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Horrible customer service. Lied about the delivery time. Took down the information incorrectly. The next day when I called customer service that representative was also outrageous. I’ve spent so much time dealing with your company that I don’t have.


I ordered a fruit arrangement with balloons early on january 11,2020. It was, according to them to be delivered that same day. 5 days later, my order is still not delivered. I've called numerous times only to be put on hold and then they hang up. I dont know where the fruits are but I was chsrged. Never again will i use this company.


if I could give it 0 stars I would-ordered flowers on 9/16 for my wife for my anniversary-when talking to the representative she quoted $59-told her couldn't afford that-she agreed to waive the delivery fee to bring the total to 43-agred to that price-a bill was sent to my e-mail for $43 and provided my debit card info to make the transaction-when I looked at my bank account later I was charged the $43 and a hold of $59 put on my account-NO one advised me of any hold being placed and I did not authorize you to do so-when I called the billing rep told me it would take approximately 3-5 days to get my money back-have never ever been charged like this when ordering flowers anywhere else-If your company would have caused me to be overdrawn at my bank-there would be a lot more phone calls and e-mails-I APPRECIATE ANY HELP YOU CAN PROVIDE-A VERY DISATISFIED CUSTOMER-


On May 8, I placed an on-line order to be delivered to my 99 year old aunt in a rehabilitation facility in Georgia. I asked that the order be delivered on May 10. On May 10 I received an email message indicating that the order had been attempted to be delivered but was not successful. The message also indicated that 1800 flowers would continue to deliver the gift. Upon receipt of that email message, I contacted 1800 Flowers to find out why the gift was not delivered -- no reason was given. I then contacted relatives in Georgia to make sure the address, etc. were correct. Everything was accurately provided to 1-800 Flowers at the time the order was placed on the 8th and confirmed by relatives on the 10th. I then contacted 1800Flowers and asked that they send the order to a residential location instead of the health facility. I gave them the address and was assured it would be delivered there. On Saturday, May 11, no delivery so I contacted 1800 again and "chatted" with an agent Regina Lappay who assured me the changed location would be no problem and gave the impression that the gift would arrive in time for Mother's Day. In short, over the three days following my having placed the order I spoke with three on-line representatives of 1800, one, Lazaro Paican hung up or was disconnected on the 11th of May. The final one with whom I spoke did not display clear and thorough comprehension of the English language but it was then that I requested a refund and cancellation of the order.

My experience was horrible!


I had placed an order with two items on May 1 in the morning. The two items were: My pet plant-cat treats and the popcorn factory smiley face 3 way tin. I received an email from 1800 flowers later that day saying that the popcorn tin is out of stock and to call 1800 flowers back. I then received another email May 3rd saying that they cannot locate a florist in the area to deliver the cat pet plant and to call them. I then called 1800 flowers on May 4th and told the person I spoke with to CANCEL my entire order. The call center is clearly not in the U.S. and the employees are working off a script. The agent confirmed that the entire order would be cancelled and that I would get a refund. On May 6th, I called back 1800 Flowers to confirm my order had been cancelled, and inquired when I would get a refund. The agent told me in fact my order had been cancelled and that I would expect a refund in about a week. On May 7th, I then received an email from 1800 flowers stating that my pet plant is Out for Delivery. This entire time I was told the order was cancelled. I then chatted with an agent from 1800 flowers and told them to cancel my order for the THIRD time, he confirmed cancellation and wanted to offer a discount to have another florist deliver the pet plant. I told him that it was already delivered and it shouldn't have been!! They told me I could only get 50% of my money back for their error. I deserve my entire refund as one product was out of stock (and never will be delivered) and the other I cancelled. He told me that I can expect a refund within 1 to 2 billing cycles but could not explain what that meant. Normally that means months, and I think it is completely unethical to take 1 to 2 months to refund money paid when products and services were not available, and not delivered and cancelled. It is unbelievable to speak with this call center and they read off a script no matter what your issue is, they use the same script and it doesn't even make any sense. It's been a week and my order should have been cancelled and already refunded. To this date, I still haven't received an email saying my order is cancelled and I definitely don't have a refund. There is not even a manager to speak with, or anyone in the U.S. that can help with this issue. I feel completely robbed and I definitely will never use 1800 Flowers again.


