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Friendly’s Restaurant Company is an American east coast modest-cost dining chain. There are 380 locations with over 10,000 employees. Net sales in 2015 were reported as 166 million.

To reach support call 1-800-966-9970 or online look here. To reach CEO John M. Maguire you should address an envelope to him at Friendly’s Headquarters, 1855 Boston Road, Wilbraham, MA 01095. The corporate phone number is 413-543-1624.

Founded at the height of the depression in 1935 Friendly’s is famous for 22 flavors of ice cream, Jim Dandy Sundaes and recent Sundae Nut Football Ice Cream. The recent slogan is “life with extra sprinkles”.  Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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My wife and I visited the Friendly's in Easton Pa on Friday July 13 2018 with our two grandchildren ages 6 and 9. We had a kids eat free coupon which stated one free kids meal with EACH adult entrée. The cashier rang it up giving us only one free kids meal. The manager came over and very rudely informed me that the policy was only one free kids meal per table.
This is fraud and you need to correct it. I also filled out the questionnaire on your web site and nobody responded.


Pembroke mass is the worst friendlys out there. poor customer service and ruse wait staff. I am never returning.


I took my son and grandson out for dinner this evening (7-14-18). We had the worst service ever and food. It took our server 20 minutes to greet us. I had to go to the hostess and ask her to get our server to order, to get some mayo for my BLT and to have a manager come to our table. My BLT had a drop of mayo on the sandwich, so hence, I need to ask for more mayo. Had to wait 10 minutes for mayo. By the time the manager came out to our table .... mayo was brought to me. Our fries were over cooked and cold. I told the manager that I thought our server seemed over whelmed. A table next to us waited a long time also and they got up and left. Then another table behind us asked for their meal to go because they were their for a while also. The manager seemed concerned but did nothing to help the server (Patrick). Another table came in and they left also. My grandson's order was wrong, he asked for grilled chicken and got fried chicken strips. Patrick never came back to our table to ask us how we were doing ..... never filled our water's up again. I was so disappointed. It wasn't like their wasn't enough employees .... they were everywhere. I just thought you should know this. Again .... so disappointed.


What their on Friday July 6, Got the hamberger special for three dollars, When we got are bill I was charged an extra 4.00. No one explained that I had to take it with bacon. I did get my money back, waitress should explain the ,special.Always enjoyed Friendly.will not be back. thank you.


Very uncrowded, lots of waitstaff. Waitress took order and we asked if could place food order as we were in a hurry. Yet we waited forever for food that then it came out cold. Chicken noodle soup was a gross brown color, turned out it was way over cooked and had to be thrown out. Two hours later we are very far behind schedule and not at all happy.


We went to the friendlys in Lebanon pa. The restaurant was dirty, we had to ask for our table to be wiped down, all they did was bring a paper towel that had very little water on it. The booth seats had crumbs in then and were ripped. Most of the wait staff was standing around talking. Very disappointed with lack of cleanliness and customer service.


Cook must learn to prepare eggs to order. I prefer my scrambled eggs to look like the menu picture and not over worried in the process of cooking.

Store #7443, Erie Blvd, Dewitt NY, lacks effective supervision of kitchen staff activities and efficiency of serving food while it's still hot.


Took 10 minutes to be sat after making eye contact with plenty of employees who were standing doing nothing. Drinks we're quick and right (cherry cokes) food came on time too but Waitress did not check up on us, didn't receive any refills when cup was just ice, the whole experience was pretty awful. Waited 15 minutes for her to come back to pah but never did. Asked someone else to check us out so we could leave and our waitress appears out of nowhere. I should probably point out the place was not busy. Coming from an active server, it all could have been better.


