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Chick-fil-A is a privately owned American fast food restaurant chain with corporate offices in Atlanta, Georgia. With over 2000 locations in 39 states revenues were reported in 2015 as US 6billion.

You may reach customer care 1-866-232-2040. More online contact information can be found on their website. If you would like to write to CEO, Dan T. Cathy, you may address you letter to him with: 5200 Buffington Road, Atlanta, GA 30249 USA.

Chick-fil-A is famous for its non-beef menu, grilled and breaded chicken sandwiches and nuggets, waffle fries and most recent addition of Frosty Lemonade. They are also famous for being closed on Sunday---if owner didn’t want to work on Sunday he didn’t want others to either. Social support is found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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I stopped by the VESTAVIA, AL. Chick Fil A location and "normally" even if you start in the very back of the double line of cars, you "normally" make it through in five minutes. TODAY, 25 minutes to get through this line!?! What the heck is going on there. Most people, on their way to work do not have 25 minutes to wait through a "fast food" line.
PLUS, once in that line, you are trapped because of the way the drive thru is constructed. It is designed to force you to go all the way through and once in, you CANNOT decide to go somewhere else.
I will not return there until y'all fix this obvious problem.


On 7/23/18 I ordered and paid didn’t get a receipt didn’t get my coffee because Cooper Was so eager to wait on the guy behind me that he didn’t give me my receipt and never got me my coffee and waiting on the guy behind me and gave him his receipt and said oh you have a survey and I said to him you never gave me my receipt and you haven’t got my coffee so he printed me a duplicate receipt which the survey should’ve been mine the coffee had to be brewed so I had to wait. When I got my car called to talk to the manager Cooper answer the phone and said he was the manager I said I want to speak to somebody else and he hung up I called back two times and he hung up on me both times so I got out of my car and went in and spoke to the lady I can’t remember her name I explained to her what happened and I said Cooper said he was the manager she said he was the team leader and I told her how he hung up on me but she didn’t seem to think much of it so I got my car and call corporate never heard from Mr. Williams I was in the same day to have lunch and Mr. Williams was there so I said when you get a minute can I talk to you he said OK then he sent a worker out to tell me he was in a meeting. Mr Williams never contacted me. I just wanted to let you know if the poor service I received from Cooper not management material. I just wanted to put it in writing so you can see how customers are being treated. I do not need to be contacted just wanted to let you know you. Thank you


my wife and daughter eat at your location in fayette mall in lexington kentucky on tues july17 and shortly after became very sick. Not thinking much of it other than eating same food at same place they battled thru sickness for 2 days very sick missing work. Then on Friday wlex lexington reported chic fillet fayette mall closed due to illness. The sign on chic fillet said shutdown due to mechanical failure , wlex said health department was involved and it was not mechanical failure. I sincencerly thought you were a christian based organization and this is true im sadly dissapointed in this. My wife and daughter love this restaurant but this incident is very disturbing to me .The restaraunt is saying only employess were affected this is a not accurate and very disturbing . Any future visits to your establishments are in jeopardy due to the handling and reporting of this incident please respond back . My wife did not write this her husband did thank you for your immediate attention to this issue


Bread was old and chicken was not good, too much fat and drinks were not right. Location in saginaw texas.


I dined at the Gainesvillle GA location right at 6:30am with three friends for breakfast. The doors were late to be opened so we entered at about 6:34am. Not really a problem there, but we were waiting. Everyone was nice as usual. I got my order and the sausage egg cheese biscuit was just sausage without anything else. I returned it and explained I wanted the sausage,egg and cheese, a number 5 meal- It came back quickly-The biscuit was cold and tasted a day old. The egg was thrown on 1/2 the biscuit and the cheese was not melted. My hash browns were crushed as well. I have come to love Chic-fi- a breakfast for being hot and fresh and consistent. This was not what I expected today and it was really disappointing.