We received flowers for my father that passed away and there was no name as to where they came from. They were delivered a day late to the funeral home, so the funeral home arranged to bring them to us. When I called the local florist that did the order they could not provide the name of the sender and told me to call 1-800-flowers. I did so and was on the phone for 45 minutes, disconnected once during this time and had to call back. The call was routed to somewhere out of the US, could not understand the script reader and asked for a supervisor or to be transferred to US or US native speaker. Did not happen and he did not understand my request. After finally getting him to understand what I was looking for he put me on hold, then disconnected me. I called back, got a woman who was also extremely hard to understand. She couldn't even read the cards in correct English. After explaining what I was looking for she asked for my name, which she couldn't spell or say, also I am not the recipient so my name was useless. She finally understood this and asked for my fathers name. Again spell the difficult American name "Hall" 3 times to her. Again I asked to be transferred to US or US native speaker, which she wouldn't do but kept apologizing and reading her card. She finally said she would call the sender to get permission to release the info. She spelled out a name, which we later found out was totally wrong. She gave us a man's name and it was a woman, not even close. Also, when we spoke with the sender she informed us they were a day late in delivery and cannot figure out where they got the name spelling from. She never spoke with them. Needless to say the agent never let me speak to anyone but her and when I again asked for a supervisor she stated she reported the incident herself and would escalate the complaint. She said this would never happen again, right. There are thousands of complaints just like this about this company. I find it insulting to use out of the country call centers that are useless, hard to understand and will not give you the option to even speak to a supervisor. I will never use this company and will make sure I tell everyone I know about the way this company does business. Poor, poor business practice. Wish there was a way to give negative stars.


My account was double charge for only one purchase and cause my account some problems talk with several agents and also the fiance section promised to refund my money back into my account within 48hrs.since 4th may 2019 up till present day.all of the respresetavies I talk too were very treble or didn't know the procedures of the company am have retained a lawyer to file complaints against the company and the employees that transaction of my orders and charges into my account that was not authorized by me.


My daughter sent me an Easter vase with a plant, It looked like it needed to be put to sleep. Why would you send a plant from Buffalo NY to Utah, was their not a florist closer? I am not very pleased,this is the second time I have gotten a shipment from you people and it was not up to par.


Ordered 69.00 fruit arrangement for my kids anniversary. Arrived in time but was not made the way it was depicted. Very little fruit and not done the same way! This is the third time I’ve had problems with my orders! Last order was not packed correctly and flowers broken off! First order was delivered to incorrect address and arrived dead for my condolences and reorder took two times! This was for anniversary and it looked cheap! Milk chocolate one ordered. Single dark chocolate pineapple received! A lot less fruit in it as well.


Ordered on Wednesday for delivery on Saturday, no delivery made or any notification. Customer service assured me of Monday delivery but still no delivery or notification, now my mothers birthday has come and gone and no fricking flowers....I despise these people and am not done with them yet. I will cancel payment on my card and have notified them that they are on the verge of fraud and theft.


Ordered furneral flowers for delivery at residence. The family received on same day but no sempathy card with flowers. This is a descrace that the grieving family called the florist and could not get an answer on who sent the flowers. I told your employee what to put on the card but no card.


Your company assured me deliver today. No notifications that the delivery will NOT take place until Monday?! I called your customer service to ask why and expected to get assistance or customer service experts who knew what they are doing. Your rep telling me that there is nothing that they can do and saying I am sorry over and over again to every question asked; does NOT help the customer!!! I have NEVER has issues using our service over the years until NOW!! I can assure you that I will NEVER use you again. I will also make it my mission to tell anyone else and give you horrible reviews for your lack of following through on a very important order for my family. Thank you so much for telling me you don't care about customers by how you treat us and how you fail to deliver on your promises and so called guarantees. This item was for a very special event and person and your lack of service ruined what was going to be a great surprise for their weekend. Epic failure on your abilities to conduct your business!! Shame on you!!!


