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I have been trying for four years now to get namr corrections made on my AT&T home phone service. My father passed four years ago so I have been trying time after time to get the phone service at my residence transfered into my name. Well everytime I call I have to give my fathers info (since I am the one who has alway handeled and paid for the service since day one)well long long story short AT&T has yet to correct the situation they dont listen to what there customers are telling them they add services not requested and if you ever try to call them get ready to be on hold for a small eternity…..AT&T really sux in my opinion and Im ready to call Vonage and give them a try


On June 10, 2011, our local DSL and phone lines were cut by a local traffic accident (the DSL Phone Lines were cut). While AT&T sent out its technicians to repair the line and hardware, it made absolutely no attempt to restore local residents phone lines and DSL. Some neighbors were brought back on line, while the majority (from an actual Technician at AT&T) were not, and our house was one of them. After almost a week of no phones and DSL, I went to the AT&T website at work and set up an appointment for service for June 18,2011.

While I did demand a week’s refund for lost service and received it after making a formal on-line complaint to AT&T, I am still outraged at the arrogance of AT&T and will now make it a crusade to contact my Congressman and Senators and inquire about anti-trust issues. How is it that our country is becoming more like Russia in terms of fewer (remember the 19th century oligarchs) companies to choose from regarding phone and DSL, as well as other associated services?? Verizon is almost as bad when it comes to cell phones.

What choices do we have and why can’t our Congress put forward bills that will allow increased phone, cell, and internet provider competition, with better customer service, at a lower cost?? It must be due to the power of the lobbies in the US. Yet, American consumers like myself don’t complain until it happens to them. I say that word needs to get out about AT&T (SBC) and it begins to happen now! Time for the kitty to begin hissing…..

Thank you!


Had AT&T service, upgraded to Iphone that didn’t work.. after 4.5 hrs on phone with cust service got them to take it back w/o charging me… Then had soooo much trouble getting a phone activated so I would have a phone to use while the IPhone was being sent back.. still haven’t shown where they have recieved the Iphone back, numerous calls to cust service and can’t get anything resolved, meanwhile my phone works sometimes and sometimes not,, a big deal considering this is my life line for work.

Anyway, called today to tell them to just turn it off and I would get another carrier and of course they are going to charge me $349.00 for ending my contract early because they still show me having an upgrade. Can’t every get anything resolved by calling customer service… so I’m just stuck with shotty service on an old janko phone and paying a full premium bill until they decide they can work something out for me. I WILL NEVE SAY ANYTHING GOOD ABOUT AT&T. They haven’t even attempted to fix the problem….


I’m from Dumas, Texas. I have a iPhone 4, so it’s 3G compatible but we have no 3G here!!! I was told my AT&T themselves that we would get 3G by the beginning of the year 2011….it’s June no 3G! Your competitors Verizon and sprint have 3G here n Verizon has 4G I’m stuck in a STUPID contract with no service and I know of other people who might brake there contracts I’m telling all of my friend to not get AT&T prove me wrong! Get 3G service in my area AT&T already!

On November 8, 2011 I purchased 3 iphones. I picked them up on November 10, 2011. They were returned on November 14, 2011. I was originally promised an instant refund if they were returned within 14 days. I have been calling nearly everyday since then and have been told that the refund was being processed. Today January 25, 2012 I am being told that if they refund me I would owe them money. If I only had the iphones for 3 days how that is possible. $354.00 is what Sprint owes me.

Is there anyone that can explain this to me. I can’t afford to give over $300.00 to a corporation. I lost my job and returned these iphone within the time alloted.


OMG, Im so pissed I could scream! Back in March I called AT&T to discuss a discrepancy on my phone bill – I was later advised about all products and services.. at the time I was with Direct TV – the representative was very knowledgable and I was very much interested in switching to U-verse – I was offered a $250 cash rebate for doing so and was advised it would take 4-6wks to obtain my “postcard”…so I waited. April I called due to lagging wireless connectivity – I was persuaded to upgrade my AT&T internet and was offered a $20 gift card. (I took it) also inquired about the $250 – in which I was told, it’s still processing.

This morning, I logged in to AT&T to check the status of both rebates – the $20 gift card expired, and was told the $250 never existed – I was told I am eligible to receive $100 rebate and getting over $400 off my bill each month. WHAT THE HELL~!!!! The rebate the ONLY reason why I switched. The AT&T representative was very nice, and she did reactivate the $20 gift card, but told me because I called today… IT WILL NOW TAKE 4-6WKS TO OBTAIN MY $100 GIFT CARD. Really? My bill is $210 per month – I have automatic billing set up so they will always get paid on time.. and now i have to wait an additional 4-6wks?

I’m angry and hurt.. I appreciate being scammmed!


getting respect out of at&t costumer service is just not going to happen. at&t suffers from the same problem they always have, arrogance. when congress broke up at&t years ago it was because at&t owned all the transmission lines. they could care less if you were happy with your service because they were the only way to make a phone call. today they still operate the same way, except they now black mail you into excepting bad service, at&t can and will enforce the contract you signed. the only way to stop at&t from telling you to go to hell, is to tell them to go to hell.

once your contract is up, look for a phone co. not affilitated with at&t. they spend millions to pretend they are a good co. but anyone who ever signed a contract knows better. when their stock price starts falling, then and only then will at&t change.


On March 22, 2011 I called AT&T to inquire about signing up for a package deal for TV, Internet and Telephone. The Person I talked to was John and he gave me a phone number to call him back if I decided to purchase. I called and he didn’t answer but called me right back and in our ensuing conversation he told me I could have a package deal for AT&T U-Verse U200, phone and wireless internet for $90.00 per month, including taxes and no contract. He did not mention there was a 6 month or year this price was good for. The service was installed on March31st.

I did not receive a bill and until I received a cut off notice for $436, did I have any idea. After calling AT&T and complaining, They credited me for $100 and I had to pay $146 that day. They said they were billing me online, which was I was not told. I demanded a paper billing and they said they would do that, but my AT&T monthly bill would be $190.00. I was on the phone with several persons and Josh from billing told me it could be brought down to $108.00 plus tax. I said that would work. I still didn’t receive any paper bill and so on June 3rd, I talked to Diane and she wouldn’t back down on the price of $190.