Brad Cowan


Good afternoon,
I got an 8 ct nuggets from a chick fil a in lutz fl today. And I was realy disappointed when I opens the box to find three very small pieces( two of them didn’t even have chicken in them). I still love chick fil a. And this one bad experience won’t change that but I just wanted to inform y’all and tell you about my disipointing service.

Thank you.


I went to store #02979 at 1:49 today and ordered a club sandwich, waffle fries and a peach tea lemonade. While the employee standing in the drive thru by the menu was very friendly and courteous, he placed my order for a grilled chicken sandwich instead of the sandwich I had asked him for. I had asked him specifically if they had club sandwiches (as I could not see around him to view the menu from where he was standing) and he confirmed that they did. I told him "That's what I'd like, a club sandwich". He then sent me on through the drive thru and I got my receipt from a lady standing further down the lane. I was disappointed when I got back to work and found that there was no bacon, or cheese on my sandwich and I didn't have time to leave and go back to get it fixed. I ate the sandwich anyway, but it was mediocre without the expected toppings. When I have a taste for something and it isn't right, I really don't want to eat it that much anymore. I have always enjoyed the fact that I could count on Chick fil a to "get it right" and I've never had to worry about it in the past. I work nearby and go to that restaurant often. Now I feel like I will need to park and go inside the restaurant if I return, so that I can ensure that my food is correct before leaving. The way the orange cones are set up to direct traffic, it is inconvenient to navigate through the drive thru a second time, so I would either hold up the line by checking my order in the car before leaving the window, which I don't want to do and delay other customers who are waiting, or it would require me to get out and go in to correct any mistakes. I appreciate having a choice of good food selections and the service is always excellent, but this time really missed the mark. Thank you.


First let me say that I admire and like your products as well as your corporate mission. I must point out a small thing but that brought out the fact that the staff at your Colonial Heights, Va. location needs further training..
y wife and I ordered the grilled chicken nugget meal combo and asked for lemonade as our beverage. When I reviewed the ticket. I noticed that I had a strange charge of .26 on my check for each meal. Had this combo many times and never noticed the separate charge. It is not published on your menu board.
Here's where it gets interesting. When I questioned the waitress. She did not know. "Said it must be a price increase" . Not good enough. I asked for a Mgr to come and give me an explanation. The Mgr. never came. I went to the counter and approached an asst. mgr. She said " I'm sorry. Its not my fault". Second employee and still no explanation of the charge. Finally another Mgr. replied" that lemonade was a premium product and the cost was an upcharge"
The problem with this . No where on your menu do you advertise that the combo price is subject to an up charge if lemonade is chosen. A company with your excellent reputation should not be misleading the customer. I know its 26 cents and the Mgr. did offer to refund. My compaint is two fold, There's false advertising here and the staff at this location does not understand how you price product. Its a small thing but you may want to disclose in the future that the 8 piece nugget combo is really $7.21 not $6.95 as advertised. When the drink is lemonade. And train better.I run a business with employees. If they gave my customers answers to a customer like I received today. I would focus on traing for better responses or dismiss the employee if they can not get up to speed.
Thanks for listening.


An order was made via online @ 930AM in the sum of $83.74 for a nurses luncheon that started at 1130am. The online order confirmation was printed after the company credit was used to pay for the order. I arrive @ 11am to pick up food. I stood at the catering/order pick up register waiting to pick up my order. After about 10 minutes (real time) of being overlooked by the manager who was giving trays to those behind me and not once acknowledging my presence (I was first in line the whole time) I asked the manager if he was going to acknowledge me existence. By this time it was going towards 1115am. The manger said that he thought someone else was taking care of me. I explained to the manager that it was hard to believe being that he never once asked if I had been waited on the whole time he went around me to serve other guests. He takes my order confirmation and went in the back of the restaurant where he remained until 1130am (the time my work luncheon started). It was at that time he comes out to inform me that the online service didn't capture my credit card for payment, and that they didn't have it prepared!! There was never once an apology, acknowledgement of the error, or anything to offset the major inconvenience and a ruined work luncheon! I kept the online confirmation just in case it was needed.


