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AT&T has the worst service for cell phone, internet and tv services. if the wind blows the internet stops and the tv stops. cell service is random at best. my internet service is so slow I believe I could mail a letter using the usps and get an answer back faster. 5 years ago I was sold AT&T u-verse and after about 2 weeks of trying they decided that their u-verse was not available in my area. I have changed my personal cell phone and will change 5 more family cell phones to Verizon asap. I have contacted a satellite internet service and am looking to change back to dish network from direct tv. I have had AT&T service as long as I can remember cell was with singular until they bought them out and ruined the service I had. I have no use for the land line that is required for internet service and will be dropped as soon as my new provider can install their equipment. Thank you AT&T for the sorriest service and your we don't care attitude.


On November 10th, I informed at&t that I would be moving and would like to have my home phone transferred to my new address. The rep told me the soonest they could have it done would be November 13th between the hours of 9am and 11am, we sat home all day, calling them at least six times and no one showed up, each time they said someone would be there before 8pm, well it's now 8:36pm and no one has come yet, We have been loyal customers of at&t for 24 years, have been late paying my bill only once in 24 years. I think that's pretty dam good. No one called and said the technician wasn't coming or anything.

They instead cut my phone off at the old address and I am now left without a phone. I guess Monday morning I will be calling comcast to connect me a home phone. I am getting rid of u-verse and their internet service. I can spend my money elsewhere. Just got u-verse on the 10th. This is really sad how you treat people and still think they are to be loyal to you, to hell with at&t, your name is is small letters for a reason, this shows just how much I think of you. If I was half ass paying my bill you would worry the hell out of me everyday. I will call you on Monday to come pick up all, you u-verse equipment and I am not paying a cancellation fee.


Ever month the service go down. This has happen each month for the last five month not for hours but days. I pay my bill every month on time. I called on Tuesday to tell them my phone, tv, and Internet was out. They said Mr Washington we will have someone there Friday. They did not give me an explanation no reason if I don't pay my bill they cut me off if I pay my bill they cut me off I can not win. The most reliable company out there I am losing business every day because of this company AT&T.


Our cell has been giving problems and we are getting bounced between AT&T and Comcast and still problem is not solved. We are AT&T customers for decades. Today at 4:45pm we went to the AT&T store in Grand Blanc, MI. There were three techs helping 3 customers. We stood there for 5-10 minutes and the manager Kelly comes out from break room and goes back and forth and doe snot acknowledge our presence.

Finally I have to ask her if anybody can help us. Her answer " I am the manager, wait for the techs". Meanwhile 4 people walked in one by one, 2 white ladies, 2 white males and immediately she greeted them and to them to sit down. Here are the 9 things I hate about AT&T customer service.

1) Your service is getting lousier and lousier each time we upgrade the I-phones (5 of them).
2) Our I-phone does not forward calls when patients call and directly goes to voice mail and patients are upset about this.
3) Our phone problem was not resolved.
4) You have no problem hiking prices and with false charges and paying penalties in millions because it's a slap on your wrist
5) You have no gratitude towards loyal customers.
6) You get tons of complaints and do you actually care?
7) Teach your employees not to show racism and discrimination because we all pay the same hard-earned dollars like white folks.
8) Just to let you know I am a physician for 40 years and racism in America is the worst in last 36 years I have been here.
9) Don't ignore customers genuine complaints and teach class and tolerance to your employees.


Y'all no showed after we took off work for internet installation; we called and were told they'd reschedule us in 2 weeks. I called to complain about it because I think that it's ridiculous to not fix the issue asap, especially when it was not our fault in any way, but only got an I'm sorry. No one seemed to want to FIX AT&T's issue or compensate in any way for y'all problem. I can understand if we weren't home or needed a reschedule having to wait 2 weeks, but why should we be inconvenienced, yet again, because y'all didn't show?

We were inconvenienced by taking off work for the original appointment, we did our job by being home, we called when y'all no showed because y'all didn't contact us at all; we're inconvenienced by having no internet for any period of time, let alone for 2 weeks, and not just for leisurely use, but we can't work from home, which we both need to be able to, so that makes us have to stay at work later/go in earlier, or not get stuff done when it could be to let things pile up because we have other priorities. We have to be inconvenienced again by taking off work again, and not being able to work from home while waiting...and who's to say if y'all will show or no show again?

In every way, we did our job as a customer, but AT&T never seemed to do yours. I'm sorry doesn't cut it. How about getting out and doing the job when your scheduled to and when a "mistake" happens, not waiting 2 weeks to fix it and overly inconveniencing your customer repeatedly.


My services were temporarily disconnected without my knowledge. On 10/6 all of my services were disconnected. My bills were up to date in payments. My next bill was due on 10/13. i paid the bill before time and still was not able to get my service restored. I had to get out of my house to go to an AT&T location to get my service back. I was told that my 19 years old son cell 404 7190707 had a past due balance and since I had him on my plan they disconnected me. i was also told that someone called me on a number that i don't have to inform me of such. AT&T has my primary number on file they never called me and all my minors children. I'm more upset because I'm a health care provider and my hospital was not able to contact me on the phone that they pay me for.

Furthermore my 13 years old was unable to get in contact we me for hours in the dark in the yard of her school. This was the worst costumer services ever. I am very disappointed at AT&T. On top of that I was told that I may get a $40 re-connection fee. I'm a very busy person I don't have the luxury of time to spend talking for hours to clarify stupidity or to get out of my way to an AT&T store. I'm a requesting a written apology as proof of such misconduct. If this issue persist I will take all my business elsewhere and I BETTER don't be charge for early disconnection. I have 4 phones , cable and internet with AT&T I deserve better than that.


AT&T Inc. 208 S. Akard Street Dallas, TX 75202. Dear Att/Uverse, As a long time ATT/Uverse customer that ALWAYS pays my bill on time. I would like to express my disappoint with your unprofessional and sometimes deceptive business practices. First of all the fact the email communication is not permitted to confirm telephone discussions, send copies of error messages etc. is ridiculous. Case in point. My newest agreement Feb 24, 2015 was arranged by Customer Retention. During this phone call I asked several times what my charges would be. The CSR (Lisa, Mississippi retention) informed me that my service would cost $152.00. During the call, I confirmed this several times. The bills that followed were $173.56.

Further deception/omission during the phone conversation included the fact that my 45mb internet was restricted to wired connection only. With wireless devices getting the same speed from my previous internet. If I complained I would get I dont know why they would say that.! Or No you must have misunderstood. My notes confirmed otherwise. This installation was done very unprofessional by the Serviceman. The modem is being pulled off the computer desk because the tech was too lazy to get a longer Ethernet cable. It remains that way today. Poor customer service. First of all most time it is very difficult to understand the reps because of their poor English. I have at times disconnected a phone call because of this. I’ll bet Im not the only Customer that would rather put up with a minor inconvenience than call Customer Service. I returned a receiver in Sept. 2015 and it took me two phone calls and 90 minutes of my time to get the receiver removed from my account. If we get frustrated and forget to call back we lose our rights to a refund on our bill after 6o days. The UPS Store tells me to keep my return paperwork forever, because you (ATT) have gone after Customers after 6 months. That is scary.

On 11-4-2015 I began having difficulty with the Uverse apps. Specifically FOX News. I called the Tech support line because I was unable to connect to the Fox News channel. I had a printout of the error message which took up an entire 8.5x11 sheet of paper. I have enclosed copies from both the Windows and Android environments. This error occurred on SEVERAL different wireless devices using Windows 10, Android and Apple systems. The error was also present on my Windows 10 desktop and laptop . To my amazement the tech advised me she could not receive this error printout by email but had me start reading the entire printout over the phone. Comments from her were Was that a C or E. was that an M or N, Was that an A or J and so on.) During the day on Thursday Nov. 5th these discussions were ended with the hopes that the error would be repaired overnight.

On Friday November the 6th, I called support again. I was told that there must be issues with my equipment. They wanted to reset every device, LG Android Phone, Samsung Android Phone, Android Tablet, Chromebook Laptop, Nexus 7, HP Laptop and Dell Desktop. I knew this was ridicules. My son lives a few miles from me so I went to his house and logged using his Apple Laptop and my Uverese logon information. FYI his internet connection is with Comcast. The same error occurred on his IPhone and Laptop. The tech support still insisted the issue was with my equipment even telling me that if I changed my Uverse password it would fix the issue. CHANGING MY PASSWORD IS A HASSEL and it DID NOT fix the issue. Telling me to do that was insulting but I did it anyway. I asked every one of these individuals if they could log on to Uverse.

They all advised they could not. I also asked every one of the Techs I talked to if they had Uverse at home, again NONE of them did. How can you support something you have never experienced? Next, while I was on hold the SAME Tech I was talking to, called my phone. I put the original call on hold and asked her why she would put me on hold then wait 30 minutes and call me back? She completely changed the subject and did not answer. Oh So Sorry was her response. After over 2 hours of nonsense explanations she decided to escalate my issue to tier 2. I started talking to Tier 2 support and asked if I could email them the error message that I was receiving. Tier 2 advised they could not do that either and asked me to read the error over the phone. Really? (ATT Uverse Customer Service Rep. are you getting frustrated reading this yet?)

I advised Tier 2 that it was 4:05PM and I had to leave my house at 4:25PM to run an errand. She replied with an OK and put me on hold. I left my house at 4:25 still on hold and started my errand. At 4:35 support came back on the line wanting me to reboot my desktop. I asked her if she was listening to anything I said, reminding her of my 4:25 errand. She said Yes you leave house at 4:25. During this phone call the Rep asked me at least 3 times what my call back number would be. I gave her the same number 770-507-1888 all three times. She advised me she would call me back in one hour. Well she called she called my wifes phone. When I asked why, she could not explain why! Her response So Sorry Mr.Geem. My Name is Jim!

During all my conversations with the different reps I kept advising them the issue was with ATT and Fox News, because the error indicated that. They insisted it was my equipment. During one of my call back cycles I called my Brother In Law that lives in Michigan and asked him to try to log on to Fox News, He advised he got the SAME error I was getting.

When the Tech called back wanting me to cycle my equipment again I advised them NO! I tried to explain that if the same exact issue occurred to my brother in law in Michigan over 700 miles away. She had NO Clue what a Michigan was. Quite frankly ATT should be embarrassed by trying to pass these Techs off as Professional, knowledgeable, English speaking support. There were more issues occurred during these call then I have not documented because so much of the call was repeat request to do something I already had! “So sorry is the catch all phrase used by these Techs. I am writing this letter to document in writing my lack of customer service, my overall disgust with ATT and the fact that I am NOT receiving the services I am paying for.

The Hours I spent on the phone on Thursday and Friday were a waste. Late Friday afternoon the Tech matter of factly advised me that the issue was between ATT and Fox News and they were working to get it fixed. She also said she would call me back Monday. I am afraid to answer the phone. I might get trapped into two more days of HELL! Wow, 2 days several countries later and they came up to same conclusion I advised them of two days earlier. On November the 4th your Memphis office received and signed for (by:Love) another receiver that I sent back to ATT. IM sure this is going to be another nightmare!


Paying our telephone bill through your automated system was no problem. Trying to pay our cell phone bill was a nightmare. The automated system required some kind of a code before it would accept any info on our payment. I have never had so much trouble getting someone to accept payment for a bill. I had to wait 10 minutes to talk to a real live person and explained the problem. She stated I needed a code in order to pay this bill. Any code given me would be forgotten by the time the next bill comes due. Why can I not pay my cell phone bill without any problem, just like I pay our telephone bill at home? Why does at&t try to make it so difficult just to pay a bill?