She finally said I was able to get their promotion and brought down the monthly bill to $135 plus taxes. She also said I should have been getting a paper bill. Also she said she was sending me a $100 VISA card. I was at first told I would get a VISA card for $250, plus get HBO and Cinemax free for 3 months. I never received either of these things. Every time I talked to anyone I got a different story. I am thoroughly disgusted with AT&T and am in the process of looking elsewhere for service.


I wanted to switch to AT&T Uverse last MLB season, but they didn’t offer PeachTree TV. We are huge Altlana Braves fans and MLB fans as well. Then I discovered that FSS and FS were going to cover the games so I decided to switch to AT&T Uverse. I related my story about Peachtree TV to the AT&T sales guy (Keith Moore) and he said, “Yes, FSS and FS are carrying the games.” He neglected to tell me they were all blacked out. Not only Braves, but Yankees, Mets, Reds, Indians are all blacked out. I live in South Carolina. Not likely I’m going to hop in my care and go to NYC to see a Yankees’ game. And trying to get a support person on the phone is nigh on impossible. We are swithching back to TWC.


I ordered internet service from at&t on 6-02-11. I was given an account number and was told I would get my moderm by ups by 6-7-11, and that to call the 877 number to activate service by 7pm on 6-7-11. I never received my moderm and no email confirmation or anything. I called att on 6-8-11 and was told no ordered for service could be found. I also was told I wasn’t suppose to be given an account number when ordering, but an order ID number. I had to give all my personal info again, and the at&t rep continue to misquote my info back to me. It seemed like a game to him.

I decided to call and speak to a different at&t rep 3 hours later and was told my first order didn’t go through cause of credit. I just checked my credit scores and all 3 agency shows my scores to be over 700. The only at&t rep that seemed to be concerned and did the right thing was the one that cancelled my order. At least I hope that to be the case.


OMG where do I start with Defective AT&T phone from an insurance claim… they are going to send me a “charger and battery” for keys that don’t work???? Two phone calls, half hour the first one only to be cut off and have the jerk not call me back, then to call three days later and be told, “no, you never called.

We keep a record of every call and visit to the website and you didn’t call”… and resolution? Send me a battery and charger…. For an AT&T phone that hasn’t worked since I got it!! Second complaint is NO ONE TO TALK TO ABOUT COMPLAINTS!!!!! Daughter alone away from home for first time in life.

I’ve been an AT&T customer for SIX years and now all of a sudden AT&T insurance (Asurion) needs a signed NOTORIZED affidavit, copy of my license, copy of my bill so I can get my daughter who, once again, is out of town for THE FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE…. not out of town, 1200 miles away from home in flood ravaged, tornado ridden tennessee with NO PHONE… a replacement phone for the one she DOESN’T HAVE. I know I may not be making any sense but I am SO TICKED OFF RIGHT NOW with!


I am writing this letter to express my great disappointment with the service that I have received from AT&T regarding my order for internet service at my residence. At the beginning of March I called to order new internet service and cancel my existing service of phone and internet. I stated to the person that answered the phone, after I had chosen DISCONNECT as the option, that I wished to disconnect my service and open up a new account but she told me that it would be much easier for me and quicker if I just transferred my service and did not disconnect it.

She assured me that the line was set up for Internet and that the person that had lived in this location before me had it and it was just turned off so it was just a matter of getting someone out there to turn it back on. That was far from true as it turns out when she transferred the account she inputted it as a Business Account. A few days later I received the Modem and other equipment. When I called a few days later I was told there was no such account in the Residential Phone area. I then spent hours each day trying to resolve the issue.

Finally, I got someone that did some research and found that the account was set up as a business account and that is why I was not able to get any answers regarding this. I was also told that it was not just Internet but also phone service that I had gotten. I explained that I only wanted Internet service and her suggestion was to cancel that order and start a new one as a Residential account. I was told at this point it would be another 2 weeks until someone could come out to turn on the Internet service line for me. I came home one day about a week later and saw an AT&T technician on the pole outside my house and he told me there was some problem with the line that goes to the box down the street and he would have to put in a service order to resolve this issue.

I asked him how long this might take and he said he would try to get someone out the next day. After 3 days I called customer service and was told there was no such order on my file and they did not know why someone would tell me that there was a problem with the line. Also I was told at that point that there had never been internet service at this location in the past or phone service and she did not know why the person that had originally taken my order would tell me there was. I was then asked for an alternate contact number in case I got disconnected. Well 2 minutes later as I was put on hold the phone disconnected. Nobody called me back so I went through the whole process again of calling and talking with someone.

I have to say I have spent so many hours inputting my phone number just to have a customer rep ask me for the number again. Then I get asked for my address, my first and last name and then the last 4 digits of my Social Security Number. I can’t believe that there is no way for me to talk to someone that I have already explained everything to. No last names can be given, no extensions are available. No locations as to where the Rep is located are allowed for Security Reasons. I think that is so unfair that your company can ask me for all my personal information but I am not allowed to even know who I am talking with.

Well back to my experience with your company. After this last time of talking to another Rep I was told that the line needed to be “Trunked”. Since I do not work for a phone company I did not know what that was nor do I to this day. I asked the Rep if she could help me get the Internet hooked up and again I was given another date. That day came and went. So now we are into April. All of March has gone by and we are into April. I was given another date in the middle of April. Again that day came and went and nobody came, nobody called, nothing. I then received another package from your company with additional filters and equipment. I called again and talked to what now has to be the 30th person regarding hooking up 1 internet line.

At this point I explained to them my dissatisfaction of the whole process and explained that I did not want to go forward with AT&T and instead would go with Comcast as I could have that set up in one day. I also stated how I had been a customer with your company for over 35 years and that I was so disappointed that a Communication Giant such as yourselves are not very good at communicating with customers. At that point I was asked what it would take to keep me as a customer and make me happy. I said that I would love to have a jack moved in the house next to where I wanted to have the computer set up. I was told that they would install a jack for me at no charge when they came to figure out the internet line.

I asked the Rep is she had the authority to do this and she assured me she could. At that point I was feeling satisfied with the solution even though it had been so long in coming. I was told that the person would be at my house on April 25, 2011 between the hours of 7:00am and 12:00 noon. I waited home all day and at 12:30 pm I again called a customer Rep and was told that my appointment was confirmed for before noon and that I should be patient. I explained to her that it was already 12:30 in my time zone and then I was put on hold. About 10 minutes later I was told that she had contacted dispatch and the tech was running late and that they could not tell me when they would get to the house.