went to the chiclk fil a near me pulled up to drive thru to order a tray of chicken strips and was told it was a catering item and i couldn't get them ,have received the same order many times before even at the same store ,to bad guess i'll be going elsewhere


What happened to these guys? Used to be excellent service with good food at a reasonable price. Now it's room temperature food thrown on the table, and tonight, for example, a chocolate shake that was a cup of brown water. By and by, a young lady came by to ask if everything was OK, and when shown the cup of brown water, offered that was not right. Manager never came over to resolve. To busy. Chatting with her friends to pay attention to things like that, I guess. At a price point of over $11.00, mediocre food and indifferent service is going to irreversibly damage chi fil a's reputation, IMHO.

If your business model is to emulate Friendly's, and follow that formerly great restaurant business into oblivion, well, you have convinced me.


Anyone who knows me knows I normally Bragg about chick-fil-A's and Publix excellent customer service. I have ALWAYS said whatever curriculum is used to train employees at both places need to use the same training for those at other fast foods especially McDonald's, but today April 4th At the chick=fil-A location on Cascade and Fairburn where most of the employees know me by NAME, and being that I work in customer service myself, I received the worst customer service ever and some nasty attitudes to go with it. It started inside with one customer ahead of me with one employee at the register which was a male: the customer he had obviously has a whole lot of separate orders, and I waited patiently approximately 20 minutes as this guy was the only one at a register serviced this person, and the others including manager were walking around socializing and talking; When it was finally my turn, I got to the register this same male turns and walks away toward drive thru for whatever reason: then a female employee comes and attempts to take my order, and she get's halfway thru it , and she's cut off by another female by the name of Sanechia( I think) and she takes up where the other left off, and she starts talking and having personal conversation with another employee: then I say nicely... I have to get to work, and SHE say's to me, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? I reply YOU NEED TO TALK AND WORK! I then said, I have been waiting patiently for 20 mins with no problem and the ONLY one in line and I don't appreciate your attitude. Then a male manger ( older guy about early 50's in age comes to the counter and leans over to me and whispers I'm sorry. Meanwhile the original guy(male) who was at the register came back and started taking more orders said some nasty things he wanted to do to a female(sexually) and he knew I heard it then apologize to me for having to hear it. I then said to manager between that particular male and the female with the nasty attitude should be clocked out and sent home or perhaps go work at mcdonalds where there attitude will be a better fit. As for me, I will NOT be patronizing chick fil A anymore. I refuse to believe that I can't get the same service from this branch simply because it's in southwest Atlanta. I am normally the one that speaks highly about chick fil A service at this location, and I can also stop a lot of others from going. If anyone needs to contact me I can be reached @ 678 913 4256


Ordered two 3 piece entrees order# 7821598 and they were hard, dark & over cooked! I never send food back as what may come out may be dangerous so I just ate it. But I won't use this Chick-fil-a again...!


this morning at 6:45 at #01448 store in Tulsa Ok of all things they were out of chicken. I ordered a #1 and was told nothing when I ordered but after sitting in line for approx. 10 minutes was told I'd have to pull forward and wait because they were out of biscuits she then asked if I wanted it on a muffin instead , I said fine. Then she came back to the window and said she was wrong they were out of chicken and I could have bacon or sausage. I told her no I didn't want bacon or sausage so she said ok well how about chickin minis so I said I guess so because I had already paid on my card at that point. I assumed I would still get a biscuit because they had that just minus the chicken. I only got the minis which were half raw dough and greasy. I Told her I'd be calling the restaurant and she said that was fine. I do not intend on going to Chick Filet again! This was a horrible breakfast and will spread the word about this store. When people are on the way to work in the morning they do not have time to pull forward and wait on a chicken store that is out of chicken!!


