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Visa is one of the pioneers in the global payments technology marjet. The company strives to enable consumers, businesses, banks and governments to use digital currency acorss the globe. More than 200 countries and territories are tied up across different sectors likeconsumers, businesses, banks and governments.

If you have a problem and need support contact Visa toll-free at 1-800-847-2911. Technical support hours are best during normal business hours or you can try to write a letter to headquarters. Charles W. Scharf is the CEO of Visa Inc. He has more than 25 years of financial services, payments systems and leadership experience.

The company allows you to run and accepts payments under either a small scale industry, large scale and also providescommercial solutions. Common Visa complaints also relate to a smart phone app, as payment options are 80% of USA revenue. Visa claims to make this simple, easy and convinient and as secure as swiping a plastic card.

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We had ordered some appliances from a store in our town. We had to wait a lengthy amount of time for the order so the company gave us a 10% discount they credited back to our account (about $186) However , upon checking our bill online we noticed that instead of just putting the money back into our checking account like it should have been, Visa just used the money to pay some other charges we had made.Our due date on the statement is the 19th of every month.They paid the charges I had made (about $68) that were on this July statement from that money and also any charges that were made that would have not appeared until the August statement.Basically, Visa is holding my money hostage.Argued with customer service but got no where with them. He said this is what they do.I don't believe it. He just didn't want to listen and finally got me so annoyed I told him he didn't know what the hell he was doing. He than said did I I know that the conversation was being taped? I told him yes and I was glad it was taped.Always try to keep my cool when talking to customer service but that person should not be in customer service because he was no help whatsoever. I had been told in the past that a credit card will never hold any excess money but that's exactly what Visa is doing. Our bill is always paid on time and we never carry a balance. Seriously annoyed and thinking about canceling Visa and changing to a different credit card.


CHARGE BACK REF NUMBER - 568297985043905282
AMOUNT: INR 4954.82
The merchant (Microsoft, Inc -Redmond-USA) has refunded the above amount on 20th March 2019. SBI CARD (VISA) has been misrepresenting to date (22nd April 2019) that the amount is still in dispute. My SBICARD account balance shows the amount INR 4954.82
I had 22 email communications with SBICARD (VISA). The SBICARD has been misrepresenting even when the amount is refunded on 20th March 2019 (charge back number mentioned above).
I am ready to take legal actions against SBI CARD (India) and VISA. I also demand VISA to revoke SBICARD relationship for such fraud activities.

Prafulla Kumar Padhi
Email address: GGLLC2009@GMAIL.COM


My card was blocked...very embarrassing ...needed to pay for car repairs of
$200...reason for block was debt to Visa of $44...I had not been using Visa
in order to keep my expenses low...I am person in good standing so did
not expect this treatment. I will pay Visa of course but I was humiliated by Visa
just when I was trying to keep my expenses as low as possible.

You should not have done this to me


We are getting regular unsolicited calls from Visa starting with "congratulations"

This morning we were called at 7:15 am (Vancouver) --- WE DON'T WANT ANYMORE CALLS!! ANYTIME!!


I was accepted a Walmart Visa credit card online. A temporary card on my phone was issued until the new card was mailed to me, 7-10 days. I thought that was great so I went over to the local Walmart and everything went smoothly. A few days later I stopped by a Walmart in Auburn, WA. Cashier called over the assistant manager. I'm told, can't accept this, nice try though, I see this all the time! I was shocked! I said excuse me? Then she responded, we don't need your kind here! I am speech less at this point wanted nothing more than to leave immediately.

All this in front of other employees and customers! She continued saying to her employees (I thought assistant manager was to set an example for Walmart and its customers?) she will fire any one WHO even attempts to enter credit card number hand touch key , manually charging my Visa credit card, with this pompous, condescending, and just plain arrogant chuckle.

I was so shocked and dumbfounded by this! I am a long time Walmart customer, whom has a Walmart credit card!? I couldn't imagine me not having Walmart as a top choice for most of my shopping needs, I shop there 2-3 times a week. Now I feel strange when I go back to any Walmart now. Its absolutely unacceptable to me, and now I contemplate why I even obtained their credit card in the first place. I hope I receive some feedback as it pertains my experience at this particular location, Auburn, WA. I was so flabbergasted I wasn't able to get the name of that person.

She was/is the assistant manager, for I noted that on her name tag. I made a complaint to corporate, this is how much this affect s me. Walmart I believe, must contact me with some kind of explanation or, I will never shop and/or support Walmart ever again. I'm obviously going to cancel my credit card with them. Its a shame. Customers should not feel alienated and humiliated while trying to use Visa for a credit card. A response would be helpful.


