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Basically the deadline date for delivery when I ordered my sofas (they've had my money since 18th July) was on or before Tuesday 30th August.having spoken to an asda member of staff approximately a fortnight ago and been told I would only get 48 hours notice for delivery. I explained that given there was a bank holiday weekend prior to Tuesday 30th.

I would need more than 48 hours to be able to arrange the day off work, and I still hadn't been told what day it would be. I was assured I would get one weeks notice.having still heard nothing by Friday 26th, I rang back. I spoke to a lady who's English was less than fantastic, but assured me that my sofas were definitely coming on Tuesday 30th. This call was recorded I believe. I thought great, and took the day off work.

Then I received a text from the courier on Monday 29th (bank holiday) to say my 3 options for delivery were Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd or Saturday 3rd. So much for a weeks notice. I won't lie, I was livid. I was categorically told it was coming on Tuesday 30th and arranged to take the day off work, and have my own sofas removed. I am now left with nothing to sit on until Saturday 3rd September, 4 days after I was told my sofas would be here.

I couldn't afford to take another day off work for the Thursday or Friday.but regardless, delivery should have been on or before 30th. I have been messaging for days on end and had no response whatsoever.i also logged an 'incident call' on Monday lunchtime with yet another poor English speaking person who didn't seem to understand. I was told someone would ring me back but nobody ever has.throughout the process I had 2 emails completed ignored too.the customer service has been appalling. I begged someone to help me with numerous tweets and private messages. Even the automated delivery service text went wrong!

When I gave in, having heard nothing back. I reluctantly agreed to Saturday delivery.only to get a confirmation text for Monday 5th!i am so very disappointed and frustrated with how I have been treated.


Everytime i order my shopping its either the wrong things, poor substitutes or missing items. Fed up now. Then today a missing item from my daughters birthday presents. Never any compensation or complaints logged.


George at asda website was very slow and not loading very well. So I ended up ordering the same product twice via two different payments methods. I then received two confirmation emails. I rang to canc on they said that had already been taken out of the warehouse. So they told me when the products arrived I was accept one and refuse the other. They got delivered to my nans so I relaid the message to her. A lady came to deliver the orders and my nan said she was going to take one and refuse the other. The lady said she had to refuse them both and them reorder again! Not happy!
After my nan told me, I rung them up again. They said she could've refused one and taken the other. I repeated again(!) that they lady said we couldn't do this. Poor communication and lack of training. I now have to wait two hours to speak to a manager to complain about this. I paid extra for next day delivery and better service and so far have a neither! Sometimes sorry isn't old enough. No wonder British customer service is bad whine large companies treat customers like this.

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