I love Chick-fil-a! I go to Chick-fil-a at least 10 times a week if not more, you can pull up my record on my Chick-fil-a "A" Lister Card. I can eat there breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one day and have done that many of times. I am complaining this morning because I went by to get my breakfast like I always do every morning and they told me that Chick-fil-a is no longer going to serve the Kraft Light Mayonnaise that I have to have to eat on all my Chick-fil-a food. I do not like the Chick-fil-a (regular) mayonnaise, I have tried it before and it did not taste good, it taste spoiled and it was yellow and has a horrible smell. Mayonnaise should be white and almost odorless and have a mild taste so that it compliments your food like the Light Mayonnaise and it should not change the flavor of your food like the other mayonnaise does. I am begging that Chick-fil-a NOT get rid of the Kraft Light Mayonnaise. If Chick-fil-a continues to get rid of the Kraft Light Mayonnaise then I will have to boycott Chick-fil-a and take my money else where and I spend over $4000 a year. If a loyal dedicated customer cant go there to get what they want, then why should I or anyone else go to Chick-fil-a for that matter? First you took away the gravy, now my light mayonnaise, what's next The Sweet Tea? Come on yall are in the south, if you don't want to serve it in your northern locations, that yall are now opening, then don't, but don't take it away from the people who enjoy it. I would like a email back on this topic because I need to know where to go for lunch today, I was going to go to Chick-fil-a but if they aren't going to have my mayonnaise then I will go somewhere else.
A Loyal Customer (who's opinion should matter)


Sometime in the middle of December I was given a courtesy card for a free chick fil a sandwich due to a problem with an order. I thanked the manager for the card and placed it in my purse. I did not even think about the card until 2/8/18 and ordered the sandwich and gave the card to the cashier and discovered that it expired 12/31/17. I had not idea it had a date as none of the cards given in the past have been dated. Rather than offering a card with a valid date to use I was told that I would have to pay for the sandwich - in other words the gift I was given for the inconvenience experienced at the same chick fil a, experienced was revoked. Upon talking with the manager about the issue at the time was informed there was nothing that could be done and she kept the card.. Even after discussing the issue with the General Manager today 2/12/18 (Allen _____) no solution to the issue was offered as if this was nothing - just my problem. Is this a general practice of chick fil a now -- I worked at chick fil a for 20 years and never treated a customer like this. No apology, or effort to correct the situation - just "card expired, your loss".


Went to the CFA first in Holland, Michigan and got number 52. The temperature was in the teens with snow on 02/07/18. I brought with me a lawn chair and two heavy blankets as well as dressing in layers with a warm winter coat with hood as well as a hat, wool mittens and thermal leggings. I arrived in late afternoon, some people had been there since 6AM in the morning. Everyone else had tents and I heard the buzz around me that some people had propane heaters in their tent. This got me to thinking about the possible danger of inhaling carbon monoxide in the case of malfunction or lack of ventilation. I called a major fire department near me and the home safety dept. that answered my call said my concerns were valid and he also brought up if the tents were not flame resistant the tent could start on fire. There were also many electric cords across the sidewalk that I tripped on once which was a hazard. I got up and walked around to keep warm. Due to the snow falling my blankets got wet and shortly after the meal they gave us at the drive-thru at supper time I decided I didn't want to get pneumonia and packed my belongings up and with disappointment headed for home. I feel that with such cold and snowy weather it would have been more logical to just have the people in the contest sit in the building where everyone would be warm and safe! Also they would not have the tents taking up all the spots in the parking the first morning they were open.


I ordered the 7 grilled chicken sandwich combo meal. The chicken filet was one half I/8 inch chrust and the rest was maybe one half inch and appeared to be gray and was no brest in there.whoever cooked that was serving something he didn't look at.I am disappointed at the qualite as I expected a brest in the sandwich not scraps.This was at Vestavia al location.


My family and I have been going to CHICK-FIL-A, multiple times a month, for 30 plus years. To this above location for more than 13 years, since our Military Retirement, returning home. It is actually much further from our home than necessary, but it has always been exceptional in its service and care, for/from their employees, making the extra miles worth the effort.

CHICK-FIL-A being a independently owned and operated franchise business, led me to believe that the MGR/Owner would take the most pride in the customer relations portrayed in their store. As of the date of the occurrence, I am sure it does not exist with the MGR/Owner of this location.