Good afternoon. I originally made a complaint on an order for my friend who was in the hospital, and I rec'd a $20 savings pass in response to that. I decided I would like to try 1800flowers again by sending tulips to my Mom which looked so beautiful in your recent email to me. The serial# is 6035710434820752527, pin#9797, order#183438631. I also have a promotion code SPRINGFS for free shipping, no service fee, but when I tried to order the flowers just now, I was told it expired on 3/10/19, so I did not place the order. The reference # is 185656215.
I would like to become a satisfied customer of 1800Flowers again, and if you would honor that promo code, I would like to place this order. Thank you, Vivian Feinstein


I made an order for my wife valentine days.i gave at least 3 days for the oder.assuming they say in there web next day del guaranteed I'm like that enough time for the 14th.not only was the order a day late it was a complete mess.i was on the phone with the csrfor over an hr.trying to get a refund for late delivery I was told I had to except the order for I could even get a discount.an had to call back at time of delivery acceptance in order to get that.very very disappointed an do not at all recommend but if you choose to do so.order at your own risk of course but do not suggest or recommend at all.


ELSA FERRARI CENTRAL44@MSN.COM 914 428 8059 OR CELL 914 588 2165


Ordered flowers for a Valentines day delivery, to a business. this guarantees delivery before 5:00 pm. They did not delivery. I called customer service, they apologized profusely and promised to have my flowers delivered by 3:00 pm the following day....a day late. they promised to give me some sort of 20$ gift card, cut my pricing in half and deliver on time. They did not deliver at all.
Called to cancel my order. they said nothing....just an ok. I'm not even sure they cancelled the order. Terrible service.
My order was placed in the Manassas area of Virginia.
I've never done an online complaint....this was warranted.
don't use this service.


placed order for two dozen roses on 02/05/2019 left specific delivery instructions to hand deliver to someone in the house as someone is always home also do not just drop them on the front porch at 6:00 pm on 02/14/2019 called for order/delivery confirmation as flowers had not been delivered yet. spent over an hour on phone service rep spoke with a heavy filipino accent did not understand simple english phrases had to ask hoe to spell porch etc etc call was dropped as i requested to speak with supervisor had to call back was put on hold several times finally had to tell rep DO NOT PUT ME ON HOLD AGAIN..was already embarrassed by non delivery told rep at 8:00 ihad to go as i was not going to dissapoint my wife twice on valentines day and miss our dinner reservation called back around 10:00 that night with same results sales rep had a hard time understanding english spent 3 hours on the phone that night tried to be patient very very frustrating finally spoke to some one who spoke/understood okay offered refund of shipping 15.00 and 20.00 coupon and redelivery by the ninteenth considering amount of my time wasted frustration embarassment etc.this was


Flower delivery -fed ex

The east coast has had very cold -frigid weather, and on Valentine's Day, February 14, fed ex delivered to the ground, driveway snow and ice covered, in front of garage door.

The flowers were found only when the home aide lifted the automatic garage door and found them on the ground.

Damage could have occurred had the car been backed out if the garage
The sides day happened yo be competed at 1:30 pm, had she stayed longer into the evening, the glowers round not have been "found"

There is a front porch and working doorbell.
Pit would be helpful if the delivery company had instructions on how yo delivery a fresh flower arrangement in cold weather and to ring the doorbell

Or if your order system was upgraded to name a toboth call to the recipient to onform if a scheduled delivery

In today's technology, Togo cells whether for doctor appointments, etc are the "norm"

There us no reason to have a de,I very made in a driveway, placed on the ground, on the snow and ice, in front of a garage door when the house is equipped with a covered porch, table girl packages and a working doorbell.

