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Took my truck to check on my heater because it wasn’t working. It was working when it was repaired there a few days earlier and repair cost was $628.62.
An employee drove my truck into the repair area and when he drove it back out it was barely running. I asked him what was wrong with the truck and called it a piece of junk!
I was unable to drive my truck and had to get a wrecker to tow it to another car repair company to have it repaired so I could drive it!

I had just spent money at this company then I was told my truck was a piece of junk and totally disrespected by an employee, reported him but nothing was done!

I think I was treated badly and disrespected because I’m a person of color! People of this company are racist in my opinion, so beware before giving this company your business!

Money knows no color and customer service and respect for your customer shouldn’t either!


I went into the Sunbelt Self Storage today and received some of the most worst customer service I have ever received in my many years of my adulthood. As I walked in, two men were working behind the counter one was an African American gentleman and the other gentleman was of the Caucasian persuasion. The Caucasian guy was assisting another person as the African American guy sat behind the counter. He glance up at me briefly and made no effort to greet me as a customer nor did he appeared to want to acknowledge me at all. I was there to only ask a question about storage and it took him several minutes before he even asked me what I needed and when he did he was very nonchalant and unprofessional attitude!!!!!!! He never got out of his seat and the Caucasian guy never looked up at me either. The African American guy appeared to be so pre-occupied with something in his hands perhaps it was his cellular telephone? After asking my question, and he somewhat gave me an answer it appeared that both guys were counting the seconds for me to leave!!! I have been in business for 11 years and never been treated like this ever. I would rate this as the worst experience I have ever encounter from a business. I wouldn't recommend any customer to visit or do business with this storage site.


After waiting on the phone 1 hour and 40 minutes, Geek Squad answered my call. We have a new refrigerator that stopped working and the freezer defrosted and all of our food spoiled. The person was less than helpful telling me they would have a third party repair place call me within 24 hours to setup a repair house call. 24 hours went by without a call. I called Geek Squad back and was told it would take a week to have someone come out. Needless to say, it was not an emergency to Best Buy and cared even less when I told them I am disabled. It’s clear to me that Best Buy dies not value it’s customers and they even hung up on me when I continued to press for an earlier appointment. By the way, the Schaumburg Illinois store hangs up on you when you call. Thanks Best Buy! You have not heard the last from me. I’ll be in every social media site sharing my experience with potential customers. You’ve messed with the wrong guy this time


I placed an online order via Yelp today at Savory Chicken. I placed the order 3 hours in advance, and chose a specified time according to the drop down list, to pick up the order. Payment was made at the time the order was placed. When we arrived, Savory Chicken had not received the order I placed via Yelp. I would suggest you check on your end what the problems are, if you have not received complaints already. As we were waiting, there were multiple customers who encountered the same problem.




yelp is horrible theres no where to ask for help here is what happened I HAVE LEGITIMATE EMAILS AND PASSWORDS ON GMAIL AND YAHOO EVERY TIME I TRY TO LEAVE A REVIEW ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE MASSEY YARDLEY CHRYSLER DEALER IN PLANTATION FL IT SAYS WRONG THIS WRONG THAT JUST GOT AN EMAIL SAYING ON ( it said i signed up please help YELP make it easier for me a SENIOR CITIZEN to leave a truthful review without saying no such account exists i know im elderly but u shouldnt make it so hard to report a car dealer service that ripped me off of nearly $2000 please RESPOND


I was involved in an auto accident May 20th 2019.My car was towed to a body shop.When I got home I reported the accident to Geico my insurance company.The next day i went to the body shop and they set up a car rental with geico and Hertz car rental.I was told the car would be ready in 2 weeks.2 weeks gone by so I called to see if my car was ready,I was told nobody from Geico came down to look at damage.I immeadiatly called geico and the sent someone there the next day,thats 17 days after the accident.My rental was up after 30 days meaning i have to pay 17 days out of my pocket.I feel if Geico wouldve looked at car right away my rental wouldve been covered.Because of there lack of responsibility it will take almost 7 weeks to fix my car .,and an extra $500 out of my pocket for the rental.


Opulent watches is operating one of the biggest scams I've ever seen. They bait you with a free for shipping offer with no alert to the fact that free costs over $90.00 and commits you to a watch a month at the same rate. One finds with a magnifying glass under the faint "terms & Conditions" the truth is revealed there. First found them through an alleged Amazon survey, the legitimacy of which I now wonder about. It does dumfound me because they are making more trouble for themselves than they are getting ill gotten gain.


Kevin the sales rep from yelp continues to harass me by phone from a phone line in Arizona. My business is not interested in nor can afford yelp services. My business is in Burlington Wis. I tell Kevin I'm not interested and he still continues to harass me. I just want this to stop.


My Credit Card was charged for 4 months without my permission. Your sleezy sales guy Mark Spruille | Account Executive, Yelp Inc.
P: 646-828-4269
PROMISED ME they would not charge my Credit Card and we would test the service for 5 days. He would call me back after 5 days to review the results.