Being able to destroy that built up reputation, established over an extensive period and many locations, in multiple states, was a feat in itself. Service on a scale of 1-10 {1 being the poorest service, 10 being excellent}, it went right off the lowest number on the scale, inside a total of 30 minutes.

As of now, driving to Mr. Lichter’s location is not an option. I will encourage others to avoid his location as well. He does not deserve the loyalty that goes with the CHICK-FIL-A name and avid/loyal customers returning.

This day’s negative/disrespectful service, by Mr. Lichtner – MGR/Owner, was an example of what NEVER to do, in any customer service/care business.

This day with the intent of eating and going to an important appointment with my daughter’s college counselor, we chose to drive the 20 extra miles to Mr. Lichtner’s establishment, as we enjoyed years of previous service’. Arriving in a clean pink T-shirt, as I just showered for the scheduled appointment, we ordered our normal meal to share. Following making the order, we went to sit at one of the open/center table/chair location(s). After we had consumed about half of the meal, my daughter noticed a significant dirty mark on my shirt, at table level.

Knowing CICK-FIL-A’s standards, I asked to speak with an Assistant Manager, so they could clean the area prior to another customer sitting where the mess is.

Following the brief conversation with the Assistant Manager, I attempted to clean the marks on the shirt; with a “Wet-wipe” (my daughter carries travel packs). At this point, I discovered the spot had become a significant stain, not cleanable, on a light pink shirt.

This is when I requested to speak with Mr. Lichter, MGR/Owner. Mr. Lichter came to our table about 10 minutes later.

Upon his arrival to my table, I explained the situation to him, when the response was “What do you want me to do about it?” I had already wiped off the edge of the table, (while I waited for him) to prevent further stain marks, he proceeded to wipe his hand over it stating, “There is nothing there.” I said of course not I cleaned it a few minutes ago, with a wet-wipe. Then stating, “We thoroughly scrub all tables every night and there is no way that came from our tables.” “As a result, I believe you had the stain when you arrived, not getting it here.”

Now mind you, I had just showered, put on clean clothes, and came here to eat, before an important meeting. I would have never arrived in dirty clothes. I am a 60 year old, adult woman, with no need to beg for any handouts under this type of circumstance.

Following Mr. Lichter said, “What kind of a stain, did you have on your shirt, before you arrived?” My reply was “How would I know what stain came from your table, as I presumed it was a clean table.” It never occurred to me to inspect the whole table, prior to sitting.

Here, I was getting seriously irritated, as I had explained to him, my arrival and circumstances, more than once. He repeated “So, what do you expect to be done by me?” I let a bit of my frustration take over, responding “Are you sure you don’t want to personally inspect the stain, on my shirt!” With a bit of a snicker, further stating, “Please replace my lunch cost of $19.60 – (a shared lunch with my daughter, so I can replace the destroyed shirt.”) I am not expecting anymore than replacement cost.

He replied, “How about if you go get it cleaned, and I will cover that cost.” Send me (him) the bill with my personal information, for reimbursement. Replying, this was ludicrous, they won’t get a permanent stain removed, I need to replace it. Being a disrespected, insulted customer treated like an ignorant/ idiot, this MGR/Owner really does not see how destructive these verbal things can ultimately become. Social networking can spread positive/negative issues to escalate 100 fold. Letting others know via social networking; how little Mr. Licher MGR/Owner views his valued/loyal customers , or to have other’s consider it may not be worth the effort to go to ‘his’ specific store, no matter how close. There is no negativity meant for specifically CHICK-FIL-A, only this specific location.

At this point Mr. Lichter added “Well, I believe you are being unreasonable as no meal is worth ~ [I started to walk out] ~ I said, “this was a repairable issue, now UN-repairable is where we are” ~ {here, I was at the door}… He attempted to follow me out and/or hold the door. I walked around him saying “Do not attempt to hold the door for this lady/customer, that you just seriously insulted as well as disrespected,” that it would have never occurred to do all this; for the “price of a meal,” or ANY other reason! Then, as well “Do not tell me you are sorry, as no decent MGR/Owner, man, human; that knew what they were doing, would ever do what you just did/said, in the last 20 minutes.” Again, he expressed “I’m sorry,” as I walked away, stating “Don’t say what you truly don’t mean, as it only adds poison to a destructive incident.”