I have an Explorer Visa card. I originally made reservation number BY2289 from Newark to San Francisco but had to change the date. I was told the agent had to cancel the original reservation and start a new one using the same BY2289 confirmation code. She then asked me for my Explorer card number and for some crazy reason I misplaced it, later found, and had to give her my American Express Visa number to complete the transaction.

We got to the airport I was told I had to pay for all my luggage, $185 and they would not accept the my old Explorer # because it was no longer in your system. I had to pay $50 for the first bag and $35 for the second PLUS $100 for over weight fee's because I was over in one bag by two pounds and three pounds over on my wife's bag.

I am asking for a refund on the $85.00 charge for the two bags that should be covered with my Explorer card. The over weight fee's I understand but feel that it was also a "Tacky" charge. I have been a long time customer of United and have flown the world. Hopefully corporate can consider my request.


Have a complaint about a visa account I had in 2007. I paid up and requested the account be closed. In 2010 it was handed over to attorneys saying I owed them still. I faxed through all my proof of payments and confirmation letters from Woolworths that the account is closed, I still have all those paperwork. Recently I am being bombarded with notifications from a different credit collector that Woolworths handed me over to yet again, stating still owe them and has been listed as n slow payer. I am taking this matter further and demand my name to be cleared asap. This nonsense and harassment must stop. Someone needs to do their work right at Visa headquarters.


I am contacting you for a complaint about the so called Visa gift cards. You make the rules unfair. Why should we have to buy things to earn enough points to get a gift card. Not all of us have enough money to have to buy those items just to get a gift card. I should have won 3 to 4 $1,000 gift cards and a $500 one. I think my wife and I should take our business else.


I called Visa yesterday and thought I was asking a simple question, after being transferred to NINE (9) different departments, I gave up. All I want to know is if I purchased airline tickets on my Visa card, is there life insurance provided by Visa should I be injured or die because of a airplane crash? If so what are the limits. I'm an owner of a company and have many employees using our company supplied Visa credit cards to purchase airline tickets. As of yesterday my experience rate with Visa would be a minus 5!


I have a citibank Visa card that I have been using for the past 3 years or so. My greatest comlaint is against Visa corporate policy. They recently changed the cards to the RFID chips (I think that is the name) and are forcing all the customers to use these cards. It is so incredibly annoying. I want to swipe my card not insert it.


Purchased a Visa debit card at the Walmart store in Thibodaux, La.70301. Was told to activate the card on-line before using it, which I did. Card was invalid when I tried to use it about one week after activation. Called customer service telephone number printed on card, answered all their automated questions and was told they had no record of me. Returned to store, explained to manager my dilemma which is that I am not able to use the money I paid to Walmart on behalf of the Visa Co. who very plainly states this is a Walmart card when calling the customer service number. When I requested my money back from the store since I cannot make a purchase with the card nor get my money back from Visa, the manager continuously states "there is no in-store refund", altho. I have copy of receipt where I deposited money with Walmart. I await a prompt response to my dilemma.


I purchased a fuel pump for my vehicle using my Visa credit card. The repair person picked it up and I later learned the part needed to be returned. I authorized the return of the part with the expectation that the charge would be removed or credited back to my Visa card. I have just found that the representative of your store refunded cash to the repair person and did not credit my card.

As you can guess I still owe Visa. What type of policies and procedure do you have in place. I've been ripped off twice, once the repair person and now by you. I'm in the process of going to the authorities and filing charges against you (Advance Auto Parts) and the repair person. I never authorized anyone to give a refund to anyone other than me.

When I contact your customer service department (Kim) refused to escalate my issue or allow me to speak with anyone above her level, so as you can imagine, I'm completely irate at this point.


I bought gas with my Visa Debit card, and was asked by the pump if I wanted my 20 cents per gallon, as part of my Von's Reward Card. I answered "yes," then entered my phone number and clicked "enter." My receipt read, "Customer declined discount!" I actually had gotten someone else's receipt that was still in the machine, and looked at that number for my carwash, too, and my carwash was okayed on that number. When I went inside to complain, the first attendant asked to see my card. When he read the number, I knew it wasn't my card.

The second attendant found my receipt, which also read, "Customer declined discount!" The attendant said I probably selected "enter," instead of "yes," which I thought was only entered before I punched in my phone number Something is wrong with this system. I was disappointed not to receive my discount, since I ended up getting over $27 worth of gas. I may not frequent this station again, if I can't even get my discount, which I earned by buying groceries at Von's.


I am not a big believer in credit cards but the rewards program with Visa caused me to get my first one.  I like Visa not only because of their rewards but because it can be used EVERYWHERE.  When I took a trip to India, I accidentally left my money at home so I only had my credit card.  Though the local vendors did not take credit cards, the major chain places and bigger businesses did.  I was able to have an enjoyable stay without worrying how I would eat or where I would sleep.  Thanks to Visa for being able to be used everywhere!

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