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Discover Card introduced the first cash rewards credit card in 1986 and since then works to meet the needs of card members worldwide. The business has expanded beyond credit cards, to offer banking and payments businesses.

If you have a problem with your Discover Card, help is available 24 hours a day at 1-800-DISCOVER. The best customer service number is 1-800-347-2683. Press 1 for English or 2 for Español. For general support you can write to Discover Financial Services, P.O. Box 30943 Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0943.

Common issues and complaints with Discover include cash credit cards, travel credit cards, student credit cards and secure credit cards. Many customers register feedback about missing cash back bonus claims, Discover deals, balance transfer sand FICO Credit transfers.

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Cutting off my credit card because I won’t go in debt during a pandemic is a racist way of telling me that your company is not for anyone who exercise common sense and I will be spreading the news!!!!


Last week, I callled to see if I had a b/t offer on my open, 0 balance account. I no longer had the card. Customer service told me they found my account and I had a bt offer. So I did a balance transfer. My husband called tonight to check his balance and they put my balance transfer on his account. I called to let them know that they used the wrong account. They gave me 2 options. 1st option-- pay off the account. 2nd option, do a new balance transfer and get charged a 2nd balance transfer fee. That would be 2 balance transfer fees. I trusted DIscover to give me the correct acount number. My husbands card has a running balance. I told Customer SErvice my account was paid off. They gave me no options that would not cost my hundreds of dollars.


My response after receiving an email that my credit card would be cancelled if not used by August...and here’s my response!

Fine! We have/had 2 Discover accounts that we used exclusively. I always had a good experience with customer service & enjoyed our relationship over the years.
However, I was scammed & you were advised of this immediately right after it happened & you SHOULD have taken care of it immediately as I requested which you didn’t! It went back & forth for months & I was finally told I had to pay the $900 charge! I went to Corporate because I couldn’t believe you were doing this to me with all the erroneous documentation I gave to you! Because of your lovely Corporate people, especially your illustrious David Nelms, who obviously sits on his throne & doesn’t even have the courtesy to respond to my two letters to him, I have not, nor will I ever use Discover again! I paid the $900 but continued to fight, writing to every government facility to advise them of this scammer company. With no thanks to you, took me over a year to resolve this, but, I won!!! I got my money back & he was fined quite a sum, plus was on everyone’s radar. Of course he changed his company name & carries on like these scammers do. Most come from out of the country! Incidentually, everyone said, “Your credit card company should have taken care of that!” I was just reading the reviews for Discover. What a shock! A lot of complaints on customer service which surprised me, but also on corporate! Never had a problem with customer service (except the one that took my call when this happened). I might add, they were most helpful & supportive to me through this process! So, just so you know...obviously long-time customers who pay their bills on time, & IN FULL are of no use to Discover!

Shirley Maddox


Don't expect the Discovercard Dispute Center to address/readdress a valid dispute. I sent them information anyone with a brain would recognize as a case of a fraudulent charge. I didn't even hear from Discover about my readdress after they decided in favor of the company (who lists no phone number with the charge on my DC statement, has a different name, is located in a different city/state, and when I googled it "We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us" came up. I never received any product they say I ordered (why would I order a product on May 1 if I supposedly had signed up April 16 (that is 15 days later) to enroll in their automatic shipments? REALLY--Place an Order when they are going to come automatically--what kind of idiot doesn't see a problem with that--a Discovercard Dispute Center idiot, that's who. The dubious company's "Site's Refund Policy" states if a customer desires a refund they have to contact their customer service center to return the product within 30 days. I had disputed the charge prior to 30 days but, of course, could not return something I had not received. I received no product, no emails that were supposedly sent, and they did not provide the proof they say they have for proof of delivery. I spent over 10 hours on this, faxed the materials/response and sent it by trackable mail--Discovercard definitely received it). Everyone's who has looked at my case has no question that this is a fraudulant charge--except, of course, the Incompetents working in the Discovercard Dispute Center.

So, I will no longer be a customer of Discovercard (I have 2 accounts with them and have been a customer in excellent standing for over 16 years). How many other people has the company defrauded?? CUSTOMER SERVICE AT DISCOVER CARD IS A JOKE!!!!!


The new automatic account access is horrendous, horrible and time consuming!!!!!! Discover didn’t take in consideration of their customers who cannot speak at all! Please bring back the old system!!!! It was safe , convenient and fast!!!!


I have had my Discover card for quite a few years now. I just made a $5,200.00 payment on it and another $500.00 payment. My balance now is $165.00. I ask them to lower the interest, but they said NO. So I'll just finish paying off the balance and close the account. I really don't want to do that, but they don't seen to want to work with me.


