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I have written before. The flickr app is functional sporadically at best.
There will be a notification notice but it does not open open with updates for posts or notifications. I use chrome and edge browsers. Century Link is my IP. I am using an iPhone with Verizon as my carrier.
No problems with other apps or streaming to my Sony TV.
The PC version works fine.
This has been a problem for a long time. If it continues I will be seeking a refund on my "pro" account as I am not receiving value.

Michael Berry


Still complaining about flickr - as I did earlier this week. The service is abysmal, any other organisation would have folded long ago. How they manage to stay in business eludes me.
Poor connections, loss of data, . They sa flickr is neat!! They must be living in an alternative universe.


I purchased 3 micromax led tvs in your site in 2016 middle. one led 40inch smart tv purchased on 4.10.16 now its board dead. They told warranty is expired. But I have one plus two year warranty in all tv's. We dont know registration procedure. I faith on your concern. so still i am your strong customer. Please solve my problem. Thanks.


I have my a/c with Flicker since last 4-5 yrs, auto renewal was made and payment was charged to my credit card
But, all my pictures about 1200 pcs. are washed away, I do not see any picture on Flicker
Secondly, I have closed my credit card which was charged,
Kindly restore my pictures,
Zee Shaikh


My son in law told me to sign up with Yahoo (Flickr) so I could receive photographs of my granddaughter on the opposite coast. I signed up with Flickr and all of a sudden now I have a Flickr account with absolutely every photo on my phone displayed even the ones I had sent to Trash. I am horrified! Flickr also said two people were following my photos. I cannot believe this.

I tried and tried to get back on Flickr to get them off but your website seems like it is only for experts - not me. Will you please terminate everything that has to do with me and Flickr and Yahoo. I don't want to be associated with people who act as irresponsibly as you do. It has caused me a terrible amount of anguish to have my photos out there, when I was just trying to view my five year old grand daughter.


I have been unable to access my Flickr account for over two months. I have requested assistance in this many times, using your "Topics" and "Sub-Topic" forms. Your automated response has not been useful, as every time I try to log in to Flickr, I get the following message, "We're sorry, but there's a problem. Here's what going on. That email address is already associated with an account on Flickr." This message does not allow me to move on to anything! It remains on the page no matter what I try. I have no trouble logging in to Yahoo, but I cannot log in to Flickr! Please help. I don't like to complain.


The last two days the stats on Flickr showing on my account are incorrect. Photo's loaded on one day show say 9 views for that day but say 70 total views. The number of views being recorded therefore is incorrect as not all the views on a given day are being recorded as such. There have been similar problems with the stats information in the past. As a Pro status member I am paying for this statistical information and would appreciate it if I could be confident the statistics I am receiving are accurate. This is my only real complaint about Flickr.


After changing my email address i'm no longer able to see any of my photo's, they are there as I can search using my user name and i'm getting emails to tell me that I've new followers etc.. they failed to reply to a complaint I logged months ago and still no access to my flickr account.


I love sharing pictures on Flickr. Its easy, fun and the best way to showcase your pics to the world. I use the app on my iPad and it is a very convenient way to use. Its is an easy connect in the media world and one can share pics with active members of Flickr. I like the editor option on Flickr that enables me to make changes to pics and add details if any. I always use Flickr and don't find any other better than this. Flickr has the option to even save guard your photos which I appreciate. I would definitely continue using Flickr and would make sure to suggest this to others too.

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