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I went to burger last saturday march 30 in salt lake city, utah. i was hoping to get a free product by purchasing a whopper. I was told that the bk cards are no longer being used. There was no notice of this on the internet or at the store. I could use my points, but I had 974 points. I talked to the manager. He was very cold and unapologetic, as was the cashier.

I needed 1000 points to get a free product. The manager said that his hands were tied and there was nothing he could do. Then, I went to purchase some chicken nuggets and I was two cents short. The cashier wouldn’t help me out, so I had to break a $20 bill. I had cut out many coupons for Burger King, but I won’t come back unless I am treated better.


This store is close to my home so the wife and I stop at least three times a week. Each time we go thru the drive up they totally mess the orde up. Lately we go inside and every time they are out of something( onion rings, ice cream,chicken nuggets ) I have seen a number of customers just walk out. I’ve spoken to severaal people at this store and they do not seem to care so maybe I’ll take my business to your compitition who does seem to care


I ordered a value burrito and double sausage crossanwich, burrito was fine, crossandwich was sausage and bacon, beard was burnt so bad you could smell it without even seeing it. Also was in drive thru , never received a receipt, or any napkins. Honestly only went to the sulphur , la location on cities service hwy cause McDonald’s wasn’t open yet. I do not, I repeat, do not have any intentions to visit any burger kings again due to such horrible food quality, in attentive employees, and overall, extremely slow service. This appears to be the company policy, cause multiple people I know have complained about this actions at Burger King. Next time I will gladly wait the extra 15 minutes till McDonald’s opens.


The menu and structure of the Burger King on South College in Auburn Al are really good, but the service is below poor and the kid’s area had all the tables filthy (thank goodness I had brought some wipes with me.) Also, three different customers at three different times had to wait and wait for someone to come to the reigster. Several times we could see her in the back chatting. When she did arrive, she was not happy to be waiting on her customers–we were an inconvenience! This was Sunday, January 20 between 4 and 5 p.m. We also use the Burger King on 2nd in Opelika Al and have not found this depth of poor service or uncleanliness, but an upgrade in customer relations would be recommended.

I looked for a number to call to issue a complaint locally but found none. Both of these Burger Kings need accountability!


We called in at around 6pm last Friday evening to Burger King on the Boucher road in belfast, 1 customer was eating so it wasn’t busy, we got to the counter to find the employee leaning over the counter on his mobile phone, when he saw us coming he actually tutted, we were then told by a member of staff in the clothing department downstairs that they were trying to get closed early to get home because of the bad weather(snow) which is fair enough but we couldn’t relax as every bite was being watched as to say hurry up!! We ended up putting my 2year old sons food back in the bag for him to finish in the car. I couldn’t complain about the food as it was good infact find it to be the best fast food outlet I just think some staff should get more training in dealing with customers. I work in a hotel myself and although its not the same if I saw one of my employees on their mobile or even slouching in front of paying customers they would have a lot to answer for.


The other day I came into the store in Pueblo, cO that is located on Vinewood Ln. A tall african american male, who appeared to be the manager on duty was getting ready to take the order of a woman in front on me, and she asked him if she could have just a moment to look over the menu, and he told her :”Aren’t you ever going to order before your’e dead?” That comment really upset me and I decided not to order, and ended up going to another place to eat. I believe something something needs to be done about this man.


On Sunday Jan. 13, 2013 I went to the River Road in Keizer, OR, Burger King. I placed my order and paid at the drive thru window. I was asked to pull around to the side to wait for my order. I followed the instructions. Then waited and waited……….. Finally I went inside and inquired about my order. They had forgotten me and my order. (I had used the drive thru as I had been painting I was tired and didn’t want to be seen.) There was no apology, nothing. Needless to say I was disappointed in the service. Just thought you should know.


I am a youth pastor in Tiffin, Ohio and I took my youth group to New York for a ski trip and stopped in austinburg  ohio at BK # 7305 for supper and received the most horrible service I’ve ever had anywhere.  Not only did my co-youth pastor here the manager say the F word in front of my youth kids, but I ordered a number 7 with cheesy tots and after pretty much everyone after me had been given their food and literally 38 minutes after I ordered I got mine.  I hope you can take care of that.  I was given a hershey pie for my wait, but i still felt a bit ripped off, not to mention we added an extra 38 minutes on to our already 4 hour trip. Thanks.


Upon entering the restaurant, my family and i had to wait 20 minutes before being served, the restaurant was not busy and neither was the drive through, there were several members of staff on duty although only a couple appeared to be working, the rest were just standing about. When we were finally served by the only person on the till, whose English was not very good and he also appeared to not know how to work the till as he asked a couple of people what buttons to push. After ordering the food, we had a further 10 minute wait for our food, during which the manager asked if we were ok as we were waiting for a while, the order was completely wrong and was quite cold. I then took the burgers back to change for new ones, it was a furthe 10-15 minutes and I still didn’t have the burgers, I went back up to till and due to lack of communication through the staff my fresh burgers had went to another person, by this point I had had enough and just left, while all this was happening, there was a number of people complaining within the restaurant and also some complaining from the drive thru, this was at the Burger King in Aberdeen at queens links on the beach boulevard, I can easily say this was the worst experience I have had in a fast food restaurant and can easily say that I won’t be returning any time soon!!


Since we always cook at home, my kids have asked me to get some fast food last night (01/03/2013), so we drove to the closest BK and ordered four whoppers to take out. Then drove back home (few blocks away) and ate what appears to be very strange looking whoppers with unusually cold meat. The very next morning most of my family, including me, have had really bad food poisoning. I am planning to contact the local health department on Monday to prevent such happening to other people. Lesson learned.


Wednesday 2nd January 2013 my husband,my granddaughter and myself stopped at Castlebellingham Apple Green station and visited the burgerking to have a meal, everything about it was awful, first there was only 2 staff members, 1 serving & 1 cooking, neither had any hairnets or hats to cover their heads, the girl that was cooking had red shoulder length hair and it hung around her face as she cooked, when we got the food it was digusting the fries had been reheated over & over and the chicken royale meals that we got were cold & like rubber, in all my years eating at burgerking I have never come across this, when I went to complain to the girl(Niamoi) who served me it wasnt possible as she was struggeling to deal with a lot of people on her own & we had to continue with our journey.


When Burger King first placed the Whopper on their menu, it took two hand to hold this sandwich. Now, where is the meat? Your your own worst enemy. Place your menu back the way is was and prepare your sandwiches the way it was originally planed. The other fast food style restaurant can not prepare a burger as the old style Whopper!


I went to get food from the store number 16622. I went for my wife and she had to leave my 12:45 in order to get to work. I went to the store, ordered a kids chicken nugget meal. I ordered at 12:25 and didn’t receive my food until 12:48. I went inside because there was a huge line outside. Inside there were 7 people waiting. The kid at the register Don said they were short staffed. The drive thru lady was standing there, the huge guy in the back was staring at the monitors then making something without gloves, the other two employees were also moving incredibly slow. I work at a bank and under our rushes we don’t move as slow as these people, we do something at least, and we always say sorry or explain the problem. No one seemed concerned, all the guests were angry, and it took so long my wife had to leave without eating lunch. I don’t plan on going back, and will further my story on to others, even though it’s not as if anyone says “Let’s go to BK, their service and food is excellent.”


I have wrote to you as we’ll about Romford branch I brought 3 meals from you I ordered normal coke and diet coke and fanta well I was watching your staff she half filled the diet coke with diet coke then add normal coke to it and brought them over to the tray none of them was marked when I asked her which was which she didn’t know then just picked one lucky I was watching I asked her to change. Them she. Wouldn’t I am a diabetic so I can’t have sugar so it is very dangerous to have to much sugar I was with my kids so I didn’t want to kick up a fuss the way your staff treated me was disgusting you are lucky I didn’t take the drink for testing your suppose to be friendly to your paying customers yet I was treated badly from vikki Johnson


What the hell man. I was angry when you first got rid of the spicey chicken. And now, you put out a plan chicken patty with buff. Sauce and call it a spicey chicken? When I saw the sign saying, “One dollar spicey chicken everyday” I was so happy you brought it back. Then I went through the drive-thru, and I was smart enough to get only 1 because I knew there was a chance you guys did some stupid thing like this. It is not bad, the sauce is good but it is not the spicey chicken. So don’t call it that. Buffalo chicken, hot chicken, kick’n chick’n, whatever. But spicey chicken is very misleading to the people who loved the origonal.



I was hired at a Burger King here in Houston, Tx (3009 Collingsworth St.) and was given the Assistant Managers position with no experience,but was expected to perform Asst. Manager functions without training or pay for the position. I was told before hiring I would eventually get paid and trained as a full-time Assistant Manager. I was given part time hours,expected to lead a store with no prior fast food experience and was going to be terminated for not fulfilling those expectations from the General Manager. was also not given full time hours, so I had to voluntary terminate because of lack of training,hours,pay,and discrimination on the part of the General Manager. Please look into this.


I walked in to your location located in Prairieville La and was treated as though I was not there and I was the only one in line. I waited 10 min to make an order while waitnig on the manager and the waitress to quit playing around and talking and laughing and when she did finally came back to take my order and I ordered one whopper and had a coupon for free whopper with purchase of one that would expire at the end of the day this was about 1:00 pm and she told me that she could not accept this turned around and left again, finally I got tired and pissed off and left. I eat at burger king a good bit and to be treated like this is uncalled for. I hope that I hear back from you soon because I will not leave this alone. It is a damn shame for a 55 yr old man to be treated this way. Today is 12/24/2012


To start off, my girlfriend and I were at the window trying to make a decision on something to order since they changed their menu outlook and we were trying to find our normal order. The young girl who was taking our order would NOT give us a minute and was being completely rude and kept asking us in an annoying tone if we were ready yet. There was no line behind us we were the only ones in the drive thru. After being asked for the fourth time I we were ready we finally ordered the 10 chicken strip box, a small fry, and a small jr whopper meal. We go to the first window, pay our food. Second window, we had only gotten one fry so we sat there for almost 10 minutes waiting for someone to come back so we can get the food we ordered, then when we told the woman who had been ignoring us that all our food wasn’t in the bag she apparently didn’t understand. This woman who was probably older than my girlfriend and i did not understand us saying “you didn’t give us our extra fry.” After we finally got our extra fry, she took out receipt and never gave it back. Now that we’re home, our 10 chicken strip piece are chicken nuggets. Needless to say, I’m furious at the ignorance and rude behavior of your establishment on J. Clyde Morris Blvd in Newport News, VA.


For the past two evenings, my family and I have tried to order dinner from Burger King (400 Highway 53 W. Dawsonville, GA 30534) through the drive thru. Each time we were advised “the credit card machine was down and we only except cash and that you will have to come inside and order.” Needless to say we do not always carry cash and went elsewhere.

Also, what’s the point of having a drive thru if you HAVE to go inside and order? Seemed rather fishy or either they just didn’t want to deal with customers at drive thru and why is it the credit card machine is constantly “out of order” just at night? The service at night is horrible! Need a better night crew and from the looks/sound of it better equipment too!


strongly disappointed on the service I received in Lexington, Nc (290 N Talbert Blvd) I work in Lexington, NC and I select different places to eat on my lunch break. Had some nice coupons for BK, so I thought I’ll check thim out. I wanted the chicken strips for 4.99 and I get a small fries & a drink. it take me 6 mins to get there so I placed my order and I strongly understand how you can be new and have problems with new promotions.