I ordered service on 9/10/2015 it was installed on 9/11/2015. The package that I ordered was u-family+Internet for 55.00 which that wasn't right. After calling and calling several times yes I did receive credits but this last and final time I spoke with Hassan about my bill and he sold me the U200+Internet for $90.00 minus $10.00 for having wireless,so I said ok that's good. Until I received the bill. I had to call your company again which was a waste of time. I explained to Bianca who was the manager on the floor at the time the situation,Bianca reassured me that all the notes were in the computer what I was saying was in fact true,she put me on hold to see what she could.When she came back to didn't know how to apologize for what was done she said the package that Hassan sold me was no longer available. I told her well it had to of been cause it was there in order for him to sell it to me.

She said no it expired.She did give me a little credit for this month but rest assure my bill next month for U200+Internet will be $120.00. I told her I cannot afford that and that is not what I was sold and just cancel my service,she said I would be charged a cancellation fee,I said so let me get this right I'm being charged for a promotion that I was sold but not availiable and now because of that I'm wanting to cancel so you want to charge me that as well. So I filed my complaint with the BBB since I cant get anywere with your company. I want the service that I signed up for or cancel it, this is one good reason why I will not renew my cell phones with you for the same reason.2years ago I was sold 4 phones and the rep ttold me one thing until I got the bill. The definition of your sales people are LIARS and there very good at it.


(Not even one star but I can't erase the auto-filled one on this site) I have spent months trying to resolve AT&T billing and plan problems. have talked with over 30 people. no one can resolve these issues, or even can figure out who to refer me to. I just lost service today, they want to charge me $40 to reactivate the phone (!) and Amex has confirmed multiple payments to AT&T and my acct. I think it is called fraud and theft if they take money from customers' credit cards and don't properly apply it to the customers' accounts.

Then there is the constant changing of the phone plan. Originally I was assigned to Nations 450 - but somehow that was the plan to which my phone was assigned. Then there was the share plan then mid-month I got switched to a larger plan - but I think I lose my unused minutes when I 'change plan' - this is obviously a company that is too big. I don't blame the employees, many of them do try, but these AT&T systems are impossible, deliberately or otherwise. Maybe the company needs to be broken up, again. and by the way, get rid of Chairman Stephenson, he and his buddies are probably a large part of this problem.


As an AT&T customer today was the worst customer service I have received. All I wanted to know was why I waited from 1pm to 7pm and nobody had the courtesy to even call and say the technician was cancelled. I called because my AT&T u-verse has been pixeling and completely cutting off during television shows. I talked to four people within 30 minutes before I could even get to the right department to include a so called supervisor that by the way had me on hold for 15 minutes. I expected better service, I am very disappointed.


On receiving my bill I knew it was too much and so I called 11-4-2015 to see about lowering it. Talked with Shena and she tried to offer higher incentives (better phone service, more channels of tv) with NO lowering. Which I explained to her that I wanted a lower bill. She said there were np plans available. I said "well, I guess that means goodbye" and she transferred me to a person named Cindy in Loyalty Department (yea sure) and she talked up this new service, really good, and a lot cheaper. It was Dish. If I had wanted Dish I would have gotten it a long time ago. But I caught the excitement and went for it. My husband hit the roof. So I called 11-5-2015 to cancel. First your stupid voice mail. How maddening is that? Had a 8 minute wait after playing games with Mr. Canned AT&T.

Got a gal by the name of Porshe who could not help me because it wasn't her department and had to wait for Dealer Services(?). Finally talked with a guy, who must have had a hearing problem, because he couldn't hear me and it's AT&T phone service. I hung up. I think you've got a problem. All I want is to get my bill down to a decent amount. I don't like having to bargain for lower rates, I don't like having to talk to people who I can't understand nor can they understand me. But I really, really hate playing this game with AT&T once a year. Why can't I just get a fair bill instead of "jewing" for it. I don't, repeat, don't want to go to Comcast, but If that's what I have to do I will. Will You help me out?


I switched to ATT from Verizon because I did not have service at my home from Verizon. The ATT representative said with ATT I would have wireless service at my home. I recorded this conversation and in reality I do not have service. The only reason I switched is because ATT told me I would. I have called Customer service and they said there is a device I can buy to give me service. The ATT store personal were I live said they should give that to me. Why should I buy this device when ATT said I have service and do not. Yes I can afford the device, but it is the principle of the thing. Give me the service I signed up for and you said I would have. I have been a satisfied U verse customer but am not satisfied with ATT not doing right by what is told me. I appreciate your consideration in this matter.


A couple of months ago we had signed up for combined billing for the Direct TV and AT&T. We did this because it as going to save us $10 on both our phone bill and our Direct TV bill. Recently we wanted to buy new iPhone 6s phones, so we went to the Apple store to try to do this. They wouldn't let us do the purchase because we had combined billing. We then decided to go to an AT&T store and tried to buy the phones and they said we couldn't buy the phones from them because we had the combined billing. This is just absurd that we weren't able to buy the phones even at the AT&T store. So AT&T forced our hand, so we decided to switch to Verizon where we were able to purchase our new iPhones. They didn't care that we had combined billing. AT&T lost a couple of good customers due to the his horrible service.


I recently applied for service. the customer service rep had to transfer me over to the fraud department. When i got on the phone with the lady she told me that i had inconsistencies on my credit report that denied me service in definitely and might I add she was very rude. So I called back the fraud department to see exactly what that meant and the same nasty woman answered again and she stated that I needed to pull my credit report to see what she was talking about. I stated to her that I had my credit report in hand and that i didn't see what she was referring to. So I asked could I speak to her supervisor. She said sure so she can tell you the same thing that I just told you. The supervisor comes on line and says that my credit report had different application with my social but different names and address.

So I was like that cant be possible. I asked her could i could inside a store with my ID, SSN card and birth certificate tp prove that I'm me. She stated NO. I could receive services from them because of that. How is this my fault? They wont even give me a chance to prove my identity. Nothing. Those women are so rude and att ought to be ashamed of themselves for even letting that go on. If someone did still my identity and was trying to apply for service with my social, they could at least let me come in or send them paperwork to prove otherwise. This is ridiculous. So now im stuck with no cell phone service right now because att wants to be a**h****! They were they top company with all the things i needed in a cellphone company. So disappointed.


AT&T fees for TV, phone, and internet are out of this world, The worse thing is that they are an American Co. and they have just moved their customer services out of the country. When you call or email AT&T for any service, you are connected to the Philippines, and you can no longer speak to anyone in the US. How many jobs did they cut in the US? They should be helping build US jobs, and they are sending them out of the country. I will not support this anymore and will be switching my phone service to another company like Verizon or T-Mobile.


Dear Mr. Stephenson, CEO of AT&T. I have a major complaint with your company. I'm a former employer of T-mobile and I wanted to share my complaint that made me literally cry. On October 30, I called to make a payment arrangement on my account and to make a payment. So, I explained to the representative that I didn't have the entire past due and that I could only pay 100.00 on the past due. The representative explained in detail if I paid her there would be an extra 5.00 charge. So I made the payment on my app. In return she stated that she was holding my account til November 30th and to make sure I keep the arrangements. I hung up the phone and ended my night. On today, I'm not relieved that nothing we discuss on the call was done.

My account does not have a payment arrangement. I have called numerous time for someone to listen to the call to see if I was wrong or what really happen. I'm not disputing the charges. I understand that I owe the bill. But I'm wondering why my account is in jeopardy of getting suspended when I called on October 30th and requested more time. I don't make a lot of money but I try to pay something on my service. I was treated horribly by your representatives and managers. I felt like a liar and all I was asking for someone to listen to the call and go over the information with me. Nothing was done about my situation. One representative told me that a payment arrangement was a a courtesy. I just need someone to hear me out. Please don't ignore this message. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for your time.


My modem went out in July 2015. The AT&T customer service rep said the modem was free. I received billing October 2015 where the modem was credited and then charged back to my account with a $19.95 shipping fee. I explained on 10/23 & 10/26 to AT&T customer service and they said the billing was wrong. A modem can't be free and the credit on the account was an error. They further explained it could have been returned within 30 days. I asked how, when I received the billing 90 days later. Both times I asked to speak to a manager. I was placed on hold for over 10 minutes and then the call was dropped. I was never allowed to speak to a manager or to voice my AT&T complaints with someone at the corporate offices. I don't understand how my billing shows I was credited $100 for the modem and then turn around and charged for it. Our income is very tight due to company downsizing. This was unfair to be hold it was no charge, credited and then re-billed. This was very rude and shows no courtesy for the customer. I only have internet. Maybe the CSR's are trained to handle situations by placing you on hold and then dropping the call.


Our family have been with AT&T for a very long time. Sept 11 we got two tablets for our kids, it was at our local store who I've always got great help from. They said the tablets would be an extra 10 dollars a month a piece w no activation fee. I also got other merchandise to go with it so I spent close to 200 dollars. The person told me I would receive a plentiful card in the mail for 200 dollars to go back on my bill. First issue. Second I received the card and it has only 55 dollars on it. Then we ordered two phones on line thinking the 200 dollars we were promised would cover all the costs. Make a long story short with all AT&T activation fees and hidden things our bill is outrageous. Then we have no internet where we live so I went back to talk to the guy about changing our plan so our bill would not be crazy and he talked me out of it thinking it would t cost to much more. In the end I'm a good customer and will probably owe 1000 dollars and I'm I'll about it. I went back to explain, I even called the AT&T manager to complain. He said they couldn't help me their just a retail store. So I am up a creek without a paddle.


I am complaining about how your employee give false advertisements. I went to AT&T in 5170 Stone mountain, GA, 30087 -- his name is David. He told me an my husband that we can get a phone an tablet Free if we sign for 2 years. Then, we get our bill an we are paying 180.00 a piece for the phone. I will never deal with AT&T anymore. I have digital life and internet. I am going to another carrier that is not right to charge for something that he said it is free. I called AT&T the rep took 45.00 off but I don't want these phone at all, or the tablet. Can I get someone from the corporate office to please respond back to me?


I have been trying to get my old DSL account closed since Aug when I upgraded to Uverse. I am STILL receiving bills for the account and even had my email suspended which I migrated to the new Uverse account. I have spent literally hours and hours on the phone and online chat trying to get this resolved. Each time I am told it's settled, I won't have anymore problems and that notes are being made on the account. Each time I have to start from the beginning, today alone, I was transferred 3 times and was in the process of being transferred a 4th time when I had to disconnect. This is terrible! I wish I had NEVER upgraded and I will NEVER recommend AT&T to anyone.


My name is Myles Jackson I live in Kansas City, Kansas 66101 my lane line number is 913-371-1285. I have called numerous times in four months to have the my old name change, this is necessary to be able to received life line services. From May, August, September of 2015 and today 10-06-2015. I have called to have this changes made to be qualified, I was informed by the person it was being changed as we spoke this October. I suggested that the change be made latter in October 21, to give lifeline enough time to approve my application. I received a rejection letter from lifeline of no name change. WHY is this such a problem?