I have a bad review that is non related to my business and its a long rant I asked yelp to remove it as if you read it ...honestly she was never a client we never even met.Her friend who backed her up was removed but it needed to be her!! Please help me. My little business is Katia's Dog Gone Walking here in Seattle here is the C & P Thank you my email is

didn't want to post but the mom shaming just bothers me so much.

(I have video and text proof) of our correspondence. We have nest in the living room and she was on speaker. In addition to text messages.

Long and short- The lady is a dog walker and I reached out for a meet and greet to take my dog to the beach.

First meet and greet- she calls me 15 min past our appt time asking for directions. Told her I just moved here a few weeks ago and that I just use google Maps. 5 min later, not sure why she's not using google maps but baby is getting fussy so I ask to reschedule since I only allotted a certain amount of time for our meeting.

We rescheduled for Sunday 7am the next morning and told I plan on our meeting between 7a-7:30am. 7:10am I text her. 7:20am I call her and she said she's walking out the door. I told her I thought she was supposed to come over at 7am. She said- clearly you are an unhappy person. This isn't going to work and hung up.

Back in California, we had an amazing dog walker who took our dog to the beach. She was upfront about her timing in the morning and we agreed on a pick up window between 7am-10am.

Besides that, she had to judge me as a mom and tells me to "buck it up." Wow, what if my daughter had a medical condition that she didn't know about? I always try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt because you never know what they are going through behind closed doors.

Then I get this text from the lady, same day, at around 5pm.

I have nothing against her. If I were working with clients, I definitely would have handled this correspondence differently.

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Comment from Katia S. of Katia's Dog Gone Walking
Business Owner
9/29/2018 Hi sorry but am I missing something? I care for animals and mommy bashing...ok so I am focused.… Read more


I just spoke to a male rep (CSR - 8:36 am MST, January 2, 2019) about the comments that were removed from our account. After hearing for several minutes how their software removed our two stellar reviews from our Yelp page, I explained to the CSR that we are a very new business and need all the positive reviews we can receive, I also asked If I could somehow put them back on the page, and was told no by the CSR. I then asked if the CSR knew of some other website where they would not be removed. The CSR told me to set up my own website or add the Yelp AD function for a price for our account. When I then told the rep how disappointed I was with Yelp removing those awesome reviews he accused me of arguing with him. I assured him I was not arguing with him, but he talked over me and never stopped, I asked him to not speak over me since I was talking. He kept on speaking. I then said I would be pulling our account and wished him a good day. Yelp has some serious CSR issues if this is how the local business community is treated. Anyone reading this I highly advise you look elsewhere for a reputable company not one that determines what great ads it will and will not show on its website. Unfortunately, I have to give one star when I would give none.

Yelp needs to get this right: in order to survive in the elevated battleground facing companies, including theirs, world-class customer service needs to be practiced. What I received this morning from this disturbed CSR is not exceptional customer service but the type of customer service that has me looking for another option to advertise my business.

The excuse I was given for pulling the reviews (see attached) is that these customers do not usually use Yelp. This is an utterly ridiculous reason for pulling to great reviews.


This is Michael owner of Holistic Spa Therapy Center in Revere, MA
I have written about my complaint and was told there is nothing that can be done about it
Nov 20 2018 a Nicole wrote a bad review about my business, which was false and was told nothing can be done.
Compared to my other reviews, her description does not make any sense. We tried to contact her many times and she never responded. That experience she told never happened. She deliberately stated false information and this has hurt our rating.

I don't appreciate Yelp not removing these statements from her. I know the policy, but it is plain to see, she tried to hurt my reputation. I'm asking someone to read the complaint, compare with our years of reviews and do the right thing.
Our spa had no complaints that day and no one ever makes remarks like that. It seems odd to me that Yelp can't see the difference.

I responded to her but she never called me. She went to another spa that same day and gave it a 5 star rating.

Please remove this ad, we've had a long relationship with you and we would like to have a little respect over this review that was submitted.

I hope someone can help us



I was on Instagram early Monday morning then went to get back on and I was blocked and I don't know why, I really don't think I did anything wrong


My business reputation has been hurt by Yelp. Can I submit feedback directly to the CEO or does it have to go through their outsourced support phone number? I think if they knew how upset businesses were, who are the entire reason this website exists, they might change, right?


Yelp used to be a great place to read reviews, now they bury all the great information and surface the negative complaints and rants. What gives Yelp?


Please help me remove negative reviews from my profile.


Sorry, I just had one more complaint about Yelp. After reading their CEOs comments about Talia and San Francisco, it's clear the company needs some help. Maybe they should move their corporate offices to somewhere like Arizona?


After what I heard today I have to file a complaint against Yelp. While that woman was out of line writing a blog post on medium, the company should be ashamed of themselves. The fact that a worker in San Francisco who helps with Yelp customer service can no longer afford to live there? Wow.

Then the backlash of people saying that she was fired for other reasons. It's clearly obvious that Yelp profits off customer complaints, bad reviews, and detailed ratings. In a dramatic twist of irony, they got the ultimate bad review.

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