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Jaguar is a luxury automotive brand with offices around the world. Their U.S. corporate headquarters is located at 555 MacArthur Boulevard, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2327. You can also contact customer relations toll free at 1-855-JAGUAR-USA.

Common issues with Jaguar cars relate to the quality of the vehicles including manufacturing defects and problems. Customers often complain because they hold Jaguar vehicles to a much higher standard of quality than other cars.

If the above contact information does not provide a fast response you can try calling 1-800-4-JAGUAR  or 1-800-452-4827 24 hours a day. Select option number 9 on your phone for customer service or option number 2 for retailer locations near you.

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I own a 2018 XJL. I hit a deer with it on September 20th and had it taken to the collision shop. The car still isn't repaired. It's almost 3 months now and there still waiting for a wiring harness. I've called the collision shop and they say they can't get an answer from Jaguar. I've filed a complaint -case # 8000687000- and still haven't gotten any answers. I don't even get a call back. No one seems to be able to track a part or know what's going on. Any help would be appreciated.


Since I got the 17/F pace, is so many issues, I got the car 0 miles and no lights on dahs, on Warren Henry in Florida, always charge thousands of dollar any visit, not fear


For Jaguar to be a luxury brand Memphis Bluff City Jaguar has awful customer service and even worse vehicle service. I WISH I WOULD HAVE WENT WITH ANOTHER BRAND


I have a service complaint with Jaguar Land Rover Farmington Hills. On 6/10/19 one of my complaints about my vehicle is that my car has runs loudly with a constant ticking sound. It was recommended that I had a timing chain tentioner tick and that repairs would be over $4000.00. I have brought this vehicle in several times for the same complaint. 5/18/2018 at 57218 miles this problem was supposed to have been addressed. Now 6/10/19 at 64264 miles I continue to have the same problem. It has only been 1 year and 7000 miles later. I did express my concerns with the service manger Joe.

Thank you
LaToya Dorsey


My first Jaguar was a 1972 XJ6 truly a beautiful automobile. Currently I own a 2015 XF, Portfolio which I recently purchased off-lease. In addition, I leased a 2019 F-Pace last month. Over the past month I have attempted to address a failure in the navigation component without success. The verbal command for navigation fails to respond. The problem was addressed on two occasions by the dealer, Ray Catena, without success. Subsequently, at the suggestion of customer service at Jaguar in Mahwah, New Jersey, I took the car to Morris County Jaguar . After several days in the shop, I was advised that the problem was resolved. When I came to retrieve the car, I attempted to use the navigation system, but it did not function. The technician was shocked as was I. It is my impression that this problem does not exist in all F-Pace models. My question is why can't the problem be resolved. I would appreciate a response and resolution of the problem.
Thank you.


I have owned or leased Jaguars since 1972. I am a devoted lover of Jaguar vehicles. I currently own a 2015 XF Portfolio, which I recently purchased off-lease, truly a beautiful automobile. Last month, I leased a 2019 F-Pace for my spouse, also a gorgeous vehicle. However, since the day I took possession the verbal command function of the navigation feature has failed to work properly. The car has been checked twice by Ray Catena service department in Edison, NJ, supposedly "fixed", but not. I called your office In Mahwah, NJ, discussed the situation with a representative who suggested that I take the car to another Jaguar dealer. I contacted Morris County Jaguar, in Madison, NJ. After several days there, I was called and advised that the problem had been resolved. I arrived to retrieve the car and decided to try the navigation system. To my disappointment, and that of the service technician as well, it did not work. I am truly mystified by this situation. I am aware that here are other 2019 Jaguars on the road with the same problem. My question is "why?" and furthermore why can't it be resolved. An owner of a motor vehicle with this reputation and price point should not be having an experience like this.
I would appreciate your response and hopefully a resolution,


I have a 2006 Jaguar X-type which has an engine noise.
I brought the car for repairs at Land Rover Jaguar in Bedfordview Johannesburg on the 22April 2019 and was assisted by a lady named Jessica Hennings.The diagnostic cost R4 000.00 which I agreed upon.On the 23 April Jessica e-mailed me the findings to the engine noise and the estimate which came to R40, 578.97.

The 1st payment of R11, 000.00 was paid on the 24th April, R29, 590.00 on the 25th. During the course of the week I was not updated on the stage of the repairs and was told by Jessica that the car would be ready by Friday 3 May.