( so I calmly waited) Well the lady Kare are Kare was working the register beside her taken walk-in customer and taken drive-throw order aswell. Being patient , I asked Ms. K could she place help the lady with my order. Well to give you a picture she looked like a gold tooth , sewed in blonde and black hair, colorful long nail all that was missing from this black young lady is the fake blue eyes) well she act as if she had everything under control but leak of customer service and looking for any man to come in.

She stated the girl was new so she took over and did’t know how to enter the promotion code correctly, herself ( I waited ) finally 10-15 more mins, I finaly paid for my strips and waited. Finally went back to the front to asked how long and Ms. K said it will take 10 more mins.

NOw I have given BK 25mins of my time, 10 more might be mins added then have to eat & return to work ( Now come on) So, I wanted them to cancel my order and she rudely said something being rude and pointed to the manager and said let him handle it. NOw Now NOw he had to be her boo because he showed no concern but he did credit my -4.99 back to my account. I asked for the young lady name and he wrote it down on the receipt. No 800 number or website given so I found this website.

I missed my lunch and just don’t understand were is the customer service are to make it right service. will not return to that location!!!


I NEVER post things like this, and very rarely even complain to the restaurants when there is an issue because I don’t want to complain about FOOD…but I have had it. There is a location in Tampa near the stadium that cannot EVER get my order right. The last 4 times I have gone there I have gotten to work or home and it’s been wrong and the fries are notoriously COLD and nasty after 6 PM.

The first of the 4 times (this is not including other times I have not kept track of) I ordered a whopper and chicken sandwich with extra cheese. Got no cheese. The second time, ordered a large cherry sprite. Sat in line 17 minutes, got to the window, was still asked to pay for the drink and got half way down the street and it was a fruit punch HI-C.

The third time, asked for chicken sandwich and whopper again but with bacon, got cold hard fries, no mayo on my chicken sandwich, no bacon on my whopper. Then the following week go for breakfast and order a double croissanwich with extra bacon. Now … for the life of me i can’t understand why this is so hard to understand for these people, but EXTRA BACON means, add EXTRA bacon to what it already comes with. If I wanted extra bacon to replace the sausage..

.I would say “croissanwich no sausage w/ extra bacon” they take it upon themselves to leave the sausage off and this is not the first time. I have worked in fast food and so i never want to feel like fast food workers are dumb…but seriously this is not rocket science. if you cant get the orders right…you shouldn’t work there.

Does no good to complain because the managers do nothing and sometimes, it’s the managers that work the windows. Now if the managers cant get an order right…then there really is no point in me wasting my money paying for stuff i didn’t order at that location.


Today March 9 my husband and I ate lunch at the Burger King in Kalkaska, Michigan. Somehow my phone was put on our tray and thrown away in the garbage. I did not miss it til 2 hrs. later when we were on our way back to Owosso, Michigan . We stopped at the Burger King in Grayling and asked if they would be so kind as to call Burger King in Kalkaska and ask them to see if they could find my phone.

They would NOT call for me so I went next door to Taco Bell and they loaned me a cell phone to call back to Owosso so they could look up the phone # of Burger King in Kalkaska and call for me. My son-in-law who is Chief of police down state called them at Burger King and asked them to look in the garbage for me…they said NO..it had already been taken out.

I am very unhappy with Burger King as we(about) 22 snowmobilers have patronized Burger King in Kalkaska many many time and also in the summer as we have a cabin up there…They will Not get my business anymore nor will any Burger King!! AND I will advertise how you treat your customers. Please look into this and advise your employees how to treat their customers. An answer would be nice to have from you! Betty Bailey


In the last 30 days I have been to the burger king in excelsior springs, missouri 5 times, all 5 times my experience has been less than desirable. I went there 3 times in one 7 day period for hot cakes and sausage..all 3 times they didn’t have any syrup! The first time the girl baged up the order, handed it over the counter, and said I’m really sorry but we don’t have any syrup. The nxt two times I asked if they had any syrup and they just said nope. The very same day as my first visit I went back for lunch, and ordered a chicken tendercrisp with NO tomato. It came with two tomatoes.

This morning I went in for one more try, I thought hell with the syrup, I ordered biscuits and gravy and a coffee. I paid and was putting sugar in my coffee, and the kid leaned over the counter and said I’m sorry he only has one bicuit ready would you like something else instead? I said no I will wait. Ok it will be about 10 minutes. 22 minutes later I got my biscuits and gravy. DAMN!!! One of the times I went in, there was a guy and a girl sitting on the counter just swinging their feet. The same counter they eventually serve me my food on.


I visited the #09708 Burger King in Natchez, MS on February 10, 2012 Order #512 at approximately 6:36PM and I witnessed some very unprofessionalism between one of the older co-workers toward a newer emplpoyee. The newer employee that was taking the orders at the drive thru was having some problems pulling up the order once the customer (me) had arrived to pay and called on the lady at the pick up window for assistance. She made loud outbursts about the young lady incompentence to catch on and understand what needed to be done. The order was indeed correct just as I had requested.

After leaving the newer employee and moving to the pick up window I observed the older employee complaining and talking about the newer employee to the other workers and lastly the older employee (lady at pickup window) hollowed something back to the girl at the first window (i.e. you better do something) in a very nonprofessional manner. People need to understand that everyone is not capable of learning things at the same rate as you and although you probabaly have more experience. I am sure someone had patience with her (pickup window employee) upon her arrival as a new employee.

If the newer employee was having problems at the assigned task why wasn’t she place at the pickup window rather than the taking order window until a little later on the job? This matter needs to be addressed immediately for future practice and professionalism.


While on our way out of town on a trip the wife and I decided to stop at Burger King in Grand Prairie on Great Southwest/I-20 for a couple of Whoppers. When we received them, my wife ate her whopper without a problem but after a couple of bites from mine, I noticed a distinct burned taste. I seperated the buns and noticed the top bun was charred. I immediately called the store on my cell and requested a manager. After telling her the story, I requested that she list my name for a credit equal to the value of the sandwich. She said she could only do that if I brought the sandwich back because customers pull this scam all the time for a free sandwich.

Given our time constraints and the fact that we had traveled some distance from the restaurant the manager’s request was not practical or reasonable. After the repulsive act of eating charred bread, the last thing I won’t to hear is a manager’s excuse why they can not resolve a simple error (at least I hope it was) If she has such a dim view of her customers maybe she belongs in another industry (i.e. department of corrections)


(1;28pm sat visit)I know nothing ever will come of this complaint, but maybe others have had teh same experience. I went to the Burger King located in Smyrna Ga on spring street for a burger and a shake off the dollar menu on . when the cashier rang me up it came up to more that 2 bucks and some change and I asked why, she ran down the total and the issue came up the shake for 2.29 and not the $1.29 price that is listed on the dollar menu and teh cashier just stood there with a blank stare on her face, so I had to ask for the manager on duty and when she came over she just said that the price of tehir shakes, as i thought, the cashier told her the issue and then the manager proceeded to walk away.

I said to say excuse me, and aske her to come back and showeed her the sign that the store had displayed. she said that the corporate issue on the price and they cant do nothng about the wrong price. Dont get me wrong, its not teh price, its the whole nasty attitude I got and that Burger King just lost my business. Mcdonalds across the street is my new place. At least if there are problems, they explain it and talk to you like a person and not dismiss me. I hope someone gets back with me on the policy of if its liste on the menus, do they have to honor it. Oh 1 more thing. she could not remember the name of the store manager when I asked her and told me to go to the web site.

How is it the GM can be 3 hours late and not one word said to them but when a crew member is a few minutes late they get wrote up for it? Or I had to call off for my back and they expected me to rush to the ER to get them a doctors note but it has to be a specific doctor my note comes from and that doctor is not at the ER then I get put on 30 day probation for that??? I dont understand how they can stay open due to them firing all the good workers and bringing in people who have no clue how to do their job, or due to them picking “favorites” to work and giving the other crew members sucky hours (ex. 3 hours a week)..their burgers are never done take a look sometime theyre pink!

I ordered a Burger King Jr. Whopper with fries and the coke meal and ate in. I have a horrible stomach ache that won’t stop, and realize that I have food poisoning. I feel nauseous, and pain seems like it roams over the walls of my stomach. This restaurant is located in Oneonta, New York. I tried to call to complain, but their phone is out of order. I tried to call the other location in Sidney, but their phone is also out of order. I wanted to give Burger King a chance, since I hadn’t been a customer in a few years. I normally go to McDonalds, where I never, incidentally, got sick from their food.

I don’t know how long this stomach ache and nausea is going to last. If it doesn’t end soon, I’m going to a doctor. The worst management/cashier service ever at Burger king on spring road in Smyrna Ga. The cashier at about 1:13pm sat 1/28 was the worst ever when I questioned the price on the menu, Her answer was thats the way it is and nothing she can do about it. The manager on duty was no better that Coprorate set the prices and they cant do anything if its wrong on the menu. Hugh miststake ! Cover it up, apologize to me, acknoledge the error.

I asked for the owner name and the manager on duty did not know and gave me the web site to make a complaint and kept baggging fries and talking to me with her back to me. I just walked out and will never eat at that place anagi and told everyone that I know of the service and will blog about that location and the service. I know nothing will ever come of this and theyare lucky there was not a suggestion box..other wise it woul dbe gammed.

At 10:20 am this morning we ordered 4 each bacon egg wraps plus some other items. We waited 20 minutes , finally arrived at the window and a woman told us they were out of the breakfast wraps. After waiting 20mins, why werent we notified sooner. I know they werent out, it was too close to lunch time and they didn’t want to fix them. When I told the woman that she said you are going to have to order something else. I told her to forget it and left. After loosing all of my excess time, I stopped at Caseys mini mart. I will go there from now on. No more burger king for me. Breakfast , lunch or any time.


I just got back from the Burger King on Nine mILE rOAD IN rICHMOND va, AND HAD ONE OF THE WORST EXPERIENCES ever!! I sat in the drive through foir 4 minutes with not one response from Inside. I wondered if they were open. Then I went inside and the person with the head set on her head was chatting with a guy and not paying attention to the customers. Even then, when I ordered a Whopper without mayonnaise, guess what? It, of course, had mayo!! If the lady behind the counter would pay as much attention to the customers as she did the young man, I’m sure there wouldn’t be any problems.

We were traveling from Florida to South Carolina and stopped in one of your Burger kings stores for our last meal before home. The store is located at 185 Dungeness Road, Brunswick,GA 31523 Store # 16006. I ordered a Tender Crisp Fil A VM. This is supposed to be tender crisp chicken.What I received I could not even bite. It was obvious it had been maybe even triple fried. It was awful, it tasted old and very dry. My husband ordered med Bacon cheeseburger VM. With our order were two different orders of fries. One was hot with no salt the other was cold with massive salt. Our meal was horrible.

The restaurant had only one customer ahead of us. So being busy was no excuse. The employee who helped was just polite enough like she was being forced to read the lines from a book. Our total was 18.00 which was not a deal for horrible food. I will never eat with your company again and advise all my friends and family the same.


Hello, I recently flew from Luton airport and was shocked at the price of cup of tea, £3.78 for 2 cups.[I will take a flask from now on] I regularly take my five grandchildren to Burger King after taking them for a swim, but I can guarantee you I will never step foot in one of your establishments again. I would also like to point out it was not even a big cup of tea, It would have helped if it was a large cup, I would have liked another as I was thirsty, but it would have cost £7.56 in all.

Its little better than daylight robbery and I was disgusted by the extortionate price. I await your comment.  I was at this Burger King ….. But while I was there, There was poor service…. And there was i believe she was a new girl. She had blonde hair, And she just seemed new. But I waitched how What looked like her manger, just kept getting on to her, kept sending her out to clean an already, well what seemed to me to be a clean dinning room.

