before doing business with this company. DinoDirect. I ordered an electronic device and was sent it in what I thought wasn't bad timing for coming from overseas. The problem was that they sent the wrong prong plug. The picture showed both round and flat prongs but they sent the round one to me. Having an USA address it is assumed that they would have sent the correct one. They offered to send me a $10 gift card to buy the proper one but Radio Shack said it would cost $50. ( the original price on the item was $28)

I told them the situation and asked why they couldn't just send me the proper plug and was told that it would take two months to receive it. Asked why it would take so long and was told it takes longer to do a resend. So now I'm looking at possibly 3 months,(the time since ordering it and receiving the corrected plug) before I can see if the thing even works. Maybe they are just hoping that I forget about it in 2 months.


A nice Mickey mouse cake mould advertised for £7.49 on Dino direct , I thought great I'll make a cake for my grand daughters 2nd birthday , I ordered it free post in early May , I received it in august after many emails to ask where it was . What arrived wasn't a nice cake mould but an inferior miniature of the cake mould , a 3 inch jelly mould and not even a good one at that . With the mould came a statement dinodirect had taken £11.99 from my bank account , that's when I sent a furious email , I got apology after apology but nothing was done . Now today in November I received an email saying they are offering me a $6 credit to spend in dinodirect !!! Firstly they steal my money send me shoddy goods, ignore my complaints by saying very sorry countless times but do nothing to resolve the theft and false advertising , then insult me by offering me back the 4 quid they stole , only in credits to spend on their products !!!!!!! My advice to anyone even thinking of buying their is DON'T !!!


Bought a coupon from Groupon on November 13, 2011 for an Android tablet to buy online at DinoDirect at half the price. Since Groupon is renowned I did not hesitate and thought that if was a way for DinoDirect to get known as well. I have been trying for two months now to apply my coupon at Dino with the answer "Invalid coupon". I asked online at Dino what was wrong and they told me that the deal was expired ! They also told me that I should have received a coupon from them via e-mail to apply. I have never received a coupon from them.

They promised to send another one within a couple of days. I have been waiting for a week now. This is fraud ! It seems that I am not the only one. How can Groupon do business with such a Company and how come nobody has taken Dino to justice. Dinodirect is a scam. Do NOT consider using them. I purchased what was advertised as an AM/FM radio in early December as a Christmas gift for my elderly father. It finally came in early January. It was not AM, or stereo and function buttons and instructions were all in Chinese, which made it useless. It also sounded like a tin can. I paid an extra $1 for a return label, but that was not enclosed. I have been trying to get my money back and all they want is pictures.

They know it is in Chinese, and I cannot photograph sound, however, the picture of one small speaker should be enough to verify Not Stereo. They have offered me from a $5 store credit, to $30 return if I write a good recommendation. I am not stupid enough to throw away more money using them. When I accepted the $30 they changed their story and wanted more pictures. Now I have a return address, but it will cost from $20 to $35 to send it back and I do not trust them either paying for the return, or crediting my money back.

I was a big fan of Dinodirect but have suffered with communication difficulties with LiveChat. Deliberate disconnection and trouble being able to return a faulty Ebook Reader. I just need to Print a Return Shipping Authorization label today as I am leaving the country and would be stuck with an Ebook Reader problem. I have waited for over a month. The Ebook Reader is broken. I thought that Dinodirect was supposed to be fair and kind to a customer. I have bought many things in the past and did want to continue. I feel like I am being treated very unkind. It is very disrespectful....


I was browsing online when i clicked a link to DinoDirect. I checked out some of their clothes and bought 2 jackets. reasonably priced, like Forever21. It took 2 wks before i even got an email stating it was Shipped. Strike One. another 2 wks later and it arrives to California. The color of the "white" coat was a light pink instead. It looked like it had been once white and had been washed with dark colored laundry. Strike 2. i messaged DinoDirect and it was a full week before i even got an autobot msg back. I had to TAKE PICTURES of the defects before they could issue me a return label. Strike 3! i immediately called my American Express Card team, and explained i was told i had to prove defect of product via pictures before i could return. They put the $106 purchase on hold. less than 2 wks later and i receive a letter in the mail that my investigation is closed and I did not have to pay for the wack purchases.

stay away from this site! i highly doubt that the "positive" reviews are even from legitimate customers. Too many DinoDirect complaints that i found online, after the fact i had already become a victim.

will take every Opportunity to talk about my horrible shopping experience with this company from here on out!