Just before 2:00pm I got a call from the Tech saying he was running late. After he showed up at my house I explained to him the situation and that this was supposed to be a no charge visit. He then told me that the number I had been given was the wrong number. He said alright and went about get the Internet Line turned on and installing the Jack. By the time he left I was able to get on the Internet for the first time since my first order in the beginning of March. I was really happy at that point. So the first day I could actually get on the Internet through AT&T was April 25, 2011.

3 days later I go by my old house and there is a bill from AT&T in the amount of $89.02 for the number that was never working at the new house. I then spent another few hours calling Customer Service and finally talked to an Allan regarding my bill. He credited me the amount and confirmed my new address on Center Avenue and assured me that any new bills would go there. I asked him to check to see if I was just getting Internet service on my new account and he confirmed I was. I then expressed my concerns about the no charge jack installation since I just received this erroneous bill and he checked on my account and said he could see the work order and that there was no charge for it and that my new bills would be for $21.58 per month and all new bills would be sent to my new address.

About 2 weeks ago I was unable to get on line and called the Internet Department for help. The Rep was very nice and spent over an hour with me trying to troubleshoot my problem. She said she was unable to detect my modem and there was nothing else she could do but send me out a new one. She told me that there would be a packing slip for me to return the old modem in the box that the new modem would arrive in. Well a few days later a new modem arrived with other equipment but there was no return package slip in the box. I now have 2 modems, about 12 filters and other items in my possession.

On Monday, May 23 I went by my old house to check the mail and there was a new bill from AT&T for my new number for $311.09 I again called Customer Service and was told that I owed $289.51 plus my internet service and that nobody has the authority to give me a free jack installed at my residence. The bill doesn’t even mention a jack. It says Charge for deregulated wiring in 3 categories ranging from $260.00 to $4.25. I explained this to the Rep on the phone and she was so rude and told me she did not know what these charges were but that I was responsible. I then asked to speak to a supervisor.

She told me that she was going to put me on a Hard Hold. I asked her what she meant and she again said a Hard Hold. I explained to her that I do not work for a Phone company and did not know what that meant. She then explained that it was hold that I would hear music while I waited for a supervisor. Well she did not put me on a hard hold. I could hear her talking to her supervisor that she was going to keep me on hold until I hung up. She then said she could take care of the issue but didn’t like my attitude and laughed and then came back on the line to me and said she was transferring me to her supervisor. The Supervisor got on the phone and said that she would credit me $85.00 but that is all she would do.

I asked for her Supervisor and was told that I could not speak to them. I inquired to why and was told to hold. At that point the line went dead. I again called back and talked to a Mark who said he would put in a request for someone to call me. I am still waiting. Yesterday, May 25, I called customer service to check on an update and talked to Annabelle. She said she was unable to help me but would transfer me to the Repair area as that is where the billing came from. She transferred me to Michelle but it was in the Uverse department and she was not able to help. She then transferred me to the billing department who said he could not help and I needed the collection department.

He said he would transfer me and instead sent me to the same automated system that I had started with 2 hours previously. I then found the number to the person that installed the Jack at my house. I called him up and he remembered doing the work. When I asked him if he remembered me saying when he arrived that this was supposed to be free of charge he confirmed hearing me say that. He then went on to say that everyone tells him that and that he had every intention of sending in a bill for the work. I wonder if everyone that tells him that it is supposed to be free of charge is because that is the answer they get from a Customer Service Rep. If I had known that I would have been billed even $1.00 (One Dollar) I would have asked him to leave before he even started the work.

I have spent at least 3 hours each week since I first called to set up my service. I can not tell you how frustrating it is trying to resolve an issue with your Company. It is so disappointing. I have to say that if just one person had called me in the past 2 months to say that they were sorry for the inconvenience, sent me a note or anything it would go a long way to making someone feel better. Unfortunately I have found out from some of the Reps that although they ask for an alternate contact number in case there is a disconnection once you are disconnected they are immediately transferred to the next person waiting in line and are unable to call anyone back.

When your Customer Reps answer the phone they always say something like “How can I make you a very satisfied customer today”. Well that is a great motto but I feel that either your reps are not given the authority to do what needs to be done to help a customer or that line is bogus. It is so disappointing to see how this whole process works. At this point I want the $289.51 removed from my bill, I want a letter stating that this was done, a written apology over this whole situation and a contact name and number to someone that I can talk to if another situation like this arises again.

Thank you for your time on this matter.


Paul Gregory



AT&T is over billing me and they told me that the 2nd payment would have been least then 80 dollars turned out they where lying it was still 80 dollars. Some times when I tell them I want changes or cancellations they hang up the phone. I hate AT&T they are a fraud. AT&T need to be shut down and sent to court and forces to give customers there money back. They try to over talk you over the phone and always saying they can not hear you so they can discuss your case and try to change the way they talk to you. I want to show my bill and speak to some one in person because over the phone AT&T plays games and I will never do business with AT&T for a residence service or a business service. I want to talk to a lawyer to get my money back.


I was with Verizon for 10 yrs, never had a problem with their service at all. When AT&T called saying they could give better service for alot less we took the offer since money was a little tight. Since we were cancelling our Verizon contract early and had 3 lines At&T offered, via written communication, to give us credit for all the early cancel fees. I got my first bill not credits for the cancellation fees, I called AT&T and was told the sales rep that promised had left and they could not confirm the credits, even though I had email proof. After getting nowhere I dropped the issue. Only 1 phone on my account has data plan.

3/15/11 I needed to add a 4th line. I went into a local AT&T store, gave them authorization to add a 4th line for an additional $9.99p/m picked a simple flip phone, with no data plan capabilites. I specifically stated that no data plan was needed 3/16/11 I left for vacation out of the country for 3 weeks. On returning i get an $840 cell phone bill. When I checked the bill, I found that not only was a line added, but data plans for this ph (that did not have data capabilities), but the other 2 lines on my account were added data plans, some unlimited voice-voice plans, unlimited SMS plans TO EACH PHONE.