Plus after waiting a while before one of the mangers helped us, the girl with blonde hair came up to help, but then was told to go clean.. Mind you we had been standing there for about maybe 2-3 minutes while the manager was just standing there, Then the girl with the blonde hair came back from what looked like she was picking up trays and cleaning the dinning room..But I just thought i would let you know.. I felt bad for the girl.


I have been to this Burger King 4 times in the five years that I have lived here . the straw that broke the camels back was today last time I was there couple of weeks back walked in seen 2 people waiting on there food . two people in front of me in line . there were 3 people working in the back of the store food prep. 2 people working the drive thru window. which by the way no one was in the drive thru.and one person working the front cash regester. the person at the front took the order of the first person in line.

and walked in the back behind the drive through window looked to be some kind of a office no door on it…. the employees at the drive thru. followed him …. no one in the back was cooking anything just talking to eachother and bull shi**ing the the two people that were waiting on there food when I came in . told the people in the back they wanted there money back everyone else was still in the office could see them standing there but they would not even make eye contact oh they could hear us.

with no one out front still… after a good 15 mins. I said loudly hey is this place even open….. got a rude remark from the cooking area…. and I left . Today went there on my way to work ps. the MCdonalds next door lines were all the way out the door this is 11:00 am saturday once again no one at Burger King went in seen the Manager was there and thought service would not be so bad Wrong…

Im done with this place…………… Good Location, great city, place could make a killing But no one is ever there.. AND I SEE WHY …… PLEASE GET US A GOOD BURGER KING HERE

This Burger King is on Goodman Rd. In Olive Branch, Mississippi.38654


whats up with your chains in Egypt? Why do they SUCK? Is it that hard to get a whopper with no ketchup,is it that hard to comprehend? IS IT ? Is it that hard to ask for a Chicken Whopper and not get it confused with a chicken Royale? This is bullshit you got incompetent managers that their only excuse is that the employee is new ..SCREW DAT. The training you give to these morons are given by morons. 5 times at different locations – twice at City Stars Mall( lower level food court), once at Tivoli and twice at New Cairo.


We went to a Burger King in Oxnard, CA on Oxnard Blvd and we cannot believe what we saw! We were eating our food when we seen a worker behind the counter put some hamburger patties on the grill and walk away. We seen 2 patties fall on the floor. We kept watching to see what she was going to do when she came back. To our surprise, SHE PICKED THEM UP FROM THE FLOOR AND PUT THEM BACK ON THE GRILL!!!! WE WERE SHOCKED!!!! When we were leaving I was undecided as to whether or not we should tell the manager or not. I could not leave without telling her. When I proceded to tell her she looked at me as if I was crazy and said “they would NEVER do that”, “we have a trash can for that”.

I said “ok, well my daughter and I seen and I just wanted to let you know.” That will be the last time we ever go there again! 3 or 4 times we have visited the Burger King in Storm Lake, Iowa. The first time service was awful, we wanted a cup of coffee as we were waiting to go to a funeral visitation. We paid for 2 cups of coffee and then waited 20 minutes, went and asked if the coffee was ready and they said they did not have any decaf coffee, gave one of us a half cup and that was cold so we asked for our money to be returned. Another time there was no decaf coffee and the same kind of service.

Today my husband stopped and it was the same thing, no decaf and what they gave him of regular was barely warm. We visit one of the Burger Kings here in Sioux City and get wonderful service. What is the problem with the Storm Lake place? that should be taken care of if they want to maintain a decent place of business.


So here’s what happened : We went to Burger King to have dinner for the first time in a long time because we’ve had a problem with this location before. So we go through the drive thru and got a four burgers and an order of fries and onion rings. We didn’t have any problem until the lady at the drive thru told us that our burgers would be a few more minutes. (That’s fine, I don’t have a problem waiting for my food, but not for this long!!!) We pulled up as she asked and sat there waiting for almost 15 minutes.

We were still not angry, but after about 10 minutes of waiting my boyfriend went in to ask how much longer our food was going to be and asked if there were any reason that our burgers were taking so long to get! The Manager (who we’ve had problems with before because he has terrible customer service and isn’t interested in his customers at all) told my boyfriend that the burgers we ordered each take about 5 minutes to cook. I’m just curious shouldn’t that be something they tell you over the intercom after you order them??? When we order something somewhere else they tell us if it’s going to be a few extra minutes!!!

After thinking about this, how is it that they take 5 minutes each to cook and somehow they can only make 1 hamburger at a time. Isn’t that why most fast food restaurants have large industrial cook tops??? I’m not sure why this manager thought that his argument was valid, but to be perfectly honest I’m not sure that we’ll ever visit another Burger King again, and I know we will NEVER USE THIS ONE AGAIN!!!!


Yeah that is a Joke!!! I have gone to the Burger King near me (Davison Rd, Burton, MI) Numerous Times, and they don’t have what I want. Like today at 10:00am I ordered 3 Breakfast Bowls, they told me they had only 2, and I would have to get something else. About a month ago I ordered 4 Breakfast bowls. They acted disgusted and proceeded to tell the customers behind me that they would have to wait on they’re orders because the car ahead of the ordered 4 bowls. My Wife & I have visited numerous Burger Kings, and they have told her that Company Policy was you could get a Whopper anytime during they day, even at opening.

Well the one day at this one I ordered a Whopper at 9:55am, and they proceeded to tell me that they don’t start serving Burgers till 10:00am. By the time I got to the window to pay, it was 10:02am so I asked again if I could that Whopper. Again withe the disgusted looks & head shaking!!!


Ok, I have a few complaints about this BK. It is brand new, just completely rebuilt. The first crappy move they made was demolishing the A1 Steakhouse burger. Second the are now eliminating the Breakfast Bowl. My two favorite things on the menu. So last week I ordered a cup of coffee, large i believe. Either way I got my food and Joe, went home just a mile up the road. As soon as I got home I opened my coffee to add some sugar and the stuff was cold. Literally ice cold. Not warm, not even cool. ICE FREAKIN COLD! And just 4 days ago I stopped with my kids after picking them up from school. O ordered 3 medium fries and a large coke.

The coke was diet. Not marked on the lid. It was hot out and I was dying of thirst. As driving down the road I drank a good bit of it before realizing it was diet. This is a huge huge problem for me. I am highly allergic to saccharin which is used in Diet Coke to extend shelf life. Almost immediately my body rejected it and I started to get light headed and shake. I came within about 2 inches of colliding head on with on coming traffic. My disorientation and trembling body caused me to nearly lose control.

I made it to a gas station where I bought a bottle of water and was ok after about 20 minutes. I was so pissed I wanted to go back over there but knowing my temper I resisted. My kids for horrified for me, as was I. Imagine the headlines… Man dies from BK screw up. Even though this Burger King is less than a mile from my house and I pass it several times a day. I now drive the 7 miles to McDonalds. BK can kiss my grits.


Poor Manager, she was cursing at her employee at the counter, dropped the F bomb a couple of times during her battery of insults directed at a new employee. How do you allow her to remain in a management position after a few other customers complained as well. No quality of leadership there. I wont ever go back to burger king. I have been in mgt. all of my employed life, I have never berated an employee in this manner. Very sad that Bk does’nt think more of the quality in thier mgt team. Burger King location, Springfield, Ga. just over the 21 bypass.


I went to Burger King here in Houston,Tx on Veterans Memorial and Beltway 8 and I sat at the actual window for 15 minutes while the cashier took five more orders behind me. Finally I placed my order at the window. While waiting I asked for a supervisor to report the negative attitude from the cashier and the poor service that was givin. The supervisor came to the window saying she don’t have time to find out what I want because she had othe customer’s and if I could give her my receit she could write down the area manager phone number.The problem with that was I never got a receit from the cashier in the first place.

I stayed at the window waiting on a reciet and the supervisor came back to the window saying she is going to call the police if I did not leave. With that being said I parked and went inside to get my money back the supervisor was constantly being rude, she returned the money back still no receit. I asked for the receit again for my records, and she told me the receit was her copy. I helped myself with the receit and left the store. My experience there was horrible will never go back there agan. For the record there are people in America that has great customer service and can’t get jobs,but the people that can’t speak english do. What’s wrong with that picture?


I was at the Greenwood and Jewella location in Shreveport, LA on 11/04/2011 and the entire restaurant had an awful smell. The floors were nasty as if a mop was allowed in the store. One of your drink machines was broken, but the drain tray was filthy with old juice stains and straw wrappers lying inside it. A simple bucket of hot water would have easily fixed the problem. The manager of the facility was not professional at all wearing his shirt and sagging. Some employees were talking on their cell phone instead of assisting customers. I personally was not one of the victims but the feeling is mutual.

I work at the Calumet Gas Plant which is located maybe two minutes from your restaurant and a lot of employees like to go to this location for lunch. You also have a College Bowl Game that will be played in the area around January which will draw a large crowd. The individuals that work at this location is in the process of ruining your companies name. I would hate to have to travel an extra 10 minutes to go to the location on Mansfield Road just to enjoy your 2 for $3.00 Whopper special.


I just came home from taking my child to the ER because the Manager told her that she needed proof of her sickness. This would not of been a problem but the Manager did not use professional tactics towards my child. She ordered her to do this or else be fired. Is this a normal tactic for BK? My child has been working for your company for the last 7 months while purseing a full time college career which now will be Business. My child has now made a choice not to work for your co. You have a high turnover rate at her store.I was the one who told her not to work at BK because they treat their wrks. like cattle.The store is in Orange Park, Fl on wells rd. The manager is Janice and from I know is she is new.


The manager at Burger King store number 10739 in Bossier City, La. should be fired. Her name and her bad behavior happened today November 5, 2011. She admitted to me she called my wife a “Fat Bitch” when we were going into IHOP to eat, today. After we finished eating at IHOP, I confronted her about this and she refused to apologize and said my wife called her a “Bitch” first. I asked her full name and she said “None of your business” I then told her “You haven’t heard the last of me!” Her response in front of her own customers was “F#$%k You!!” and threatened to call police. The Bossier City District-Manager will receive an official complaint from us Monday.

We arrived at Butger King drive up window-Gallup New Mexico. As we waited to be helped, it appeared no one seemed to be manning this window. We waited 3 minutes and still no one answered. We began to drive forward to the first window and it appeared with employee there as well and we had a car waiting there as well. We looked behind us and another car appeared to the drive window, we then saw an employee at the second drive up window take their order. Still waiting for the car in front of us to drive forward. They then drove up to the second window.

It took about 5 minutes Each for the two cars in front of us to receive their orders. We waited to long to even make an order once we had the chance to get out of the drive up area we left and went down the street MCDONALD and recived prompt attention.


I pulled into the drive thru this evening at my local Burger King here in Whiting,Indiana which my husband ALWAYS tells me not to go to by the way,Anyway,I had coupons that came in the leaflets so I did it anyway.I was sorta rushed so I took the Drive Thru and placed my order for my “buy one chicken tendercrisp get one free” and 2 tacos and a value chicken sandwich.The 2 Tendercrisps were for my husband.After waiting for 8 minutes and watching the gentleman working “with his pants hanging off” and walking like he was on break or that he just didn’t want to be there,I was LIVID.

After the 8 minute disappointment of waiting and looking at this workers drawers,I received my food.The female handed it to me and said “have a nice day”.I stated rudely,Not now that my husband is late for work!I came home,handed my husband his tendercrisps and he ate one immediately while I hurriedly ate the tacos.While driving to work my husband exclaimed “I AM GETTING A TERRIBLE STOMACH ACHE”.I brushed it off and said that he ate too fast.I had taken MY value Chicken sandwich along to drive him to work so I could eat it as we were plenty rushed for time.

