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I cant understand why my Instagram is disabled
Please recover my account.


I downloaded WhatsApp on my laptop and yesterday someone stole my laptop.

Unfortunately,the person has intruded into my WhatsApp and is using my WhatsApp contacts for dubious purposes.

I have taken upon myself to delete the WhatsApp on my phone in order to get the one on the laptop also resolved.

I humbly request you all to block that number and don’t allow the person access to any of my WhatsApp contacts
My WhatsApp number is +233242534080


Plz active my account plz


I have been trying to receive feedback regarding posts by another user defaming me and causing my relationship with my fiance to end. I have sent the posts and the number of the user who committed this to whats app. thus far i have received one email response expressing the apologies in delay on handling my situation and I sent the complaint through on 11 February 2019.

there is a request number #408176907857133

Can my matter be escalated as its affecting my life.



Good Day.i filed a complaint few months ago about this person from Jamaica cloning my textes and conversation on whatsapp,his number is 876 345 4455 .he been doing this all day an night,i contact him an ask how he receive my number an to stop but he continue and threaten me about if he was close to me he would put shot in my head.he is also doing this to my wife phone also her number is 513 551 9032.im asking for this to be investigated as soon as possible.thanks.


I have been waiting for the verification code for more than a hour


I recently had to download the new version of Wapp and is very dissappointed, reasons as follows:
1. When a wapp msg with photos is received it automatically was saved in the gallary - new version you must physically save each photo otherwise it's deleted when you delete your wapp msg!
2. To forward a conversation or photo in your wapp msg you have to cut and paste it and then go into your contacts

Why all this extra work and time spent when the previous version was sooooooo much easier?
Please convert to the old version again on the above points


My Facebook account was hacked. I have emailed different people now over 4 weeks in Facebook customer service. I have rang numbers and can't get through the hacker. Every time I ask for new password it sends it I insert it then it tell me wrong and the person controlling my stuff and been in accounts. They been sending pic conversations and ringing people out of my contacts. I have logged it to action fraud police when looking on WhatsApp support this morning too since that is now hacked as well.


I just want to make your kind attention on my problem that my account was deactivated by itself. and when i was trying to login back it just show me option of "learn more". After clicking on that it show the process to make my account reactivate back again. I provide all the details including my username, email address & many more but i was not able to add the picture when i have just clicked on choose files. I hope you will understand my problem and show me the way to get my account reactivate again.


I WhatsApp my friends on a daily basis and within the past few I've lost calls with many of my friends, but both my friend and I reply to each other several times a day. I am very upset with this and is making me become extremely upset with Facebook. I don't understand why our signals disappear if we both reply.


WhatsApp logged me out and said they changed my password and sent an email verification but I was using a fake email because I didn't have one at the time and now I don't know how to get in. Unfortunately since they were bought by Facebook the customer service at WhatsApp has been pretty terrible. Only way to get help is on their Facebook page, and even that is pretty slow. How can I contact them with my complaint?


Love WhatsApp. But being in other countries sometimes it is blocked by larger telcom providers. That is my only complaint.


Working in CA Technologies. Long back i bought a new Nokia X. But, in my device, WhatsApp messenger is not working properly. I'm facing this issue since 7 months. The device is showing as my device is not supporting WhatsApp. What's this.? This is really bad. These days even general devices are also supporting WhatsApp messenger right? So why it's not showing in my device. Please revert on this. Eagerly waiting for your revert. Thanks in advance.

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