I am so fed up with AT&T, as my wireless carrier, which I've had for the last 10 years. Their customer service stinks, no one solves your problem, and you can't get a callback from them. Recently, I tried to upgrade my phone, which would cost me more money, went to the chat session and after about 45 minutes online with a service rep.- she told me she couldn't help me. I called customer service, and got nowhere , I asked to speak to a supervisor, naturally none available, but one would call me back, Right, that was 4 days ago. Seems like AT&T cares more about getting new customers, than worrying about keeping the ones they have. I am so sick of getting offers from them, which I can't use, because it applies to new customers only!!! This is not my first incident with them either. I am going to Verizon, or Sprint- see if they are any better!


I went to the AT&T Kiosk at the Ashland Ky Town Center Mall (500 Winchester ave. space K003. 606 329-0140). Not currently a customer with your company. I had saw on your web site you were now offering the LG G pad X 10.1 for sale. The price was stated to be $350 without a contract. So I went to this kiosk in order to see if I liked, and if I did purchase this tablet. I really liked it told the girl that I would like to purchase the tablet at no commitment cash price for the $350. She said okay but then started to sell me other products, like Direct tv. I said no thank you just the tablet. After several minutes of them getting the tablet ready for me to purchase they told me I could not purchase the Lg G pad X 10.1 tablet because I had to be an AT&T customer for them to be able to sell it to me.

What? I am standing there with cash in hand wanting to buy this tablet and your company wasn't willing to sell it to me. I did not see anything posted online or at store that stated you had to be a customer to purchase this tablet. Is this company policy? Or just very bad customer service? No one I have told this too can't believe that AT&T wouldn't sell to me with me willing to pay cash no commitment agreement. I promptly went to WalMarts and purchased a iPad Air 2 64gb, they were more than happy to have me as a customer.


I moved to a new address on January the 10th 2015, and the phone number I had couldn't be installed, after many phones calls and explanations, nothing was done, so I switch to comcast and cancelled my account with AT&T, but until now every month I receive a bill for a phone number and account I don't have with AT&T anymore. Every month I Have to call and explain that I am no an AT&T customer. any more, but the following month I receive a bill where the previous balance is void but there a new balance for the new month. I am tired for calling and explaining and been promised that they will take care of it, but to find out that nothing is fixed and still have the same problem since January the 10th.


After doing some research into internet providers I found that AT&T uverse DSL was offering a higher download speed (45 mbps) from what I currently have (18 mbps) I went to there official site online and entered my address to see if it was available for my address, it was, so I then contacted AT&T about upgrading my current services only to find out that the upgraded service was not available in my area.


Went to store at Abrams and Royal. I believe the address is 8520 Abrams Rd. Talked to Sam, worst customer service. Was going to buy a smartphone, he never once got out of his chair to help me. When I asked to look at the smart phones he just said there over there on the wall. I needed help, he was very unhelpful, I just walked out after a while. Don't know if I'll buy one now at least not from AT&T.


We have a credit with AT&T but getting voice mails on my cell phone we owe $139.00. Called AT&T the last 5 days with no resolution. No one know why we are getting the voice mails. They said the calls aren't from them but it clearly indicates AT&T and gives the phone number for AT&T. Finally filed a complaint with PUC. Maybe AT&T will listen to them


Telephone (and FAX) went out 5/31. Called & explained this is both a home and business line for our representation of SSA disability claimants. As of 6/2 4:00PM no sign of repair service or even a courtesy call to indicate one is approaching. Last word was it would be between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, which anchored one of us here all day. This is abominable service. We are going to chat with Verizon.


First of all, I deal with your AT&T customer service every month. It seems as though your department lacks accountability. Every month my bills are messed up. But recently, I got an email telling me my bill was due- this was in April of $128.15. I made the payment right away. To be exact, my bank paid it on 5/5/2015.

I have been getting threatening emails from AT&T saying my bill is past due, and my services will be discontinued. I spoke to a supervisor yesterday, she informed me this is a past due bill, I said my bill has been paid as soon as I receive them, I explained to her I don't know about any pass due bill. I made the payment yesterday which was a holiday, and you should receive it very soon. I spoke to Emerly Carlson this morning, she was very nasty, telling me if they don't receive the money soon my service will be cancelled.

I can't believe I've been with AT&T for years and now I am treated like a dog. What can be done to fix this issue? I am seriously thinking about going with another company! I also mentioned to your supervisor and Emerly this morning, if I never got a pass due bill, how am I suppose to know there is a past due balance?!?! I am so upset that I don't know if I'll use AT&T ever again!


I am a proud customer of AT&T since 2012. Recently, I had a horrible experience at one of your stores which is located at 8471 Beverly BLVD, #101, Los Angeles, CA, 90048.

I had a problem with my iPhone 6 on Sunday, May 25th, 2015. Since I have two iPhones I had to sell one of them and it had to be unlocked because I wanted to give it to my mom who uses Verizon carrier. At the entrance a lady, without introducing herself, she asked me what I needed, I explained to her the situation about the phone. Her answer was that I had to go to the Apple store since they are the ones who are locking phones for AT&T. I thought her answer was strange, but I felt like she just wanted to kick me out from her store so I had to leave.

When visited the Apple store, the IT technician told me that AT&T are the ones who lock the phones and that I have to back to them. So I went back to the same AT&T location. As soon as I got there, I came up to that same lady and asked for a manager. She assigned me to a lady named Jennifer, who was on lunch and whom I had to wait for an hour. I waited for so long because for some reason my name on the screen appeared as the 4th person in line, even though I was the first person in line. So my guess is that the lady who assigned me put me 4th in line on purpose.

Finally, an hour passed, I almost fainted since I am 5 months pregnant, Jennifer came up to me. I explained to her the situation and she says that all I have to do is go on the website and the company would be able to release it for me. A simple answer gave me so much trouble, for just this one sentence I had to go to AT&T store, than apple store, look for parking, pay for parking, I was late to work, I almost fainted and at the end the manager of the store did not even say that she was the manager of the store.

When I was sitting down REGINA CERVANTEZ (manager) was passing by and laughing at me, she put me 4th in the line. I waited for an hour. The whole process of finding out an answer to a simple question took me around 3.5 hours.

REGINA CERVANTEZ the manager at 8471 Beverly BLVD, #101, Los Angeles, CA, 90048 brought me a lot of trouble and she treated me with disrespect by laughing and treating me like I do not exist. I cannot believe that this person represents your company and she treats people with such a disrespect.

I wasted my time, gas and money, just because of this one person, an AT&T manager (representative). She could not answer a simple question for me and made me really up set. I tried asking her for the employee ID but she never gave it to me.


I signed up for a promotion bundle of $89.99 of internet, wireless, phone, and direct TV with AT&T. Then I get a separate bill from direct tv and separate bill from AT&T which is 4x the promotional offer. I've been having difficulty trying to resolve the discrepancy, along the way I discovered they have my address without the unit # so I gave them my complete address.

Then I get another installation schedule, I called them and they said they'll cancel the duplicate account. I was sent around to different departments and my head is spinning in confusion about where to describe the problem. Now I'm getting threatening letters because I refused to pay my bill until it is corrected to the promotional amount. I'm stack how to proceed further, every time I call it takes over an hour and I have to hang up because I'm at work and they're only open during work hours. I want the promotional charge billed correctly before I pay my bill.


I had previously spoken to the company about taking my money for my bill and set up automatic payments for my funds to be deducted on the 15th of each month when I get paid. AT&T took the money from my account earlier than the 15th which caused me to have an overdraft fee of 30$ and left my acct in the negative.

I spoke with a female customer service rep and she was rude and disrespectful. I then asked to speak to her supervisor, whom it took 30-40 minutes to get on the phone. I explained to her the situation and she also was rude and disrespectful and did nothing to resolve the matter.

AT&T gave me the worst customer service ever and I am currently searching for a new service provider.


This complaint starts from date 10/2014. I had decide to upgrade my phone. The phone I had upgraded to is a (ASUS PADPHONE). Since I had this phone I had return this phone 4 times due to different issues. Now they want to charge me $499.00 for property damage. The complaint starts with everytime go back to the AT&T store in Morrow Gerogia. They work on every phone that I brought back to the store, however, they never put the chief complaint in my file.

Since I had this phone I never had a chance to enjoy this phone. I have been a dedicated customer since 2003, never had a complaint, everything in my home is AT&T. I have my alarm system, my wireless home phone, cellphones and my internet with AT&T. Every phone they sent out I'm sure is refurbish. I never seem to keep this phone charge. I had lost so much information and personal pictures. Just fed up with this phone and they want to charge me $499.00 when every technician in AT&T worked on every phone I had, trying to move information to the next phone ASUS or AT&T send back to me.


We are being charged for gibyte overage due to our WiFi signals not working in our home. We have been complaining about issues with the services going in and out all the time. We have a Netgear connection and have been told by the AT&T Techs that this is not their equipment. Every so often they come out to work on issues we have, but it only last a short period of time. I also have an issue with them allowing one of my sons to have access to add a tablet to my account without my permission and I have to pay for it.


I have 2 cheap cell phones that haven't worked since I got them. I have now spent 2 afternoons on the phone with them several hours 10-12 people I have tried to make understand that all I want is a new phone that works. They have told me that I cant do that, I can get a new phone but I still have to pay for the bad phones that don't work for another year. My husbands health is bad and he almost died because he couldn't call me from the bathroom floor to the bedroom on these bad phones. I cannot afford to pay for a new phone and 2 that don't usually work. These people cannot possibly be this stupid they are just trying to get more money out of us. I have given up and will go to Wal mart to buy another phone but I will make sure that everyone around here knows about at&t.


WHEN I WENT TO RENEW MY COMTRACT I HAD ONE OF THE WORST EXPERENCES I HAVE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH IN MY 61 YEARS. I went to the local store explaining that I wanted to renew 4 of my 6 contracts as the were expiring in under two months... was told I could do this BUT I could save money doing the NEXT program RIGHT!!! I did not fully understand this program I and tried to explain this to the sales man but of course he just kept saying this was better . I ended up getting 1 blackberry which will cost me over $499.99 @ 15.00 a month over 30 months (that's almost 3 years ) more than it would have on a 2 year contract with the phone costing .99, 2 other phones for 199.99 at $8.99 over 24 months this does not include the monthly charge and taxes on each phone.

Not only is it costing me more but I received a different phone than I wanted. They gave me a TO-GO PHONE.. I told them that I do not text or want a smart phone but a simple flip phone with a camera as I have problems hanging on to a phone with arthritis and drop my phone. The one they gave me I just found out has not camera!! This phone cost me $5.00 a month for over 18 months RIP OFF RIGHT I tried to return it with in 5 days informed it would cost $40.00 restocking fee and I then I would be charged this and have no phone. Now I have a phone without camera and a phone with a small screen small numbers. Of course calling AT&T does not help because the 15 day grace has now expired ( nice rule right) I wish we had a different cell phone company besides AT&T or Verizon out here in South Dakota.


I have been dealing with AT&T for months trying to get a credit on my company's DSL line and it has yet to appear on my bill. We are now moving (to a place with better internet service) and have transferred the service to the landlord and they are charging me a $120 early termination fee. They have the worst customer service policies and it seems no one can issue a credit the same day on the account. They are operating in the dark ages!


AT&T has the worst customer service and no respect for their customers whatsoever! I put my account on vacation status after finding out that I would have to pay to cancel my account. Well, today, I found out my account was never put on vacation status and I received a $200 bill for cable and internet I haven't even used! I disconnected everything the day I put it on vacation status and put it in a box.

