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I have some issues with Bow Mitsubishi in Calgary and would like you to share them with you.When i went to dealership nobody came and try to find out what i need until i went and asked a few questions.After i decided for 2018 RVR i went the following day to finish everything and it took them about 3 hours to finish the papers and still have to go again after 2 days get the car. I did feel some sale people didn't know much about the cars they have and its futures and needed to ask each other. When i got the car i went home and smelled like rubber burning from the car as it is new i said maybe that's why but to make sure called and left a message and emailed and after one week when i complained some tried to contact me.I was really shocked and didn't expect that from a dealership.Also i found scratch front bottom of car next to light and they didn't tell me anything about it and i know i should check my fault i trusted them I asked that the sale person who sold me the car not to contact me but he call me 2 times and i feel the communication in this place is horrible or they don't care about what you saying Also when contacted Mitsubishi Canada they asked me to contact the dealership to fix the problem not to let the dealership call me i never heard of this before
I will not let this go is not about anything but honesty and hold people accountable for what they doing

complained about it and i can't believe that a manger do all this and he should be a good example and picture for the company.Also there is scratch on the front of the car next to the light that nobody told me about and i know i should check but i trusted them as dealership and company like Mitsubishi will not do something like that to their customers but i think i was wrong and i learn it my lesson but i will make sure that everyone knows about what happened to me and will contact the main office in Japan if i have to.I will not go back there for service and will not recommend to anyone



Dear Sirs,

I own a Mitsubishi Outlander 2015, I have bought it 2.5 years ago, I have done all services regarding Mitsubishi Service Manual timing in authorized agents.
When I went to an authorized agent for 105,000 Km service, experts found some oil in cooling water expansion tank. More researches proved that Gearbox oil has entered cooling water.
The situation was reported to central experts of Mitsubishi distributor and after a while, without any test or investigation, they easily accused me that I have used non original coolant , therefore that non original coolant has caused weariness in heat exchanger/warmer unit of gearbox and I could not use warranty for repairing my car!
When I told them that nobody poured coolant in the container, as per periodic inspections done by authorized experts, there was no need to do that they did not accept.
When I asked them how did they reach to such a nonsense result , the said " From color of the coolant"!!!
Now, my car is stooped there for about one month and I am still waiting for them to repair it.
I would be pleased if you follow this issue and advise what shall I do?
Best Regards
Atef Khaniab Nejad


I received recall notice for my outlander car. There after I called on and scheduled appointment on 6/8/2019 at dealership center located at airport freeway Irving TX. This was a second recall as the same dealership failed fix the issues during first recall notice received sometimes in 2018. I called the dealership prior to going to make sure that parts are in stock and I was told there is no issue this time. After dropping of my car I received a phone call from service manager that they do not have parts in stock and hence pick up the car. I went to dealership and picked up my car and expresses my frustration as this happened second time with me. Service manager was rude and told me that if you want to complaint then go ahead and gave me phone wrong phone number to complaint and told me that do not come here as I do not need your business.
I never that company like Mitsubishi retains these types of people in the service who do not have manner to behave with customers.
Hope my recall issues will be resolved respectfully.


Hardevsinh Jadeja


On May 30th I took my 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 to the La Porte Mitsubishi Dealer where I bought my car. Because on May 29th my husband hit the trunk release leaver on the inside the car. The trunk lid popped open. He got out went to shut the trunk lid and it would not shut. He back it under the carport, got out and looked at it. The trunk latch was not working right. I told him to bungy it close I would take it to the dealer have them fix it. So on May 30th I went to La Porte Mitsubishi at about 9:00am. Talked to service manager (Brian) he said I will take it back and look at it that it may take 30 minutes. I said ok. Brain came to me me about 10 minutes and said that we had dented the truck lid. It was not dented when I brought it in, it was the latch that wasn't catching. Brian said this is the way you brought it in and it wasn't in warranty. I went out and looked at it and it was all cocked to one side and not sitting right with the body lines. I told him that isn't the way you got it when i brought it in. Brian argued with me with a rude attitude. I went to customer service ask to speak with the dealership manager Kenneth O`Kane. We all meet at the car one again was told it wasn't under the factor warranty. Then Brian walked off. Kenneth and another mechanic started working on the trunk lid. Then bent it , twisted it , took it lose from the hinges, took the latch out bent some metal mounting brackets, took and moved the latch on the body, would shut it and work some more on it. At one point the mechanic said the latch on the trunk lid is broke, Kenneth said yes it is but make it work. During this I stated to video what they were doing Kenneth ask me why are you videoing us. I told him well if you'll cause more damage, Kenneth told his mechanic stop working and looked at me and said get your shit out of my lot. The mechanic keep working on it. They got it closed we opened it again and it closed. When I got home opened the trunk to show my husband what they did and a piece of plastic fell out of the trunk lid latch. Now it want shut again.