Paula MacDonald
112 Darren Drive
Brockton, MA 02301
September 17, 2017
RE: card # 6128188038242640
To whom this may concern;
Last May I purchased a $7.49 gift card at you Taunton restaurant. I had made a bet in Florida & lost. It was for a banana split. After having breakfast on a Sunday morning with a party of five I went to purchase this. Everyone was very nice but the gentlemen did not know how to do this so asked for help. Another gentleman came & completed transaction.
The man went to use it on September 13th @ your Middleboro restaurant after golf with my husband finding out the card was not activated. They had us go back to Taunton which we did the following day speaking to Jason on September 14th. He said he could not do anything without a receipt.. He Spoke to Heidi the manager & she is the one that said that. Left my name & telephone # as requested & said I would get a call back. I then got in car called customer service # & spoke with Angel (844.869.5650). He said he would have someone call me back. He gave me #800.966.9970 to get further help which I called & got a recording & left my # as requested saying they would get back to me. I called again on the 15th.
I now understand why there have been so many closings. Very poor customer service. So disappointed. My husband goes weekly with a group every Wednesday & we used to enjoy breakfast. I will think twice before going again.
My home # that was given is 508.584.9132 but email may be easier. I expect to hear from you no later than Tuesday the 19th.
Paula MacDonald


A couple of things, Our order was wrong even though we corrected the server several times. Only asked for no lettuce on both burgers we ordered. Also, the photo on the menu did not even remotely resemble what we received. (Size) We have visited this location often (@ Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT. My wife and I, Both former food service workers, had not had such a disappointing experience in a long time. I would have brought our concerns to the Manager but, The fella identified as he was extremely unkept dirty shirt hanging out, dirty pants greasy hair. An employee of mine would have been sent home. We are at Hartford Hospital quite often but I don't think we will be eating here again any time soon.


My son and I had a nice father son lunch today (11/14/2016) and all was well until we checked out with the new table checkout system. We use one all the time ar chill's. When we checked out there was no paper in the machine. I asked the server to get another receipt and explained why. The rest of the story is truly a disappointment and joke,

Seems that no one could get me a receipt. They seemed to say that the only way was to look at order tickets from the kitchen. Seems a new shift just came in and they cleaned up the kitchen and threw away all the order receipts. We then overheard the servers talking and they were asking our server why are they still sitting there. Our server then explained we wanted a receipt. The whole tone of the servers was pretty rude. Now that we had been served and paid, they seemed to want us out, yet it wasn't busy at all with a lot of open tables.

Eventually another girl came over, who never identified herself as a manager or who she was. Told me the story that they can't get me a receipt and the only one who can is the general manager and she was not there today. With identity theft and all the issues these days with credit cards, my wife a banker always wants receipts to check our monthly statements. I truly felt I was at McDonald's with the lack of knowing what and why I wanted a receipt.

I told my son, that such a nice day would have to be ruined with incompetence. Every assistant manager or person who is in charge should know how to reproduce a receipt when called upon. Since this is suck a joke and the last girl that saw us didn't have a clue, I think this will be our last visit to friendly's. I have no faith in proper business ethics and practices with this company anymore and truly fear for identity theft. You really should just close down all the remaining locations of friendly's, since they aren't what they used to be.


Tonight my family and I went to Friendly's for my son's 12th Birthday a party of 6. We received horrible service as we arrived at 7:15pm tonight, and our order was placed at 7:53pm. We was not given silverware or napkins also our waiter never can around to ask if we wanted refills or to take away finished dirty dishes (desert was served with the table filled with dinner plates). When my meal was order I asked for the Turkey burger Swiss meal with NO pork bacon, when my food arrived it had bacon on it.

With that I had to wait an additional 20 minutes till my food came out. Our waitress Tandana who was serving my table was not very friendly or willing to give her customers the best quality of service nor was the store manager Scott. My mother who was at the Glassboro location this weekend on 9/24/16 was given two free comp tickets due to her and my brother burger being served with raw (pink)meat when they asked for the burgers to be prepared well done. Scott was not willing to allow my mother to use her passes due to her only being allowed to us one per table.

With that she was told that she would be able to use both tickets during her next visit to any friendly's. I am very unhappy with the services we received tonight, and I was not pleased to see the store manager and crew workers preparing the store to be cleaned to close as I was leaving at 9pm the workers/ manager was poring buckets of soapy water on the floor to clean while ice cream was being prepared in the fountain area. I feel horrified as a mother for taking my child to visit Friendly's to enjoy his birthday.