The day I was supposed to pick up my car Jessica called me Friday 3rd to tell me the car had an alternator problem. I e-mailed her raising my concerns with regards to this matter and how I was unhappy with the service rended and later explained over the phone that she kept my car for 7days in the workshop and no work was being done during the course of the week. Jessica couldn't give me an answer as to why she couldn't finish in time.
I was then told i have to pay an additional R25,000.00 to fix the engine problem that I payed R40,590.00 to fix.

I refused to pay the additional R25,000.00 as they requested to which they offered to give me a R4 000.00 discount if I agree to pay the additional money.

This means that they are aware that i was overcharged.I am not happy with the way I was treated and the lack of communication given to me as a client. I would like to know if it is in your policy to treat clients in this manner and give clients a 12month warranty on the parts replaced meaning the parts will last me 12months and have to come to the dealer and pay the same amount after its damaged.

I would appreciate it if you could assist regarding this matter.


Please tell me I'm not the only one experiencing bad issues with Jaguar. I bought a 2017 Jaguar F Pace diesel and have had nothing but problems. It's been in the shop so many times and all for different issues. It's had electrical issues, trim and body issues, fuel issues and so on. I've had it for almost 2 years and only have 9K miles because it continuously breaks down. The real issue is when it goes in to "restrictive performance" mode and will only go 25 miles per hour. It happened twice on the highway. It's very dangerous to drive. It's now been in the shop for 2 weeks and they still can't seem to get it to run correctly. I initiated a buyback and they just notified me that it "doesn't fit within their buyback parameters" because it's always has different issues. There's logic for you. I think it's time to contact an attorney and start legal action.


To whom it may concern:

On December 22, 2018, I leased a new Jaguar from San Diego Jaguar (Convoy). Over all the initial experience with the salesman (Hani) and finance manager (Johnson Thai) was good. When we went out to take delivery of our new vehicle, we were very disappointed. The vehicle was dirty and in need of vacuuming and a detail. There was some scratches on the passenger side of the hood, it appears someone washed or dried the car with a dirty or abrasive towel. When this was brought to the detail guy, salesman and finance managers attention, they offered a free detail at another date of our choosing. I made several attempts to call the dealership and schedule the detail, both the salesman and finance manager avoided my calls (1st call Dec 26 to our sales man, 2nd call Jan 2 to manager 3rd call Jan 16 Manager not available. I later drove in (Dec 29th) and spoke to (Hani) and was told he would call me to schedule the detailing on my car and that they are too busy and in the middle of a move to help me, mind you there where about 6-8 other employees just standing around the showroom area, I don’t understand how much work it is to just return a call after I had already left 2 messages to 2 different people, the manager and our salesman.

I have since made several attempts to resolve this with the dealership and they continue to avoid me. On January 16, 2019, I called Jaguar corporate office and they were little help, in fact they said I should contact the dealership. Unfortunately, the dealership is not working with me.

In closing, this is my first Jaguar. However, I have had several luxury cars to include Cadillac, Mercedes and Lexus. With all my other luxury cars I have had exceptional customer service to say I am disappointed with my experience with Jaguar would be an understatement. I would appreciate any help you can offer me to resolve this situation.


Sara Arndt
(619) 820-1033


Let me first start by saying, I am extremely happy with my Jaguar XE, However the Asheville NC dealership is not doing you any favors with your brand. I have possession of my Jaguar for approximately six months. I have had nothing but poor service issues since. (1) Incorrect administrative, which took additional personal time to correct. (2) A few paint chips were to be repaired before pickup. I gave the dealership five days to complete. This was not even attempted (3) The vehicle was to be completely detailed upon pickup, It was barely washed. (4) When I tried to register the vehicle. The dealer had not completed the state inspection. (5) It then took months before receiving the registration. Only after numerous phone calls. (6) I went approx. 75 mile for my first service. I was then notified two days later they omitted replacing the cabin filter. (7) Appointment was set for home replacement. I was told, I would receive a call before the technician would leave. No call just showed up. (7) I'm sure you know what is coming up next. Correct, he didn't know how to replace it. So another trip to the dealer was scheduled. Ten minutes later I receive a call. The person they sent, says he now knows how to do it and asks if I could stay home for a while, I agreed. He turns and again its fruitless. I would think as the corporate head quarters you share in this incompetence. All dealerships that carry your brand name should be trained and monitored. Please remember this is all taking place within a six months