I purchased a Jacket from dino direct. I ordered a large I am a (size 12) and thought it will fit at the most a it might be a little to big but I can wear a jumper under it in the winter. well when it arrived it must be size 8 ###. I got in touch with Dine Direct and they said send it back and they would replace it POSTAGE @ MY EXPENSE ---- $2 LESS THAN THE COAT COST. No thank I thought and I just cut my losses. I do believe everything is slight seconds though. as we have purchased there before ( no more though) once bitten twice shy)

I bought an MID Android from DinoDirect in February - i have yet to use it because there were some parts missing. I contected them straight away and they took ages to answer the email. Each time it was excuse after excuse and it's now July and i still haven't received them. They offered me $20 to buy the parts myself and i have tied everywhere, but everyone i've gone to doesn't know what i am talking about, they refer me back to DinoDirect. It's now three weeks since my last complaint and i've heard nothing. I've wasted £62 and i don't know where to go now.

How can this company get away with what they do and there is no come back...i have a useless piece of equipment, what am i supposed to do with it? As a Senior i can ill aford to waste this kind of money. They told me to send it back but i am to pay recorded delivery charges for it, why should i when it's not my fault?


I purchased a camera watch we received it 2 weeks later and i was happy with the picture but with the sound recording you couldn't understand the voice we didn't conplain ithought that was the way it is until In November 2011 i purchased another watch from DinoDirect after waiting 5 weeks i finally received it, i took it out the box and put it on the right time but found that when it got to a certain time the arms stopped moving as there was another 2 faces on the watch and the hand was getting stuck under the rim of the face causing it to stop so i emailed DinoDirect India explaining what was wrong with the watch.

I was told to make a video and send it to them which i did and them i received a email stating that the watch was faulty and to make a RMA request which i did then it went to a case then i was ask if i would except a refund of $20.00 which i told them that. I paid $54.00 for it,all i wanted was a replacement after quite a few email to them we decided to purchase something else which cost more than the watch so i sent them an email asking if i could add more money and purchase this item.

I had no reply, 2 or 3 time a week i check for a reply but nothing until this week where they have voided the request and closed the case stating that they didn't received the iteam and shipping details which they never ask for, twice i sent them a video of the watch and they stated that they didn't receive it. So now i am left $110.00 out of pocket and 2 stuffed watches. They are still sending me emails to buy from them i don't even open them i just delete them i have taken my business else where.


I ordered 4 dresses and a veil from them November 2011. I have yet to receive my items. One was my wedding dress and veil...the others were my bridesmaids dresses. I thought I was getting a deal when all I got was a major headache. I have fought with these people for weeks. First of all, I cannot understand a single word they say.

It seems as though once I started complaining that they supposedly shipped the items... yeah right, lies! Not only did I pay for UPS shipping, but they supposedly again sent the items United State Postal Service. They told me That UPS does not ship packages over 5 lbs? Are you serious? Apparently they have no idea what is going on. I put a feeze on the paypal money.

When i contacted them again they didn't ask for my order number, they just said "Please drop the claim".. now how the hell did they know what orders I was even talking about. They flat out told me the money was frozen and they offered me 30 bucks. I tried cancelling my order previous to their shipping and they wouldn't let me. Back in June i orderd from Dino Diorect a 16 GB microSD card. The packet arrived with the Adapter but no micro SD. I took a photo and staarted a Case with them. Absolutely no response until tonight I get the following.

Thank you for Choosing Dinodirect! We are writing to inform you that we will be closing this case due to not having received any updates from you for 7 days .If there is any further information you need to receive in regard to this query, please feel free to re-open or active this case. I am trying to chat with someone called Emilly who answers my complaint with a question and then tells me that the black thing in the phoont 9 the adapter is the card. I could never recomment Dino Direct.