I finally dug into the bag and took a bite of MY chicken value sandwich and literally SPIT IT OUT…it tasted like SOUR MILK…I now knew we had a problem.It is aprx half hour later and I just tried to call CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS AND CONSUMER SERVICES…”THERE CLOSED”…

Who do you report this to?Possible salmonella???I called the local Burger King and was PUT ON HOLD for the manager who never found time to come to the phone…Now I’m trying to warn BURGER KING that their chicken sandwiches are possibly poison and THERE’S NO AFTER HOURS NUMBER?This is not the first disappointment as there have been many and I’m getting the feeling that all of the HOOPLA that they want to hear our voice is just that,,,HOOPLA,,,,.They can keep their ROTTEN MAYONAISE AND EXPIRED CHICKEN.Just saying,WATCH WHAT YOU EAT,,,,LITERALLY AT BURGER KING…..

I got my husband to work on time and now I await the call that he’s gotta come home…That’s $40.00 hourly lost because he ate bad BURGER KING.Not to mention the potential HOSPITAL VISIT.I shpuld have taken his advice and never went there.I only did because their within blocks of my residence.I NEVER WILL AGAIN.SUBWAY,HERE WE COME,LOL…..


I have never had WORSE service at a Burger King than I did tonight. The Burger King I visited was 8093 San Miguel Canyon Road Salinas, CA 93907-1214 at 5:32pm. I started to place my order at the drive thru & was told to hold on & then slow down by the employee taking my order. Then I only got to the first item when the employee told me the amount due. I sat for a minute then informed the employee that I wasn’t done with my order yet. No apology for the error, but she had to start over with a new order because she had already sent my 1 item order to be cooked.

Then she proceeded to tell me over & over again to slow down as I placed the order 1 item at a time. When I told her that I was done with my order, she rattled off a price & I drove around to the window. When I pulled up to the window, the guy who was supposedly the manager quickly took our money & then started counting the cash in the drawer. He did this 3 times before he looked up at us & asked if he had given us our change yet. which he had not. Strike 1

He finally moved out of the way of the window & we received our food, which was incorrect & no receipt was given either. We handed the bag back & said that there were 3 hamburgers missing that we had ordered. We then explained to the person at the window what had taken place when we placed our order. The response we got was a shrug of their shoulders & told this is NOT what we had ordered. We handed the employee the piece of paper that we had written down what our family wanted & said that this is what we had ordered off of.

We were then told that the 3 hamburgers were not on any of the receipts (which we had yet to see because they weren’t on the bags we had) & we were then asked to pay for them. Strike 2 After we paid for them, they handed us a bag that had been sitting on the other side of the register. We can’t say for sure whether it was our freshly made missing 3 hamburgers or not because (again) there was no receipt on it.

We finally got the right food & asked to speak to the manager. The guy who had been counting the cash drawer came back to the window with a “yea what” attitude & we (again) explained what we had just spent the last 20 minutes dealing with. His response to us was, “You got what you wanted, right?” & he closed the window. Strike 3. We pulled away from the window at 6:12pm – 40 minutes after placing our 1 item order. By the time we got home, EVERYTHING was cold & the Oreo BK Sundae Shakes had melted down to just shakes.

The first line in your corporate responsibility is The better job we do at being responsible today, the better our business will be in the future. Well, that is apparently not very well understood at THIS Burger King. In that same paragraph it is written that We also know that it must be a way of thinking before it becomes a way of acting. I feel that the employees of this Burger King need to re-read your corporate responsibility statement & IF we were dealing with the manager tonight, he is a BAD example for his employees.

The last few lines in this same paragraph are That is why our approach is stakeholder-driven, focused on four key areas – Food, People, Environment and Corporate Governance. Well, after what I went through tonight, this Burger King has FAILED at the first two.


Burger king advertise a toy that they dont have in stock. Its not fare for us the parents that goes there with our kids to order them the kids meal just to get the toys that they see on the showcase. It is so disappointed that when they open their bag they see another toy. My boy started crying went to ask them for the toy they have in the show case which it was sponge bob. They say that doesnt start now it start next week. Don’t but something that you are not ready to give out. Very disappointed with the company. Never again. Going to McDonald to take my boys to eat.


After leaving my Hunting Club with my family we stop at Burger King to eat. This was the third time stopping in one month at this location.We ordered 4 value meals and a girls happy meal. The order was placed at 12:43pm and in front of me was a truck pulled up waiting for them to bring it to them in the front. There was also a car waiting in parking, also for there order. After paying for it the lady told me to pull up. I told her there is nobody behind me so im gonna wait here by the PICK UP WINDOW!! She told me i have to pull up cause she is on a timer to get people threw the PICK UP WINDOW fast.

After i pulled up she takes the order with the people behind me. She told him to go park in parking lot and she will bring it to him.It took 20 minutes for us to get our order. While waiting we notice that there was only one person eating inside.They didn’t care if they had to bring your food threw a waiting room with people. Just as long as it looks like they served you fast. My family loves Burger King and this was the third time this place did this but this one was the worst. After leaving and getting back on the hwy,we notice sandwiches that didnt have cheese.

One with no lettuce. And mine had one piece of lettuce with two tomatoes stacked on top it self and enough onions on a no onion sandwich for 4 more sandwiches. It suppose to be “have it your way”!! Sorry to all managers,”I’ll NEVER pull up again at a PICK UP WINDOW!!! I might get my fast service after all.I never had to pull up at a McDonald window!!!!


I was traveling through Virginia from Atlanta on 10/24. My parents and I stopped for dinner at Burger King store #07865 6406 Dann Bell Lane, Thornburg, VA 22565 at 5:30pm. No one was in restaurant. When we walked in, a man was leaning on counter talking with the guy that took my parents order. Later I believed he was manager on duty. He never moved a muscle from leaning on counter, from the customer side. I ordered a whopper w/cheese, no tomato, heavy pickle from a young girl. I got it in 2 minutes flat. I started to eat after sitting in lounge area.

After my parents received their order, the entire BK staff, the black guy leaning, the albino, the young latin girl and older black woman and one other all came out to lobby area right behind us and started a personal conversation, Shit this, shit that, hell this and f**K that. Just like no one was in restaurant. The latino girl was not sitting with them, but sitting at another table in front of us. My Burger King whopper was the worst I’ve ever eatten. Cheese was not melted, cause meat was barely warm, no extra pickles besides the 2 it comes with and you could tell tomato had just been taken off.

Lettuce was on 1 side of sandwich and pickles on other. Moms sandwich made her sick and their language made her very uncomfortable. Fries were hot, probably because they were eating on them. I didn’t get to do the survey in time of the deadline to complain, which really sucks on BK’s part. I have to call corp. to complain because they don’t care unless it happens withing 48 hours. Oh, by the way, I suppose the better prepared food went out the front door to the mini van that pulled up to front door and had curb service delivered to them. I suppose a realtive and stolen food. This location SUCKS!!


On Oct.29th my husband and I visited Burger King #12323 located at 81 SE. Wyoming Blvd in Casper, Wyoming. We went through the DT and ordered a chicken tendercrisp large value meal and a Bk big fish and large fry. When we get to the window and pay the employee proceeds to let us know the chicken sand. is gonna be a minute or two so we needed to pull around and park, they would bring it out asap. So as we sit there and wait we notice we placed our order at 12:22 and it was now 12:37 and no food yet. I waited a few more minutes and was getting very mad. I took the receipt and went inside.

The DT had 3 cars in it and there was 2 customers at the front so I waited my turn hoping I would see my food be taken outside. Well that didn’t happen. I get to the counter and ask for a manager. The gal tells me he is busy at the DT window. I show her my receipt, tell her we have been waiting over 20 minutes for our order and I want a refund. So she yells out “customer complaint” to the manager and he ignores her. Another gal bagging orders asks what number is the order and starts bringing my food to me.

The Gal on the front counter says “she wants a refund” and the other lady grabs the bag back and tosses it aside. Brings back a key she got from the general manager, refunds my money and slams it on the counter. I asked for my food to go along with the refund…only right after I continued to wait. I get back to the car and the order is wrong! Ok so I got a refund, no big deal and a free meal out of it. Good thing I did ask for both otherwise I would have had to go back in to get the right food!…I called the store when I got home and talked to the general manager, the same person who took our order, and he tells me that I was not entitled to the refund and the food.

That they were just too busy to get the food brought out and what did I want him to do about it? I asked for the name of the owners and he refused to give me any info. “Charlie” said “I don’t know who you are and I refuse to give that info out in fear that you might do something bad to them”…REALLY!!!??? This is not how you treat your customers!! BAD BAD SERVICE!! Your customers are the ones that make your store successful!!! Without them you have NOTHING!!! Mistakes happen, but you ALWAYS make it right in every way you can NO MATTER WHAT!!

Little does “Charlie” know, I called one of the other stores here in town and the manager there took all my info down, apologized for something that was not her fault, and gave me the info on the owners that I asked for. I applaud “Spring” for being a good manager and listening to a complaint that wasn’t hers to begin with. To bad other managers can’t be like her!!


Since it opened a couple of years ago as a 24 hour BK, I would get good service and food and the BK at 28644 Sw 137 Av in Homestead, Florida. Since I am a Musician, it was convenient after midnight, 2 to 3 times a week. However, the past two months has been a major disappointment. It’s either no food, no power, cash registers down, computer down or something else. What happened? I hate Wendy’s… don’t make me go there…my husband and I have been going to your burger king located at 28644 SW 137th Avenue in Homestead since it opened at least 3 times a week.

Over the last two months it has been really bad. We usually go between 2 and 4 am, my husband is a musican and we stop by on ur way home. You advertise to be opened 24 hours, however lately we cannot order, your computers are down, you are out of fries, no sodas, sorry no cones as you advertise we can get with a meal, sorry we can not serve you….. I am very disappointed, we really like Burger King, when you opened, service ws great, now it is not…… I truly hope you do read this and try to do something…


I stopped in burger king In Saluda S.C we ordered but what we order we didnt get so we ordered the other sandwiches while we were waiting for the other food the same girl that took our order pick up our order and threw it in the garbage we were there over an hour . waing because they didnt know what they were doing. it took a long time for someone to come up and take orders again this was an unorganized work force .and a sorry one i will promise one thing i want buy nothing from that store ever and its up in the air about any of your stores since seen alot of the complaints against burger king ??

depends on how and what you all do to get this mess solved ????i use to be a waitress for years and i never seen anything like that mainly when you were not even bussy on Saturday Oct/22/2011 around 3or 4 pm we got our money back and left !!!!! just no excuse in the world for this poor excuse for your help !!!!!


I went to Burger King in Rio Grande NJ on Oct. 17, 2011 at 2:00 PM. I was at the drive through. I ordered 3 side salads. I was told that they only had one left. I told her that I would take the one and I also wanted 2 Garden Salads. I was told that they only had one of them also. So I ordered just the two of them. When I pulled around to pay I had to wait for about 5 minutes for them to bring me my salad. I thought just by chance that they were making me the other salad’s that I requested but I was wrong. It actually took them that long to get me two salads. The car behind me ordered coffee and was told they were out of coffee and it would take about 15 minutes to make.

He said never mind and ordered a coke he was told they were all out of cokes. He then asked what they did have and the girl had to let him know of 3 choices he could choose from. He ordered a sandwich which contained of mushroom and was told that they were all out of mushrooms. The manager then told the girl at the window that she told her earlier that day that they were out of mushrooms. The two of them were yelling back and forth at each other in front of customers that is very unprofessional. They need to get there act together. We use to have another burger king about 6 miles up the road and they closed up.