I went to La Porte Mitsubishi on 5-30-2019 about my 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 trunk not wanting to close. Service manager came out took my car to the back. Came back and told me my trunk was bent. The dealership manager and another mechanic started working on it bending the trunk lid they got it to shut and when I got home opened the trunk and the plastic part of the latch broke. They bent my trunk lid. The mechanic that was working on it said the latch was broke. My car has 46,000 miles and is still under factory warranty bumper to bumper. There is a recall on this car for airbag sensor. They have not notified me about this recall. It was in there shop and let the car go without fixing this recall. When I was video them working on the trunk lid the dealership manager asked me why I was videoing them I
told him why he said stop working on it and told me get your shit off my lot.





We brought a use 535i BMW Gt.The sunroof cover was messed up.We wanted it fix, they had us pay $1,000 for the repair we were told it will be ready on Monday.Well Monday came we heard nothing so my husband call them they said the part wasn't in yet it should be ready Thursday of cause Thursday came no one called us so my husband went to the dealership to talk to them they said it was at the BMW shop
Well I called the BMW shop they said they don't have the car there. So we are very unhappy if we don't get the car today. We want our money back we will go buy a car somewhere else.We will never buy a car from City Mitsubishi again. And I will be filing a complaint with BBC too.


I bought a car at the Mitsubishi triplex office in cherry hill New Jersey and was misled and charged an unfair price on a used car. This is consumer fraud because the car was advertised at a cheaper price online and I was charged more. I was told one price and was given another price. Also, there was optional charges that I was not explained to about. I have tried to contact the dealership with no success. I would like someone to contact me or I will take legal action. My phone number is+18563047026.


I bought a ductless heat pump six years ago and it no longer works. I was happy with it until two weeks ago until the fan started to make noise. The installing electricians came out and said the Mr. Slim heat pump was no longer made and that they could not get into the fan blades to even clean them. ( They Quoted me $200 just to clean the fan blades)(to much but I was fine with that)They say they can not even use the outside unit since it can only be used with the Mr. Slim unit and it is no made. $4700 is to much to pay for unit that can not be fixed or replaced for six years use wouldn't you say. Or are the installers full of #@*!. Please respond


I bought a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander 7 passenger brand new for my wife.Their was Noise coming from exhaust took to (Motor World in Wilskbare pa) replace a pipe,still hering noise. Took it back again was told nothin wrong! check it out myself and the whole Top of muffle had a big hole in it, and loud noise coming from resonator! Made another app. told them what I found fix muffler and was told they check all fluids and brakes everything was good. Drove home and it seem like the car wasn’t shifting check transmission dip stick and it was brown fluid should be pink!! I bought a extended bumper to bumper warrenty when I purchased the car don’t know if I have towing on it or car rentals motor world is the close to my house and they suck


I purchased a Mitsubishi lancer at the Mitsubishi dealer in Victorville, ca on July 07, 2018. My plates expired on 09/2018 and still have not received my tags for my plates. The dealer in Victorville directed me to the Mitsubishi dealer in Costa Mesa since they are in charge of the dmv process. I've called them and spoke to Karen and they given me the run around for the past 2 1/2 months. They told me that the vehicle I bought had a lien on my vehicle. I've spoke to the manager also and she has done nothing to help me. I've even got stopped by police because of my plates and they stated that I need to fix the issue and that I would be given a warning. This has been the worst with the dealer in Costa Mesa. I am so upset that they cannot help me and all they do is give me the run around. I wish I was able to return it back and avoid this headache. Never will I purchase a vehicle with them.


