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AIG, American International Group ( is an American multinational insurance company for commercial, institutional and personal use. With over 65,000 employees in 90 countries AIG is publicly traded on the NYSE:AIG. There are 88 million customers located in over 130 countries. Operating income was reported as US 10.5 billion in 2014.

If you need to contact AIG corporate office, you may call 212-770-7000 for claims or 212-770-7072 for data. You may also submit an email here. If you would like to contact CEO, Peter Hancock, you may address postal correspondence to 70 Pine Street, 180 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038.

AIG was founded in 1919 In Shanghai, China. After opening branches in SE Asia and Latin America founder Cornelius Vander Starr moved AIG headquarters to New York City. An interesting history of the company may be found here. Social media presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and YouTube.

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I purchased travel insurance for airline tickets. AIG refuses to pay on claim. My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer on 5/21/2019. Because he had a cat scan which showed a mass on 4/29/19. He was not diagnosed at that time. He has since developed stage 4 lung cancer and cannot travel. I bought the insurance on 5/4/19 in case we weren’t able to travel. Sure a mass was seen but no diagnosis was made until after biopsy on 5/17/19. I believe AIG is wrong. In this case. I will not purchase AIG again. And I will make sure everyone knows how deplorable AIG has been with my claim.


Had tax issue with the IRS before we book our trip to Shreveport La, we under the impression from the tax professional that we hire that the issue would be resolved in a couple of months. Be due to the government shutdown are case has not be settle yet. So we were force to cancel our trip due to fact that we don't know how much of the taxes levy against us we may have to pay. File a claim with AGI and the claim was denied, so now we are out of 300 some dollars. Maybe that my seem like nothing to a big company like AGI but to working people like us it quite a bit of money. Thanks for nothing AGI, will never use you company again.


I received a letter dated July 24, 2018 indicated an overpayment for Critical Illness coverage during my enrollment. It stated a refund as a recent audit was due as a result of the high premium. I called in August and I spoke to your representative and they were unable to provide a date of the funds to be sent to me. I called In September an they would look into and give me a callback. Well, I never received a call and I call in October spoke with a supervisor and he had no answer and he would return my call. Again, I never received a call, so I call in November and spoke with a supervisor and he indicated the check was placed in my account. I asked what account you have no knowledge of where I bank, he couldn't provide me the information and stated he would look into it and get back to me. I still haven't received any follow up to my concern/issue. This is simply the worst customer service I every received and I'm really considering cancelling my other business with you because of this issue. I called on 01/24/2019 and spent over an 1 hour and was given the run around and transferred to other department until I decided to forward a complaint to your company. I'm really considering putting this on social media to alert others who may consider doing business with your company. I'm looking for someone to look into this matter for immediate resolution.



AIGs international presence has attracted over 88 million customers world wide in over 100 countries. But their customer service still needs work! I wanted to sign up for a policy with AIG but the website was not working for me while traveling in business to India.

One of the leading insurance organizations, they have always brought in different products that have always proven to be trustworthy and carry dedication to their customers. But when I had a problem recently, I wrote a formal complaint letter to the headquarters in Hong Kong.

If you are curious, the address is AIG Insurance Hong Kong Limited 46/F, One Island East, 18 Westlands Road, Island East, Hong Kong. When that failed miserably, I tried the contact number listed for international and USA on the website +852 3555 0000.

AIG should be held responsible as they have various insurance coverages like travel Insurance, domestic worker protection, Working holiday insurance, and golf insurance. Next time I am upset with my policy, I am going to escalate this to the CEO, Peter D. Hancock.


I have cancelled my vehicle insurance with AIG in Dubai, UAE. I was supposed to receive my refund back within one week as per their customer service, which they have stated on an email. It has been a month for now, and I have not received the refund from the corporate offices. They do not reply to my emails anymore either. They do not answer my calls to support.

It is the worst customer experience that has ever happened to me since in moved to Dubai six years ago, and I hope that people understand what type of company this is. If you happen to have the claims department address I would appreciate it. After hours of searching on their website I have not yet found a number that has a human answering on the other line. There are only robots and long waits.


Sometimes expect the unexpected in terms of accidents and we would definitely look out for an insurance that could cover this. AIG helps provide such insurance coverage.I opted for AIG as they also cover Life Insurance, retirement plans, accidental and health insurance and have some great plans on mutual funds. The customer care at AIG have provided me complete details on which insurance coverage is the best for me and my family and I have got a clear understanding on the policies.

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