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bought new in 2018 a 2018 teryx 4 le has 70 hours and 600 miles now. has had a noise since bought new was told will go away within a few miles of brake in. I took it in at 20 hours for first service and informed az Kawasaki that the noise had gotten more sever. they told me it would go away in time .now it has 70 hours and 600 miles,i took it in again on 10-29-19 to az Kawasaki atm triumph 3741 n I-10 eb frontage rd Tucson az suite 101 for second oil change and the noise is very sever. went on road test with tech cody showed him the noise and he ageed there was a serious issue. then he drove it himself and verified the severity of the nosise and said yes this is a warranty problem. I was called by steve loster the adviser on 10-30-19 said it was fixed and ready to be picked up. I asked what they had fixed with the noise and was told we called kawsaki they said if its not completely broken don't do anything!! just give it back to the customer the same way. so the so called bumper to bumper warranty I got with my teryx is worthless will not fix anything unless it does not move!!!!! I was lied to from this store and its reps from the day I walked in the store!!! if I could give 0 stars, that would be to much!!! sorry I bought this teryx and had anything to do with them.


I gave my ninja 300 for service ... and ABS sensor wire was ripped off from bike coz of small accident ... it's been a month the part has not yet arrived nd the bike is yet in the showroom ...


Negative 5 Sportsline of Queensbury NY they told me that they were full service shop and that they could pick up my motorcycle and they would fix it. Went there a week later and they told me that it was their busy season and they could not work on my bike even though they said they could. You would think they would want to make money. It sounds like BS.


I bought a Kawasaki Vulcan 650 s 2016
And was ripped off by the dealer like there is no tomorrow

Dealer didn’t change the oil
And charged me for the most expensive oil
And used a used oil filter
And pretty much did everything to destroy a new bike which was overheating and also had a hard time to even shift gears
Called the headquarters but they mostly ignored me

I ride a bike for almost 30 years and this was the worsed experience ever in my life
And I hope I can find someone to talk to to resolve this problem

Big shame
And first and last time with kawasaki motorcycles

Totally unrealibe customer service
As I asked to speak to a manger but for the last 3 month he is in meeting
Maybe to rip off and cheat more people

Shame on them


I bought a 2009 klx250s only had 60 miles on it and now I noticed that the factory exhaust has melted a hole completely through my airbox which will cause my bike to run lean. I was wondering would Kawasaki send me a new airbox for this design flaw if not am going to hire a lawyer an take it to court nothing has been changed on this bike. It is brand new an would like Kawasaki to fix this problem paid to much money to have to buy a new air box it should have a recall on it. I am sure am not the only person who has this problem with this bike.


Tour pack lid cracked and upper latch broke off while under original factory warranty period. Although I was always super careful from day one opening and closing the tour pack lid, while never overloading the tour pack, no accidents/never down and never had more than a helmet and a rain jacket inside, product failure occurred anyway. I am a mature educated, professional 58 year old rider, nothing risky. The dealer I purchased the motorcycle from submitted a warranty claim to Kawasaki who refused to replace the tour pack lid.

They claimed misuse on my part and the Kawasaki representative stated he has never seen a broken tour pack before(godlike product claim). Since when is a plastic product never without a flaw that can manifest over time\miles. Kawasaki does not stand behind their product. Upon purchase of cycle I even purchased the extended warranty, useless as apparently nothing will be their responsibility. Cannot recommend this company at all, they take your money and run. Disappointed Hard working RN rider.


I bought a new 2016 KLR 650 from county house of motorcycle. I have less than 1000 miles have not made first payment and the seat is tearing up apart and they say they can't do anything about it. $7000 of junk and handlebar squeak every time it turns I should of got a Honda. Well, Kawasaki sucks.


I called the complaint number about the worst Kawasaki dealership and service ever. This is the corporate location for Kawasaki in UAE. From sales staff to managers all oblivious to the business and have no clue what they are doing. Ridiculous place and waste of money. Many bad experiences here. Please do not ever ever be associated with this place.


Very very bad tech team at Kawasaki Liberty in Dubai. They have no idea about bikes. I'm very upset with this. Perhaps Kawasaki corporate office should know, so I will file and share this complaint online.


Long drives are always fun and that too in my favorite bike Kawasaki Vulcan S, I feel excited to cross all the boundaries across the world. World's best bikes,3-6 passenger trans-cabs, water crafts are also branded in Kawasaki. Vehicle accessories are always of high quality provided by Kawasaki. Digital catalogs, test rides are always interesting and get to know complete details. If you want to have perfect rides of your life, i would like to suggest Kawasaki products for complete comfortness and joy.

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