Today I get a sorry apology and the offer of a $50 credit! Are you kidding me!?? I'm not paying for something that was never supposed to be there in the first place! This is definitely fraudulent and completly outrageous!


I am locked out of my AT&T online account leaving me unable to view and pay bills. I am the primary Account Holder on my wireless account and do not receive paper bills. I got a phone for a friend and she has changed numbers and left town. I do not know the new number and I do not remember my passcode.

The customer service rep told me that since I do not remember my passcode I have to go the AT&T store with valid ID and they would help me reset the online account so I can pay my bill. The AT&T store told me they could not help me because I did not have new phone number listed on my account and do not have a passcode.

I, again, called customer service and they, again, were no help and told me to go back to the AT&T store. Again the AT&T store wouldn't help me because I don't have a passcode. I want someone to send a paper bill to my address but said I need a passcode to do this. I want to pay my bill but I don't have a passcode.

I give up!! This is stupid! I have a valid I.D and can answer all the security questions on my account but can't get a bill sent to my house or pay my bill because I can't remember my passcode. You would think they would not want to give me the run-around since I'm giving them money!


I spoke with Omar on 4/15/15 and asked him about a regular home line service. Let him know I need it for work purposes and my past issue with AT&T. They don't come in to make sure the phone lines are working. He stated they have had problems in the past with that and they will come inside to make sure it works. He said will have a deposit of $50. I was hesitant because of past issues with AT&T. He said I will get my money back if they don't. Well, they didn't and I didn't get the money back!!!!


Worst service of my life. First I went to three places to get a data cable and was told they don't have that size. att has made it so you have to call them to service so they can charge you for service . I Was without phone service TV service and computer service for 2 days was told it would be repaired at no charge by agent. second I scheduled an appointed between one and four on Friday and at four got a message they were running behind but that it would still be repaired and waited til 9 pm for someone not even a courteous call to say they wouldn't be out. I called and was very upset that my time had been wasted and got hung up by a agent. supervisor and a manager. Sunday I call to have someone come out to fix the problem on Monday.

Monday they show up fix the phone computer and one TV. The other TV would not pick up a signal and was told It was the box the Thech said his manger said he could not just swap the box that was need was not on my plan that I would have to update. So I did he left with out hooking the box up . Said he would come back today to hook it up. and I said if you can't make it give me a courteous call and he said he would. This Morning he never showed up I called left a message on cell phone no reply so I called the Supervisor and was told that he would be there between 4 and 8 pm no one showed up got a call at 8:20 that I would have to reschedule. Worse service of my life. I am a senior I was without a phone or TV or Computer for 3 days what if my cell phone got broke and I fell and hurt myself.

It would be on your head. Dangerous as a matter of fact. I plan on calling the Corprate Office in the Morning about the poor service.


My phone system has been down now for 2 days, I have called on several times to get someone to come out and fix the phone.They said that they fix the main box so my phone should work,but it didn't so I set up another appointment with a no show. I was told that some jump my fence from att&t to look at the phone line but to no avail.I am really upset with your service to fix my phone.I need my phone fix asap and adjustment to my bill for no phone service for 2 day and damage to my gate where your people enter without my OK.PS everything was working until my tv box had problem. Your service man ID is GR1799 and LKH60H.


When I ordered my phone service on April 26,2015, I ask for a regular LAND LINE, but the the order the tech had when he arrived was for a Uverse service. This is not what I ordered. He tried to get the order changed, but was not able to get it done.

So he installed a Uverse line and told me somebody would be out in a day or two to rework the hook up. A friend came by and told me my phone was not working. I checked it out and found it was not working, because the number had been changed. I had requested to keep my old number. I called customer service to complain and they told me I could keep my old number.

While I was talking with them we got cut off and my phone went to constant busy signal. I was also told it would be in service by tonight (May 5,2015) by 8 P.M. No one ever showed up to day. I have medical health problems and the phone is need badly. Can you get this fixed for me ??????


Every time I receive service, whether phone support or a house call, they always follow up w/ automated calls. I told them many years ago (at least five) that I do not want to be called, ever. The automated calls come two hours apart, between three and four times a day, for the next three days.

Nobody leaves a message and they hang up when I don't answer the phone. Every time I complain, they tell me it takes thirty days for my name to be added to the list, Yet, I told them years ago not to call. It still persists. Since I can't write to them and I can't make it stop, I am filing a complaint with the FCC.


I've used AT&T in the past. I'd like AT&T UVERSE to my apartment area. It's all over OWASSO OK just not at this new complex.

The apartment complex refers everyone to Cox Cable. I asked AT&T and they really couldn't answer why it wasn't available to this area.

Cox is running unopposed and the service is terrible.


I have been with AT&T for nearly 30 years. I have a home phone, I-pad and until recently a go-phone. Two weeks ago, I was trying to determine if I wanted to change my go-phone for a smart phone and monthly plan, so I talked to a rep on the phone about what options I had. The rep convinced me to start a 1GB monthly plan, but misinformed me about the price. She assured me that the plan was only $45/month.

I asked her at least three times if she was sure the plan was only $45/month and she guaranteed me that was the price. I even asked her at one point if there would be other fees and such that would run the price up to $70. She said no, that with tax and fees the plan would be right at $50/month. This was a major reason I went ahead and ordered the plan.

A few days after receiving my phone and starting the plan, I received a plan statement that told me that the plan would be $65/month and with taxes and fees would run about $70/month. I am not satisfied at all, and in fact, tried to discuss this incident on the phone with another rep. After being transferred several times, I was cut off! At this point I'm debating whether to Change to another phone company.


We have been phone and Internet customers for awhile. We found out AT&T now has Uverse service available in our neighborhood. We decided to order the TV service. We were scheduled to have the TV service installed on 4/27/15 between 9-11am. No one showed up.

We received a text saying the installer was running late. We received a second text and confirmed we still wanted the install. The installer called about 2:45 pm and said he would arrive within the half hour. He never showed up. We called AT&T about 4 times that evening but no one returned our calls to tell us what happened even though they all said they would look into the problem and get back to us.

We finally called AT&T Thursday, 4-30-15 and said we decided we did not want the TV service. We also said we wanted to ensure we would still have phone and Internet service. We were assured that service would remain. On Friday, 5-1-15, we discovered our phone and Internet service had been disconnected. We were gone and when we returned to our home, we could see we had 2 phone messages, but could not retrieve them because the phone was disconnected.

We had a medical issue and we're waiting for results from the VA concerning a CT scan. The VA is a large medical facility and I an unable to discover what the message was. Additionally, I just started a new internet site and have been without Internet service. We continued to call and finally on Friday, 5-1-15 were promised our service would be reinstated today, 5-4-15. No one showed up this morning.

Moreover, we were told we would be able to retrieve the phone messages. It is now 5:25 pm and a technician is here. However, he said there are only two lines running to our home and he needs 4 lines. He has called for someone to come out, but I would bet this does not get reconnected today.

I don't understand how you can disconnect my service remotely, but cannot reinstate it the same way. Nor can I understand why everything worked fine last week, but now we need extra lines to get the phone and Internet to work. I will be filing a complaint with the Attorney General and Better Business Bureau since we have medical conditions that require we have a land line and since our business has been impacted since we lack access to the Internet.

Please contact me on my cell phone if you require further explanation. You should find all of my complaints on file.


Ever since I have been with AT&T I never know what my bill is going to be. It has ranged from $27 to over $200 a month. I am supposed to have basic phone for about $16 and high speed internet special for $19.95. I was told my bill would be $36.44 per month.

After I kept calling someone decided to lower my internet speed to as slow as it would go. After calling I got someone who told me I should have the high speed internet for $19.95, so she set it back. Then I get a letter on May 4, 2015 that said my high speed would be $34.00. My total bill was only to be $36.44.

Does anyone know what they are doing at AT&T?? Each time you call customer service you get a different price for Phone and internet. I got this special deal back in November 2014 for one year, but have never got the special price I was quoted. I'm sorry I don't have another choice at this time, but when I do I will leave it with AT&T.


First let me say that I was a customer of Cellular and then when AT& T came on board I decided to stay with your company, which have been well over 10 or more years. Have I been an on time payer, no, has my phone been interrupted, yes, I am saying this because it's the right thing to be upfront from the start.

But here's the problem, I purchase an iPhone 5s under your installation plan, it seem to be a good deal, from the start. Your representative explained to me that if and when I wanted to upgrade to a different phone I could, because it was better than a (2 yr) plan. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Spoke with your representative on the phone as of today 5/4/15, and he express to me that if I wanted an upgrade, I couldn't get one until August of 2016. Really, does that make any sense, or if I wanted one I would need to pay over ($200)?!?!

Maybe I won't get any answer from AT&T, but whatever happened to having loyal customers that won't leave but continue to stay. Don't want any violins playing, but I just don't understand. Again I know I won't get any answer, but at least I spoke what I believe to do the right thing.


When you sell a product and your advertising you should stand behind their products. If you have a recall, you should notify your customers and when they call you trying to get the problem resolved don't give them the runaround. Fix the damn phone that you've been charge and insurance on and quit playing games. You knew about that recall but you do not make your customers aware of it. You should stay responsible. Is this the kind of customer satisfaction that you were looking for???


My ADT screen reads faulty communication. ADT called and U-Verse is compatible with ADT. The wiring of U-Verse needs to be checked because the ADT system works fine. I need a technician to come out as soon as possible to fix this problem.


Don’t waste your time ever going to this store. The customer services representatives are complete and utter MORONS. One in particular is a manipulative incompetent rude sale person. Unfortunately I didn’t get his name however he attempted to inform me that I could not get my upgrade without paying a $40 fee which was not correct. When I asked him to contact corporate he told me there was nothing they could do about it. I insisted that he dial the number and I would handle the rest. The corporate office informed me that I could get the $40 fee waived however I had to purchase the order on line.

I went back to my office and made the purchase online. I chose the option of in store pick up at the same store I had just left out of convenience only for them to cancel my order. I attempted to contact the store about ten times but no one was answering and the automated system repeatedly rerouted my call to customer care who could not explain why the order was cancelled. I later found out that the order was cancelled because they no longer had the phone in stock which was a LIE!

I decided to go to Best Buy to make the purchase thru AT&T however that was an EPIC FAIL. The sales representatives informed me that I had to give up my grandfathered unlimited data plan for the mobile share plan accruing charges of $ 40 monthly and pay the $40 upgrade fee. I told him that he was out of his mind because customer care informed me that I could keep my current plan and just upgrade my phone without paying any upgrade fee. He attempted to show me the information online but low and behold he couldn’t access my AT&T account because the system was down.

I walked over to another AT&T store to get some resolution on this matter with a customer care service representative on the phone and was immediately informed that I had to change my plan and pay the upgrade fee regardless of what customer care was telling me. I waited for the manager who decided that shredding papers was more valuable than my time to address the matter. When he finally made time for my issue he informed me that the store representatives are instructed to get customers to change their plans to the mobile share resulted in a $40 access line fee, charge an upgrade/activation fee of $40 and promote the Next program regardless if the customer has an eligible upgrade with a 2 year contract on their account in order to pay the total amount of the phone over a specific course of time. I told him that it was completely unacceptable for the AT&T stores to strong arm people into accepting their last wave change regarding the Next program yet the 2 year contacts are still offered. He informed me that I would have to contact customer care and order the phone because no store was going to allow me to make the purchase keeping my current plan or avoiding the UPGRADE FEE.

