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COKE this is Julius Sales/Rj4 Beverage Marketing from Bacolod City Negros Occidental, outlet number 504149272 wholesaler, May concerned are first, Orvien Aplaon acting supervisor and Winston Murillo, salesman for my area, as of now almost two weeks my order still not yet delivered and no visit for my area so many days as of now, he only texted me a reason of unbooked orders of mine is system un-captured since then there is no delivery so many days, until now, no action taken from them. that's is why I'm calling your attention regarding this situation. Second, Aplaon threatened us to blocked from getting Coca-Cola products to the plant, this is not a attitude being a leader of your company. This is too why my orders still no action taken. The people inside your company is the one who grab away the clients. This is the mission and vision of Coca-Cola company? Being said the tiger of industry. Questioning.. third, incentives last year from promo titled wholesaler pet market mismo bundle still not fully releases. Giving the impression to us false hope.


This pass week I bought two six pack of coca cola zero at Walmart in Ora Valley Az. I had company open eight of the 12 all of them were beyond bad;we looked for the date
and this is what we came with 1AA29171RD 18202 inside the cap is 7B9P TW 757WUP4 Thank you Lillian V. Hill
207 S AVE A
San Manuel, AZ 85631
SCALE 1 at this time


Hi I purchased a pack of ten coca-cola when getting them home and opening the box every one of them was damaged I managed to open one with difficulty and cut my finger in the prosess. I suffer from severe excema on my hands aswell so didn't help with the cans been like they was. Two days later I purchased a pack of 10 cherry coca-cola to get them home and opened them and there was only eight in my box, these are not cheap either so I've been very disappointed over the last few days. Regards mrs Newstead


I frequently shop our local Walmart Store in Elizabeth Colorado, Store number #4639. I am reaching out to you today because I was disappointed in one of the store managers (Christian) response on some items I purchased on 01/01/13. The items in question were 4 pack bottles of coke, they were an end cap by lawn and garden, in the holiday section. They had a sticker price on the shelf that listed 1.50 with a sign posted “50% off” . When I finished my shopping and went through the check out lane, the items rang in with – Coke 004900005065 1.50, was 1.98 you saved 0.48.

I questioned the price that rang through with the cashier and she called her manager on duty over who was Christian. I told him where I found the 4 pack bottles of coke and that there was a sign posted that said 50% off. Christian stated to me that the 1.50 is the 50% off price. He said that originally the bottles were 1.00 each over the Christmas Holiday, and said the 1.50 was a good price for all four because 1.00 bottle was too high.
As his response was processing through my mind several things disturbed me- 1.

If they were 1.00 a Coca Cola bottle then where did they get the 4 pack containers to sell them as a four pack and not individually? 2. I am no math genius but if the original price of the four pack processes at 1.98, then 1.50 is clearly not half, not to mention they have 50% off of the 1.50 marked on the shelf. The sign does not state 50% off it only states 50% off. I have purchased 3 of these and I am disapointed that the Manager on Duty Christian failed to do the right thing- which at the very least would have been to honor the 50% off of the regular price that shows on my reciept of 1.98.

I question his integrity for saying they sold the bottles individually for a dollar a piece over Christmas, when clearly they came in as a four pack- in the mini case holders and shows was 1.98 on my receipt. I have worked for Walmart during my years, In Fort Collins- In Loveland Distribution Center and in Bellville Illinois, and I have to say I am surprised you have a person of his integrity not to mention he is in a management position, work for your company.

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