Any MGR/Owner, with an ounce of knowledge, education, and/or experience he should possess, would have nipped this in the quick.

A true apology with the sincere concern for a faithful CHICK-FIL-A customer of all these years, by taking care to cover the minimal cost of the issue, would have sent my daughter and I (a content referring customer) on our way. Many more positive comments, bring back regular customers as well as bring in new ones, knowing they will get excellent care at all times.

Mr. Lichter obviously views his customers with such distain because they do not look worth his effort, truly is as low an individual can be. Being MGR/Owner in a business such as food service requires more class and sincere respect for customers, than Mr. Lichter possesses. If this is not portrayed through management, it is something that needs clarification, so others within the store have the best example. CHICK-FIL-A Corporation has a significantly better reputation, than this circumstance portrays.


Hi Team,

I am a HUGE fan of Chick-fil-A and I commend the HR Department for the very selective hiring process to obtain the cream of the crop! Lately, however, at the TT location, I have noticed a change and it showed in the treatment of an issue that I was having while trying to complete the [Free Chicken sandwich] survey. I've been blessed with two receipts during my last 3 visits! I tried to complete the survey [same day for one and next day for the other]. I kept receiving an error message regarding the 2 day timeframe. I called and spoke with James on the same day of getting my receipt offer. He advised that he'd inquire with HQ & call me back. 4 days later and no call back, I called them again and spoke with Dewey who promised to look into it and call back and he did not. I called a 3rd time and spoke with Angel who informed me that James said that Dewey would call me back. I could hear laughing in the background & felt that they were not taking my concerns seriously. As a result, I am reaching out to of today, 1/18/18, I have still not received assistance from the TT location or a follow-up phone call. Can someone please call me regarding this issue?

TT Store number: 813-914-0295

Both original receipts furnished upon request!

Angela Jones


On Saturday, January 5th, I went to Chickfila by Northlake mall in Charlotte, NC. It was busy per usual but my friend and I still proceeded to walk in and wait in line. I ordered my food but it took a while but my friends was rather fast and had her food immediately. I waited about 10-15 and by the time she was done eating my food was still not there and people after me were getting their food. I went to the front and it seemed as if they had to go through about 5-6 different people to find out that they had given my food to someone else. Not only did I have to continue to wait, I also found out about 2-4 other people had the same issue. They tried to give me free ice cream but I do not eat dairy so it was not much compensation. Usually I do not complain, but it was unacceptable that more than just me had their order given to the wrong person.




This last Saturday morning. I was at the location of Kirkman and Conroy in Orlando Florida. It was very early morning. I was the first car to pull up to the drive thru. I thought it was already open. I saw the lights on inside. And, saw some people inside. I was setting there thinking that the store was not open yet. Which was not. I was just a few minutes before 630 am. Not anyone came on the speaker. So I set there for a few minutes thinking you would open at 630. So, I waited. Now cars behind me and next to me. It is now a few minutes past 630. I need to get to work. I do not have time to wait. I pulled around to the window. It is now just a few minutes past 630 according to my I phone. Someone opened the window and said "yes we are now open". " You need to go back and get in line". All I was going to get was two sandwiches. This was very uncalled for. Showing you don't care about customer service. Telling me I have to go back around and get in line again. She could have took the order there at the window. There is know way I am going to drive back around. And wait in line again. When I was the first one. And, have been waiting. This was some of the worse customer service by treating a customer that way. I drove off


I think your military/service discount policy is crap. I am a marine and as such we are not allowed to wear our uniforms off of base. For that matter, anyone could purchase military uniforms and use them to exact a discount, so I don't see how this is a deterrent, if that's what it's supposed to be. Shouldn't current and valid identification be enough? I love the food, but this policy sucks and puts marines out of contention.