I went to City Mitsubishi 10575 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville,Fl 3225 I was their for a buy back service I suppose to get smart watch and choice of one of 4-prizes it was so bad they couldn't find the gifts and then they gave me a cruise but it was not free it cost 500.00 dollars every time I go their or call Mr.Melvin Jackson we cant or no one return our call I don't like to be Lied too thank you concern costumer.Phone 904-232-0541 home 904-641-2325.


I purchased my 2017 Outlander Sport ES on 12-4-17 from the Mitsubishi dealership at 431 Hospitality Lane, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579 During the purchasing process, I had requested numerous times that I wanted a car with a navigation system because I drive for my job. I was told numerous times that it has a navigation system. So I decided to purchase the car even though I did not really want to spend that much money but I did so just for the navigation system. When I returned home with my new car I discovered there was no navigation system. I called the dealer and they told me I needed to download an app onto my phone and it would work off that. I did so and still no navigation system. I returned to the dealership and was told that this model did not come with a navigation system. At that time I was told they would look for a car at the dealership that had a navigation system and switch it out for me. They said they would call me when they found one. I did not receive a call so a week later I called them and at that time I was told there were no available systems to switch out and they would talk to their manager and call me back. a week later I had not received a call so I called back and was given the run around again saying they are still trying to figure out what to do and they would call me back. When my survey came I gave a bad report and within 2 hours they had called me and told me I could either have a new system put in or purchase a new car. I told them I just wanted the new system with the navigation on it. They said they would call me back. Again no call, so I called them and they said to come in. I went in and spoke with Chris Thompson the sales manager and he said he would order a system for me and would call when it was in. Again no call so I called him and he said the weather was bad and could not get ahold of the company that would install it. and that he would call me. Again no call so I called him and he said that they ordered it and it came in but they do not know if they can install it because there is a special BAR that it needs to set on and they don't know if this car has that bar and he would call me and let me know. To this date, I have not heard from him and have tried to call but cannot reach him. I believe I have been scammed. I would not have purchased this car if I had known it did not have a navigation system in it. and the fact that no one returns my calls and gives me nothing but excuses is good reason for me to believe this. I would like this situation resolved asap. I am hoping that you may be able to help me. Please contact me at 440-610-7526 to let me know what you can do.


service has been HORRIBLE! I have had a complaint since 2015 and it has NOT been handled! WORSE service in the auto industry I have EVER encountered! Have not been able to contact mediation manager, nor customer service. I will NEVER recommend a Mitsubishi or their service to anyone!

M. Zaino 850-602-0843


The recent television commercial for Mitsubishi Outlander is just absolutely annoying and irritating. It just makes me switch off. It would have to be one of the most annoying songs on television at the moment. It just makes me cringe and want to get up and walk out of the room. Its like a form of pathetic torture. What moron decided on that song for an advertising campaign? Its just plain annoying and stupid.


My vote is less than 1. What is it with Mitsubishi Service Dept. MacMulkin Car Dealership 5 Rockne Dr. Nashua NH. Made 2 appt's for Protective Coating Purchased with Car. Both were not scheduled by the service department as promised and I am forced to either do it myself and bring it to the coating dealer or continue paying for a product I have never received. Also my service light after the service was performed still goes off when I start my car. Just reached 2000 miles. This is my 5th Mitsubishi.

I went to another dealer in a neighboring state because of the horrible service I received from my last dealer. Now receiving the same unacceptable service with my new dealer. Well my lease is for 3 years. Based on the horrible and unacceptable service received after purchasing your vehicles this will be my last. I really love your cars. But based on service after purchasing this will definitely be my last. Hate dealing with you after I purchase the last two. Your service departments take no responsibility and just smile and say I am sorry. Well my time is just as expensive a your service and I am not willing to pay for any of it. If the free first inspection is anything like what I will need to pay for going forward, I am not willing to pay for it.

