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Be aware of incompetent employees at cellular retail stores of ATT Wireless that are not well trained and/or have the appropriate information to provide consumers. As a 7 year customer, I recently signed up for 2 more years contract and got the new iphone 4G.  As previous customer I always paid for phone insurance $5 a month for old cell phone. As I got my new iphone and signed the 2 yr extension and paid $200, I was told by the incompetent store employee that these phones did not carry an insurance plan. Not sure if these are the new business practices used by ATT Wireless to take your money now.


Cingular Wireless has the absolute worst customer service ever. I keep getting dropped calls on my new iPhone4, but nobody seems to care over at good old AT&T! I call the customer service line, and somebody in India named “Joe” tries to ask some questions, what a joke! I go in to the AT&T Cingular store by my house and then I have to wait for an hour just to talk to a real person. Kind of begs the question if a company is so big that people can’t use their service and get things fixed what the hect are people doing using them? But for now Cingular is the only one with the iPhone and I really wanted the iPhone4, so guess what I have to use them as a service!

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