I have had a leak problem with my car for 2 years and have taken it to Baretta Jaguar in San Antonio several times. Each time they told me it had no leak, after I showed the pictures of the leak stains in my garage from the car. They assured me everything was fine yet they seem to have found other small issues my car needed to get done. So, I had them fix what they said car needed. The first time I took car in for leak was in June 2016, with only 20116 miles. Second time was November 2017. Again, they found no leaks and had other work done to it which included a tire. In June 7, 2018, the "Low Coolant" light came on in my car so I took it to Corpus Auto Service immediately and they told me it had a leak around the water pump. So I called Barretta Jaguar and they came to pick it up and took it to get serviced. By this time my car now has 51253 miles on it and out of warranty. Service person called me and said car had a leak in the manifold. I told service person my car has been leaking for 2 years and now that my car is out of warranty they finally found the leak.
I told them that they should fix this problem and honor it under my warranty since I know for a fact the my car has had a leak while it was under warranty. However, service manager came up with all sort of excuses as to why they would not honor it. Bottom line...they want to charge me 2400.00 to fix it.
This type of vehicle should never have this kind of major problems under 50,000 miles. And for that matter, this type of car should not have ANY leaks.
Barrett Jaguar had my car for almost two weeks and when they came to pick it up, miles on my car had 51253 and when they returned it, had 53653 miles. Called them to ask them why my car had over 20000 miles on it and no one has returned me a call. I have paper records of the mileage and any work that was done to my car from the time of purchase.
If someone will please contact me ASAP to address these problems. I did not let Barretta Jaguar fix anything else on my car and as of right not can not drive it due to the leak it STILL has.
Cynthia S. Garza


I have brought my vehicle to Paretti Imports, LLC (3000 Richland Metairie, LA 70002) FOUR times, because it goes into 'restricted performance' mode while driving. Invoice #189174 (01-03), #189683 (02-22), #189831 (03-09), and it's currently in their shop, since about early April. The service manager, Ginger Madera, is telling me now that they can't recreate the failure, and therefore have not made any additional repairs. However, on each previously repair the vehicle failed on me before I could make it home. If they haven't found anything, then it's still not fixed. I've already paid over $1,500,00, and it's still not repaired properly
I can be reached at (504) 722-9952.


On May5, 2016 I went to Heritage Jaguar, Long Island to purchase the F pace 2017. I am the owner of a 2010 X f jaguar and a trade in value was given by the Dealer. I was asked to put a deposit down, this i did. At that time I raised concerns about the trade in and was reassured that this would not change, especially since the dealer did not have the vehicle. This was to be delivered in July. Today I visited the said dealer and he attempted to break the contract by offering a decreased trade in value than was written in the agreement.

When I challenged him, he became very unprofessional, and pointed his fingers in my face as I sat with Don Masters, Finance Manager. He became loud and argumentative and at this point I informed him that I would report this to 7 "on your side" and alluded to Race. I am a Black West Indian. He then became further angry and agreed to the original trade in. It really bothers me that I had to do this and I am quite sure that if I were White, I would have had no problem with this manager. I would like you to investigate this matter as I intend to seek legal counseling regarding his treatment and behavior of me.


I have a 2004 X Jaguar, and the felt interior is peeling off. The dashboard sides and the top around the sun roof frame. I can see the foam on the interior roof. After a few calls to the dealership they claim this is normal wear and tear, but I do not agree. Perhaps a call to Jaguar head offices in the UK is warranted. How can this be corrected?


I was leasing a 2013 Jaguar XF and my lease term was expiring and I went to Jaguar of Huntington to lease a new vehicle. We decided on the model I was looking for and was told that they would be locating the vehicle. That was 3 weeks ago mo car plus I had to make an additional payment which they promised the dealership would be making. Do yourself a favor and stay from Jaguar of Huntington and Jaguar itself.


I have had Jaguar of Memphis service my car the last five years I owed it. For the most part the service have been exemplary. It saddens me the one time they did a sorry job is still costing me the customer. Jaguar repairs my auto and days later after a heavy down pour of rain, the compartment under my car was found open and saturated with water. When return to Jaguar replace the same small filter to my car after cutting it down. Jaguar was paid over $1300.00 for job and this to me is unacceptable. A strong smell coming through vents.


My main complaint against Jaguar company is that they seem to have lost their way over the last 4 years. The commercials I see lately are not as sharp and the cars look cheap as compared to the prominent Jags of the 1980's and 1990's. I wonder if there is new management or a CEO?


My friend bough a new car Jaguar XE - Most Beautiful Car of 2014 named at the 30th Festival Automobile International in Paris. Towering performance, comfortable architecture, stylish colors are the main specialties of Jaguar brand. Jaguar's models are named as XE, XF, XJ, XK, F-TYPE and F-PACE, mostly popular for Sports cars. Advanced technology, sophisticated, distinctive brand which has long service intervals and good resale values. For our convenience, Jaguar is available across the globe. If you want unique car with excellent performance, then buy only Jaguar.

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