I left the store and remained on the line with the customer care representative that connected me to her manager, Michael. He advised me to order the phone on line regardless of any changes to my plan that are force because he would rectify the issues the next day. I was able to upgrade my phone, keep my current plan and have the upgrade fee waived after three days of UTTER NONSENSE.



I was given a price of $114 for TV service (I already have Internet and house phone) by a customer service person on April 24, and made arrangement for installation on April 30. The price quoted was for U300 Latino service, No contract for two years, $250 Visa card, five receivers (including one wireless) and no increase for a year.

When the technician came, all my DIRECT TV receiver and wires were disconnected and UVERSE equipment were installed. At that point, I realized that I had no HD service. I call AT&T UVERSE and explained that HD was offered to me included in the above package. The "rep" checked and told me that the package that was listed couldn't be offered to me because of the offers I already had with the TV and internet, and that I would have to pay more.

I disputed that and asked to speak to a "supervisor." A Female supervisor came on the line and told me bluntly, "either I want the service or not" I told her not for the new price and my service was instantly disconnected. The technician then packed up all the equipment and left.

I call the UVERSE number again and got a rep who said her name was "KEAIRA" who offered me a package for $101.00. This package was for the U400. The total with the three service would be $145. Keaira then said that she tried to put the offer through, but it wouldn't. She then sent me a email with the price and told me that because of the time(8:20 pm) she would get with her managers the next day (May 1) and would call me by 12 mid day local time. Keaira assured me that I would get the U400(an upgrade from the U300) for $101.

May 1 at 12:45 pm not a word from Keaira so I call back again and got a guy who said his name was "DANTE" who said that he could get me the U300 Latino TV package for $105, Dante then said that he was having a problem canceling the previous order placed by Keaira.

I asked Dante if it was possible for him to call me back in an hour with the new information because i had to go into a meeting, Dante PROMISED that he would call me back by 2:15 pm, "no matter what the outcome". Dante never called back.

At 4:45 pm I called back and ended up speaking with a lady by the name of Ms. "LOWE" who told me that because of the promotions on the internet and house phone I couldn't n\get the prices that were quoted.

This whole experience only shows the LIES and CUSTOMER SERVICE PROBLEMS that AT&T is known for is true,

The Reps admitted that when the original order was placed the pricing was incorrect, and no one alerted me to the price difference. The installer was sent out and i was made aware of the new price then.

Rest assure, as soon as I am able I will be canceling my three wireless phones, internet and house phone,


On 4/18/2015, I contacted AT&T about my bank fees of $84 because I believed it was AT&T's mishap prior to the bank fees I made an arrangement to pay my phone bill by a certain date. I made that bill prior to my promised date, AT&T try to take that amount from my bank on the promised date.

When I noticed the fee I contacted AT&T ON 4/18/2015 I was told that AT&T will look into the matter case number cm20150418. On 4/21/2015 I received a text " your case has been worked. Please contact Customer Service by dailing 611 from your wireless phone or 8009475096.

On 4/29/ I contacted AT&T was told that I will be credited for my $84.00 I received a text "you received a credit adjustment of 84.00 on 4/29/2015 your balance due on 5/1/2015 is 184.90.
ANDY GARE 9109648391

On 5/1/2015, I contacted AT&T and was told that I did not get the $84. credit. If AT&T had told me no on 4/29/2015 I was not going to be as upset. But I am very upset that AT&T is not honoring the text 4/29/2015.

I feel that AT&T should honor the 4/29/2015 and give me credit for $84. Now if AT&T does not honor the 4/29/2015 text I will make plan to change wireless company. Because I want to do business with company I can reply on.

Once again I am not upset about the $84.00 I am very upset that At&t send me a text saying that AT&T has given me the credit for $84 and now is not going to honor it.



I have a been a loyal AT&T costumer for years. Back in September 2014, I purchased an iPhone 6. At this time I also traded in an older iPhone. I received an AT&T promotional card. The date of this transaction was Sept 29, 2014. I was told I had 7 months to use the card. I tried using the card in April of this year, and was told it was expired.

When I called the number on the back of the card to inquire about this they told me I was give the card in July of 2014. This was incorrect, and I have the paperwork to prove it. I went to the AT&T store where I received the promotional card, (Westfield, NJ) and they said they could do nothing. But the employee did also confirm that I did indeed receive the promotional card on Sept 29, 2014, not in July of 2014.

I have tried calling multiple times and visited the store to explain the problem to no avail. As a result, I am out $106.00 because of something that is an error on the part of AT&T, and cannot get a sufficient answer as to why. Going further, I will be switching my mobile provider to Verizon in the near future.


I had DSL and paid with autopay. I was persuaded to switch to DSL - said to be cheaper and faster. Not faster and, actually more expensive, after the first 12 months. But the worst was that AT&T tried to bill me for both services for the same days. I had discontinued autopay on DSL because I would not pay for services not rendered.

It's been 7 long phone calls with customer service and billing representatives who promise to help but just read inane scripts no matter what you say, trying to get this fixed. I even received a notice from a collection agency dated 13 days after the duplicate bill was supposedly due!

Interesting that the collection agency was stating that I owed only the original amount of the bill with no "late fee" added. That's so outrageous that a disinterested observer would be inclined to think that sending such an actively disputed and obviously incorrect on its face item to a collection agency was malicious rather than another one of AT&T's frequent mistakes.


I ordered AT&T services online one week ago. I simply ordered a land line phone and DSL. I received a text to please call AT&T because they found an outstanding balance some where. OK no problem I'll pay it. I need the phone so my family can call me from over seas, because being a veteran I know how important it is to have your loves ones to contact you. My Girlfriend who is away from me at the time, some times collect calls are the only way, and cell phones drop calls like crazy or want take collect calls.

So I order this service through AT&T. paying 164 dollars to get this done. Well, after 4 days of calling back to AT&T and trying to find accounts and this and that. They still haven't taken my payment for outstanding amount even though I offered again and again. So after the 3rd call I decide to record all my calls from that time on. Well 18 hours and 32 mins later, and talking to 23 different people, they set a time and date and would take the outstanding amount on my 1st bill, then last night they called me twice about two hours apart with two different numbers.

So I thought maybe one for phone and one with DSL. I added it, so guess what time they finally it to set up my services. That's right they didn't come or even so much call me. Well when you can go to utube and facebook because I'm going to put my recordings on both. AT&T has to be one of the worst service companies out there.


I ordered AT&T Uverse on April 2nd, and made my appointment for April 9th due to the fact that it was my only day off that week. I scheduled the time from 9-11am because I had an appointment for my new born at 2pm. On the 9th, I waited and waited and no one showed. I ended logging in to the online site to see if there was any more info on what was going on. Sure enough, it said my installation was canceled do to some difficulties the installers had, and it said AT&T would contact me to reschedule. I was pretty upset that they canceled but even more upset that no one bothered to call me and tell me.

By then, I made up my mind and told myself that if AT&T would not bother and call me to reschedule, I don't want to go to a company that I will always have to call and ask why something did or did not happen. I ended up calling and trying to cancel my service and get my refund. Transfer after transfer and listening to every associate ask why I was canceling and trying to get me to stay, I was finally very, VERY upset!

One of the last associates I spoke to asked again just like everyone else why I wanted to cancel and I replied with "Because you guys failed me!" Finally, after all the transfers, they finally gave up and told me they refunded my money and it would be back in my account in 24-78 hours.

After a week on not seeing my money in my account, I called back and asked where my money was. The lady explained that she checked, and it would be in my account in another 24-78 hours. I again said thank you and waited. By now two weeks passed and no money. So, again, I called and asked where the money was, the associate explained she had been with the company for over 10 years and from her experience it takes 3weeks to hit your account. I asked her why I was told 24-78hrs, she explained because that's what they have to say but that she was assuring me 3weeks.

It is now the 29th of April and had to call again. This time I was transferred to an associate and she said she was sorry and grabbed her supervisor Tanya Harris. Tanya went ahead and issued the refund and said to check my account in 2 days. I asked why it wasn't refunded the first time I asked and she apologized and said she did not know but that she went ahead and processed it and it will hit my account for sure!!

At first, I may have considered staying and just using AT&T but just everything rolled up. I don't have time to baby sit a multi million dollar company that can't stay organized and take care of one installation, and even at that one refund. I do not want anything from AT&T, and now I refuse to even get internet at my new house just because AT&T is the only one who provides service in the area.

I refuse to deal with AT&T or have anything to do with you just because of how bad this was. I understand customer service and keeping people happy, I am a store manager at a high volume retail/parts company, and if this happened to one of my customers I would like to know. This is the only reason why I am writing you.


Purchased a HP lap top computer and asked an AT&T sales person what I have to do to have service for it. I already have have an account with AT&T. I have an iPhone 6 plus. I was told to purchase an air card device with a $20 added monthly charge and never told that I can use my iPhone as a hot spot.

Now I am stuck with an added device and charge that is not needed for my use. I think that the sales person should have told me I can use my iPhone as a hot spot to operate my lap top. I have been an account customer for a couple of years now, and before that I was a two year customer of AT&T to go phone. I think that was wrong of the sales representative and really hope that in the future this is avoided


I have 4 phones on my At&t line and was charged a larger amount for someone using the wireless hot spot last year. From march 26 until about a month, we paid it in full. It was a hardship and unfair charges that we didn't use. I didn't know what to do. We called several times and tried to fix the problem. It just seemed easier to pay for it.. Now I have been with AT&T since I first got a cell phone and really would like for someone to look into this over charges of over $5000 thank you


I went into the Sullivan AT&T store to get my phone fixed. The man in there was so nice and so polite his name was Michael. He tells me that my temper glass screen savors came in, and I asked him if he could put them on my boyfriend and mine's phones. He says sure, I said thank you, he says no problem. He puts the first one on, and I said there is a little fuzz under that one in a polite manner. I asked him if he could get it out he says I will try, with spending that much money on just one I wanted it the best that I could get. He gets it out and goes to put it back on and it looks bad.

His worthless excuse for a boss walks up and says you messed it up and puts it on and throws the brand new phone on the counter and says that is good enough. After he walked in the back I said that will not do for me I want my money back. Michael says let me see what I can do. He said that if he can't get it fixed, he will grab one off the shelf and put it on at no charge. I said thank you, he says no problem.

He gets one off the shelf and I heard his boss say you will be paying for that out of your check. His boss is worthless and told him to tell me that they do it as a courtesy it is not our job to put them on its a courtesy. I think that the boss at Sullivan AT&T store needs to be fired for the way he talks, belittles, embarrasses and humiliates his employees in front of customers there is no employee that deserves to be treated like that. The customer is always right and I think Michael at the Sullivan AT&T store deserves to have the manager position. I have been very happy with his customer service not his managers!!!! Michael's customer service meets my satisfaction at all standards. I didn't appreciate my brand new phone on the counter like it was crap.


We moved from our location in Prestonsburg, KY to Betsy Layne, KY. AT&T does not service this area. We would have kept AT&T if possible. We had to go with a different carrier and had our phone number ported to new number. I paid what I thought was our last phone bill and then began getting calls from a collection agency. When I filed an appeal with AT&T, they did a credit for part of the balance. That left a total of $495. We were still unhappy, feeling we should not be charged a early termination fee.

