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I had their master card for about a month but never used.I decided I didn't want to pay their annual fee so I called them and canceled.I was told on the phone that the card was canceled but when I checked shows a balance of 35.00.How is that possible when I never used the card? Please help me to get them to fix this issue.


I called to cancel my card months ago because of the monthly fee. I was told the fee would be waived to keep my account with Credit One.
I just finished a complaint with the BBB and saw that there were many complaints about the unscrupulous business practice of this corrupt company.
I am going to talk to my clients and anyone else that would make the mistake of applying for this scam.
Disgusted with the liars, cheats and thieves that call themselves a legitimate business, CREDIT ONE IS A FRAUD.

Vicki S. James


was sent to outside collection agency as non payment when they refused to take my payments at credit one. refused to reinstate my account when i was making montly payments as promised.
even though they made mistakes they refuse to buy back the account and reported to my credit buerau that i refused to pay. when they refused my payments to begin with.
this company is shady after having an account for years they do not make things right.
i was in collections for 3 months and not a word from them had to find out when i checked my credit report that they charged my account off and reported false information.
i give them a negative o rating.
after hours of speaking with managers they still would not rectify the mess they put me in. the excuse they use is they were not allowed to call me.
that is the lamest thing i ever heard if your going into collections they should notify my mail email phone and i received zero. ! do not use them they are not worth the mess they put you in. if you want to be lied to and told they will buy back your account and then refuse to do so beware!!!!


I was approved and received my Capital One Platinum Card for $300. I even connected to your Capital One App on line. I have a user name and password. Yesterday, when I called the 800 number provided with my credit card, to activate my credit card, Customer Service was terrible. The representative could not speak fluent in English, it was very difficult to understand her, there was very loud back grown noise. I was informed, she was placing a restriction on my card because she didn't know who I was, and she needed more proof. I was trssferred to several other representatives whom I could not understand, even asked for a supervisor, but the call was disconnected. Sadly, it took several more phone calls before I could speak to someone that I could understand. She said I had to submit my ID for proof, she would send me an email that would link me to a secure line. The matter was bring turned over to the "back room." PLEASE NOTE: This was a humiliating, offensive, rude, demeaning experience. There was no just cause to be treated like this, all I did was call the 800 number provided, to activate my Capital One card. When I sent my ID to Capital One, I noted, it was sent to their Fraud Unit. Also, I never received any confirmation back from Capital One via email that my ID which is confindincial was in deed received. Case and Point: When someone restricts my credit card, you better have a good reason, and just cause, proof for taking such action. No information was provided to me, as to why my Capital One had placed the restriction on my card. Since, I was approved for a Capital One credit card, and received the card in the mail, why after the fact was the card restricted? I feel security should have been done beforhand. No one in customer service could give me a logical reason for taking this action, which deeply concerned me. I believe that "Your customer service representatives," should represent the Good Name of Capital One, and how they treat customers is a direct reflection on the good name of your company, Capital One. To say the least, Your Customer Service Department is unprofessional and unethical, and, I feel, they do not represent the good name of Capital One in good faith. I question the fact that your out sourcing American jobs from the USA. Look around, we have homeless people living in our streets who have no jobs. My father faught proudly in World 11, to defend, and protect our freedom, and this country and the rights of all Americans. I hope you will investigate this matter, so this does not happen to another customer, who simply applied for a Capital One Credit Card. This is inexcusable! Thank you for your assistance in regards to this matter, it is deeply appreciated.
Roseann Mattioli


my complaint is dealing with your customer service department, some one in that department is continuing to block me from going into my account so that I can see my account, it appears that one of your employees name Ryan if that is her real name is doing something to my account that needs to be checked out need it to be investigated, every time I go in to my account and they send me a verification number and I put it in it doesn't work between 04/11/2019 to 04/14/ 2019 I am unable to get thru and I haven't had that problem lately. the number that I call is 1-877-825-3242. its not right because you are on the phone and do whatever can do to make someone uncomfortable because you don't like when someone challenge your authority


I have received extremely poor customer service from this company. I have two accounts with this company, however one of my accounts closed without any notification. My account was active, and payments were received before they were due. I attempted to make an additional payment, however my bank assumed it was fraudulent activity, and denied the payment. When I noticed my credit card account did not receive my additional payment, I called immediately. The representative could not offer me any explanation as to why I did not receive a closing letter, she refused to transfer me to the collections department since my card was not closed due to lack of payment. and could not assist me in any other way. She just repeated the same sentence," your account was closed".