I ordered a Hovercraft using a voucher that I purchased through Eversave. I paid nearly 40$. The Hovercraft arrive in TAPED box, which had clearly been opened previously. The decals were smudged as if rubbed. The AC adapter was completely busted exposing all of the inner wires. Finally, the Hovercraft did not work! It won't move on carpet at all. It will only move (barely) on the wood floor - it's supposed to move 20 kilometers per hour. There is a large hole in the air bag part.

While the prices are competitive and quite good, they do not tell you that the items come from China. This is fine, if you are happy with your items, but if there is a problem that they don't see as being their fault-size, don't like it when you receive it, etc. It is your responsibility to return it at your own cost-to China. This can be very expensive depending on what it is you are returning. Somewhere in the $45.00 range, if it is over 4 pounds.

Honestly, I don't think this is fair, because this very expensive. It sort of defeats the purpose of the price. They should pay for return shipping as well if you are not happy with your items. I will not be buying from them in the future.

I contacted DinoDirect about all of this and they will not replace my product. They will only give me a gift card unless I want to PAY the shipping to have this item shipped back to them. THEN, I can submit a request for my refund. This is absolutely asinine. I will never do business with this company again. This is absolutely unacceptable and I consider it a scam. I will be reporting to appropriate agencies."


I ordered an android tablet on 31st October 2012, paid through my debit card, but never received any conformation of delivery, so contacted customer services 3 weeks later, they said it was out of stock, this was funny because they were still advertising it at £37-00 more, they denied this, so I re-ordered another at an equivalent price to what I had paid. I have not received a conformation of either the order or delivery, I have tried on numerous occasions to contact customer services, but my emails were unanswered, then came back as undeliverable, I started writing posts on their forum, but after several posts, I was banned from writing any more. I have now created a website. Hopefully this will stop people using this company.


Had ordered a tab cover on 23 march for rs 1069 and was told would receive OK n 5 days. Recd a mail on 9th saying it is out of stock and I could exchange it or keep the credit till I don’t buy anything else. I had ordered another tab cover but no reply from them since. Today when I received my credit card bill it showed the amt rs 1069 charged twice. Pls refund my money. Don’t want any product now.


Unfortunately I didn’t exercised due diligence and check the reputation of DinoDirect before dealing with them. My experience with them is consistent with the multitude of negative reviews posted on the internet relating to this odious company. I ordered a Serial Port expansion card and ultimately, lost my money; the item has not been supplied. The tracking number supplied by DinoDirect consistently resulted in “No information available for this item”. DinoDirect’s andswer to this anomaly was that, and I quote,”it really update slow”.

This was after a week. It would seem that the Postal Department in DinoDirect’s region must not have discovered Computers yet. At the end of the day I’ve had to purchase the item ordered from DinoDirect, from another supplier, a reputable one. My advice to all, is to not touch this company with a Barge Pole. When something Walks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck, its probably a Duck. There are ample negative testimonials regarding DinoDirect available to put it on the “avoid at all cost” category.


I placed an order with Dino Direct for R420.59 and chose to not take the free postage option but paid and additional R210.66 for courier delivery in 5 days from order on 19 Dec 2011.This was ignored and the free (air mail) postage was used so the package only arrived almost a month later and they are offering me a $20 gift voucher instead of refunding me my $25 (R210.66) courier fee paid, never mind the face that the package was late and I had incurred additional costs in any event (present for my wife).

I certainly do not want to support them with a voucher nor use their services, all I want is my money back and where I realise it’s a small amount it’s a matter of principle and once I started searching I literally found hundreds of complaints against them scattered all over.

I am now starting legal action against them… “Paid for a little computer on 28th Dec. Paid for FED EX delivery as I have used FED EX before,and they are very reliable. Dino Direct decided to send it by Hong Kong post, which has no tracking number available after order left Hong Kong. I have tried and tried to get some straight answers from Customer Service but just get palmed off even when I get really mad. I have no confidence that my order will ever reach it’s destination, and have had £160 stolen from me.I pray I still have my order delivered, but think I am only dreaming.