They should have kept that one open and closed up this one. I will never ever go back to this burger king again. McDonalds here I come. At least they have better customer service and when they are out of salads they are willing to make one, which only takes a few minutes. Way to go BK you suck.


I went to the burger king in lady lake, fl tonight. First thing I see when I walkedin was a messy and dirty dinning room. The manager (natalie) looked like she just crawled out of bed. Look like she had two open wounds on her left arm. A friend that was there with me said it could have been a tattoo. If it was a tattoo, it should have been covered up. Then as we ordered our meals, it was like talking to a robot. For a manager to be on the front counter. But as I said, not very friendly. She noticed a burning smell Natlie walked in the back to take care of it and find out what was burning. When another employee came up to the front I ordered a Double Stacker without chesse.

Both my friend’s order and mine came up so we grabbed it and went to sit down. My Double Stacker had chesse on it. My friend’s onion rings were cold, and her fish sticks could be used as hockey pucks. Now we know what the burning smell was. So, I bring my sandwich back up to the counter and speak with Natalie. I tell her I make sure that I can’t have cheese because I am allergic to it. My friend’s and two other customer’s said they heard me ask for it with no cheese. Natalie did replace the sandwich about 20 minutes later.
Also when I was at the counter there was an older couple, that had ordered a cup of coffee.

I saw Natalie explain how to brew a pot of coffee. which did no good, because Natalie had to go over and make it herself. I can understand have to make a new pot of coffee, but what i couldn’t understand was the way she(natalie) was talking to the older couple. Natalie asked them what they were waiting for and told then that she had to make a new pot, but the man didn’t hear her(remember old man in the old age center of florida), she turned and looked at and said she had to brew another pot like he was 2 years old. And then not so politely told them that they could go sit down and she would bring it out to them. The older couple was so upset over that, they didn’t even wait to get there coffee. Just walked out.

Customer Service was and always is number 1 in the fast food industry. I know for a fact that I will not go back there again. And, I would even venture to say that the older couple will not go back there. And, this is coming from a former emloyee of yours.


I went to BK w/granddaughter to get dinner and free Sundae(free coupon). I needed to buy a “value meal” to get the free sundae. There was nothing on the overhead menu that said “value meal” so I asked the cashier where it was. He pointed to to the sign that said “value menu” so I placed my order from that. 2 orders of tenders and 1 onion ring, gave him my coupon for free sundae. He could not get the free sundae price to be subtracted from total. I think a manager (red shirt) came over to help and could not do it either. She finally said I had to buy a “value meal” in order to get the free sundae. So instead of letting me reorder from the “value meal” menu she just handed back my coupon and said I could use it next time.

So I paid for the food and sundae, threw coupon away and left. The tenders and onion rings were cold sundae was strawberry, not caramel that I had ordered. Now I know why I never go to BK. As I was waiting for my food a lady came in complaining that her order was wrong. Bad food bad service.


Hi, my husband I went to the Burger King in Ocala Florida. There was only one other car ahead of us in drive-thru. So, when we got up to the mirocphone we sat there and sat there. It,wasnt until my husband said “hello excuse ” (and my husband wasnt rude)then we got an employee to answer us. But, she did even greet us. All, she said to us was to us was “go ahead” and nothing else. Now, I have been working with the public since I was 16. I could never ever speak to a customer the way this young girl did. And, the one thing that you ALWAYS do is greet a customer.

We, got to the Burger King at 8:05/our order number was 25/ an this happened on October 2,2011. At, the Burger King store # 6095/the address is 2900 S.E. 36th Ave Ocala Fl 34471 Someone needs to speak to this young lady about her customer service skills or lack there of!!! We, just wanted this brought to your attention. Thank you very much

Kim and Tom Land.


I was attending a business conference the week of 09/25/2011 in Elizabethtown,Pa. On the evening of said day,I stopped at Burger King and ordered a California Hamburger without cheese, french fries and a beverage and was served a California Hamburger with cheese. I have severe allergies to cheese and requested my order be corrected. The response was quite loud “it only comes with cheese…can’you read”. The response was so unprofessional and uncalled for the Manager, Tracy, came to my aid and refunded my money. Tracy tried to reason with this employee to no avail as I was leaving.

This happened a week earlier through the drive through and I wasn’t aware until I returned to the Holiday Express and losing the money I purchased the meal with. I don’t think I’ll be returning to Burger King for anything after that treatment…thank goodness you have an employee such as Tracy.


Donald Miller


We called in to your Pease Pottage outlet at 0926. The “service” was apalling,the two behind the counter one called Ryan Norris, the other,wearing a rather sad looking grey T Shirt, were most incompetent and it was very hard to make them understand our order.I was asked three times what sort of burger I wanted until,finally,I got through to him my request. I also asked for a small coffee only to be told that I would have to wait for the machine to fire up.I would have thought that by 0926 in the morning all should be up and running.

I then asked for tea instead but was told the same,so I had to settle for some wretched cold drink.I finally got my “meal”, got to the table only to be disappointed further as the fries were cold.This is the second time it has happened as we called in approx.a year ago on our way to London and the service was the same.I thought that, after a year, things would improve but I was wrong.My brother was with me and his experience was the same.He ordered a Whopper and large fries,got to the table,opened the bag and they had forgotten the Whopper.Crass!

Also,the prices were steep too. £2.19 for fries,£6.29 for Whopper and £3.24 for a little Cheeseburger is over the top.Then,at the bottom of the receipt, it tells me that “The Value Meal Savings” were £2.18. which means that the gross would have been £11.71.All for a Whopper,fries,regular Cheese burger and cold drink. Are the prices loaded for the position of the site,i.e. near the motorway thereby you have a captive trade as I’ve never paid these prices at other outlets?

My receipt number was #8020 and the outlet number is 10106. We were definitely not impressed and there was no one to complain to at the time,hence this letter of complaint. I’ve added a copy of our receipts for your perusal and proof of our visit.We will,in future,unless you can assure us that things will change,use McDonalds,as in the past we’ve always had good service,hot food and reasonable prices.


I went to the Burger King off 820 and N. Beach St. I ordered the #11: BK Double Stacker Meal(Medium). when I rushed back to school, which was less than a few miles I opened the burger wrapper and realized I couldn’t see the meat or the bacon. The buns dwarfed the two meat patties and I had one bacon slice bent in half to look like two slices. The cheese was also cut in half to fit the meat patties. They look like kids meal meat patties. I also got watered down sprite and my fries were half full. I was thinking they fell out in the bag, but I was sadly mistaken.

I took a picture but I don’t know what to do with it. Imagine the length of a ketchup packet and that’s the diameter of the meat patties.


I stopped at Burger king store number 12033 located on 1670 Eastchase Prky, Fort Worth, TX, 761112 phone number 817-226-1447 to have a Dinner with my Fiancee at 9:33pm on Sept/15/2011 soon I got to the door that was locked, there was customers inside eating but doors was locked, I knocked but nobody came to attend us, so I got back into my car me and my Fiancee, and went to drive through once we got to place our order ANOTHER SURPRISE. We had a coupon for to complete our order and enjoy our meal when they said we couldn’t use that coupon.

When we start to complain about they closed earlier and we were allowed to use the coupon they said they closed earlier because they manager Mr Gabriel said so. Also he said not to accept the coupon because were two coupon and we were driving one car, so then I asked to talk to the manager he came abusive and rude saying that he didn’t have time to argue with us and also asked us to live from the window.

So I asked them to give the store number and the manager name suddenly Mr David came from behind his manager and verbal abusing closed the drive through window locking my arm between the two parts and started pushing my arm out so he could close completely and tell me to leave. So now is this the type of customer service Burger King train they stuff to do?

Please I would like to have some feedback on this Employees attitude.


Burger King Janesville WI, Mistakes and pissed off customers on every order. I was there on a day when my order took 20 minutes, the employees were fighting with each other complaining how much they hated their jobs. Every customer had a mistake. Our order they left out the cheese on a cheeseburger. Drive-through customers had to come back to get the right order. The restaurant was filthy and had flies. Another customer had to wait ten minutes for coffee. There were no napkins anywhere in the restaurant. This was a nightmare and surprisingly typical of other visits to Burger King locations, like the one that went out of business by my work.

When nobody wants to come back, the King becomes a distant and horrible memory that nobody wants to remember.


Why is the Sheppard AFB BK the slowest I have ever seen. The drive through is rarely open. The service is very slow and I have yet to see more the 3 people working there. I had to walk I with two toddlers to order their meal because as I said the drive through wad closed. No biggie needed the exercise. But I placed my order at 635 pm (according to the receipt) an they it took them 23 min just to get me 2 hamburger kids meals. The total number of people in the BK ordering food was 3 both of them ordered on meal each and I was the third.


I had orderd through the drive thru at BurgerKing, at the Port Orange, FL location. I had ordered two number sevens (clasic chicken with cheese)The Bill turned out to be $5 less then what the original price should have been so I asked the employee why the price was so cheap. Come to find out I had recieved two spicy chicken sandwhichs’ with cheese instead. I Kindly asked the employee to exchange the Two wrong sandwhich’s for the two correct ones. he did not charge me the diference for the two sandwhich’s. As I arrived home and checked to see if the order was correct.

Their was no cheese on either sandwhich, and I had noticed their was a large amount of saliva on one of the sandwiches. I will Never Return to that location again. I am severly disgusted and I would appreciate it if one of your associates would take care of this.


I have been to BK 3 times in the last 2 months. Figued after the first time or 2, it was just a fluke, and would get better NOT!!! The first 2 times were fairly late evening, no one in the store, and the order took inordinately long — like someone was out back slaughtering the beef. Today my son cleaned a table for us, and afterward I asked the manager to clean the soda station (completely fouled with spilled sodas and straws and sloppy ketchup–ick). Also every table in the place needed cleaning. No one in their right mind would want to eat in this place. Unfortunately for you people, this is not at all what patrons want to see, or how they expect to get served in a FAST FOOD place.

Next door at McDonalds, they have it down pat. Take note.


I stopped at the store at 6240 highway 287 in Arlington Texas today Sept 3–about 12 noon. I only had a couple of bucks in my pocket so I thought I would order the bk single stacker off the value menu. I went thru the drive thru and picked up my food–opened it and took a bite and it was COLD. I turned around and went thru the drive thru again and told them my food was cold and wanted a replacement burger–the person on the other end didn’t undersstand and said that will be 1.08–got to the window and told the young man my problem so he just replaced the cold burger. I left and took a bite of the replacement burger and It was not only COLD it tasted old.

I was afraid to eat it so I threw it away. The purpose for the complaint is to tell you that you have a store out here selling garbage and someone is going to get sick eating their food.


I don’t generally get up in a tizzy about the occassional foul up at a fast food place, it goes with the territory so to speak. However, if Burger King is trying to get more business, it appears they may be taking one step forward and two back. My wife and I are senior citizens, and we like to find a coupon or bargain as much or more than most. We got a coupon booklet from BURGER KING in the mail today, and were excited to see a new “california whopper” and the coupon for buy one get one free made it even more appealing. We had pretty much quit our local BK as they were slow, and often got the order wrong, but thought – hey they need the business – lets try again.

So I go and order 2 California Whoppers, a BK Single Stacker, and a fry (after a fair wait in line). By the time I get to the window my son calls to say he wants one also. I had handed the girl my debit card and the coupon and she had gone off to who knows where. I waited there at the first window for a good 5 minutes then she returns and says the coupon is for whoppers only – not California Whoppers. I explained that it was on an advert for California Whoppers, and showed her the picture on the back of the coupon… no. Did I still want the two California Whoppers ? Yes.. actually now I need three of them. Ok..