My advice to anyone with an account with Credit One Bank, do not open two accounts with this company. The company is unable to handle the payments on two accounts. The representatives are not all trained properly, and clearly can only read the sentences on the computer screen.


After my account was closed they feel that they can still charge late fees and interest rates. I had a card with Capital ONE and after an account is closed then the fees stop and it is to be turned over to a collection or just close the account. It is against the law to continue to let the account sit and just collect fees.


First of I am the spouse of a disabled vet and this is how credit one treats vets-
I have closed my credit card account with your bank due fraudulent charges your company had added to my account. I paid it in full and closed the account on 10/23/2017. Since that day you have marked my account late with the creditor bureau- stated it is still open on my credit report as of 11/3/17
Since then you have called on 10/24, 11/1, 11/9, 11/16 requesting the incorrect information be removed from my credit report and a fax be sent to me stating the account has been closed and there is a zero balance.
Again today 11/20 I called spoke with manager Brian for the 3rd time - was assured the fax would be sent, the erroneous marks would be removed from my report and the account would show closed.

This is effecting the purchase of a home and is costing $1000 a day for each day this request has not been done. I am requesting you please intervene and get this issue resolved prior to me moving forward with a suit and notifying media of the continued customer service issue.

I have contacted every customer service supervisor on their corporate org chart and still no assistance


My previous account with credit one bank had been past due, it was handed over to a collection agency. I called credit one to try and pay them directly so that I would be able to re establish credit. The service reps gave me the number to contact the agency who the account was passed to. The reason I was told is that they could not process my payment because the account is no longer with them. I was told that I could re apply after I handled the bill. I called and handle the entire balance over the phone. This occurred in January of 2016. I then contacted credit one to try to re open my account. I was told many different stories of which I found none of true. A supervisor came to the call and re assured me that she could see that the account was paid and satisfied. Then I was told that it may take up to a year for the system to catch up and clear my name to re open my account. Once I told her it had been well over a year, she told me she was putting a note in the system so that it would be handled and to go ahead and re apply in 30 days because the denial needs that time to process in the system. The time passed over and again, every time I reach out to a customer service rep they give me some story. My credit gets screwed up because not only cant I re open my account with credit one, I cannot open a card with others as well because credit one has it looking like they were never paid. I would like to re open my account, it would be nice if someone who knows the real rules to this credit one mess could give me a call. It was not listed upon application that if my account gets closed then paid off I wouldn't ever be able to re open an account with credit one. besides that fact a supervisor re assured me that I could go ahead and re apply after the 30 days. its been 5 months and still nothing but the same corny message that my application was denied because of a previous charged off account. My account was not charged off! It was paid in full. If the money needed to go straight to credit one then your employee should not have told me to contact the department that it was handed over to for collections. At this point I wish to either re open my account or have a member of your team contact the necessary people to get my credit report updated with the rite info. its really putting a dagger on my life because this credit bs is similar to the domino affect. once one falls they all begin to fall. I would like to establish my credit as I was attempting to when I contacted your employee to pay the bill. I can be reached bye mail at (9 crystal street apt.1. Monticello NY 12701) bye phone at 8455134225 or bye email at Please have someone who can take charge give me a call and help resolve this issue. last four ss#0199


I wish there was half a star before the first full one because Credit One company does not even deserve a one star rating. Every other credit card company gives bankruptcy customers a chance to re-establish their credit and after a run around of 3 or 4 phone calls and then me demanding to speak to the supervisor I was told that through the state of Nevada and their corporation that they don't, can't, and won't approve anyone who has a history with bankruptcy. What kind of crap is that? Besides that I got told 3 different stories on my previous account from 3 different people. Man! I'm so pissed right now. I was just trying to start over and they wanted to try and make me reliable for something I wasn't.


