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If you are thinking Pizza, you might be thinking Little Caesars. It is one of America's largest chains of indenpendently owned pizza stores. The brand was founded in 1959 and is currently headquartered at 2211 Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan. 

Little Caesars was founded by Mike Ilitch & Marian Ilitch, who built their first franchise was in 1962. Today, their most popular menu item is the ready to eat pizza call the HOT-N-READY. The menu doesn’t require prior ordering and offers Classic Cheese or Pepperoni, Italian Sausage Pizza.

Call their corporate phone number at 1-313-983-6000 or the customer serivce hotline toll free at 1-800-722-3727 for general comments or complaints about your pizza. The company also offers a 24 hour feedback form available on the website.

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This is the 2 nd time in the last few months that I have purchased a pizza and out was absolutely horrible. No sauce!!! Pizza is supposed to have sauce correct??


I bought a couple of the $5 Hot n Ready pizzas and both were UNDER COOKED. I tried to calling the store address 2211 Barataria Blvd. suite 101 (504)328-2228 eight times and NO ONE WOULD ANSWER THE PHONE. I do not recommend this store.


I was at the store in Glen Ellen IL FRIDAY MAY 11 AT 515
It would be beneficial for you to have more help there, Our area does not have many Little Ceasar's and its is a pretty good deal, This is one busy place ....
This is not really a complaint I just didn't see anywhere else to send notice.
Anthony was working his fool head off and I'm sure whoever was with him in the back was too.{ I don't know last name]
when I was there there was 6 to 10 people in there at any given time and ordering 3-5 pizzas at a time
I have been in there before at the same time with other employees and it was a disaster and the pizza was awful. I vowed not to go again and that was about a yr ago.
Needless to say there was no such thing as hot and ready, but they were hot because they couldn't move and cook as fast as the people were coming in. Help these guys give them another person and kudos to Anthony he had it going on
Thank you Dayna .


This is the second formal complaint by me for the same location. Again, I went into the Store for your EMB which I really love. Again, Store upon my arrival was not busy, one customer and myself and her was already placed. The counter attendant, who was very pleasant, said that they had just sold the last one and a fresh one would be out very soon. The Store then got busy inside and the drive-through and I simply put, again got lost in the shuffle. I know at least (2) drive-through customers got my EMB as I could hear the confusion in the kitchen. The counter attendant checked back with me several times and could not recall what I was waiting for. The apologies to myself and anyone who came after started sounding hollow. From walk-in time to leaving finally with my order it was 22 minutes! You really need to rethink the Hot-N-Ready slogan as in my history with this store, it is not true. Store ID01553-00029 Order #189040 Albemarle,NC You can see the time charged and the time the box was scanned. By the way, after all that, I still got someone elses pizza, as the one given to me had stuffed crust.


Your current ad with the son disrespecting his father and ripping the #1 off his hat is absolutely horrifying. Your company playing into the childish disrespect that is going on in this country at this time is absolutely unbelievable. With your ad you have brought more acceptance to disrepect, as you as a major player in industry have now stated "It is righteous to be disrespectful." As a small business owner once a week we would get our employees pizza's from your company and we will now find somewhere else to go. I believe you should take that commercial and put it where the sun doesn't shine. SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR COMPANY!!


Spoke to the Little Ceasars manager before I placed and order since I had a bad experience previous time at the beach in NC. I told them I would give them another chance to delivering the experience I expect from Little Ceasars customer service. When I answer the door the driver had dropped my wings on the ground, had to wait over an hour and half to get my wings, which were undercooked caused me and my wife to get sick, also the pizza was undercooked as well. I spent $40 and had the worst experience and now have been sick and nauseated all day from the food. I want a full refund and apology from Little Ceasars corporate HQ!


Seen a worker put his hands in the dough, not paying overtime and no breaks.


I'm complaining about the Little Ceasars Pizza location in Michigan. We were there visiting some friends and are very sad about the level of service we received. This location has minimal hours of operation. On Wednesday I went to go order pizza after a long exhausting day in which I arrived at 10:30 pm to find that the store closed at 10 pm. Now for a normal restaurant that time seems reasonable but for a fast food place I assumed it would be open til at least 11 if not 12 am. I also find that it often closes minutes before its scheduled time and they refuse to take your order in both the drive thru and dining room.


I ordered pizza online at Little Ceasars and after 2-1/2 hours called and they said they missed it or gave it away. They offered to make and deliver but I still had to pay for it. I finally got it after three hours. I think they should have at least given it to me for free. It wasn't my fault they screwed up. Terrible service, I don't have this problem with Dominoes or Pizza Hut.


Took 7 min before anyone came to the drive thru window did not greet me or smile did not have pizzas ready I had to pull over and wait 15 min. Not a good experience for me or my family and normally I love this place!


When I was little I used to love little caesers and the ‘“pizza pizza” commercials.  Somewhere within the past 15 years the pizza went from amazing to awful cardboard staleness.  The ingredients do not taste fresh and the crust tastes like cardboard.  Cannot stand the pizza and totally not worth the $5 they sell them for.  If I am desperate for food I might pick up a few pizzas but will not eat them myself.

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