I gave her my card again and she gave it back to me and walked off again. I assumed we were done and pulled up to the food window. A minute or two later she came with a ticket for me to sign. Shortly after, the girl working the drive thru window handed me the order. I quickly checked it and found only two of the green boxes that said CALIFORNIA WHOPPER. I mentioned this to her, and she said my ticket only shows 2. I said check with the fellow in the black shirt – on order #97 they had a change. (I had heard him shout that out when I added the 3rd sandwich). 8 minutes and lots of hunting around and they “found” the 3rd sandwich.. sitting on the counter near the girl all along.

The girl had pulled my copy of the reciept from the bag to go looking – but did not put it or any other updated receipt on the bag. When I got home with the sandwiches I found no receipt – and instead of the single BK stacker I had a whopper with cheese and a standard whopper – and of course the 3 California Whoppers. I called to see if I could find out more about what happened – but got a generic cheap telephone answering machine message “theres no one here to answer you call” and click.

I ate the sandwich – which was advertised to have Swiss cheese, guacamole, bacon on a whopper.. none of them had the Swiss or any cheese. and the two my wife and I had had only one strip of bacon – covering only half the sandwich. The guacamole was applied more like a person would apply butter to bread with a knife.. a thin layer on most of the sandwich and a dab or two that was thicker. You could taste it – but it was pushing credibility to say it was more than 2 teaspoons total.

If you are having trouble staying afloat BK, it would make sense to deliver something close to the picture when you serve it – taking half the bacon, half or more of the guacamole, and all of the cheese off may impact profits a bit initially but the lack of return business and no way to send an email complaint to either the store or corporate does not bode well for those who expect to have it their way or at least be able to complain if not. Sending a coupon book advertising 30 plus dollars of savings and free items does no good if you can’t use it.

And if I find that I got charged for two whoppers that I did not order… well thats really pushing the limits of understanding. I have taught classes on customer support matters and I always tell folks that in a market where you sell the same things as the other competitors – what makes you stand out is how you handle mistakes. Burger King Hobbs NM left me with some serious worries about how long they can stay open. I will think seriously twice before pulling in there again – and we have been here over 30 years.


Me and my kids were outside shopping and the kids said they were hungry and I asked the kids where they want to go and they said Burger King at 20430 Germantown Road, Germantown, MD 20874 and we went there and the cashier had an adittude (like she didn’t want to work.) and we ordered food (chicken tenders, four mini burgers and two larger fries.) And we took the food home and we only saw the burgers and the fries without the chicken tenders and I had to drive back to Burger King and I explain to the cashier that I’m missing the chicken tenders and she just gave me the chicken tenders without saying anything I will never ever go to take my kids to that Burger King again.


Kelly M.Less than a minute ago. I saw the add for the California Whopper and was so excited to try it. I live in Downtown and there are very few Burger Kings close to me. I found one on Lemmon Ave. store # 542 and couldn’t wait to try one. Well I went to try one. When I got there I asked about the price for just the burgers, no one knew. They had to go ask someone? After finally getting the price, I ordered two! I thought this will be so good! I get home and not only was there no guacamole on either of them, but they put so much mayonnaise on them we couldn’t eat them. We were charged for the Cali Whopper and got mayonnaise and lettuce sandwiches!

I tried to call and no one would answer the phone. My next avenue was to contact you all, this was no easy feat! I don’t think I should have to drive all the way back over there seeing how gas is $ 4.00 + a gallon these days! So much for ” Have it your way” huh! I think you should change it to “Take it like you get it! & we’ll charge you for whatever we want sucker!” I will NEVER eat there again! I will go to McDonalds, Wendys, or even the local roach coach! They probably have better service & food! VERY VERY disappointed!

Kelly M.


I have always said if you will not eat the food yourself then don’t serve it to your customers. Burger King has a habit of serving bad food the sandwich itself or the toppings just doesn’t work. In the 70’s they were probably the best burger place to go now I see why they are closing them down. Extruded fries, thin burger meat, plastic like onions with skins, no lettuce on the sandwich, ground onion rings, many different sandwiches that no one would order. Think about the KISS theory get back to keeping it simple and forget the stupid king and all the silly food selections nobody wants..


I went to the Burger King on Austin Bluffs in Colorado Springs tonight and tried to place and order. I told the girl 2 mini burgers and 2 mini chicken sandwiches. She rudely tells me that “you can’t do that”. (no explanation that they come in packs and they can not be seperated or anything) I repeated my order more clearly 2 8 packs of hamburgers and 2 8 packs of chicken sandwiches. She does not repeat the order back but the screen is showing only one order of each. When I try to tell her that I want 2 orders of each I hear nothing on her end to indicate that she has heard me or that she is changing my order. The screen remains the same.

My daughter in the car calls out that the customer service sucks. She tells me that she will not take my order “good bye”! I have had multiple problems with this particular location and never seem to get any satisfaction. Its a shame because this location is closest to my house. Burger King did not get my money tonight Taco Bell did. Their customer service is always impecable! The employees are glad to have a job as opposed to Burger King where we are just interuptions to their day.


I made a purchase of 3 dbl.cheeseburgers, 1 small coffee and a 4 pc.tenders. that order came to 5.87 plus 47 cents tax. They did not give me the coffee so I went back to exchange the item I did not receive for another dbl cheeseburger. BK charged me .39 cents as the tax would have made the item 1.39 cents. I asked them why they were taxing me .39 cents when they never refunded the tax they put on the coffee.They told mre that the coffee had no tax. I told them that the burgers were 3.87 cents, the coffee was 1.00 the tenders were 1.00. the subtotal came to 5.87.The tax was .47 cents and that all items were taxed according toPa. law of 8%.

Devlyn and Jessica, the person who snatched the receipt from my hand did not refund the tax I had already paid, were sarcastic and rude in dealing with my situation and furthermore stated”Go ahead call the corporate office, I will give you the number. They are always rude here and inadequately staff.The icee machine as usual was not working. They have lost me as a customer.


First off, No receipt through the drive thru. I ordered the number 6 breakfast. Potatoes were barely warm, so I skipped them. The bottom half of the english muffin was as hard as a rock. I mean it. It was so hard I would have broken a tooth. I turned around and went back. I walked in and nobody was working the counter. After a minute I asked for help. A male employee with a black eye comes out and I tell him my story. He blandly asks if I want another one, no interest no care at all. At this point I cut my losses and ask for my money back. Without a word he tosses the food in a garbage can, gives my money back and walks away. That was awful.

6767 N.E. 84th Street
Vancouver, WA 98665-0000
(360) 574-3000


The award goes to the Burger King on route 219 in Ellicotville NY. I am used to high traffic washrooms at rest stops along the interstate but never have i entered a washroom in a burger king that was so disgusting i was afraid to buy food there. The stench upon entering was overpower (and it wasn’t from a previous customer) They must be on a septic system that is overdue for empyting and have no water in the drain trap. the floors and walls were sticky with grime. It reminded me of the filthy bathroom used in the movie SAW. I didn’t even want to touch the taps to wash my own hands.

I did not purchase food in fear they might have the same standard of hygene for food preparation. If someone from head office is reading this-you need to get down there and rectify the problem ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Burger King located @ 2626 S 108th, West Allis, WI. I went to the above location after 8am and found the doors were locked. I then went to the drive-thru, and was informed it would be another 30 minutes before they would open. I then mentioned that the hours on the front door showed 6am as opening time. The response was “we won’t open for another 30 mins”. When I asked what the problem was, I was told “sir, I don’t have to explain anything to you.” Please be assured that this creates doubt of ever returning to Burger King. Your reply would be appreciated.


Me and my daughter went to the Burger King in Springfield, GA on Hwy 21. We decided to go inside to order since the drive thru was backed up. While standing in line a gentleman came in the lobby with an item in his hand and stated that it was the wrong order. He ordered four little burgers but received four chicken sandwiches. The girl behind the counter reached into a bag that was apparently for another customer at the drive thru window. She handed the gentleman in the lobby food from the bag and placed the food he brought back inside in the bag and handed the bag to the folks in the drive thru.

To top that off, the gentleman left and returned a minute or so later to state that his food was still chicken and not burgers. This time a guy behind the counter took the food from the gentleman and placed it on the warming racks and instructed another employee to fix four small burgers. We sat in the dining room to eat and the guy behind the counter never threw away the food the gentleman had brought back in.


Went to BK this morning. Was going to go through the drive thru but there was a car blocking it, so we went in. We being me and my two small children. I ordered the food and we sat down to wait. When the order was called I retrieved the food and went back to the table. While sorting food I noticed a wrong breakfast sandwich and was about to go up to trade it when the employee who had taken our order came out and demanded a sandwich back. I said this one is wrong and went to grab it but then he touched my child’s sandwich and said it was the one. Touched his food… so the wrong sandwich was taken awsy, my child’s food had to be replaced, and then the employee hadn’t noticed I didn’t have mine.

So I had to pay for a sandwich I had already paid for. Will never go there again. Poor service and bad manners.


Went to BK this morning and ordered a breakfast platter and a gravy biscuit to go. Got home and the platter was Eggs really scrambled all over the tiny plater a biscuit cold and crubby and tastless two tiny pieces of under cooked bacon which was bad but the gravy was served in a small round bowl with a crubbled biscuit with some flour water poured over it. You can bet your sweet butt that I’m going back to Jacks and I swear tht I will never visit BK again, The lower price meal at Jacks has gravy grits the gravy biscuit does not appear to be something that someone threw up…YUCK


ok so i go to Burger King maybe once every 2 weeks..usually just for a burger on the go. So today i went and got a burger and nuggets for my daughter. we get to our destination to sit in the car for a minute to eat. her nuggets are fine. My burger though..well wasnt a burger..it was bun special stacker sauce and cheese..and a burnt taste. i opened it up to see that the burger patty itself was the size of one of my daughters nuggets!! and half the thickness!!! so i took pics of if it. id post them on here if i knew how or could to show you. i even put one of her nuggets on top of it to compare size.

Ok i know they are “grilled” pattys..whatever..but the patty shouldnt have shrunken that much..well needless to say..were getting out burger and nuggets on the go from McDonalds.


We have enjoyed Burger King Whoppers since it opened in our town, Ville Platte, La. While the whopper is still good, the attitude of your employees is hiting a new low in rudeness,lack of social skills and very non caring. Tonight we ordered a whopper meal and whopper junior. I wanted milk as my choice of drink. When your employee gave me the total I asked her if the milk was included or if it cost extra. This apparently insulted her very much as she rolled her eyes and said it is extra and that’s how it is. I realize most of your employees are not the top of the class, but their actions reflect on Burger King.

On a differnt occasion I watched as my whopper was being fixed and was very surprised to see them fix it with bare hands, even stopping to scratch their face, lick their thumb and put a slice a tomato back in the serving tray. I’m sure Burger King will not go out of business being I’m not going back, but I think you need to know. Thank you


I recently stopped at the Burger King drive thru In North Saint Paul MN. the crispy chicken sandwich was barely warm and tasted strange like soap or a chemical was on it. Had to throw it away!! This happened to a friend a week ago and I thought she was wrong till I tried it. Is the grease old or what. I will never stop there again. I only write this for the sake of other costumers. What happened to great service!!


The Burger King in Canton, NY originally was a clean restaurant that you enjoyed visiting. Over the past 6 months, I stopped in to grab a couple of breakfast sandwiches. I had to return them as they were hard as a rock. The employee took them back and made a comment to coworkers within my hearing that I “said” they were cold and hard. Very rude but replaced them. Another time a couple months ago, I ordered three double cheeseburgers to take home. I live 25 minutes away. When I got home, they were plain hamburgers. We ate them as I did not want to drive back to have them replaced.