My name is Linda Mott I have been a Discover customer for years. I wasnt abel to get ahead paying the minimum payment because my interest was very high so I paid off over $7500. This month my statement said my min. payment would be $77 on my card with a balance of around $150..I called to have this month's payment recalculated and spoke with a snarky Discover representative who was NOT at all interested in being helpful but rather on being right...She kept telling me that it can't be recalculated and I kept saying that simply can't be.. I told her I didn't think that Discover can automatically debit my bank acct for over 50% of the balance on my card...She kept talking over me and offered No help. If you review my acct you will see I have paid a lot of money in interest over the many years just like all credit card holders..My point being I will now close my acct and give Amex my money and I have a big mouth I will let everyone know at every gathering this summer not to deal with Discover and why...Sarah Rosenstock in Pheonix was the Discover representative I spoke with and this complaint should be put in her permanent file and remembered at her salary review.


Have called for 5 months repeatedly to fix a charge that was never made. It is like a ping pong match, one of these Internet subscriber products that I did not want, did not subscribe to and all know they are a problem (Just Answer). Challenge charge to Discover and 6 months later still screwing around with it......they must have all the time in the world as I don't!


I've been a Discover customer for probably 20 years never had an issue or late payment. My wife and I both make good money so I just pay my bill and never look. well my complaint is now that I started to look at my Bills payments exc. I noticed I have a crazy high interest rate. As both my wife and I have amazing credit I got online and asked if something could be done about this or the rate looked into. I was told Discover only works with people on interest rates if they cant make their Payments. ????????? So I thought I'd email before I go someplace else. The bank people also couldnt believe the response I got. well itll get payed of and switched to another company by next month, but thought Discover deserved an answer on why. Sincerely unhappy long time customer.


I settled for $1,700.00 and they lied and documented $1,800.00 and because of this I can't even get a new car???? I have discover paid down to $700.00 dollars what the hell is wrong with you people.


I received the a letter that said you had put me on direct pay WITH0UT MY CONSENT. I had used a direct wire service to pay my bill once or twice. That action by me seems to have precipitated your mistake. I called immediately to cancel. No one could explain how this error occurre

I would like you to do two things.

One is a statement in a letter that I am definitely not on bill pay

I need an explanation how this happened..


I used my card for a psychic reading with a company that I received an email from. I did not know that responding to the email code it automatically signed you up for a $40.00 per month membership. Life was very hectic at the time and I was not always looking over my statement, I made my payments. In January when life slowed a bit I noticed the charge on my statement. I called Discover who told me who it was and that this is a reoccurring charge. I never signed up for anything, received any notification for any membership. I called the company who refused to refund my money under fraudulent charges. I filed a complaint with Discover. They reversed all 10 charges temporally. I filed a complaint with the FL BBB who already has several complaints for the same company. The company ASKNOW refunded 4 of the 10 charges - per their statement I was too stupid to look at my bill. Discover refused to open another case for the rest since I do not have any documentation from the company, I never received anything in the mail or email. Discover has stated even though I am stating this was fraud because they were charging my card without my knowledge that they cannot do anything else for me since I originally gave them my card. I gave them the card for a 1 time service not a membership! They will not go back to the merchant and I should pursue the BBB and attorney general. Really? Am I not the customer?


Today I was talking to a superv Mary K who I hung the phone up on and then started to cry for a moment bc she made me so mad which is not me. All I wanted was a explanation of my statement which she made it worst. I want someone to call me 8597454396 a HIGHER UP please! I am upset bc I do not believe my statement should be as is, it was not explained to me that the old balance would be calculated with the new balance and the payments does not justify dividing it so I could see my balances on both going down not one going up higher. I will wait for a period of time then I will contact the Federal Agency and the Attorney General to look into this matter. Mary K should not have talked to me as she did. Thank you.

vMary K


Called Discover 1-800 number and nobody answered. Did some research online and found some additional contact numbers I thought I would list here for those outside the country. I was traveling aboard in Spain at the time and my card was declined due to suspected fraud.

The international number for support I ended up finding on a third party site was 1-801-902-3100 (both English and Español). They actually said that the payment was overdue and it was not fraud. I had to FedEx overnight payments to Discover Financial Services at a P.O. Box in Carol Stream, Illinois. It worked!


Discover card has some amazing cash back programs for using their card. $0 annual fee is pretty enticing and the rewards will leave you panting. However, they give you rewards based on shopping at specific stores during a sprcific quarter. Make sure to read the details of the parameters of the rewards program before signing up. There might be more rewards and perks using another card that gives you cash back or points based on how much you spend, regardless of where you use the card. Also, not many places take Discover card whereas everywhere usually takes Master or Visa. So, look into where you shop, when you shop, before commiting to a Discover card.


Discover Card helped me to make my online money transactions faster and easier. I am grateful to Discover Card for making it easy to pay my bills online wherever I go. Discover Cards has Home loans, Personal loans, student loans, student credit cards and can be used globally. I suggest you all to take this opportunity to use Discover Card for safer and faster transactions. It's amazing to think about all they offer! I use all of their banking services like cash back checking, online savings, money market, CDs, IRA CDs and even a run my student loans through Discover. It gains me extra points when I pay it off.

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