I tried the appeal again and got a reply that it had already been filed and turn down. When one of our other businesses came due to renew, we gave a stipulation that before renewal this $495.00 needed to be taken off. Just got a call that they are still unwilling to do so. So, AT&T will be losing our other business, Highland Theatre Corp and several restaurant business owned by the same owner. We have businesses in Prestonsburg, Pikeville, Martin and Paintsville, KY. of which all have AT&T phone service, but be assured with those contract come up for renewal we will NOT renew with AT&T. Our biggest account to be cancelled.


On April 24,2015 at 9:45 am, I was building a play set out front of my yard for my daughter. At 9:50 am a boom AT&T operator service truck showed up and was backing into my neighbor's driveway, getting out to go up on boom and service pole behind their property. I rent the home I'm in and it has no phone line installed, but outside the house on a pole in our yard was the cable for the existing line previously for this house over 100' length ready to install so we can connect our service to the house again.

I walked over asking the boom operator AT&T tech if they could re-install the cable back onto the house so we could get a tech out to install our phone line service to the ground on the house. He said NO its not something he would do its a whole different service call issue. After they serviced the pole at the neighbor's house, they left 6 min later. They returned and right in front of me they pulled up to my yard came out and lifted boom up to my pole and gathered up my hanging phone line wire 100 ft worth and cut it at the top of the pole and took it into their truck. I was shocked! I just asked him if he could run it to my house to the ground that was already installed on the house from a previous service line and he said No he couldn't do it but he left and came back and stole my entire line and cut it completely off the entire pole.

I called AT&T immediately requesting the line to be reinstalled and the phone hooked back up with new service to my home. They scheduled the day and said between 8 am and 8pm on April 25. They never showed up! I waited and missed out on running errands because I could not leave the house. I demanded them to reschedule and show up and two days later April 27 my hubby calls saying the tech should be out at 8 am -8 pm again I said well see.

Surprisingly, he showed up after 8 am. His name was Daniel and he had a small 2500 economy van with only ext. ladders on top no boom. He wondered aimlessly around my property looking for a cable that he would install to my ground on to house but couldn't locate it. He then came up my steps and knocked on the door. I opened door with a grin on my face and said yes, hubby said he did not have to come into my home, so I was curious what he needed from me? He stated ma'am I cannot find your phone wire cable routed for this address. I said you should know that it was cut and stolen by a boom tech. Yesterday I called and repeated this complaint to a supervisor requesting it to be replaced and reinstalled that's supposed to be why you are here to put in another one on the pole then install it to the house to the ground wire.

He looked puzzled and said I was not told anything about the cable being missing. I said I'm not paying for a new one, there was an existing line and it was cut by a boom operator directly after he was requested to run it back over to the ground for me. He said ok he'll do it himself with just ladders It was absurd, he was not safe using just ladders. We have unstable unleveled, rocky, muddy terrain, and it was ridiculous he would have no Crain to drag the wire over from pole to pole to route it back to the house. 2 hours later, he accomplished a 15 min task it would of taken the boom truck tech to do. After a head fool of sweat and dirt, he walks back up to my door knocks and tells me ma'am I'm all done. I said wow thanks and I said I'm sorry he was having to work so hard and dangerously it was not right at all and I would be making a formal complaint.

Today April 28,2015 7:54 am (MY BIRTHDAY BY THE WAY) I could not even sleep in today ..) the same boom truck reappeared and pulled into neighbors driveway again. I pulled out a video camera and recorded their activity. After they stood outside truck for 10 min smoking cigs talking to each other, they eventually pulled crane back to a corner position onto driveway closest to pole that my new line was installed and ran from and they in very awkward actions fumbled around aimlessly looking up and down my line wondering and looking at my line several times.

Then they took cones out, tire blocks and put vests and hard hats on. One tech went up to the boom and fumbled around with the boom. Without lifting it up, the other tech stayed on ground behind truck peeking over at me several times as I recorded them out in the open in my walkway. After 24 min they just did nothing never took boom out to pole, never touched any cables and loaded tire stoppers and cones back into truck. They both jumped back into truck and left. I called my husband to report their activity as I recorded. I then witnessed them leave and driver stared over at me with strange grin on his face. I zoomed in on him, and they drove back out of the road to another street over. I heard them backing in the truck over there and I heard the boom fire up being operated on the other side of the neighborhood next street over behind the house they just pretended to service.

These guys are shady and irresponsible. They do nothing and take wires cut wires without authority or the service request to do so, and they smoke and throw their litter into your yard and stand around doing nothing on our dime...waking us up at 7:40 in the morning to just stand outside with their loud truck running just to have a few cigs and talking having personal story time conversations shooting shit with one another. I am frustrated with their behavior. We have been in the telecommunications business for 21 years and never seen such crappy irresponsible and unprofessional behavior from anyone in this line of work. They cost so much to take up their time and yet they do no work and cause more harm and safety issues for other technicians. unnecessary risks negligently and purposefully caused by their own hands and irresponsible cutting of cables they had no authority touching in the first place. Causing a fellow tech to risk his life putting back onto the poles.

I demand better from this corporation and I demand my money be put to better training and safety training for these jerks pretending to be boom operators. More supervision on the job, send a spy secret supervisor investigator, out to watch their work ethics and see for their self they are corrupt in their nature and a huge risk and deserve reprimanding for their faulty actions on the job.


Starting Last Monday, April 20th, we entered your AT&T cyber maze. So far, we have talked to twenty of your so called customer service professionals and still have not obtained a simple result. Our request is for you to have our long distance service transferred to level 3 5102 5 carrier which is provided Prescient World communications had this service before switching to universe voice. It is more economical for our usage level.

If you cannot accomplish this change we are considering ATT&T service completely. No person should have to suffer with this experience.


On 5-20-15 a uverse service tech came to repair a problem with our TV signal. The picture would freeze and lose signal. He was here for about four hours without being able to clear the problem. He stated that there was interference between the phone line and the uverse line. He stated that he would have to call someone to assist with the problem. A short time later, he came in and showed me on his analyzer that the line was now clear. He said that it had been cleared internally. I had checked my phone earlier and it was OK. He hadn't been gone but a couple of minutes when I checked my phone again and there was no dial tone.

I tried several times to call him but he would not answer or return my calls. I called in to report the phone outage, and two days later a line tech came. I told him what had happened, and in a few minutes later he had it fixed. He showed me where Tabais had left a connection loose. I believe he left the connection loose on purpose to fix his problem. This should never happen. While the phone was out we still had the same original problem with the picture and still do. Nothing was solved. Someone needs to get out here and fix this problem.


My bill went from the end of the month in December. I agreed to U-Verse, then it went to the 14th of January. Now it is saying it is due on the 10th? There has only been two months with 31 days since then. I am being scammed by AT&T crooks. I was told by Rosanna when I spoke with her on Dec. 19th. that my bill would be no more than $130 a month with taxes. Rosanna called me on Dec. 20th from a 702 area code to make sure AT&T was doing what we agreed upon in order for me to accept and agree to our contract. A 40" television was offered. I didn't receive a television.

The contract was supposed to include me being hooked into the U-Verse lines, and I wasn't until near Feb 2015. I have had old Lead lines at the back of my house for 5 years. Lead is degraded Uranium. Every time it would rain my phone would go out. This happened so much, there were time I didn't even call because so many thugs would come to my home and spend multiple hours at my residence looking at the box on the back of my house, and it was always the same thing, the old lead lines. Creeping my bill earlier and earlier each month will cause me to have to pay an extra bill in two years. YOU ARE TRYING TO ROB ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE LIED TO ME, AND CHEATED ME!!!!! YOU HAVE GIVEN ME HORRIBLE SERVICE FOR YEARS!!!!!!!!!


I have changed my account three times in the last mo and each time a day later my account goes back to the original order. I am trying to get my payment down. I am a senior citizen. When I SPOKE with a supervisor on Saturday, they stated someone in my home was changing the account bank. No one is changing anything!! His attitude with horrible on Sat... accusing me of changing it back..AT&T is the worse company I have ever done business with. This is just one incident the payment issues is another huge issue....taking the bill out two weeks early and on. I AM NOT HAPPY AT ALL.


I was told I would save money because I was going to switch to sprint. She told me I would only pay no more than 180. She said I get one phone I have to pay and I get 3 Nokia phones for free. Told me it was free so I can sale it. Now they are telling me I have to pay monthly for phones I don't even have.


I was told when I signed up in August 2014 that I would get a $400 dollar gift card that could be used toward my payments. The rep stated that it would not be available until I made a few consecutive payments. I inquired in Jan and was told that I had a $100 dollar card that expired in October. I requested a manager and was tole he was going to to escalate and reissue the card because I did not receive it. There was no response. I called again each month up till April (twice this month) and was told the same, put on hold with no return call and finally told I would receive a $100 dollar credit because I received a discount at sign-up, which was not was explained to me. After placing me on hold several times, the rep stated that it would be in effect immediately per his manager and he would send me a confirmation email. I received a 3 generic emails having nothing to do with the specifics he gave me on the phone. I was told I would owe $25.60 after the credit. Later that night, April 24, I was called and told I would not receive a credit. I was lured to change carriers with blatant lies. I need this problem addressed immediately and will consider legal and media advice.


I am reaching out to you with hopes of some sort of improved service from AT&T U-verse. I have had AT&T U-verse service for the past 2+ years. During that time my service has been anything but acceptable. My biggest issue has been the poor internet service in my apartment complex. My service constantly drops out on all of my devices and the strength has been half of what I have paid for. I’ve tried paying more and going up to the highest internet speed package only to see the service stay exactly as bad as it’s ever been. I’ve had technicians come out at least 5 times to my apartment and give me new routers and hard line the connections. None of this has fixed the problem

I live in an apartment complex and think this is most likely the issue at hand. However, every time I call the only answer seems to be sending a technician who replaces my router. I know other customers in my building who also have poor connections with AT&T. If AT&T cannot offer high speed internet access to an apartment complex, I wonder why they even offer it. I feel as though AT&T has stolen money from me the past 2 years for charging me for a service that it’s not capable of delivering. Unfortunately it seems AT&T is the only cable/internet option I have where I live. I am hoping someone at AT&T can reach out and actually fix the problem in my building. As AT&T has a monopoly in the city I live in.


I was issued a device that became hypersensitive. To the point it locked me out of my soc. Security forever,also bank acct. Was sent a replacement, free of any fees. After just 2 months it began becoming hypersensitive again( this is an iPhone 4) i am trying to be forced into a newer model because at&t software doesn't match. Deductible, higher phone bill, plus the price of phone, losing my discount for keeping my phone past 2 yr. agreement. They should have thought of this. I will not do this. Being passed from rep, supervisor, hung up on ,yet i will keep calling til i get satisfaction or a law suit! Please see that this is read by someone in authority! Tuscaloosa, me! A 30 yr. customer!!! By text or phone immediately. I will not give up!!!!!! Thank you


It is impossible to change a name on an account when one spouse dies. I have to set up a new account and the credit history is wiped out. Also the phone number was disconnected, and a new line supposedly has to be installed even though a new line was installed a year ago. The widow has been paying the bill for 28 years, but could not get the account changed into her name. She is 90 years old, lives by herself and will be without any means of communicating with the outside for a week. There isn't any way to call 911 if she has and emergency.

This is unacceptable. The lady at the AT&T store was very helpful, but the powers that be are terrible. We were given an agent's number and when we went back to the store the # didn't exist. Very poor way of doing business. Guess AT&T doesn't care about the elderly and people that have supported them for over 70 years.