Just yesterday, I ordered the new Bacon Ranch Chicken Tendercrisp. Again…took it home and when I opened it, regular tendercrisp sandwich. Apparently you have to physically open the wrapper before leaving the store to be assured you have the right order. They don’t have a coffee dispenser now out where you can get your own and one of the soda dispensers has been out of order for months.


I am writing this, not due to a one time complaint. I owned restaurants for years, & before owning them i ran hotels & mom & pop rest. in Daytona Beach Fl. Over the years i found myself stopping at Burger King, you always had something i enjoyed on your menu, even when i was on my way to MY own RESTAURANT. I would stop for a breakfast sandwich. I was a loyal customer Since the age of five yrs. old. Over the years, something happened to your restaurants! You must Franchise them to anyone who has the money. The one’s In central Fl. Are filthy dirty, serving old food, horrible customer service, rude dirty looking Mang. That i would not let wash dishes in any rest, I was involved with!!

You must have the worst training program. I am not all mad, that is not why i wrote this, I am ashamed of all you don’t do about trying to clean your act up. At one time you really were the KING of fast food….No longer will i ever eat at your restaurants. I myself have a proven track record for the opening new rest. & going back once a month to them, making sure they stay great…


My family and I went to Burger King for a late night dinner after watching the Monster Truck show. Burger King #3746, the girls name was Kayla, in Radford Va. I ordered 3 nugget kids meals and a whopper meal, my boyfriend got a plain chicken sandwich. While ordering she kept turning around and talking to her co-workers and not paying attention to my order. So when the order came she had charged me for 3 extra small drinks, and put cheese on my whopper. I order no cheese because I am lactose intolerant. We waited for about 15 minutes for the first order and when we got it it was cold, instead of waiting for another whopper I scraped the cheese off best I could.

I then had to remind her about my refund for the 3 small drinks, she didn’t like that at all. She was rude and so was the manager on duty, no apology or anything. She basically threw my money at me, and took off. My boyfriend went up to order a chicken sandwich to go and he had to wait on Kayla to turn around and take his order, she was busy talking to her co-workers again. I love BK when we are on the run, but now, not so sure we would ever go back to that one at least again.


On 29 June 2011 at 18:57pm I proceeded through the drive though of a Burger king. Location was the closes to 500 B Carteret Ave Beaufort, NC 28516 right across from a McDonald’s and a Domino’s Pizza. As I placed my order (two wopper specials, lite mayo, lite lett, and cut in half totalling $7 and change) and drove to the window the young lady took my cash and gave me my change. I then looked though the window to the preparation area and saw my food being made. It was the worst thing I had ever seen im my life. The preparer was gloveless. I visually saw the member put my meat pattie on the bun. Then he got my pickles froms some compartment with his bare hand and unfolded the pickles and placed them properly on the pattie.

Next the burger king individual pushed a button on some streen he was watching, wiped his hands on his shirt then proceeded to finish making my burgers. An African American hand came into the picture and tossed the top of the bun onto the counter of the preparation area. This gentleman was also not waring gloves. The main preparer pushed a button on the streen and continued to make my burger. I had seen enough. I told the cashier to hault my order and give me a refund. The cashier turned to the food prep personel and told them to stop making the order and that i no longer wanted it. She called the manager whom was a farely heathy set gentleman and told him I no longer wanted the order.

The manager refunded my money. Never asked if I had a problem, was I dissatisfied, or what was the reason for the refund. I will never eat at that establishment again. My burger king experiance has been ruin and I now thin all burger king establishments are the same behind blind eyes.


My husband and I like so many others are trying to ride out this economic crisis by working part time in the evenings. Needless to say we don’t always have time for home cooked meals. The Burger King,#3847, in Houston,Tx. is the closest establishment near our home that is open late. Twice, within the past month I have driven up to purchase a meal. Twice, I have not recieved the meal ordered. The first time the attendent asked me to wait a moment, that he would return to take my order. He immediately disappeared and he didn’t return for my order. After about ten minutes of a no return and no else visible, I left.

This evening I drove up again. My order was taken and after taking my money, I was asked to wait in the front, though there was no one behind me. I waited, I saw employees leave with their orders in hand, I saw employees messing around, but my order did not come. After about ten minutes I drove around to the window again, showed my receipt, and asked for my money back. One employee was sitting on the counter eating french fries, while a young woman looked over my receipt called the cook over, and tried to figure out what happened to my order. At no time was I given any kind of explaination, nor an apology, nor did the manager appear.

These are not isolated incidents as we have had problems before and I’m talking about years. The night manager at #3847, I was told is David Villa. It seems to me that he is not your best manager or perhaps not sufficiently able to supervise his crew.


Again, I did not receive my order. Twice this month, I have driven up to Burger King, #3847 in Houston, Texas. I first time, the attendent disappeared and didn’t take my order. I waited as he had asked me to do, but he didn’t come back. There was no one visible, so I left. This evening I went again. This time my order and money were taken, but my order didn’t come. As I waited, I saw employees leaving with their orders in hand, I saw employees messing around, but my order did not come. I drove around the window again and saw an employee sitting on the counter eating fries. I asked for my money back and handed a young woman my receipt.

She called the cook and both seemed confused as they tried to figure out what happened to my order. There was no explaination, no apology, no manager visible. I do not go to Burger King because the food is terrific. I go there because my husband and I work part time jobs in the evenings trying to supplement our income. The Burger King is the closest restaraunt to our home that is opened late.It seems to me that your night manager is not able to supervise or better train his crew.


on Friday night, I went to burger King my order was incorret the staff was visiting with each other and the drive area was conjested I had to go inside after a long wait in line to get spenda for my tea, I had asked for mustard and no seed on my burger top. I was with a friend on Saturday and recieved the same type of treatment. I had no choice but to go to the same burger king We were leaving and need quick food I can not understand the employes and they do not get the orders correct. I experienced bad attitudes and rude service. I have always love burger king, however this was awful. 2403 w.wheatland The number for concerns listed was a burger king store in calif. I need a refund


I have taken my 6 year old son to the local Burger King in Dearborn at 25300 Michigan Ave. BK # 495. Once a week for the last 4 weeks. No childen’s toys. The first 2 times were drive through visits. At $4 a gallon, it is not worth turning around and getting the lame excuse I finally got. Burger king is between toys, so how about a bad necklace for your son? No thanks. it still made it’s way into the bag. The last straw was 2 days ago. Manager Dennis was the person who waited on me. Nice enough person. Shocked about my previous experiences. I said this plainly and clearly, ” how about taking your keys and opening up the toy display and getting me 3 of the squirt guns that you are out of?”.

I am not sure, what do you say to someone that will not listen. I wanted to smack that guy upside the head. But having my 6 year old next to me, I decided that would be a bad example. If the toy display is empty, maybe the BK is out of the toys? Ya think? He gave me a Transformer old toy from the backroom. My son has duplicates of those. WOW, thanks…I went to my car before I left and took out of the trunk the necklace still sealed and in the burger king bag. I gave it back to him… Why would I go back there? Lets add some more insult to injury. I get home last week from one of the burger king trips and a burger king commercial comes on and says. “get a free drink with any Whopper sandwich order.”

I looked at my receipt and I was charged for the small drink I ordered. Why pay for a large if you dine in and can refill. Too celebrate 1st week off from school, we went to McDonalds. My son does not like onions, he gave me the burger and he ate the fries and had his coke. McDonalds is cleaner, cheaper and more polite and he got a cool & correect toy in his “Kid’s Meal”. I am done with burger king.


I have had problems over and over with the Burger King in Sturgis MI. The people are rude and act like its a chore to serve you. The burgers come with almost no toppings. If you order a fresh BK big fish they never put down a fresh one. You have to go back in and get a fresh one. Have it your way, only if the person working feels like it, which is almost never. I cannot believe this store allows their managers and employees to be so rude when they screw up. It is no wonder McDonalds across the parking lot is always busy and this Burger King is never busy! Save your self the hassle and eat somewhere else!


at burger king in jax florida at hodges and JTB I was treated so rudely by the girl in the drive thru, she said that what I ordered would take several minutes to prepare I told her ok, she snapped at me if you dont like it leave, I went to another BURGER KING told the person there what happened he said “yeah we hear that alot about her dont know how she still has a job. I quess burger kings motto have it your way is no longer applicable. there are to many fast food places for me to be treated this way,I honestly can not believe the manager or owner condones this kind of behavior.

I spoke to many of my neighbors ” this burger king is in my neghborhood” there were several people who have experienced the same type of treatment, this reflects very poorly on Burger King as a whole. I hope this does not fall on deaf ears as this could and should have a negative impact on Burger King as a whole if left unresolved.


5-30-2011 At 9:09 PM, I took my son through the drive-thru at Burger King on Highway 82 West in Tifton, GA, as I do most every night, Order # 100 Check # 50189, I gave the girl at the drive thru $ 5.00, my change was $ 1.05, she never got it to me, the wind was blowing and she let it fly onto the parking lot, she dropped the nickel on the ground, I was at the Burger King drive in window and could not get out, my son got out, we never found it. All She said was I am sorry. I do not have extra money to throw away. I am a widow and having a hard time. My son likes your products so I take him.

She never offered to help look for it. All she said, I’m sorry. I did not appreciate the way this was handled. You need to check with your people and make sure when they are giving change, they make sure the customer gets their change. I feel like she should have replaced my change, since she is the one who let it fly away. Not sure I will be going back to that Burger King.


this is the 2nd time in a month that i have visited the burger king in the 4000 block of veterans pkwy. at both times, i was the only one in line, there was not a line in the drive thru. Both times i had to wait for someone to wait on me and then wait about 5-10 min. for my order, while the employees ran their mouths and piddling around. I have worked retail off and on for over 20 yrs. customer service MUST come first, especially in this day and time. The time i went last month, one of the mgrs. or someone over the other employees was in line and i told him about the waiting time and he said he would check into it.

With so many out of work, people everywhere need to be customer conscious, because there is always someone that is willing to show appreciation for a job. The food is always good, but the service is sorely lacking.Thank you.


I go to Burger king in guayama PR Carr 54 and it was not good for me that is. I go there because wherei live ther is no internet. While i was at Burger king last night two of the Employees at Burgerking were treating me like a gay person when i have never in my whole life been gay. Now the Manager of Burger King a young lady was talking to an employee about me as i heard them speeking in a suspiciuos manor. Then the lady manager approached me and asked me where could she take here daughter for dancing lessons and i replied i don’t know why would you ask me such a pathetick question,woulden’t you ask a girl that insted of me thats very disrespectful of you to ask me that question.

Then she laughed out loud as if it was funny. I felt raged i wanted to jump over the counter and grab her by the neck or smash everthing i could get my hands on . what should i do in a situation like this. Should i let them get away with it. Should i take action and sue’ them for this. I mean i am a customer. And thats no way to tret a customer. Somebody help me because i go there every day. And i have to put up with this evey time i go there. I am mental health patient. Burger King is one of my favorite fast food restaurants and this is what i get for being a good customer.

And by the way I will forgive the lady manager because i knowit was not her fault itwas Christians fault for telling the lady manager things about me thats not called for. And to Burger king headquarters please for give me for writing this letter i just wantthis to stop and for my safty i will try not go there any more.