To make it worse, my personal phone, that was not due for upgrade until 2012 had a contract renewal and upgrade to an I-Phone. I went back to the store and asked them to remove all the items that were put on. Of course NO ONE knows how they got put on. While standing at the store they went online and told me they had changed the phone back to my regular phone and that all the additional charges would be removed. weekend and half later I get a notice from AT&T that my service will be disconnected if Ididn’t pay the $840. I checked my account online and discovered that not one thing had been changed.

So I have no idea what they were doing while I was at the store but they did not do what they said they were doing. I called AT&T CS direct, spent over an hour on the phone trying to convince the CSR that I did not have an Iphone – no contract – thank fully the women was nice and removed all the unauthorized additions and changed my phone back. I am going to switch back to Verizon. I do not trust AT&T. There business practices are deceptive and there is no one to complain to as the stores and CSR’s on their CS lines dont give a dam. I do intend to file a complaint with the attorney generals office and bbb.

I recently discovered another person who has been having similar problems for the past 6 months.


AT&T is the acronym for American Telephone and Telegraph Company. As I write this, I am waiting for an AT&T representative to come and repair/replace one of the boxes (made in China) which failed after only 5 months. This is after I called AT&T customer service (a call center in India) and this was after my service was down (the loss of my telephone, internet and TV services) that was due to a “network” error that was not fixed until the tech in (again) India was at work (my service was down for over 10 hours, approximately the time difference between USA and India).

The AT&T call center (again in India) scheduled an appointment for a service tech to come out and check my equipment the following day because after the “outage in my area” was addressed the equipment (made in China) did not come back up. After waiting the 4 hour time window, I finally called and asked where the tech was. The appointment was canceled for reasons unknown. This was from an AT&T customer call center located in Canada. At least I could understand that person’s English. I am currently writing this as I continue to wait again during another 4 hour window for a tech to perhaps show up.

If you go to their web site for open positions, at least in my area you are required to be bi-lingual in both Spanish and English. When you call AT&T, you are prompted for Spanish first and them for English. As an American, I ask all Americans to stop supporting economic terrorists (companies that outsource jobs to overseas and other countries) such as AT&T. First they are crippling our economy by not employing Americans here in the USA and by purchasing their equipment produced in other countries (China-I guess you get what you pay for which is why it failed after only 5 months).

And AT&T should change their “A” to “I” (India Telephone and Telegraph) or “C” (China Telephone and Telegraph) because they no longer stand for America. Again, the poor service and equipment is produced/provided by countries that employ incompetent people which is evidenced by the poor service.


Where shall I start? Maybe I’m aggravated that every week I get at least two brochures in the mail from AT&T extolling the virtues of U-verse, with some outlandish price advertised. The brochures and letters from AT&T have been coming for the last year. Obviously, if they are sending them to every house in the country,(or even 1/10th. of the households), it’s costing them gajillions to promote their product, a product that is, (as far as I can determine), NOT being accepted by the public. (Well, maybe it’s being purchased by some folks that don’t know the value of money because they are making more $$$ than they deserve).

Regardless, whether AT&T mail advertises their U-verse alone, or in bundles, if you go to the televison, you’ll see them advertising the very same thing at $20-$30 less. There are those folks out there that have virtually nothing going through their heads, don’t have a useful outlet for their free time and can sit hour after hour watching crap on television. These must be the people that have agreed to pay the big money to AT&T. There’s no fixing stupid. For those folks thinking of spending their childrens inheritance on U-verse, GO TO GOOGLE AND TYPE IN “U-verse scam” That should give you a few things to think about.


What AT&T calls customer support is a misnomer, based on my past experience calling for “support”, I’ve found out that there is no real support. Recently, after going through all the standard support Q&A and unplugging and then reconnecting the HDMI cable, at the request of the rep, several times, I was told that I have a bad HDMI cable (which they supplied upon installation just 4 months ago). After hanging up with the “support” rep, I went back to my TV — that still had no picture, just static/snow on the screen — and I decided to try unplugging the power cord to the TV and then plugging it back in again, then I pressed the AT&T button on the remote control.

I can’t explain why, but this resolved the issue and all of a sudden I had a picture again and all the channels were available. So, obviously, the HDMI cable wasn’t bad! Guess I’ll have to figure out if there is some sort of ritual you can offer to the TV gods, since the traditional support route through AT&T does not work.


I have been with Verizon since about year 2000. I have at times had 5 phones on my plan allways paid on time. I was without any warning sold to att. I had to spend two sat. mornings with my husband at Verizon and att stores trying to figure out what was going on,this is my precious day off. I don’t allways get sat off, going back and forth between Verizon and att to figure out when this was going to take place I had felt I had to put up a fight to stay with Verizon when really they sould be nicer to a client that has been with them for this many years.

My husband on his day off Friday spent 3 hours between Verizon and Att returning these phones we did’nt want from Att.and after all that we had a new plan he did’nt even know what plan and we lost our old plan I liked. We were treated like morans when we were trying to keek our phones we lost the nunbers, passwords. We had to program all that back in. All to stay with Verizon and a plan he did’nt even understand by now. I felt we could of had a heart attack over all of this we were very upset that Verizon did’nt treat us with respect and made us feel like we were people not a number that they had to cut down.

Well It was a very upsetting situation and caused a lot of stress to my husband and I that are older and we have been faithfull to Verizon paying our bills through the years. Badly handled caused a lot of stress I’m just glad either my husband and I didn’t have a heart attack over this we were close at times. The people that tryed to help us at Verizon they didnt even know what was going on but they tryed to help, we know its beyond them they do what they can.


I am here on a visit VISA for a limited period. I got a AT&T go phone prepaid. Everytime I charge $15, the money just vanished without my making calls. Today morning I added USD 15 at around 09:00 hours and by 17:00 by balance is $4.26 I have not made any call nor received any between 09:00 hours and 17:00 hours. The same thing happened the last and the one before that also. This time visited the website and got someone by name Pilar on chat. I am reproducing the text chat below: Thank you for your patience! An AT&T sales representative will be with you shortly. You are now chatting with Pilar, an AT&T sales representative.

Pilar: Thank you for contacting AT&T Online Features Support. How can I help you today?

Suresh: Ok I have go phone prepaid

Pilar: I’ll be happy to help you with your question.

Suresh: My number is 408 858 2477

Suresh: I keep loosing money.

