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Toll free phone number: 1-888-678-3688

ASUS computer is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronic company. Revenues in 2015 were reported as NT$472 billion. Customer Support may be reached by calling 1-888-678-3688. You may also find multiple support options here.

To reach Chairman, Jonney Shih you may write him at American headquarters: ASUS, 800 Corporate Way, Fremont, CA 94539 or call corporate offices at 510-739-3777. From the Greek flying horse Pegasus, the ASUS slogan is “in search of incredible”.

Founded in 1989, notable products include the GTX10 Series Gaming Laptop, SUS Zen AiO, Zen Watch, Zen Fone and other specialty gaming electronics. Social media presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Why do you allow only those customers who use social media to enter your 30th Anniversary Contest? Many of us, responsible citizens, refuse to use manipulable social media like Twitter and Facebook. I find your discrimination against responsible citizens repugnant.


I purchased an Asus Zenfone 3 from Bangood in November 2018. The screen went black. I contacted Asus in Australia and was told that because it was not sold in Australia they could do nothing. I emailed again asking for the address of a service centre that i could send it to, i did not want to send it back to China for time reasons. There was never a reply to my second email. I thought Asus was a reputable company who honoured their commitments, but it seems i was mistaken.


My laptop developed a fault just before Christmas (typical!), still under guarantee, Asus said I had to send it in for repair, they would provide no temporary replacement, and it could be a few weeks before it was returned. All of which was no good to me. Customer service doe not exist, your warranty means nothing.


I tried calling for support and nobody pickup up for 40 minutes and then the call dropped, so much for 24/7.


I can't connect to an available open network, because the system claims it is not secured, I am at a middle school, so I am not worried about their internet, how about letting me make the choice to connect.

Also I tried downloading crome to use instead of explorer and it will not let me use it , what gives.


Make ASUS ZenFone 2E; IMEI No: 014327004557741. During the summer 2016 May and June I went to visit my sons and family, a Doctor in Dallas and a justice in Florida. Since my Cell phone from India (samsung) did not accept SIM in an ATT store in Dallas, I bought a new phone ASUS Z00D at the store. It was with clear instruction and understanding that I will use it in INDIA. In one and a half months in USA I bought a plan to call India and USA (~$150) that did not work most of the time.

This was new experience with ATT service for 2 years in a row. I am now 86 years old and can not keep on writing. in my 50 years in USA, this was my favorite provider and I used it exclusively, but it seems that I will have to change my opinion at least for countries other than USA. For a few months we had been trying to find a solution locally, since that failed we have contacted you. The phone that I bought outright and for use in India is locked. Email says that it is over 6 months for Non ATT service, it can not be unlocked. What is this, there is no ATT service here in Jabalpur, India.

Have I wasted my retirement money and do I have to throw a beautiful working phone in a garbage? I live in India and go to visit my children only once a year and that too for a month and a half only. Please get the phone unlocked now. Thanks. I will be obliged for your help and understanding.


I called because I had no volume on my computer. I called windows Microsoft and they said to call you. I called spoke with agent . He stated that to fix my problem with the computer I had to reset it. So while he was on the phone we went thru the steps to reset computer. When I hit reset he said it would take time but that would fix my problem and to call back if it didn't. Said okay. Well it didn't fix problem. I had a bigger problem. The reset removed about 55 apps which were part of the computer. I called and explained what had happen and your agents would leave me on for up to 30 minutes and never came back on the phone. I did this for about five different calls to your company and no one would help.

Finally on the last call I got a person who I asked not to hang up on me. Explained everything to her and she said could not help me get my computer back to normal. That I would have to download appointments. Explained to here some of them were Asus appointments that came with computer. Stated that I would have to send it in for repair at my expense. I would have to pay for shipping. She said she would send email. Which I never received. I called back to get email. The agent I spoke with said he would send email that I had to print. I expand I not could print because since my computer was messed up by the reset.

He stated I would have to go to public library to print it out. I am retired living on social security by my self and do not have means of going when I want too. Why should I have to pay and do all this when it was the agent that caused the problem. I am so dissatisfied with this company at this time.


I called to ask how I could get a Zeus scam page removed from my computer. I spoke with Ann Marie for about 1 minute twice and placed on hold for 34 minutes the rest of the time. I asked Ann Marie to transfer me to someone who would listen to my complaint and she said she was transferring me to the Escalation Department. I was never transferred and on hold again. I finally hung up. So, in case you want to speak with ASUS customer service by phone, think again.


I don't know why that companies don't have a customer service. I call in the phone department for ASUS but nobody picked up the phone. I waiting for about 30 minutes i am very unhappy about this...


I purchased an Asus laptop on January 17, 2016 and also bought the warranty. I have had nothing but trouble from this computer. I have had it in to the Geek Squad 3 times. This last time, it was taken in on March 19, supposed to be done on the 24th. They called me (after I had tried to find out from them if it was done) last night March 25. They said leave it and they will get it fixed. I asked if they could just replace it and they said they could not replace it and they would get it fixed. I would think that after that many times of problems, they would replace it especially since I bought the extended warranty. We have 2 other Asus laptops and have not had any problem with them. It seems like this particular laptop spends more time at the Geek Squad than I have it. It makes me not want to purchase anything more at Best Buy and especially when I purchased the extended warranty.


I won an Asus tablet computer on July1, 2015 from an Asus exhibit at a conference. At that time I sent in the warranty card. Three months later I could not get it to turn on. I contacted the company and was told that the computer was manufactured in June 2014 and therefore was no longer under warranty. Therefore, the company presented me with a brand now computer without any type of warranty although I sent in the warranty card and was never contacted about the warranty.


I bought asus notebook x102B 13 months ago from Littlewoods, OK for about 4 months then could not do any thing with it it would freeze after 10mins use and I would have to restart it all the time,i have taken it to be repaired twice and this has cost me over £100 for absolutely nothing the best thing is I had extended warranty until 2017 but thinking it was,nt a mechanical fault I did not claim on it now of course Littlewoods won't touch it because it has been looked at by someone else. I am absolutely disgusted with this laptop and would never buy another asus.


I'm very curious what's happened to my coveted Asus laptop (work order - CAS-471263-Lin6L6) at the Burlington, MA. MS store - dropped it off July 11 with more severe problems than when I took it in July 3! Haven't heard a peep. Tried calling - no one answers, got a call center. I'm not interested in the "status" but in speaking to 1 knowledgeable person who can follow through. Most frustrating! esp. since I just renewed the Assured service contract for $149. Who's in charge?


I am crazy about my new ZenFone C (ZC451CG) gifted by my father on my birthday. It is from ASUS - the world's fifth-largest PC vendor and the most fortunate brand after Lenovo and other popular brands. It has Eee books,fonepads,vivoPC, the best selling & most award winning graphics cards,notebooks,ultrabooks,motherboards,monitors,projectors,accessories,audio & multimedia, wireless routers, gaming hardwares and so many in the menu to choose. Wow, it's a all in one brand for multiple technologies and if you are into IT field, then this is the best brand you need to choose.

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