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For over 50 years, Colonial Penn has specialized in offering life insurance directly to consumers at affordable prices. They provide support for customers through mail, TV, call center and the web. In 1968, it became one of the first insurers to offer a Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance plan, exclusively for people of ages 50 and over.

If you have a complaint you can write to the corporate office at Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company 399 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19106. For policyholder services and claims, call the customer service number at 1-800-523-9100. New York policyholders have their own hotline and should phone 1-800-323-4542. For Sales and General Information contact 1-877-877-8052.

Common problems with Colonial Penn relate to their two primary insurance products which are Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance. Both are offered up at $50,000 and beyond. Overall, employees focus on providing life insurance protection for customers and their loved ones by striving to live with its four core values: Integrity, Customer-Focus, Excellence and Teamwork.

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On 4/13/19 I called wanting info for a policy from myself and my wife/partner. The rep, Shirley, told me they "normally" don't handle policies like this. U reminded her that same sex marriage/ relationships are legal in the US. After that call, I received a call from an agent that wanted to speak to my partner, even though I am paying for the policy AND I want the policy! I asked if a wife has to talk to them if a HUSBAND wants a policy on her. I've never been so insulted in my life!


Twice I have had my account mismanaged as for payment being improperly taken from my account. The first time I had closed the account to my old bank. I immediately called Asha and Wesley and tried giving them the new information however I was informed I would have to fill out a form and mail it back to them. As soon as I received the form I filled it out and sent it back again with the new bank account number and routing number and again restated that the old account had been closed. I was told it would be taken care of the premium payment would be taken from the new account. I wasn't. It was taken from the old account which I had to cover as well as paying an overdraft fee. I contacted Asha and she said she didn't get the form in time although I had given her the information several times. It is unacceptable that the client is ignored over a piece of paper.

The second time just occured. I cancelled my policy , contacted both Wesley and Ashal, by text. The cancellation was to be effective February 1st. The premium amount was taken out February 1st. Asha doesn't listen to her clients and obvsiouly neither does Wesley.

I need the amount of 136.38 to reimbursed back into my account as quickly as possible as it is overdrafting me again.


My complaint is short fellow Veterans do not eff with Colonial Penn...Effing robbers period!


On 9-24-2010 I received a letter from Colonial Penn urging me to increase the face value of my policy. I thought before I did that I'd see what kind of customer service my beneficiaries would encounter in the event of my death. I requested some cash value out of my policy to test the waters. My intention was that when I received the $470.23 I would write them a check. If all went smoothly, I would double the coverage I currently have.


I discovered some new contact information for Colonial management in case someone could use them. Try Barbara Ciesemier for media inquiries and general notices. You can also call CNO Financial Group at 312-396-7461 or email Another executive who was very helpful was Jennifer Born, also at the CNO Financial Group. Her phone number is 312-396-7089.


First we were told upon a loved ones death that there was a $5,000.00 death benefit. A week later we were told that there was a $3,000 death benefit. Today 1/20/10 we were told that the death benefit is only $900. because my mother did not pay enough in premiums before she died. Now the undertaker is looking at me cross-eyed because they didn't get paid by Colonial Penn. My mother paid Colonial Penn insurance premiums by automated drafts from her bank account for approximately 2 years.


I am a member of the VFW Auxilary and as a member, Colonial Penn offered members a reduced rate for life insurance. Forms were sent to every member and if interested you needed to complete the forms and return them with your check. Rita Frieta the underwriter called after receiving my forms to say I was accepted and the policy would be sent. It was to be a fixed rate for 10 years and then would increase. I asked what the rate woud be after 10 years and she told me all the info would be in the packet with the policy. She indicated that I had 30 days to review the policy and if decided I didn't want it to simply return it and my money would be refunded.

After receiving the policy and saw what the premiums would be after the 10 years I immediately returned the policy and a signed cancellation form (which was included in the packet) to the company. For $25,000 in life insurance if I would have kept it, after the 10 years my premiums would have went so high they could never have been paid. Especially if I would be on a fixed income. If I lived to age 80 I would have paid well over $350,000 for the $25,000 policy limit. Now 2 months later nothing!! I received a letter stating they received my request to cancel the policy and before they could do it they needed the policy returned and a signed letter requesting the cancellation.

I called customer service and first they said they didn't have anything. When I asked them how they knew I wanted to cancel it if they didn't get the policy? I was put on hold and then was told they got the policy but not the signed form. I tried to say the form was with the policy. I was put on hold again and then she told me a form was mailed to me on 12/3/08. I asked her what if I don't get this form? She just kept saying it was mailed. It is now 12/18/08 and I have not gotten anything from them to date. To me they are stalling so they can say I had the coverage for a month so they don't have to send back my money!! What a rip off. If this is how they treat VFW members how do they treat regualar people?

It was a good lesson to learn. Companies are looking for older people belonging to orgainizations to take advantage of. Beware!!! I hope they enjoy their freedom since all the Veterans sacrificed so much so they could have it. Some with their lives. I will be contacting our Local, State and National VFW Presidents to let them know how this company is ripping off members.


I heard this story online and could not believe it recently. How in the world can someone work for a company and have their idea stolen out from under them like that? If you are looking to get into life insurance, after reading this complaint. I really cannot believe it. In 1975 someone worked for the Colonial Penn Insurance Company as a clerk in the same department. They came up with an idea to have the insured policy holders prepay for their burial plots by increasing their premium payments just a few dollars each month. They retained an attorney for $50 to represent us delivering the idea to Colonial Penn Group, but that's where it all went wrong. The company stole the idea from them and never paid them back.

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