Suresh: The last is today

Suresh: I paid $15 this morning
Suresh: I have not make any calls so far

Suresh: but now my balacnce is $4. something

Pilar: I’m sorry, but for your protection, I am unable to view or make any changes to your account.

Suresh: what do I do?

Pilar: And I’m sorry to hear that. Customer care can help you with your charges.

Pilar: Would you like the number to customer care?

Suresh: Everytime I add $15 the money just vanished even before I get to make any call

Suresh: I would like to

Suresh: 1. Get a history of my payments and billing

Suresh: 2. I WOULD LIKE to make a written complaint about worng charges

Pilar: I understand.

Pilar: Please call Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500. They’ll be happy to help you. Hours of Operation for Customer Care are: M-F 7am-1am, Sat 9 am to 7 pm, & Sun 9am to 10 pm CST. You can also reach customer care by dialing 611 from your phone, if you are able to.

Pilar: Is there anything else I can help with?

Suresh: Can I have the mail Id and surface address please

Suresh: I don’t want to keep hearing the story of a machine

Suresh: that does not evn understand what I have to say

Pilar: I can certainly check on the address for you.

Suresh: I have tried several times and am quite unhappy about it

Suresh: great I am waiting

Pilar: I’m sorry about that. I’m looking up the mailing address for you.

Suresh: Ok I am waiting

Pilar: Thank you for holding.

Pilar: I’m sorry, but there is not an address available. You can call customer care, though.

Pilar: Is there anything else I can help with?

Pilar: Thank you for choosing AT&T. Have a great night!

The chat session has been closed by your AT&T sales representative.

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You are not currently in a chat session.

The person could not wait for me to complete my chat but closed the chat session so as to avoid my request

I want an address cuase the customer care is not giving me an option to complaint that every time I charge $15 the money just vanishing without mhy making any phone call.


The lack of customer service and no help when it comes to solving the problems we are having. Instead of working with customer service, they ignored us the know they can get away with it! I have contacted at&t customer service six times since October 2010 at 1-888-707-2840 for a return label so I can return the DSL router and adapter I received from them on October 2010 which did not work. On each and every call they promise to send a return label but no return label has ever been received. On 3 occasions I have requested to speak to a supervisor and each and every time the supervisor was not available and no supervisors ever did call back.

In addition I am been charge $10.00 for a DSL equipment and a $5.00 for a USB adapter every month since October 2010. Definitely a terrible company to do business with.


This is a problem that has happened twice so far when watching Dancing With The Stars on Monday nights. At 8:30 pm (this is on the west coast) a message comes on saying that they will not accept any more calls- the reason is LAME- and so they say do it on line.
The problem is that trying to get on line to vote is too complicated for such a simple act –so this makes voting for the other dancers not likely. I hate this policy- The land-line should remain open for the vote ant that is it! It is an unfair way to bias the vote- GET IT- NOT FAIR! AT&T I want you to make it possible for we on the west coast to vote the whole time the show is on the air-PLEASE!!!


Me and my family have been AT&T customers for years. We live in Texas miles from where the bad fires are at. We havnt been able to use our phones in days because of poor cell phone signal service here. This was a critical time to want your phone to work! We have made complaints with AT&T and they have still done nothing to help us during this time. A total of 5 phones not working, and who knows the amount more of AT&T customers. They should reimburse us for our loss.


Near the end of 2010 I saw an offer to get AT&T high speed internet service for a good price. I think the advertised prices were like $14.95 or $19.95 per month plus the modem free after rebate, but since I did not get the phone service or because I wanted the highest speed I finally had to settle for $24.95 per month. Anyway, the advertisement clearly was the modem would be free after the rebate if you kept the AT&T high speed internet service for 30 days. But as I was going through the sign-up process online I got a bit uneasy feeling as I noticed no more mention was made of the rebate.

Then I received my first bill, charging me $62.05 for the modem plus another $12.95 for shipping and absolutely no mention about the rebate or how to apply for it. I hoped, very slightly, that it would be automatically paid back to me on my second bill, which would be over the 30 day period. Yeah, right. After my second bill I e-mailed AT&T and received a polite response saying how eager they were to help me but basically only saying rebate info would be mailed after up to 6 weeks. Well a few more months went by, still no rebate info arriving, so I e-mailed them again. Another polite response assuring me they really want to help me but offering no actual help. Only a website address and a phone number were given. I hate talking on the phone, so first I went to the website. It asks for my account number… then tells me my account number is not in their system.

Funny, I keep on getting bills in spite of that. The site asks for my service activation date… still no record that I exist. Then it again asks for my internet account number, and/or my Direct TV account number. I again type in my internet service account number. Now it tells me the Direct TV account number is a required field. Well I DO NOT HAVE DIRECT TV. Dead end. So I call the phone number. The automated system puts me on hold. I wait patiently. I wait quite a while. Then a voice comes on and says “Sorry, we are experiencing high call volume today. Goodbye.” THE SYSTEM HANGS UP ON ME. They don’t even bother to disguise it as an accidental disconnect.

The amount of money involved is not actully that much. It just disappoints and irritates me so much that a huge established company like AT&T would make what amounts to a false offer to trick people into becoming customers. Clearly AT&T is, like the song says, “programmed to receive” as far as money is concerned. Everything is set up to encourage you to forget about your rebate, and to put up obstacles to your ever getting it. Perhaps I’m being charitable to even assume it is eventually possible to ever receive the rebate at all. As far as I can tell, they have no intention of ever paying it back.

I don’t even hope to get the shipping cost refunded, of course. But not to refund the modem cost as promised is just a bald-faced ripoff. AT&T mailout advertised DSL internet service for $14.95. I realized the flyer had been in the mailbox for a few months. I called anyway.was told that promotion was no longer good.The phone salesperson pitched me for a higher priced service and was in process of signing me up to have it installed even though I DID NOT state I was ready to do this. I stated that I was gathering info and would not be signing up until after I did some more checking around. The salesperson appeared ticked off and miffed to miss the sale. I had already given my telephone number and social security number to this individual. Coincidently??? shortly thereafter I have money taken from my prepaid telephone account by a “third party” according to Verizon who somehow took it under the pretense of a land phone answering service apparently through text messages.

