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Ameris Bancorp, a bank holding corporation based in Atlanta, Georgia, owns the Ameris Bank, Inc. Branches and Mortgage Company. Over $1 billion in assets make Ameris Bank a full-service neighborhood bank. Because we've been in the banking industry for more than four decades, we're able to deliver individualized attention and a sense of community. Superior customer service, innovative products, and wise financial advice are all part of our purpose. Ameris Bank is an Atlanta-based bank holding corporation. Full-service branches are located in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North and South Carolina, and mortgage-only sites in the same states, as well as in Virginia, Maryland, and Tennessee through the company's Ameris Bank affiliate.

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    • 2627 Dawson Rd, Albany, GA 31707-1608
    • Albany
    • GA 31707
    • United States
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    24 hours a day

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