I will never deal with DinoDirect again. I gave them the benefit of the doubt even when I saw terrible scam reports on this site. The cheap prices relate directly to the quality of service. They do not ship your package on time, they do not communicate with you, and they leave items out of the package! I ordered some parts for my camcorder. They had the best price on the most important part I was looking for. a 34mm UV filter lens.

While I was there, I figured I would order a few more items from their expansive list of items. I ordered a 34mm to 58mm Set up ring so I could use a nice looking 58mm hood and 58mm lens. I placed my order on December 17th and payment was processed right away. There was no notice on the progress of my order only useless E-mails telling me that I was receiving Dinopoints while I waited. I finally got fed up and logged in on January 12th to send a trouble ticket asking what was going on.

I got no reply from anyone at Dinodirect only an E-mail on Jan 13th that my order had been partially shipped. The e-mail reads that everything BUT my UV lenses have been shipped!! Ok, well I guess they will ship me those at a later date. (hopefully). I received the partial shipment today (Jan 19th) and inside I get a rubber fish (what?!), a dinodirect valentine’s card, my lens hood and my lens cap.

It's not in the package, it’s not even on the shipping invoice that it’s part of this boxes of this post I am pretty much screwed out of $21.89 CAD because I don’t have any bloody UV lenses and without the set up ring these 58mm accessories are utterly useless.


I bought an E-Reader and Notebook as Christmas gifts. They were promised one date; however, they arrived weeks later. Upon receiving them, I was so elated! Well, I later discovered that the language setting could not be set in English – it was in Chinese. I emailed and opened an RMA Case, which took me no where. After filing my complaint, I was requested to send pictures. I questioned why I had to send pictures since it was their product. To keep from delaying getting the matter resolved, I borrowed a digital camera and successfully uploaded the pictures. I waited for days with no response.

I called China and spoke with a customer service representive, who answered my questions in a sing-song fashion; she kept repeating what I told her, with no resolution. When I told her of my disappoint with their products, as well as their poor customer service, she then offered me a $40 gift card to use for an additional purchase. I informed her that I was not interested in a gift card, and did not intend to purchase anything else from DinoDirect until such time that we resolve my two complaints and desire to return the electronics. She then informed me that I had to return the items at my own cost and they the company could not send me a return label.

I went to the Post Office to learn that the notebook’s shipping fee would be $65 and the Ereader would be $55 – and that is without insurance! What can be done in cases such as this for I refuse to pay this amount of money in postage.

Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed? I am desperate!


these guys are a joke!i bout a android 7′ tablet pc, got it no problems but the thing wouldnt turn on with out being hooked up to mains power.trying to get some 1 who speaks half decent english is a joke, im in australia so there is no contact ph numbers for here, the on line chat disconnetc you as they dont want to deal with faulty product i uploaded a video of faulty product 50 times they kept saying they didnt get thou i got return emails from their system saying they did. put a complaint thru pay pal they offered me a third of the value of th e NEW item and told me to go get it fixed locally- WTF ITS NEW why should i pay.

paypal found it my favour b ut i had to sent it back and provide a online tracking number which cost me $53.20 and i have to foot the cost according to paypal. this company dd is a RIPOFF ive never had a prob with all t he stuff i bought on line, there customer service is a total joke they ignore all consumer laws are rude,dont speak any english,boycot this company and tell all near and far wot a joke they are they need to go bankcrupt.terrible company terrible products terrible service


Dino Direct – I bought a costume from them, good deal for my son so he thought. It was assassins creed costume. He really wanted it and paid for it with his own money. At age 15 he was extremely disappointed it did not fit. We checked the sizing chart & decided to buy xl to give hime even more room to grow into. When it arrived it was marked xl however did not fit him! We bought through pay pal which was some sort of protection, however after din direct refused refund, pay pal got them to agree on refund if we returned it to them. Again we were ripped off, this time by Australia post. $48 it cost to send it back to china!!!! What a waste of time.