My initial call was about the incredibly high phone bills each month. The reason is due to excessive data usage. I said I needed more data. I was told that was all att offers. After 4 attempts to lower my bill I switched companies to discover I can reduce my bill up to half. I call att to inform them of the cancelation. I was transferred to the resolution department where they can miraculously reduce my bill. By this time it was to late. I already signed a contract with a new company and purchased new phones. This could have easily been avoided had the CSA had taken ownership of my issue on the first call and not wait until after several attempts and a cancellation to try to resolve the issue.


I took a survey and got a free watch. I had to give them my credit card number to pay for the freight (I should never had done that and should have realized something was wrong). I received my watch and a few days later another watch shows up with a charge of $98 against my credit card. After quite a bit of haggling (their conditions-I had to agree to rescind and cancel any disputes, negative reviews, complaints, or claims-looks like they are well versed in this process) I got an RMA (return authorization). I returned the second watch and received my $98 refund but I have now been charged another $98. I called these folks but got no help. Please respond.


Around mid-November, 2014, Deviney Construction Co. (an AT&T subcontractor) did some underground cable work in front of my house located in Fayette, MS. They made deep tire tracks, displace the sod and left a sizeable hole in the front yard. While the area in question is a part of the City's right-a-way, it is maintained by me as the homeowner. I asked the Deviney crew if they were going to restore the lawn and they agreed they would. On an earlier work project they had re-sodded and returned the lawn to its original condition. This time that was not done.

To date, I have repeatedly contacted AT&T regarding this issue. Ms. Mylissa Nevels of your Brookhaven office has sent Chris Nelson and Derrick Manuel to the site to investigate and take pictures. The matter is well documented, but no corrective action has been taken. I am a loyal AT&T customer, and I feel less than valued. Curb appeal is of value to me. Please address my concern immediately. I have informed the Mayor of my dilemma. I look forward to your response.


Received a bill for $95.83. My bills for two years except for one when I called overseas which was 175.00. I called to inquire why my bill went up to 95.83. I was told I had a promotional on the phone and now the promotional was over. Well this is a first. I have averaged around $ 85.00 a month for my two lines for two years now there was a promotional that I never heard of or gave permission to have and my phone bill goes up.

Instead of an average of 85 dollars a month, I am told now I am going to average ninety five dollars a month. No one can explain why my phone bill is going up after the promotional. I guess this is a new kind of promotional. Please explain this to me. If I am wrong then I have no complaint. I have my phone bills for the last three years. They are on my computer along with the amounts and check numbers. If you can not explain this then people ought to know they should check their phone bills month to month. I request an answer. In the meantime, I will be asking friends about their phone bills and looking to go to another phone company. I think something should be put out to the public when you raise phone bills.


I had to have my mother's phone number changed due to her moving in an assistance living and memory care facility {she has dementia}. Everything was handle wonderfully for the change to a new location. My issue is that I called AT&T on numerous days to have the message changed when calling her old number. NOT TO HAVE HER NEW NUMBER GIVEN OUT, just to have the recording say "disconnected". First call 1-28-15/9:45am "will be fix by the end of the day"~ 1-30-15/8:45am "give 2 hours"~ called again 5pm hung up after 30 mins~ 2-2-15 stayed on the phone for 45 mins had to end the call was told "They will fix it and call me back" NO CALL! 2-6-15 given a work #C58FTVX2~ give 2-4 hours. On 2-9-15 "give 24-48 hours~ message will be changed~ NOT. Made two more calls on 2-24 & 3-4. Everyone was polite and helpful during the calls. At the end of my 6th call he asked if he helped me~ my response " I WILL KNOW IN 24-48 HOURS"~ NO! ~SURPRISE IT'S NOT CHANGED.

Today is 4-23-15. My last called I laughed every time I was told it will be fixed. He even asked if I was laughing at him. No, I'm laughing because I don't believe that this issue will be fixed. I WAS RIGHT! My issue is they give you a time frame {different every time} and you CAN NOT talk back to the same person. At this point, I don't even care anymore, because it's already three months. JUST VERY UNSATISFIED ! Everyone sounded like they could help and every call took 30 mins or more. I'm guessing they had very good training to sound awesome on the phone.


We are a wholesale produce company, who has always been a customer of AT&T. We have five lines coming in here. Every time it rains we get static on each line so bad we cannot hear our customers. our complaint to the local people has fallen on deaf ears. This has been going on for minimum of two years. If you will notice, I have given up my discount, simply cause I am going to make a change if you are not going to support your land line business anymore. The linemen have told me they could fix but management will not approve. I have also requested that my cell phone bills be connect to my regular bill. It also has FALLEN on deaf ears. Why am I not listed in the front part of the Yellow Pages? We have been around since 1992. I have always been AT&T. If you do not solve the problems, I will have no choice other than leave.


The phone representatives who field complaints never seem to make the proper adjustments after our calls, and we have to phone every month to ask for adjustments. When we ask to speak to a supervisor we are kept on line as long as forty minutes and in frustration we hang up. I have filed a compliant with the Consumer Compliant Agency. I have tried every month since October 2014 to make adjustments to my bill to reflect the original agreement I had with ATT for $101.00. This included the internet upgrade, phone and TV U-verse 300.


I went into an AT&T store at Norfolk Parkway, Melbourne, FL and talked to a salesman about the Apple 5S. Told me it would be approximately $300 to purchase and sign up for 2 year contract. I told the salesman too much and started to leave. Young sales woman stopped me as I was leaving and advised me to go online and purchase phone as the online price was $99. I did this, was advised by the online rep that she would set up an account, and all I would need to do was go into my locale store and they would transfer my phone number.

Went into the local mall store and was advised they could not do the transfer I would need to go to a corporate store. Went into the Melbourne store and was advised I not only would have to return the phone back and be charged a restocking fee, I would have to purchase the phone through the store for the price of $300. I did everything that the online rep told me to do, and I can't do what I originally wanted to do, which is to keep my same phone number I am returning the 5S and never doing business with AT&T. I will go to Verizon and set up my service through them, as I will be able to keep my phone number. I have been with AT&T for close to 20 years and this is the way you treat your customers. Thank you for all that you have done.


I just had the worst customer service experience of my life. AT&T has the worst automated phone system I've ever used. I want a call back from a customer service manager ASAP. We are a new commercial customer. We have had nothing but problems, from before we were even open. Because of a clerical error, our bill was mailed to the wrong address. Consequently, we missed a payment. Our service was interrupted. We discovered this at 10:00 AM. We made a payment quickly. It is 3:20 PM and our service is still not back up.

In the computer age we live in it should take a couple of computer key strokes to get us back up and running. Any delays in the process are, I'm sure, built in by at and t to punish customers who don't pay on time. What about the customer who has a problem because of an error on your part. Your collections department is horrible and I'm beginning to think AT&T is horrible. I think I'll be making that opinion public, in every way I can from now on. I spoke to a manager named J Moore in collections this morning, and she was especially unhelpful. I tried your automated repair line, and it keeps hanging up on me. Terrible service, just terrible. I expect a return call from somebody with some authority ASAP.


I closed my AT&T account on January 31, 20015, witnessed on that date by 4 persons. AT&T is still billing me more than I originally was billed every month since I closed my account. One month it was over $300.00!!!! Every month on the 2nd I am billed by you taking my money from a bank account. I finally had to close my account. I am 81 years old and have a fixed income. I have to borrow for gas and other items as you take all of my extra money from an account that was closed back on January 31, 2015. Give me back my money.



I contacted customer service on 3 separate occasions regarding my internet usage; I was promised and "Scheduled" to receive a phone call from a customer service supervisor/ manager, who could help me resolve the issue, and was lied to all 3 times. I never got a phone call. I have been with ATT for over 11 years now and this has made me think about switching my provider. The first time I called was on April 7th. You can track the name of the rep I spoke with, the second time I spoke to Danielle on April 13, and the 3rd time I chatted with 2 reps, and I was assured I would get a phone call back all 3 times, on April 17th. The first Rep I spoke with on April 7th (I did not get her name) was very rude, wasted my time, repeating the same over and over, and when I asked a specific question she would purposely repeated the same thing to upset me even further. Your calls are recorded, I am sure you can track all of these examples of poor customer service.


We noticed a charge to our home line for long distance. Since our plan with AT&T was for unlimited free long distance, this was naturally a cause for concern. We called the customer service line and they looked into it, explaining that we were "slammed". "Slamming" is basically a scam where one company calls AT&T (and I presume other carriers as well) and tells them that you have authorized the new long distance carrier. AT&T says "Okay!" and starts incorporating their charges into you AT&T bill. That's it. No phone call, email, text, carrier pigeon, smoke signal; nothing to the customer from AT&T asking if you did indeed authorize there change.

When I call AT&T, I have to answer 57 questions to get a customer service rep to agree that I am the person on the account. But they just take "company XYZ" at their word? And why in the world would I switch from free long to distance to paying for long distance? Anyway, multiple phone calls to the customer service line, dealing with multiple people, all who have said that it was indeed fraudulent, will be taken care of, and that it wouldn't affect my services. That was December. This is almost May. Since then we have had our internet service suspended every month when the new bill posts. Suspended for non-payment. Non-payment for a fraudulent amount. Each phone call results in a long wait, a long discussion, and MORE assurances that it will be taken care of. Assurances that all they're waiting for is "company XYZ" to reverse the charges. Does that make any sense?!?

Now my internet is completely suspended, until we pay the outstanding balance. The FRAUDULENT outstanding balance. This is after months of paying our bill, our legitimate charges, and having internet restored in 24-48 hours. Now, I'm being told that we have to pay the entire amount, and that the money will be refunded to me when the discrepancy clears. Right... In supposed to take them at their word after months of fighting with this. And just fork over $300 dollars, which, if I get back will probably be in the form of a bill credit, instead a cash refund.

I would switch carriers, but I live in an area where I need a land line due to spotty cell service, and they are my ONLY option for internet, other than satellite. I just want this cleared up and some acknowledgement for the insane difficulty it has taken thus far!


I had a contract with Element Mobile for cell phone, they switched to AT&T. I used to pay a service person at store. I never had a problem with my bill getting paid. AT&T added a machine to receive payment, my payment was paid, I received a receipt, next month payment is due only to find payment was not cleared from previous month, a late charge is applied. I attempt to make payment service person tells me he cant accept my payment. I tell him call my bank there is enough funds in my account, prior to the problems of the machine accepting payment,I made calls to AT&T complaining about my reception. A technician told me he can see there is no coverage with towers in my area and said someone would contact me, no one contacted me. I complained to AT&T store in Stevens point, A micro cell was offered to me free of charge this did not resolve issue. I run a small business from my house and need reception I have since joined US Cellular and have no issues There for I am asking that early termination fee be waived Thank you Laverne Gagas


I have been trying to straighten out my bill with AT&T for quite some time. In Oct. 2014, AT&T called me at least 2-3 times a day, to get me to switch from Dish to Direct. They made me an offer to lower my bill. I was content with Dish, but they pushed me to switch to Direct. I am leaglly blind and on a fixed income. I have to stay on a budget. Therefore, I took what I thought was the better deal, and it has been nothing but a nightmare. I paided my bill in Oct. 2014. Toward the end of Oct., they installed Direct TV. Then the Nov. bill came, and I paid it. Then at the end of Nov. I was sent another bill. I called to straighten it out, talked to 4 to 5 people. I thought it was fine until the same thing happened every month and this is now April 2015. I am now getting late fees.