I haven't been to the local Chick-fil-A here in Alexandria, Louisiana,in over a year, although I used to have breakfast there almost daily. A retired octogenarian, I had plenty of time for breakfast, and I enjoyed the service and friendliness of the staff and other diners. My favorite breakfast was a simple one: a chicken biscuit or two and a senior coffee. The trouble: I had serious cardiac disease. When I realized that the chicken biscuit contained 1230 mgs sodium, I had to stop eating at Chick-fil-A. There's no need for all that salt in a chicken biscuit! And I should add in other offerings as well.


I am from Alabama, I have been eating chick fil a all of my life. I was eating breakfast here 2-3 times a week. It seems that the locations here have changed the biscuit. It's a spongy texture, that tastes like cardboard. I'm not sure why after all these years the biscuits have changed. I can get a better biscuit at a gas station. So I will no longer eat at chick fil a, until the biscuits are done right.


I do not like the taste of the new biscuits. I love Chick-fil-a as a company and hope they change.


I am writing re: mental anguish I suffered due to outrageous behavior of a Chick-Fil-A security officer and unconcern of the store manager on July 12, 2014, @#01210 located @ Hwy6 & Murphy Road, Missouri City, Texas, the Chick-Fil-A Security Officer, also of Ft. Bend Sheriff's Department, discriminated against, humiliated and terrorized me when I was legally parked in a handicap space because he wrongly decided I was illegally parked saying, “I did not look disabled.” Thus, he would not accept any answer I gave him that the placard belonged to me. I even asked, the store manager, Monica, for help, but she would not take any action to stop Officers from harassing and discriminating against me publicly, saying he was doing his job, though he was wrong. He was so angry and irrational until I felt my life was in danger.

He was wearing a gun and completely unreasonable. I feared that I’d suffer being another black person killed by a bully-cop for no rational reason and that would be the end of me. He said “I’m tired of you people parking here when you don’t belong here accusing me of having a relative’s placard saying, “ There’s nothing wrong with you, “ and “What’s wrong with you?” despite my repeated offers for him to verify that it was my placard. He would neither match the placard with my driver’s license number on the placard nor would he run the placard through DPS. He was so irrational until, I had to call the police to get him to cease harassing me. These officers quickly determined the placard was mine. I acquired medical and other expenses to treat this injury, unable to address it until now and seeking monetary remedy 4 my losses.


I was in the window line at the Chick-fil-a on Ann St. in Montgomery, AL on Friday, March 25,2016, the person who waited on me was extremely rude and was rushing me as I tried to get my money out to pay for my food. His name was Aaron. Because his behavior was so rude, I decided to go inside to speak with a manager. Upon entering the establishment I witnessed this same employee directing obscenities at other employees and the whole atmosphere inside was very unpleasant. I was not able to speak to a manager and left. It is my understanding that your company is a Christian organization, however, what I witnessed does not attest to this and I do not plan to eat at your business again.


I consistently come to this Chick Fila A and have literally done several reviews on your receipts saying how much I adore your customer service until today. I asked for sauces and they only limited me to 2. okay fine, but then when my sister decided to give one up for me, I went up and asked to switch. as I was walking away I literally heard your employees laugh and make comments like "look at her, she looks so mad." this is absolutely ridiculous.

I work for the Nordstrom company and I haven't seen such rude behavior not even from a Walmart employee. never coming back here again and I will be sure to let everyone know about the service I just received. also the rude cashier who laughed was named Natasha and it was two skinny blonde girls with her.


I am a senior citizen and I really enjoyed playing bingo at chick-fil-a in Henderson, NC. The manager stopped the bingo game because they wanted to change things and we expressed our feelings about it and the manager got mad and was rude to us. We had been picking out our own cards and one Thursday morning a lady came in and told us we could not do that. The next Thursday about thirty of us went to play bingo but we did not play. They told us the bingo game was done.