In May 2011 I bought two ‘Kate Middleton v-neck dresses’. There were many photos and a detailed description of what the dresses would look like. They cost us $77 each. We received the ‘dresses’ (more like hessian sacks) two weeks later than they were supposed to arrive and were shocked at the quality of these items. The sizing was completely wrong and the dresses were very poorly sewn. We immediately complained and demanded a full refund. We went through the process to return the dresses but the staff at Dino direct made it difficult, requesting dozens of photos, claiming the ones we provided were not good enough. We were never able to return these dresses or get our refund becasue the staff refused to co-operate.

We will never ever buy from Dino Direct and i reccomend you dont either and spread the word! I have given DinoDirect benefit of the doubt in the past, and I wish I hadn’t. I have bought women clothes from the site. and when I open the packaging the clothes appeared to be made for little people! After a gentle wash the stetching was coming undone. I was so disappointed I sent back outer wear for an exchange (which was costly), it was suppose to reach destination china in 5 business days via express. Apparently it was lost in the system and DinoDirect claimed it would take a month to reach China which was “many light years away” right? well, a couple months and a half gone by and still no new package, but I got word its now out of stock! Lesson learned. Heave my word, Ye been warned!!


Ordered a lcd hood for my slr camera 8-19-2011 they sent me a order # in an e-mail it has shipped from our pipeline. well no lcd hood yet.Contact their support group and no reply from them based in palo alto CA. why are the locals not doing anything about this. serious fraud. I tried posting in their forums and I get locked out.so I have hit other forums complained to the BBB Dept of consumer affairs and filed a dispute thru pay=palwhen i try to contact them nothing but auto reply e-mail item is on the way. Damn people are ruining the great USA. they have taken my measley 14.28 so here I am have a great day


ordered an item on aug 19th 2011 paid thru pay-pal received item number said it left our pipeline where ever that is. This was on the 25th of aug 2011. still no tracking info for my item I write e-mails and all you get is auto reply from them. I keep trying but to no avail! so I will keep posting to forums and maybe someone will see my complaints ie US senators HA and get NAFTA retracted so we feel great again here in the USA. This is how I feel~~~ anyhow no item as of 13th sept 2011. Oh 7-14 days to me. That is what I was told.


Money fraud while shopping! I made two orders on Dinodirect, and paid through moneybookers. The transactions were successful, but the shop claims they never received the money. Every day I enter the chat, explaining my situation to an each time new operator, who asks the same stuff, and it seems they don’t even check anything. Or may be there is no need to check – they just took money and that’s it. Money was taken from my bank account, moneybookers confirmed ten times, that transactions were successful, but somehow Dinodirect didn’t receive them.

And they continue to send me product deals and messages from their “support”, like “we checked and transactions were unsuccessful, have a nice day!”, using the numbers of transactions on moneybookers, that I’ve send to them! They are just laughing on me! Never, ever buy anything from this site. I was buying in many Chinese, American, European shops, but such an obvious fraud I meet for the first time.


I bought a GPS(E-G{S-041-01) from DinoDirect. I received this package in late July, 2011. I spent weeks trying to get it to work but failed, because this GPS device does not have any GPS software loaded! After several conversations with Dino’s Customer Service (650)265-1038, I did not get any information regarding the non-functional GPS (Order ID: O8593499-DD)on 8/1/2011. I shipped the non-functional GPS to Dino’s Customer Service: 4020 El Camino Real,Apt.3101,Palo Alto CA 94306 by UPS. It cost me $12.60. I told them that this non-functional GPS doesn’t have navigation software loaded. I just want a simple 5″ GPS. I would like to get a refund.

If not, then at least ship me a simple working 5″ GPS with the same value. Today, Aug. 11,2011, I was told by UPS that the customer svc refused to accept this package. The customer svc told me that I should ship this package to the manufacturer in China instead. This is unacceptable because it would cost me at least another $53.00 in shipping to have it sent to China! I think it is very fair for me to demand to get either a working GPS device or a refund of my money.