I find this suspicous of the timing with the AT&T salesperson. I rarely use texting on this phone and didn’t know it was even possible to text to landlines.?? So, continuing with the saga,about a week or so after the contact with AT&T, I see a tv commercial advertising the same thing for $14.95. I call and am told about the $14.95 and the $100 refund of the modem price which will be in the form of a VISA debit card which was to arrive in 4-6 weeks after the start up date for service.I am told the service will start in aproximately 6 days and the modem will be sent UPS. All this proved true.The modem arrived promptly,the service was hooked up as stated. I also asked about any other charges or taxes.

I was told there were no other charges, the iternet is not taxed,no taxes.The shipping of the modem was not going to be charged either.And the $100 would be broken down into $10/month payments for the total of $24.95/mo. My service began on State April7,2011. I received my first bill the first week of May. The total due was $42.86 which for Internet service of $39.36 which was including $3.50 state tax under the title Plans and Services. Under the title Itemized Charges & Credits I have now showing a charge and credit of $49.95 for USB adapter $5 for purchase of USB adapt.(1 of 10 installments) and $34.36 for Direct Xtreme plan. The USB adaptor charge of $49.95 and credit of $49.95 which brings it to the billed amount of $42.86..After a 10 minute wait on automated 888-757-6500 showing on the bill,Ihang up.

I call again,same thing waiting on the line while “we are busy assisting other customers” This alone rings of arrogance. So the “other AT&T customers” are more important than the ones calling in? Why not get more phone lines and more service reps? to assist all “other customers”?? The convenience of not talking to customers works well to have as little customer contact as possible. So, then I call again and get a cocky young woman with an attitude who tells me the next bill will show the $14.95 but this bill is what it is. Obviously doesn’t know, doesn’t care and it’s all about getting the money. I then am transferred to Reward Dept. since apparently their two computer data bases are not communicating and sharing information ??

The young lady there is pleasant,and offers some suggestions as how to approach resolving the confusion?? She tells me that the previous dept would be who would have to correct any misunderstanding and to ask for a Supervisor and she will connect me.She also tells me that I don’t qualify for the $100 refund since I don’t have AT&T telephone service and this is only for phone customers.Basically passing the buck,but at least she seemed knowledgeable that the phone people taking the orders were not givng accurate information to the callers/and/or lying to get a sale.(this was inferred).

Ok,so I am connected back to the original number and guessed it..the automated recording.. ”We are busy assisting other customers”… I hung up the phone . Needless to say there’s something rotten in Denmark. This is juggling and deception period. No excuses. They get away with this crap everyday. AT&T is too big for it’s britches. a side note, no one seems to state just HOW this touted $100 debit card can be used. On the website info it states HOW it CAN’T be used. So is it just an elusive dream card??? SHARING means CARING. Happy to share with you, America.


ATT Uverse is hard selling their packages, and then coming on install day, not finishing, but disconnecting existing internet service. There they leave you hanging 9 to 10 days for next the next install visit. When you call, no-one can help. This has happened to me and numerous others. ATT Uverse are misrepresenting a product they cannot support which should be reported to the FTC. When the agents are asked if they could operate without internet service for 9 days, they say of course not – yet they are OK with me to be without it for 10 days.

How ironic that an Information Tech Company, can operate this way and get away with it. This is willful negligent behavior that is costing the consumer millions – they deserve to pay big penalties. Upper management there knows exactly what they are doing, this = bad faith and intent = big punitives.


On Nov.30, 2010 I ordered boots for my granddaughter from Uggs. The amount was $95.11. I will never order online again!! They charged my checking account and then 3 days later I received an e-mail from them stating that they did not have that particular boot in stock! Why would they charge my account and not even have the boots available. I have sent them e-mails cancelling the order and wanted my refund! I have numerous e-mails from them stating that they have indeed sent in the refund to my bank! The first e-mail I received from them was on 12/9/2010 stating that they would process my order within 24 hours.

My bank has not received my refund! The person I was dealing with named Angela insists that they have. She is a big liar. I’m still try to get my refund as of April 12,2011! Don’t order online with this company!


Last July (2010) I bought an AT&T Palm Pixie cell phone. This phone has turned out to be a nightmare. It freezes constantly; I have problems with error messages regarding my emails; it won’t power off after being on a long time; I have a hard time “waking it up”; the keypad doesn’t make a full connection many times. I’ve even had to replace the cheap case that it came in four times! I have gotten absolutely nowhere with AT&T. The best they can do is to replace it with a “re-manufactured” phone. In other words, someone else’s problem phone, plus it wouldn’t even come with a battery.

I’m so sick of AT&T and getting the run-around with them I could spit. I can’t wait for my contract to expire so I can switch to another carrier. If anyone out there is considering buying an AT&T Palm Pixie, run don’t walk to another company and to another phone.


Xperia x10 customers have been lied to, cheated, spit on, etc in regards to the upgrade to 2.1 that these customers are due with AT&T wireless company. What a shame these people have to be treated this way just so that AT&T get get a sale, all the lack of customer service and no help when it comes to solving the problems we are having. Instead of working with customer service, we are ignored! All experia x10 customers should be allowed to trade in their phones for a better phone because of the problems we have faced with the upgrade. I might add this should be with no fees or penalties because of the treatment these customers were given by AT&T wireless.


My family and I have AT&T as our phone carrier. From the beginning, the service was horrible and our phone calls were dropped or not made at all. Therefore, my family decided to cancel the contract and sign with Verizon while we had 3 months left with AT&T. But before we terminated the contract, I have called AT&T twice asking how much the termination fee would be if canceled, once in mid- November and once in January. In November, they told me it was $60 all together. However when I called on January 25th at 12:40pm, they told it was $80 all together for a 4-member family plan and that they do not have any record of me calling at all in November or before or after about the termination fee.

When we canceled the contract, we called them to make sure again. However this time, they told me it is $70 each person. That is $280 in total. That is not what the representative had told me when I called. When I called AT&T back about this issue, they told me they have no record of me calling at all in January either. They have changed the price and lied to me three times. I talked to the supervisor but all he told me was to pay the $280. AT&T has lied to me three times and now giving me no choice but to pay the $280. I do not want to pay for the mistake of AT&T and their representatives. Is there anything I can do?


Post the e-mail address of AT&T and other companies so we can contact them. When you and others spend months figuring out the phone number or the e-mail address that actually reaches a real person at their complaint department. POST IT.


