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I paid my access fee of $95.00 by Debit Card on 06/11/2019. The same night, I attempted to make a purchase with my card and it was denied. I contacted Premier and the Lady advised me that my card had been flagged and suspended. She did not know why. She advised me to submit proof of my identity by mail. This made me even more furious. She transferred me to another person and I went through the same ordeal with her. The end result was that my account would be deleted immediately and the $95.00 access fee would be refunded within 1 - 2 days. As of yet, this has not happened. I have never before encountered anything so stressful in my life. Please respond to this complaint either by email or telephone asap. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Respectfully submitted.


My credit card was suspended on 6/07/19.was told it was did because I paid bill with more than one debit card. and to send proof they're mine. they received fax from me this Monday; but they keep telling me 3to5 days maybe. Won't release my 200. And keep getting run around. please help.


I filed a dispute on or around Jan 28, 2019 and sent in all supporting documents. I haven't heard anything back each time I call, I get a different answer. Today I was told they don't recevied emails. Then I asked for a supervisor and was told she don't show any information I've submitted. When I gave her the date and time somehow she found it. This was indeed the email that I was told to email. Her and I were going back and forth wow what kind of leadership was this is all I could think. She then said it take 90 day's. I informed her I was never told that. SHe told me everyone gave me wrong information and she was sorry. Rosa( the supervisor) put the blame on me in so many words. This call need to be pulled. She was very rude. Talked over me. I had to end the call because it was going no where. Please have someone at the corprate level contact me back.


They are very high on the annual fees, activation fees, high interest rates. Why are they in business anyways? They are not work keeping in my wallet. I am going to call them up and say, that's it, no more. I will simply pay off the balance, and totally close them out. I have enough of their evil tactics in the past, and I wish I never had them in the first place. If you want a card like this, better chances you will be paying big money with these people, and they will screw you over left and right. I feel this company needs to be secretly investigated for their unfair practices, and poor customer service. They are not worth the plastic they created the card. I hope someone can do something with these people, they are not treating their customers fairly and with respect.


I have had to jump thru more hoops to prove i am who i say i am. They have held almost $500 of mine b/c they say I am fraudulently funding my cc with my own checking account... my bank has faxed them 5 times proof that i am the account holder, i have faxed them statements as well 4 times.. they “never received these verifications” amd only allow faxes. I have been proving who i am for over a month with zero resolution and zero money back or credit available..


Worst credit card experience I have ever had close out my account years years ago want low my interest rate balance stays the same you this is ripe off company


I have been paying $25 a month for about six years in my daughter's credit card. Payments are not posting. I call First Premier customer relations to find out where my money is and they can't give me any information about her account. I understand that, I want to know where my money is. Hundreds of dollars and they can't talk to me about my money?


I had an account with 1st premier bank. I did have a family emergency which did put me late. First premier called me and I did bring the account way above current. I was told the account was on suspension but they would reopen the account. That was back on May-I have stayed current and I did call today(8/25) about the card and I was told that since it was in suspension for 90 days(which I knew nothing about)-you closed my account. I have not received any letters stating this fact.

Your customer service is very rude and very un-informed. No one ever told me you would be closing my account. You need to be more informative to your customers. I do not feel I should suffer due to your customer service people lack of knowledge-giving wrong information. I need to know how you will remedy this. Why should I be tinged on my credit report-showing closed account because of your companies lack of care to your customer. Awaiting your response. Please respond or I will take this complaint higher up to the First Premier CEO and corporate headquarters.


I was deployed to Iraq from 2008-2009. While in combat my current wife Kimberly Brown who has scoliosis of the spine and was hospitalized several times, failed to pay my bill. She at the time also had two master cards or visas from premier in her name. She was able to get her cards reinstated but not mine. This was alarming and I have spoke to your team of experts several times about removing this after paid in full from my credit report. Simple matter it should not have been reported once my ex contacted you and informed them I was in Iraq.

I have since then deployed again several times in both Iraq and Afghanistan and Iraq. I was blown up in 2012 and medically discharged with 100 percent disability. Due to my recommendations of being put in for two Purple Hearts and an Army Medal for Valor I have come into contact with key National News Media Programs. My most recent was the Case with Santander's and myself from 2008 while deployed in Iraq. Though I won in Arbitration for them repossessing my car while in Iraq, The Dept. of Justice sued them for millions and settled for 100,000. I was on fox and friends etc if you dare doubt my integrity.

I have been fighting for years to pay this bill off of approximately 380.00 combined on 2 accounts for years now. I have recently informed the military branch who recommends all US Soldiers to be banned from using services of agencies who are abusing rights of Soldiers and or act immorally and unethically towards them. I have been asked by 3 major news articles and know two major news broadcast agencies who are interested in my story. It saddens me that though technically you may have the right to do this it is shocking after all the sacrifices I have went through and the circumstances involved your company still refuses to allow me pay the 380.00 on Feb 01, 2016 and remove from my credit card all negative activity. their not deneying me to pay it off just simply wont remove from credit reports.

I spent 2 years in the hospital in army from my injuries and now able to fight for what should have been done years ago. I guess you can say this is opening a new can of worms iaw with my Senators and congressman who are about to look into these events and see if this has been an on occurring event for military deployed. New laws need to be written apparently to prevent Soldiers from cases like your company. The sad part is I wanted to pay this off years ago but was refused to have it removed from my credit report. Now after speaking to a supervisor today I see that drastic matters need to take place.

So I am giving your complaint dept. 10 days to respond to my request before my pro bono legal firms,media contacts, military investigations and congressional issues start. In the military I always afforded my chain of command an opportunity to handle issues at the lowest level. I am doing the same for you. My fight will not cost me a dime out of my pocket. I will not rest till the over all principle is completed. I will gladly fight over $5 if that it improved the lives of others and or my integrity was being questioned. We all have Mission Statements I am curious to see how yours pans out!


Sometime in November 2015, I was offer a First Premier Bank credit card. Here is my complaint. I talk to a representative that inform me that the annual fee was 95. 00 dollar. She explain that I had to send the 95.00 dollars first to open the account. First Premier bank took out 95.00 dollars from my US bank checking account. Later I was sent a credit card with a balance of 200.00 dollars.

Which I was told it was a 400.00 credit card. I called the bank and was told an annual fee of 75.00 dollar was added. So in other words the representative manipulated me into getting the credit card. And did not tell me that some more charges was going to be added. First Premier Bank card account number was correct and corporate still screwed me over.


First Premier Bank is the best place where I got my debit & credit cards easily with safer documentation. Personal banking, mobile banking, more reward points, retirement plans, investment plans are the special services available for the privileged customers. Making your financial transactions in the current busy life will be more easier only with secured Bankers and I feel that First Premium Bank is the right choice which I have opted. After opening the account, I have registered for online banking and receiving my statements regularly, pay bills ontime and manage my financial transactions easily.

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