I am another unhappy customer. Three week ago (11th of July 2011) I ordered roller blades ($47) as well as protective gear set ($22). First thing that was annoying is that up until you proceed to check out you will have no idea about how much delivery will cost (and in my case it was $45). The second thing is that after my previous purchase I had some reward points left. During my check out I was trying to understand which way I will benefit more and I ticked the box “redeem points”. I never proceeded with that order since than, but the fact of life is that I lost my points. About two weeks of waiting I logged in to check order status and found that if was despatched on 22nd of July.

As I was unsatisfied I raised a two questions. My points disappeared and I never used any of them. Since my order was shipped after they started theirs 2nd birthday campaign and I am unsatisfied – may I have a 60 reward coupon? I had a very unpleasant communication with the person that only made clear that my points are gone, because I used them. She also made clear that my order was actually shipped on 24th and that they are out of stock for protective gear that I ordered and they are offering me a $25 coupon (it is $3 over that price that I have paid two weeks before just to cover those two weeks that it took them to realise – “shit we don’t have it”).

As I am now even less satisfied than from the beginning I refused to take 25 and persisting on settling at 60. After 2-weeks delay in shipment and knowing that I have paid for something that is not existent this might make me feel reimbursed for all my suffers.

And can anyone also please tell me where did I use my points? I created an order and deleted it without paying for it. It is like going into Woolworth cashier and asking for a cash out and changing your mind same time and your money will be drawn off you, but you will end up not getting them. I don’t care about those points to be honest – it is only 1% of the purchase price, so even without them it is ok, but it is the fact that I “used them” and they claim it as it is my fault – that pisses me off.

That is my last shopping experience with these guys, and I hope my message will make it clear for others – stay away, don’t risk your money.


I first made a purchase of 3 items, which i received fine. However, one of the items was very small so i contacted them for an exchange. Its been 3 months and they have not sent me clear instructions as to what address to return the item so I can get a larger size. Before experiencing this problem, I had made another order… and I have not received it yet. I confirmed with the Chinese postal service that the package was returned to Dino Direct as it had insuficient details on the address. This obviously was a problem from their behalf as I received my first order just fine. It has been over 2 months and have not heard from them.


I ordered a nice suit and paid quit a bit of money towards the suit anyway when I received the item it was potentially very small, now I’m only 45 kgs so I’m small as it is. So the suit never fitted me so I contacted Dinodirect back and said I want to return the small for a refund cause I bought the large myself and wanted a refund for the small I had paid for also that didn’t fit me. I spent about three and a half hours trying to get info of how I can send this back and get a refund and know one could actually say in plain words what I needed to do. They were very slow in there organization and Dinodirect customer service was disappointing and losing contact as I was speaking, I find that they were real rude.

So Ive spent over $100 dollars on two suits the small that doesn’t fit me that I wanted a refund for and the large that is on its way. From reading other Dinodirect complaints you would think they would fix there customer service would be more understanding instead of shrugging there shoulder it seems that this happens quite a lot. When I spend money from a store I expect to be helped and to be kind to the customer. Anyway doesn’t look like Ill be purchasing anymore items from here. Customer service is real bad Dinodirect don’t know where you get your employers from there bad.


I had worst experience with this company DinoDirect. I ordered some clothes from this site on April 7. They delayed my shipping because they didn’t have one of the item I ordered (no color) as they wanted to sell me a different color or a gift card. I told them to cancel that one item and ship the rest as I wouldn’t wait forever. On April 14th, I decided to cancel my DinoDirect order as I still didn’t receive shipment information and I can only contact them through email. After received my cancellation, DinoDirect refused to do so, and simply told me that they will ship my order as soon as possible. At that point, I didn’t trust this company anymore and contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge.

On April 23rd, DinoDirect sent me an email saying that my order was partial shipped and they will send the rest items as soon as possible. However, until now(May 26) I have never received the rest items and they have never contacted me again. For the items I received, they are poorly made with low quality material and wrong size. If you are thinking of ordering items from this company DinoDirect, think twice!!! Do some research about them and read other people’s experience with them!