AT&T prepaid cell phone GO PHONE will NOT refund prepaid money if you cancel service. I prepaid $100 so minutes would not expire for one year. I road cross-country on my motorcycle – and found very poor coverage outside cities. I came home and wanted to cancel the go phone cell service with AT&T but there is a problem. They still have over $80 of mine which they will NOT refund. Do NOT buy the Go Phone, you won’t GO anywhere but into complaints.


It’s been 3 weeks since the original order was placed to have my number ported over from another carrier. AT&T, through their lack of communication, has caused delay after delay. First, they were missing some information, so I called to find out why the order wasn’t complete. AT&T rewrote the order for 10 days later. After several phone calls, I spoke with a rep who said there was an error with the order and that it’d have to be rewritten again, for another 10 days in the future. The next morning I called and got tier 2 support who told me that they’d have to reboot my router. They did, that disconnected my call and they never bothered to call back. There are too many departments that touch an order and that causes mess-ups. I’m pissed at AT&T service!


I have been an AT&T uverse customer for 2 years, my tv’s freeze and pixelate, this is the worst service I have ever had! I am trying to get a refund, and must take them to court because they won’t give me more than $100. I am disabled with MS, and don’t think I should be treated this way. AT&T sends out people to fix it, but nobody fixes it? I have proof of the frozen & pixalated shows on my DVR, I missed the world series, and the whole week of free cinamax. I won’t stop with court, I will get all the pay channels a chance to drop them before I complain about all the movies that freeze. This is wrong , and I won’t be taken advantage of! If anyone wants to go class action suit, let me know?


Ordered boots from the Name sake Ugg Austraila and got knock offs from China contacted them direct and sent pictures of crap boots and they offered me 10% credit. “WOW” They also stated that A mistake way have been made. I replied no mistake was made by their Chinese Manufacuer it was the old shell game most people won’t complain, its a game of percentages. It doesn’t matter even if you order from the original UGG store, if coming from China your at risk. Go to a local Dillards or Store that gets them direct. Don’t order off any ugg web site. In fact don’t buy UGG Boots there are much better products available.


Dear Sir/Madam: This letter is the final attempt on our part to resolve a series of problems resulting from inaccurate and false billings followed by verbal and written harassment from Credit Collection agency on behalf of AT&T. In this regards we feel we have been bullied into paying for services neither ordered by us nor provided by AT&T. For more than four months we have patiently spent hours on end in discussions with numerous individuals at AT&T. Though all the employees we dealt with were pleasant and promised to resolve the problem, they did not.

All our attempts to explain the same situation, again and again, have turned futile. On scores of occasions, during each call, we were put on endless holds to repeat the same story again and again to different people without resolving the problem. Your company and its management has put us through nothing but traumas, one after another. We would like to put this matter to an end. For your understanding of the situation as it developed. we have put together the following step by step narrative for your comprehension.

In October 2010, My wife – Mrs Nellie D. Unwalla called AT&T to find out a few things about our bill. The person who came on the line started out by answering: “hello, this is John, how can I make you a happy customer?” At that point she responded with a question about lowering our phone bills for the existing phone system. He looked at our account and said he could do it. He said all it would take was for the AT&T technician to come to the house and disconnect some wires etc. He suggested that it was very simple and he would fix a day when that could be done and let us know. Well the technician came a few days after to the house to disconnect the existing box and connect a new box. When he told us the system was all set, I tried to check the system by using the speed dial feature.

That feature did not work. When I questioned the technician about it, he informed me that we could not use speed dial on this service. We were quite shocked by his response . All of us are quite old and need frequent medical rescue and hospitalization, particularly myself at 83 and my brother at 89. In such circumstances use of speed call system was a matter of life and death. No amount of pleadings and persuasions with mounting frustrations got us anywhere and the situation was not redressed till mid November when we called up AT&T and questioned them for their lethargic response to our strife. Their response to our insistence on immediate redress, was that we were now U-VERSE customers with a radically different plan.

We NEVER asked for such a plan, and NEITHER were we told that the box they were INSTALLING was for U-VERSE. We immediately insisted that AT&T remove all the unauthorized fixtures and restore the original system as it was before they started. The same plan we had before this whole fraud was perpetrated on us. They agreed but with a great reluctance and consternation. Instead of the matter ending there new headaches started during the disconnect and reconnect period. We had no phone service for almost a month. The phone would ring only twice and shut down. The answering machine went mute. We could use the phone to call out , but could not get the incoming calls, no one could leave any messages, no voice mail, no speed dial. As if all these atrocious activities on the part of AT&T was not enough, the company had some serious problems with its DSL system. For three months this situation brought all my academic and occupational activities to a stand still.

After SCORES of calls for countless hours and pleadings with apparently incompetent people in AT&T management, billing and in technical services you now have the audacity to threaten us with the groundless demands from Credit Collection Agency?

I take this matter seriously and will not rest till we have received a written notice of retraction of your false claims. Rather, I expect an official apology for what has been inflicted on law abiding citizens like us. In all our lives, not a single bill remains unpaid.

If this matter is not resolved promptly, as the next step, I am planning to take my complaint to Federal Communication Commission.

Dr. Darab B. Unwalla, Professor Emeritus
College of Business
Flrida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, Fl.33432


Someone from has gotten into my address book and has been sending emails to my clients in very poor English to buy their products. When you go to the website the phone number no longer works. I get MailerDamion notices from the emails that are no longer valid. They are using very old email addresses from friends and clients, I don’t even have them on my computer anymore. ???


I have not received my ugg boots i ordered from the ugg boot store website approximately two weeks ago. I bought and got confirmation of ugg order still waiting to get them in the mail. Really like these boots! My order number is UMII001650 and i paid 93.00 dollars no shipping please let me know if this order was received and if the boots have been shipped. Thank You!


Received leaflets and saw on TV in November 2010 a promotion package of 19.99$ DSL internet internet service, free wireless modem after 100$ rebate. My contract with COMCAST was expiring so I said lets take this. Called by phone and told this the first ever AT&T product I am ever trying, she was very cheerful and got the deal, she charged 100$ for modem from my debit card and said you will get it back after a month by rebate. A guy came to fix the internet, day one was ok but from very next day problem started, every 10, 20 minutes getting disconnected, after tiring phone calls for one week finally got the internet working steady.

