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I bought a Lenova Think Pad T470 in December 2017. I have filed several complaints on the speed of the computer determined to be a bad WiFi card. After 3 filed complaints in the first year for the same problem, I finally talked live to a service rep. He sent me a new case # that was supposed to permit an on site service and pay for the new card. Responded to the email customer service sent to set up the onsite repair. I was told the warranty was expired. We own a telecommunications business - all employees work from home. We should not have to pay for this part or have to take it to a service dealer.


On March 08, 2019 I went to a local Sam’s Club in Melbourne Florida for a tire change.
I needed 3 brand new tires. The 4th tire on the right front was in almost new condition, as it was replaced few months prior at the same location and did not need to be changed.
After patiently waiting for few hours, I was told that that the tires cannot be replaced because my hub/ knuckles are broken.
The car wheels have anti- theft lug bolts and there was a special tool in the car to unscrew the tires but instead the technician used the power tools forcing it to unscrew damaging the car. The car had to be towed to a local Volvo Dealer across the street. The repair cost was $ 2,255.45
I came to the club with perfectly driving car needing 3 new tires, end up with very high repair bill of $ 2,255.45 and on top of that Sam’s replaced the one good tire (right front) with a brand new one and did not replace the one of the three that needed replacement (rear right) . Now I have 3 brand new tires and one old tire.
We (my husband and I) got a claim number and were assigned a claim adjuster from Sam’s HQ. Sent all requested documents.
For the past 3 months we are trying to resolve the problem. The adjuster was very difficult to reach, very unprofessional, rude and discriminating. We are American Citizens but English is our third language and to understand everything correctly my husband asked him to send everything in writing. He has not done so. He said only that Sam’s is not going to pay for the damage they cost. That’s all?!
We are small business owners and we are working very hard. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and it should be the motto for every business big or small.
We have been a member of Sam’s Club for over 20 years, but we are not going to renew the membership and stopped shopping there as did our friends who found out what happened to us.
We are extremely disappointed with Sam’s handling the whole situation and are forced to file a lawsuit against them.


I just left your Marion IL store ( 12:45 pm) today after being treated very rudely by one of your store employees. He was a bearded male approx 30-35 years old working one of the check-out lanes. I left my items and just walked out as he totally unprofessional and as stated previously extremely rude. He basically shoved me aside stating loudly these other customers were ahead of me when I was clearly first in line when a new check-out lane opened up. Its is extremely doubtful whether I will ever shop in your stores again. My comments are very negative but actually should be a lot more severe to accurately describe my experience. Call me 618-579-8491


Poor customer service, terrible interaction with both cashier and manager, couldn't answer simple questions, store never clean or stocked properly.. bagged 14 items in 2 bags, 3 items in one and rest in other, threw receipt at me had very poor attitude. I won't be giving them my business again any time soon. Very offended at my treatment overall. Dollar general #13896 Conowingo, Maryland


i have been trying to get your email address for consumer reports, and i get every thing under the moon but your email. please send me your email so i can email you about monsantos round up, e4mail me at thank you dick bottcher


I was going to travel to my country COLOMBIA on 02/22/19 from Nashville TN, so I arrived to the airport at 10:35 AM, and the flight American Airline
AA 4604 was at 1:33 PM.
The Airplane left about more than an hour LATER, so the fly got LATE at the Miami airport, where I had to make the transfer to continue to my country. So when I went to reschedule my next flight, I found that the next flight AA921 was for next day 02/23/19 at 5:39 PM, which was not problem with me.
The problem was that the AA customer service people told me, that because the plane got late to Miami because of the weather condition, they COULD NOT PAY THE HOTEL NEITHER THE FOOD, so I had to pay from my own pocket, even thought it wasn't raining when we left Nashville.

I arrived three hours earlier to the Nashville Airport, so it is NOT FAIR to pay for hotel and food, when is the AA FLIGHT FAULT.

I will NEVER travel again in American Airline.
And I will talk to my friends and everybody not to do it.

Thank you very much,
James Bonilla


Ford Motor Co. and Ford Dealership refuses to assist with $9,000 cost reimbursement to replace blown 3.5L Eco Boost engine which has a previous history of manufacture forging problems with pistons and connecting rods on 2012-2015 models. Why has there not been a recall? What actions can I take to recover some of the cost? My 2014 F-150 truck has been cared for with regular maintenance per the Ford recommendations, street driving only, no heavy hauling, piston and connecting rod broke without any warnings. Where can I find DOCUMENTED information on this problem that has left many other consumers between a rock and a hard place with no means of assistance? I am stuck because Ford has swept this 3+ year matter under the rug.


Consumer reports has been harassing me, disrespecting me, as well as threatening harm to me. She has been doing this for a day or 2 days I guess I'm not exactly sure. I would appreciate you remove her account, channel, or whatever you can do to make sure this never happens again.


I do not really trust the Consumer Reports reviews that I read online, mostly because I feel they are fake. In the end, what I trust is real customer complaints & reviews, not the sensational headlines I read on Consumer Report's website. Just make sure you realize that this is a for-profit site.


I always prefer to get the best for my kitchen. Consumer Reports is a all in one portal for home appliances, vehicles, shopping, electronic gadgets and many more on your finger tips with ratings, user guide and price menus. It saved my time in comparing the market prices of different brands & stores in selecting wall oven. It is the best portal for online shopping with attractive discount rates. Thanks to Consumer Reports I have found the best deals.

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