Today, when I called I was on the phone for over 4 hours, and they hung up on me twice. I have been a customer with AT&T for 36 years I stay home almost all the time, watch a lot of TV, talk on the phone, and lately using the internet. However, I am thinking of canceling it all. If someone in the United States can't call me and straighten this out then I'm going elsewhere. I am not happy with the things I have learned from talking with so many people for so many months like; you have operaters out of the US so you don't have to pay them as much, that you have operators transfered to so many people just so the customer will give up. And a few other things. If I don't get this issue solved I will contact the BBB.


Tuesday, April 2, 2015. When I signed up to have internet, I told the lady that signed me up to leave my home phone service like it was because I did not want it changed. This morning our power went off, and we find out that we have no phone service. I do not like this at all since we have no way to report the outage to Memphis Light Gas & Water, and we are unable to contact anyone. I would like to have phone service in case we have a power outage like we have had before. Before I signed up to have the internet, we had phone service even with the power being out. This is not very safe for elderly people who live alone and can't afford to pay extra for cell phones. Let me know if there are any changes that can be made.


Ive never had a problem paying my bill when it was person to person payment. AT&T installed a machine, and it would print out a receipt, but later I found out they wouldn't accept my payment. This went on for 2 month. I made an effort to make payments, and they would not accept a check in person. I also had reception problems in my area and made numerous calls to technical support. The store in Stevens Point, WI issued me a micro cell to obtain better reception, phone upgrade ect. I am willing to pay my outstanding bill in the amount of $167.14 and asking that the early termination fee be waived for the simple fact of no reception. I have called customer service only to be handed to various people resulting in being cut off or disconnected. I have made many efforts and attempts to clear this matter. I am told if it isn't paid it will go to collections. I tried to pay several times and in person but they wont' take it!!!!!!!!


Going on two weeks - we've been trying to get AT&T to bury the phone cable and route the cable under our driveway. We have been given several false PROMISED times and dates and NONE have been kept. It is important that we have a general time AM or PM and day of appointment because I want to be present since they intended to break our custom cement below your exterior connection box. We also have dogs that need to be secured in order for your work crew to enter a neighbors yard to accomplish the task. We sit here today waiting for a promised "right-back" call and still nothing. Very, very disappoint ! I have supported your company BEFORE it was AT&T - never once late on a payment making sure all of the employees that now disappoint me receive their pay AS SCHEDULED. I feel betrayed and abused by a company that ONCE HELD my unquestioned support.


I went to the local ATT store in Brewton, AL on 4/18/15 to resolve an issue with my phone. Eric, the representative assisted me, and he really made me angry when he starts to talk about my cell phone saying "this is the slowest phone I've ever seen". And I replied to him saying "my phone is what I can afford.. It might have cost me $59 but was all I can afford at this time and I'm not able to pay three and five hundred dollars for a phone I got what I could afford". So after resetting my phone, I was checking to make sure everything was working. I couldn't pull up my pictures from the memory card to the phone, he starts saying this phone is so outdated in very sarcastic way. I feel that he was very unprofessional, and he did not have the right to speak to me. I did not appreciate the things he said. I am a valued customer who chose AT&T as my provider and been a loyal customer for over 10 years and did not deserve this type of action.


Your Uverse & Internet services are wonderful, but your billing service is a total disaster. I have maintained the same service for the past 3 years yet each month the bill is different, both up and down. I have talked to customer service repeatedly at several levels and have been given assurances that my bill will be the same amount until Feb. 2016. However, this does not happen. I'm at the point where Comcast & Dish TV are looking good.


Internet sucks. False Advertising on "High Speed Internet." Always slows down randomly, especially around when it's about time when my bill is due for the internet. Fixed your internet and your false advertising AT&T. Don't put high speed when it's no where close to being fast.


To Whom It May Concern: I'm complaining about AT&T because My husband and I received a $10 off Amazon gift card through the mail from AT&T. It said to call number, give the rep the code and you would receive your card in 8 weeks, ok. So, I did this and gave the info. Well, the first person I spoke with got my email address incorrect so after 2 months of waiting the first time, I called back and the correct email was given to AT&T. I wait another few weeks and nothing reaches my email. I've called now about 5 times & spoke to several Supervisors, one was named Chris and the other was Toni Brooks. Both Managers said they'd escalate the situation and that I'd have it in 2 days.

Well, now its been so long and so that is why I'm sending the complaint. I really wonder if anyone has ever gotten one of these $10 Amazon gift cards?? I also use AT&T for internet and have used for cell phone and home phone in the past. I'm very upset and find this disturbing that such a large company says one thing, but doesn't deliver on their promises. I have used Amazon a lot for purchases and would really benefit from the $10 gift card my husband and I are owed. I hope that the person or persons reading this will have some authority and actually send me my gift card. I've started wondering if this is really legitimate? I'm an unhappy Customer.


I visited AT&T located in a Walmart Store, Mayaguez Mall Shopping Center The AT&T Representant offered me an Offer including the equipment of a “Nokia Lumia 635” with the activation and Data Plan for 1 month, for the amount of $101.64 (including taxes). I accepted and paid with my db card, she prepared the Receipt for the amount of $101.64 and gave it to me.

On 4/15/15 night time I realized when tried to use the phone, that it wasn’t working, so in the morning, I opened my banking account, and I found out that instead of subtracting the amount of the deal, AT&T withdraw from my account a non authorized payment of $156.71. This is not Legal, according to Law.

I try to contact AT&T, but it seems that they don’t have departments to attend these issues, only one person from AT&T answered and said “that this corresponds to Walmart”, that AT&T has nothing to do with that. We all know that Walmart just rents these companies, small spaces, but the employees and the merchandise are from AT&T. Isnt this called a Fraud?? If I dont let this make public, is going to keep happening to other clients...


I purchased an IPhone 5s on 5/14/2014. My phone was stuck in headphone mode. I took it to the Anadarko, Ok AT & T store. The salesperson stuck a paperclip into the headphone jack. I was told to take phone to the Apple Store. Of course the cost was going to be $200.00+ I went back to local AT&T store because I did not cause the damage and was told to file a claim. I called the insurance department and was switched back to AT&T, and then switched back to the insurance department. I was told I would be charged a $200. deductible. When I got upset the rep offered to lower the price since I am a "valued customer".

I needed my phone, so a replacement phone was sent to me and I took it to AT&T to be activated. The rep advised me that the phone was under warranty since it was purchase 5/14/2015 and I should not have had to pay anything. The replacement phone is getting hot during use. I am very dissatisfied and upset that I am out of pocket for something I did not do. To top that off the "Lifeproof" case that I purchased at the same time has also fallen apart. I want something done since I did not cause any damage to this phone and I should not be charged any additional $ other than what I originally was charged for the phone on 5/14/2014. This is very poor customer service all the way around, although the insurance clerk was very nice. Please do something to correct what your employee's did and all the time I have been on the phone and without a properly working phone.


I have been having nothing but trouble with at&t for the past year, year and a half with their customer service on the phone. one recent complaint was when the second phone I had on my account was stolen. I called at&t explained what happened. they immediately deactivated that phone and whatever else to it so that it couldn't be used. good so far. I told them I had another at&t phone to reactivate. It was a prepaid at&t phone the android Avail 2. I asked If I could activate that temporarily till I decided what I wanted to do as far as getting a replacement phone permanently. not a problem. great!!! Not so great after having it reactivated from day one we had nothing but problems with it. it started out to where it wouldn't log on to any wifi. only Data. than it wouldn't even do that after a week and a half. 2 weeks into that it started to receive late text messages, from an hour up to 2 days late. than it started to drop calls.

basically it got worse till the point where it didn't work at all. Yes I called with in the first 2 weeks. they said they would look into it. and get back to me in three days. never heard from them, phone getting worse. called again, same response. no call back. I waited for another 2 weeks to where at that point the pone was really getting bad, dropped calls, not receiving texts, or no texts. I got a hold of Jordan, he said he would personally look into and stay on top of it till he got it resolved. he also mentioned that its possible that due to the Android Avail 2 being a 3G phone that it is no longer updated. they stopped updating the software for that phone. he got back to me on the day he said he would with no new news. said he would continue looking into it and get back with me. didn't hear from him again. basically I called back to say im canceling the whole contract on both phones and services and what do you know. they immediately redirected my call to recovery services and bent over backwards to keep me as a customer.

than just today, 4/16/15 I tried to call to see what my options were for an already prepaid arrangement for $49 to be automatically withdrawn from my acct on 4/17/15. I explained my situation making sure I told them that my bank acct was in the negative and I had no money to pay this. after explaining that the customer rep said can I pay $20 today on it????? I get a bit upset and started to reiterate again my situation and as I was doing so she hung up on me. I called back got a hold of a different rep. explained a third time what was going on with my situation making sure she understood what being in the negative in my bank acct was and in doing so got hung up on a second time. therefore I am at the point to where im ready to leave at&t completely for their lack of customer care and understanding, which by the way is a word they clearly do not know. there is more to both of these complaints and I would like to know what at&t is going to do about this??? the ball is in your court as they say.


I had been a customer for over 10 years. In this time there has never (I mean it) been a contract switch or a phone upgrade that went smoothly. The store and online service don't have the correct information, and often contradict each other. Activating any device is a nightmare because you will be forced into some new plan change that you do not want or expect. I experienced this year over year, phone change after phone change. The last straw was when ATT convinced me to switch from Family plan to the NEXT plan. I was told it would save me money. Imagine my surprise when my bill went up by over $100 the first month. This was followed by weeks of calls to ATT customer service.

The next two bills were wrong, higher than before Next plan switch. Then they started charging me for data on one of my lines that I did not have a data plan on for the past 10 years. They claim it was due to the fact that it was a smart phone, but it happened right after I canceled my service. Interesting coincidence. I am very disappointed with treatment by ATT and how they don't care about their long term customers. I also want to add that they consumed so much of my time and their representative time during the problems that were ATT initiated, that there is no way to account for the amount of money they have spent as a business and still lost me as a customer. NOT a good way to spend your money!!! Stay away from ATT.


AT&T (without our knowledge or consent) decided to change how we receive our e-mail. We had absolutely no problem with our Outlook Express or receiving or sending e-mail or opening up attachments and/or documents. AT&T has brought us back to dial-up internet (remember that) & yes, we have WIFI, but it does no good. Our service went from passable to snail pace. I can't stand trying to get on line and opening up something and they''ve even dropped e-mails I had received when the whole turnaround took place. I've been missing e-mails from the end of March that are NOWHERE!? Mostly I sit by & watch the "Connecting" spin by for hours & hours (it definitely feels that way) until I get so frustrated that I shut down everything. Is this what I pay for? I'm beginning to think that dial-up was faster.

What do you have to say, AT&T!!!!!!! Why isn't my internet & e-mail faster? Do you need to give me a new modem? Believe it or not, that's how we're getting our wireless!!!!! There has to be a better way!


Had My Mother-in-law's phone turn off and ATT keeps sending a bill. I have Called four times and talked to your Experts, and they all have said I owe no money. Yet ATT sends a bill every month! This has been going on since Jan.This time the bill said it would be turn over for Collection $6.28. I worked for ATT for twenty five years before all the out sourcing. I believe the Company has fell way down the hill never to return. You billing people don't know what they're doing. Too many hands in the pot, if you ask me. I am calling for the last time, if this dosent work just turn the $6.28 over to collection and maybe we can all go to court and see what happens next. No wonder people leave your services! Calling Today and they can't even find the account or billing some Experts.

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