On May 25 about 10:06 pm My niece and I ordered by way of the Burger King drive through, I told the clerk that I wanted a whopper with extra onion and no mayo for myself along with fries. My niece ordered the whopper junior without cheese with onion rings both of these items were meals. Not only did they make us wait, the order was wrong. My whopper had mayo, no extra onion, the bun looked as if they had been using it as putty. The fries were cold and taste as if they had been out all night. My niece hates cheese her Burger King whopper Jr. had onions and cheese. her onion rings were cold and chewy.

She asked for tea without ice they gave her a coke. We did not find this what amounts to enedible food or garbage until we got home too far to return it. If this was the end of their day they should not had said the food would be off the grill… I thought that the first time they got my order wrong that it may have been a mistake now it looks as if they just do not care! The Burger King store number is 1515400 Forest Park, Ga. I kept the receipt.


I go to Burger king in guayama PR Carr 54 and it is was not good for me that is. I go there because where i live ther is no internet. While i was at Burger king last night about 11:pm 5/24/2011 two of the Employees at Burgerking were treating me like a gay person when i have never in my whole life been gay. Now the Manager of Burger King a young lady was talking to an employee about me as i heard them speeking in a suspiciuos manor. Then the lady manager approached me and asked me where could she take here daughter for dancing lessons and i replied i don’t know why would you ask me such a pathetick question.

Woulden’t you ask a girl that insted of me thats very disrespectful of you to ask me that question. Then she laughed out loud as if it was funny. I felt raged i wanted to jump over the counter and grab her by the neck or smash everthing i could get my hands on . what should i do in a situation like this. Should i let them get away with it. Should i take action and sue’ them for this. I mean i am a customer. And thats no way to treat a customer. Somebody help me because i go there every day. And i have to put up with this evey time i go there. I am mental health patient.

Burger King is one of my favorite fast food restaurants and this is what i get for being a good customer. By the way the employee who’s been causing this issue goe’s by the name of Christian. The lady manager i don’t know hename but i can identify her if you need me to.All i wanted to do was use the intenet an i did purchase it’s not like i didn’t buy nothing. But i will talk to a lawyer about this situation because i can’t let them get away with it.


Dear Burger King, I went to Burger King at 1709 rd in Goshen Indiana and got a double cheese burger 1.00 fry a a cheesecake the guy who took my order was just blah not friendly or rude got to the 2nd window paid for my food and waited then the manager her name is Holly i asked basically threw my food at me was very rude didn’t say thank u come again nothing until i asked her what her name was then she said Holly and i started to drive away and she opens the window and screams out have a nice night i thought that was very rude and did not look good for your company!!

I love Burger King but will not be treated like that when i am spending my money there!! So i will no longer be going to that Restaurant anymore there are 50 other places to choose from on the same road but i thought you should know how i was treated at your Restaurant!!! Thank You for your time and have a nice day!! My name is Christina Horn and my e-mail is buckeyegirl77 [at] comcast.net


I went to a Tim Hortons in the morning about 8:30am and they were so busy with lineups out the door, so I decided to go to Burger King which is just up the road from them and I like the Croissantwich Sandwiches. I ordered black coffee with 3 sweetners and a Croissantwich with bacon and the little potato fries. The woman gave me my order in a bag with my coffee. I opened the bag less than 5 minutes later and my coffee also. The coffee had milk in it (ordered it black) and there wasn’t any sweetner in it, so I threw it away. The croissantwich was fine although barely warm and the potatoes were also barely warm. I threw the whole thing away.

It wasn’t a lot of money but still unacceptable. I thought to myself, “no wonder Tim Hortons was so busy and I was the only customer at the drive-through of Burger King. I live in Ottawa, Ontario and the Burger King I went to is in Kanata on March Road.


I went to the Dewey Ave Rochester NY Burger King drive through on Saturady 5/14/11 at 8:14 am. I advised that I had a coupon for a BOGO breakfast croisant “of greater or equal value.” I ordered a double croisant and was told the coupon exlcuded this item. Nowhere on the coupon does it state that. I spoke to the manager who said his name was Ron Mass. He showed me a placard that states the coupon does not apply to the double breakfast croisant and that it is displayed INSIDE the restaurant. I disagree. I told Mr. Mass that this is fraudulent, classic bate and switch. I also pointed out that the outside signs do no indicate that the double is excluded from this coupon and that drive-through patrons don’t see the disclaimer inside the store.

Even if they did, the coupon explicitly states “greater or equal value” so no disclaimer on a placard is valid. This deception gets partons to return with the expectation that the coupon, as written, will be honored. Is there any class action going against Burger King? They should revise their coupon, not spend money printing worthless placards.


I went through the drive through today at the Burger King on Main st in Lewisville TX and ordered a whopper with cheese and an A-1 burger. I did not look in the bag, which I remembered you should always do at Burger King. When I got to my office I opened the bag to see there was only the A-1 burger in the bag and nothing else. I then took a look at the burger to see the meet was burnt and cold and the bun was flat and rock hard. I had to toss the burger out because it was not edible. This location has to be the worst experience with a burger King I have ever had and I will not be returning to that location even if it was the only fast food in the state of TX.

I only work 5 miles from there but I run a business so I cannot take the time to run back and make a complaint. Otherwise I would be there complaining about the food quality and the fact that they did not get my order right, even though they charged me for everything.


It doesn’t seem to matter what Burger King I’m at, (Denver,St. Louis,etc). I’ve noticed and watch the staff reheat the burgers to melt the cheese and warm up the bacon before wrapping and serving. What has happened to a fresh flame broiled hamburger served hot the first time? The taste is horrible and when I asked for a fresh burger the cashier turned her back on me and walked away! Just remember that to have it your way is to go someplace else!


we was traveling thur afternoon and hubby was a little hungry so we stopped @ Burger king in bellee chasse ,La hubby and i went in others stsyed in carit was 7:05 thursday may 5 aked the girl we would like 4 #12 Bacon cheese 4 fries she sais sorry we have no burgers, we said how can we not have burger this is burger king we have no burgers no buns i said do you have a manager here she said yes told her better fire her littlee tiny thing looked stunned never ever heard of no burgers sas sas sas.


today i visited my local burger king and order 3 whoopers and 1 double whooper i waited 10 mins for my order and when did get it home i found that i was shorted one whooper. when i tryed call the number on the ticket i was hungup on and when i called back the number just rang and rang. every time i visit bk 11119 at lunch or dinner time i have a long wait and my order is wrong “I HATE THE BK IN CLEWISTON FL. AND WISH IT WOULD JUST BE CLOSED DOWN” the managers and staff suck!


My wife and our three little children were in the drive through. There has been over five other times in the past year that we have gone to this Burger King, and we had other issues. But, besides these five other times, I will let them be and tell you about this one that we had tonight. We love to eat at Burger King. We will no longer eat at the Atmore, Alabama Burger King location, unless there is drastic changes in the customer service. I know that it is ran by the manager and on other occasions the manager was there. To narrow it down. I am tired of looking forward to great food from Burger King (like we always do at other locations), then only to come to the Atmore, Alabama Burger King and get poor service and cold food.

I am tired of being asked to pull ahead from the last drive through window, to park up front… and then the drive through employee say’s “pull ahead and we will bring your food out to you!” A while back I asked why do you always ask us to pull forward and you will bring out my food, when all I ordered is one combo, just like it comes. The drive through person said, “our drive through is timed… and the big people will see if your drive through time takes too long.” WOW?!? On other times in the past year, we received food that was not even warm, it was actually cold… I mean cold like it just came from the freezer.

I pulled back into the drive through asked to speak to a manager and the employee said the manager was busy… She said, “What do you want?” I then asked again… I need to see the manager please? The employee blew a sigh of frustration and then threw her pen down and walked away, about 4 minutes later a manager came to the window and asked what is wrong? I said my daughter’s food is cold, like it just came from the freezer, she then said what do you want me to do? I said… I would like what I ordered but warm.

But, besides the fact of having to pull forward, so you guys will not know that it takes this franchise in Atmore 15 minutes to bring our food, I want to tell you the rest of our experience. I am tired of getting poor service from this location. I know that if you have a good team and a great manager a business will thrive. You may also ask me, if I do not like the service so much, why I don’t just go somewhere else. Well to answer this question, why should I have too, when it is how hard to offer great service? I keep hoping it will change.

Tonight my family ordered our food, and from the start it was like we were not even a customer. Every one looked frustrated to be there and then we were told to pull forward and someone would bring our food out to us. 15 minutes later!!!! And some of our food was not even warm/hot!! Tonight, none of the employees were helpful, nor did they have a good attitude. My wife said that none of the employees even tried to help or offer good customer service. They acted as if they did not care. Even after being asked to pull ahead and having to wait for 15 minutes, the person that brought our food, did not even say, “I’m sorry for your wait.” WOW… besides being common sense and the right thing to do or say.

It is not hard to say… “Sorry for your wait” When the food was brought out to our vehicle, and it was not even hot, there were no ranch condiments in which we asked for when we first ordered. NO BIG DEAL, BECAUSE WE ARE USED TO THIS BURGER KING LOCATION IN ATMORE, NOT EVEN PLACING NAPKINS, STRAWS, OR PLACING IN THE BAG WHAT WE ASKED FOR. So my wife asked for the ranch condiment. The employee said that it would be $00.27 a piece. OK… I understand Burger King having to charge. But when we asked for it when we ordered it, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN RANG UP THEN!!!


I would love to talk to the managers at this location about the problems that we have had, but we have talked to them in the past, and they act as if they do not care and blow you off. We are not ones to complain, but we have had enough. We have not shared our experiences with anyone else, yet. I am hoping that you will make a difference at this location. Thank you for your time.

order number 572


Your slogan “have it your way” doesn’t apply in Rainsville Alabama. Tonight after driving 20 miles to and from the burger king location located in Rainsville Alabama I saw when I got home that my order was not complete so I drove back to the burger king location. I approched the manager (Maggie) and told her my order was short she in turn told me that she would have my ONE WHOPPER in 20 min. that she had a lot of orders ahead of me (I could clearly see 3 whoppers on the platform infront of her not being issued) I then ask to speak to a manager and she said she was the supreme manager and noone was higher.

I then ask to speak to the owner of the burger king and (Maggie) the manager informed me that he lived in Las Vegas and I was welcome to drive out there and see him, after this smart ass remark not only will I not be returning to this Burger King, Unless Maggie is gone! No business needs managers that treat any customers like there pcs. of trash. So When shes gone please inform me and I will return in the mean time I have no choice but to instruct the whole area where this burger king is located of this horrible woman and ask that no one eats there again as well as contacting the Health Dept, and all resturant permit issue dept for places of business in Rainsville And or DeKalb County Alabama.

Burger King @ 323 Main Street West
Rainsville, AL 35986-5909
(256) 638-7799 Supreme Manager Maggie

You can email me back with notice of her dissmissal.
My email: ctshort [at] hotmail.com
Thank You for the most horrible experence I have ever encountered in a resturant.
Not Your Customer anymore
Christopher Short


I loved the buck doubles at Burger King and usually had one every day for lunch, now they are gone, replaced by the bk stacker. It looked good with the burger bigger than the bun and bacon all over the top so I ordered one. Got back to work, pulled it out of the bag and was surprised to see a buck double wrapper around my burger. I opened it to find what looked like a bun only, the small burger was totally inside the bun, and there was one piece of med. Cooked bacon cut in half in the middle, NOTHING like the picture on the Burger King ads.

The manager said he is not responsible for the pictures sent from the Burger King corporate office as they are just a franchise. Hello, I asked if it were not his responsiblity to make them look like the picture. He replied “we can talk about the picture all day but I am not responsible for the pictures sent from the corp. office”. On top of this they charged me $2.11 for half a buck double. Maybe my fast food days at Burger King are coming to an end…

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