I closed my Credit One account many months ago. I was going online like clock work to make my payment all of a sudden I cant use the online account. It says my info is invalid of course now you have to call in and they want to make me pay a 9.00 fee just to make a payment. Worst mistake ever getting this card.


My October Credit One bill was due the17th, this is my first bill. I have tried and tried to put my bank info on my account continuously improve or pay that way. Every time I go to log in it says there's a problem with my login info. I reset my password every time and it still won't let me in. Now I finally called support since my bill was 2 days late and had them do it by phone costing me $10. They have called me 18 times, yes that is 18 times and its only 4 pm about my 2 day late payment. I tell them every time y'all have already called me. They say I'll put a note on the acct. Upset at this poor operations.


Didn't receive September statement. I called Credit One customer care line on 9-9-16 and spoke with Juan said he needed account number to assist me (didn't have on me). Called again on 9-10-16 (chose the Spanish, this time). Juan answered again but this time didn't ask for my account number. I politely asked him to please resend September bill and if the late payment fee can be waived. Juan had a fit! You think I was asking him to pay all my bills.

I asked him to relax as I was very calm. I said 'Juan its not my fault nor Credit One's fault things happen. He threatened to report my late payment to the Credit Bureaus wow! Who does this grouchy Juan think he is. All I asked is for the late payment fee be waived that's it. He is very unprofessional, rude, hyper, grouchy etc etc. Sounds as though he doesn't enjoy his job that's not good for you. Anyhow I also think he has the Napoleon complex.

All the options for help on the website still do not result in speaking with a helpful and intelligent live human.


I received a very unfriendly, disrespectful service in while speaking with Credit One yesterday. Although my complaint was heard by an official who, apparently, was informed by the culprit of my dissatisfaction, I am still not convinced that the matter would be correctly handled and the necessary steps taken.


Why does it take a full day for a check that I deposit into my account to clear? When it was Credit One, they allowed checks to be available immediately. In addition Credit One allowed for 4 non-Credit One ATM withdrawals a month. On the 5th time, they charged a fee. With First National, one cannot use a non-First National ATM without getting charged a $2.50.

Due to this I am forced to drive to the bank just to withdrawal money and oftentimes it is out of the way for me on my daily commute. ATM fees are pure robbery, plain and simple. I highly doubt that it actually costs the bank any money. It's just an excuse for them to take what is yours. I am so fed up with this bank and their policies.


On the 4th of April I went to withdraw money to one of standard Credit One banks ATM. It is the only one which is near to my place I tried 1200 refused, 1000 again it refused, 250 done the same thing. The following day I went to my local Credit One branch to lodge the complaint and they told me to wait for 5 days that 5 days is finished. So, I waited and then tried call the branch but I haven't get my money yet.


I believe I was a victim of fraud by this bank, taking over 2,500 from me. If I do not get it back soon, I will let the BBB know and the Federal Trade Commission for sure.


Credit one bank is a fraud. I still have at lease three more copies of the message when i told them to cancel the credit one bank card to be canceled the 8-15-2015. They have been sending me statements saying i owe them more and more money each month when i sent them a message to close the credit card account and the cut up in bits and pieces credit card the 8-15-2015.


I had a investment at Credit One Bank and needed money after 2 months. They charged me a penalty fee. I reinvested more and 4 months later my car broke down and I had to get the investment loose to buy another car. This time they took more for penalty fees, the more I complained the less it helped me, no one was willing to assist me. I even complained to the Credit One corporate headquarters. They said it would take 20 working days, it is more than 60 days and now they don't even answer my emails. I am thinking to take the case to the newspapers or someone else.


My balance and available credit was showing difference that's why I called the Credit One Bank customer service. He could not explain this properly. Then I told him I wanted to talk someone else at the corporate level. He spoke with a bad attitude and hung up the phone. I am strongly considering leaving this bank and going somewhere else.


Credit One Bank is easy to get credit cards within a minute. I enjoyed to design my own credit card as per my budget and easy documentation saved my time. I am getting free credit scores and automatic gas rewards for my car services. I really thank Credit One Bank for well managed services and customer centric approach. If you have a plan to get a credit card, log on Credit One Bank website right away and avail the wonderful benefits with special discounts and cash back offers. Make a right choice for right financial management plans.

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