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Cant log in- takes over 10 captchas and I give up - fucking over ten- every time. Help desk say "clean you cache"- "restart computer" ,etc- it is on their end and they won fix it- other site take 1-3 captcha. TEN and STILL WONT OPEN MY PAGE


Please stop taking money from my bank account and return all funds taken since I cancelled my account.


You do NOTHING WHAT SO EVER to help your screwball men understand that when they are in their 70s and want women in their 50s they are not going to get them.





I would like to make a complaint concerning several letters I have sent to you regarding Account No.12994150760 098505900 to which I have not received a response.

In September of 2018 you locked me out of my account.

On 26/11/2018 you took it upon yourselves, without my authority I might add, to remove the sum of £77.94 from my bank account.

More letters to you, no response

I have just received my bank account statement and you have taken again a sum of £77.94 from my bank on 24/05/2019.

I have not authorised you to take either of these amounts so I regard this as theft, in light of the matter that you have not responded to my letters in any shape
or form.

I shall contact my bank tomorrow asking them to chase the return of these two payments.

Should they not be returned I shall have no alternative but to report the matter to Trading Standards.

I await an urgent response.


Priscilla Comer


I was a member and I completed my guarantee period which entitled me to a free six month extension of my membership. charged my card anyway. I disputed the charge with my bank and took action! They closed my account, blocked me and banned me forever. They refunded the charge, but I lost my free six month service extension. All I wanted to do was prevent from illegally stealing my money. The facts speak for themselves. There aren't enough adjectives to describe how incompetent and deceitful they are!


Rocco Lazazzaro of Las Vegas is fleecing women of money using this dating site. He is a convicted felon and has spent the majority of his life behind bars. I see he’s still out there looking for love when all he asks for is money.
Please remove this dangerous felon from your site.


I signed up for I paid them a subscription fee. A few days later my account was hacked. I reported it to them and a few days later they terminated my account. They claim their terms of use does not require them to justify their actions and they refuse to refund me my subscription.

If you are thinking of giving your money, DON'T!!!! All wants is your money. Once they get it, the only thing they will do for you is terminate your account. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS DISHONEST SITE!!!!


More than anything I want to provide information for people. First, all dating sites are owned by the same company. IAC owns Match as well as others. For complaints, don't bother with their customer service. They have no interest in helping you. You need to call CEO Joey Levin at IAC Corp at 212-314-7300, and ask for his office.


Since joining Match 11-11-16 I have only been able to use this site twice. I have filed many complaints stating that my password would not work. With a reply I would be contacted within 48 hours. This has not happen. At this point I am asking for a cancellation of my account and a full refund of the 3 months I have paid for.


I was banned and was not told why this happened. I did not knowingly violate any rule of Match. I used to be on other dating websites but found this one the best. I do not want to switch if possible, has anyone overcome a ban and been able to get their account back?


I joined match over a year ago and cancelled 2 weeks later. Over a year later fees were taken out of my bank account. Customer service wouldn't investigate it and told me I wasn't eligible to have the fees back. This is a joke, right? No legit company would allow this to go on in their billing department.


I have been attempting to cancel my dating service for the last 3 years. So far all of my efforts have been wasted. they have once again charged my credit card for $127.96. Short of closing all of my accounts & leaving the country I have run out of options. If anyone on the wide world web has any advice I' would appreciate hearing from you.

40 used my credit card without authorization and started charging me for a service that I had not used for many years that was linked to an old e-mail address that has not been used for more than 3 years now. I filed a fraud complaint with my credit card company and the charge was investigated and ultimately removed. I also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and when they contacted, they never received a response back. I would think this must happen regularly with customers at Be aware!!! Obviously, AMEX and BBB found it worth looking into as well!


This online service stinks. I think this company is a @#!*%! scam. Never get any emails, likes, views, what a waste of money. @#!& your company and your lack of customer service. I see an online dating site I expect them to have a place for me to complain online, but they do not! They just seem to ignore their customers.


I continue to see advertisments for all over the internet. It's getting old. Whenever I have used in the past there were tons of fake profiles and alot of reasons to be suspicious of the men and women on the website. I have heard people say before that they "got on match" after getting out of a relationship, but is that really the thing to do. Match is not a good way to meet a good person in my opinion. Most of the people on the website are desperate and motivated for the wrong reasons. I want to be with someone who is secure and confident in who they are, and willing to wait for the right person.

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