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One Travel is an online flight, car rental and hotel e-commerce that uses 450 airlines and promises low fare throughout your experience. There are over 2,000 employees.

To reach customer service, call 1-800-428-8821. You can also find Customer Support here. To write a letter to entrepreneur and CEO, Werner Kunz, address an envelop with 1050 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA. The corporate office phone number is 702-650-5405.

Boasting 24/7 Customer Service, low fares and VISA/passport assistance One Travel has social support on Facebook and Twitter.

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I bought a ticket from your website for Jan 28, roundtrip yvr-doh leaving at 10:25am(Vancouver time). I got an email stating my itinerary and went to the airport. Upon checking-in, they couldn't find my booking. I called your customer support and he said that the payment didnt go through. He proceeded on offering me to book the same flight at a much higher price, sine the previous price is not available anymore. I didnt say yes, I said I will think and requested a call back. I wasn’t able to answer the call back because I was busy.

10-15 minutes before 10:25am, an alert for the credit card stated that money was used to purchase a ticket, simultaneously, I received an email stating the booking for that flight. Said flight does not include the first leg of the journey, the first layover!

Im trying to reach them but they transfer me to another department or no one is answering my calls!!! NEVER BUY FROM THIS SITE!!!


VERY VERY VERY bad experience. They change my schedule,didn’t give me details about it,they told me to call the airline company to deal with the change. I called non stop for a few days and no results. I asked to talk to a manager and a supervisor called me after two days. My flight is after tomorrow and they told me there is an issue with the ticket; I am waiting for a call back for about 11 hours and nobody called to inform me about my ticket. DON’T recommend !!! VERY VERY BAD SERVICE; UNPROFESSIONAL


Ok so I thought I bought a OneTravel flight for about $1400, went to purchase it and the final page said now your flight is $4000, do you want to buy this. Of course no, so I went back into the site and thought I found the similar flight plan and bought that one. I didn't notice until 15 minutes later that the lay over was in Chicago not London as previously thought. I phoned and talked to an agent and they said they would look into changing my itinerary.

They never called back so I went to the change itinerary page and booked the change I mistakenly did it twice as I thought it hadn't gone through. So now the airline tried my visa and of course I don't have money for two different flights. I phoned and an agent said you would refund me the original flight and to phone in 7days to rebook.This is crazy and now I've seen the same flight on for cheaper than yours. So what is going to be done? Very convoluted.


Under no circumstances should you use this company unless you want to be scammed. Made my reservation for 11/23/16. They arbitrarily changed it to 11/25 to take advantage of the fare they quoted. They never told me such action was being taken. Furthermore, I had to insist on receiving a written confirmation of my flight. When I went to check the reservation, I noticed a different date than what was requested. They claim I was okay with flexible dates; flexible dates are fine if someone tells you what dates correspond with what fares.

When I went to correct their error, I was told there would be an enormous change fee and a higher fare for the date I wanted. Notified my credit company that I am disputing the charge. Filing a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency and Better Business Bureau. The State Attorney General is also being contacted to investigate the firm. And finally, I will be taking One Travel Booking to Small Claims Court.


I have been calling the Onetravel customer service department to change my flight due to insufficient lay over time for my connecting flight. I have purchased 7 tickets but did not receive ANY assistance. I have been speaking with supervisors and even a manager who promised to call me back so resolve the matter but have not received all the promised call backs. Even the manager named Grover did not comply with his promise and instead sent me an e-mail saying that the amount of time is sufficient as per the airline. However I received a all directly from the airline saying that the layover time is not enough and i have to call the agency.

I called the agency but again was not receiving any assistance instead i am being transferred from one person to another. This is creating so much hassle and problem to me. I informed the previous 2 supervisors and the manager that if this won't be resolved I will file a report and even consulted an attorney about my next step with your company. Whatever service i am receiving is totally unacceptable. The employees are very unreliable including the manager who is supposed to be knowledgeable about his job.

I have been trying to resolve this for almost 3 months and nothing is being done. My flight is coming in a few weeks but still I am not sure if we are able to make our flight due to the short connection flight. Again, as i mentioned to all your employees, if this is not going to be resolve. I will make a report to the BBB as well for unfair practices. I will never recommend this agency to anyone. It was a very big mistake that I even booked a flight with you I am a frequent traveler and have never experience such inconvenience.


Reference: Booking #33948089. I was charged $25.90 for receiving pre-assigned seats that One Travel was unable to get as the airline had blocked the seats on the flight from North Bend, Oregon to Portland, Oregon. I was notified that I would receive a credit in about two billing cycles. I have e-mailed twice about the fact that a credit has never been received. Please check onto this and refund my money. This was a PenAir flight on 9 April 2016.




I want a call from the corporate office. The message is to long. Or we can argue through charges on my card that were not supposed to be there. I have an urgent billing complaint, and should be taken seriously. Otherwise I will have no choice but to share this with my friends on social media.


Booking ID: 31811139. I was trying to book a round trip from Oklahoma City, OK (OKC) to Ft. Myers, FL (RSW). I inadvertently ended up with a one-way booking to Sarasota, FL (SRQ). I had to call customer service department to get this booking changed. I received an email confirming the correct booking to Ft. Myers & the American Airlines website shows the correct booking information. However, on the website, the booking information still shows the incorrect booking information to Sarasota, FL. Two phone calls and a couple of hours on the phone to two different people has failed to get this corrected and neither of the agents has ever bothered to call me back. How hard can it be to get the correct itinerary info on the website and issue the electronic tickets?


Recently I have had a extremly unpleasant experince, actualy was a nightmere in dealing with a travel company. Being temted by a good price, I called One Travel. Com, a travel agency and somebody from India answered my call and after of 3-4 ours of going back and forward I gave my visa information. As soon I received the ticket(s) I learnt that the charge was in US currency and before I hang the phone I requested to cancel my request. I was transfered to custemer service and I was in position of being humiliated and negociating of getting my money back. Guess what, they charge me a fee for two tickets (over $200.00/ticket) although I canceled the tickets immediately and there was a difference in minus of exchange currency. I contacted my bank and requested an investigation. Please, DO NOT USE ONE TRAVEL.COM agency, you will loose money and you will be very frustrated. I will NOT recommend this company, please stay away from them, it is for your benefit.

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