The Android tablet that I ordered from DinoDirect after 2 weeks would not recharge. I also had some problems with the screen freezing up prior to this happening. My son-in-law informed me that no where does it say who manufactures the tablet. I did not understand that Android is the operating system & not the manufacturer & my son-in-law explained how this works to me. I therefore decided that I wanted a refund rather than a return. I have submitted for a return twice now with no response from DinoDirect.

Today I decided to try to submit for a replacement thinking that maybe they’ll answer me. This has been going on for 2 weeks. The product also took over 2 weeks to arrive. I have tried to get to an operator on live chat & have been unable to get a connection. It’s always the excuse that they are busy & please contact them through customer service which is what I had already tried to do. I can’t believe that this company is so very bad. I’ve never run into anything like this when ordering on the internet.

I would love any help anyone could give me on how to get them to answer me.


My husband and I are renewing our vows since I have terminal cancer. Our wedding is May 27th, 2011. I ordered my wedding dress from Dino Direct on April 22,2011. I even called them befored I ordered to make sure the dress will be here on time. They told me yes it would surely be here no worries. Well, It’s May 15th. All their website saids it order approved. No shipping has even been started. I called to check on the statis to make sure the dress would be here. They told me if it wasn’t shipped (which I paid express shipping) by the 15th it probably would not get here on time and I should find one from our local shop. When I asked about getting a refund they suggested for me to get store credit.

I demanded a refund and that I may not live long enough especially with their shipping time to use the store credit. I am still waiting on refund or statis of dress. I have 9 days before our wedding. I borrowed a dress from a friend if this one does not come in. The one I borrowed fits everywhere but the straps are tight on the off shoulder. I would make do with it if I have. I will not let Dino Direct mess up the last exciting thing left in my life. However, this company should be rejected by all buyers and all buyers warned. They break dreams and take your money doing it!!!!


I have placed an order with dino direct. I recieved an email to tell me that the payment had been recieved on the 3rd of may and that it would be shipped within 3 days. I have gone onto the website for the past 4 days and the order has still not been sent . I have tried to email dinodirect ,tried to cancell the order and get a refund but have had no proper reply from a company that values its customer relations. I am absoloutley disgusted with the lack of response . There is no way to send the company a direct email so i have now had no choice but to retrieve the money thriough my bank . The website states if you dont receive a status email within 4 days of the order you be given a refund . I have had nothing


I have ordered several items from Dinodirect.com, 1 1/2 months later and after several emails, I am still getting ignored. I thought I would order small just to check out whether the site is legit or not, but ordering small is not the point the point is that I am constantly being ignored (emails) and when I try live chat, what a surprise, immediately I’m disconnected!! I am glad I ordered small and not big, and I do very much feel for the people who have bought gifts for loved ones, hoping that they have got a good deal, and have been seriously let down. There are many good places to shop from in China, I know this as I have done many times before.

But PLEASE DO NOT take pot luck with Dinodirect.com as you may well be very disappointed. Look up other websites and maybe shop there? You might not lose your money. Dinodirect.com needs shutting down A.S.A.P!! The quicker the better.


I made an order from Dinodirect.com and it took 1 1/2 months to get here. When it arrived the iteams were way to small for me so I wanted to send them back, however I couldn’t get an answer back from my emails and I couldn’t get on the live chat any more and the site just took me around in circles, as I was trying to find out the address to send the order back to them. I ended up keeping the order, even though it is of no use to me as it was going to cost me $50.00 to send it back. I will never make an order off the internet from dinodirect.com again.


Please DO NOT USE DINO DIRECT to purchase ANYTHING. I had such a bad experience. they will NOT refund your money if you buy something and try to send it back. I bought a dress that could only have fitted a babies doll … so I tried to contact them and get the item returned/swapped [ I am a size 12] … and do you think they would oblige… no way they had my money and that was that. BE WARNED these people are absolute scammers. I would like to advise Dino Direct has no Customer Service due to my numerous communication with a person called Emily.