Thank you.


where do I start!! the order was wrong from there start customer service was from the Philippines. got address wrong was going to the Philippines lol and there got the address wrong. called 4 times with order mess up and balloon I got was not put in order was forgotten and then told they can't send balloon Philippine's called for times from the same error on spelling then went to check on order of day it was suppose to be delivered someone canceled the order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not know who but now had to start all over again this was for delivery today so now delivery is for feb 18th!!!!! and I spoke with manager and she assured me all was fixed and it was cancelled I will be calling the bbb on this file a complaint with them




Custimer Service is beyond deplorable!!! At least 3 orders never delivered, wrong flowers sent, overcharged at least three times and rude service people who promise to return calls and don't or they just disconnect! Disgraceful...and had I not followed up would never have known no floweres were delivered! Worst service ever experienced!


Flower not received for my wife 15th anniversary on the 27th of June. Anniversary Flower where to be a surprise. My wife receive to call with excuses why flower was not going to be delivered and was ask if she mind if they be delivered the next day. Wife told the delivery person she was not aware of Flowers being sent because it was to be a surprise. Where we end up being on Phone for several hours in attempt to get my Credit Card credit back, in doing so that try to credit card back for a lesser amount then what was charge to my Card! And then said it would take up to 5-7 business day before it would show on my Credit Card! You Need To Credit my Card Back What Was taken $128.40 not $125.00 ASAP not 5 - 7 Business Day!

Way To Mess Up A 15 Year Anniversary Celebration.

MR. Porter


I'm seeking a refund on the flowers that where delivered to me yesterday. The flowers are dead
I have attempted to call the 1800flowers number but they do not seem to understand, they just keep putting me on hold.
this is the second time today I'm calling about the flowers
If someone could call me 978-667-2584 or cell phone 978-987-0897


I contacted them to try and change the delivery address due to my wife getting sick and unable to be at work. So I wanted the flowers shipped to our home address she said it was to late to make and changes and would not give me any information to contact the vendor to speak with them about leaving them with one of her co-workers.



I made an order (#10244034) on September 28th and It wasn't possible to deliver it. I am trying to get an refund on my credit card since the order wasn't delivered and I gave all the necessary information to the company. I exchanged at least 10 e-mails with this company and they insist it wasn't possible to locate my order, even after sending them their on e-mail with order and details confirmation. Can a company do this? Keeping the money with no service exchange? I do not recommend ordering anything from this website.


I have a threshold set for my business debit card. This morning there was an email that my card was used at 1800-flowers.com. I did not use it. I called my bank and closed the debit card and opened a fraud case. I then called 1-800 flowers to do some digging. First, the people I spoke with were helpful, but English is obviously NOT their first language. I requested their fraud department. I was transferred to billing. The billing department listened to my explanation briefly and gave me a phone number and name of someone that could help me. I called the woman and got through, however, she does not work for them. She, as it turned out is a customer... After speaking on the phone with her for about 15 minutes, we determined that she had ordered flowers from Tela-flora last week. She did not get an email verification and called them back yesterday. She is now getting information from her bank checking if somehow our accts got linked/attached in some way. I am awaiting a call back from her. I have several questions that are making me crazy. HOW did they give me another customers name and phone number? WHY do they give customers the run around when they are trying to reach the fraud department?


Be it an occasion of birthday, anniversary, newborn, housewarming ceremony etc. you can say it with a small gesture of flowers. 1800flowers.com is the place to find flowers of your choice. I was unable to attend one of my nearest cousins birthday party, so to make up for it I found this site very useful. I used the someday delivery option to avoid any delay in delivery and was happy to know it was delivered on time. Not just this, but 1800flowers.com offers a wide range other products like bonsai plants, cookies and treats, chocolates of wide range as well a personalized gifts. Since Valentine's day is round the corner, I have planned to personalize my gift using the options available on this website.

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