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I just spoke to a male rep (CSR - 8:36 am MST, January 2, 2019) about the comments that were removed from our account. After hearing for several minutes how their software removed our two stellar reviews from our Yelp page, I explained to the CSR that we are a very new business and need all the positive reviews we can receive, I also asked If I could somehow put them back on the page, and was told no by the CSR. I then asked if the CSR knew of some other website where they would not be removed. The CSR told me to set up my own website or add the Yelp AD function for a price for our account. When I then told the rep how disappointed I was with Yelp removing those awesome reviews he accused me of arguing with him. I assured him I was not arguing with him, but he talked over me and never stopped, I asked him to not speak over me since I was talking. He kept on speaking. I then said I would be pulling our account and wished him a good day. Yelp has some serious CSR issues if this is how the local business community is treated. Anyone reading this I highly advise you look elsewhere for a reputable company not one that determines what great ads it will and will not show on its website. Unfortunately, I have to give one star when I would give none.

Yelp needs to get this right: in order to survive in the elevated battleground facing companies, including theirs, world-class customer service needs to be practiced. What I received this morning from this disturbed CSR is not exceptional customer service but the type of customer service that has me looking for another option to advertise my business.

The excuse I was given for pulling the reviews (see attached) is that these customers do not usually use Yelp. This is an utterly ridiculous reason for pulling to great reviews.


This is Michael owner of Holistic Spa Therapy Center in Revere, MA
I have written about my complaint and was told there is nothing that can be done about it
Nov 20 2018 a Nicole wrote a bad review about my business, which was false and was told nothing can be done.
Compared to my other reviews, her description does not make any sense. We tried to contact her many times and she never responded. That experience she told never happened. She deliberately stated false information and this has hurt our rating.

I don't appreciate Yelp not removing these statements from her. I know the policy, but it is plain to see, she tried to hurt my reputation. I'm asking someone to read the complaint, compare with our years of reviews and do the right thing.
Our spa had no complaints that day and no one ever makes remarks like that. It seems odd to me that Yelp can't see the difference.

I responded to her but she never called me. She went to another spa that same day and gave it a 5 star rating.

Please remove this ad, we've had a long relationship with you and we would like to have a little respect over this review that was submitted.

I hope someone can help us



I was on Instagram early Monday morning then went to get back on and I was blocked and I don't know why, I really don't think I did anything wrong


My business reputation has been hurt by Yelp. Can I submit feedback directly to the CEO or does it have to go through their outsourced support phone number? I think if they knew how upset businesses were, who are the entire reason this website exists, they might change, right?


Yelp used to be a great place to read reviews, now they bury all the great information and surface the negative complaints and rants. What gives Yelp?


Please help me remove negative reviews from my profile.


Sorry, I just had one more complaint about Yelp. After reading their CEOs comments about Talia and San Francisco, it's clear the company needs some help. Maybe they should move their corporate offices to somewhere like Arizona?


After what I heard today I have to file a complaint against Yelp. While that woman was out of line writing a blog post on medium, the company should be ashamed of themselves. The fact that a worker in San Francisco who helps with Yelp customer service can no longer afford to live there? Wow.

Then the backlash of people saying that she was fired for other reasons. It's clearly obvious that Yelp profits off customer complaints, bad reviews, and detailed ratings. In a dramatic twist of irony, they got the ultimate bad review.

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