I've noticed a change over the several months at the Prominade store in Montgomery, AL. I have seen the manager at bagging station clap her hands multiple-times quite loudly and shout at the employees in the kitchen saying, "Let's get it together everyone, let's get it together." The employees continue to get louder and louder and reminds me of a Hardee's environment with everyone trying to out yell each other. Tonight was the final straw. I was in the drive-thru trying to give my order of 2 #1's with no pickles, one with diet coke, one with sweet tea, light ice.

I had to repeat my order 4 times because the poor lady trying to key it into the register could not hear me due to the ladies passing food out the window where speaking sooo loud. I could hear them shouting every time she would request that I repeat my order. When I drove around to pick up my food, the young lady who gave me my food was excessively loud. Her voice volume was truly at shouting level and made my ears hurt. I don't have the best hearing so my ears are not sensitive.

I have been going to Chick-fil-A since the early 80's and I have never heard Chick-fil-A team members be so loud. So loud that the service is very unpleasant. This is not a single team members issue but a culture that has developed in this particular store. I am an HR manager and have been in this profession for over 20 years. Someone needs to go and observe this store and make some changes at the management level. Chick-fil-A is my favorite go-to and I want it to continue to be a pleasurable experience for everyone who enters the doors.


Order was wrong after even after a clarification was made at the drive through. I was going to return the incorrect order but the wait was so very long I did not want to have to go through it again. When I did get home with the wrong order, the side salad container was half full with nothing but lettuce and the sides of chicken salad were half full as well. I have had a lot of issues with this particular location, especially in the evenings on Saturdays around 6:30 pm.

Last time the guy at the window gave me my food by saying"Here you go baby". Kind of unprofessional huh? I eat at your establishments on a weekly basis and have great experiences with the other locations. The South Blvd. location Chlt NC or maybe Pineville continues to be a disappointment. Thanks!


Love playing bingo at chick fil-a in henderson nc. Got very disappointed when I went in to play bingo this morning the bingo had been cancelled and no one knew about it until we got there. A corporate lady came last week and changed things. She told us we could not pick out our own bingo cards. We wanted to know why. She said we were not suppose to .we didn't know why that would make a difference. We have been picking out our cards ever since we have been playing. We let her know that we didn't like it.

She doesn't know what is going on. I think she got offended or got her feelings hurt .she said it was cancelled because it had run its course. She said we were not having fun any more. That is not true. If we were not having fun, we would not come back. The manager steps up and tells us with a attitude,

That we should not blame her because it was his decision to cancel the bingo game.they don't care about us .they made à big deal of it because we expressed our feelings. Most of us are seniors and we look forward to playing bingo on Thursday morning.


My wife and I regularly give blood. One Blood usually gives a coupon for a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, or some other incentive. We went recently and took our coupons, the young girl at the counter said they had just expired and were no good, mind you need to have the eyes of a teenager to read the expiration date. That being said, we still stayed and had lunch, but I think on the grand scheme things, they should of honored the part coupons. It is not the issue of money, it just the lack of good faith gesture on the restaurant's part and poor customer service.


I live in Atlanta. I am from B'ham, Alabama. I always stop at the chic-fil-a in Anniston Alabama for a potty break and breakfast. I ordered a 4 count chicken mini and one of the mini's did not have the nugget. This was on Monday May 12, 2015. On Saturday I ate at Chick Fil A on HW 74 in Fairburn Ga. I went on May 16, 2015 and ordered the 4 count chicken mini....and again one of the mini's did not have a chicken nugget, really so disappointed and frustrated.


Good food and always prepared fast. I have no idea how they do it but somehow whenever I go I see a long line in the drive-thru window yet it only takes me a few minutes to get my food. They are a well oiled machine it seems and that's why I will always go there if I need a quick meal. Chick-fil-a is one of the only fast food restaurants left that I will still go to in a crunch. The rest of them have subpar food and service.


Best chicken place around!  I don’t care what their personal stance on anything politic is, I just want the chicken nuggets!  The staff is always helpful, bathrooms are always clean, and the food always good.  Wish it were open on Sundays so that I can have my chicken fix every day of the week but gotta respect the business for having morals.

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