I was also wondering when did customers have to check out at the fountain area to pay a tab and why the waitress never bought her customers a check to the table? I would really appreciate if this issue is resolved and I would never visit this Friendly's location ever again.


I came into the window to order one thing! I waited for 20 plus minutes. no one even said, "Boo" to me! While I waited, I watched and saw so many problems. First of all not even being said hello to is huge problem. Then the place is filthy. I watched a waitress put her hands in salads with her bare hands, then touching customers food like it was her own. She took bun tops off to see if hamburger had what it needed on it. Then she would go from one thing to another, granted they were super busy and no help!!! without washing her hands! Friendly's is terrible and dirty all the way around.


I went for a job interview and mike from sussex said I could start working after another interview. The lady manager was not nice and judge me and made me feel low and then would not higher me or return any of my call's after telling me she would call me that day. When I left I felt so bad about myself. I really would like to talk to someone at Friendly's headquarters, maybe even the CEO, about what happened to me.


At the location in Goshen NY, the worst service ever. I was served on a paper plate, they had broken glass in the middle of the floor and just walking around it. The manager named Corinne was just unbearable to deal with. Very slow service , and a disgusting attitude. My family and I will never be attending that friendlys ever again due to the way I was treated by that manager.


Went to supper at Cortland NY friendly's and got poor service.They brought us are appetizer first than 5 minutes later they provided us with are drinks in which we asked for them several times.Than when they brought are food to us it was on the cold side and I told waitress about it.Than my granddaughter ordered her sundae and it took them over 10 minutes and us acting like we were leaving before they provided us with the sundae.


Total of four of went to friendlys at Jericho turnpike mineola on 11/22/15. The service was ridiculously slow, it took a few minutes before we received menus. once we placed our orders, we waited at least another 25 minutes and our food was not served. I asked the girl at the front counter who was in charge, and she looked totally dumbfounded, then told me who was in charge. But , I never saw that person, who was nowhere to be found!! It was at least another five or more minutes before we received our order, which was very uncomplicated to say the least. Also, the place was absolutely empty, only a few other customers there, and still it took forever to get our food, which really wasn't that great. I expect you know restaurants depend on satisfied customers who want to return in the future. Based on this experience, I am not anxious to return anytime soon. What should have been a nice experience was definitely not one.


Today, Sept. 17, 2015 @ 9:30 a.m. at Friendly's, Lee, Massachusetts ( my party of 4) walked in an observed all tables totally full in the front. I then walked around the corner and found 2 tables (not clean yet) one had a party of 4 and sat at a table ready for customers. A wait person named BARBARA came over to me in a LOUD VOICE and stated: you should have waited to be seated because we would not know anyone was back here.

I was embarrassed in front of my friends and the party across from us were looking at us. The food was outstanding, and the order came in a reasonably waiting time. After paying our bill at the front of the restaurant I observed there was NO SIGN TO INDICATE YOU MUST BE SEATED!! On a positive note, this Friendly in Lee, Mass is outstanding in food and promptness. Anytime we are traveling we always chose a Friendly's over any other restaurant. I plan on sending a letter to the Friendly's in Lee, Mass and attention to the manager to let him know of our experience.


My wife and I were taking our granddaughter to Friendly's on July 23 at 7:00pm and were not acknowledged for at least 10 minutes. Finally a young lady came to the front and asked if we would mind waiting 15 to 20 minutes to be seated because the cooks closed the kitchen. This is not what we expected from a family friendly restaurant that is trying to make a comeback. Fortunately there was a McDonalds within a block that could provide accommodations. We are not tourists. We live in the area.


I ensure to have my weekend breakfast at Friendly's. Always had a good meal here for a good price. Service was good and the waitress was very friendly. As usual the omelets breakfast and coffee were great. They serve it fresh and neat. That’s not all. I even love the icecreams out here. They serve good ice cream and pretty decent food overall. The rates are reasonable and pocket friendly. Good place to hang around for a simple neat breakfast. I would definelty suggest this to all.

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