The supposed Live Chat would take me sometimes 3 hours to get my information to someone at Dino Direct so I could get refund on my purchased item. This communication took me over a month to clear up continuingly communicating with Emily. Please note it cost me Aust$26 .00 to post this item back to China. And Dino Direct would insist that they did not get this package even after it was signed for by there agent in China. Finally I did get Refund but the time and effort it took me has left me no alternative but to not recommend any of my friends to deal with Dino Direct again. As you can see I am not a happy customer.


hi i have recently bought an ereader from dinodirect which was 57 pounds. besides the fact that it took 3 weeks to get to me when it did it does not work. it took over a week for them to answer my email and they just wanted a video which it stupid because the ereader does not work they have now declined my request for a refund. no reason given when i bought this product there was also a 30 day money back guarantee obviously not. i have opened a case with paypal so hopefully get my money back so please please dont buy anything from dinodirect and i wish they would get shut down. they are stealing peoples money.


I ordered an Android tablet computer for $100 and paid extra money for ‘expedited shipping’. This order was placed eight days ago and my item is still being listed as not sent. Dino Direct is known for being TERRIBLE. Unfortunately I learned this too late. I am praying that I somehow get what I ordered and that this Chinese scam site be shut down. The Forum they offer as a service to customers is a JOKE. They copy and paste answers. Their online chat is a JOKE. They simply disconnect from chat whenever someone complains. I am seeing thousands of complaints about Dino Direct online. What will it take to shut this company down?


12th December I ordered a cell phone from DinoDirect–I am still waiting. I cannot get any reply to emails to Dino yet when I raised a dispute with PayPal I immediately got an apology and would I cancel dispute as they said they reversed payment.–DID NOT HAPPEN– My account at Dino shows item “Pending/New”. I am also awaiting a power supply for a video unit I received in December the unit will not work without a power lead so they offered me a $5 voucher to spend on line in liu of power lead–HOW USELESS. BEWARE OF PURCHASING FROM DINODIRECT.


I purchased 2 MP3 players from Dino direct weeks before Christmas for my 2 children they were very cheap looking and did not work yes very disappointing to my children and myself. Dino direct tells me to take a video of the problem and send the video to them? how Ridiculous is that! so far they just keep sending me the same email to take a video of the problem several times. Its simply stupid! I am a computer tech I know how they work. I just wanted a refund and they won’t grant it to me. How does this company stay in business? Warning to all!


After reading several customer reviews, I bought a HD9 Bluetooth Headset from DinoDirect and was pleased with the price: approximately $35. Much to my surprise when I received it, it came in the Motorola box with all Motorola accessories, etc. Now, I was surprised because my friends at work have this same headset, and they all paid $60+ for theirs. So when I got mine I was VERY pleased… that was until I put the headset on and heard the tinny sound coming from it. I listened to a friend’s headset at work and it was the “real deal,” with awesome bass and bass boost.

So I called the DinoDirect reviews and customer service line (which was an American phone number, by the way) and asked for a Return Authorization number so I could send this obvious fake back to them. The Chinese people (yes, Chinese) I talked to on numerous occasions kept insisting the product was “Quality numba 1″ and “we are here every second, every hour, every day” and “don’t you worry we will send you a new one.”

She kept telling me to please send in a picture of the damage, and I told her 2,675 times you cannot photograph crappy sound! I argued with this woman for at least an hour and she finally said “we send you new one and you don’t need ship back the first one, okay?”

I finally got so fed up with them that I said “fine” and hung up on her. One of the on-line customer support folks told me “that product clearly marked non OEM on our website,” and I said “Yes, but your website ALSO says “100% satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked,” but nobody there in CHINA ever relented, saying only they would send me “new one” and that everything “pass quality check” when shipped. It, too, came in a “Motorola” box with “Motorola” accessories, as well.

Sad fact is, I have two of these now but I’m afraid to sell them here in the U.S. because they are knock-offs! And the sound is not up-to-par. Oh, yes, they would be good enough for some people who only used them for a phone, but I’d probably get in trouble for selling the damn things because they’re fakes.

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