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Awful customer service and awful cheap car. 2019 discovery literally falling apart. Corporate won’t return my calls or messages


Hi i have a 2017 Range Rover Land Rover with suspension issues that tow dealers - Glen Cove and Freeport Long Island failed to correct. The vehicle is lease and still under warranty. The vehicle has an unsafe, unstable ride. Yesterday I lost control of the vehicle and spun out of control narrowly missing a pedestrian. I've been to two dealerships with this complaint but the problem still persists. I no longer want to drive this vehicle. I do not feel safe in it.


My car was towed to Land Rover San diego on evening of September 10th
On Thursday the 12th I had to call them to find out status...after being put on hold numerous times I was given my service advisor (chris) voice
mail....left a message on the 13 he called said the only problem was the battery needed to be replaced and was under warrenty. then he
up sold me to do the 15,000 mile check or 1 year which I said was fine and that they wanted to rotate tires once again fine. we will deliver
your car to you on Saturday..Monday at the latest...fine.....on wenesday I called where is my car...we will deliver it tomorrow it is now
nearly 4pm no call....called him got voice mail Again! so the chance of it being delivered today is probably NONE

I was told when I purchased the car I was a vip member....the car was $120,000 range rover sport v8 etc....

what has happened to me on this its first service Has made me decide that Range Rover/ Land Rover is not worth the trouble!
the last thing I want to do is have to make daily or multiple calls to a dealer that's why its call SERVICE....You have NONE!


I brought my 2018 Velar in for the 16,000 mile service on 10/7. Shortly after this service, I received sporadic "low battery, start the ignition" alerts. After seeing the alert two days in a row, I phoned the dealership on 11/14 to speak to a service representative. I was concerned there was an issue as I had not seen these alerts prior to the car being serviced. I've had previous experiences where the battery died; however, it was clearly my error as I left the door ajar or the glove box open. Since there was no indication of an open door, etc., I was concerned.

I was connected with Shane from the Chantilly office service department. When I described the situation, Shane dismissed my concern and told me I just needed to drive the car around and that the electronic systems were likely the issue. I told him I have not been using the car as much; however, I questioned whether this was the issue. From my perspective, if I was to go on extended travel and the vehicle stayed dormant, I should not have to worry about it starting up upon my return. Needless to say, this morning, 11/16 my battery is dead.

This makes no sense to me. I have had numerous issues with this vehicle that were initially explained away...and I later learned were known issues. As a result, there is a serious lack of confidence in the explanations provided by the service representatives and the vehicle's reliability. I need a full explanation as to why I would need to drive the vehicle if there was no direct pull on the battery.

Seturah Foxx


Customer Service
Land Rover

On 09/13/2018 at approximately 5:40 p.m. in the city of Duluth, GA, when I was driving my Land Rover, a light went on in the control panel of my car and suddenly it stopped as if I had a severe damage, its speed was abruptly decreased and risking being hit by a car coming behind me because it was constantly braking and without warning, I had to stop completely and immediately take the owner's book to verify what I should do. When I found the answer and said that I should decelerate and immediately approach an authorized dealer for review since it was a delicate situation, and according to the book: "must proceed immediately", this worried me and immediately followed the instructions of the book and directed me to the nearest dealer. Some minutes before 6:00 p.m., when arriving and approaching the counter of the dealer entrance located at 3423 OLD NORCROSS ROAD DULUTH, GA. There I asked the lady of the reception what to do and explained the situation, she cordially greeted me and proceeded to ask to a young man who was sitting next to her in this reception and checking the cell phone, if he thought he could help me , without taking his eyes off his cell phone, continued texting on his mobile phone, and said: "We are already closed and you must make an appointment", without looking up from his cell phone. Because they were two young people, I assumed that they might not be familiar with the procedure and because of their lack of experience, they acted in a derogatory way towards me, so I proceeded to ask them to lend me a pen and a piece of paper to write a note where It will be noted that I had been present at the appointed time, since my car has an extended warranty, which I bought the day that I purchased my Land Rover and did not want to jeopardize the safety of my family that was with me at that time or those of who drove behind my car, or expose my car even to a greater damage. When requesting this, they told me they would not do it, so I asked them to please call the manager on duty, after a long wait for several minutes, a man named "Tom" approached me and verified what I said in my car, He answered that he could not do anything to help me because the service technicians had left and I have woul have to come back the next day and make an appointment. I explained that I had an important work appointment the next morning outside of the city and that if he could offer another solution, he answered "no" again. So I asked him to give me a note of constancy that I had been there at that time and he told me verbatim that "not because his lawyer would kill him", upon hearing this I asked me to repeat what he had said and then I grab my cell phone to record his voice and his response (I have the recording ), at that time he refused and left me, I followed him and he entered in the Dealer closing the door in my face and did not give me any other alternative to solve my problem leaving me without any option but to leave with my car in the conditions in which it had arrived.
Today I wonder:
1. For what offer an excellent service, if you don't have the staff trained in customer service to provide it?
2. Is it a reason that my car is only a LE model and not a higher price to serve me like any other Land Rover customer and not in a different way?
3. Do you not consider that they should publish that they do not have service in the hours offered?
4. What is the use of the owner's manual, if the service providers can not follow the protocol?
5. Should a lawyer be hired to request a note that the client followed what was written in the manual so as not to put the employee's life at risk with the Land Rover's lawyers as expressed by his employee "Tom"?
Finally I want to share that I had always been very satisfied with your services before and with my Land Rover LE, so much so, that since the purchase of my vehicle, I had had the plan to take good care of it in order to to give it to my son in May 2019 at his graduation from high school to use it in his college, because he and I have had always loved the Lan Rover brand, and it meants a lot to be able to receive it from me, and for this reason both for him and for me, this car has had a special value in my home, and then I would do my upgrade to a Land Rover vehicle 2019. Last and most delicate, I do not want to think that it is a form of racial discrimination because I am Latino from Miami and I do not deserve the same attention as people of the same ethnicity as Mr. Tom, I hope that this is not the reason.
With great sadness for what happened and with a deep disappointment, I hope I get a satisfactory response to what happened, because not only I felt frustrated myself, but also my wife had to witness this humiliation to which we were subjected.


Dorian A. Velez
DDS-West Palm Beach. FL.


I have a Land Rover evoque which is not even a year old. This car is a lemon. It has been in the shop more than it has been on the road. I drive alone as a woman many miles in remote areas. I need a car that is reliable. This Land Rover is not.

The dealer is responsive but only addresses the immediate issue. There is something seriously wrong with this car. The underlying issue needs to be resolved immediately. Or the car replaced. I cannot drive a car that has issue after issue. I bring it in for one thing. That is resolved. Less than a week later something else breaks. I cannot live at the dealership.

For my safety and security these ongoing issues need to be fixed once and for all or the car replaced immediately.

Carol Gill
862 591 7266


I have send my vehicle for servicing to amp motors (gurgaon) India as they. Have done the suspension work under warranty and after that when we give the accelerate the vehicle it takes jerks and it continues when the vehicle is jammed and next time I have send my car again for this fault and they are unable to detect the fault, now they are saying you take the car to there another workshop for checking, please help me.


The best cars and specifications are rare to get and I got that in Land Rover when I have selected Freelander 2 for my long journeys with my family. You can get specifications of all models, compare the performance and price, have a test ride and take your decision. Online customer support, buyers tool kit are the special services given by Land Rover. For sales, expert advice, purchase you can always log on and get the complete details wherever you are. I suggest you all to enjoy the beautiful rides with Land Rover cars.

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