The first bill of 141$ gave me the first surpriser, the modem cost was added and bill was 41$ per month. A called account dept, each department passed my call to another 5 or 6 6 to find out where is my 100$ I paid for the modem. Finally they they gave verdict that they did not charge it where as I had my bank statement clearly showing the deduction. I stopped the payment from my bank. I called again for the 41$/month issue, they said this will be adjusted next month. Nest month again 41$ bill, no adjustment done.

After a month passed I called for the rebate and the rebate department said since you bought the offer on phone you do not qualify for rebate. What is it this!!!!, why they did not tell me in the first place. I have decided, from today onward I am not going to buy any AT&T product and I will tell this story to as much people as possible because they can not be trusted. Each customer service person tells a different story and none nows the true company policy.


AT&T is the most incompetent corporation I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Every month I have to call them to correct THEIR mistakes on my bill. I have spent 6 hours on hold over the past 3 months. If you can avoid AT&T please do it! If you don’t you’ll see just what I’m talking about…..



Ordered ugg boots for Christmas. Gave me a order and tracking number. Never received the boots. Avoid new boots this is a scam and under Ugg Boots.


Purchased TV and internet through AT&T. The sales person told me if I bought the NFL package I would receive free HD for life which is a extra $10.00 a month. Every bill I have received has had the $10.00 charge. I also bought internet from AT&T which I was told would be $9.95. My first bill was $47.00 so I called they said this was normal that I would not be billed for up coming months. I have not and will not pay this bill. I have spoken to six sales people and four managers and none of them can fix these over charges by AT&T. I was also told I was going to get a $40.00 credit from one of the managers two month ago and still have not received it. If you are thinking of going with AT&T give it another thought!


Ordered Ugg Boots online from newboots99. I went to USPS website to check the order and it said “there is no record of this item”. When I received my Visa statement a week or so later, I noticed a charge in the amount of $102.34 from Fashion Shoes Store Shanghai. To this day I have never gotten my boots and still haven’t recovered the funds they stole from me. I just hope my complaint can help make a difference to hopefully shut down the newboots99 website immediately to avoid more victims!


I called AT&T and tried to talk to somebody who would explain to me HOW I got this huge charge, and all I got from them was “this is YOUR bill you have to pay it”. I finally got a hold of some “supervisor” who apparently was some snot-nosed hate-monger…he screamed and yelled at me “ITS YOUR BILL YOU PAY IT”! I had AT&T years before this, and they tried to screw me over then, by adding other peoples charges to my phone bill…people who never paid their phone bills. This is what they were doing now…trying to get me to pay for OTHER peoples phone bills. Nobody would listen to me, but I filed complaints with all the appropriate places anyway. AT&T is a monster and must be shut down. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!


I just wanted to add my experience with AT&T over here on the West Coast in California. I signed up for their promotional $14.95 for the Pro package (Internet only) and they ended up charging me $40 even after the fourth month. Was told by a AT&T CSR that for the first couple months, the full cost had to be charged, but then the credit would be given back on the third bill. It was even stated in their terms and conditions posted online! Called customer support and they said that we didn’t sign up for the promotion. Then why did I call up AT&T customer service and agree to have the internet activated, after I specifically asked if I am eligible for the promotional rate, which both the website and the CSR said I was!?


The AT&T rebate my Mother has been confirmed is for $100, and was to be sent September… it is November! My $100 rebate should have been able to be confirmed and their online system fails on my ID input. I have called them 3- times in 3-months. I paid for this modem with the condition that I got my $$$ back in the form of this bogus ‘rebate’. This DSL service pays them up front for their modem with a promise [in writing] that I will get it back in the form of a VISA card, and AT&T has failed at every step to deliver on two different accounts.


I ordered some Ugg boots for my daughter for Christmas off a new web site online and the order is incorrect, it isn’t at all what I ordered! I ordered Black boots and they have sent a completely different style in Grey, this is not what my daughter will want! As the site is now listed as a bad site I can no longer contact them in an attempt at least to see if they could send the correct product. I love buying stuff online, but please be careful out there because they cheap sites pop up and get pulled down every day! You never  know if they will even be around long enough to deal with you an an honest and fair matter. It’s not so much the ugg store, but most stores online today.


AT&T U-verse was installed awhile back I now have their cable TV, Internet, and home phone. The person I called in U-verse support told me everything would be okay and it wasn’t being shut down at all. He didn’t know why I received the notice. Then, I receive a notice telling my “special promo rate” was being withdrawn for I had canceled my cell phone with them and that that would drop me below having three products with them – what it took to qualify for the promo. As bad as Charter is here, I’d stick with them if I were a customer. I am seriously considering totally switching back from U-verse after this experience with their “promo rate”.


On Thursday a technician came out to install my ATT U-Verse service. When setting up my appointment with customer service, I was told that the job would take no longer than 4 hours and that I did not need a television for the install. However, when the ATT tech came out he said it would take longer than that and that he would need an extra man for the the install. So he called up another guy and they got to work, he was very nice throughout. I went to the TV store to grab our new flat screen so we could have something fo u-verse, and when I came back the wires were everywhere and nothing was even close to being done. My daughter got home from school almost 5 hours later and it still wasn’t even close. They left for the day promising to come back and finish in the morning. Three days later the u-verse guys finally came back and everything was still messed up, and still not ATT u-verse ready. After almost a week I had my u-verse finally! What a pain!


Be aware of incompetent employees at cellular retail stores of ATT Wireless that are not well trained and/or have the appropriate information to provide consumers. As a 7 year customer, I recently signed up for 2 more years contract and got the new iphone 4G.  As previous customer I always paid for phone insurance $5 a month for old cell phone. As I got my new iphone and signed the 2 yr extension and paid $200, I was told by the incompetent store employee that these phones did not carry an insurance plan. Not sure if these are the new business practices used by ATT Wireless to take your money now.


Cingular Wireless has the absolute worst customer service ever. I keep getting dropped calls on my new iPhone4, but nobody seems to care over at good old AT&T! I call the customer service line, and somebody in India named “Joe” tries to ask some questions, what a joke! I go in to the AT&T Cingular store by my house and then I have to wait for an hour just to talk to a real person. Kind of begs the question if a company is so big that people can’t use their service and get things fixed what the hect are people doing using them? But for now Cingular is the only one with the iPhone and I really wanted the iPhone4, so guess what I have to use them as a service!

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