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Commonwealth Bank of Australia is one of the ‘big four’ banks in Australia and is publicly traded on the Australian stock market ASX:CBA. Revenues in 2015 were reported as AUD 23 billion (Australian Dollar) and there are over 45,000 employees. Comm Bank offer full range financial services. If you have a problem with you CommBank account or service you may call 212-848-9200. In Australia call tel-612-9378-2000. You may find Contact us information here.

If you would like to contact the CEO Ian Narev address postal correspondence to him at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Ground Floor, Tower 1, 201 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. The United States office address is 559 Lexington Avenue #1701, New York, NY 10022. The New York corporate office phone number is 212-848-9200.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia began as a government bank in 1911. In 1991 the bank went public. Fossil fuel funding remains big business and a source of controversy as banks fund destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. CommBank offers services if you are planning to move to Australia. Social presence may be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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Discrepancy between amount banked and amount credited to my account. On 30th.januaru 2019 I went to the Arndale Kilkenny South Australia branch. I had $250 counted in bags of coins. There was a line of customers which is common in this bank because the people who make decisions invariably get it wrong and don't know anything about the demographics of the area. While I was standing in line I was approached by a "meet and greet" person (in this branch they seem to abound standing around for hours at a time doing nothing) and, against my better judgement, allowed myself to be persuaded to let her show me how to use the coin machine she assured me she knew what she was doing. What followed was nothing less than a comedy of errors and a travesty of customer service. She opened the counted bags pouring the coins swiftly into the machine the machine broke down and coins went all over the floor she then picked up what coins she could repeated the procedure causing the same effect with a broken machine and coins everywhere. What coins she had left in bags and the ones she had recovered from the floor she then took to a teller to count The teller got a total of $158.00 which left a discrepancy of $92.00.I assumed that it would show up on my statement as she had assured me the machine counted the money and credited it to my account. I am still $92.short no stars for this effort most ridiculous time I have ever had in a bank. I am left furious and short of money.


Carly, Nhill branch.
Can you explain to me how...
* a lost telephone message I left for you
* a telephone message I left for you weeks ago that has still not been responded to
* dozens of unanswered calls directly to your branch (answered by a machine with a poor history of my message being received or replied to)
* I am still chasing answers going into the 3rd month now
* I am still waiting for requested information that you said you would provide me weeks ago
* not a single email I have sent you has been responded to including an invoice for payment I sent you for the local Nhill pharmacy
...can ANY let alone ALL of this be experienced by me...?
As any business or individual possessing even the most basic levels and understanding of 'professional customer service' would not let this occur.

Can you explain to me why none of the emails I have sent you, dating back approximately a month or more, requesting answers to some of the questions above have not been acknowledged, responded or replied to...?

Can you explain to me why when I politely requested that your branch simply keep me informed of any 'activity' on my mothers account and that I was told that they would do so, that NO Commonwealth bank policies / protocols that would have severe and dire consequences resulting in myself as a nominated enduring power of attorney being unable pay bills on my mothers behalf were outlined or explained to me...?

Can you confirm to me that I was the person who initially contacted your branch to inquire about my mothers account and the withdrawal of $10,000.... despite your stating to me that you believed (incorrectly) that your branch was the one who notified me...?

Can you explain to me why, to date, I still have not received a response from you to a telephone message I left for you several weeks ago..?

Can you explain to me why you 'did not receive' a very important telephone message I left for you, some time ago, requesting that you speak with Anthia at the Avonlea aged care facility in Nhill regarding my mother accounts..?

Can you explain to me why both myself and my elderly mother have been caused extreme anxiety, frustration, stress and financial hardship along with countless hours of telephone calls, messages, emails, huge breakdowns in communication, ridiculously long delays in getting answers to urgent questions, still chasing answered questions and many hours of attending/waiting at my local branch, if you are following the Commonwealth bank professional code of conduct of empathy and communication...?




Decent bank but their United States customer service is not as good as when I lived down in Australia.


I have been with this financial institution for probably close to 2 decades. Sure they have overdraw fees, but what I won't take is a $10 fee for as little as a 0.90c overdraw, unintentional, but it happened. They wont do a loyalty bonus for being with them for so long, and they are unwilling to compromise on anything. I won't pay such a fee as it is extremely unreasonable, and when asked to have the fee returned, they refuse. This isn't the first time this has happened and when contacted they are just generally rude.

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