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BBVA Compass Bancshares, Inc. is an American financial holding company and since 2007 a subsidiary of the Spanish Multinational Banco Bilbao of Vizcayo, Argentina. There are 720 branches located mostly in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, New Mexico and Texas. Internationally there are over 105,000 employees in 30 countries. BBVA is traded publicly on the NYSE:BBV as well as international stock exchanges. Revenues in 2010 were reported as over US 3.4 billion.

If you have a problem with your BBVA Compass account you may call 1-800-266-7277. You may also schedule a call here and find other assistance. You may reach the CEO, Francisco Gonzales Rodriguez by sending correspondence by postal mail addressed with BBVA Compass corporate headquarters, 15 South 20th Street, Birmingham, AL 35233.

With the slogan,‘banking on a brighter future’ BBVA Compass was founded in 1964. You may find social presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTubePinerest and Instagram.

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I was approved for a Credit Card on Apr 2 after submitting an application - credit line $8,000.00. Then after a couple of weeks I had a call to submit picture of drivers license and something with my address. I told them to please send me a letter so I could send my postal mail. I received a letter but it did not tell me where to send the info. I called and an agent gave me an address which I no longer remember. So then I kept checking because I had received the card but was unable to activate it. I was told again - send the info. Now I got a letter stating that you had made several attempts to reach me and to call the number 866-926-3804. Several times I had called and still no activation. So I sent my info (cys of) and waited. Nothing. Called several times unable to talk to the Fraud Department. The letter I got yesterday threatened to close my account because I refused to furnish the info. I scanned it the second time and sent it to the Fraud Dept - the address in the email - Nothing ! Who is trying to reach me? I also sent emails and kept calling - nothing yet - Fraud Dept now has apparently lost everything I sent - even the scanned documents I sent by email. The letter also stated I could call 24/7 for help - not true at all. Nobody there can help - all they can do is tell me to call the Fraud Department again. What do I do next? If you close my account I will not take that the easy way - I will send letters to several Consumer Agencies - the FDIC - the Office that takes care of Credit Cards, the BBB and also I will post on all Social Media Sites what kind of treatment you have given me now for the past two months. Could you explain what makes me different from your other Customers? I am out of ideas.
Thank you. MAB


Good Afternoon,

I regrettably would like to inform you about the dis-respect I received at your (Richardson East) location from you Branch Retail Executive IV (John Paul Gonzales - NMLS #534944).

1st I would like to point out I was at the location for 30-40 minutes before I was helped. The teller did try but did not have the access.

I came in today. It appeared to me that my account was deducted a pending amount of $397.68 since 3/29/19.

John told me he looked on his computer and found the $397.68 but then told me that the charge fell off and since the merchant (Wayfair) did not get the funds they expired on 4/2/19.

And that the funds never came out of my account.

I am using my mobile app at the time and I see a pending hold on the funds for $397.68 from 3/29/19. Which since it was not on his original statement he dismissed this as being an issue.

I called Wayfair and from what I could tell the Customer Service rep from Wayfair said that depending on the bank the funds are not took or would be released after the 3-5 business days.

My funds are still pending on my (Mobile App) and to my knowledge it never was added back to my balance. Which John it never came out of my balance.

Long story short I was not rude but I was asking a lot of questions because I could not understand why on my mobile app that charge is still pending and to my knowledge I have never got the funds released back into my account.

After about 20 or so min he told me that he had a meeting and that he went over everything he could and told me that he wanted me to leave his building and never come back and escorted me out the building.

I think that was a terrible way to handle a person just asking question. I never cussed. I interjected my opinion sometimes when he was talking that might have got him made but I had questions to the statements he was making at the time, Since especially the charge was still pending on my mobile app. Since all other charges that are pending came out my available balance I could not/ can not understand why these funds are still pending.

He was very rude and treated me like i was a lowlife and again told me to (Never come back to his bank). Really so serious over me not understand and still not fully understanding were the $397.68 went.

Please let me know what can be done about this injustice. Also is there any one I can talk to, to find out why on my mobile app the $397.68 is still pending in my debit transactions since that issues was never really cleared.


Made ATM deposit 07/08/2018 with 2 checks at Desoto, TX location. ATM didn't give recpt and didn't reflect in balance. Called customr service 07/09/2018 and put in dispute. My landlord charged late fees and possible eviction due to unable to pay rent. Customer service said up to 10 days for research. went to branch 07/10/2018 they found checks said still unable to give credit, I asked for a letter, branch manager said he to show copy of the dispute wouldn't give letter. As of 07/12/2018 fees totally 400.00 from my landlord. I called customr service 07/17/2018 and was promised a letter explaining bank error, etc. Said to go to branch to pick up. Branch said no fax was recvd as of 07/20/18, spoke to supervisor in customer service assured me they would send fax . Waited 3 hours no letter faxed. When I called back Customr Service, given credit 07/18/2018 for the checks,per customer service since I had the checks in my acct, it was not the responsibility to have letter. When I explained everything, supervisor Rickey Gonzalez said I was given wrong information by previous supervisor and he wouldn't have it done. Said to have branch contact dept One. Branch employee Lydia called dept One and spoke to someone that assured letter would be faxed. At this moment no letter and this experience is by far the WORST service I have ever received. The supervisor in customer service, Ricky Gonzalez is a poor representative of CompassBank. He hung up while I was speaking to branch employee. This is after he refused to assist, making disparaging remarks against another supervisor and when I stated complaints would be filed he said "you should". I have never paid late with my landlord and this has tarnished my credit and possible eviction, all because I made a deposit thru ATM. NO FAULT of mine. Resolution-letter explained bank error and if this doesn't waive the fees with landlord the fees paid.


If I could give below 1 I certainly would. I applied for a 0% interest rate for the 1st 14 months at BBVA Compass' invitation, but ever since I transferred a balance and used the card I have been charged interest. I submitted a complaint to BBVA and they stated that the interest charges are correct relative to the APR. I further responded that there is no accrual on 0%. I have since paid the card to a zero balance and will never use this institution again. Just wanted to get the word out to be very cautions with BBVA.


Brownsville compass bank was extremely rude and unbearably full of attitude. My business accounts and personal are all being moved as we speak. Hope you can screen people better during your hiring process. I wish to report this complaint to the Compass corporate office, but they have ignored my emails thus far. Maybe the Better Business Bureau will get their attention.


I've only stayed with Compass Bank for a month and even that was too long. When I first signed up, the employees were friendly, all my questions were answered, and I left the bank thinking that my money was in god hands. Then hidden fees started showing up. I set up automatic bill pay, and they charged me saying that I was late. How can I be late on a payment when we set up the automatic bill pay together and determined the date? When I went to the bank, the employees were rude and unhelpful. I asked for the manager, and he said that there was nothing I can do since my payment wasn't "processed" until after the due date. I was a new customer and they were highjacking my money. I immediately took out my money and will never use them again.


I have been using Compass Bank credit card and ever since my credit rating is good. I love the facilities on this card with the cashback options, credit points getting accumulated so that I can use it later on. Wow,, something which not all banks have to offer. I was on a poor rating earlier and after using this my credit rating shot up. Thanks to Compass Bank for this. Earn more, save more and with more ways to redeem. Best part is No $125 annual fee for the first year. Who does that !!! I would highly recommend Compass Bank to anyone I know to take benefits this company has to offer.

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