My compliant is so you will looking into your services departments that care for your customers after purchase. They are really lacking in what they are supposed to be providing which is service. Your vehicles will not sell them selves with out the proper customer care they should be providing which is service.


My husband traded our Mitsubishi 2011 triton on a Friday at 4:30pm for a 2016 triton and he passed away the next day. He had only driven it 5k home. We immediately asked for help wanting to return vehicle but were treated with no compassion at a very heartbreaking time and 3 months on still no resolution.

Note: this complaint has been resolved according to the consumer. Mitsubishi corporate provided an acceptable solution.


I have a broken rear glass in the lift up door of my new 3 months old Pajero QE Sport and I am told Mitsubishi have no spare glass in Australia and I need to wait 6-8 weeks for one to come from Japan. What sort of rubbish service is that?


Mitsubishi TVs it's been 6 years and my 65 inch TV has stopped working. It comes on then after a few minutes goes of nothing appears on the screen.


I purchased a 2014 Kia Optima from Albany Mitsubishi in December 2015. I paid 2,000 dollars down payment and monthly payments of 547.00 a month. On 4/4/16 I returned the car because it was smoking from the tail pipe. They told me at Kia of Albany that it was a internal problem with the motor. The salesman at Albany Mitsubishi told me that there was a chance that they would not repair it, even though I have a 60,000 mile warranty. The car only had 24,000 mile when I purchased it. They told me they needed records of oil changes done by the owners before me before they can fix it. I just don't understand why I have to suffer the actions of others. I only had this car 3 and a half months. I believed the sale man when he told me I was getting a great deal, but come to find out I purchased a lemon. Only thing I want is for some one to PLEASE help me. I understand this is not a Mitsubishi but they do represent the Mitsubishi brand.


I purchase a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport on 3/15. I was told by the sales person Scott Payne at Gilma Mitsubishi that I was getting 2 keys with the vehicle but he did not had the second key and was going to call me back to get the second key. I have being calling and leaving messages with the Mitsubishi corporate offices with my complaints and getting no call back.

Today when I call and asked to reporting he answer and told me he does not have the key. I believe that if I was promise this I should get my key and it should be the dealer responsibility to keep the promise. He assure me I was getting the second key and know they are backing out on that promise. I fell Mitsubishi should be responsible and provide me the second key for the vehicle.


I have never owned a Mitsubishi before but have test-driven and ridden in several over the years. They always strike me as a fairly cheaply made car, which is why I never bought one. I have had friends with Eclipse's, and Montero's as well as a 3000GT. Each one rattled, made noise, and felt like it was about to fall apart. I can imagine if I owned one I would be complaining regularly about this car.


Driving on the freeway on 10-18-2015, my Eclipse, started to vibrate/shake, lost the ability to accelerate, check engine light came on, vehicle started to smoke (under the hood), while in the fast lane on the freeway, had to cross lines of traffic to pull the car off onto an off ramp. Took to mechanic, told of the issues hose broke, leaked into transmission/radiator. Took to Mitsubishi where I was told to by dealership (where I purchased the lemon and where my extended warranty was held). Mitsubishi told me that Ford warranty company would not cover anything to repair the vehicle.


Due to the manufacturing default, my Mitsubishi Lancer has forced to do skimming on the Rotor Disc periodically (Once in 6 to 8 months), the last time (2 year ago) when the workshop did their skim on the front Rotor discs, it went spoiled not functioning at all. The engineer replaced a new one for me, but it only last 2 years or less than 35000km and spoiled again, after the workshop went to do the Rotor discs skimming. All those costs (changing absorbs) I have to bear on it by myself. I hope Mitsubishi can take things seriously when those issues are caused by your company but not the consumers.


The best motors from Japan are made only in Mitsubishi. At least that is what they tell you when you look to buy one. Mitsubishi has become world's top automobile manufacturing brand because of it's quality. However, I feel like that is slipping lately. They have stretched manufacturing and sales to Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Oceania and North America. Specifications differ as per the locations, but shouldn't quality always be the same?

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